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Full text of "Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia"

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Ifou*e, N'igii and ©eeorative, 






Of Every Description Done to Order. 

flags, lemurs and Transparencies Painted and Ornamented. 


1016, 1018 and 1020 11th St. 


Washington* I>.C, 

Manufacturer of a]] kinds of Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting Materials. Bras s 
Castings of the Best Metal made at bhort notice. Bath Tubs, 
Boilers, Sinks, Drain Pipes, &c. 

C. H. WATSON & CO., 

leduuicil Ms, Goansellars & Attorneys-a!- 1 0Tir 

Solicitors of American & Foreign Pa' 

Attention devoted exclusively io Patents before the United States Pa 
tbe Courts Oi the se\eral States, the Circuit and Supreme Courts of the U;. 
Special attention given to mature of Infringement, Interference, Extent 
lit jeeted Cnses. 

Oflice, JVo. 6()7 Seventh Sti 





National Brass Works 


316, 318 and 32® Thirteenth &1&1QJ0V 





Great Falls Ice Co. 

Principal Office and- l>epo£ 9 


Branch Office, 1202 F St. H W. 

Ice Delivered Throug'hout the Year. 

Officers and Directors 


GEO. W. COCHRAN, Vice-President. 

J. T. FEN WICK. Secretary* 

J. H. JOHNSON, Treasurer. 

J. C. WHIT WELL, General Superintendent 

». H. HOWELL, Auditor. 

G. R, TH©MPS@N. 


- - 


California Cigar Store, 

611 Pennsylvania Avenue, 


Importer of 







Proprietor of the celebrated brand of Cigars, 

014-916 JE Street Northwest. 

The above beautiful edifice is delightfully situated in the centre of the city, and is 
accessible by all the lines of city cars. As a Bail-Room, it surpasses in elegance and 
general Convenience all others in the city. As a Music and Concert Hall, and for 
Lectures,. Parties and Weddings, it is wonderfully perfect in acoustics, and affords 
elegant accommodation for eight hundred persons. A great reduction in the rental 
has been made. The Hall is open daily for inspection. For terms and particulars, 
choice of nights, &c, apply at the Hall. 



£)***?*£ ft** 1 

Bays and Hours of Tuition, 

MISSES AND MASTERS— Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, from 3 to 5 p. m. 

FOR LADIES EXCLUSIVELY— Tuesday and Saturday, from 5.30 to 7 p. m. 

EVENING CLASSES FOR GENTLEMEN— Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 
from 7 to 9 p. m. 

PRACTICING RE-UNION OF THE CLASSES -Every Saturday from 8 to 10. 

PRIVATE LESSONS >i\ eu to Ladies or Gentlemen at any time when uot engaged 
with Classes. s s 

each month. 

-First Wednesday of 

914 ES Street, 3SJXV. 







if hi i 



PHOTOft It A B^Ea g 

Every Size and Style. 





In Oil, India Ink, Water Colors or 
Crayon, from Sittings or Old Pictures. 

Permanent Plotopals is Carbon 



igp We are prepared to do as fine work as can 
be done in the city, and at bottom prices. We are 
doing a large trade in Copying and Tenting Old 
Pictures, and guarantee satisfaction in every case. 
It will be for your interest to call and see our work, 
and learn our prices, before leaving your orders 





The largest and best assorted designs in the city, consisting of Chandeliers in 
Crystal, Bronee and Gilt; exquisite Toilet and Newell Lights; Portables and Reading- 
Lights, Pendants, Brackets, &c, in endless variety, at Philadelphia wholesale prices. 


Of the newest and most elegant styles in Marble, Slate and Carved Walnut, and at 

the Lowest Prices. 


In Silver, Gilt, Bronze, and Nickel, of handsome design and finish. 


A dozen different styles, including the "Mayflower," "Silver Palace," "Social,' 
Boynton's 1876," "Baltiinorean," "New Balto" aud others, put up in the bestmanne r 
d guaranteed to give satisfaction. 


I desire to call special attention to the "EMPIRE" Rang©, which cannot be excelled 
by any range in the market for cooking and baking, also for heiting stories' above. 
Also on hand the "Defiance," "Chilson," "Spartan," and other ranges at very low 


For heating and cooking complete with furniture Etnas, Monitors, &c, for the 
sick room. 


I am prepared to furnish any styles of furnace, either portable or set in a supe- 
rior manner in brick, at reasonable rates. 

Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting. 

Employing none but the most skillful workmen, I am prepared to execute all 
voders J. .\,mpUy ar-1 1* 1 s. superior manner, and at the lowest prices. 


1423 New Yoirlx- Avenue 1423 






Governments, Institutions and Trades, 



See P?ges 15 and 16 for Names not Found Elsewhere. 

"WW M. 3E3C, HOYI5, 


18 77. 



MOHUN BROS., Pennsylvania Ave., cor. 11th St. NW. 

SOLOMONS & CHAPMAN, 911 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 
J. C. PARKER. 527 Seventh St. NW. 

W. H. & O. H. MORRISON, 475 Pennsylvania Ave. NW 
WM. BALLANTYNE, 428 Seventh Street NW. 


Entered according to Acr of Congress, in the year 1876, bv Wm. H. Botd, in the Office 
of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 



or regular insertion, corrections, &c. will be found on opp. page.) 

Agricultural Department, 

American and Spanish Claims Com, 

American Colonization Society, 

Associated Veterans, 

Asylums, infirmaries, &c, 


Bar Association, 

Beneficial Societies, 

Bible Societies, 

Boat Clubs, 

Burns Club, 

Business Directory, 

Catholic Benevolent Societies, 




Colored Societies, 

Columbian Banknote Co, 

Congressional Directory, 

Colleges and Universities, 

Corcorau Art Gallery, 


Court Commissioners Alabama Claim* 



Deaf and Dumb Asylum, 

Dental Association, 

Department of Justice, 


Diplomatic Corps, 



Executive Department, 

Fire Department, 

Foreign Ministers, 

Gas Companies, 

German Associations, 

German Veteran Union, 

Good Templais, 

Government of D of C, 

Government of the United States, 

Government Printing Office, 

Grand Army of the Republic, 

Great Falls Ice Company, 


Homes, Asylums, &c, 

Horse Railroads, 

Hospitals, Asylums, &c, 

House Representatives officers, 

Improved Order of Red Men, 

Infirmaries, Asylums, &c, 

Insaue Asylum, 

Insurance Companies, 

Interior Department. 

I O of B B, 

I O of Mechanics, 

ItaJian Benevolent Society, 


Justices of the Peawe, 



Knights of St. Crispin, 



Knights of Pythias, 



Knignts of St Patrick, 









Literary Associations, 



Maiket Companies, 






Medical Societies, 



Metropolitan R R Company, 



Mexican War Veterans, 









Musical Societies, 



National Monument Society, 



Navy Department, 









Odd Fellows, 



Oldest Inhabitants, 



Patriotic Societies, 






Police Department, 



Post Offices, 









Religious Societies, 






St Andrew's Society 



Schuetzen Association 



Secret Societies, 



Senate Officers, 






Singiny Societies, 



Smithsonian Institution 



Suns of Jon ad a b, 



Sons of Temperance, 



State Department, 



Steamships, &c, 



Street nnd Avenue Directory, 



Swiss Associations, 






Temperance Societies, 



Temple of Honor, 



Too Lates, Omissions, &c 



Trade Unions. 



Treasury Department, 



Turner Associations, 



United States Legations Abroad, 



United States and Mexican Claims, 



Universities and Colleges 



War Department, 



Washington Brickworks, 



Women's Christian Association, 




Young Men's Christian Association, 



Office 705 G Street, 



Too Late, Alterations, Oissis, k 


Adam? Alice. 133 D nw 
AB4MS ALONZOW., general, 006 
F nw 

Aberin Ka'ie, mess, 1504 16 h nw 
Ahern Letitia, 311 3d ne 
Albe«- Minnie, 1925 L nw 
ALLEN WALTER, Sole Agent fo 
District of Coluin> ia, for Knight's Amer- 
ican Mechanical Dictionary, office with 
Knight Bros., Solicitors ol Patents, (533 
Anderson Joseph. 24U1 N nw 
Anner Thomas, 726 11th nw 
Anthony Nora V. 803 I nw 
Appell J F.Kipt,315 13th nw, h340 13th nw 
Ash Josephine. 53 South, Gin 
Ash MaiiaC, 1357C nw 
Auer Peter A, elk treas, 1829 6ua nw 
Bailey L>Ue, 1806 E nw 
Barnard Kate h. 473 Mo av nw 
Baker Davis, 606 M nw 
Baker Edgar, 603 4th nw 
Baker Joseph, house steward g ovt hoepi 

tal for insane 
Baker Margaret, asst housekpr govt hos- 
pital for insane 
Baldwin Bridget. 620 Va av sw 
Baldwin Clara B, nds 705 15th nw 
Baldwin Mrs, wid Henry, bds 705 15th nw 
Ball William T, (Ball £ Custeard,) 815 

18th nw 
Bal & Custeatd, (William T Bail aid 
William A CuMeaid,) provisions, 1903 
Pa av nw 
Ba,,es Charles E 939 H nw 
Baiiion G, bds 705 15th uw 
Ha; gin Mary, 926 Pa av nw 
Barker W F, si-pt Pullman Palace car co 

for D C, h 410 6th nw 
Barrett C Boyd, (Bud er & Barret',) 721 

8th nw 
Bany Paul, 1104 12th nw 
Barry Thomas, shoes, Pa av bet 3d and 4| 

nw, h 421 L nw 
Beam Flora P, 913 20th nw 
Beckham Emma, print bur treas, h Nokes- 

ville. Va 
Bel! John W, (Bell & Thompson,) bds 1005 

Bell & Thompson, (John W Be.'l and 
Jam s Thompson,) claim agts, room 6 
708 E nw 
Benner Ella, 2405 Pa av 
Bennett Harriet J, housekpr govt hospital 

for insane 
Birch Henry, contractor. 2401 Pa av nw 
Bishop AnastatN, 609 12(h nw 

Bishop <fc Co.) h 1530 15th nw 
Bitter Ferdinand, produce, 144 N L mkt, 

h 20 P nw 
Bittinger Charles, physician, 1424 9th nw 
Blackmar C F, cbf elk, h 614 F nw, (with 
GIOIOBE & CO,) 1st floor 629 F nw 
Blair Sarah, 817 4th nw 
Blai kinan Medora, 1st bet B and C 
Blytbe Cora, 211 South A 
Bolger Annie, 1716 L uw 
Bow en Maria, print bur treas, h 911 K nw 

Boyden Fred, tel op. 513 7th ne 
Boyle Bernard, 730 8th nw 
BRADY WILLIAM N, Mac b smith 
610 New York av, h 500 . 3th se 

Bridget Sarah, I bet 26th and 27tl nw 
Biock & McCartly, (Jacob Brock and 
George McCartly.) shoes, 605 Pa av nw 
Bioderiek Theresa, 40 N nw 
Brodie Paul, elk pen o, h 1461 Pierce pi jw 
Brown Charles O, lawyer, 9th cor G nw, 

h 1212 G nw 
Brown Mary A. 635 I nw 
Buckley C M, (Sparks A Buckley,) 628 

I nw 
Burch Heni-y C, 624 22d nw 
Burgess Belle, 805 H nw 
Burk- Mary, 2320 L nw 
Butts Mary E, 502 12th nw 
Butt John H. 704 6th ee 
Butt Mary R, 1016 E nw 
Bv rues Elizabeth, 228 E nw 
Callahan Warren, elk. bds 1208 5th nw 
Callahan Mary, 135 Market, Gtn 
Callan Kate, Colfax bet M and N ne 
Campbell Rosamond E, 815 E Cap 
Carpenter Mattie, E, elk, 800 A se 
Carlton Mary E, 1738 L nw 
Carroll Annie J, 2111 H nw 
Carroll Mary. 115 G nw 
Cagey Mary, 925 24th nw 
t assidy Fannie, 715 I nw 
Cau field Mary, Vaav bet 26tb and 27th nw 
Chaffee Ka'.e, 441 Mass av uw 
Chamberlain Alice. 6 I east 
Chapman FraDcis S, 317 A ne 
Chapman Leonaid 8, builder, 912 M nw 
Charlton Jennie, 73812th nw 
Chai-e Robert H, M D, 2d asst physician 

Gov Hospital for insane 
Chrit-tine kaie, 437 8th sw 
Ciucci CUment. tailor, 928 F nw 
Cheever Henry A, elk lando, b 1011 G nw 
Clark J C jr. Bvt Col U 8 A dep gov 

Soldiers home 
Clark M ry A. 741 7th se 

Clark Addie S. 1008 F nw 

Clay Annie E, mess. 1717 K nw 

Clemments Joseph C elk o sec hit, h 939 
R I av nw 

Cluskey Elizabeth, 427 4th nw 

Coburn Turlav. 523 7th sw 

Coffey Kate, 306 C sw 

Colclazier Hattie, 1634 4th nw 

Cole Lydia C, 1704 17th nw 

Collins Cornelius, 409 12th nw 

Collins Johanna. 1117 3d nw 

Collins Nellie, 732 8th nw 

Columbian College, 14th-st rd 

Connollv Marv, 732 N J av nw 

Conser S L M, (Conssr& Hoffman,) 1100 
4ih nw 

CONSER & HO FFItlAN. druggists, 
1100 4th n w 

Corcoran Marv E. 20 Defrees nw 

Corr Mary, 1825 K nw 

Corr Thomas P, 1104 12th nw 

Creamer Julia, 1441 Ohio av nw 

Creighton Carrie, 507 11th sw 




Cridler Sal ie R, 1228 8th nw 

Cross Margaret, 38 G nw 

Curran Julia, print ba Ireas. h 2214 M nw 

€urtin Kate, elk treas, h 2609 Pa av uw 

Davis Eugenia. 706 5th nw 

Davis James W, 2753 E nw 

Davis Mary, 2318 L nw 

Davis Sat ah A, 402 N Y av nw 

Denmead F, brewer, K c 27th r>w 

Dermody James. 1924 12th nw 

Dettmering Fredrickey, 470 Pa av nw 

Devine Kate. 479 N Y av nw 

Deviney Rate, 137 E Cap 

Dillon Annie, Md av • 3d ne 

Dinsmore Emma C, 1727 H nw 

Douoho Joseph F, real estate, 519 7th nw. 
h 934 22d nw 

Doniphan Florence, 944 B sw 

Drinkwater Charles L, 2149 K nw 

DUEEE R, III.., commissioner of 
patents, Patent Office building-, 
h S10 I2th nw 

Duffy Annie J A. 941 26th nw 

Duffy Mary, 36 G nw 

Heath & Talty, proprietors, 1311 
E nw 

FACTE «fc CO, mathematical in- 
strument makers, 1st cor B s\v 

Fentou Matt C, (Rudolph & Fenton,) Bal- 

Fineh David L, bds 610 A se 

Finch Erastus M, lawyer, 462 La av» h 
610 A se 

Finch Eugene C. postal elk, h 610 A se ; 

Fisher G P jr, elk pat o, h 1106 N Y av 

Flather George W, elk, I nr ISth ne 

Folan John, tel opr, 21st c K nw 

Fristoe Edward T Prof, Columbian Uni- 
i ersity 

Graves Solomon, treasurer Potomac Terra 
Cotta Company, 401 N J av nw 

Guest H E Mrs, elk, 621 13th uw 

Guthrie C B. elk. 621 13th nw 

Hauey Charles H, com mer, 305 H nw 

Hastings Hattie Miss, actress, bds Mt Ver- 
non House 

Hayes James F <fe Co, (James F Hay^s 
and William A Waytes,) dry goods cum. 
815 Market space 

Hays YV W. elk pen o, 705 G nw 

Husted A S. journalist, 621 13th uw 
Jackson Alexander, elk, 621 '8th uw 
Jackson Mary J. boarding, 621 13th nw 
Jullied Phil A. 206 4% nw 
Lawyer Mary V. 1607 19th nw 

1713 Pa av 

(7 to 10 am 
Office houks : < 12 to 1 p m 
( 5 to 8 p m 
Lehman Fred A, patent?,. 517 7th, h 1017 

M uw 
Liebkert Chr H Rey, 311 E nw 
Liehnchuta A, 608 H nw 

Cloud BIdg r li 145 E Capitol 
Lloyd Asbury. lawyer, 123511th nw 
Lowry W B, mess, '338 Pa av 
Lynch John, pres Potomac Terra Cotfc& 

Co. 401 N J av. h 205 E Capitol 
McClain E, cYk. fcren com on claims, 601 E 

Met calf Charles A. 1242 5 h nw 
Miller John F, elk pen o, 1211 I nw 
Miller S F, lawyer, 509 7th nw 

813 Market apace, h N c 13tSi nw 

319 4% nw, n 1413 Corcoran 
Mutual Protection Fire Ins Co, j 509 Pa 

av nw 
Pearsail Thomas C, teller Citizens' Natl 

Bank, h 911 G nw 
j Pierce James H, elk pat o. h 1106 N Y av 
I Poole Eugene A. artist, room 9 Vernon? 

Row. Pa av c 10th 
RAY CHARLES A, lawyer, 515 

rtta, h 1014 12th nw 
Roland Edward L, saddler, 413 9th nw 
T. L. SANBORN, treasurer off the 

Warwick JB-iitMing- Association 

and dealer in Ktaburban real 

estate, room 3 No. 509 7th nw 

atty, 224 11th sw 
Stout Alexander M jr, elk. 217 C i-w 
Str\ker Peter A. grocer, 1633 3d nw 

bds Efobitt House 

C, M. C, bds imperial 



District of Columbia 

Is 3?iiblislied .A.iaiinally 
On or .A/bont tlxe JPii*st of January 


Advertisements Inserted as follows: 

One Page, White Paper 
Half Page 
Quarter Page 

$25 00 

15 00 

9 00 


Abner Ed, saloon, 98 

Acker & Co, stoueyard, 98 
Adams J Brad, books, outside cover 

Adams M 8 Miss, shirts, 99 

Adler Maurice J, hardware, 100 

Adt Francis J, brewer, 101 

Alexander John, paper hangings, 102 

Alexander &, Mason, pat agts 102 

Aman's restaurant, 104 

American District Telegraph Co, 104 

American House, 104 

American Palm Pulp and Paper Co, 104 

Anglim James, bookseller, 106 

Applemau ^.sbury G, broker, 107 

Arlingtou (The) Fire Ins Co, 108 

Armes Chas H, lawyer, 108 

Armes George A, real estate 108 

Armor & Montrop, painters, 108 

Armor & Bro, painters, . 108 

Arms & Ketcham, real estate, 108 

At Lee Goodwin Y, coal, 111 

Augeustein M, furnishings 111 
Babcock & Wyeth, advertising agts, 112 

Bacon R A, druggist, 112 

Bacon Samuel & Co, grocers, 112 

Bagger Louis & Co, lawyers, 113 

Bluer George K, saloon, 113 

Baier John, baloon, 113 

Baker John A, agr imps, 115 

Baldwin Bros, building materials, 116 
Baldwin, Hopkins & Peyton, patents, 115 

Ball Chas G, bricklayer, &Cj 116 

Ball Robert, boots and shoes, 116 

Ballautyne Wm, bookseller, 117 

Ballau. Daniel, mechanician, &c, 117 

Balloeh George W, insurance, 117 

Barber A L & Co, real estate, 118 
Barber & Henderson, bldr's material, 119 

Barbour & Hamilton, grocers, 119 
Barker George M, building materials, 119 

Barker Jas W, carpenter, 120 

Barlow H N. pictures, 120 

Barnes J Wallace & Co, brokers, 121 

Bartley & Jenner, lawyers, 123 

Bassett & Bryan, grocers, 124 

Bates & Ryon, ins agts, 124 

Baum Charles, hoop skirts, 125 
Baum Wm H, wood and coal, „ 125 

Raumgarten H, engraver, 125 

Beadle H W & Co, patents, 126 

Beall Howard, druggist, 126 

Beall Robert, bookseller, 127 

Beall & Baker, grocers, 127 

Beall & Henderson, brokers, 127 

Beard Henry, lawyer, 128 

Beardsley James E, printer, 128 

Beavans & Shaw, flour and com, 128 
Becker Conrad, harness, trunks, &c, 129 

Becket Wm, coal and wood, 129 

Behrend B J, fancy goods, 130 

Bell C M, photographer, 130 

Bell Wm, lawyer, 132 

Bell Wm Pierce, lawyer, 131 

Benzler <& Anger man, restaurant, 133 

Berger J A, watchmaker, 134 

Berry J H & Co, florists, 135 

Bestor H B. lawyer, 135 

Bickerton & Co, bill posters, 135 

Bicksier Thos J, collector, 136 

Bien S, liquors, 137 

Bigelow & Beniamin, bankers, 137 

Birch Joseph F, undertaker, 138 

Birch & Robey, auctioneers, 138 

Birney & Birney. lawyers, 138 

Bishop Charles E & Co, ins agts, 139 

Bodemer A, druggist, 141 

Bond Samuel R, lawyer, 143 

Bool Jacob, boots and shoes, 143 

Boone Albert E, lawyer, 143 

Boss Joseph S. carpenter, 144 

Boteler J W & Bro, crockery. 145 

Bowbeer Isaac, provisions, 146 
Bowdoin D W & G T, photographers. 146 

Bowen C T, painter, 146 

Boyce Wm W", lawyer, 147 
Boyd Robt, stoves and hardware, 148 

Boyle's hotel, 148 

Bradley Andrew C, lawyer, 149 

Bradley & Duvall, lawyers, 150 

Brady's Photographic Gallery, 151 

Brady Wm N, horse shoer, ' 150 

Bramhall Wm L, ins agts, 150 

Bregazzie A, Columbia house 153 

Breitbarth George, furniture, 153 

Brereton Wm H, patents, 154 

Breuuinger W, jeweler, 154 

Brewer Nathaniel, feed, 154 

Brewer Nixon, flour and feed, 154 

Bridwell Moses T, tonic beer, 155 
Brien James F, plumber, outside cover 

Briggs J H Mrs, dyer, 155 
Broadus J M, W C V M & G S R R, 

Brown Audrew R, claim agent, 159 
Brown A P, army and navy stores, 160 

Brown John S, patents, 163 

Brown S Thomas, dry goods, 164 

Brown Wm R, grocer, 165 

Browning Arthur, lawyer, 166 

Browning & Middletoa, grocers, 166 

Bryan Bun, restaurant, 167 

Bryan C C, grocer, 167 

Bryan J B & Bro, grocers, 167 

Buchler John, restaurant, 168 

Buchly Anthony, undertaker, 168 

Buchley Edward F, tobacconist, 168 

Bullard O B, music teacher, 169 

Burchell N W, grocer, 170 

Burdette W W & Co, dry goods, 171 

Burgdorf & Bro, livery stable, 171 

Burgess Geo, lawyer, 172 
Burke F P, liquors and cigars, 172 and 173 

Burke John, shoemaker, 172 

Burkhart H, furniture, 173 

Burns & Benner, stoueyard, 174 

Burriss W, claim and ins agt, 174 

Byram James H, carpenter, 178 

Cammack E & J, florists, 180 

Cammack & Edmousioue. lime, 180 

Campbell L C, hardware, 181 

Campbell Peter, broker, 181 

Cannon Alfred D. painter, 181 

Capital City Fire Insurance Co, 182 

Carey Wm, saloon, 182 

Carlisle & MePhersou, lawyers, 182 

G1LMORE, SMITH $ CO., 629 F street nw 



Carepenter A L, hardware, 


Deane L, patent attorney, 


Carpenter J. E, druggist, 


De Atley M, saloon,. 


Caipentei JRP, plasterer. 


De CampH, paper ruler, 


Caipeuter Malt H, lawyer, 


Demongcot N, hair, 


Cariiu^ton & Bro, lawyers.. 


Dempeey Wm H, books <fo stationery, 


(JarringtcB & Carriugton, lawyer©, 


Dennison's Shis ping Tags, 

Carroll James, grocer, 


Dentz Simon Mrs, brewer, 


Carey M E BM me, wax. 


Denver J W, lawyer, 


Cassin & Liehermann:. real estate. 


Deshields George P, restaurant, 


ChamberMn Mrs 7 City Laundry, 


Devlin & Co, clothiers, 


Chandjer A King, auction goods. 


Diamoud John B «fe Co», flour, &e, 


Charlton B, baker, 


Dickson Chr. brewer, 


unase b b, umbiellas, etc, 


Dickson & King r coal and wood, 


Chesley E. picture frames, 


Dillon, photographer, 


Chester A, lawyer. 


Dillon Joseph, picture frames, 


^hnstiam C <te Co, drugs, 


Dimmick H A & Co, claim agents, 


Christian! Chas, drugs, 


Diurich A, hats, caps, &c„, 


Church C B &, Sous, lumber, 


Dodge & Son,, patents, 


Cissel W H H, grocer. 


Dodson Jas B, carpets, 


Citizens National Bank, 


Doherty M, grocer,. 


Claygett Win 11, real estate, 


Dooley F X, drugs, 


Clark James S, tobacconist, 


Douglas Henry, florist, 


Clark LF& Sons, paper hangers, 


Douglas B, C, scourer, 


Clark T Edw & Co, lumber, 


Douglas Wm H, brass finisher,. 


Clarke N B & Co, ins agts, 


Douglass J W & Son, lawyers, 


Clarke & Given, coal and wood. 


Douglass & Bro, hoop skirts, <fec,. 


Claughtou HO&R, lawyers, 


Dowliug F D, druggist, 


Cleary JN F, lawyer, 


Dowling Thomas, auctioneer, 


Clephane James 0, stenographer, 


Downman & Green, real estate, 


Clinton Hotel, 


Downs John A, dry goods com, 


Clusa & Daniel, architects, 


Drane James W, carp. 


Coburu George B, ins agt, 


Drew John W, druggist, 


Cochran George W <& Co. cigars, 


Driver Geo W, wines, 


Coggins Samuel S, butcher, 


Dubant Wm E, restaurant, 


Cole M, plumber. ' 


; Dubois James, wood aud coal, 


Cole John T & Co T drugs, 


Dubois Madame, hair, 


Collins K J, wood and coal, 


Duckett W G, druggist, 


Columbian Bank Note Co ? 


Dufour CR& Co, druggists, 


Columbia Brass Works, 

Duhamel W K, lawyer, 


Congressional hotel 


Duncanson Bros, auctioneers, 


Conuell Dennis, grocer 


Dungan James,, furniture, 


Conrad Julius, ins agt 


Dunn <fc Fagan, liquors, 


Continental hotel 


Dunwoody W P, lawyer, 


Cook John H, lawyer 


Durnin Peter, grocer, 


Cook John H, stoves 


Duvall B H, tailcr r 


Cook William A, lawyer 


Duval J Walter, teas and coffes, 


Cooke H D jr <& Co, bankers 


Dya P Edwin, lawyer, 


Cook's Balm of Life 


Dyer George W & Co r patents, 


Cooley Benjamin, livery stable 


Dyer &, Davidson, real estate. 


Coon John W, paperhanger 


Earl Charles H, livery stable, 


Corcoran Fire Ins Co 


Earnshaw J T r boots and shoes, 


Corey J Weed, lawyer 
Cornwell G G & Sons, grocers 


Eastwood M, broker, 
Ebbitt House, C C Willard, 



Corwine Quinton, lawyer 


Edmonston C & Co r boots and shoes, 


Cottrell Bros, lumber 


Ed son Bros r patents, 


Cowlinsr A, livery stable 


Edwards & Barnard, lawyers, 


Cox & Cox, patent agents 


Egloff Casper, lager beer, 


Crawford Newton, patent agent 


Eils B Edward X' patents-,. 


Crawford R S & Co, wood aud co»l 


Eiseman Bros, clothiers, 


Cropley Thomas L, druggist, 


Eisintrer & Stiebeling. real estate, 


Cruiksbank John, lawyer 


Eleventh Street Co, upholsterers, 


Cruit R jr, livery stable 


Eller Jacob, restaurant, 


Cruit Henry K, plumber 


Ellis J F & Co, pianos, <fcc; 


Cudlipp John P, druggist 


Emery Coal Co, 


Cunningham & Biasbears,prlnier, 


Emery Samuel, stone yard and coal, 


Curtis W W, claim agt, 


Eudres Adrian, saloon. 


Daltou W N. l>oots aud shoes 


EugelsEwald, lager beer. 


Daniels A M, druggist 


Entwisle Wm B, drugs, 


Darby & Duvall, printers 


Ergood J C & Co, grocers, 


Darueille P A. real estate, 


Evans A H & Co, patents, 


Davenport Isaac, carp, 


Evening Star Co. 


Davis A & Son, builders, &c, 


Ewing Charles, lawyer, 


Davis A W & Co, grocers, 


Excelsior Chair Co, 

Fadeley <fe Bro, livery stables, 


Davis Jas Y Sons, bats, 


Falls A J, lawyer, 


Day Addison, undertaker, 


Farmers' Association, 


GILMORE # CO buy and sell 




Fassett S M, photographer, 270 

Fauth C & (Jo, instruments, 270 

Fay John C, lawyer, 271 

Fearson S C & Sons, butter, 271 

Febrey M A & Co.. restaurant, 271 

Federal Insurance Company, 271 

Fe^an Peter, distiller, 271 

Fendall Regiaaid, lawyer, 272 

Fenjusson R B, druggist, 27:-? 

Fickling & Welsh, drugs, 273 

Fill F A & Co, booksellers, 273 

Finley & Supplee, restaurant, 274 

Firemen's Insurance Compauy, 271 

Fischer Anthony, dyer, 275 
Fischer Charles, :-urgieai instruments, 275 
Fitch, Fox <fc Co, real estate brokers,' 276 

Fitch William, lawyer. 276 

Fitzhugh L H, real estate, 2-77 

Fitzmorris R, grocer, 277 

Flemming P, livery stable, 278 

Ford's Grand Opera House, 281 

Forney Edward B, druggist, 282 

Forsberg, fresco painter, 282 

Fowler £ A, livery stable, 283 

Fowler James E. real estate broker, 284 

Fowler James G. grocer, 284 

Fowler T T & Co, blue stoue, 284 

Franklin lugurance Company, 285 

Franklin & Co, opticians, 285 

Fraser John, arbhitect, 286 

Free Joseph D?r, books, 286 

Fletcher W S, claims, 279 

Freund F, confectioner. 287 

Fritz T, plumber, 288 

Fugitt Nathaniel B. lumber, 28U 

Fullertou James, lawyer, 289 

Fullerton Thomas C, 289 

Fulton H K, pawnbroker, 289 

Fulton Robert & Co, pawnbroker, 594 

Furlong D M, boots aud shoes, 290 

Furmage William, florist, 289 

Gadsby J Eakin, grocer, 290 

Gaither F 8. druggist, 290 

Gait M W Bro <fe Co. Jewelers, 291 

Gait William M & Co, 2 1 

Gardner's Photographic Gallery, 292 

Garnett H Wise,~lawyer, 293 

Garrett Charles E, wagon maker, 294 

Gartrcll T S, boots and shoes, 294 

Garwood & Millard, flour and feed, 294 

Gaston A G Mrs, millinery, 295 
Gatcheil Theodore S, insurance agent, 294 

Gautron Jean B, coufectioner, 296 

Gawler Joseph, undertaker, 296 

Gedney Joseph F, lithographer, 296 

Georges J J, boots aud shoes, 297 

Georgetown College, 297 
German American Fire Insurance Co, 299 

German American Savings Bank, 299 
Germania Fire Insurance Company, 298 

GermUler F, harness, <fce, 298 

Gheen & Co. proprs Oiiuton HoteJ, 298 

Gheen & Osborn, livery stable, 298 

Gibson Bros, printers, 300 

Gibson Henry K, druggist* 300 

Gilbert H P, juuk, ' 301 

Gilman Z D, drugs, 301 
Gilmore <fc Co, claims, foot lines 

Ginck John L, printer, 3 2 

Glassie D W, patents and claims. 303 

Globe House 303 

Glotzbach Joseph P, coal, 303 

Goddard A, fancy goods, 304 

Goddard Matthew, grocer, 304 

Godfrey Charles G, liquors, 304 

Goetz 8, restaurant, 304 
Goldsborough & Williamson, repo ters,304 

Goldsteiu M, tobacconist, 304 

Goldstein S & Co, brokers, 305 

Gotueil & Co, bookseller, 307 
Graham George F, notary public, tfce '605 
Graham Robt H, carriage repository 309 

Graves Jonsaliau, liquors, 310 

Graugier A Madam, ladies' suits, 0U0 

Gray John A, hotel, 310 

Gray <fc Noyes. iron fouuders, 311 

Great Falls ice Co, 3 

Gieeu Johu R. carpet shaker, 312 

Green William B. groc,-r, 313 

Greer C E, grocer, 314 

Gregory H 1, stoves, 314 

Greisbaun- J A, tailor. 315 

Gi'imu E W W, restaurant, 314 

Griffith M J, drugs, 315 

Grow John A & Co, lawyers, 317 

Gulick & Bro, grocers, 317 

Hable Bro-, clothiers, 318 

Hagerty David, re-iauraut, 3kJ 
Hahn F &, Co, cloths aud trimmings 319 

Hahu William, boots aud shoes. ' 319 

Hall & Hume, grocers* 321 

Himill& Alien, lawyers, 321 

Hamilton & Pier»om mantels, 322 

Hamliuk D F & Co, ius a^ts, 322 

Hauuan Daniel, plumber, 324 

Hauson & Blackford, ins agts, 324 

Harban Bros, grocers. 324 

Habiu George F, dry goods, 3i4 

Harmon, Boswell & Co, furniture 326 

Harrington Johu, stoves, 326 

Harrover James R, stoves, 329 

Harrover W H. stoves. &c. 329 

Hart Wm, tailor, 329 

Hart's Roach Powder, 329 

Hartig Gus, hardware, 33<) 

Harvey Richard F, uuiertaker, 331 

Harvey tto Holdeu, oysters, 331 

Hauke John 8, patents, 332 

Hay Edwin B, lawyer. 333 

Hayden & Blundon. blue stone, 333 

Hay ware John A, blacksmith, 000 

Haward & Hutchiuson, mantels t 334 

Hazleton Asa L, boots, 334 

lieiberger F J. clothier, 336 

Heideman Otto. engra\ T er, 336 

Heil H, tailor, 336 

Heilbruu L, boots and shoes, 336 

Heller P H, drugs, 337 

belmick & Alleman, lawyers, 337 

Helpheustme & Bentley, drugs, 338 

Henniug Geo C, clothier, 339 

Herbert C, shoemaker, 340 
Het-sel John, groceries and provisions 341 

Heurich Uhr, brewer, 341 

Hickiiug D P, drugs, 342 

Hicks H T. stoves, 343 

Hill, Ellsworth & 8pear, patents, 344 

Hill George jr, paper manuf, 344 

Hill &, Duvail, grocers, 345 

Hillman House, 345 

Hines Albert B, druggist, 345 

Hockemeyer John, grocer, 346 

Hoff John M. provisions. 347 

Hoff <fe Thomas, stoves, 347 

Hofman Henry, tailor, 348 

Hogan John 0, awning.-, 318 
Hoge William 8, commission merch, 348 

Holloway D P & Co, patents, 3-t9 

Holmes House, 350 

Holmes <to Bro. grocers, 350 

Hohzclaw C Taylor, builder, 351 

Land Warrants and Scrip 



Holtzclaw T J, contractor, 

Hosmer & Heylmuin, lawyers, 

House J C & Co, fancy goods, 

Howard Edwin, druggist, 

Howard GH&W T, pat agts, 

Howard George M, druggist, 

Howe Scales, 

How son & Son. pat agts. 

Hudson James, painter, 

Hughes, William, soap mir, 

Hume Frank, grocer, 

Huntley George & Co, cottage mkt, 

Hurley Wm. grocer, 

Huyck JYN, real estate, 

ImJay N T, furniture, &c, 

Independent lee Company, 

Ingersoll Ebon C, lawyer, 

Ingersoll Edward €, lawyer, 

Ireland & Ssniih, claim agts, 

Iron Clad Paint Co 

Irving House, 

Irving Reading Rooms and Library, 

Jackson, Bro & Co, grocers, 

Jackson Wm, Jackson House, 

Jackson W A, restaurant, 

Jakob D C, hardware, 

Jeti John J, Howe's scales 

Jarvis J F, siereoseopie views, 

Johnson Brothers, coal and groeers, 

Johnson Jerome F & Co, grocers, 

Johnson J H &■ Co, wharfingers, 

Johnson J Orville, photographer, 

Johnson Wm, saloon, 

Johnson & Young. Irving House, 

Johnston W T, lawyer, 

Johnston <& Warden, lawyers, 

Jones Fred W, lawyer, 

Jones J S & Co, drugs, 

Jones J Stanley, broker, 

Jones Bros, Club House, 

Jordan & Gordan, Owen HoB6e, 

Joseph Simon, justice of peace, 

Jouvenal Jacques, marble works, 

Jou venal <fc Fidler, saloon, 

Joyce Andrew J, carriage mfr, 

Judd &■ Detweiler, printers, 

Jueneman Geoige, brewer, 

Julihn M L Dr, druggist, 

Kaiser John, carp, 

Karr J, waethmaker, 

Katzenstein S, elottiier, 

Keen Geo T, tailor, 

Keese Aug E L, collector, etc, 

Keleher James, liverv stable, 

Keller A J, grocer, 

Kelley Jot-eph F,. real estate, 

Kelley & Chamberlin, produce, 

Kelly & Barr, tailors, 

Kennedy J W & Co, hardware, 

Kenny John H, laces and embroid's, 

Ker, Clark & Truuuel, dry goods, 

Ker &, Green, hatters, 

Kernwein George, orewer, 

Kettler Charles H, butcher, 

Kettler Louis, tailor, 

Keyes & Co, livery stable, 

Keys C F, stoves and tinware, 

Kilbourn & Latta, real estate, 

Kimball Ivory G, lawyer, 

King C Mrs, fancy goods, 

Kirk S 8 & Co, 

Kloczewski A M, druggist, 

Klotz Charles, restaurant, 

Kneessi Kasper, harness, 

Knight Bios, pat agts, 

Knight W D, printer, outside cover. 







Knight & Knight, pat attys, 

Knox Geo W, express, 

Koch August, restaurant, 

Koch Werner, printer, 

Kolb D, druggist, 

Koppel H, tailor, 

Kosrick Edward, artificial limbs, 

Kraak H, tailor, 

Krouse Chas A, paperhanger, 

Kubei Edward, mathematical iusts, 

Kullberg Karl & Co, druggists, 

Lacey R S & A P, lawyers, 

Ladson W H, picture Jrames 

Lamb C M, baker 

Lamb Francis, looking glasses, 

Lambert & Darlington, lawyers, 

Langdon, Albright & Co, coal, 

Lansburgh & Bro, dry goods, 

Larkin A J B, grocer, 

LarnerP F, lawyer, 

Lawtou Herman, 

Lay J C & Co, claim agents, 

Leadingham &, Co, livery stable, 

Leckron Geo R. cigars, 

Lee's Henry Sons, undertakers, 

Leggett <fe Leggelt, patents, 

Leitch Robert & Sous, brass founders, 

Lemmer F, locksmith, 

Lemon Geo E, lawyer, 

Lerch M P, fancy goods, 

Leissring A C & Co, hotel, 

Lewis Joseph C, insurance agent, 

Lewis R C, hats and trunks, 

Lewis Samuel, jeweler, 

Lewis Samuel E, druggist, 

Lewis T jr, restaurant, 

Libbey Israel P, jeweler, 

Libbey Jos <fc J E, lumber, 

Lineoln Wm S, claims atty 

Linger Henry A & Bro, bedding, 

Lin kins W & Co, wood and coal, 

Linkins Wm <& Sons, butchers, 

Lippiucott Charles D 7 druggist, 

Little Columbus M, carriage maker, 

Littlcfield L A, stevedore, 

Lloyd Samuel, mattress manuir, 

Lloyd TLos E & Ben F, claims, 

Lockhead J>mes, plumber, 

Lockwood Belva A, lawyer, 

Loeffler Ernst, saloon, 

Lord John B, wood, coal and sand, 

Losano & Hardon, tailors, 

Loughran Daniel, tobaeeoni&t, 

Lowe & Archer, lawyers, 

Lown W J, coffee roaster, 

Luchs &, Bro, tobacconist, 

Luttrell & Wine, dry goods, 

Lutz Wm F, engraver, 

Lutz & Bro, harness, See, 

Lyon N A, modelmaker, 

Li ons Evan, com mer, 

McAuli.ffe D, horse shoer, 

McClelland John, iron founder, 

McClintock J M T baggage express, 

McCullough W W, lumber, 

McDermott <& Bro8, coach makers, 

McDonnell John, plumber, 

McDowell SC ; feed, 

McElroy A P, gilder, 

McFarland <fc Stephenson, express, 

McGee & Ferry, carpet cieaners, 

McG 11 &> Witherow, printers, 

iVl cGowan M A & Co, stone, 

McGuire James, rest Brant, 

McKenney & Co, sewing machines, 

McKnight J W & Co, furniture, 





Subscribe to Patent Office Official Gazette 



McLean L A Mrs, shirts, 


Nation The Daily, 


McLean John J, lawyer, 


National Bank of the Republic, 


McLellan Geo F, ins agt, 


National Metropolitan Ins Co, 


McMabon P F, restaurant, 


National Safe Deposit Co, 


McMurray Robert, harness, &c, 


National Savings Bank, 


McPnerson E J, drug, 


National Tneatre, 


MaCarty D J, carp, 


National Unibn Fire Ins Co, 


Mades Chas, hotel, 


Naylor James G, carp, 


Mades Chris, hotel, 


Neale Francis D, lawyer, 


Magruder &• Howard, grocers, 


Nelson Edward & Co, undertakers 


Mahorney John R, shoes and hats, 


Nelson Wm, restaurant, 


Major John R, drugs, 


Neubeck Henry, bell hanger, 


Maloney James A, lawyer, 


New Jersey Mutual Life lus Co, 


Mann Richard C, butcher. 


New England Carriage and Wheel Co 487 

Marini L G, dancing academy, 


N Y, Alex, Washn and Gtn S S Co, 


Markriter John, paper hangings, 


New \ ork Avenue Hotel, 


Marks S A H, stoves, tinware, 


Nichols H H, wood engraver, 


Mariow Walter H, wood and coal, 


Nichols & Son, Mt Vernon House, 


Marsh R H, notary public, 


Noevr & Bro, bakers, 


Martin C C, carpenter, 


Norfleet Thomas, harness, &c, 


Martin Luther, paints, oils, 


Norris James L, patents, 


Martin R F, hotel, 


Norris John E, lawyer. 


Masi Philip C, druggists, 


Nourse & Middleton, brokers, 


Massey J Hillis, drugs, 


O'Donoghue Martin, grocer 


Massey Ed^ar W, engraver, 


Offley H E & Co, baukers, 


Ma?son Edmund E. patents, 


Ogden Dewitt M, brewer, 


Mattingly Wm F, lawyer 


Olcott J B & Son, livery stable, 


Matz A and F Burger, models, 


Ontrich John H, saloon, 


May F P & Co, hardware, 


Oppenheimer S, optician, 


Maynard Geo C, electrician, 


Orth Henry, patents 


Meiners John H, paper hanger, 


Owen House, 


Meudenhall W K, claim a^ent, 


Paine & Grafton, lawyers, 


Meredith Gilmor .& Co, com nier, 


Pairo Richard C, lawyer. 


Merrill Wm Dr, dentist, 


Palmer Samuel C, bottler, &c, 


Merchants' Line of Steamships, 


Parker Charles, real estate aud ins, 


Mesick T I. Continental Hotel 


Parker J C, books, 


Metzerott W G & Co, pianos, &c, 


Parker M T, painter, 


Metropolitan Hotel 


Parkinson House, 


Metropolitan Railroad Co, 


Parks C M. patent attorney, 


Metropolis Savings Bank, 


Parrish Stephen Carr, books, 


Meyer's Hotel, 


Paschal G W, lawyer, 


Middleton & Co, bankers, 


Passeno Joseph, boat builder, 


Milans & Wilkins, booksellers, 


Payne James G, lawyer, 


Milburu's Pharmacy, 


Pearson Joseph L, printer, 


Miller Charles H, restaurant, 


Peck Charles F, lawyer, 


Miller Wm J, lawyer. , 


Peirce C B, grocer, 


Miller & Jones, billiards, &c, 


Pelham Charles, lawyer, 


Miller & Sou, wood and coal, 


Pelletier Antouia, artificial stone, 511 


Miller & Yager, com mers, 


People's Hue to Norfolk, Va, 


Mills Samuel C. justice, 


People's Savings bank, 


Mitchell M C, stoves, 


Perry & Bros, dry goods. 


Mitchell Wm S, Carpets, 


Peters Norris, lithographer, 


Mitchell & Martin, dry goods, 


Peterson Carl, jeweler, 


Mohun Bros, books. 


Pfeiffer Mathias, saloon, 


Mohun Francis & Sons, lumber, 


Pfeil Daniel, stoves, &c, 


Moore Charles F, drugs, 


Phillips A E, commission merchant, 


Moore J A : , paperhanger, 


Picket & Stewart, lawyers, 


Moran John, house furnishing, 


Pipenbring Edward, baker, 


Morrison E, paper, 


Pike & Johnson, lawyers, 


Morrison W H & H. books, 


Plant Joseph T K. lawyer, 


Morse Alex Po.ter, lawyer, 


Phttz Joseph, restaurant, 


Moses W B, furniture, 


Piumer & Spofford, Riggs House, 


Moulton H B, lawyer, 


Poiudexter & Uornblower, architects 

, 521 

Mount Vernon Seminary, 


Polkiuhorn R O, printer, 


Mount Vernon House, 


Pollard P, wood aud coal, 


Moyers Gilbert, lawyer, 


Pollock & Noerr, school, 


Muehleisen Wm, liquors, 


Potomac Insurance Co, 


Mueller Carl, Territorial market, 


Potomac Mills cement works, 


Mueller Carl & Son, confectioners, 


Potomac Terra Cotta Co, 


Munn & Co, patent agts. 314 and 480 

Powell J Tyler, lawyer, 


Murray Robert J, lawyer, 


Pi att A S & Son, insurance, 


Mussey R D, lawyer, 


Presbrey & Green, lawyers, 


Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 


Price John T, livery stable, 


Myers John W P, real estate, 


Pi iudle »& Co, patent attorneys, 


Nailor Allison jr. iivery stable, 


Prouty Jackson, broker, 


Nailor Wash, livery stable, 


Piud'uumme V Mile, school, 


GILMORE, SMITH 8? CD'S, 6°29 F st mi: 




Pryor Richard S, carriage maker, 

Pall man E J. photographer, 

Pursell C 0, books, 

Pushaw Charles P, real estate, 

Quigley E, grocer, 

Raub George T & Son, fertilizers, 

Ray Charles A, lawyer, 

Real Estate Loan and Trust Co, 

Ream D M, commission merchant, 

Reed Augustine, wood and coal, 

Reesch Carl, restaurant, 

Reichenbach C, organs, pianos, 

Reilly Edward B. lawyer, 

Reisinger John G, confectioner, 

Remington Sewing Machines, 

Reuling George Dr, oculist, 

Rice M P, photographer, 

Rice Elliott W, lawyer, 

Rice Lorenzo, carpet cleaning, 

Richmond and York River Line, 

Riggs & Co, bankers, 

Riley Thomas W & Son, coal, 

Riley William R, dry goods, 

Roach J E & Co, lumber, 

Roberts TOW, real estate, 

Robinson B & Co, clothiers, 

Rogers William, umbrellas, 

Rohrer M M, real estate, 

Roney John, saloou, 

Roose W m S, cigars, 

Rosslyn Seminary, 

Ross & Dean, lawyers, 

Rothwell Wm, plumber, 

Rousseau Ch, sculptor, 

Rover T A. grocer, 

Rowe C F, lawyer, 

Rowe Wm H, lawyer, 

Rowe W N, real estate, 

Rowzee G, cabinet maker, 

Ruppert Chris, fancy goods, 

Ruppert Matthew, restaurant, 

Ruppert Gustav, confectioner, 

Ruppert Selma Mrs, fancy goods, 

Russell J F & Co, real estate, 

Russell Thomas, liquors, 

Russell & Leonard, marble saloon, 

Rye Edwin A. harness, 

Ryneal Geo jr, paints, 

Ryon & Earnshaw, grocers, 

St James Hotel, 

Saks A. clothier, 

Sanborn T L, real estate, 

Sanner J F, carpenter, 

Saul John, seedsman and florist, 

Saunders L M, lawyer, 

Sauter M J, candy mauuf, 

Scala W F. druggist, 

Schafer G F, tailor, 

Schafer & Clary, produce, 

Scheifley J, plumber, 

Schlsvogt Wm A, grocer, 

Schneider C A & Sons, iron founder, 

Schneider Chr G. bell hanger, 

Schneider F & Son, hardware, 

Schneider L H, hardware, 

Schonbom Henry F, saloon. 

Schutt W H & Co, house furnishing, 

Schutter & Rakeman, fresco, 

Schwartz John, saloon, 

Schwarzenberg Henry, restaurant, 

Schwing & Clarke, saloon, 

Scott Jasper, flour and feed, 

Scott John, dining rooms, 

Scott Wm H, grocer. 

Second National Bank 

Seebode Heniy, flou' and feed, 





Selden John, lawyer. 
Seymour VV F, gents' furnishing, 
Sliaffield Joseph H. confectioner, 
Shehan George A, wharfinger. 
Shellaberger & Wilson, lawyers, 
Shepherd Alex R & Co. plumbers, 
Shepherd T M & Co, furnaces, &c, 
Shinn Joseph C. flour and feed, 
Shinn V, West End hotel, Gtn, 
Shreve Charles S, real estate, 
Shuster W M & Bro. dry goods, 
Sieck William, tailor, 
Silver M, fancy goods, 
Silverbura: B, dollar store, 
Simms G G C, drugs, 
Simms W H, wood and coal. 
Slater John S, lawyer, 
Slater W H, broker, 
Small John H, florist, 
Smith Addison M, patent agent, 
Smith, Birge <& Co, furnaces, 
Smith C B & Co, com mers 
Smith Charles H, Railroad house, 
Smith R D O, Odorless Water Closet 
Smith Thomas W, lumber, 
Smith, Uhler & Co, planing mills, 
Smith & Conroy, mirrors, &c, 
Smith & Rediugton, lawyers, 
Smith & Wimsatt, lumber, 
Smithe J Curtiss, dentist. 
Sraithmeyer J & Co, architect, 
Snell M Porter, phonographer, 
Solomons & Chapman, books &c, 
Soraerville Thomas, brass works, 
Soule Emma Madin'e, dressmaker 
Spalding Harvey, claim agent, 
Spalding Wm E & Son, paints, 
Speucerian Business College, 
Spignul Wm H & Co, teas and coffee 
Squier J H & Co, bankers, 
Squires W H, grocer, 
Stamp & Co, bankers, 
Stansbury & Munn, patents, 
Stanton & Worthington, lawyers, 
Starkweather John C, lawyer, 
Starr John W, real estate, 
Steinle Fred, confectioner, 
Stephens & Taylor, printers, 
Stephenson & Bro, wood and coal, 
Stevens A C, sewing machines, 
Stevens J T & L H, lawyers, 
Stevenson Wm R & Co, emp office, 
Stickney George W, real estate, 
Stilson P B, lawyer, 
Steinemetz Beuj H, hats and furs, 
Stolpe Edward, silver plater, 
Storrs C, lawyer, 
Stover Solomon, wood and coal, 
Strasburger H L, shoes, 
Straus Abraham, clothing, 
Strickler & Wolfe, boarding house, 
Summy B W, fruits &c, 
Sweeney William, liquors, 
Sweet E J, real estate, 
Taggart Hugh T, lawyer, 
Tait James A, real estate, 
Tallmadge & Co, ins agt, 
Taylor A S, justice of the peace, 
Taylor H R, jr, ins agts, 
Talor & Hutty. furnishing goods, 
Feel Wm S, gents furnishing, etc, 
TenEyck J B, dentist, 
'I heatre Comique, 
The Capilol Publishing Co, 
Thompson H C, dentist, 
Thompson James, shirt manuf, 




6 9 


Land Cases before the Com'r of the General 




Thompson M, lawyer, 626 

Thompson Thomas J, wa ( chmaker, 627 

Thompson W S. druggist, 627 

Thompson <fe Co, hardware, 627 

Todd T H G, real estate, 630 
Tomlinson J S, books and printer, 

TopLam James S, harness. 631 

Tovvles Gilbert B T patents,' 632 

Towles H O, furniture. 632 

Towson C M & Co, dry goods, 633 

Trembly L R, picture frames, 633 

Truesdell Geo, broker, 634 

Tucker H Walker, boots and shoes, 635 

Tucker & Sherman, bldg mtls, 635 

Turner H F & Co, poudrette, 636 
Turner J Thomas, lawyer and claims, 636 

Turner Wm F & Co, provisions, 637 

Tyler R W, ins agt, 638 

TJlke Julius, photographer, 639 

Valentine L E, prof dancing, 640 

Van Doren John A, jeweler, 640 

Varns H B, Monticello house, 641 

Vogelweyd Wm, restaurant, 642 

Vogt John F, confectioner, 643 

Voiks (Der) Tribune, 645 

W T ade John W, tailor, 643 

W^atjgaman Thomas E, real estate, 644 

Wagner George, boots and shoes, 644 

Wagner Matilda Mrs, ladies' hair, 644 

Waldecker & Co. -'Volks Tribun," 645 

Walker George F, grocer. 646 

Walker Noah & Co, clothiers, 646 

Walker S H, real estate, 647 

Walker W T & Co, bricks, 647 

Wall O S B, lawyer, 647 

Vv alsh Thos, restaurant, 649 

Walter Charles, lawyer and justice, 649 

Wanstall J & Son, livery stables, 649 

Ward F K, milk, 650 

Warner B H & Co, real estate, 651 

Warren E B & Co, tar products, 651 

Washington Brick Machine Co, 652 

Washington and Georgetown R R, 652 
Wash City, V M & G s R R, 

Wash Conservatory of Music, 169 

Washington Copying Co, 653 

Washington Fast Freight line, 653 

Washington Law Reporter, 654 
Washington Life Ins Co, 

Washington Journal, 402 

Washington Madame, dressmaker, 654 

Waters J G & J M, com mer, 655 

Watson C H & Co. patents, 2 

Watts Geo & Co, house furnishing, 657 

Weaver E u, justice, 657 

Weaver J G, cabinet mkr, 658 

Webb & Beveridge, crockery, 658 

W r eber L F W, musician, 658 

Weed Sewing Machine Co, 8M) 

Welcker's Restaurant, 660 

Weyl Max. jeweler, 663 

Wheatley Bro*. lumber, 664 

Whedtley W H, dyer, 663 

Wheeler E G, second hand goods, 664 

Wheeler T C, com mer, 665 

Whelau Win. plumber, 665 

WhUaker E M & Son, booksellers, 665 

Whitaker E W. claim agt, 6H5 

White Nicholas & Co, oysters, 667 

White W P & Co, stationers, 667 

Whiteside M D, railroad tickets, 668 

W T hiteeide & Walton, druggists, 667 

Whiting A T Mrs, millinery, 668 

Whiting Albert T, bleacher, 668 

Whitman Chas S, patents, 668 
Whyte & Overman, galvanized iron, 669 

Wild G L & Bro, musical inst, 670 

Wilkins C F & Co, com mers, 670 

WiJlard C D, lawyer, 671 

Willett & Libbey, lumber, 671 
W T illett & Ruoff, hatters, 
Williams George W & Co, restaurant, 673 

Williams Lemuel, cabinet mkr, 674 

William W H, carp, 675 

Williard T H & Son. com mers, 676 

Willner George, paper hangings, 676 

Wilson E K, real estate, 677 

Wilson J C & Co, claim agents, 678 

Wilson Nathaniel, lawyer, 678 

Wilson P R, grocer, 678 

Wilson Thomas, lawyer, 679 

Windsor House, 415 

Windsor & Ford, brickmakers, 679 

Wise John, bricklayer, 681 

Winter F B, drugs, 680 

Wonu Wm VV, ice cream, 682 

Wood L A, grocer, 6^3 

Wood WmC, lawyer, 683 
Wood Wm P <te Sons, coal and wood, 683 

Woodbury Levi, St James Hotel, 684 

Woodruff E W, file-holders, 684 

W T ormley James, caterer, 686 

Wor hington L W, grocer, 686 

Wright Frank J, lawyer, • 686 

Wright John R, undertaker, 687 

Wright Lewis W, druggist, 687 

Wurdeman & Bro, cabinet makers, 687 

Wylie Wm Bird, dry goods, 688 

Xander Christian, liquors, 688 

Yew ell R G, grocer, 689 

Yoder C T, wood and coal, - 689 

Young J E, fancy goods, 690 

Young & Middleton, real estate, 691 

Zahn Wm, tailor, 691 

Zimmerman H F & Son, furniture, 692 

Zug J E wood and coal. 692 



District of Columbia 

Is nPublisliecl .A.niraally 

On or About tlie First of* January 

PRICE, $5.00. 

Land Office attended to by Gilmore fy Co. 

B O YD 9 8 

Erom which are Published 


) Oft » ■» 

Washington, ». C, Office 7©5 « St. ST W 
Philadelphia, Pa„ ,, 13© So. 3d St. 

Managed by WM. H. BOYD. 

Syracuse, W; Y., Office 14® E Fayette St 

Managed t>y ANDREW BOYD. 

Pottsville, Pa., Office 506 W Norwegian 

Managed l>y W. HARRY BOYD. 

Directories of any City or State 

Furnished by applying to any 

of the above Offices. 



James William H, 1224 Pa av nw 

Agents— Advertising, 

Babcoek & Wyeth. 928 F nw 
Cohen Max. 930 F nw 
Morris Daniel. 810 I nw 

A gents— Clai m. 

Abell Charles R,f515 7th nw 

Balloon George W. 509 7th nw 

BELL TO ILLIAM, 437 7th nw 

BingbaurLafayette & Co. 802 F nw 

Bloss John B, 505 7th nw 


Burris William, 529 7ih nw 

Causin Nathaniel P. 915 F nw 

Conard William, 1427 F nw 

Cox John C, 319j4^ nw 

CURTIS W. W., 700 9lh nw 

Dav Fletcher H, 410 5th nw 

DEAN S & CO., 1404 Pa av n w 

Denver Arthur St C, 1115 Pa av nw 

Dimmick K A & Co, 529 7th nw 

Fasjue Soloniou J, 632 La av nw 

FITCH WILErAJI, 515 7th nw 

Fitzhugb L H, 624 La av nw 

w. s. 



for Claimants 

Before U. S. Departments. 

LeDroit Building. 8th and F Streets 

GIL7IORE & CO., 629 F nw 

Gilt Henrv M. 610 14tb nw 

HAUKE JOHN S., 510 F nw 

Herron Joseph H, 700 9th nw 
Ireland & Smith. 495 Pa av nw 
Koones Fred, 613 15th nw 
Lay J C & Co, 223 ±% nw 
Lemon George E, 916 F nw 
EINC'JENW. S., fct Cloud building 


Claims, Loans and Land 
and Collection Office, 

Corner 9th and F. 

Lloyd R B & Co, 613 7th nw 
Lloyd T E & B F, 629 E nw 
Lowe & Archer, 7th cor F nw 
JttcEWEN HI., 742 5th nw 

McFarlaDd Joseph L, 515 7th nw 
532 Sth nw 

Marsh R H, 628 F nw 
Meigs & Wall. 1411 G nw 
MENDENHAEE 1£, 505 7th nw 

Mills & Tucker, 486 La av 
Mix Charles E, 809 E nw 
Parsons Charles H, 1427 F nw 
Pettibone William, 200 13th sw 
Presbrey & Green, 509 7th nw 
Reed J N, 482 Pa av 
Rider T F J, 515 7th nw 
Rittenhouse C E. 1422 F nw 
Sherwood H L, 603 15th nw 
Smith N B, 637 F 
Smith & Ireland, 495^ Pa av 
Spaldiua; H, 1429 N Y av nw 
Stevens Paul, St Cloud Bldg 
Tucker <fe Bishop, 515 7th nw 
Tyson Bryan, 505 7th nw 
Whitaker E W, 715 15th nw 
White & Clum, 820 F nw 
Williams & Seldeu, 701 loth 
Zevely A N, 710 E nw 

Agent — Consular, 

Shucking A, 425 7th nw 

Agents— General, 

Prentiss Stephen, 7th corF nw 
Stevens Robert C, 607 7th nw 

A gents — Land, 

GIEHIORE <fc CO, 629 F nw 
HAUKE JOHN S, 510 F nw 

Steiger William T, 511 7th nw 

Agents— Patent, 

Alexander Thomson H 607 7th nw 
Alexander & Mason, 6u5 7th nw 

A L E XAN D E R£M aSO #. 

, 'OP POSITfcv. 

Anderson E Willoughby. 637 F nw 
Bagger Louis, 802 F nw ' 
Baldwin W D. 25 Graut place 
BEADLE H W & CO 437 7th nw 
Blanchard & Sin^r etou, 517 7th nw 
BRADLEY A C, 635 F nw 
BREED OANIEL Ur, room 44 
LeDroit bnildinsr. 8<>2 F nw 



SMITE £ CO-, 629 F St nw 




Brereton William H, 639 F nw 

Brooues Col l ion ie, 70S E nw 


Brown John S, 802 F nw 

Browne Win H, 452 La av 

Bxtrris William, 529 7th nw 

COOMBS J J, 639 IF nw 

Cox & Cox, 700 9th nw 

Crawford Newton. 529 7lh nw 

Deane Llewellyn, 515 7th nw 

Dennis Jonathan, 818 F nw 

Dodge & Son, 700 9th nw 

Dver George W & Co, 519 7th 

Edsjn Brothers, 711 G nw 

Eils B Edward J, 614 9th nw 

Evans A H & Co. 505 7th nw 

Evans R K. 502 7th nw 

Finckel William H, 637 F nw 

Foster C E. 509 7ih nw 

Fowler C H, 812 F 


Hall T B. 605 7th 

Halsted John J, 315 7th nw 

Hannay P, 513 7th nw 

HAUKE JOHN S, 510 F nw 

Holloway D P & Co, 514 9th nw 

HOLiHEAD J E F, 639 F 

Howard G H & W T. 707 G nw 

Howson & Son, 605 7th nw 

James B F, 519 7th 

Johnson & Johnson, 639 F nw 

Kirk^Sumner S. 808 F nw 

KNIGHT & KNIGHT, 934 F nw 

KNIGHT BROS, 633 F nw 

Lacey RS&AP, 7th cor F nw 


Lemon George C, 916 F nw 
McCallum Andrew, 513 7th nw 
Mclntire Wm Cranch. 513 7th nw 
McKean E R, 705 G nw 
McLELLAPf GEORGE F, 532 8th 

Mason, Fenwick & Lawrence, 802 F nw 
MASON E E, 615 7th nw 
Mason R, 514 9th nw 
Mandeville James H, 505 7th nw 
Mungen Theodore, 711 G nw 
MUNN «fc CO, F cor 7fih nw 
Norris James L, 639 F nw 
Orth Henry, 529 7th nw 
Osgood W. St Cloud Building 
FAKKS CALVIN M, 428 7th nw 




Perkins J McC, 513 7th nw 

Pike Yvon, 602 D nw 

Pole Benjamin C, 7th coi F nw 

Pollok & Bailey, 635 F nw 

PRINDEE & CO, 515 7th nw 

Reigarf J F, 802 F nw 

Rider T F J, 515 7th 

Seymour H A. 605 7th nw 

Smith A M, 637 V nw 

SMITH K D O, 613 7th nw 

Smith W Morris, St Cloud Bldg 

Somes D E & Co, 708 E nw 

Sprague Thomas S, 519 7th nw 

Stansbury & Munn. St Cloud Bldg 

Steele R H, Sou & Co, 711 7th 

Strausz Alexander, 631 F nw 

Stoughton A B, 613 7th 

STOUT A1EX M, 222 11th sw 


Maris et Space 
Towles Gilbert B. 7th cor F 
TucKer & Bishop, 515 7th nw 
Van Santvoord <fe Hauff. 639 F 

7 th 
Whitman Charles S, 508 5th nw 
Wood William C, 639 F 

A gen ts— Tension* 
COX D C, cor Sth and G nw 

Solicitors of American aid Foreign Patents, 


Attorneys and Counselors at Patent Laiv, 
934 F Street IVW, Wasliington, X>. O. 

Reliable Agents for procuring U. S. and Foreign Patent? for Inventions and Designs, 
and for Registering Prints, Labels and Trade Marks. All business tran- 
sacted confidentially, and in the most speedy and satisfactory 
manner possible. 


Cases Prosecuted before the Pnternal 




Agents — Real Estate* 
(See also Brokers, Real Estate.) 

Armes George A, 714 lOtli nw 
Barber A L & Co. 802 F 
Bates &Ryon, 70S D nw 
Bishop Charles E & Co. 515 7th nw 
Boutrhton Horace, 4:37 < th 
Bramhall William L, 607 7th nw 


Insurance and Real Estate 
Agent and Auctioneer. 

dLgent for Niagara Fire Insurance 
Co.,3T. Y.: Republic IFire Insur- 
ance Co. W» \T e ; ^lanhattau Fire 
Insurance Co., N. Y.; Peoples' 

Fire Insurance Co., Trentoa, W. 
J.; Home Fire Insurance Co., 
Newark, N. J.; Shawmut Fire 
Insurance Co., Boston, Mass* 

Office, 607 Seventh street NW, 


Byrne P A & Son, 707 7th nw 

Cassin & Liebermann, 1339 F nw 

Clark Appieton P, 70S E nw 

Coburn George B, St Cloud Bldg 

Cooke William J, 715 15th nw 

COX W W & SOX, 519 7 th. 

Davis A & Son, 615 7th 

Davis William L, 715 15th 

Downman & Green, 402 7th 

Dyer & Davidson, 1423 Pa av nw 

Evans John J, 200 Pa av se 

Far don A P, 2508 K nw 

Fitch. Fox & Co. 1509 Pa av nw 

Fitzhugh L H, 624 La av nw 

l-OWLEP. J" E, 1002 F 

Gatchell Theodore F, 1016 F 

Gill Henry C- 917 E nw 

Griswold H A. 806 F nw 

Hall R M, 515 7th 

Huvck J V N, 713 15th nw 

Kefley Joseph F, 902 8th 

Kennedv J C G, 720 15th 

Koones Frederick, 1002 F 

Lanckton Geo M, 802 F nw 

.Lav J C & Co, 213 4>< nw 

M'Euen Charles A, 44*3 7tn nw 

McGuire F B. 1306 F nw 

Main Wm H, O'Neill & Co, 125 Pa av nw 

Marsh R H, 628 F 

Metealf W W, 1429 N T av 

Miller & Holtzman. 940 F nw 

Moulton H B, 1331 7th 

Myers J W P, 715 15 ih nw 

Prather J F. 521 9th 

Roberts T W, 513 7fh nw 

SMBORX THO.HAS F, 509 ?th nw 

T. L, SANBOftM, 


le WarwiM BiMng Associatinn. 


Suburban Real Estate, 

Office. Room 3, No. 509 Seventh St. NW. 

Sherman & Handv, St Cloud Bldg 
Shreve C S, 1125 7th nw " ,^ 

Smallvvood & Morrison, 5 1 3^,7 th 
Soran Thomas W. 458 La av 
Speiden Edgar. 920 N nw 
Stettiuius Jos S, St, Cloud Bldg . ;* 
Stewart Charles, 514 6th 
Stickney Geo W, St Cloud Bldg 
TAiT JAMES A, 221 Pa av se 
Towles James, 811 H nw 
Waggaman Henry P. 519 7th nw 
WACiliAMAIV THOMAS E, 519 7th: 
Walker Samuel H. 630 La av 
Waugh James E. 1429 N Y av nw 
Wescott Edward S, 20th c I nw 
WIFSON A A & CO, 70S E ; 

Wilson J C & Co. 509 7th nw 
Wilson J G, 1816 H 
Wollard James F. 710 D nw 
Wormley J T, 52S 8th 
Youug & Middleion, 8th c F 

Agents— Sewing Machine* 

(See Sewiug Machines.) 

Agricultural Warehouses. 

BARER JOH?f A, 926 Fa av 

Busev William G. 40 Hiijh, Gtn 
Dun lop G T & Co, 148 Bridge, Gtn 
Gaddis Adam, M cor 11th se 
Kinsolving C J, 913 La av 
Mann Patrick, 207 7th 
Moore F L, 138 Bridge, Gtn 


(See also Carpenters,} 

Cluss and Daniel, 701 15th 

Davis Charles T & Co. 615 7th 

Fraser John, 1505 Pa av 

Friebus G, 51 Congress. Gtn 

Hasmann Joseph, 625 7th 

Hoffman William H, 613 15th 

Hornblower Joseph C, 943 Pa a?'aw 

and M nw 
! McGill James H, 810'F nw 

Me vers J G, 639 G nw 
! Noerr A B. 1100 E nw 
J Plowman Thomas M, 629 E 

Poindexter Wm M. 943 Pa av 
! Scibert S R, 613 15th 
! Searle Henry R, 710 E 
I SEVERSON B., 505 7th nw 
: ; Smithmyer J L & Co, 703 15th 
i Starkweather N G, 915 F nw 

Army and Navy Supplies* 

i Brown Austin P, N Y av c 15th nw 

Artificial Limbs. 

Kosack Edward, 521 10th 

Artificial Stone. 

PELLET1ER A, 503 F nw 


(See also Decorative Artists also Painters) 

Kauffman Theo. 939 Pa av 

Milter EH. 1107 Pa av 

Mindeleff Julia Mrs, 611 F 

Poole Eugene A, 945 Pa av 

Schutter & Rakeman, 710 E nw 

Revenue Bureau by GILMORE 8f Co. 





Clephane & Co, 319 4>£ nw 


(See also Commission.) 

Birch & Robey, 938 La av nw 
7 th 

Brooker & Lewis, 1101 Pa av 

Clark Lewis, 603 7th nw 

Colman H & Co, 936 Pa av 

Crown C R L, 313 4% sw 


and 174 Bridge, Gtn 
Duncanson Bros, 319 9th 
Guild James. 1014 Pa av 
SWEET EDWIN J, 511 7th 
Warner Braiuai d H. 916 F 
Wautth James E, 603 15th 
Williams Wash B, 1001 D 
Yountj & Middletoo, 8th c F 
Zimmerman H F & Son, 434 9th 

Awning Makers, 

Copeland M G, 643 La av 
Hogan Johu C, 713 Market Space 


(See also Confectioners.) 

Albreeht Leonard, 334 K sw 

Andrews S, 6th and A ne 

Appich John. Anacostia 

Arendes H, 323 10th se 

Arendes William, 539 8th se 

Baker John C. 831 7th 

Ban! John, 432 4>- 2 sw 

Beck Christian, 50^ Bridge, Gtn 

Behrens Charles, 1311 6th and 502 cen mkt 

Blair Robert, 217 H ne 

Blumenberg J Henry, 417 6th sw, 307 cen 

and 91 Cor mkts 
Botzler George, 1826 7th 
Bredekamp Herman, 308 4% sw 
Charlton Beuj. 476 C nw 
Des Fosse Feiix, Hnr 20th 
Escher William, 1629 6th, 550 N L mkt 
Foulke William, 1417 Md av ne 
Freeman Johu, 635 N 
Giesel Benjamin, 134 High, Gtn 
Gockeler Geo J, 8th c M 
Hailer Charles. 612 B se 
Hecht Emil, 1818 7tb 
Heinzerlingc George, 703 K se 
Hellmuth Valeniine, 708 7th nw 
Hoffman George E, 619 22d 
Hughes John, 731 N Cap 
Hughes Mary E. 1243 7th 
Hurlebaus G, Montgomery c Beall 
Huth Herman, 11 West mkt 
Kahlert Gnstav, 157 cen mkt and 6th bet 

M and Ndw 
Keiser Henry, 1338 and 104 Corcoran 
Kaiser John, 1209 9th, and 533 cen and 147 

N L mkis 
Kaiser John L, 113 N L mkt and 1223 

Mass av 
Kaiser Justus, 662 cen and 45 West mkts 

and 821 18th 
Kottman Henry, 1213 11th se 
Kraff t George S, Pa av cor 18th and 161 

cen and 76 western mkts 
Lederer G, 1122 26th 
Lnhr Charles. 417 9th ?e. 

O. M. LAMB, 
National Bakery, 


Mc Williams William, 315 13th 

Magal John M, 730 Md av ne 

May Nicholas, 617 Pa av se 

May Peter. 34 market space, GtB 

Meinking H, 425 4% 

Messer Robert, 701 6th sw 

Miller John W, 314 E Cap 

Monekheim John G. 149 B se 

Neuhaus August, 1428 10th 

NOEKR Sc MR©., lBth cor E 

Ockershausen John & Bro, 74 Bridge, Gtn 

Ostermeyer George, 1503 9th 

Ottenberg I^aac, 622 N 

Piepenbring E, 14th c C sw 

Reisinger John G, 235 G nw and 645 cen 

Rothauge William. 334 Pa av 
ROUT THOMAS J., 309 Pa av 
Ruppert Gustav, 622 22d nw and 115 cen 

Rupprecht FredericK, 456 N Y av nw 
RUTH JOHN M., 108 O-st market 

and 1819 WiUberger 
Schafer George, 201 Bridge, G^n 
Scheuch John, 1128 15:h and 47 W mkt 
Schneider C. 413 I and 123 JS L and 595 

cen mkt 
Schultz H, 34 W mkt 
Schulze G, 1751 L 

Schwab C, 1211 H nw and 117 NL mkt 
Seitz George & John F, 1009 N Y av and 

131 N L and 159 cen mkt* 
Smith George W, H cor N Cap 
Soilers Alexander, 627 H ne 
Specht Charles, 1315 5th 
Stolpp C G. 601 G 
Striflier Leonhard, 924 6th sw 
Teuber Frank, 338 A ne and 163 cen mkfc 
Veirkorn H. 1816 5th 
Vogt John F, 507 cen and 92 Cor mkta 

and 2139 Pa av 
Vo^t John L, 429 7th 
Voneiff Geo, 348 Va av and 538 cen mkt 
Walz John. 631 Pa av se 
Wenzel Adam, 92 W mkt 
Wick George, 2114 I 
Wunderhch Johu, 1003 7th se 
Zuschnitt Fred, 1820 7th 

Balm of Life, 

COOK TRUMAN A, 730 9th 

Banks and Bankers. 

Bank of Washington, 7th cor C 
Biglow & Benjamin, 605 7th 
Citizens' National, 15th opp U S treas 



1429 F Sreet nw. 

Able Lawyers employed in all 




Farmers' and Mechanics' National, Bridge 

cor Congress, Gtn 
First National, (E L Stanton, receiver,) 

706 D nr 7th nw 
Freedman's Saving and Trust Co, commis- 
sioner's office, 1507 Pa av nw 
Georgetown Savings Bank, 51 High, Gtn 
German American Savings, 531 7th nw 
Johnson Lewis & Co, Pa av cor 10th 

ytli cor La av 
Middleton & Co, 1427 F nw 
National Bank of the Republic, 318 7th nw 
National Metropolitan, bl3 15th nw 
National Sate Deposit Co, 15th corNTav 
National Savings Bank, 15th and N T av 
Oeffly H E & Co, 15th cor F nw 
Peoples Savings Bank, 802 F nw 
Riggs & Co, Pa av cor 15lh nw 
Second National, 509 7th nw 
Squier JH& Co, 1416 Pa av 
Stamp and Co, 802 F nw 


(See also Hair.) 

Anderson & Butler. 108 High, Gtn 
Arth Christopher, 614 Pa av nw 
Bailey Leonard C. 60 Bridge, Gtn 
Becker Nicholas, '646 N Y av 
Bonaviras Paul. 1008 Pa av 
Butler J S, 736 13th 
Butler Laurence L, 96 Bridge, Gtn 
Chrismon Lewis, 38 H nw 
Chrismond O B, 428 N nw 
Cliffin Thomas, Vt av cor R 
Coleman A B, 324 8th 
Conawav John C. 434 5Xsw 
Costin W C, 131 Pa av 
Cramer Joseph, 1217 C sw 
Demarzo Pa.-quale, 478 Pa av 
Denny Bros, 1410 Pa av 
Douglas James, 2132 Pa av 
Dupee William S, 347 Pa av 
FALVEY W F, 516 8th se 
Fischer Charles Heury, 55 High, Gtn 
Francis Robert, 823 7th nw 
Freemau Wm L, 1905 K 
Gatto Joseph, 704 E 
Grimes Grice.-on, 1316 F 
Hall John. 460 K nw 
Harris E T, 1316 F 
Harvey A R, 426 10th 
Henson John R, 119 Dsw 
Hicks John H, 1208 Pa av 
Howard H A, 1110 8th se 
Johnson Chas S, 1616 M nw 
Johnson J, 1710 7th sw 
Johnson Job, 408 11th sw 
Johnson John J, 1258 4% sw 
Jones Charles, 1614 Corcoran nw 
Kelley L H, 48 H ue 
Laignel A, 502 11th 
Lee Robert, 1531 11th 
Londen John A. Anacostla 
Logan John J. 7 c £ nw 
McFarland Cid, 1211 E 
Martin Wm H. 1233 10th 
Mavers George, 225 N J av 
Mentereau August, 420 8th nw 
Miller Geo H, 1749 Pa av 
Milier George M, 151 B se 
Miller Jacob. 309 7Lh sw 
Miller J B, 1110 8th se 
Moseby & Matthews, cor Bridge & Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 

Mosheuvel Henry, 630 N Y av 

Motou Charles M, 703 7th 

Murphy J' M, 1410 14th 

Nicholson George, 800 19th 

Orange Joseph. 904 8th se 

Paris George, 702 S 

Parker Robert, 501 9th 

Parris R 1, 704 7ih sw 

Payne Moses, 430 8th nw 

Pepler Louis D. 213 Pa av se 

Phillips Frank. 916 andlOJ8Pa av nw 

Pollen Henry, 120 ±% 

Rallo C P, 1718 Pa av 

Reiter H, 909 4th 

Reiter Phillip, 603 \% sw 

Robinson M H, 312 Pa av se 

Saunders J H, 143>£ Bridge, Gtn 

Saur Rudolph, 233 4^ sw 

Schan George, 629 Pa av se 

Schroeder August, 721 8th se 

Sewall Wm, 521 7th few 

Shorter Joseph. 310 9th 

Smith R M, 1205 E 

Smith Richard S, 607 7th 

Mnith Wm, 169 Bridge, Gtn 

Starke Albert, 87 High, Gtn 

Stewart Carter A, Metropolitan Hotel and 

Willard's Hotel 
Stewart Daniel H, 106 Bridge, Gtn 
Stewart J S, 603 G nw 
Striker John, 820 9th nw 
Tancil Arthur W, 100 High, Gtn 
Taylor & Jackson, 1343 E 
Thompson C C, 1838 7th 
Torraus Joseph, 307 Pa av 
Wagner H, 512 G se 
Washington William, 1022 6th sw 
Wenz George, 805 5th n w 
Wilkinson Robert H. 105 Paavnwand 

508 ±% sw 
Williams J W, 1223 E 
Willige August, 2200 Pa av 
Wilson Robert; Ebbit House 
Wilson John, N J av c H nw 

Barometer Manufacturer, 

Morris Daniel, 810 I nw 

Basket Makers. 

Fendner Ferdinand, 1339 6th 

Saul Henry W, 520 cen mar and 619 K 

Beef Chipping Machines. 

Garst D W, 215 cen mkt 


Shedd Mrs C, 903 E 
Watson Charles J, 7th c D 

Bell Hangers. 

(See also Locksmiths.) 
Baltimore Jeremiah D, 505 3d sw 
Fischer Frederick, 616 5th 
Gasch Richard, 1209 E and 914 9th nw 
Hoier Robert, 1312 H 
Kuehliug J H, 1228 Pa av 
Neubeck Henry, 1918 H nw 
Schneider C G, 1207 F 

Bill Fosters. 

Bickerton & Co. 815 E nw 
Moxley L, 608 10th 

Oases entrusted to GILMOBE $ CO. 




Milliard Saloons. 

(See also Hotels.) 

Geary Michael, 304 6th nw 
Levy Wesley W, 479 Pa av nw 
Miller & Jones, 1327 E nw 
Randall J W, 75 High, Gtn 
Scanlan & Co, 703 D nw 
Walter & Degges, 621 Pa av nw 


Asehenleich Valentine, c 2d and K ne 
Baliuger Geo W, Water nr High, Gtn 
Berger William, 1400 R I av nw 
Boiseau James T. 518 N J av 

Brady William N, 519 N T av nw 
Bumry Riehard, 1116 20th 
Burke Joseph, 14th nr B 
Butler John A, 70 Water, Gtn 
Collins William. 218 F nw 
Cook John J, 106 2d, Gtn . 
Cornwall James G,9th bet C and Va av sw 
Devaughn David D, 1103 N J av se 
Elkin Bros, 2d nr C 
Fey Adam. 1st nr Ind av 
Free Win F, 300 13th 
Goings Arthur. High nr Canal, Gtn 
Gross Wm, 10th c L se 
Haine David E, Amicostia 
Haney & Plant, 1012 and 1014 C 
Hannan Richard, Market nr Prospect, Gtn 
Havenner <v Dewer, 19 Water, Gtn 
Hl¥WARBJOBN,A fl41414tlinw 

Ornamental Iron Works 

No . 1414 14th Street, 

Manufacturer of Wrought and Cast Iron 
Railings, for Area Steps and Cemeteries. 
All kinds of forging and Iron Work done 
with dispatch. 

Howard William M, Anacostia 

Joachim Frederick, 1427 N Cap 

Jones Jamas, Grace nr Potomac, Gtn 

Keller Henry, 1422 N Cap 

Kelley W S, 1339 14th 

Kendrick William. N nr N J av se 

Kuaiz Conrad, 7th st rd 

Lauxman Long. Md av nr 15th ne 

Long John, 408 8th 

McAuliffe D, 711 18th 

McCormick & Bro, 3d c N C av se 

Martin John, 513 Llth sw 

Mead James H, 401 6th se 

Mertz & Garrett, 62 Water, Gtn 

Mitchell John H, 213 2d 

Mortimer Charles W, 105 F 

Muntz Thomas, 15 Water, Gtn 

Neil & Horrigan, 6th nr D 

Offeustein Casper, 201 B ne 

Parkhill Robt, cor 14th and C sw 

Perry William, 3 Water, Gtn 

Reid James H, 497 C 

Roberts Henry. fHl N Y av 

Sacks H. 2305 Pa av 

ScrannDge & Williams, G bet 22d and 23d 

Seiler John A, 2001 7ih 

Simpson James & Son, .'>10 Pa av se 

Sincel John, 637 G 

Slaughter T, 327 Va av 

Soper Geo F S 1319, llth se 
Spriugman John T, H cor 7th sw 
Sullivan D, 202 H 
Thompson Joseph, 900 9th sw 
Toliver William. 1702 12th 
Trimble James H, 615 B 
Volk Frederick. 206 12th 
Wallis John H, 105 6th 
Weibesahl Frederick, 1730 9th 
Wetzell Henry, High nr 7th, Gtn 
Wormley John, K c 21st 


Brandt Herman, 822 9th 
Caselli A & Co, 310 8th nw . 
Parker and Woolston, 704 £ 
Whiting A T, 924 Pa av 

Boarding Mouses, 

(See also Hotels.) 

Adams Sarah E, 101 High, Gtn 
Andrews R H, 1103 G 
Bernhard John, 926 C 
Berry Sarah B. 1410 G 
Brashears T N. 326 Pa av 
Burrell Susan. 119 Pa av 
Calvert Margare* F, 809 E 
Cromelien Roland, 217 2d 
Cuddlipp Eliza, 338 Pa av 
Cushing Henry, 467 and 471 C 
Cutler Clifford B, 222 3d 
Darley Frank Mrs, 622 Pa av nw 
Downer Ann, 1429 D 
Earnest B T, 1532 I 
Flanagan James J, 1724 F 
Forbes Annie M, 115 Pa av 
Gardiner James, 478 Pa av nw 
Geiger Alexander, 641 D 
Gerhardt Joseph, 306 6th nw 
Gheen& Co, 826 7th nw 
Haycock Louisa, 5 Potomac, Gtn 
nolschuh John. 922 C 
Hood Sarah P, 318 3d 
Hough Mary E, 351 Pa av 
Howard Mrs O G, 476 Pa av 
Ingle Mrs Henry, 300 C 
King Phoebe, 421 G nw 
Lehr Mary L, 235 2d nw 
Lessring A C & Co, 1325 and 1327 F 
McCoy Mary, 1410 D 
Mason Lillie, 410 6th 
Michie Joanna. 619 N J av 
Mills Mrs MA; 233 Pa av 
Moss Isaac, 124 1st 
Noell Sarah, 926 Pa av nw 
Richards A S, 1401 N Y av 
Richards Sarah M. 631 D 
Scott Ellen R, 340 Pa av 
Sprightley Elizabeth A, 318 Ind av 
Strickler & Wolfe, 482 Pa av nw 
Thomas J L. 1830 K 
Tuttle M P, 515 12th 
Wall Elizabeth A, 412 6th 
Washington Margaret, 1412 G 
White William, 811 E 

Boat Builder, 

Passeno Joseph, 73 Water, Gtn 

Railey J A, 1321 llth se 

Bonnet Frame Makers, 

CASELLI & CO. 310 Stli nw 

Rules card regulations of Patent Office Free, 




Hook, Binders. 

De Camp Henry. 310 10 h 
Lycett W C, 1012 Pa av 
Nally William H, 900 E 

Books, Periodicals, and Sta- 

ADAMS J BRABLEi, 812 F and 
1411 Pa av 

Adamson A, 305 9th nw 

Anglim James, 1424 F nw, Antiquari n 
book store 

APPLETON I> & CO, 413 7th uw 

Baldwin S M & Co, 1116 F nw 


BJKAJL.t, ROBERT, 495 Fa av 

Bel'ew James, 705 7th 

Bohn Casimer, 103 Pa av 

Boyd William H, 705 G nw 

BROSNAN » A, (Catholic books,) 
926 G nw 

Callow William, 1706 Pa av 

Crandell Germond, 401 7th 

Dempsey William H, 913 Pa av 

Fill F A & Co, 705 15th 

Free JD jr, 1337 F nw 

Gottheil & Co, foreign books and periodi- 
cals, 510 9th 

Hayne W W. (Appleton & Co,) 412 7th 

Hunter Eloise, 325 Pa av 

Hopkins I A & Sons, 121 Pa av 

Lundy E K, 144 Bridge, G n 

Mawdsley John, 327 Pa av se 

MilansS Wilkius, 619 7ch 

MOHUPf JBKOS., 1015 Pa av 

Morrison WH&OH, 475 Pa av 

Nimmo William T. 217 Pa av 

PARKER JOEK C, 527 7t!i 

C ne 

Paul Jennings, 1209 N Y av 

Pulkaty J A, 1218 M 

Pursell C C, 422 9th 

Rider Geo N, 412 7th nw 

Roberts Richard, 1010 7th 

Sands Johnson, 1227>£ 7th 

Sheehy James, 613 7ih 

Shillingron Joseph, Pa av cor 4% 


Stier Frederick A, 1327 7th 

Stobesand Charies A, 54 Bridge, Gtn 

Stockman A H, 828 9th 

Thorpe Mary P, 339 Pa av se 

Vandoren John A, 125 Pa av se 

Whitaker E M & Son, 941 Pa av nw 

Wbite W P & Co, 1142 7th nw 

Whiting A H Mrs, 108 Bridge, Gtn 

WILLIAMS A K, 523 7th, old 
books bought and sold, orders 
received for rare public docu- 

Wineberger J "A, F nr 14th 

Boot Black. 

Williams Robert, 1341 E 

Boot Fitter. 

Forster Frank, 311 8th 
Kane Wm L, 929 D 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Atzel Frederick, 352 Pa av nw 

Aufenthie Rudolph, 1128 11th 

Baker D, 1916 H. 

Ball N A, 17 C ne 

Barry M, 511 B se 

Barry & Bro, 349 Pa av 

Bender John, 50 H nw 

Broadway Richard, N Cap nr C 

Brooks Henrv, 1733 K 

Brotherton J A J. 1204 F 

Brown Francis, 87 Greene, Gtn 

Brown Oscar, 7th nr G 

Brown Wm C, 1210 16th 

Bruehl August. 1207 Pa av 

Bruiel Geo C, 913 D 

Burke John, 1729 Pa av 

Campbell William L, 68 Water, Gtn 

Carter James A, 1408 Oaio av 

Chase Daniel, 1623 13th 

Cogswell A G, 143^ Bridge, Gtn 

Coffey Michael, 1010 8th se 

Coheu L, 433 4£ sw 

Collier J, 625 L 

Cox Dennis, 1410 Sampson 

Dabney Charles, 1207 H nw 

Davis Charles L. 610 G 

Davis Eli, 806 11th 

Deeton Albertus, 704 F sw 

Devlin Daniel, C nr N J av 

Devlin Edward, 611 D 

De Vries Frederick. 420 2d 

Dickson Edward, 1520 10th 

Dickson Thomas, 312 6th sw 

Divine C N, High cor Beall, Gtn 

Donohue John, 34 H ne 

Einolf George, 1013 E 

Elbert John. 912 10th 

Eir.s S H, 512 8th se 

Evans William, Congress nr Canal, Gtn 

TinnacomS, 1142 23d 

Fitzhugh Turner, 1905 12th 

Freitag George, 1000 4th se 

Fry James, 813 13Mi 

Funk Nicholas, 1737 H 

Furlong Dennis M, 216 3d 

Garner Stephen G, 1232 Union sw 

Gee David, Market nr Canal, Gtn 

Genau Daniel, 451 Washington nw 

Georges J J, 2118 Pa av 

Gersbach J W. 308 c ne 

Gladmon Robert, 1432 12th 

Gordou Walter H, 104 H nw 

Gordon Wm, 1107 Q 

Graves J, 814 K 

Grinel Heury, 1614 L 

Groener George S, 401 4J^ sw 

Grunke William, N cor 6th 

Guinn Robert, 14th cor E 

Hammer Juhn, 102 4j^ 

Harris Angelo, 712 8'h 

Harris Frank. 1118 23d 

Harrod J M. I nr 20;b 

Harvey Eld rid ge. 1209 R 

Havey Peter H, 1st nr F 

Haske Anthony B, C nr N J av 

Headly J P, 417 11th sw 

Heard John F, 143 Bridge, Gtn 

Heiss Wm, 409 E Cap 

Hellmuth Stephen, 815 E 

Heury James W, 2103 L 

Herbert Charles, 609 7th 

Herbert S Marshall, 1406 14th 

Herrod Robt, 2100 L 

Hill John A. 22C7 G 

Hoffman Leonard. 721 14th 

Holmes J R, 1^05 R • 

Holmes Robeit, 5*7 10th 

GILMORE, SMITH 3? CO., 629 F sLww. 


Hoist L, 1910 Pa av 

Schlosser George, 49 Bridge, Gtn 

Hunter James W, 8th cor 

Schlueter Julius, 307 10th 

Hunter John. 1727 Pa av 

Schnapp John A. 622 4% sw 

Isernarih Henry, 605 Pa av se 

Scnoeuthal J, 167 Bridge. Gtn 

Isemann John, 627 Pa av se 

Seidenspinner George, 1809 H 

Jackson Madison, Freeman's al nw 

Senge John, 304 Pa av nw 

Jackson Squire. 1903 K 

Senge John & Bro, 233 Pa av 

Johnson Henry C. 1449 14th 

Seymour William, Beall nr Green, Gtn 

Johnson John, 113 4>£ sw 

Schumuck Valentine, 310 E sw 

Johnson Nathaniel, mkt nr Canal, Gtn 

Shea Thomas O, 316 Pa av se 

Jorg H, 1906 Pa av 

Shepherd William, 1210 12th 

Juueman William, 1715 Pa av 

Sherwood J E, 42 Bridge, Gtn 

Kaiser Adam, 902 L nw 

Ship Nelson. C nr 21st 

Karuey Arthur, 1211 D 

Simons J, 1232 7ih 

Kennedy T, 421 4£ 

Smith W L H & Son, 1802 11th 

Kensig Adolph, 1304 D 

Sohon G, 504 11th 

Kidwell Joseph. 182414th 

Sorrell W A, 2143 Pa av ue 

Klopfer & Beny. 660 Pa av se 

Sparrow Thomas C. c C and 13th sw 

Knorr HCL, 1736 7 th 

Spengler John, 408 10th 

Koch Gut-tave, 25 H ne 

Steverson Basil, 2121 9th 

Kowald Adam, 1242 12th 

Streb Louis, 310 10th 

Krull Anton, 1245 L ne 

Stump Joseph, 611 11th 

Larmier E, 1426 Pa av nw 

Tauberschmidt John G, 1512 10th nw 

Lee Conrad C, 1461 Sampson 

Tennyson John, 1129 13th 

Leonard Henry, 224 4>£ sw 

Taylor Thomas E, 109 Pa av 

Lovereau David, 7th nr Grant av nw 

Terrell A, 6th between L & M ne 

Lewis F, 12th and E 

Thurston Richard. 918 O 

Lindner Nicholas, 428 K nw 

Tibbs Nimrod, 1840 7th 

Litz Baldassar P, 233 N J av 

Tucker H Walker, 1923 Pa av 

Mcintosh F, 611 H sw 

Tyler Alexander, 1164 16th 

Macaboy William, 2202 Pa av 

Ullrick O, 1106 8th se 

Madigau John, 733 4th nw 

Wagner G, 1304 F 

Mahoney M, 518 12th 

Waldkonig Valentine, 312 9th 

Maier E, 113 Pa av se 

Wallis Jarret, 712 M 

Manning Paton, 1822 G 

Washington George, 303 3d sw 

Marshall Horace, 1115 15th 

Watson James, 1117 N 

Martin James. 37 Bridge, Gtn 

Watson Patrick, 2140 G nw 

Masou W H, 1202 H 

Wayinan George W, 1503 L 

MastbrookH J, 702 E 

Weber L. 1730 Pa av 

Medley Charles H, 820 1st nw 

Wells Nathaniel, 1242 9th 

Metz Wm, 1106 21st 

Wheattey WiLliam G, 609 Pa av se 

Miller FE, 1418 F 

White B B, 21 Montgomery, Gtn 

Miller J, c 5th and E Cap 

Wiebking F, 809 14th 

Miller Johu C, 1015 M se 

Williams C, c 9th and se 

Miller Martin. 1625 13ih 

Williams William, 931 11th 

Morton J. 505 K 

Wimmes Isaac, 1108 20th 

Moten Robert, 1731 E 

Wireman H, 504 11th 

Moton Wm, 2012 M 

Wolfsteiner Jacob, 319 7th sw 

Murphy A H, 505 10th 

Wood J W, 1726 21st 

Murphy Patrick, 2605 I 

Zier Gustav, T nr 7th 

Nicholas Orfway, 1107 I 

Ziminer Frederick, 1118 F ne 

Norwood Joseph S, 8th nr E 

O'Connor Edward S, 1420 F nw 

Boot and Shoe Stores. 

O'Connor James, 55 Montgomery, Gtn 

O'Shea Thomas, 302 Pa av se 

Adler & Bro, 501 4^ sw 

Otto Charles W, 111320th 

Aue Henry, 1334 7th 

Otto William, 474 Md av sw 

Aue William, 513 Q 

Parker Daniel, 206 1st nw 

Ball Robert, 503 7th 

Parker Jackson, 1716 G 

Berberich Robert, 1118 7th 

Payne John T, 116 High, Gtn 

Berry W H. 603 Md av sw 

Peters J, 1238 7th 

Berwanger A & Bro, 107 and 105 Bridge, 

Pitsiuger J, 902 9th se 


Pittard J, 821 9th nw 

Bieber S, 903 8th se 

Pondexter Nicholas, 7th ab Boundary 

Bool Jacob. 729 7th 

Potbury & Lee, 1005 F 

Bright H J, 401 8th se 

Pyle A J, 242 \% sw 

Brock & McCarthy. 605 Pa av 

Reeder Richard, 493 N Y av nw 

Bruehl George C, 906 D nw 

Reichert F L, 147 B t-e 

Burns & Zeigler, 1109 Pa av 

Reinhardt Charles, 308 6th 

Carroll Charles, 14 2d ne 

Richold Moses, 321 4>£ sw and 491 Pa av 

Cohen Robert, 630 Pa av 


Constantine A C, 721 7th 

Rola William J, Pomemy 

Cross JasC, 506 8th se 

Rosenbusch William, 62013th 

Cummins C F, 932 7th 

Soy James, 1808 Vt av 

Dal i on Wm N, 903 Pa av 

SSadler T H. 14th and D sw 

Davis & Ashley. 1200 F 

teuch M 8fh cMd avne 

Daw Frederick, 97 Hteta, Gtn 

1 VJie only successors to Chipman,Hosmer& Co 


Diste Peter A, 647 N 

Strasburger A I. 75 Bridge, Gtn 

Dobbins Win B. 62! Md av sw 

Strasburger Bros. 90'6 7r,h 

Dobbyn Ellen, 335 Pa av se 

Strasburger H L, 306 7th 

Doyle Patrick, 703 1st 

Tegeler Henry, 613 N Y av 

Earnshaw Joun.T, 513 Pa av se 

Toombs & Richardson, 1623 21st nw 

Eckert Lena.d. 705 4}£ w 


EDITIONSTON C <fe €0, 1341 F nw 

av nw 

Fisher Abraham. 527 7th sw 

Veihl August, 1020 4th 

Fox Emanuel, 602 6th nw 

Verrnih a James H, 610 9th 

Gatrell T S. 900 7ch 

Watrou William, 1022 M 

GEORCES J J, 420 9th and 211S 

Wex Henry, 441 7th sw 

Pa av 

Windsor H C, 808 and 1316 7th 

Gieser Gustav, 1006 7th 

Young William, 821 7th 

Goeritz J H. 1414 N Cap 

Goodwin J H, 713 7th 


Hackenyos John, 1221 7th 
HahnWm, 1922 Pa av 

RURGY & CO, (C Gautier agent) 

Hall Silas, 505 G 

219 lOtU 

Harrington J H. 416 9th 

Hazelton A L. 423 7th and 1626 14th nw 

Bowling Saloons. 

Heggenmaker H. Anacostia 

Oker Joseph, 1218 E 

Heilbruu L, 402 7th 

Shekell George A & Co. 600 C nw 

Heunsch Otto. 1202 Pa av 

Travers\fc Keyes, 1110 D 

Hile J, 802 5th 

Holtman Ca^harina, 487 Pa av 

Brass Finishers. 

Holzer Nicholas, 1212 4J sw 
Norstkamp William N, 1030 7th 


Hunter Robert H, 134 Bridge, Gtn 
Hunter William, 102 H nw 
Jorg Henry, 1906 Pa av 
Kaufman E, 105 H nw 

cor C 

Kimmel Henry, 419 9th 
Leitch Robert & Sons, 1214 D 

Kaufman M, 755 8th se 

Columbia Brass Works 

Kiessecker Adam, 750 6th 


Kintr Patrick. 331 3d sw 


Koss H, 1002 20th 


Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters and 

Kropfhizer John C, 121 High, Gtn 
Kurtz Louis, 733 7th 

Linke Gustave, 119 Pa av 


Lipphard Adolph F, 625 L 


MeNelly Matthew, 749 8lh se 

1214 and 1216 D Street N. W., 

Mahorney John R, 321 7th sw 


Mann Charles, 412 L 
Matthews William, 208 C sw 

Paudler Joseph E, 931 E 

Meyer Joseph, 908 4th 

Somerville Thomas 316 to 320 13th 

Mickey Michael, 1206 G 

Brewer, (Tonic Beer.) 

Miller Albert, 1249 Madison nw 
Miller Frank, 1025 7th 

Bridwell Moses T, 349 M nw 

Minter John, 225 G 


Moran Horatio, 1022 7th 

Morgan Charles W, 311 Pa av se 

Adt Francis J, D nr 13th se 

Newman T A, 115 Bridge, Gtn 

Albert John, 2431 F 

Nolte Matthias, 643 N 

Denmead F. K cor 27th 

Nordlinger B, 111 Bridge, Gtn 

DENTZ SI WON Mrs, 3S and 40 

Oberheim John, 1325 7th 

Greene, Gtn 

Owens S E, 66 Hitrh. Gtn - 

Dickson Christopher, 713 to 716 4>£ sw 

Owens William E, 66 High, Gtn 

Heurich Christian, 1229 20th 

Pfizmaier Charles, 1803 7th 


Piper John H, 473 Pa av 

Kernwein George, 115 N Y av nw 

Pipher Joseph, 925 4th 


Prott Francis. 426 7th 

Mack William N H & Co, 1304 ^ sw 

Pruett William F. 1235 7th 

Nass John, 821 Q sw 

Reeder Richard, 473 N Y av 

OGDEN O M, (ale and porter,) 

Repetti J A, 913 8th se 

27th an tilt 

Repetti Joseph, cor 7tb and I se 

Portuer Robert, 624 Va av sw 

Rich Bernard & Sons. 1322 7th 

Roth Jacob. 318 1st ne 

Rothmund Charles. 1341 6th 

Schoepflen Louis, 1812 7th 

Rowles James T, 1500 14th 

Thomas Van Buren, 1317 7th nw 

Sanger Raphael, 409 7th 

Zanner William, 524 aud 526 4^ sw 

Schweitzer Peter, 609 R I av 

Selby J W, 1916 Pa av 
Senge John, 304 Pa av 
Sinsheimor & Bro, 140 Bridge, Gtn 
Slaughter Richard. 22.) H sw 



Wise John, 725 1st nw 

Smith Samnel, agent, 473 N T av 

Br i ckin a Jc ers. 

Spear & Bro. 731 7th 

Spence C, 629 K 

Adamantine B'ick company, 215 6th nw 

are Gilmore, Swdth 8? Co, crnd Gilinore fy Qo 




Arlington Works, 1425>£ Pa av 

Brown AV E, N btt N J av and 1st se 

Campbell Robert, N bet 1st and >^ se 

Columbia Brick Co, 21st bet A una Bse 

Eslin Columbus, N J av bet R and R I av 

Tord & Bro, S Cap and N se 

Grinder John, 1822 % se 

Hearlboltz «fc Harrison, 12th and C se 

Herrill John E, Ga av nr S Cap sw 

Hopkins G W & J S, cor 20th and P 

Mariin & Bro, X ai d S Cap sw 

Moore and Dulin. 21 -t and A se 

National Brick Machine Co, 1505 Pa av 

Potomac Brick Works, Arlington 

Richards Alfred, 25 N se 

Richards James, N J av bet L and M 

Smith George B, 3d cor N se 

Walker W T & Co, Md av cor 11th sw 

Washington Brick Machine Co, 1505 Pa av 


Brick Machine Company. 

Office, 1505 Pa. av; Works, H cor 
Boundary, N. E. 
C. F. Peck, Pres. Nath'l Wilson, Sec 
Walter S. Cox, Vice Pies. 
Andrew Wylie, Treas. 
W. C. Murdock, Agt. 

Webster John, Ga av nr 1st se 
Windsor & Ford, S Capitol and N sw 

Brokers — Commercial. 

Barnes J Wallace & Co, 443 7th nw 
Hyde Gran\ille F, 59 Water, Gtn 

Brokers — Met chan dise. 

Beall & Henderson, 719 Market sp 
Hayes J F & Co, 815 Market sp 

Brokers— Meal Estate. 

(See also Agents.) 
Addison Watkins. 1338 F 


Meal Estate Mroker 
And Olaim Agent. 

Furnished Houses for Sale and Rent. 

Arms & Ketcbam, 632 F 

Barber A L & Co, 802 F nw 

Bishop Cnarlee E Co, 515 7th nw 

Bramhall Win L, 607 7th 

BROWN A1JST1W IP, 707 JL5tli ttW 

Burnstine Bernard, 62i La av nw 

Burr C C. 628 F 

Cassin & Liebeiman, 1339 F 

Clagett Wm H, 819 Market space 

Coburn Geo B, St Cloud Bldg 

Darneille P A, La av c 7th nw 

Davis Jas L, 51 Congress. Gtn 

Dyer & Davidson, 1429 Pa av 

Dudley Henry H, 624 La av 

Eisenger & Stiebeling, 609 7th nw 

Evans Jno J, cor 2d and Pa av se 

FITCH, FOX «fc CO, 1509 Pa av 

Fowler James E, 1002 F 

J. JE3. Fowler, 



No, 1002 F STREET NW. 
Landlord and Tenant Business a specialty. 

OKISWOI^I* H A, 806 F 

Hamlin k D F & Co, 938 F 

Havenner C F, La av c 7tb nw 

Hivenner Charles W, 473 C nw 

Hertford W E 700 9th nw 

Hester J W & Co, 110 1st se 

Holden C H. 934 F 

Holliday William S, 412 7th 

Hollidge I S, room 30 LeDroit Bldg, 810 F 

Huyck J VN, 713 15th nw 

Joues J Stanley, 511 7th nw 

Keyser B U, 511 7th 

Kilbourn & Latta, 701 15th 

Lawyer Joseph B, 810 F nw 

McEuen Cbarles A, 443 7th nw 

McNeir William, 804 F 

Metcalf William, N Y av c 15th 

Milburn George R. 806 F nw 

NOUKSE & xTIIDWLETON, 613 15tl» 

Phillips Robert A, 603 15th 

Prouty Jackson, 603 15th nw 

Pushaw Chas P, 613 7th nw 

KOHRER ,M M, 513 7tb. 

Rowe W N, 512 F nw 

Russell J F, 515 7th 

Ryan R H, 615 7th nw 


Office and Operative Works in Alexandria Co., Va. 


National Hotel Block, 215 Sixth St., Washington, DX5. 


Orders Solicited and Promptly Attended to. 

Handsome Pressed Brick *^t Common Brick Prices. 

/Special advice regarding construction of 




Schmidt E L. 620 F 

SHEB3IO JOHN, St Cloud Bldg 

Simms J W. 613 7th 

Starr John W. 1129 X Y av cor 15th 

Sweet Edwin J, 511 7tk 


Real Estate Broker 

511 Seventh Street, opp. U. S. Post Office. 
Houses and Lots for Sale in all parts of 
the City on long time. Loans Negotiated. 
Money Invested. 

Tallmadge & Co, 928 F 
Todd T H G, 511 7th 
Todd William B, 509 7th 
Truesdell George, 605 7th 
Waggainan John F, 519 7th 
Waggaman Thomas E. 519 7th nw 
Warner B H <fe Co. 916 F 
Waugh James E. 1129 N T av 
Wilson E K. 511 7th 
Wollard James F. 710 D 
Young & Middieton 

Brokers, Stock or Note. 

Appleman Asbury G, 1425% Pa av 

Burnstine Bernard, 624 La av 

Campbell Peter. 605 15th nw 

Davis H F, 613 15th 

Dickson Wm, 603 15th 

Eastwood Marvin, 1302 Pa av nw 

Fillebrown George B. 603 15th 

Goldstein S & Co, 10th cor D 

Hilton U D, 603 15th nw 

iiOckey Joseph, 808 F 

Nourse <fc Middieton. 613 15th 

Patterson J B. 603 15th 

Sheckels Then. 509 7th nw 

SLATER WM. M, 1425 Fa av nw 

Terry S A. 810 F 

Timoney E McB, 808 7th nw 

Van Derlip W L, 802 F nw 

Bronzing and Gilding. 

Poleux J, 1222 Pa av nw 

Broom Maker* 

Fitch George T, 103 High, Gtn 

Builders' Materials. 

Barber & Henderson, 203 7th nw 

Bird John H, 1007 B nw 

Burk John. 1417 Md av ne 

Baldwin Bros, 100 D 

Barker Geo M, 619 N Y av 

Fahey Thomas, 1002 B 

Fenwiek & Stewart, 12th cor Ohio av 

Tucker & Sherman, 13th cor B 


(See also provisions.) 

Acton J C, 581 and 582 cen mkt 

Appich J J, 316 Pa av nw 

Augusterfer J A, 222 N L and 656 cen and 

161 Cor mkts 
Auth Sautus, 33 cen mkt 
Bakersmith H. 631 cen mkt 

B tkersmith J, 655 cen mkt 

Bakersmitli R, 618 cen mkt 

Ballenger E, 16 O-st mkt 

Barber G, 632 and 633 cen mkt 

Barber Louis F, 237 4% sw, and 347 N L 

Barnes Theodore, 600 cen and 308 N L mkt 
Barrett James, 499 and 500 cen mkt 
Bean Charles H. 526 cen mkt 
Berry E A, 550 cen and 419 N L mkts 
Botsch G L. 631 cen and 67 westn mkts 
Bounds D T, 68 wesm mkt 
Brooke C H, 576cer'a d 310 N L mkt 
Brooke Edward, 614 een and 315 N L mkt 
Brooke Francis I. 70 cen and 327 N L mkt 
Brown Walter, 423 N L and 612 cen mkta 
Buscher J H, 540 cen and 305 N L mkt 
Caldwell W N. 102 Cor mkt 
Carll George, 18 cen and 212 N L mkt 
Carroll Joseph G, 57 cen and 73 e mkts 
C'Ssell T F, 545 cen and 38 westn mks 
Ooggins S S, 329 N L and 143 cen mkts 
Cole John E. 72 O-st mkt 
Crown W S, 234 N L mkt 
Daly John M, 48 cen mkt 
Davidson John H,330 N L and 646 cen and 

18 westn mkts 
Davidson W M, 250 N L mkt 
Dietz Frederick, 649 cen mkt 
Dilley M, 46 cen mkt 
Donaldson George, 10 and 11 cen mkt 
Donaldson J T, 48 westn mkt 
Dorr Andrew, 134 cen mkt 
Dougherty Richard? 618 cen mkt 
Dunn John, 119 cen and 120 N L mkt 
Eagleston John. 651 cen and 240 N L mkt 
Ebel Charles; 216 9th and 637 cen mkt 
Ebert John, 354 N L and 559 cen mkt 
Ehrmantraut & Bro, 29 cen and 65 westn 
Elliott Benjamin S, 106 cen and 324 N L 

Emerson Orlando, 109 and 110 cen mkt 
Etchinson Kina;, 616 cen mkt 
Folk William H H, 435 N L mkt 
Frank I <fc Co, 303 N L and cen mkt 

Geier Bernard, 54 cen, 49 westn and 405 

N L mkt 
Geier Joseph, 16 cen mkt 
Gheen B W. 20 cen mkt 
Gheen E W, 67 hen and 224 N L mkt 
Glick J H F, 232 and 135 cen mkt 
Glick John H & Son. 36 cen and 431 N L 
Goebel J G. 59S cen mkt 
Goetz M. 80 Cor mkt 
Gness Louis. 441 IS L mkt 
Gotthardt George. 88 cen mkt 
Gummel E G, 530 cen and 437 N L mkt 
Haas Frederick. 583 cen and 63 west mkts 

cen iiilct 
Haugsteller J, 545 cen and 148 Cor mkts 
Hazel & Dyer, 615 cen and 31 westn mkts 
Hoffman James A, 635 cen and 228 N L 

Homiller Charles, 89 and 90 cen mkt 
H> -miller Charles & Son, 50 and Slwest mkt 
Homiller Michael, 411 N L and 105 cen mkt 
Hoover Samuel S, 139 Cor and 6th c N nw 
Hoover William H, 52 cen and 150 Cor 

Hoover C E, 82 cen. 336 N L and 131 Cor 

Horning Peter F. 137 cen and 433 N L mkt 
Howard Jno. 9th cor B ne and 652 cen 


Models. aiLMOBE, SMITH $ CO. 




Howard Francis, 529 cen and 216 N L mkt 

Hummer L M, 122 cen mkt 

HUNT B F, 5«6 cen and 318 N E 


Hunter &, Smith. 601 cen mkt 

Hurley George W, 29 W mkt 

Jaieer Wm, 476^ cen and 147 '''or mkt 

Johnson J fl, 204 N L and 657 cen and 27 
west mkt 

Kahlert F W. 192 cen mkt 

Kaufman R, 332 N L mkt 

Keane Lawrence. 71 arjd 72 cen mkt 

Keating J M, 141 cen mkt 

Keating W H. 49 cen mkt 

Kehl John, 577 cen and 403 N L mkt 

Kelley Jno R, 206 and 208 N L and 629 cen 

KENGLA JOSEPH T, 597 cen and 
214 N E mkt 

Ken^la J H & Bro, 610 and 611 cen mkt 

KENGEA EOEES C, 242 N E and 
73 cen mkt 

Kengla Wm F, 39 cen mkt 

and 330 IV E mkt 

Kieny Chris, 312 N L and 575 cen mkt 

Killian J G, 108 c> n mkt 

Killian L G, 69 cen and 323 N L mkts 

Kleindienst George, 30 W mkt 

Koob George. 445 N L mkt 

Kosack Leo. 451 N L mkt 

Kramer A, 121 cen mkt 

Krause Henry, 603 cen and 345 N L mkt 

Kuhns Henry, 1215 11th se 

Lancaster E F, 532 cen mkt 

Latham & Johnson, 125 and 126 cen mkts 
Lauer B, 2 N L mkt 
Lauer George. 101 cen mkt 
Levis Philip, Ten nally town road 
Lightfoot J J, 578 cen and 309 N L mkt 

Linkins F & Son, 59 west mkt 

Liukins William & Son. 617 and 618 cen 

and 41 W mkt 
Liukins W W, 621 cen and 35 west mkt 
Lusby Robert H, 11 Eastern mkt 
McGee Johnson, 646 cen and 425 N L mkt 
Mann Richard C, 638 cen and 311 N L and 

20 western mkt 
Mehrling J H, 230 N L and 30 cen mkt 
Miller F, 544 cen mkt 

Miller G W, 111 cen mkt 
Miller Joseph M, 2 Cot- 
Miller Thos J. 31 cen mkt 
Murray A, 547 cen and 70 west mkt 
fcorris R, 139 cen and 28 west mkt 
Oppenheimer S, 307 N L mkt 
Perry Josiah, 43 west mkt 
Pieil Henry D, 13th nr G and 110 Cor mkt 
Pfluger Christopher, 93 cen and 353 N L 

Pfluger Jno J, 594 cen and 56 W mkt 
Poore Bros, 4f)3 N L and Cor mkt 
Poore John, 83 find 84 cen and 74 Cor mkt 
Poore Wm F, 443 N L mkt 
Prarher Joseph. 326 and 328 N L mkt 
Pyles W H, 252 N L and 619 cen mkt 
Rady William. 236 N L mkt 
Riley A J. 557 cen and 453 N L mkt 
RUPPERf ANTON, 75 Cen and 

246 If E mkt 
Ruppert Henry, 91 cen and 415 N L mkt 
RUPPERT JNO. 580 Cen and 3041 

N E nikt 
Schafer C, 13 cen and 409 N L mkts 
Scheuch Charles, 548 cen mkt 
Schneider & Bros, 37 cen and 321 NLmkt 

Sheele A D, 102 cen and 421 N L mkt 

Sheele A F, 447 N L mkt 

Shoemaker Thomas E, 3d cor I se 

Smith Robert, 654 cen and 417 N L mkt 

Solomon Elias, O st mkt 

Stern George, 423 4X sw and 439 N L and 

524 cen mkt 
Stewart Wm R, 427 N L mkt 
Sticklein Frank, 70 O st mkt 
Stubener August, 333 N L and 64 cen mkt 
Varnell Jno Thos, 116 and 117 cen mkt 
Vonck William. 15 cen mkt 
Warthen Bros, 305 N L and 564 cen mkt 
Weaver M C, 314 N L and 562 cen u.kt 
Weaver Thomas, 61 and 62 west mkt 
West Jacob, 65 and 66 cen mkt 
Westermayer F, 68 Cor mkt 
Wevrich Joseph. 51 cen and 137 Cor mkt 
Widmayer C, 210 N L and 78 cen mkt 
Widmayer Jno, 87 cen mkt 
Williams A, 124 cen and 22 west mkt 
Wiseman J A, 648 cen and 317 N L mkt 
Woodward J W, 595 ecu mkt 
Woody Edward T, 654 cen and 64 west mkt 
Yeabower C C, Gt i mkt 
Yeabower John, 64 Cor mkt 
Yost Henry. 616 cen and 44 west mkt 
Zeller L, 539 and 540 ceu mkt 

Mutter Dealers. 

Ball W T, 81 O st mkt 

Beall GW, 1127 7th 

Beans Isaac N, 322 and 323 cen mkt 

Blaney W R, 186 cen mkt 

Bond R, 487 cen mkt 

Bray T & Co, 107 N L and 174 cen mkts 

Caldwell Wm N, 119 O st mkt 

Coburn H C, 78 west mkt 

Coburn John C. 493 to 495 cen mkt 

Crocker J D. 459 cen mkt 

Crown J H, 141 N L mkt 

Crown R E, 121 N L and 488 cen mkts 

Daly T D, 172 cen and 334 N L mkt 

Davidson W A, 183 cen mkt 

Dillow F T, 268 western mkt 

Dix William, 316 cen and 135 Cor mkt 

Eiker D H; 313 cen and 138 N L mkt 

Eiker Isaac, 2008 I, and 81 west mkt 

Eiker J M, 346 cen and 158 Cor mkt 

Fearson C D, 321 and 347 cen mkt 

FE ARSON J C <fe SONS, 127 N E,180, 

319 and 348 cen, 49 Eastern and 

Western Markets and 921 19tl» 

Fearson Wm H, 49 eastern mkt and 348 

cen mkt 
F tzpatrick James, 488 cen mkt 
Frank J H, 66 O st mkt 
Frank J & Son, 496 and 497 cen mkt 
Frank L E, 77 west mkt 
Fry James H, 498 cen and 111 N L mkt 
Fuss John & Sou, 314 cen and 124 N L 

Gleason E P, 39 west mkt 
Greenapple F. 498 cen mkt 
Ham James A, 84 Cor mkt 
Holland J W, 1422 Pa av nw 
Hough W W, 55 west and 486 cen mkt 
Johnson Thomas J, 157 N L mkt 
Keller Henry, 548 N L mkt 
Keller James H. 324 cen mkt 
Lanckton H F, 344 and 345 cen mkt 
Lanckton HF&Co, 604 9th nw 
Menke M & Son, 169, 170 and 171 cen mkt 
Moreland Jamts B, 1234 9ih 

Litigation appertaining to Inventions or 




MoreiaDd W M, 1129 7th nw, 516 N L mkt 

Oyster George M & Co, 90,125 N L and 175, 
'176, 177, 490. 491 aud 492 ceil mkt 

Phillips A E, 105 N L mkt 

Rouzer M, 105 N L and 489 cen mkt 

Sacks E J, 343 cen and 54 west mkts 

Schatz Arthur, 178 cen mkt 

Shepherd A, 149 and 237 N L mkt 

Sherwood E, 481 cen mkt 

Sherwood Geo L, 184 cen mk 

Smith R & Son. 18 cen mkt 

Strouod Geo W, 61 Bridge, Gtn 

Swindells Simon, 485 cen mkt 

Taylor E B, 174 cen mkt 

Wetzel Fi*ed L, 108 Cor mkt 

Wetzell John W, 315 cen mkt and 61 Fay- 

Williams H & Son, 546 N L and 322 cen 

Williams W T, 40 West and 322 and 323 
cen, aud 516 N L mkt 

Winter E C C, 18 O-st mkt' 

Cabinet Blakers. 

(See also Furniture.) 
Allen William, 316 Pa av se 
Barghauseu Herrman, 1110 7th 
Body John H, 115219th 
Campbell John, 518 11th 
Chambers Wm, 1406 10th nw 
Cueliue G cfc Son, 221 1st se 
Gonrad F A, 1729 Pa av nw 
Denis Felix, 2151 Pa av 
Ehrhardt Ferdiuand, 614 La av 
Grass August, 632 G 
Hohmanu Cbas, 462 H nw 
JOY CHARLES H,1127 16lk 
Kaufman Henry, 35 Bridge 
KEEFEP W F, S03 13tli 
King Edward S, 522 13th 
Kummer J, 623 K 
EA CROSS BROS, 416 Ilth 
Lee William J, 490 Pa av 
Liesmanu Henry, 621 R I av 
Marll David P, 1109 N 
May John M, 69 HLjh, Gtn 
Ray John C, H cor 18th 
Reith Wm, 520 12th 
Remy Anton, 12 Market, Gtn 
Rowzee G, 1121 Vc av nw 
Vernon J K, 1900 H 
Walter W. 933 E 
WEAVER J Ci, 623 G nw 
Wurdeman E, 717 9th 

Canned Goods and Pickles. 

Kissner L, 153 N L mkt 

Carpenters and Builders . 

Adams G F, 307 4^ 

Adams Jesse G, 7:48 14th 

Augberton Geo. N Capitol cor H ne 

Bacon A A, 611 Mass av 

Baldwiu Brothers, 100 D 

Barker James W, 809 11th 

Beers Isaac, 105 2d se 

Bellinger Jacob B, 210 2d 

Belt A K, 1216 C 

Beyer S B, rear of 420 7th sw 

Bogert & Dowliua:, 1010 K 

Boss Joseph S, rear 1236 9th nw 

Bright & Humphrey, 927 N Y av 

Briecoe P E & Co, 1916 I 

Brown W E jr & Co, 1312 9th 

Brown Wm T, Montgomery nr Gay, Gtn 

Brown & Shoeniaker, 42 High, Gtn 

Burke & LaAVPon, 1229 D 

Burroughs H W, 618 G 

Byram James H, 1914 H nw 

Cabill William. 917 26th nw 

Carpenter S. 800 A se 

Carver F N, 303 10th 

Clokey John E, 1222 11th 

Cole E H, 635 Mass av 

Corriffan J T, 308 Pa av se 

Connor John, rear 920 F 

Conrad F A, rear 1729 Pa av 

Davenport Isaac, 22 Gay, Gtn 

Davis J M & Bro, 615 P 

Dearing & Johnson, 487 Mo av 

Dellinger H M, 904 G 

Denham Chas S, 1905 H 

Donnelly Owen. 30013th 

Downing WB& Bro, 1218 C 

Drane J W, 609 G 

Drumheiler S P, 1310 H 

Eckhardt Nicholas, I9tb nr K nw 

Edmcnston Charles, 6L1 G 

Edwards E, 1426 L nw 

Elmore F O & Co, 1519 5th 

Entwistle & Barron, 1007 B 

Fleming Robert I, 303 10th 

Fowble Wm, 5th and L 

Gessford Charles & Sons, 311 12th 

Gibbons Joseph H, 621 La av 

Gladmon Burgess K, 216 Bridge, Giu 

Gordon Wm C, Cedar nr 19th 

Graham & Carson, 406 8th 

Grant J H, F nr 11th sw 

Green W J, 1203 K 

Hammond & Gettinger, 12th c B 

Harper Wm, 327 A ue 

Hartel Cbarles, 814 C se 

Held C, 816 3d nw 

Henderson Johu, 1208 E 

Henderson William, 1310 Mass av 

Herlihy & Wade, Seaton al 

Hile Henry, 625 H ue 

Holtzclaw C Taylor, Ohio av nr 12th, 

office 727 8th sw 
Holtzclaw T J, 11th c C sw 
Howlett John H, 618 K 
Jackson Geo, Be? 11 nr Montgomery, Gtn 
Kaiser Johu, 409 L 
Kolb W, 421 N J av 
Kumer Jacob, 6^3 K 
Leonard Daniel. 720 17th 
Litchfield H S, cor N Y av and 9th 
Lyman & Lowe 51211th 
McCartney Peter, 19th nr L 
McDowell J H, 406 M vw 
MACABTY I> J, 1220 C nw 
Martin C C. 1211 Ohio av 
IttEOEER EDWARD, 1209 7ttk 
Michaels J A, 417 14th 
Moore Silas H, 609 D 
Morrison W C, 134114th 
Myers J G, 630 G 
Naylor James G, 472 La av 
Parsons J L & Bro*, 4th nr Mass av 
Plumley Samuel M, 1 K ne 
Plumley John A. -0 F nw 
Reeves Geo W & Bro, 2u2 L nw 
Reuves J C, 833 20ih 
Reiley William, 1701 19th 
Renney M D, 812 K 
Robbins James, 13L6 Massav 
Runner J H. 507 K 
Sanner J F, 715 18th nw 
SCAGGS R A, 704 9th nw 
Scott Leonidas, 11 2d ne 

Patents attended to at 629 F st nw 




SCOTT & KETTHLEY, 408 8tn se 

Seribner & Briscoe, 1916 I 

Shane John, 630 G 

Skoemaker E J, 47 Prospect, Gtn 

Smith Charles T, 1126 14th 

Swingle J M, 925 8th 

TurtoD James E. 421 12th 

Waters D E, 604 1 • . 

Westerfield James, 1340 G 

Williams W H, 1214 E 

Wilson J H, 82 Congress, Gtn 


Wood William N, 1112 C 

WEIGHT WM H, 111 Paav se 

Zell E F, 615 7th sw 


{See also Dry Goods, also Furniture.) 
Dodson James B. 819 mkt space 
Mitchell W S, 813 mkt space 
Strasburger Bros, 904 7th 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Green J R. 1414 Pa av nw 
McGee & Ferry, 1100 7th sw 
JRICE lOUENZO, 490 Maine av . 
Washington Patent Renovating Company, 
(J R Green, supt), 1414 Pa av 

Carpet Makers. 
Brandenburg F W, 1745 Pa av 

Carriage and Wagon Maimers. 

(See also Blacksmiths, also Wheelwrights. 

Beek & Green, 2109 K 

Bridget John F, 1308 Pa av nw 

Cook Johu J, 194 and 198 Bridge, Gtn 

Crown John F, 212 12th nw 

Duvall & Murphy, I nr 6th sw 

Etzler Arch, Aoacostia 

FUNK <KE©JK€iE,5 and 7 Bridge, 

GABGES W H & BRO, 648 and 

550 Pa av se 
Garrett Charles E, 64 Water, Gtn 
GBAHAM U, H, 410 to 414 8tll viw 
Hall G R. 1350 E nw 

HAfYEY «fc RLAPTT, 1012 and 1014 C 
Joyce Andrew J, 415. 414 and 416 14th 
Little Columbus M, Canal nr B sw 
McDermott J & Co. 310 Pa av 
Mason Geo W, 635 K nw 

WHEEL CO, E cor 13>£ **vr 
Parker Charles, 627 N Y av 
Payne's J Sons. 2510 Pa av 
Probey James K, 37 Prospect, Gtn 
Pryor Richard S, 109 6th 
Sauter William, 930 K nw 
Schmidt P D & Co. 319 12th 
Wall is John H, 105 6th 
Walter William, 317 14th 
WILLIAMS A J, Md av bet 7 th 

and 8th h\v 
Wilson Wm T, 637 N Y av 
Wineber^er John A, 7th st road nw 
Youn£ John M jr, 313 6th 
Young Thomas li., 464 Pa av 
Young William A & Bro, 456 Pa av and 

495 C 

Carriage and Coach Findings. 

(See also Hardware.) 
Thompson & Co. 10 li ><>r La av 


(See also Building Materials.) 
Blunt H W, agt Potomac mills, 819 Mar- 
ket Space 


Excelsior Chair Co, 509 7th nw 

Children's Shoe and Slipper 



China and Glassware. 

Boteler J W & Bro, 923 Pa av 

Castleman J T & H B, 916 7th 

Ebeling Henry, 145 N L mkt 

Gassenheimer L, 1302 7th and 601 La av 

Hipkins Wm N, 615 4J sw 

Holmead & Co, 816 7th 

Hurley P J, 182 Bridge, Gtn 

Nock John H, agt. 124 Bridge, Gtn 

Schafer & Co, 1016 7th 

Schmid Louis, 324 6th se 

Schlesinger Matilda, 1212 7th. nw 

Schutt W H & Co, 90 Bridge, Gtn 

Sonnanstrahl A, 1236 7th nw 

Stutz L F, 1138 7th 

Sylvester J H, 1212 7th 

Valiant & Ogden, 420 9th 

Watts Geo & Co, 314 7th nw 

Webb & Beveridge, 1009 Pa av 

Chiropodists . 

Schultz Sartorius D, 903 Pa av nw 
White G A, 1416 Pa av 

Cider and Vinegar. 

Mi if Is cor Water, Gtn 

Cigar Box Maker. 

Friederich C a, 1338 8th 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Abraham E R. 237 N J av 
Albrecht J C, 81 Bridge, Gtn 
An^lim Edward V, La av c 6th 
Baldwin D A, 60 C 
Barker John P, National Hotel 
Barrett Thomas, 1108 8th se 
Beckert G J, 1833 7th 
Behrend E & Co, 416 and 625 7th 
Behrens Albert J, 1727 7th 
Bergman Frederick W, 111 Pa ay 
Bogus Augustus, 405 7th 
Bog;us Henry, 929 D 
Boyer Courtland, 311 4J sw 
Boyer Henry H, 1020 19th 
Brandenburg F W, 1745 Pa av 
Brinkman F & Co, 622 Pa av 
Brown George, 419 7th se 
Buckley E F, 432 7th 
Burger Joseph C. 1010 F 
Burke F P, 1223 Pa av nw 
Burtt E J, 307 7th sw 
Chandlee W H, 1342 F 
Chandlee W E. 1349 E 
Clark James S, 622 9th nw 
Claxton James A, 1008 4th 
Cochran G W & Co, 1115 Paav 
CONINGTON J T, 202 7th sw 

GIL MO RE, SMITH '■#■ CO., 629 F street 




Conner Jno L, 560 N L mkt 

Cowie T Jeff, 6U3 7th sw 

Crawford Hugh, 1204 Pa av nw 

Cray tor L D.^488 La av 

Crockwell &' Co, 1119 7th 

Cross George A. 51u 8ch se 

Crostic Edward, 930 F 

Curry J W, 805^ 14th nw 

Dahler Fred, 235 N J av 

Davenport Jesse, 511 7th 

Denham John L, 810 7th nw 

Dietz JacoD, 427 4>£ sw 

Dixon Fanny, 127 Pa av 

Donu John T, 4th cor G nw 

Duering John S, 1229 7th 

Dunkhorst Wm H, 1005 7th 

Eberly W H, 1301 7th 

EC'KLOFF F 'J\ 431 7th sw 

Eichholz Henry and Fred, 476 Pa av and 

907 4th nw 
Engel Irnanuel, 1103 D 
Foster Thos G, 810 F 
French M S, 104 Bridge, Gtn 
Fridley Frederick, 920 10th nw 
Fridiey P B, 1300 D 
Frost A L, 701 7th 
Fuleher J A, 926 Pa av 
Gasch H, 901 7th 
George S F, 430 7th nw 
Goldstein Morris, wholesale and retail, 611 

Pa av 
Haas Abraham, 411 7th sw 
Hartbrecht Stephen. 1133 7th 
Hartley J H, 745 8th se 
Hasse Jos, 614 N Y av 
Henderson William A, 1201 F 
Henblin M Mrs, 625 Pa av tse 
Hoover'A M, 934 Pa av 
Horton William S, 455 Pa av 
Hunt Frank, 304 9th 
Johnson & Lapham, 1736 Pa av 
Kidder & McLean, 411 7th 
Kinslow Michael, 912 22d 
Knabe Frederick, 325 A ne 
Kropp Henry. 1002 I 
Lang William H, 32 Congress, Gtn 
Langley Samuel, 1204 11th se 
Leckrou George R. 1904 Pa av 
Lederer John C, 823 9th ne 
Lelo Jacob, 1214 Pa av 
Lerch John J B, 343 Pa av ne 
Lewis Sarah, 64 C 

Love C K, 1910 7th 
Luchs & Bro, 525 7th 
Lunsford Isaac, 86 High, Gtn 
Luxen J H, 307 Pa av 
McUonough James, 717 8th se 
McGinnis Daniel, cor 8th and B se 
McNulty M. 1528 14th 
MagilLCharles J, 317 4j^sw 
Mark ward G C, 1243 5th 
Martin George, 1730 7th 
Mattern J V & Son. 1034 7th 
Mawdsley John, 327 Pa av se 
Michaelis Abraham, 223 Pa av 
Miller H L, 217 H ne 
Moling J T, 747 7th 
Mueller W, 1314 D 
Mulloy F P, 6th and Md av 
Neuhaus Au£, 1902 Pa av 
Niedfeldt Henry, 920 4 th 
Niedfeldt William. 1011 F nw 
Niehaus Fraiz. 1218 D 
Oiterdiuger T A, 910 F 

Ockershausen George, Montgomery nr 

Bridge, Gtn 
Ossinger John & Co, 1136 7th 
Pavne Arthur, 1711 K 
Peters William. 513 10th 
Petingale S K. 304 9th nw 
Peyser H, 1318 7th 

Phillips Alexander E, Continental Hotel 
Plugge Frederick W, 474 Pa av 
Poggensee C. 1346 H ne 
POJLER JOHN W, 902 F uw 
Pollard R D, 605 1% sw 
Potter John, 141 Bridge Gtn 
POWELL W J, 506 9th 
Power James E, 7th cor La av 
Pumphrey A J Mrs, 503 7th 
Ridgeway Warren, 527 8th se 
Riell Robert B, 822 F 
Rollins J, 1802 7th 

Roose WS,Wiltards' Hotel and 1233 Paav 
SATTERF1ELD $ T 503 8th se 
SCheidegger Albert, 206 7th sw 
Schleith George, 514 4^ sw 
Schmerz Henry. 32 Bridge, Gtn 
Schmidtmann Herman, 323 Pa av 
Schoyer David, 70 Bridge, Gtn 
Schultze J H. 58 Bridge, Gtn 
Schwakopf F J. 805 5th nw 
Scott George A, 1208 7th 
Sellhausen F W. 732 7th nw 
Shelton W H, 911 8th se 
Simms R R, 9th cor N 
Smith H C, 1205 Pa av 
Smith James, 709 7th nw 
Snook Dennis C, 353 Pa av 
Snook Lucius. 305 Pa av 
Snyder F C. 479 L nw 
Specht Philip, 1922 K 
Spiess Frederick W, 1740 7ih 
Stern M, 431 4)£ 
Steward Emma, 7343^ 13th 
Stolpe Edward, 609 7th nw 
Stoops W J, 816 K 
Stopsack Heurv, 607 Pa av se 
Thorp M R. 1708 Pa av nw 
Touhy & Co, 418 9ih 
Ubhoff Christian, 82 Bridge, Gtn 
Vanneman James, 302 High, Gtn 
Von Lukowitz Charles. 509 N 
Wall & Furtner, 1003 F nw 
Wallace James, 53 Hi^h, Gtn 
Weaver Henry. 48 J< fferson, Gtn 
Weisenborn J H, 326 13th 
Weller & Repetii, 501 Pa av 
Wellner William, 135 B se 
Wells Joseph M, 809 E se 
Willner Ernest, 1332 7th 
Wilson F A, 142 Bridge, Gtn 
Wilson J B, 801 D 
Wilson J D, 924 8ih se 
Wiukel John F, 81 High, Gtn 
Woltennade George. 46 H nw 
Toung Adam, 1108 D 
Zimmerman A. 1015 E 

Civil Engineers. 

(See also Architects.) 

Darling Ehud N. 209 A se 
Evans Richard J, 200 Pa av se 
Hoxie Richard L, Columbia building 
Lauritzeu & Didden, 14th cor M 
Trill C F, 802 F 

Cloaks and Suits. 

Lansburgh & Bro, 412 7te 

have several hundred Agents in Europe 





(See also Watches, &c.) 

BATES -J. &m «•'»* Pa ay «e 

Parr William W, 709 7th 
Harbour Joseph, 713 2d 


(See also Tailors.) 
Air rbach Joseph, 407 7th nw 
Berwanger A. <^ Bro, 105 and 107 Bridge 
Biebu 8, 905 8th se 
Blumenthal M, 161 Bridge, Gin 
CobleuzerS, 913 7th 
C hen il, 1332 7b 

J»IOVI,il\ <fc CO., (E. It. Kariium, 
agent,) 1330 F 

Devlin <Kc. Co., 

(New York,) 


1820 F STREET, 

Drey funs I), 177 Bridge, Gtn 
Elseman Bros, 443 7th 
Eiseman M F, 320 9th 
Ferguson Wm 1 1, G nr 14 BW 
Freiricb C, 407 4' sw 
Friendlich Oscar, L46 Bridge, Gtn 
Goldberg George, 919 D 
Goodman 8, 71 1 7th 
Gradwohl L. 401 Pa av 
Hable Bros, 400 7th 
Hamburger [suae & Hon, 615 Paav 
ffartogeusis Edward, 1248 7th 
Hartoug Samuel, 228 7th hw 
Henning George C, 410 7th 
Herman A, 788,7th nw 
Hlrsh Solomon, 720 7th nw 
Katzenstelu Simon, 810 7th nw 
Kaufman Charles, 018 7th. 
Kaufmau K, 1004 7th 
Kaufman L. 824 7th nw 

Kan fin. in M, 908th ho 

Kaufman Nim,471 I'aav and 489 Pa av 

Kaufman & Stromberg, 730 7th nw 

Loot) M, 823 4^ 8"W 

Maloney P, 805 Pa av se 

Matthews J r l\ 1 124 7th 

Meyer M K, 169 Bridge, Gtn 

Mudd l F & Co, 701 9th 

Nordlingei W, 114 Bridge, Gtn 

Nordlinger & Baer, 109 Bridge, Gtn 

Oypeuheimer II, 861 Pa av 

itiin & FERGUSON, 6&1 4>£ nw 

Kepetti F & Co, 917 8th He 

Rice Louis, 628 7th hw 

Rice VV, 100K7th nw 

Rich Bernard, L822 7th nw 

Robinson B & Co, 909 Pa av 

Roman & Cox, 507 7th nw 

Rosenberg Louis. 418 7th nw 

Saks A, 810 7th nw 

Halt* Isadore, 465 Paav 

Selby -I VV, 1914 Paav 

Singer Raphael, 4] i 4 1 .; sw 

Skourk Abraham D, 416 7th nw 

j^l. SAKS. 


Clothing House 


316 Seventh Street NW., 

Adjoining National Hank of the Republic. 

Sommers If, 67 and 69 Bridge, Gtn 
Stein J & (jo, 71 and 57 Bridge, Gtn 
Stein Julius, 481 4>£ sw 
Stern li, 819 4} sw 
STRAUS A. IOI1 i» nw 
Straus Henry, 79 Bridge, Gtn 
Strauss & Marx, 441 7th nw 
Walker Noah & Co, 625 Pa av 
Wall William, 021 Paav 
Young Mauriee J, 59 Bridge, Gtn 

Clothing — Second-hand. 

Alexander Henry, 702 7th sw 
Block Chan. 1210 7th 
Cohen A, 1026 7th 
Cohen Philip, 1180 7th 
David Abraham, 1202 7th 
Devlin Edward, Oil I) 
Griffin Francis, 415 4£ sw 
Herzog R, 917 D 
Justh Emanuel S, 619 D 
Peyser Philip, 1220 7th 
Sholsberg B, 1213 E 
Walsky Abraham, 1206 7th 
Walsky L, lfc20 7th 
Walttky Moses, 900 D 
Wheeler Mil, 1522 K 

Cloths and Cassimeres. 

Hahn F & Co, 027 D nw 

Coal Tar Products. 

Warren E B & Co, 27th e 11 nw 

Coal and Wood. 

Alexander W O, 1738 Pa av 

Atlee Goodwin Y, loot 6th sw and 615 7th 

Barbour William H, E bet 0th and 7th se 
Baum William H, 7th e B sw and 10th c 

C sw 
Beeket William, 1020 M 
Belt W L, 1233 5th 
Bogus George, 505 9th and 14th nr B 
Borden Mining Co, coal wharf, Gtn 
Brooks Henry, 1110 18th 
Brown Samuel P, 15th c N Y av nw 
Burgess (J 11 & Co, 8th cor O 
Burr H '& H C, 909 Mass av and 812 5th 
Campbell & Roth well, Md ay cor 7tn ne 
Carter Harrison P, Water bet 13th and 

184 sw, sunt of wharf 
Clark Benj F, 3d cor K nd I cor 4J sw 

and 322 4J£ sw and 926 14th 
< S AlCDi X HfliWAtJO Ac OO, foot 

4 tli we, 7ti:i Si.fli s«e and (i()3 Paav 
Clarke & Given, 424 1 0th and eorMd av 

and 13).j sw and 12th c C nw 
Clinkscal'es S P, 13'.; and C sw 

( lock i ell John 11, 1000 41.; SW 
Collins Reubin, 5ih cor C ne 
4 00114 SAUHJIOI,, cor <H1» and Maws 
av it e 

Where assignments of Land Warrants 




Collius Richard J, 4b4 E sw 

Corcoran P, 341 C sw 

Coster S K. 132 A se 

Crawford R S & Co, K cor 6th nw 

Grossman Ja*'ob H. 1st cor D 

Dawson J B. 1316 N Y av 

Dickson & King, 4 Water, Gtn and 16th 

cor K 
Donnohue D, cor 23d and L 
Dubois James, 202 12th sw 
Eliason James M. cor 3 I and F sw 
Emery Coal Co, 1st c B nw, 132 A sc and 

6th st wharf 

Evans Walter, 310 and 1004 3d se 
Fegan Hugh J, 6th nr E sw 
Fishbaugn Chai Jes H, 1330 14th 
Fowler Arthur, 100 4>£ sw 
Fowler De Witt, 627 2d nw 
Fowler N L, 900 G se 
Fraser James. 617 G 
Given G H. 401 14th 
Given W W, 301 12th and 424 10th 
Glotzbach Joseph P, Del av cor I ne 
Gray George T, M nr 2Lst 
Gray Thomas K, 113 4>£ sw 
Green P H. 1101 R I av 
Guinand L William, 1st nr B se, foot 3d se, 

and 623 La av 
Hackman David K, 1st cor G 
Halley Hodges, 458 Mass av 
Harkness D S & Co, 519 19th 
Hieston R T, 603 15th 
Hughes Edward B, 802 B cor 7th and H 

Hutton A L, 9th nr D sw 
Isdell C Mrs, 906 B se 
JOHNSON RROS., 1202 F nw, 

1201 Water sw and 1112 9th 
Johnson William, 808 Boundary 
Kay Joseph W. 1822 14th 
Kennedy John, 12 H ne 
Kline I B, cor 9th se 
Langdon, Albright & Co, 802 F 
Lau-ley George T & Son, 1418 7th 
Langley Samuel, 12th nr M se 
Law rie John W, 611 N Y av 
Linkius Daniel, cor 1st and Market, Gtn 
Linkins W & Co, 1921 M 
LORD JOHN B., 14th-st Wharf 

ab Long bridge 
McCADLEYE & Bro M 519 4|, 1218 

McDonald Robert, 471 K sw 
McElroy John, 640 Pa av se 
Marlow Walter H, 216 A ne and 8th cor B 

Marshall & Browning, 12tb cor V 
MASTERS JOHN R,, agt Rorden 

Mining* Co, upper coal wharf, 

Mayfield & Hieston, Green and Canal and 

Jefferson and the canal, Gtn 
Middleton James W, 408 13% and Va av 

nr 3d sw 
Miller James E, 307 14th and 1316 F 
Miller & Son, 920 Pa av and 4% cor Va 

av sw 
Muirhead Wm. 1320 Q and 1532 14th 
Nixon William, 1729 13th 
Normou George A, 1825 T 
Norris Lewis, 1227 25th 
Paddon Harry W, 801 Boundary nw 
Pope Alfred, 97 Greene, Gtn 
.Pollard Philip, 1518 Vt av 

Ray Alexander. Water cor Frederick. Gtn 

Rickar.i & Sheriff, 2 )th and K 

Riley Thomas W & Sons, 208 C and 11th 

and 12th street wharves sw 

se and 5th and E se 

Rock Andiew J, 903 H ne 
av and 7th ne 

Scott Jasper, 910 Va av se 

Sheriff George L, 20ch cor K, 328 and 1114 

Pa av and 6th st wharf sw 
Seivers & Bro, S net 6th and 7th 
Simms Wm H, 10 3d, Gtn 
Smithson Charles F & Co, G nr 4>£ sw 
Stephenson & Brothers, 1218 Pa av and 

7th st wharf 
Stewart H Clay, 1115 H 
Stover Solomon, 21st cor I nw 
Trice William, 1452 Sampson 
Tumelty H, 1710 K 
Walters James F, 1469 Sampson 
Wells Francis. 8th cor S 
Williams, Jollv & Co, 112 1st se, 901 7th 

se, 3d and Ga av se and A nr 6th ne 
Wilson John, 1816 H 
Wood Henry K & Co, 1316 L 
Yoder Charles T, 204 C and 13j^st whf sw 
Zug J E, 929 R I av and 2723 K 

Coffee Mo asters. 

Browning Theo F, Jackson Hall al nw 
Lown Warren J. 462 H sw 

Coins and Curiosities. 

REESE AVGVST E L, La av cor 
6th nw 


Columbian, 14th beyond Boundary 
Columbian Institution for the Deaf and 

Dumb, Boundary hd 7th ne 
Georgetown College, head of 2d, Gtn 
Georgetown Law Department, 915 F 
Gonzaga, 47 I nw 

Howard University, 7th above Boundary 
National College of Pharmacy. 450 Pa av 
National University Law School, 428 7th 

Washington Business College, cor 7th 

and L 

Commission Merchants. 

(See also Produce.) 
Anderson E E & Bro, 7 and 8 cen mkt 
Beavens& Shaw, 11th cor B nw 
Biedler & Barrett, 932 La av nw 
Brown S P, cor N Y av and 15th 
Ciabaugh Wdiiarri, 83 Water, Gtn 
Davis W M, 643 La av 
Diamond John B & Co, 936 La av nw 
Downs John A. 713 Market space 
Golden R A & Bro, 1005 B 
HARTLEY & RRO, 95 and 99 

Water, Gtn 
Harvev & Alberts. 231 7th sw 
HOGE W S, 930 La av nw 
JOHNSON J H «V CO, Water nr 

13th sw 
Kennon Barzillia, 917 La av nw 
Linville George W, Si Cloud bldg 
Lyons Evans. 55 Water, G.u 

are imperfect, call at 629 F nw 




Main J A 125 Pa av nw 
Miller A Yager, 911 La av 
PHILLIPS ASA E, 641 La av 
Meredith Gilmer & Co, Washington st 

wbf, Gtn 
Poole Nathaniel A, 10th cor C nw 
Ream D M. 91 G La av 
Redman J S. 917 La av 
Sandman A A Co, 934 La av 
Sands J W. 914Laav 
Saum J F & Co, 926 La av 
TALBOTT IS ill, Canal wbf nr 

Mkt, «tn 
Terry & Bine, 1105 7th 
Tune E I, 917 La av 
Waters J G & J M. 28 High, Gtn 

wlit nr market house Midge, 

Wilkins C F A Co, 907 La av nw 
Wilhard T H & Son, 206 10th nw 

Commissioners (U. S) 

ANDERSON THOS », 330 4% nw 

Bradley AC, 635 F 

Callan xM P, 615 7th nw 

Dun woody Wm J. 30 Grant pi 

Graham GF, St Cloud Bids 


Johns A, 342 D nw 
Johnson John J. 342 D 
REESE A E L, 6th cor La av 
Marsh R H, 628 F 
Miller N H, 326 4X 
Mills Samuel C, 486 La av 
Murray Robert J, 319 4% 
Plant J T K, 915 F nw 
Weaver E C, 613 7th 
Woodward William R, 431 6th 
Young Wm P, 8th cor F 


Albers J Henry, 1015 11th 

Anderson Wm, Bridge cor Montgomery 

Arendes William, 539 8th se 

Asbford Mary, 58 Dunbarton, Gtn 

Baker Wm, 1330 7th 

Benjamin Lewis. 620 Pa av 

Bland James A, 1168 16th 

Blumenberg Henry, 417 6th sw 

Bontz R H, 637 H 

Bosh Jobn, 1100 21st 

Brewer Zachariah, 225 Bridge, Gtn 

Bridges Mary A. 2004 7th 

Briel Michael, 417 9th 

Buckingham F M & Co, 505 7th nw 

Buhler G A, 463 D sw 

Burkley A E, 52 H nw 

Caspar Christian. 1237 7th 

Conway Win. 1106 20th 

Cox Geo W, 927 Pa av 

Denionet Ida M, 1714 Pa av 

Doudero B, 61 cen mkt 

Duuderdale F, 315 Pa av &e 

EisenbeissRo-a, 400 13th 

Elles Conrad. 244 4% sw 

Ellis Archie, 1612 12th 

Fisher Philip, 12th cor P 

Fisher M E. 151 Bridge, Gtn 

Freund F, 702 9th 

Fus.-ell J A Co. 1427 N Y av 

Gauiron Jean B. 806 I nw 

Geiger Gustav, lib O st mkt 

Gmelin Levinia F. 106 Bridge. Gtn 

Grupe Albert, 1216 7th 

Grupe William, 1112 D 

Guttenson John. 2130 Pa av 

Hammersley D. 706 F sw 

Hammersley Edward, 425 7th sw and 7, 8 

and 9 cen mkt 
Harris Joseph, 1135 16th 
Heald E, 6th cor C nw 
Hebner Martin. 1508 14th 
Hodgkins David, 103 H nw 
Hoffman Charles, 202 4>£ sw 
Hughes J E, 93 Bridge, Gtn 
Jarvis Thomas, 428 9th 
Johnson Thomas M, 9th cor Q 
Keppler John G, 619 &% sw 
Eerper J N, 331 4th se 
Killian John, 1111 F 
King James H, K and Conn av 
Knorr E A. 745 7th 
Lamb Charles M, 220 E Cap 
Lerch Henry F, 5 2d, Gtn 
Leverone F, 1250 7th 
Levy Clara, 1234 7th 
Loehl George. 20 3d, Gtn 
McClosky S H, 1334 14th 
McQuade & Sohns. 612 O 
Maiforth Charles, 1217 N Y av 
Mariuelli G, 327 Pa av 
Markolf Godfrey, 733 5th nw 
Marshall Jane, 74 Montgomery, Gtn 
Masine Angelo A, 1108 Pa av nw 
Mosino Angelo, 513 7th 
Moxley William, 249 Bridge, Gtn 
MUELLEfiS. CARL & SON, 65S an«t 

659 Centre mkt, and 314 JPa av 
Nichols Jared C, 59 High, Gtn, and 5229th 
Noerr & Bro, 11th cor E 
O'Connor Kate, 1214 Fa av nw 
O'Donnell S Mrs, 700 G se 
Oehmaun Andrew, 505 7th sw 
Owens Isaac, 1113 4>£ 
Peterson Henry, 310 3d 
Phillips Mary E, 119 Pa av 
Piepenbring E, cor 14th and C sw 
Poetzmann Henry, 304 12th 
Prosise Beniamiu, 925 D 
Prosise Logan, 425 10th and 1012 7th 
Protopapas L M, 736 12th 
Quealey Delia, 1017 F 
Raab F C, 741 8th se 
Ray Mary, 927 12th 
Reisinger Jacob H, 1018 18th nw and S 

and 72 Cen mkts 
Reisinger J G, 545 Cen mkt and 613 4% 
Rideuour Upton H, 916 14th 
Riordon Elizabeth, 9u7 8th se 
Rochelle Peter, 231 N J av 
Roeben Conrad, 1900 7th 
Ruppert Gustav, 626 22d and 114 Cen mkt 
Sauter M J, 508 N L mkt and 1111 7th 
Schafer Henry, 504 Cen mkt 
Schafer Charles, 139 N L mkt and 420 4>£ 

Schneider Charles. 413 I 
Scbultz Hugo. 175 L L 34 western mkt 
Sharlield J H,'7th cor Q nw 
Shaftield John A, 217 Pa av 
Shuier Margaret, 1213 5th 
Sniflin Theodore, 704 11th se 
Solomon E, 459 D sw 
Spotwood Ellen, 483 C sw 
Stanton P. 1901 L 
Steinle Frederick. 119 Pa av se 
Stewart Emma, 1218 1) 
btohlman Frederick, 75 High, Gtn 
Tajlor CM, 606 4% sw 

Information to Inventors given free 




Taylor J, 1235 G 

Terbeek Chiistian J, 8L6 7th sw 

Thompson E L, 1322 7th 

Tiniaglia I, 1904 Pa av 

Tinkler S. 17-00 7th 

Torre Emilia, 2017 14th 

Van Brakle M A, 120 Pa av 

Velati Seraphina, 616 13th and 620 9ta 

Vogt Frederick. 617 D and 4 ceu inkt 

Vo^t John F, 2139 Pa av and 508 cen rnkt 

Vogt John L, 429 7th 

Volland David. 907 N and 125. 137NLmkt 

Voneiff George, 348 Va av sw 119 NL mkt 

Wagner John, 1310 5th 

Walker Geo C, 121S F 

Weideinan John. 703 7th nw 

Weisbeeker Creszentia, 615 L 

Wonn W W, 721 6th 

Constables and Collectors. 

Appel Charles A, 458 La av 
Bicksler Thomas J, 486 La av 
Basher James M, 13 C ne 
Cox John C, 319 4^nw 
Curtin Charles, 310 ±}{ nw 
Donaher H M C, 1227 7th 
Frayser C C. 453 D uw 
Hirsh Jacob. 1331 7th 
Kimmell C A. 920 lstnw 
Kimmell T a, 1629 N J av nw 
KIRB¥ W W, 490 JLa av 
Luckett S T, 1227 F 
McLaughlin Daniel, 300 I nw 
Parker Charles H. 442 4>£ sw 
Soran Thomas W. 458 La av 
Tucker James H, 486 La av 
Wilmarth J J. 1227 F 
Wilson John G. 3L0 4>£ nw 
Wimsott John 8, 310 4>£ nw 


Coppinger William, consul gen Liberia, 

450 Pa av nw 
Hitz John, consul gen of Switzerland, Gc 

^th nw 
Shucking Alfred, 425 7th nw 


BROWN AUSTIN P. 707 15tli hlw 

Cranford & Hoffman, L420 F 
Evans John O & Co, 1505 Pa av 
Gleason Albert, 1540 7th 
Gleason Sylvanus. 1540 7th 
Haight, Edwin R, 1427 F 
Maynard A M. Irving House 
UIcGOWAN M A & CO, 2Sth and K 
Murdock W C, 1505 Pa av 
Stewart Charles, 514 6th 
Strong Samuel. 214 1st ee 
Turner H F & Co, 1402 Pa av 
Vandimburs: John V W, cor 19th and E 
Vermillion W E, 408 8th se 


(See also Lawyers.) 

Flood William G, 811 H ne 
Flood Wm H, 813 H ne 


Bremerman F W, 18 Congress, Gtn 
Essex James F, 10 Hish. Gtn 
Jarboe H, 120 Water, Gtn 
Reynolds John T, 20 Grace, Gtn 

Ridge way James H, 8 High, Gtn 


Whyte & Overman, Y6% cor E nw 


BAUtt C, 408 7tli nw 

Douglass & Bro, 524 and 526 9th 


| Bartels L, 905 D 

! Donehus T Harry, 4*8 11th 

! Moxley L. 608 10th 

! Reh Henry, 312 12th 

Ctippers atbfl Leechers. 

(See also Barbers.) 
Emmner J, 1312 D 

Cutlers . 

(See also Hardware.) 
Fischner Charles, 623 7th 
Myers Wm H, 628 1) 
Ross Joseph, 431 9th 
Walford D N, 359 Pa av 

Decorative Artiste. 

Forsberg G W, 408 9th 
Schutter & Rakeman, 710 E 


Barnes William. 110 6th se 

Barrett F A, 1627 10th 

Barrett Wm H, 1402 H 

Brightwell O H, 1113 Pa av 

Brown M S, 1318 Mass av 

Cockerille S 1, 1406 G 

Coumbe J T, 1304 9th 

Daily Oliver A, 627 Pa av 

Darrell J H, 1229 Pa av 

Davis D, 1209 Pa av 

Dawes R M, 1221 Pa av 

Dempter & Parsons, 409 7th nw 

Uienelt Julius, 1111 Pa av 

Donaldson R B, 11 L3 Pa av 

Drury J H, St Cloud building 

Dufour J F R, 302 8th nw 

Dunnavant William C, 1141 24th nw 

Evans W W^arriugton, 94 Fayette, Gtn 

Falcon D. 410 11th 

Foster C B, 1106 N Y av 

Gibbs J B. 1110 F 

Groshon A E. 1108 N Y av 

Hills Thomas 0, 406 12th 

Hodgkiu J O. 1227 Pa av 

Howard Edwin, 617 F 

HowlandE P,2194>< 

Humphreys G W, 809 mkt space 

Hut. t R Finley. 1806 H 

installs JEN, 459 Pa av 

Lob mis M, 1229 N 

McFarlan Daniel, 1310 N Y av 

Maynard Edward. 1321 F 

Merrill William, 602 11th nw 

Myers W D. 173f> Pa av 

Noble Henry B, 1111 Pa av 

Pomeroy W B. 404 Mass av 

Pratt Amos. 401 7th 

Pritchard George J, 813 10th nw 

i^cott C W. 1220 F 

Sinithe Horace F. 325 C nw 

Smithe J Curtiss, 325 C nw 

Ten Eyck J B, 1105 F nw 

GILMOBE, SMITHS CO., €29 F st. nw, 




Thompson H 0, 1113 Pa av nw 

Wardsworth H Nicholas, Vt av c L 

Walton J R, 932 E 

Waters O J. 905 Pa av 

Welch Charles E, 219 4% 

Welch George B. 219 4>£ 

Wells Edward H, 103 2d 

Wolf J L. 1210 F 

Wright William H, 633 7th sw 


Central, 503 10th 


Fegan P, 466 Pa av 

Draugh tsmeti. 

Bruff J G. 1009 24th 
Dieterich Philip C. 607 7th 
GallaherEM, 802 F nw 
Hutchinson James E, 1020 Pa av se 
Lauren Herm, 613 7th 
Miller Henry, 462 I sw 
Ourand Frank L, 2039 9th nw 
Poole C Clarence, 940 P nw 

Dress Makers, 

Beach N M Miss, 470 K nw 

Bellew M A, 940 I nw 

Bland Lvdia A, 10th cor I ne 

Bloettner Elizabeth, 1802 G 

Boss Elizabeth, 1223 N Y av 

Bowie Asrues W, 1130 15th 

Bowman C V B, 804 K 

Bowmer Susan, 1213 K 

Brissey L E Miss. 738 10th 

Brooks Mrs C, 411 L 

Brooks Mrs C A. 1201 21st 

Brown Ann M, 98 Green, Gtn 

Browne Sarah E. 609 K 

Burrell M E, 912 18th 

Bush Rosalie, 19211 

Byrne Mary, 524 13th nw 

Clark M E, 1144 20th 

Colburn J, Green nr Gay, Gtn 

Corev Mary, 810 9th nw 

Corey Madame. 1003 F 

Curtin Mary, 805 market space 

Davis Mary A, 521 20th 

Ellis Mary E, 495 C sw 

Fletcher Adaliue. 140 Dunbarton, Gtn 

Gebhart Marv. 1321 6th 

Goldsborough M V, 1735 1 

Goodman Lavinia, 76 Dunbarton, Gtn 

Graham Mary, 334 2d ne 

GRANGIER Mdmc. 1310 G nw 

Harleston Fanny, 1003 N Y av 

Head Mary, 1762 K 

Hinckley E M Mme, 711 mkt space 

Howe A, 1*15 H 

Hurdle Elizabeth, 1308 G 

Johufon Josephine. 729 4V£ sw 

Johnson Susan, 219 3d sw 

Keesey Sarah J, 740 8th 

Kelley Mary Mrs, 209 4% sw 

Kersey Sail e Mrs, 528 4% sw 

Kuox M, 506 13th 

Korn C, 726 17th 

Krause Eliza, 1008 4* sw 

Larmier Madame, 1907 Pa av 

Lauer Cecelia, 104 High, Gtn 

Lewis Josephine, 11143^ F 

Lowery Mary E. 32 Montgomery, Gtn 

McC 11 Letitia, 1152 15th 

Mallory A A. 112812th 

Mansfield Mary, 1030 20th 

May h ugh Sallie, Washington, nr Bridge 

Messer S J, 1213 Pa av 
Ott Marie, 825 18th 
Pfaune Madame. 825 14th 
Ray Elizabeth, 92712th 
Ray M A. 739 11th 
Ray Mary, 1206 21st 
Richardson M L. 1414 I 
Roberson Letitia, 117 Pa av 
Scott Agjde Mrs, 603 C nw 
Smith A E Mrs, 625 I nw 
Smith Emma, 1221 tf 
Soule Emma Mme, 1107 Pa av 
Speck R, 611 1 nw 
Stewart Catharine, 1121 21st 
Suliivan Hannah, 1311 F 
Sullivan Ella, 20 5th, Gtn 
Tyler A W, 33 B se 
Tyler Emilv, 409 3d sw 

Waters M A V, 503 3d sw 
Watson M J, 1441 L 


Bacon Reuben A, 529 4% sw 

Bates John E, 13th and F nw and cor 7tb 

and L se 
Beall Howard, 8th c H ne 
Becker Charles, 128 High, Gtn 
Bishop L C. 1113 Pa av 
Bodemer Alfred, 1251 6th 
BoswellE V B, 301 7th sw 
Brace R, 66 Bridge, Gtn 
Bury Ed B, 412 8th se 
Butler & Clarridge, 3d cor Ind av 
BYNiii «JEOR«E T, 106 Greene.Gtil 
Byron & Co, 7th cor R I av 
Carpenter John E, 148 C ne 
Casein Joseph R, 1201 7th 
Christiani Bros, 1150 7th 
Christiani Charles, 484 Pa av 
Christiani C & Co, Pa av c 19th nw 
Cissel E E, 1001 N Y av 
Cole John T & C<>, 9th c F nw 
Collins Thomas H, 9ih cor N 
Conser& Hoffman, 4th cor L nw 


Fourth and L Streets NW, 


Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Toi- 
let and Fancy Articles, Fine 
Soaps, Brushes, Perfumery, 
Patent Medicines. 

Physicians' prescriptions carefully com- 
pounded at all hours. 

Coughlin J, 600 9th 

Cropley George W, 110 Bridge and High 

cor 3d, Gtn 
Cropley Thomas L, 186 Bridge and 110 

High, Gtn 
Crutchet Alex, Anacostia 
Cudlipp J P, 1252 7th nw 
CULL A H & CO, 701 43^ 

Gilmore Sf Co, successors to Hosmer § Go, 




Daniels Ara M, 1820 14th 

Darby Ann, 118 43^ 

Davis Arnericus, 926 9th nw 

Daw Win H, 1001 L 

Dawson Wm G. 426 7th sw 

De Moll & Son,' 8th cor E se 

DOOLEY F X, 223 Pa av se 

Dowling FD, 3014>£sw 

Drew John W, 901 Pa av nw 

Duckett VV G, 22d and Pa av 

Dufour Clarence K & Co, 1814 14th 

Entwisle William B, 1201 Pa av 

Ferguson R B. Pa av cor 2d se 


Forney Edward B Mass av c 6th nw 
Gaiti er 8 S, wid F S, 9th c H nw 
GEDMEY E C & CO, 404 11th sw 
Gibson Henry K. 100 6th se 
Gilman Zadock D, 627 Pa av 
Grav William A. 317 Mass av 
Griffith M J, O cor 5th nw 
Hanson S C, Conn av and L 
Haskin James T. 335 3d se 
Healy James A, 300 Mass av 
Helmsen Henry & Co, H cor N J av nw 
Helpheustine & Bentley, 1346 F 
Hiekling Daniel P. 301 Pa av 
Hines Albert B, 2224 H nw 
Eodgkins Joseph N, 2i 06 7th 
Howard George M, 7th cor I nw 
Jones J S & Co, Pa av cor 2d se 
Julibn M L, 1001 Md av sw 
Kennaugh W E, 1305 E 
Kidwell & Son, 1531 1 
Kloczewski A M, 433 9th 
Kolb D, 501 7th 

Koss Freder'ck W, 7th cor Boundary 
Kramer & Co, 301 H ne 
Kullberg Karl <te Co, 3d cor I nw 
LEWIS SAUILEL E, 1404 14th 
Lineaweaver M K C. 11th cor M se 
Lippincott Charles D. N J av cor G nw 
LovejoyJob S, 1 1004th 
McPherson E J, 914 F (homoe) 
Major John R. 800 7th nw 
Martin Jacob L, 403 4^ sw 
MAS I PHILIP C, 14th cor L 
Massey J Hillis, 833 14th nw 
Millburn J P & Co. 1429 Pa av 
Moore Charles F, 1700 Pa av nw 
Moore J B, 1924 Pa av 
Musser George J. 945 I 
Nattans Arthur. D cor 2d 
O'Callaghan John F, 529 7th se 
€>>I>ONJ>ELL J J>, 751 8tli se 
Piukard H M, 477 Pa av 
Prentiss C A. 1532 12th 
RE1NLEIN PAUL, 1501 9th 
Reyburn Robert jr, 9th and N Y av 
Risdou & Co, 5th cor H nw 
Ritchie Thos A, 1614 14th 
Russell Wm R, Vt av cor 14th 
Schaf hirt A J, 1 H 
fccala Wm F, 3t*0 E Cap 
Sears W L. 1101 F 
Sbreve S F, A. acostia 
Simms Giles G C 1346 N T av 
Southall R P, 1921 Pa av 
Stafford John J, 1213 4^ sw 
Stone James H, 1100 7th 
Stone Wm R, 1338 7th 
Stott & Cromwell. 480 Pa av nw 
Taulmau D D, 701 6th 
Thompson W S. 703 15th 
Van Syckel H S, 13th cor G 

Walsh James F, 300 3d se 
Ward William W. cor Pa av and 20th 
Weber R L, 1223 N Y av 
Whiteside & Walton, 1821 Pa av nw 
WINTER F B, 10th cor itt 
Winter & Co, 1718 10th nw 
Wooldridge Geo, 711 K 
Wright L W, 501 7th sw 

Dry Goods. 

Atkinson W T, 401 Mass av 

Bailey J B. 601 7th sw 

Baum Charles, 12u0 7th 

Baxter Emory, 1920 Pa av 

Behrend Amuou, 706 7th nw 

Blum N. 747 8th se 

Bogan C J, 470 K nw 

Brodhead & Co. 1203 F 

Brown Stephen Thomas, 121 Bridge. Gtn 

Brown Wm M, 314 8th nw 

Burdette W W <fc Co, 928 7th and 706 K 

BurnstineB, 1316 D 

Carter D E W, 7u7 Market space 

Chandler A King, 822 7th nw 

Colley J W, 801 Pa av 

Combes & Bro, 1628 14th 

Connelly M, 608 9th 

Corbett Amanda, 1220 D 

Craig & Jackson, 1L7 Bridge, Gtn 

Crawford & Archer, 131 Pa av 

Demar C H, 96 High. Gtn 

Downey Edward, 1426 10th 

Downs John A, 713 mkt spa 

Eichberg Isaac. 523 4>£ sw 

Euders John, 902 H ' 

Feliheimer Moser, 433 4X sw 

Fonda C B, 52 H nw 

Friebus Theodore. Del av c H ne 

Gibbons W F & Co, 130 Bridge, Gtn 

Goddard A. 908 7th 

Gotthelt D. 1306 7th 

Gotthelf J,' 728 7th 

Griffith & Anderson, 1927 Pa av 

Gusaorf B, 420 7th 

Gurnes L G, Anacostia 

Gutmau Mrs N, 912 7th 

Harbin George F, 333 Pa av 

Herman Joseph P,3244^ sw,and 624 Paav 

Herman Samuel. 327 4^ sw 

Holt Anna B. 634 N Y<»v 

Hooe P H, Bro & Co, 1330 F 

Hu itress S, 1307 D 

Jaffray E S & Co, (C S Pollock agt.) 719 

Market space 
Johnson Geo J &■ Co, 711 Market space 
Kaufman H. 1312 7th 
Kerr. Clark & Trunnel, 930 7th nw 
K rouse Anna S. 406 8th se 
LANSBdRQEI & BRO, 404 and 

1018 7th 
Latbau J T. 1926 Pa av 
Leecke C, 205 2 t se 
Lulley Emily. 616 Pa av 
Lurtrell & Wine, 1930 Pa av 
McDonough James, 719 8th se 
McMahon Sarah, Conn av c L 
McPherson Geo C. 603 Pa av se 
McPherson M E & Co, 235 Pa av se 
Meager John, 909 10th 
Mel ling Geo jr, 1308 7th 
Meyenberg K. 910 7th 
Miller Benjamin, 103 Bridge, Gtn 
Mitchell & Martin. 931 Pa av 
Moore J C. H c 1st nw 
Nachman D, 909 8th se 

629 F street nw 


Naudain TN, 709 Market space 

Golly Benjamin, 259 cen mkt 

Newmeyer M. 19[h e K 

Grovier W R, 360 cen and 540 N L mkts 

Oetinaer Henry, 143 Bridge, Gtn 

and 622 O 

Perry & Bro, 821 Pa av c 9th 

Harris Dolly, 18 Corcoran mkt 

Phelan Mary, 232 E Cap 

Hawkins Elizabeth, 1306 D 

Raff Bros. 726 7th nw 

Hergesheimer H C, 10th c B 

Repetti Dora. 702 I se 

Holly Tree Lunch, 518 9th 

Riley Elma, 1837 N 

Monroe Appleton, 14 cen mkt 

Riley Wm R, 713 Market space 

Moeller J N, 457 K 

Robinson Julia, 914 4th 

Narden Joseph, 208 9th 

Rockar F A. 14th cKlav 

Newman Caroline, Cor mkt 

Roeser Rosa M, 1100 12th 

O'Neale Horatio, 517 cen mkt 

Rosenthal E 8, 155 Bridge. Gtn 

Pendleton Luc} T , Cor mkt 

Rynex William H, 305 7th sw 

Pilcher G M, 554 cen mkt 

Scarff Thomas T. 335 C se 

Pope M J jr, 200 B se 

Schmidt C F, 1722 Pa av 

Reilley C Mrs, 505 D nw 

Sinister Wm M & Bro, 919 Pa av 

Scott John. 206 9th 

Smoot John H & Son, 119 Bridge, Gtn 

Smith W, 1529 11th 

Sondheimer J & Co, 507 7th sw 

Stewart Philip, 105 6th nw 

Spence George, 821 Hue 

Stuart H, 547 N L mkt 

Stuntz Mrs A, 1207 N Y av 

Tru worthy Burlett T, nr 7th junction and 

Thompson R E, 711 Mkt Space 

cen mkt 

Towner Thomas B, 1314>£ 7th 

Pond H, 1000 F 

Towson C M & Co, 636 Pa av 

Walker Diana, 8 Cor mkt 

Whitmore E V, 1801 14th nw 

Washineton George, 346 Pa av nw 

Wiswall & Gwynn, 705 Mkt Space 

Washington Warner, 466 C sw 

Wolford & Shilberg. 817 Mkt Space 

Watkins & Jasper, 1212 Pa av nw 

Wylie Wm Bird, 1014 7th nw 

Waverly, (Mary Brisbiu,) 512 8th 

Young A & Bro, 86 Bridge, Gtn 

Wilkey B J. 508 9th 

Wilson M, 416 4% sw 

Dyers and Scourers. 

Wilson W H, 554 N L mkt 

Barthel John G, 114 4^ 

Windsor Dining Rooms, 508 9th 

Brehler Edward. 635 Pa av se 
Briggs Mary A, 709 9th 

Electric Engineer, 

Cohen Edward, 1548 I 

MAYMRD 4iE© C, 1423 G 

Demongeot N, 616 9th nw 

Dengel Valentine, 805 E 

Electro- Therapeutist. 

Dent) am L J. 463 G 

Douglas R J, 1113 Vt av 


.Douglas Robert C, 1317 E 
Eugelberg Louis, 1217 7th 


Fisher Anthony, 9u6 G nw 

ADAMS JAMES E, 408 10th 

Frankel John, 823 14th 

Hartstall Moses, 1215 E 
Hulse William O, 413 11th 


Kimmel H H, 1009 F 
Kirby Samuel, 605 7th sw 
Knorr John M, 502 14th nw 

Electrotype anil Stereotype Foundry, 

Latterner Peter, 111 4^ 


Lewis E R, 1114 F 

408 Tenth Street NW., 

Payne R A, 1125 16th 


Posey L H, 820 9th 

Work done promptly, in the best style, 

Putsche Charles, 1220 Pa av 

and at moderate prices. 

Roberts M F. 1733 Pa av 
Schlaich Frederick, 709 L 
Strieker H, 900 9th se 

Employment Offices. 

Wheatley William H, 49 Jefferson, Gtn 

Butler Louisa C, 907 D 

Wheeler W H. 1522 K 

FITCH E F & CO, St Cloud Blag 

Woolston H, 702 E 

Northern Liberty, 454 K nw 

Stevenson WE & Co, 926 F nw 

Eating Saloons. 

Wood F P, St Cloud Bldg 

Allen Edward, 102 $% nw 


Fairfax Geo S, 1121 19th 

Banks Anthony, 1526 11th 
Brodie & Green, 907 and 909 F 

Brown James J, 604 cen mkt 

Prindle George S, 515 7th 

Brown William H, 90, 128,129 and 130 cen 


Cole James, 631 4% sw 

Baumgarten Herman, 229 Pa av 

DeLevy Fanny, 667 cen mkt 

Brynan John, 615 7th 

Ebb Alexander, 1307 C 

Columbian Bank Note Company, 908 Pa av 

Evans Milly, Corcoran mkt 

Excelsior Bank Note Co, 1425 N Y av nw 

Evans Walter, 5.6 8ih 

Heidemann Otto, 617 7th nw 

Field Charles R, 47 Bridge, Gtn 

Lutz William F, 1223 Pa av nw 

Faust Annie, 233 N L mkt 

Massey E W, 513 7th nw 

Goetz's, 9th c D 

Nichols H H, 802 F 

Vg> Fees until Patent is allowed, 




Phipps William, 427 11th 
fernith William, 1013 D 

Examiners in Chancery 

Clenhane James O, 110 C and 319 4% nw 
Cruikshank John, 317 4J^ 
Dun woody William P, 3^1 4| 
McNamee Charles. 321 *% 
Miller N H. 326 4^ 
Murray Robert J, 319 Q4 
Thomas Charles N, 460 La av 

Adams Express Company, (G W Moss agt.) 

225 Pa av, 1425 F nw and 65 Biidge, 

Holmes, 926 La av nw 
Knox George W, 603 Pa av nw, H cor Va 

avse. 705 15th and Bridge cor Congress, 

McCiintock John M, 485 Pa av nw 
McFarlan & Stephenson, 413 N J av nw 
Union Transfer, Pa av cor 13th and Pa av 

cor 6th 
Washington Fast Freight Line, 603 Pa av 


Fancy Goods. 

(See also Dry Goods.) 

Adams Mary, 1439 S 

Adler Henry, 421 7th nw 

Alber Catharine, 1925 L 

Andrews Thomas F, aa;t, 235 Pa av nw 

Barbour Anna'M, 237 Pa av 

Barbour Bridget, 1241 20th 

Behrend B J. 818 7tbnw and 638 Pa avnw 

Bell Mary, 663 cen mkt 

Brandt Charles. 1035 17th 

Bright A E. G cor 8th se 

Bruce Regina, 1526 12th 

Chandler A Rinsr, 822 7th nw 

Chapman C, 216 Pa av nw 

Coggins Selina. 344 C mv 

Cooper Thomas. 1224 M 

Cusic Alice. 525 8th se 

Daly John T, 1001 E se 

Davis M E, 325 ±y 2 sw 

Decker Mrs E, 1831 H 

Diggs W T, 1249 11th se 

Douglass & Bro. 524 9th nw 

Eichstadt A H. 943 Pa av 

Eihs Mary. 203 C ne 

Eugel DL,' 1928 Pa av 

Ensor Andrew J. 234 4^" sw 

Everett Virginia, 1211 N Y av 

Frayser Margarer C. 523 2d 

Freeman M. 117 High, Gtn 

Gibson J C. 908 F nw 

Gittings Benjamin E. 807 Market Space 

Got! Isabella, 602 ±y 2 sw 

Gotthelf J, 436 7ih 

Halley James. 627 7th sw 

Hay ward Emma. 1414 14th 

Henriehs C, 4th cor I nw 

Hile Margaret, 625 H ne 

Hitchcock Emma A. 339 Pa av se 

House J C & Co, 1302 F nw 

Humphrey Annie K. 430 10th 

Hunt M J, 621 and 623 D 

Hutzler Lina, 315 4% sw 

Jenkins Marv E. 536^ 7th se 

Kahlert A, 1013 8th se 

Kaiser John, 132 cen mkt 

Kauffman Aaron, 156 cen mkt 

Kin£ H sr, 926 7ch 

King Joseph W, 305 8th ne 

Lerch M P Mrs, 714 7th nw 

Lewi^ A M, 933 Mass av 

Litchfield Mrs Elizabeth, 709 7th sw 

Lowe E. 811 Market Space 

Maranghi B, 115 Pa av se 

Melling George jr. 1308 7th 

Moore Johanna. 51 H ne 

Nolte Elenora, 907 11th 

Norton Charles J, 44 Cor mkt 

O'Connor Ellen. 124 N L mkt 


Pach J. 13267th 

Partello C V. 2019 14th 

Peters Cora L. 1627 11th 

Preinkert George C, 1215 7th 

Precess Mrs G. 433 7th sw 

Rich J & Bro. 903^ 7th 

Rosenberg A D, 77 Bridge, Gtn 

Rosser Cloe. 2140 Pa av 

Rowe Mary Mrs, 310 4^ sw 

Rubenbacker Henry. 1738 7th 

Ruppert Christian, 403 7th 

Ruppenus Henrv. 1323 6th 

Ruppert Selma, 612 9ih 

Samstag P Mrs, 739 8th se 

Schaefer Mrs Barbara, 1002 4i sw 

Schluter L W A, 131 cen mkt" 

Schweitzer Elizabeth. 510 N L mkt 

Shepherd M S. 1113 F 

Sickle M. 914 7th 

Silver M & Co. 736 7th nw 

Silverberg B, 312 7th 

Simonds Sarah A Mrs, 337 Pa av se 

Sparks F R, 309 Pa av se 

Strasburger Hannah, 83 Bridge, Gtn 


' Bg \ 403 7th Street, "bet, D and E Sts, NW, 


Genii .FrencI it Eilisl Toys 

And IFancy Cwnocis, 
Perfumery and Hair Brushes, Dolls"of every description, 

Has constantlv on hand a complete assortment of Embroidery Materials. Berlin 
Zephyr Worsted. Chenilles, Head Dresses, Fans, Sofa Cushions, Slippers, Purse, Floss 
and Tapestrv Silk, Crochet Cotton, Canvass Beads and Paris Fauch Articles. Five 
thousand different Patterns for Braiding and^Embroidery just received by the latest 

St mp'ng done i n French style, and at the shortest notice, 
GILMORE, SMITH $ CO., 629 F 8b nw 




Winters Margaret, 207 L nw 
Wolfram Louisa, 1613 6th nw 
Young David, 111 Bridge, Gtn 
Young J E, 418 7th 
Ziemer J, 416 N L mkt 


Vanderbilt H S, Salamander Felting Co, 
940 F nw 


(See also Agricultural Warehouses.) 
Moore E L, 133 Bridge, Gtn 
Raub Geort-e T, 1416 Ohio av 
TURNER H. F. <fc Co., 1402 Pa av 

File Holders. 

Woodruff Edmund W, 705 and 707 9th 

Fire Arms. 

(See also Guns, &c.) 
Remington Arms Co, 808 F nw 


Cheek James H, 430, 431 and 432 cen mkt 
Cross W M & Son, 336 and 379 cen mkt 
Davis John A, 427 and 428 cen mkt 
Donaldson B S, 382, 383 and 384 cen mkt 
Donaldson Benjamin C, 524 N L mkt 
Faunce C & Sons, 283 cen mkt 
Faunce J D & Sous, 238 and 239 cen and 

520 and 522 N L mkts 
Gallahorn J T, 240 cen mkt 
Grimes A C, 38 Hiah, Gtn 
Kuigtu & Gibson, 235 cen and 35 N L mkts 
Lacey Alexander S, 378 cen mkt 
LaFontaine James, 380 and 381 cen mkt 
MeCauley Joseph, 288 and 331 cen mkt 
Norris Elizabeth, 17 western mkt 
Sanford G W, 429 cen mkt 
Schrepler Agnes, 512 N L and 306 cen mkt 
Sk'dmore James H, 332 and 335 cen and 

536 N L mkts 
Stuart William E & Co, 286 and 287 cen 

and 534 N L mkts 
Thorniordt Hammer, 518 N L and 338 cen 

Vanschiver A, N L mkt 


Berry J H & Co, 517 10th nw 

Bowdler Robert, 469 ceji mkt 

Cammack E & J, c 13th and E 

Coleman William, 3d and R 

Douglass Henry, 1819 F 

Douglass John, 719 14th 

Escb iMitchell, 198 cen mkt 

Furmage William, 509 O nw 

Glorious George, 1112 7th, 247 cen and 112 

N L mkts 
Huster J. 339 centre mkt 
SAUL JOHN. 621 7th 
Slater John W & Son, 622 and 623 cen mkt 
SMALL JOHN H, lltli cor G 
Vance S, 421 cen mkt 

Flour and Feed. 

Arms Thomas, 2314 I 
Barnes Wm A. 210 4>£ sw 
Beavans & Shaw. B and 11th 
Brent Johu S, 1901 K 

Brewer H F. 1805 14th 

av se 

BKEWER NIXON. 209 7th sw and 
1805 lltSa nw 

Brown James, agt, 910 Mass av 

Byron George H, 400 8th ne 

Cady B J, 201 C ne 

Campbell J T, 1304 11th se 

Clabaugh William C, P nr I3ih 

Davis A jr, 817 7th nw 

Davis Samuel B, 2045 7th' 

Davis Vernon, 7th ab Boundary 

Dorbey Frank, 6ih c N Y av 

Fegan William, 235 Vaav sw 

Fisher Solon & Co, NCap and D 

Fleming Abram, 703 K 

Floeckber Albert H, 66 H ne 

Foster J H, 221 Bridge, Gtn 

Gait William M & Co, 1st cor Ind av 

Garwood & Millard. 208 10th 

Gaskins Wm H. c High and Water, Gtn 

Gleason Jobn J, 57 Gay, Gtn 

Gordon Leonard, N Y av c 3d 

Greer Henrv & Sou, 12088th 

Hartley & Bro, 95 and 99 Water. Gtn 

Hilton C S, 1121 Vt av 

Jackson D B. 110 High, Gtn 

Jacobs John, 1010 4 % sw 

Jenkins C J, Anacostia 

Johnson Vvilliarn, 8th and Boundary 

Jones Alfred, 2117 K and cen mkt 

Jones M D, 14th and E 

Jones S T, 5 cen mkt 

Jones & Bro, 1105 B and cen mkt 

Keyes Jobn. 209 12ih 

Kirk A W & Co, 202 10th 

Klier Jacob, 7th ab Boundary 

Laffertv E B & Co, 12th and B 

Lamer W H & Co, 501 K 

Lee John T, 209 12th 

Lee Wm H, 1019 K and Bridge nr Greene, 


Lippold John B, 1840 6th 

Logan R, 2125 K 

Lyddane E, 81 Water, Gtn 

Lyons Evan, 55 Water. Gtn 

Lee Wm H, 48 Bridge, Gtn 

McCauley & Sons, 404 4J sw 

McDowell Samuel C, 1st nr D 

McGregor & Cameron, 1705 Pa av 

Madden F D, 10 cen mkt 

Mann & Horton, 1611 M 

Moore F L, 138 Bridge. Gtn 

Patterson Jane E, wid Alex, 625 N J av 

Ream D M, 916 La av 

Roy J E. 11 cen mkt 

Scriber C & Co, Corcoran mkt 
Shinn Joseph C, 35 Gay, Gtn 
Seebode Henry. 1804 7th 
Ritter & Gantz, 1324 7th 
Simpson Wm W, 1227 7th 
Stevens A G, 1609 11th 
Stewart & Bro, 314 Pa av se 
Talbert R T, 1221 11th se 
Tyler Samuel jr, 822 19th 
Wheeler T C, 40 HUjh. Gtn 
Williams W J, 1831 K 

Flour Inspector. 

McCann D, cor High and Water, Gtn 
Flowers— (Em balmers. ) 

Deeth J C & Co, cor Dunbarton and Con 
gress, Gtn 

Soldiers' Claims collected by 




Fries Eva. 909 8th 

Alay Rosanua A, 214 7th sw 
Pet. ola Eliza, 1007 E se 
Stoops M E. 903 7th nw 
Wormely Addie E, 1120 10th 


Bradley F M & Bros, 76 cen mkt 
Bradley H J, 463 and 466 cen mkt 
Brandon Michael, 424 cen mkt 
Bresuahan Jobn, 96 cen mkt 
Brown Bros, 422 and 424 N L and cen mkts 
Butler W M, 22, 23, 24 and 25 cen mkt 
Colman & Son, 404 aud 505 N L cen mkt 

and 112 and 113 ceo mkt 
Colman J L, 349 cen mkt 
Cost Frederick, 10 cen mkt 
Dondero B, 661 cen mkt and 814 9th 
Dorsch M, 81 st and Gtn mkt and 610 O 

Fitzgerald James, 116 O st mkt 
Geary Elizabeth, 154 cen mkt 
Heurich D, 506 N L mkt 
HEWITT & STRANG, 918 Ea av 
Holsten A H F, 664 aud 665 cen mkt 
Kuhn Joseph E, 591 and 592 cen mkt 
Lavender James & Son, N L and 303 cen 

Lumsdon John W, 920 La av 
Malatesta John. 123 Pa av 
Marinelli G, 327 Pa av 
Ockershausen J, 101 west mkt 
O'Couneli Jeremiah. 155 cen mkt 
O'Connell Johu, 153 cen mkt 
Pettit Benjamin F, 82 western and 570 

cen mkt 
Ratto A, 101 N L mkt 
Schafer Charles, 535 and 536 cen mkt 
Schafer & Clary, 923 La av 
Smith G H, 46 west mkt 
Smith C R, 482 Pa av uw 
Sonnemann Ottmar, 438 N L mkt 
Tinaglia Ignatius. 499 Pa nw 
Tucker R A. 487 H sw 
Tucker Silas, 12 O st mkt 


BallCG. 1337 E 
Hoff & Thomas, 920 Pa av nw 
Smith. Birire & Co, 1014 Pa av 
Shepperd T M, 1323 N Y av uw 


Breitbarth George, 417 7th nw 
BCRKHART H. 1013 and 1017 7tn 

Coilton Harvey V, 801 3d nw 

Dowling Thomas. 174 Bridge, Gtn 

Dungan James, 814 and 825 7th 

Dunn William H, 417 7th 

Dux E, 462 Va av 

Fisher David sr, 618 11th 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, 1031 7th 

Foley P, 811 7th 

Ford Charles, 639 G 

Ford Herbert. 924 F sw 

Geier Frank M.' 1113 7th 

GITTINGS R P, 225 Pa av se 

Hanlein F, 743 8th se 

Haimon. Bos well & Co, 313 8th nw 

Hart T J & Co, 739 7th nw 

Hilton A R, 7th and Md av 

Himmel L & Son, 1328 7th 

Hulse M T. 625 Pa av se 

Imlay N T, 822 20th nw 

I, A CROSS BROS, 416 11th 

McKuight J W & Co. 1427 Pa av 

Mcilahon & Bro, 513 K nw 

Matthews T. 1247 7th 

Mo es W B. 701 Market space 

Osborn & Taibot, 712 K 

Reamer W F, 716 K 

Reed Thomas J. 815 7th nw 

Keith W, 520 12th 

Salter M A & F A, 813 7th 

Searle C, 1814 7th 

Solomon Moses, 311 7th sw 

Towles H O, 1007 Pa av 

Wight Gilbert M, 627 and 629 La av 

Williams Wash B, 317 and 319 7th 

Zimmerman H F & Son, 434 9th 

Furniture— Second Sand. 

Beall Jas H, 534 8'h se 

Beetzer John. 1512 10th 

Bell William H, 215 N J av 

Burnstine Heurv, 1240 7th 

Grymes Wm. 819 E 

Heck Emanuel, 1555 9th 

Howard J, 518 8th se 

Johnson Daniel, 80 High, Gtn 

Joy Charles H, 1140 15th 

Kropp Henr> , 1002 I 

Levy Henry, 1108 E uw 

McClain & Ostrauder. 1416 N Y av 

Matchett John W. 511 K 

Nauck J D & Sons, 1819 and 1821 7th 

Kosher E, 1144 7th 

Rutherford Wm; 622 13th 

Sieirel Moses, 218 4> 2 ' sw 

Solomon Moses, 311 7th sw 

Swaun Samuel R. 65 High, Gtu 

Underhue E, 819 24th 

Walling John W, 427 10th 


Cohen E, 715 7th 

Galvanized Iron Cornices. 

WHITTE & OVERMAN, 13% cor E 


Washington Gas Light Co, 413 10th 

Gas Fixtures. 

(See also Pluihbers,) 
Shepherd Alexander R & Co, 1117 Pa av 

Gas Governor. 


CO OF U S, 631 F 

Gas Regulators. 

ADAMS JOSEPH, (successor to 
Adams & Stickney,) cor N Y av 
and 15tn 

Gents' and Ladies' Furnishing. 

(See also Fancy Goods also Clothiers also 

Aurbach C. 801 7th 
DARE J W, (Afft Baltimore Shirt 

Factory,) 1012 F 
Davis & Gautz. 509 Pa av 
FRANC HENRY, 431 7th and 623 

Pa av 
Frank J & Co, 404 9ih 


GILMORE $ CO, 629 F nw. 




Ghiselli Angelo. 23t Fa av 

Goldman E", 700 7th 

Hirseh Ignaz, 1834 7th 

Hollander Bros, 427 7th and 1421 and 1900 

Pa av 
Lowenstein M. 43 Bridge, Gtn 
Piling F. 1103 Pa av 
Taylor & Hufty, 033 Pa av 


Glass St airier. 

Yangban Win W, 711 D no 

Gloves— JBit chsliin. 

May Joseph J, 929 Pa ave 
Rainsburg Jacob, 105 High, Gtn 


(Marked * are also Wholesale ) 

ACKER W E, 915 F sw 

Adams Thomas, 8th cor C ne 

Alcorn John K, Boundary nr 10th 

Allen Timothy, 314 H 

Altaian Wm, Sheridan cor Sherman av 

Altmon Charles. 1934 10th 

Altmansper^er Margaret, 1146 21st 

Ambus Jos & Co, 1017 3d 

Anderson E J, 5th cor R I av 

An germ an George, 1262 10th 

Armer Julia, 1134 26th 

Armstead Robert. 221 F sw 

Arnold G L, 8th and E Capitol 

Arnold Joseph W, 535 8th se 

Arundell & Fairfax, I nr 22d 

Ash ford & Faris, 327 12th 

Atz C F. 1229 Mass av 

Auld John G, 1100 9th 

* Bacon Samuel & Co. 640 Pa av 

Baldwin Andrew, 332 3d sw 

Bane James B, 11th cor I se 

Banff Ulrich, 119 Va av se 

Bannagan T nomas, 1609 12th 

Bannon William, 1300 14th 

Barbee & Co, 1101 N 

Barber Daniel. 2229 G 

Barber Louis F, 237 $% sw 

*Barber & Hamilton, 637, 639 and 641 La 

Barker Benjamin F. 329 C sw 
Barnaclo C H, 919 P 
Barnes Wm A, 212 43^ sw 
Barnett James, 1144 18th 
Barrett Mrs Bridget. 2218 L 
Barrett Franklin, cor 13th and N Y av 
Bassett & Bryan, 2d cor C ne 
Batters John, 13th cor T 
Baum John C, E Capitol cor 4th 
Baumann George, 1505 11th 
Bavliss John E. 1628 11th 
Beagle W T, 620 6th sw 
*Beall & Baker. 400 Pa av 
Bean Martha, 1015 4th se 
Bean T, 3d cor 1 se 
Beane James A, 759 11th se 
Benz'mger Andrew, A nr 16th se 
BestMahlon H. 4% c Wilson nw 
Bernab » Catharine, 130 1st 
Bernard William. 1201 C 
Biggane Michael. 136 I) sw 
Biggins J. 2151 K 
Biggins Thomas, 2151 F 
Biggs James E, 5th cor R I av 
Bir"th William W. 313 3d 
Biscoe H L, 1108 Water sw 

Bligh John, 218 12th 
Blnmer Frederick, 900 H ne 
Bohanan William, 922 G se 
Boland Catharine. 41 H ne 
Border George H, 500 G 
Boswell A T, 920 4th se 
Bowers H C, 1301 F 
Bowling Charles C, 420 7th sw 
Boyce James, cor 26th and I 
Boyd George, 1825 K 
Boyd William, 108 Va av sw 
Brad en gey er Charles. 1428- N Cap 
Bradley F M <fe Bro, 1239 Mass av 
Brashaer William B, 1128 Md av ne 
Brauu J G, G cor 2d uw 
Brt en Patrick, 59 G 
Bn la ord William H, 328 Va av 
Brc-nuan Edward, cor 13th and C sw 
J Bn s lahan Honora, 812 7th ne 
Bus ahan I, 2d and G sw 
Bre^aahan Margaret, 206 14th sw 
Brick Mary, 200 Mass av 
Brink ly Isaac, 4^ and N 
Brooke Edgar S. 479 1 uw 
Brooke J H, 504 9th 
Brooks Edward. 732 3d 
Brooks Henry, 106 N se 
Brooks & Duvall. K cor 12th 
Brown Charles, 805 P 
Brown Edward, 1230 3d sw 
Brown W R, 20th cor Pa av nw 
Browne <fc Co, 524 7th sw 
Browne John, N Cap and Boundary 
♦Browning & Middletou, 610 Pa aiv 
Bryan C C, 1501 I 
♦Bryan J B & Bro. 608 Pa av 
Bryan John T, 1116 8th 
Buckey <fc Co, 112 High, Gtn 
Buckley Jane, 529 21st 
Buckley John, 416 3d sw 
Buckley John M, 1119 20th 
Buet Charles, 312 Va av 
Buchard EdAvard M, 354 Pa av 
Burchell N W, 1332 F 
Burdette John T. 1603 11th 
Burkart J W, 2318 I 
Burke & Co, 1914 I 
Burns John, 1000 3d ne 
Burns Patrick, 2524 K 
Butler Robert H, 519 7th sw 
Butt Charles, 2142 9th nw 
Bryne Dennis, 2700 K 
Brvne Margaret, 304 14th 
Cadv James, 2200 M 
Cahill John, 1117 N J av 
Cahill William, 917 26th nw 
Calvin Thomas, 2401 I ., 

Callnghan D, 330 D se 
Canby C T, 1200 16th 
Carey Georgeanna. 343 1st ne 
Carlin J E F. 315 12th sw 
Carrico Wm H, 1328 11th se 
Carroll James. D cor 10th sw 
Carroll John M, s31 6th sw 
Carroll Mary, 2500 G 
Cassell & Bauagau, 7th and Md a7 sw 
Cassidy Peter, 21st cor L 
Castel John B, 711 8th se 
Cavanaugh Michael. 150016th 
Cavanaugh Lawrence, 6th cor A se 
Chappel A & Co, 823 II ne 
CHELIN1 ELIA, 135 Pa av and 

134 and 136 B se 
Church & V'ermiUion, 33311th sw 
Cissel W H H, 1132 7th 
Clark J, 1248 llih se 

We win Success by deserving it, 




Clark James A. 9rh c Q 
Clark John, 208 F sw 
Clark L P, 1301 S 
Clark M. 1100 21st 
Clark R B, 1201 4|sw 
Clark J H & Co, 939 La av 
CliAftffcE & HOO E. 130© M. 
Clotwortby J. 8r,h and N 
Cogan & Son, 800 20th 
Collins Dennis J. 1939 L 
Collins J J, 523 10 rh 
Collins William, 610 H sw 
Collison P. 1007 23d 
( ombs H M. 923 8th se 
Combs I G & Bro, 760 9th 
Coney T E, 123 A se 
Conneli 1), 741 1st nw 
Connell Ellen, L3 Mass av 
Connor Mary, 5th hst L and M ne 
Connor John, 736 6th 
Cook E O & Co, 1712 Pa av 
Cooney John, 1st c K se 
Corcoran Edward, c 18th and L 
Corcoran P, c 13^ and G sw 
Comwell G G & Sons. 1418 Pa av 
Corolon Thomas E, 144 Water, Gtu 
Corridon Edward. 104 E c2d sw 
Corridon John, 52 H ne 
Costelio Jeremiah, 624 6th 
Cestello Thomas, 1503 lGth 
Cox John L. 480 E sw 
Cox Richard, 200114th 
Cramm Jas F, 2430 I 
Creamer Thomas E, 2200 lltk 
Crimmin Patrick, 1839 6th 
Crimmin VViiUam, 600 B se 
Croggou J T S & Bro, 500 7th sw 

ropley R B & A B, J 12 Bridge, Gta 
CROP LEY S & SON, 165 Bridge, 

Crossiield T J, 1133 11th 
Crowley John, 197 Bridge, Gtu 
Cudmore John. 39 H ne 
Cnmmiskey John, 1811 14th 
Curtin David, lOtk c 1 rae 
Cut-tin Richard, 7th c Mass av ne 
Curtis John. 1120 21st 
Cusick Ann, 627 I sw 
Dahie E, 1429 N Cap ne 
Daly Eugene, 1st c L 
Daly John J. 1363 C sw 
Dalv P. 2106 H 
fedly Win, 20tb c I 
Dannerberg & Co, c7th and Mass av 
Davidson Joseph H, 301 14th 
Davis A W & Co, 820 7th nw 
Davis John D, 102 F sw 
Davis Samuel, 1701 17th 
De Atlee James, e G 9th sw 
De Atley James C, 708 7th sw 
De Atley & Howard, 708 9th sw 
Debov Nicholas. 31 c H nw 
De Lane Matthew S, 1819 14th 
Desmond Margaret, 504 L sw 
Deviuey Edward, 329 Del av ne 
Dick James H, 917 11th 
Dietz William, 1215 C 
Digney James, 905 4>^ sw 
Dogans Goveineur. 9ih ext nw 
Doherty J F. 217 i% sw 
Doherty Maurice, 1601 12th 
Dolan Margaret. 641 B be 
Dolin M, 641 B se 
Donaldson Alfred, 1412 12th 
Donnelly P C, cor 10th 
Dom.ohue Margaret, L cor 23d 

Donnohue Timothy, 1944 14th 
Dorsey Ignatius, Nichols av 
Dowliug John. 833 7th 
Downey Hugh, 401 4th se 
Downs M trv, 834 6th 
Doyle Ellen R, 340 K sw 
Doyle James, 433 1st sw 
Dripps John H, 1307 C sw 
Drury William L, 9th andE 
Duffy J. 401 K 

DUFFY 1*1 & SO IV, 234 C ne 
Duffy Terrence A. 5th or 
Dttfour Oliver, 1800 14tn 
Duhey Timothy, 201 6th se 
Dunn Dennis. 1145 1 6 h 
Dunu Patrick B, 801 4K sw 
Dunn Peter, 1448 Sampson 
Durnin Maria, 1845 L uw 
Dure in Peter, 1815 L 
Button Thomas H, 1805 14th 
Duvall James E, 719 G sw 
Dwyer T R, 13 C ne 
Dye r J E & Co, 203 Bridge, Gta 
Dyer John F, 1160 15th 
Dyser & Barrett. 56 B ne 
DysoE S. 7th and A se 
Eastwood J C, F cor 2d nw 
Ebeling Henry, 1300 5th 
Edgar James A, E Cap cor 8tk 
Edmonds John V, 304 N Y av 
Eagan James, 419 4j/£ sw 
Emmons Howard, 1021 G se 
Entwisle C L, 226 7th se 
Entwisle J D, 1919 Pa av 
*Ergood J C & Co, 915 La av 
Erskine Henry, 711 H ne 
Fairfax George S. 1121 19th 
Fanning John, 2006 M 
Farley Anna, 1030 15th 
Farley James, 632 H sw 
Fauth Julius. 219 N J av 
Fegau John, 628 6th sw 
Fegan William, cor 15th and P 
Feuduer WiLiam, 1545 6th 
Ferry James, 441 N J av 
Fink Charles, 7th c Pomeroy 
Fitzgerald Ann. 1322 16th 
Fitzgerald Dennis, 14 G 
Fitzgerald Michael, 107 H ne 
Fitzgerald Michael, 223 E sw 
Fiiz^erald Morris, 201 F sw 
Fitzgerald Thomas, 807 26th 
Fitzmorris John, 9th c Boundarj 
Fitzmorris Richard, 400 N nw 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, 1338 14th 
Fletcher Joseph H, 4th cor I nw 
Fletcher William, 2338 G 
Flynn JLrthur, 1228 4>£ sw 
Flynn Michael, 21st and H sw 
Flynn Thomas, 905 4>^ sw 
Foley B. 40 H nw 
Foller Mary E, 929 4th 
Foltzer L, 2221 L 
Ford Martin, 1914 M 
Ford an M Mrs, 610 NYav 
Fowler James G, 4th cor I nw 
Frain Michael, 300 L sw 
French Robert, 88 1st sw 
French T. 9th cor B se 
Freundt Joseph, 23 H ne 
Fridly F B, 13th cor D 
Fugitt Geo B, 401 L se 
Gadsbv J Eakin <fc Co, 831 20tk nw 
Gaegler A, 125 Bridge, Gtu 
Gallauher Francis, 1136 21st 
Gallant Edward. 1401 6th 

GILMORE, SMITH $ CO., 629 F st nw 




Gannon James. NHav cor 21st 

Holt W H, 5th and B se 

Gartland John, 325 II sw 

Hoover Jno N & Bro, 5th cor P 

Gates J H, 1227 11th se 

Hoover T G, ^037 L 

Gei sdorff Augustus. 1904 7th 

Hosch August, 302 14th 

Given Win F, 1104 12ih 

Hoskins I W. Sheridan cor Sherman nw 

Glanning Patrick, 128 Va av sw 

Howard Samuel, 171 Bridge, Gtn 

Gogiiins William. 103 Water, Gtn 

Hoyne Thomas, 60 F sw 

Goings Joseph T, 400 H ne 

Hubner Adam Mrs, 322 1st ne 

Godrtard M R, 68 Bridge, Gtn 

Hudson Anuie Miss. 408 11th sw 

Goddard Mat hew. 620 12th cor G 

HUDSON R H, 1000 » sw 

Godey J A, 63 High, Gtn 

Hushes John, 87 Dunbarton, Gtn 

Golden R A & Bro, cor 7th and E sw and 

Hughes Wm, 1351 D 

11th and F sw 

Hume Frank, 454 Pa av nw 

Goodacre D M, 23d and G 

Hunt William R, 1105 4^ sw 

Goodman John, Greene and Dunbarton, 

Hurdle Isaac H, 8th cor R I av 


Hurley Maurice, 1516 10th 

Gooley Thos, 1121 N J av 

Hurlev William, 909 7th 

Gormbery M. 43 Jefferson, Gtn 

Huth Frederick G, 439 3d sw 

Graham Richard. Mt Pleasant 

Hynes Thomas, 1408 H ne 

Graham W S &■ Son, 1520 20th 

Imirie John, 184 6th sw 

Gramm J, 2431 1 

Jackson Bro & Co, 626 Pa av 

Graney M. 2310 M 

Jackson David, 55 Bridge, Gtn 

Granigre Caroline. 1367 Ohio av 

Jacobs A J, 402 G se 

Green James, 1157 20th 

Jardine Jane, 1027 7th 

Green J J, 911 7th se 

Johnson Bros, 1201 Water sw 

Green John F, 1520 14th 

Johnson Isaac S, 331 Lsw 

Green William B, F cor 13th nw 

Johnson Jerome F & Co, 602 9th nw 

Greene Kate Mrs. 108 Greene, Gtn 

Johnson Samuel, 203 Pa av 

Greenwed J B, 231 A se 

Jones Francis A, 49 Montgomery, Gtn 

Greer C E, cor 12th and N T av 

Jones Wilham, 1223 3d sw 

Griffin John N, 2701 K 

Jones William, 905 Grant av 

Guey Franklin, 1251 3d sw 

Jost Conrad, 1800 6th 

Guild James. F cor 2d nw 

Joyce A L, 2120 K 

Gulick & Bro. 248 1st se 

Kaiser H, 522 10th 

HALL GEO W, 700 7t!i sw 

Keady Dennis, 185 Bridge, Gtn 

(bundling Louis, Sampson cor 15th nw 

Keane Cornelius, 208 \% sw 

Hagerty William, 2200 I 

Keefe P M. 324 M sw 

Hailer Catharine, 311 8th ne 

Keenan M, 20th cor K 

Hall H W, 625 La av 

Kegan Michael, 2d cor H ne 

*Hall & Hume, 807 mkt space 

Keliher James. 143 High, Gtn 

Happ J H, 930 5th nw 

Keliher Michael T, 3d cor Frederick, Gtn 

Hanlou A, 135 High, Gtn 

Keller A J, 1600 10th 

Hannon Richard. Market cor Prospect,Gtn 

Kelley John, 5th nr L ne 

Harban Brothers, 1905 Pa av 

Kelley Michael, 332 B sw 

Hart Letty, 310 L sw 

Kemp George W, 326 E Cap 

Hartigan P, 5th cor M ne 

Kemp John, 1200 3dsw 

Harvey Peter, 23d aud H 

Kenneally Bridget, Grant av nw 

Hayes James. 18th nr E 

Kennedy George E, 1209 F 

Hazen & Co, 1005 4K sw 

Kennedy S D, 93L 18ih 

Healy E, 1313 D 

Kennelly James. 3d cor L ne 

He.) derm an M G, 632 II sw 

Keobel Jacob, 1219 5th 

Heffernan John, 1400 12f h 

Keogh Frances, 438 9th sw 

Heffernan Louisa Mrs, 1135 4th 

Keppel D. 537 N J av 

Henderson B A, 501 4th se 

Kerby Joanna, 217 Va av 

Henry Ben T, 1201 E se 

Keys Mrs Maria. 246 4^ sw 

Hepburn Peter, 801 F sw 

Key worth John & Bro. 318 9th 

Herbert Caspar, 1742 5th 

Kiernan Mary A, 400 4j^ sw 

Herbert James, 1st cor K 

Kiernan Philip, 2027 L 

Herlihy Thomas, 1601 12th 

Kilay Alice. 475 L sw 

Herron W T, 135 Bridge, Gtn 

King Thomas, 420 3d sw 

Hessel John, 210 11th se 

Kiser N, Auacostia 

Heurich D Mrs, 446 H 

Kleindienst George. 1200 6th sw 

Hill John J, 810 Del av 

Knight Eugene C, 19th cor M 

Hill Samuel. 500 10th sw 

Knott L W. 2301 L 

Hill Wm, 141 D sw 

Krouse Lewis. 1910 K 

Hill & Duvall, 928 La av 

Krull J. 1423 L 

Hilton Samuel N, E Capitol cor 3d se 

Lacey John T. 929 1st ne 

Hines Ada, 1208 D 

Lake Wilmot, 2031 14th 

Hoban Watts, 321 C sw 

Lancaster Emanuel F, 312 4J^ sw 

Hockmeyer John> 10th c O nw 

Lauyley C A, 10th c Mass av 

Hoffman Carl, 6th cor L 

Laugley Thocas H, 1434 8th 

Holland George N, 15th cor H ne 

LARKIN A J B, 5lli cor S C avse 

Holmead Wm, Sherman av and Holmead 

Laughlin Kate, 20th and E 


Lawlor D S, E cor 1st nw 

Holmes T E, 42 H nw 

Leahy M W, 1st cor I ne 

Holmes & Bro, 1st c E nw 

Leahy M, 415 3d sw 

GILMORE $■ CO, 629 F nw, 




Leary H, cor 27th and I 

Leatch John, 118 Water, Gtn 

Leddon William J. 1230 ±% sw 

Leiidy Hugh, 443 6th sw 

Leddy Owen, 1301 M 

Lederer John, 44 Bridge, Gtn 

Lederer Mary, 114 Frederick, Gtn 

Lee Mary, 1949 12th 

Leimback Cordelia, 19th bet L and M nw 

Lenitian Ellen, 31 H ne 

Lepley M G & Son, 1413 L 

Lepreux Augustus. 1200 Pa av 

Lewis Elizabeth, 1820 E 

Lewis Thomas, 1718 10th 

Lewis William H, 103 N L mkt 

Linkins H S, 2500 F 

Lipphard Ad'olph, 476 N sw 

Liston James B. 108 G 

LITTLE P P & CO, 427 8th se 

Logan J S, 711 Va av se 

Long August, H nr 14th ne 

Lord William, 471 G 

Lowe P W, cor Bridge and Potomac, Gtn 

Lyddaue E T. 115 High, Gtn 

Lynch Daniel, 721 N Cap 

Lynch John, Boundary nr 10th 

Lynch John B. 2226 I 

Me An ally John P, 140 I ne 

McArdle Henry, 467 Md av sw 

McCabe Patrick. 1255 4th 

McCarthy Daniel, 1100 16th 

McCarthy James. 701 H ne 

McCarthy A, 635 H uw 

McCauley T F. 925 4th se 

McCauley & Dell wig, 209 Pa av se 

McConvey Henry, 1742 8th 

McConvey William J, 314 I 

McCormick M, 227 Pa av se 

Mccormick patkick, 670 b se 

McCormick Timothy. 1641 L 

McCieith Richard. 199 Bridge, Gtn 

McDaniel Robert, 1106 K 

McDonald R E, 16th bet E Cap and A se 

McGaratrhy Mary, 330 A ne 

McGee Charles, 6ih cor C ne 

McGee James, 441 N J av nw 

McGee & Happ 8286th nw 

McGrann John, 208 B 

McGrath James, 4th cor Market, Gtn 

McGraw James 113 D 

McGuire Charles, 1210 21st 

McGuire William, 15»>0 7th 

McGurk Elizabeth, 2207 L 

McHugh Charles, 1004 6th sw 

Mclutee Mark. 123 D sw 

Mclntyre Peter J, 10 Bridge, Gtn 

McKenna M J, c 4th and L 

McKnew & Laskey, 1839 K 

McLaughlin Kate, c 20ch and E 

McLoughliu James, G nr 25th 

McMahon Bernard, 18 G ne 

MeMorrow Bartholomew, 1038 4th 

McNally Mary, 48 Water, Gtu 

McNantz P H, 129 6th ne 

McPherson James A, 205 L nw 

McQuade Anna, H c 24th 

McQueen David, 612 11th sw 

McQuillian J T. 1102 20th 

Madigan John, 731 4th nw 

Magee John, 2601 Pa av 

Magruder & Howard. 7th c L 

MAIER JOHN, 450 9th sw 

Main & Martsh, 1522 14th 

M ANION JOHN »., 726 7th sw 

Mann John, 438 8th sw 

Mannay John, 18th c T 

Maroney Honora, 626 H sw 

Martin Ellen, 1007 6th sw 

Martin Felix, 824 6Ji sw 

Martin Mary, 913 6th sw 

Martin R L, 508 G se 

Martin R F, Uuiontown 

Mason Thomas, 17 I ne 

Maxwell M D. 234 7th se 

May J F, 724 10th se 

May P M, 635 D 

Meuikheim John A, 501 1 se " 

Metz Thomas M, 89 Bridge, G„n 

Metzgar Nathan T, 417 7th 

Metzler August, 1619 11th 

Meyer Theodore, 723 3d sw 

Middleton Thomas I & Son, 533 3d sw 

Millbourn F T, 741 11th 

Miller George M, 2d aud A se 

Miller J B, Auacostia 

Mitchell Thomas L & Co, 1321 7th 

Moneghan Peter, 701 1st 

Moneghan James, 1053 4th 

Montegriffo P P, 308 8th 

Montgomery C F, 1503 7th 

Mooney John, 1S3 Bridge, Gtn 

Moore Albert. 11 Market, Gtn 

MOORE E. C, 5tli and 53 se 

Moore George E, 436 N T av 

Moore John, 201 H ne 

Moran A Mrs, 28 Bridge, Gtn 

Morgan James, 30 Water, Gtn 

Morsell B F, 529 7th 

Muldoon Felix. 20th c R aud 26th bet 1 

aud K 
Mulhall Mary, 1901 M 
Murphy Patrick, 430 2d sw 
Murphy Patrick, 1523 11th 
Murphy Wm T 945 L 
Murray H, Pa av cor 24th 
Murray Mary, E cor 22d 
Murray M J, 13th cor E se 
Murt Johu, cor 5th aud L ne 
NaddyAnnaJ, 1728 L 
Naylor D. 943 N 
Neitzey & Beck, 1325 Md av sw 
Nelsou C, 504 6th se 
Nelson C C, 611 Md av sw 
Neumeyer Edward H, 215 10th sw 
Neurath Lewis, 4th cor C ne 
Newkirk W V. 1001 3d se 
Niland John, 1123 23d 
Nolan M, 302 G sw 
Norris E M, 38 N se 
Northrvp Oscar, 1262 4^ sw 
Oahmanu V, 702 L se 
Ober John R, 601 Pa av se 
O'Brieu Thomas, K nr 4>£ sw 
O'Callaghan George, 1000 S 
O'Connell Annie, 424 4^ sw 
OcKert A L, 501 4th se 
O'Counell Jeremiah, 3d cor E sw 
O'Counell M L, 408 4^ sw 
O'Connor Cathariue. 415 3d sw 
O'Connor Henry, 2207 L 
O'Connor Wm P. 200 A ne 
O'DonoghueF. 1944 14th 
O'Donoghue Martin, 66 Montgomery, Gtn 
Offenstein J W, 1344 H ne 
Offutt Edward T & Son, 431 6th sw 
O'Hare Christopher S & Son, 1213 7th 
O'HareJohn. 150610th 
O'Leary D, 128 Water, Gtn 
O'Leary Mary, 1433 11th 
Olsen Christain, 1401 3d 
O'Meara Wm A, 1308 D 
O'Neal Robert. 629 2d sw 

settle accounts of officers of the army, 


Orme Wm & Sons, 1013 D 

Scott Mrs Mary, 913 11th se 

O-termayer George, 1157 20th 

Scott Wm H, 1240 I se 

O'Toole M, 1108 14th 

Sears William, M cor 23d 

Owens John L, 1L8 Bridge, Gtn 

Sefton Sarah C, 500 E Cap 

Padgett H, 319 Del av ne 

Segerson Christopher, 193 Bridge, Gtn 

Park Mary, 1500 10th 

Semmes J Hall, 800 12th 

Pearson Charles, 4th cor B 

*Semmes John H & Co, 222 9th 

Peirce Charles B, 25th cor K nw 

Semmes T Felix. 14ih cor T 

Phillips J W, Mass av c I nw 

Shanahan D, 1000 20th 

Phillipps Patrick, 600 2d sw 

Shea C Mrs, cor 3d and L 

Phillips Thomas J. 434 6tb 

Shea Daniel. 1154 21st 

Phillips Thomas W, 1145 10th 

Shea Nicholas H, 632 Pa av 

Pitts Samuel E. 726 Md av ne 

Sheahan Michael. 725 4th nw 

Plant James, 1000 B se 

Sheehy P H, 2028 7th 

Plitt Theodore, 523 Q 



Poole NA, 1600 14th 

Sherwood Jesse A, 9th cor Q nw 

Port J, 4th and N 

Ship Nelson, 1737 E 

Power Thomas, 1301 12th 

Shughrue Mary, 301 3d se 

Preinkert John, 1744 7th 

Sievers August, 433 N 
Sievers & Scherr, 716 7th nw 

Proctor A & Sons, 1507 11th 


SikKeu M P, 9441 


Silence Johu T, 11th cor V 

Pumphrev Samuel, 1301 4£ sw 

Simpson J M, 1713 K 

Purcell Edward 469 N 

Sinclair John, 1459 14th 

Pyles John T D, 414 4th se 

Sinclair Richnrd E, 19th cor Q 

Pyles & McNelly, 1240 11th se 

Sis John H, 79 High, Gtu 

Quigley Edward, 200 F 

Skelly Elizabeth, 14th cor A se 

Quill Patrick, 301 G sw 

Smith J, 809 L se 

Quilter John, 7th cor Grant av 

Smith James, 122 Frederick. Gtn 

Quinn Catharine and Ellen, 1328 16th 

Smith Martha Mrs, 108 4>^ sw 

Quinn Jeremiah, 242 3d sw 

SMITH » E, 339 6tli se 

Raedy John, 701 N Capitol 

Smith Thomas W, 341 Pa av se 

Rank Elizabeth, 1011 H ne 

Smith Wm, 2500 I 

Rasner Conrad, 1833 K 

Somer & Smith, 97 Water, Gtn 

Rau H A. 318 A sc 

SommersM, 2103 L 

Redstrake Wm J, 600 N Y av 

Soter Jos F, 612 N 

Reed's. B W Sous, 1216 F 

Southey John, 19th cor R 

Reh Henry, 509 and 510 cen mkt 

Spades" John. 1745 20th 

Reintzel Mrs C H, 292 Bridge, Gtn 

Spiunul & Co. 1000 7th 

Reynolds Robert, 1426 12th 

Spiker BF, 1901 12th 

Rhodes J H, 6th and H sw 

Sprandel Mrs M, 5th cor N 

Richadrson James, 1205 C 

Squires W H, 811 14th 

Richardson Jno H, 800 6th sw 

Steel T M, 11th cor T 

Rider Catharine, 1725 20th 

Stephenson Alfred D,443 1st sw 

Rid^way E, cor 12ih and C sw 

Steward John H, 926 O 

Riehl Jacob, 501 H nw 

Stinzing Frederick. 1222 7th 

Rifles & Hopkins, H cor 18th 

Stinzing Fred & Bro, 609 Md av 

Riley & Angell, 15th c L 

Strande Geo, 61 Bridge, Gtn 

Riordau David, 203 L 

Stryker P A, 1208 U nw 

Riordan James, 137 L 

Sturbits William, 11th nr W 

Riordan Patrick. Grant av nw 

Stutz Geo C, cor 11th and E 

Roach Wm, 110 L 

3ullivan B, 1021 4>£ sw 

Roach Morris, 112 L 

Sullivan Catharine, 345 H sw 

Roachford John, 101 E sw 

Sullivan Cornelius, 932 Del av ne 

Roberts M, 23d cor M 

Sullivan Dennis, 201 Bridge. Gtn 

Robertson Martha, 1725 R 

Sullivan J F, 400 3d sw 

Roby N, 633 E se 

Sullivan Mary, 810 7th ne 

Rocne J P, 1001 O 

Sullivan Michael, 717 Grant av 

Koster Catharine, 228 3d sw 

Sullivan Patrick, 53 Lingun, Gtn 

Rotheniress V, cor 5th and D se 

Sullivan Patrick, 214 E sw 

Rover Thomas A, 741 N Cap 

Sullivan T D, A cor 17th se 

Rowen Johu, 8C8 1st ne 

Sullivan Timothy, lst'cor Fredk, Gtn 

Rue Manning F, 3d cor C sw 

Sweeny & Bro. 1146 7th 

Rundlett Rouora, 1649 K 

Talberg Mary A, 362 K sw 

Russell George, 622 H ne 

Talbert & McCauley, m9 11th se 

Russell J F, 900 9th 

Talbott Columbus. 9th ext nw 

Ryan William, 221 3d sw 

Thaw Columbus, 11th cor M 

Ryou & Earnshaw. 1110 11th se 

Thompson Abraham, 1530 E 

Sands Mary, 1753 L 

Thompson James E. 126 1st 

Santry Margaret, 617 I sw 

Thompson John. 1146 15th 

Schafer F, 1618 11th 

Tierney M V, 12th cor Vt av 

Schlevogt VV A, 1401 16ih nw 

Tobin El'en, 1132 26th 

Scheuch George, 801 Md av ne 

To son John F, 308 K sw 

Schlegel Mrs Ferdinand, 1349 6th 

Tolson M. 701 7th se 

Schmidt Ferdinand. 1619 LI th 

Turner Duane C, 1255 3d sw 

Schneider John A Asfrons, 732 Md av ne 

Turner T B, 170a 7th 

Rejected Patent Cases a specialty, 




Tynan John, cor 16th and L 

Van Horn Jno F, 900 S C av se 

Van Riswick, 1255 1st se 

Vodray Wm, 1601 llih 

Voigt Edward, 329 C sw 

Waillicher George. 702 7th se 

Walker GeoF, 7th cor Boundary and 1600 

Walker Richard A, 511 ±% SW 
Walker & Co, cor 11th and Md av sw 
Waller John, 521 H ue 
Walsh Edward P, 1400 4th 
Walsh John, 29 West, Gtn 
Walsh John S, 631 Pa av se 
Walsh Mary, 1712 21st 
Walsh Redman, 800 23d 
Walsh & Ryan, 1820 7th 
Ward P H, Pa av cor 18th 
Wahers James F, 1469 Sampson 
Waters Hannah. 21 9th ne 
Wege J L & Bro, 237 G 
Weide Geo, 1123 8 
Wells Mary, 914 6th sw 
Wells SH, 1717 21st 
Welsh Bros, 4th cor H nw 
Welsh David, 720 6th sw 
Welsh Thomas, 132 Va av sw 
Wenzel Philip, Eur 14th ne 
Wertz Augustus, 418 4% sw 
Whalen Bartholomew, 300 4% sw 
Whalen William. 429 2d sw 
Wheeler B L, 1002 18th 
*White E E. 635 La av 
White James, 1138 12th 
White James C. 822 E Cap 
White John J, 1301 9th 
Whitlock George. 1201 16th 
WjlberE A, 1240 9th 
Wilke W, 7th and 1 sw 
Williams Jesse, 50 Y 2 se 
Williams, Jollv & Co. 300 3d se 
Wilson P R, 934 7th 
Wilson W B, 1229 G 
Wise Margaret Mrs, 712 4% sw 
Wissner Annie, 1156 17th 
Witmer C, 1918 Pa av 
Witthafc William. 1201 E 
Wood L A, 901 E se 
Worthington Landon W. 1159 8th 
Wright Charles H, 11161 se 
Wynne Peter, 8th c R 
Xauder Jacob. 614 K 
Yates Ann B. 24 West, Gtn 
Yeatman Robert P. 1013 4^ sw 
Yewell Robert G. 1141 9th"and 1148 8th 
YOUNG HENBY C, 900 10th se 
Zange Nicholas, 1800 7th 
Zeh Wiliiam H, 924 N 
Zerega Dominick and John, 1314 9th 
Zimmer Louisa, 1118 F ne 

Gun and Locksmiths, 

Freidrich H, 4\ c Md av sw 
Kayser Agnes. 57 Congress. Gtn 

Klemhenn August, 111 6th 
Ludeke T J, 176 Bridge, Gtn 
Peabody John J. 619 La av 
Schaefer John. 634 K nw 
Schlegel Gottlieb, 1335 6th 
Sheckell J W, 1111 E 
Warfield AM. 910 8th se 
Wassaman G F, 929 E 

Hair Dressers and Human 

(See also Barbers.) 
Bruce N Miss, 91111th 
Demongeot & Prandi, 616 9th 
Donohue Kate, 703 13th 
Dubois Marie F, 1211 Pa av 
Estren Madame, 618 13th 
Ferguson George & Son. 1302 7th 
Galesberg Emma E, 313 9th 
KultzC, 507 11th 
Morton W G, 605 13th 
Phillipi M & J, 2116 Pa av 
Sheppard L L Miss, 925 N Y av 
Wagner Matilda, 1302 F 
Weisenborn Johanna, 326 18th 
White M A, 419 11th 


(See also Stoves.) 

Adler M J. 123 Bridge, Gtn 
BOYD ROBERT, 416 9tli 

Buckey & Marbury, c High and Bridge, 

Campbell Leonidas C, 606 Pa av 
Carpenter A L, 829 7th 
Fisher J J, 151 Bridge, Gtn 
Francis George, 435 7ih 
Gaddis Adam, 11th and M se 

Harrover James R. 1336 14th 
Hartig Gustav, 1001 7th 
Hopkins L H. 908 Pa av 
Jakob D C. 1011 7ih 
Kennedy J W & Co, 612 Pa av 
Marks S A H, 641 E se 
May Frank P <v Co, 614 Pa av 
Savage George, 315 and 1003 Pa av 
Schneider C, 1207 F 
Schneider F & Son. Pa av c 18th 
Schneider L H, 1010 and 1012 Pa av 
Thompson & Co. 1001 La av nw 

Harness and Saddle Makers, 

Anderson W D, 1013 7th 
Becker Conrad, 1417 Pa av nw 
Brakhagen Wm, 905% 7th r_w 
Burgess Clarke, 1406 Pa av 
Delavergne Nathan & Co, 216 6th 
Fitnam Thomas jr. 7th ab Boundary 
Germuiller F, 741 7th nw 
GILL L. J, 1410 IV Y av 



ffoe 1207 F street NW. 

Bell-Hanging in all its branches. All kinds of Bells kept constantly on hand, 
Electrical Bells — Burglar- Alarm. Speakinsr Tubes and Lightning Rods rut up. All 
kinds of Bauk, Safe and Vault Locks Repaired and made to order. ^"Repairing. 
promptly attended to. 

~GILMORE, SMITH $ CO, H29 F street nw 




HouckSamD. 2337th sw 

Jackson Emanuel, 912 La av 

Johnston Horace G, 493 Pa av 


Koch Bernard, 1827 H 

Leicht George, 228 44 sw ■ 

Leimbach Henry, 500 4| sw 

Lepreux & Co, c lllh and F sw 

Lutz & Bro, 497 Pa av 

McMURKAV R, 805Marltet space 

Michaelis Henry, 910 La v 

Motts George, 402 8th nw 

Nevitt Robert, 1230 Pa av 


Reily James A, 70 Hi^h, Gtn 

Roland Edward L. 483 Pa av 

Roth & Eberly, 1033 7th 

Rye Edwin A, 104 High. Gtn 

Schuh Frederick, 523 9th 

TOPIIAItl J" S, 425 rtii 

Weber Charles, 1711 Pa av 

Willes T T & Co, 2118 K 

Hats and Caps. 

Barron James O, l - 26 Bridge, Gtn 

Bresnan Thomas W, 1011 F 

Cunningham M E, 026 G 

Davis James Y & Sous, 621 Pa av 

Davis & Gantz, 509 Pa av 

Dittrich August, 724 7th nw 

Fishoian 8 & Son, 430 7th nw 

Franc Henry, 433 7th 

Hoover James A & Co. 530 9th nw 

liiSil & fcJISEEN, 1419 Pa av 

Lewis R C, 920 7th 

Lucas & Hoover, 818 F nw 


Petty & Harvey, 305 7th 
Salomon B, 734 7th nw 
Scott William, 603 C nw 
Seymour W F, 132 Bridge, Gtn 

TV". F\ Seymour, 

Hats, Gentlemen's Furnisliing Goods, 


No. 132 Bridge Street, 


STINEMETZ B H, 1237 Pa av 

Tilley Washington, 307 7th 

Tobin George. 1329 7ih 

W1LLETT & RUOFF, 905 Pa av 

Witherow Lawrence M, 1245 7th 

Health Lift. 

Harvey Charles Dr Rev, 925 Pa av nw 
Hervey ft Charles A jr, 925 Pa av nw 

Hoop-Skirts and Corsets. 

Baum Chafes. 408 7th nw 
Douglas & Bro, 524 9th 

Horse Shoers. 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Anderson William, 1207 Ohio av 
BRAȴ W N, 519 N Y av nw 

Bishop TB, 1212 D 

Brown A, 907 G 

* 'oran John F, 928 K 

G .odenougn Society, (W N Brady,) 51 

N Y av iw 
Joy G W, 633 G 
Lynch Joim, 12 Prospect, Gtn 
McAuliffe David, 711 18th nw 
Murphy Jeremiah, 733 3d 
Murphy T W, 623 G 
Murray & Barker, 1405 Ohio av 
Pfile John F, 34 2d, Gtn 
Stone J F, 1356 C 

American House, (Schofield & Duffy,) 7th 

cor Pa ay 
Arlington, (T & T E Roessle,) Vt av bet 

H and I 
Benzler & Angerman, 468 Pa av nw 
Boyle's Hotel, (C Boyle.) 52 C 
Clinton, (Gheen & Co,) 826 7th 
Columbia, (A Bregazzi.) 325 Pa av 
Congressional, (William Sanderson,) 200 

N J av se 
Continental, (T I Mesick,) 331 Pa av 
Ebbitt House, (C C Willard) F cor 14th 
Fox M G, 1339 and 1341 E 
Globe House, (N J Hillman.) F cor 12th 
OKAY'S, 1423 1 nw 
Greason, 13th cor E 
Hazel Hotel, 168 Beall, Gtn 
Hamilton, (Mrs Colley,) 1000 14th 
Hillman House, N Cap nr B 
Holmes H use, N J av cor D 
Howard House, (Edward Wools,) Pa av 

cor 6th 
Imperial. 1329 E 
Irving House, (Johnson & Young,) 8th 

cor D 
Jackson House, (Wm Jackson,) 620 11th 

cor G sw 
Mades Charles, 300 Pa av 
Mades Chris, 10th cor E 
Mai tin R F, Anacostia 
Metropolitan, (R B Coleman & Co,) Pa av 

bet 6th and 7th 
Meyer Charles, 470 Pa av nw 
Montgomery House,124aud 126 High, Gtn 
Monticello House, Bridge c Market, Gtn 
Mt Vernon House, 485 Pa av 
National, (F Tenney &■ Co,) Paavcor 6th 
New York Avenue Hotel, 1401 N Y av nw 
New York House, (Wm Johnson,) 337 Pa 

av nw 
Owen House, (Jordon & Gordon.) 1423 Pa 

Park, (Louis Beyer,) 2033 7th 
Parkiuson. 3d cor Pa av 
RIGfUS HOUSE, (Plumer & Spof- 

iord,) 15 th cor tw 
St James, (Levi Woodbury,) cor 6th and 

Pa av 
St Marc, (John H Semmes,) cor 7th and 

Pa av 
States Union, (AKnowlton,) 345 Pa avnw 
Thyson House, 1501 7th 
Tremont House, 2d and Ind av 
Washington House, 301 Pa av 
WEST EN», (V Sbiuu prop,) 

Rridg-e, Gtn 
Whitney's. 217 Delavne 
Willard's Hotel, 14th and Pa av 
Welcker's, 727 15th 
Windsor House, 1325 F nw 
WORMLEY JAMES, 15th and M 


Official Accounts of Indian Agents settled. 




House Furnishing. 

(See also Hardware, also Stoves.) 
Augenstein Moritz, 805 7th nw 
Brown S K.830 20ih 

BOTEI.EK J W & BRO, 923 Pa av 
Brannan D M, 219 Pa av se 
Francis Geoige, 435 7th 
Harrover James R. 1336 14th 
Hayward & Hutchinson, 317 9th 

mktand 615 4% s*w 
Mitchell M C, 1009 7<h 
Schutt W H & Co. 90 Bridge, Gtn 
WATTS GEORGE & Co, 314 7th 

Wyvill Walter D, 452 Pa av 

Ice Cream. 

(See also Confectioners.) 

Bontz R H, 637 H 

CO., (R C Glascock.) 520 Sth 

Young F G, 315 Pa av se 

Ice Companies. 
Gove John C. 703 K 
fiREAT FALLS ICE CO, foot lOtn 

sw and Greene bet Water and 

Canal, Gtn, and 1202 F 

Yerkes supt,) 1218 Pa av, depot 

9th-st wharf sw 
KENNEBEC ICE CO, 103, 105, 

107, 109 and 111 Water, Gtn, and 

427 I2th 

Insect Powder. 

HART M I, 1212 F 


CIATION, (Capital in bank 
$ 100,000.) 802 F nw 

Insurance Agents. 

Arms & Ketcham, 810 F 

Barr J Russell, 802 F 

Bates R W, 708 D 


Bramhall William L, 607 7th 
Brown Andrew R, 635 F nw 
Burris William, 529 7th nw 
Causin Nathaniel P, 915 F 
Clark Nathan B. 607 7th 
Uloughly Alfred, 517 7th 
■Coburn George B, St Cloud Building 
Conrad Julius, 609 7th nw 
Cross Samuel, 613 15th nw 
Downman & Green, 412 7th 
Eisinger Ludwig, 609 7th 
Fletcher W S, 810 F nw 
Fowler James E, 1004 F 
Gatchel Theodore F. 1014 F 
Griswold H A, 806 F nw 
Halstead E P, 630 F 
Hamliuk D F & Co, 940 F 
Hanson & Blackford, 519 7th 
Hart A, 630 F 
Herring William, 628 F 
Hill E J. 443 7th nw 
Hollidge I S. 810 F 
Howard D W, 8^2 F nw 

Isham Charles H, 630 F nw 
Ishham L D. 630 F 
Jones J Stanlev. 511 7th 
Jones Win B & Co. 511 7th 
Lendner Jules C, 609 7th 
Lewis J C, 505 7th 
Lighter John T, 509 7th 
MoKeuney John, 634 Laav 
McLellan George F, 532 8th 
McLellan Geo Wm & Geo F, 532 8th 
Mattison Seth A. 7th cor F 
Myers A, 532 8th 
Nourse & Middleton, £13 15th nw 
Pratt A S & Son, 401 9th 
Preshrey & Green, 409 7th 
Riggles John, 511 7th nw 
Schmidt Ernst L, 635 F 
Steitrer Benjamin F, 511 7th 
Tait James A, 221 Pa av se 
Tallmadge& Co, 928 F 
TAYLOR H R Jr, 810 F 
Thorn C N. 718 15th 
Ti money E McB, 808 F 
TYLER R W, 628 F 
Wilson JC& Co, 509 7th 
Young & Middleton, 8th cor F 

Insurance Companies — Acci- 

Hartford, G F McLellan, 532 8th 
Railway Passengers Assurance, of Hart- 
ford, Conn, 630 F nw 
Insurance Companies — Fire. 

^tna of Hartford Conn, (Hanson and 

Blackford,) 519 7th 
Agricultural of Watertown, 605 15th 
Albemarle of Ta, (Young & Middleton,) 

8th cor F 
Amazon of Cincinnati. (R W Tyler,) 628 F 
American of Philadelphia, (R W Tyler) 

628 F 
American Underwriters of Philadelphia, 

(L J Barnes & Co,) 632 F 

CO, 1505 Pa av nw 
Atlantic, of New York, (A S Pratt S Son,) 

401 9th nw 
Buffalo of New York. (Arms & Ketcham,) 

632 F 
Black River of Watertown, 940 F nw 
Brewer's of America, 630 F nw 
British America, of Toronto, 632 F 
Buffalo German of Buffalo, N I , (Pres- 

brey & Green,) 509 7th 
Capital City Fire Insurauce Co, 509 7th nw 
Citizens of Newark, (Hanson & Black- 
ford,) 519 7th 
Commeieiil Union of London, (A S Pratt 

& Son,) 401 9th 

O. C, (J. T. Lenman, president, 

J. T. I>yer, secretary,) 1429 Pa 


of Hie District of CoWia. 

CASH CAPITAL, $100,000. 

Office, 1429 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. 

Officers— J. T. LENMAN, Pres.; J. H. 
HERR, Vice Pres.; J. T.DYKR, Sect'y. 

Ri*ks takeu at rates equal to any other 
first class company. 

Call cm GILMOBE § CO, 




Connecticut of Hartford, (H A Griswokl,) 
806 F 

Continental of New York, (J C & E C 
Lewis,) 505 7ta 

Delaware Fire and Marine, (R W Bates,) 
708 D nw 

Duelling House of Boston, 607 7 th 

Empire of Chicago. 632 F 

Exchange of New York, (Alf red Cloughly.) 
517 7th 

Faneuil Hall of Boston, (G F McLellan,) 
522 8th 

Farmers of York Pa, (R W Tyler,) 628 F 

Federal Insurance Co, 1427 F nw 

Fire Association of Phila, (William Dick- 
son,) 603 15tli 

Fire Insurance Co of the State of Pa, 515 
7th nw 

Fireman's Fund of San Francisco, (E P 
HaUead.) 630 F 

TOWN, James Adams, presi- 
dent, C. W. Howard, secretary,,) 
C cor 7th 

FRANKLIN OF ». C, (Daniel 
Clarke, president, Charles Brad- 
ley, secretary,) 706 I> 

Franklin of Phila, (Hanson & Blackford,) 
519 7th 

French Insurance Corporation of Paris, 
(R W Tyler,) 628 F 

German American of D C. (E P Hal- 
stead,) 630 F 

German American of New York, (Wil- 
liam B Jones & Co.) 511 7th 

German American of Pa, 708 D nw 

German of Baltimore, (Julius Conrad,") 
609 7th nw 

Germania of New York, (Btnjamin F 
Steiger.) 511 7th 

Geimania of DC, (C W Sonnenschmidt, 
pres, A R Brown, sec,) 635 F nw 

Girard of Phila. (Tallmadge & Co, agts.) 
928 F 

Glens Falls of New York, (C E Bishop & 
Co,) 515 7th nw 

Granite of Richmond, (G F McLellan,) 532 

Guaranty of New York, (J C and E C 
Lewis,) 505 7th nw 

Ham burg- Bremen of Germany, (C N 
Thorn,) 718 15th 

Hanover of New York, (J C & E C Lewis ) 
505 7th 

Hartford of Hartford, (Hanson & Black- 
ford,) 519 7th 

Home of Baltimore, Md. (W P Can tin,) 
915 F 

Home of N Y, (A S Pratt & Son,) 401 9th 

Home of Columbus, Ohio, ' (Hanson & 
Blackford,) 519 7th 

Home of Newark, N J, (William L Bram- ct Co.) 607 7th 

Howard of Baltimore, Md, 915 F 

Howard of N Y.(A S Pratt & Son.) 4019th 

Hudson of Jersey Citv, (Charles E Bishpo 

Hnmno'dt of Newark. N J, (A R Brown.) 
635 F 

Imperial and Northern of London, (A S 
Pratt & Sou.) 401 9th 

Insurance Company of North America, 
(A 8 Pratt & Son,') 401 9th 

Lamar of N Y, 509 7th 

Lancashire of Manchester Eng, (E P 

fc H ai stead,) 630 F nw 

Lancaster of Lancaster, (T F Gatchel, ) 
1014 F 

Liverpool and London and Globe, (C N 
Thorn.) 718 15th 

London Assurance of London, (E P Hal- 
stead,) 630 F nw 

Lorillard of NY, (Tallmadge & Co,) 928 F 

Lycoming of Muncy, Pa, (J Russell Barr,) 
802 F 

Lynchburg Insurance and Banking Co 
Co of Lynchburg Va, (Hanson & Black- 
ford,) 5197th 

Manhattan of N Y, (Wm L Bramhall.) 607 

Maryland, Balto, Md, 915 F 

Mercantile of Chicago, 632 F 

Merchants' of Newark, N J, 511 7th 

Melville Mutual of N J, 513 7th 

Mississippi Valley of Memphis, (J C & E 
C Lewis,) 505 7th 

(Samuel Nornaent, pres't, J W 
JBoteler, secy,) cor 7th and I.a av 

INS CO off B C, (Geo Taylor, prest, 
J E Fitch, secty,) 1 509 I»a av 

I> C, (Moses Kelly, prest; Sam- 
uel Cross, secty,) 613 15th 

NATIONAL UNION off » C, (Chas 
Knap, pres; N U Lamer, secty,) 
643 La av 

National of Balto, 632 La av 

National of Hartford, (Hanson & Black- 
ford,) 519 7th 

National of NY,(A8 Pratt & Son,) 401 

Niagara of N Y, (Wm L Bramhall & Co,) 
607 7th 

North America, Philadelphia, 401 9th 

North British and Mercantile of London, 
(Hanson & Blackford,) 519 7th 

Nonhwestern National of Milwaukee, 
(Charles E Bishop & Co.) 515 7th 

Old Dominion of Richmond, Va, 607 7th 

Orient of Hartford. (T F Gatchel,) 1014 F 

Oswego and Ouondagoof Phceuix of NY, 
(T F Gatchel,) 1014 F 

Pea body, (Jno Higgles,) 632 La av 

Pennsylvania ef Phila, (A Hart,) 517 7th 

People's of Memphis, (C Storrs,) 1416 F 

People's of Trenton N J, (Wm L Bram- 
hall,) 607 7th 

Petersburg Savings and Insurance of Va 
515 7th 

Phenix, Brooklyn,N Y, (A S Pratt & Son.) 
401 9th 

Phceuix, Hartford, Conn, (AS Pratt &Son,) 
401 9th 

POTOMAC, 58 High, Gtn, and 519 
?«h nw 

Potomac (Balto Md.) 915 F 

Queen, London, (A S Pratt & Son.) 401 9th 

Republic of N Y, (Wm L Bramhall,) 607 

Rhode Island Insurance Association of 
Providence, R I, (Young &Middleton,) 
8th cor F 

Ridgewood of Brooklyn, (Arms & Ketch- 
am,) 810 F 

Roval Canadian of Montreal, (RW Tyler.) 
628 F 

Royal of London, (Hanson & Blackford,) 
519 7th 

Scottish Commercial of Glasgow, (T F 
Gatchel,) 1014 F 

Pioneers of contingent fee practice 




St Paul aud New Hampshire, 1515 Pa av 
Shawnmt of Boston, (WL Braoihall,) 607 

7th nw 
Springfield of Springfield, Mass, (Hansou 

<fc Blackford,) 519 7th 
Standard of N Y, (Wm L Brauihall,) 607 

7th nw 
Standard of N T, (A Hart,) 630 F 
Traders of Chicago, (J C & E C Lewis,) 

505 7th 
Virginia Fire and Marine. Richmond ,Va, 

(A S Pratt »S Son,) 401 9th 
Washington of D G, (G W Balloch, pres; 

J T Smith, Secy, ) 509 7th 
Westchester of N Y, (Tallmadge & Co,) 

928 F 
Williamsburg city of Brooklyn, (Tall- 
madge & Co,) 928 F 

insurance^ Companies— Life . 

American of Philadelphia, (Saml Cross,) 

613 13th 
American Popular of NY. (L D Isham) 

630 F nw 
Charter Oak, Hartford, (Tallmadge & 

Co,) 928 F 
Connecticut Mutual, 1429 Pa av 
Continental of New York, (RW Bates,) 

W8 D 
Equitable ef New York, 808 F 
German of New York. 517 7th 
Ger mania of New York. (A Hart.) 630 F 
Guardian Mutual of New York, 915 F 
Guardian Mutual of New York, 630 F 
Hildise Bund, (L Eisineer.) 609 7th 
Home of New York, (Wm Burris,) 7th 

cor F 
John Hancock Mutual of Boston, (Alfred 

Cloughly,) 517 7th 
Life Association of America, 519 14th 
Metropolitan of New York. (A Myer3,) 

532 8th 
Mutual Benefit of N J, (J C Lewis.) 505 7th 
Mutual Benefit of N J, (Wm Herring,) 

628 F 
Mutual of N Y, (Hanson & Blackford,) 

519 5th 
Mutual of Phila, 632 La av 

(Benj Noyes, pres; J A Morti- 

roore, secy;) 509 7t8i 

(A 8 Pratt & Son.) 401 9th 

Clarke & Co,) 607 7tli 
New Jersey Mutual, 708 D|uw 
New York" Life of N Y, (Chas E Bishop & 

Co,) 515 7th nw 
Northwestern Mutual of Milwaukee, Wis, 

511 7th 
Penn Mutual of Phila, 603 15th 
PHOENIX MUTUAL, of Hartford, 

Conn, (II ft Taylor jr,) 8tli cor F 
Protection of Chicago, (C Isham.) 630 F 
Provident Life and Trust of Phila, (H A 

Griswold,) 806 F 

E Fitch, manager B C,) 1509 Pa 

Republic of Chicago, (A S Pratt & ;Son,) 

State Mutual of Mass, 1515 Pa av 
TJ B Mutual Aid Society of Pa, (J C Lend- 

ner,) 609 7ih 

Universal of N Y, 915 F nw 
Universal of NY, 630 F nw 
Virginia of Peters^urji, 509 7ih 
Washington of D U. (Wm B Todd tres' 
John C McKeldeu Treas,) 509 7th 

Insurance— Plate Glass. 

Metropolitan Plate Glass of N Y, (L D 

Isham,) 630 F nw 
New Jersey of Newark, (A Hart.) 635 F 
United States of Philadelphia, (Tal maclge 

& Co,) 928 F 

Insurance Co's — Steam Boiler. 

Hartford Steam Boiler Ins Co, (G F Mc- 
Lellan,) 532 8th 

Iron Cornices —Galvanized. 

Whyte & Overman, 13% cor E 

Iron and Steel, 
Thompson & Co, 10th cor La av 

Iron Founders. 

Duval Wm T, 33 Gay, Gtn 
Gray & Noyes, Me av nr 3d sw 
McClelland John, La av cor 10th 
Metropolitan Iron Works, 7th cor I sw 
Petitt <fe Dripps, 14th and B 
Robinson Brothers &, Co,52 and 54 Water, 

12th and Oliio av 

Schneider F & Co, 1212 D 
White & Bro, 462 Miine av 

Iron Mailings, 

Boiseau James T, 518 N J av 
Hayward John, 14th and P 
Lundqvist Bros. R I av cor 12tk 
Mead James H. 1216 C 
Welsh D. 421 N J av 
Wickersham J B. 519 14th 


(See also Newspapers.) 
Adams George W, 515 14th nw 
American Press Associatiou.(W H Clarke, 

ajft,) 1418 F nw 
Babcock Louis M, 1104 F nw 
Barnes William H, 328 Ind av nw 
Barr M W, 503 14th nw 
Bartlett D W, 214 A se 
Beardsley J E, 479 Pa av nw 
Bell J D. 1314 F nw 
Boiseau R F. 503 14th nw 
Boyce Silas, 934 F nw 
Boy n ton H V. 511 14th nw 
Buell A G, 1339 F nw 
Burr F A, 1330 F nw 
Carson John M, 1330 F nw 
Colourn Justin E, 1330 F nw 
Crawford T C, 1404 Pa av nw 
Curtis WE, 1314 F 
Fishback W 0. 1314 F nw 
Fitzpatrick J C, 1218 F nw 
Fleming William, 1314 F nw 
Gibson A M, 523 14th nw 
Gobright L A, 503 14th nw 
Harris O K, 1418 F nw 
Keim DeB R, 1418 F nw 
King-man Eli*b, 1509 14th nw 

GILMORE, SMITH $ CO., 629 F St ww 




Holland J G. 503 14th nw 

Hudson Edmund. 511 14th nw 

ITlcKEE ©AV1I> H«, 503 14tli nw 

MaeBnde William C, 1339 F 
Myers A 0, 1339 F 
O'Beirne James R, 1218 F nw 
Painter Uriah H. 521 14th nw 
Piatt Douu, 927 D nw 
Poore Ben Perley, 1333 F nw 
Potter Thomas L, 511 14th nw 
Preston Herbert A, 523 14th nw 
Ramsdell H J, 1335 F ow 
Richardson F A, 1314 F nw 
Shaw W B. 521 14th nw 
Sm alley H A, 521 14th 
Smith W Scott, 1314 F nw 
Vance W J. 1326 F nw 
Warden Clifford, 1814 14th nw 
Washington LQuinton, 1418 F nw 
White Z L, 1335 F 
W T ight E B, 1333 F nw 


CREMEN JOHN E, 615 7tn 

Desio Girolamo, 1221 Fa av 
Friederick William, 316 8th nw 
Johannes J G. 517 7th 

Junk Dealers. 

Bensinger Samuel, 927 La av 
Brewer Zachariah, 2g3 Bridge, Gtn 
B17R6Y & CO, (C Gautier agt,j 

219 lOth 
Collins J H & Co, 619 B nw 
Crump J E. 6th cor D sw 
Danahar P, 933 La av 
Fewkes T, 191 Bridge, Gtn 
Gilbert Henry P, 93 Water, Gtn 
Green Thomas E, 1015 Q 

Justices of the Peace. 

Beuter F A, 1137 7th 

Boswel! Frederick A, 352 E sw 

Clark John T C, 324 12th 

Connelly Martin, 606 9th 

Donaldson James, 1420 N T ay 

Drury Terence. 708 K 

Eisinger Ludwig, 609 7th 

Fergusou B W, 1227 F 

Hall Hillmau A. 1014 F nw 

Hughes Robert V, Bradley's law building 

Hunt Amos, 210 A ne 

Hyde R A, 1148 7th 

JOSEPH SIMON. 238 4|sw 

KEESE A E E, 6tli cor La.av 

Kimmell O, 330 4^ nw 

Klopfer Edwin J, 458 La av 

Martin William, 630 La av 

Mills Samuel C, 486 La av 

Moulton Hosea B. 1331 7th 

O'Neal Lewis I, 310 4£ nw 

Robinson Edward B, 316 8th nw 

Taylor A S, 20th cor I 

Thomas Jenkin, 3 Congress, Gtn 

Thompson William, 1125 7th 

Tyler Daniel, 7th cor F 

Wall O 8 B. 2010 7th 

Walter Charles, 342 D 

Weaver E C, 613 7th 

Webster Charles P. 732 6th nw 

Williamson L C, 490 La av 

Ladles 9 Furnishings. 

Gibson Mary Mrs, 908 F nw 


Arlington, 422 11 th 

City, (Mrs Chamberlin.) 524 12th 

(Oldest Establishment in the city.) 


No. 524 12th NW, bet. E and F Sts., 
First class work done at reasonable prices, 
3§T Goods called for and delivered. 


Donnelly P, 416 11th 
Empire, 310 8th nw 
Hay ward J, 915 F 
Pond Lily, 9th cor K nw 


(See China, &c) 


Abell Charles R, 515 7th nw 

Abraham Lewis, 1215 F 
Alexander F E. 476 La av 
Alexander Frederick W, 802 F nw 
Allen James F, 701 15th nw 
Anderson E F, St Cld Bldg 

637 F 
Anderson Thos D, 330 4J nw 
Appleby George F, 420 5th nw 
Appleby & Edmonston, 420 5th 
Armes Charles H, 633 F 
Ashford Mahlon, 410 5th nw 
Ashton J Hubley. 635 F 
AtLee S Yorke, 457 P sw 
AtLee Wm Yorke, 1411 G nw 
Bagger Louis & Co, 802 F nw 
Badey Lorenzo A, 503 D nw 
Bailey Marcel! us, 635 F nw 
Baker Henry M, 1411 F nw 
Baldwin Wm D. 25 Grant pi 
Baldwin, Hopkins & Peyton, 25 Grant pi 
BallMDulany, 478 La av 
Bangs J E, 452 La av 
Barnard Job, 486 La av nw 
Barnard M C, 486 La av nw 
Barney E D, La av cor 7th 
Barrett Oliver D. 317 4£ 
Bartley T W, 1335 F nw 
Bartley & Jenner, 1335 F 
Beach S F, 412 5th nw 
Beach & Lee, 412 5th nw 
Beale Buchanan, 501 D 
Beale J F, 501 D nw 
Beall Fillmore, 416 5th nw 
Beam Henry D, 330 4} 
Beard Henry, 633 F 
Beck W H, La av cor 5th 
Bell John W, 1427 F 
Bell John W, 708 E 
Bell William H. 454 D nw 
Bell Wm Peirce. 408 5th 
Berrett Jas G, 1429 N Y av 
Bestor H B, 529 7th nw 
Bingham La Fayette &• Co, (claim and 

patent,) 802 F 

Over 2,000,000 acres Land Warrants 




Birney Arthur A, 330 4}^ nw 

Birnev Wm. 330 4% nw 

Birney & Btruey. 330 4% 

Black G W Z, 310 F 

Blackburn H H, 505 7th nw 

Blackburn & Lanion, 505 7th 

Blackburn & Hovey, 505 7th 

Blair Montgomery & Son, 456 La av 

Blankman John S. 200 Pa av se 

Bliss Henry C, 1332 F nw 

Bloss John B, 505 7th 

Boarman William VV, 505 D 

Bond George J, 513 7th 

Bond Samuel R, 321 ±% 

Boone Albert E, 1419 G nw 



Solicitor of Claims & Notary Public. 

Office at Residence, 

1419 G ST. NW., 

Three doors from U. S. Treasury. 

Boyce W W, 1429 N T av 
Bradford Charles A, 519 7th 
Bradford J Strieker, 456 La av n w 
Bradford Robert H, 519 7th 
Bradley Andrew C, 505 D 
Bradley A Thorn as, 452 D 
Bradley Joseph H. 452 D 
Bradley & Duvall, 452 D 
Brady Eugene D F, 322 ±% nw 
Brelsford H W, 1332 F 
Bnggs Edmund B, 412 5th 
Brition Alex T, 624 F nw 
Britton & Gray. 624 F 
Brookes John St C, 486 La av 
Brown Charles O, 9th cor G nw 
Browne A K. 458 La av 
Browne Wm H, 437 7th 
Browne Wm Henry, 452 La av nw 
Browning Arthur, 416 5th 
Browning Frank T, 416 5th 
Bundy C S, 456 La av nw 
Bundy & Willou^iiby, 456 La av 
Burbridge S G. 495 Pa av nw 
Burgess George, 321 4>^ 
Burris William, 7th cor F 
Burwell A, 458 La av 

Cahill Daniel E, 308 \% nw 

Callaghau Daniel O'C, 435 7th 

Callau Thomas H, 486 La av 

Caperton Hugh sr, 104 Bridge, Gtn 

Carlisle James M, 307 D 

Carlisle & AlcPherson, 307 D 

Carpenter Benjamin D, Brightwood 

Carpenter Matt H, F cor 13th nw 

Carrington Campbell, 454 La av 

Carrington E C, 624 La av nw 

Carrington EC jr, 454 La av nw 

Carrington J McD, 624 La av nw 

Carrington & Bro, 624 La av 

Carrington & Carrington, 454 La av 

Carusi Eugene, 490 La av 

Carusi Nathaniel jr, 490 La av 

Casey Joseph, 1411 G 

Cassin Wm D, 51 Congress, Gtu 

Chester A, 1222 N T av 

Chew Fielder B, Webster law building 

Chilton James V. 802 F 

Christy Robert, 322 4^ 

Ulark J D, 322 12th 

Clark William Penn. 325 13th 

Claughton H O & R, 480% La av nw 

Cleary Nicholas F, 505 D nw 

Closs & Closs, 322 3% 

Conn G W, 1219 N 

Connelly T A, 608 9th 

Cook John H, 520 8th 

Cook William A, 617 La av 

Coombs J J, 639 F 

Cooper Glen W, 330 4% 

Corey J Weed, 811 1 nw 

Corwiue Quinton, 1429 N Y av nw 

Cox & Cox, 700 9th nw 

Cox Walter S, Webster law building 

Coyle Andrew B, 1321 F nw 

Coyle Randolph. 519 7th nw 

Cragin Charles H jr, 490 La av 

Crawford N, 529 7th 

Creecy C Eatton, 427 4th nw 

Crittenden H B, 319 4% 

Crittenden Thomas 1. 319 4% 

Crocker F W, 19 Grant Place 

Cruikshank J hn, 317 4% 

Cull Judson T. 321 4| nw 

Culver C P, 412 5th 

Cummings H S, 1411 F nw 

Cummings <fc Baker, 1411 F 

Cuppy F P, 495 Pa av nw 

Cuppy & Burbridge, 495 Pa av 

Curtis W W, 700 9th nw 

Cutts J Madison, 505 7th 



(Successor to R. M. CORW1NE & SON,) 
Rooms 12 and 13 National Safe Deposit Building, 


Practices in all the United States Courts, including the Supreme Court and the 
Court of Claims, and before the various Departments, and the British, Mexi- 
can, Spanish and Southern Claims Commissions, and the Court of 
Commissioners of Alabama Claims. Special attention given 
to the preparation and argument of cases in United 
States Supreme Court. 

unlocatecl, Gilmore Sf Oo, pay cash for them 




Daniels B Gordon, 9th c F nw 

Fullerton Thomas C, 456 La av 

Daniels H A. 7th cor F nw 

Garfielde S. 810 F 

Daniels Joseuh, 509 8th 

Garnett Henry W, 416 5th 

Daniels Rina'ldo G, 509 6th 

G1L.MORE & CO, 629 F nw 

Dapray J A, 508 F nw 

Gilt H M, 610 14th 

Darneille Benjamin J, 452 D 

Glassie D W, 934 F 

Davenport Benj, 1306 F 

Gordon J A, 321 43^ nw 

Davidge Walter D, 4166th 

Gordon Samuel M, 529 7th 

Davidson S G, 486 La av 

Gordon Wm A, 321 4% nw 

Davis John, 1420 F nw 

Gordon & Gordon, 321 4>£, and Congress 

Davis R S, 313 4£ 

nr Bridge, Gtn 

Davis Theodore E/.1427 F 

Goszler J Mason, 7th cor F 

Day Fletcher H. 416 5th 

Grafton Benjamin F, 412 5th 

Dean Mills, 458 La av 

Grammer Christopher. 416 7th 

Deane Llewellyn, 515 7th 

Gray Horace J, 624 F nw 

Deering John,, 1217 11th nw 

Green Frank M, 507 7th nw 

Denver Jas W, 1115 Pa av 

Grow John A, St Cloud bldg 

Donahue P J, 452 La av nw 

Hackett Frank W. 486 La av 

Douglass J W & Son, 1418 F nw 

Hadley H H. 519 7th nw 

Drew John T, 1332 F 

Hagner Randall, 490 La av nw 

Drinkard W D, 629 E 

Hagner & Maddox. 490 La av 

Drummond Willis, 802 F nw 

Haley Alfred G, 819 Market space 

Drury Samnel T, 702 7th nw 

Halstead Emuel P, 630 F 

Dnhatnel Win K.1321I4K nw 

Halstead John J, 515 7th 

Dunwoody Wm P, 30 Grant pi 

Hamilton G E, 1306 F 

Durant & Horner, 223 4% 

Hamill & Allen, 701 15th 

Durant Thomas J, 223 4>| 

Hamill S R, 701 15th nw 

Duvall Andrew B, 452 D 

Hanna John F, 505 C nw 

Dye P Edwin, 912 F 

Hanna & Johnston. 505 D nw 

Dyer Geo W & Co, 519 7th 

Harkness R H, 416 5th 

Earle George, 700 9th nw 

Hart A W, 7th cor F 

Edmonston Wm E, 420 5th nw 

Hauke John S, 510 F 

Edson Bros, 711 G 

Hawes W B, 490 La av 

Edson John J, 711 G nw 

Hay Edwin B, 321 ±% 

Edson Joseph R, 711 G nw 

Helmick & Alieman, 928 F nw 

Edwards J S, 486 La av nw 

Henderson William G, 416 6th nw 

Edwards & Barnard, 486 La av 

Henkle Solomon S, 460 La av 

Edwards V B, 330 4>£ 

Hill Lysander, 711 G nw 

Elliot Chas A, 410 5th 

Hill, Ellsworth & Spear, 711 G 

Elliot Robert K, 410 5th 

Hine Lemon G, 452 La av 

Elliott Henry R, 635 F 

Hobau James, 321 4£ 

Ellsworth E A, 711 G nw 

Hodnett John Pope,~490 La av 

Embry James H, 1411 G 

Holcomb C W, 802 F nw 

England Henry C. 323 43^ 

Holtzman William F, 1321 F 

Ennis John F, 478 La av 

Hood Thomas, 1103 F 

Evans A H & Co, 505 7th 

Hopkins Marcus S, 25 Grant place 

Evans Richard S, 5th cor D nw 

Hopkins Thomas S, 505 D 

Evans Richard P, 5th cor D nw 

Horner Charles W, 223 U 
Hosmer & Heylmun, Le Droit bldg 

Evans William H, 1325 11th nw 

Evans & Evans, 5th cor D nw 

Hovey Charles E. 505 7th 

Ewing Chas, 802 F, 

Howard Robertson, 617 F 

Falls Alexander J, 1411 G nw 

Howe F H, 416 5th 

Fay John C, 437 7th 

Hughes James & Co, 319 4£ nw 

Fendall Arthur, 325 4| nw 

Hnme George C, 412 5th 
Hunter F M, 615 7th 

Fendall Reginald, 325 4% nw 

Finch E M, 462 La av 

Hunter R F, 842 F 

Finney L R, 5th cor D nw 

Hutton Hobart. 408 5th 

Hyam B D, 1424 F 


Hyde George A, 505 D nw 

Ingersoll Ebon C, 810 F 


Intrersoll Edward C, 452 D nw 
Ingle C, 319 4^ 

Cloud Bldg: 

Fifth, corner D, opposite City Hall, 

Jackson R P, 155 Bridge, Gtn 

Practices in the Court of Claims, Courts 

James B F, 611 12th nw 

of the District and before the 

James Charles P, 342 D 


James & Saville, 342 D nw 

Janin Edward & Albert C, 61214th 

Ford Isaac H, 435 7th 

Jeffries N L, 1505 Pa av nw 

Forrest Joseph G, 711 G 

Jenner S E. 1335 F nw 

Fowler Joseph 8, 1411 G 

Johnson H Clay, 443 7th 

Fraser Charles E, 476 La av 

Johnson Isaac L, 501 D nw 

Frazee John W, 509 7th 

Johnson James M, 505 D 

Fuller A S. 323 4K 

Johnson John J, 342 D 

Fullerton James. 630 F 

Johnston William J, 802 F nw 

Trade Marks and Design Patents 


Johnston & Donn, 802 F nw 

Miller Thomas Wilde, 458 La av 

Johnston & Warden. 1326 F nw 

Miller William J, 490 La av 

Jones Fred W, 486 La av and 111 Bridge 

Mills Samuel C. 486 La av 


Miner R S, 323 4% 

Kent & Neale, 505 D 

Minor Frank. 1420 F 

Key J ob n J. 48 3d, Gtn 

Mitchell G-orge W. 454 D nw 
Moore James W, 319 4^ nw 

Kilgour William. 323 4^ 

Kimball I G, 1341 F 

Moore & Newman, 319 l^ nw 


Moran John, 3 H nw 

Kitson W H B, 14th cor B sw 

Morris Martin F, 1306 F 

Kuhn G A, 5th cor D nw 

Morse Alex Porter. 412 5th 

Lacey RS&AP, 559 7th nw 

Morsel R T, 416 5th 

Lamon Ward H, 505 7th nw 

Mosby John S. 501 D nw 

Lambert & Darlington. 410 5th nw 

Moss John A, Nichols av 

Lander Edward, 323 4J nw 

Motley John B, 523 6th nw 

Lander & Merriman, 323 4^ nw 

Moulton H B, 1331 7th 

Langhorne M, 1214 N Y av 

Moyers Gilbert, 507 12th 

Lamer P F, 639 F nw 

Muogen Theodore, 711 G 

Laskey Richard H. 460 La av 

Munroe Seaton, 820 17th nw 

Lasselle William F, 53 K ne 

Murdock W C, 486 La av 

Lathrop John P. 7th cor F 

Murray Neal T, 416 5th nw 

Lee Cazenove G, 412 5th nw 

Murray Robert J, 319 4% 

Leggett L L, 607 7th nw 

Mussey R D. 633 F 

Leggett M D, 607 7th nw 

Neale F D, 522 8th nw 

Leggett Wells W. 607 7th nw 

Nelson Carrington S, 330 4^ nw 

Leggett & Leggett, 605 7th 

Newman Edward A, 319 4^ nw 

Leighton Beifj F, 323 4^ 

Niles S V, 1733 I nw 

Leighton & Summy. 323 4^ 

Norris Howard M, 466 La av 

Leipold R H T, St Cloud bid 

Norris James L, 639 F 

Lemon Geo E, 916 F nw 

Norris John E, 466 La av 

Lilly William, 1317'F 

O'Brien Lucian, 7th cor F 

Lincoln William S, St Cloud bldg 

O'Connor R E, 1305 9th nw 

Lloyd Asbury, 476 La av 

Oler H D, 319 4^ 

Lloyd R B, 615 7th 

Oliver John N, 460 La av 

Lloyd Thomas E & B F, 629 E 

O'Neil John P, 462 La av 

Lockwood Belva A, 619 F nw 

Padgett Jas E. 460 La av 

Lord WmB, 490 La av 

Paine HE,. 412 5th 

Lovejoy B G, 342 D 

Paine & Grafton, 412 5th 

Lovtll S, 1215 F 

Pairo Richard E. 515 7th nw 

Lowe & Archer, 529 7th 

Palmoni Cr>pti, 458 La av 

Lowndes James. 1420 F 

Parks C M. 428 7th 

Luce L A, 802 F nw 

Parsons Charles H, 1427 F 

Luce, Holcomb & Johnston. 802 F 

Paschal Geo W and G W, jr, 503 D. 

McAllister Richard, 1328 N Y av 

Payne James G, 505 D 

McAllister Richard jr, 1328 N Y av 

Peck Charles F, 1115 Pa av 

McCallum A, 513 7th 

Pelham Charles, 330 4^ 

McCarty Justus I, 1220 F • 

Pennebaker Charles D, 1411 Pa av nw 

McConnell John R, 458 La av 

Pennebaker Charles D jr, 1411 Pa av nw 

McFarland J L, 515 7th nw 

Perkins J McC. 51S 7th 

McGuireFB. 1306 F 

Perry R Ross, 342 D 

McHenry Robert W, 222 E 

Perry Walter S. 342 D nw 

McKenney Wm A. 115 E nw 

PeughS A, 631 Mue 

McLean John J. 1425 F nw 

Peyton Joseph I, 25 Grant pi 

McLellan George F, 532 8th nw 

Phillip Wm H, 505 D nw 

McNalley J E, 1002 F 

Phillips P. 603 La av 

MePherson John D, 307 D 

Phillips W Hallet, 603 La av 

McPherson Robert W, 307 D 

Picket J T, 1422 F 

MePherson T H N, 1222 F 

Pike C E, 1429 N Y av 

Maddox Samuel, 490 La av nw 

Pike & Johnson, 602 D nw 

Maloney J A, 637 F 

Plant Joseph T K. 915 F nw 

Mandeville J H, 505 7th 

Pollok Anthony, 635 F nw 

Marbury J Carter, 484 Pa av nw 

Pollok & Bailey, 635 F 

Mason. Fen wick & I awrence, 802 F 

Powell J Tyler, room 22 LeDroit building 

Mason George, 934 F 

Presbrey Otis F. 507 7th nw 

Matthews Charles M, 55 Congress, Gtn 

Presbrey & Green. 509 7th 

Mattingly William F, 435 7th 

Prescott F A, 1411 G 

Meguire James F, 1420 F 

Quicksall W F. 915 F 

Meloy Wm A, 460 La av 

Randall A F, 1217 Vt av 

Mendenhall W K, 505 7th 

Ratcliffe Daniel & Son, 5th cor D nw 

Merrick Richard T, 1306 F 

Ray Charles A, 515 7th nw 

Merrick & M orris, 1306 F 

Reilly Edward B, 342 D nw 

Merriman A L, 637 F 

Renner William B, 456 C nw 

Miller Francis. 460 La av 

Rice Clinton, Mt Pleasant 

Miller N H, 326 4^ 

Rice E W, 1417 G 

Miller Thomas F, 1205 T 

Rise Joseph A, 486 La av and 104 Bridge, 

Miller Th Jessup, 456 La av 


GILMOEE, SMITH & CO., 629 F st nw 




Riddle A G, 460 La av 
Rider T F J, 515 7th 
Ridout John, 452 La av 
Rile> J F, 501 D nw 
Rittenhouse Samuel W, 505 D 
Roaue Archibald, 319 4>^ uw 
Robinson Leigh, 505 D uw 
Ross John W, 458 La av 
Ross <fe Dean, 458 La av nw 
Rowe C F. 512 F nw 
Rowe William H, 512 F nw 
Sanborn & King. 475 Pa av 
Sands F P B, 490 La av 
Saunders L M, 435 7th 
Schade Louis, 935 E nw 
Seharit Aug W, 458 La av 
Schmidt Ferdinand, 635 F 
Schmidt Frederick, 426 7th 
Scbucking A, 425 7th 
Selden John, 610 14th 
Shattuck A H, 1523 L 
Shaw J W, 408 I nw 
Shellabarger Samuel, 1339 F nw 
Sheliabarger & Wilson, 1339 F 
Sherman Henry, 1411 G nw 
Sherwood H L, 603 15th 
Shuster William M jr, 319 4% 
Slater John S, 617 La av nw 



Practices before all the Courts of the 
District and the Court of Claims and the 
Supreme Court of the United States. 

617 La. Ave., bet. 6th and 7th. 
P. 0. Box 441, WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Smith Addison M, 637 F 
Smith C M. 323 U 
Smith J W, 501 D nw 
Smith Richard, Webster law building 
Smith Thomas W. Ind av cor 1st 
Smith & Reddington, 505 7th 
Suodgrass Joseph E, 27 F nw 
Somes Frank C, 708 E nw 
Spalding H, 1429 N Y av 
Spear Ellis, 711 G nw 
Sprauue Thomas S, 519 7th nw 
Stansbury &.;Munn,^;St Cloud building 
Stanton Frederick P, 1420 F 
Stanton & Worthington, (Edwin L Stan- 
ton & A S Worthiugton,) 637 F 
Starkweather John C, 13th c F 
Stevens JT&LH, 400 7th 
Stewart J J. 1330 N Y av nw 
Stickney William, 601 M 
Stilson P B. 462 La av d 
Stone George B, 408 5th 
Stone Warren C, 319 4>£ nw 
StorrsjC, 1416^ 


Attorney and Real State Broker, 


Titles Examined, Deeds, Leases and 
Legal Papers Prepared, Rents Collected. 
Claims against the Government and Indi- 
viduals collected. 


Swann Edward, 486 La av 
Taggart Bugh T, 416 5th 
Taylor George, 710 E 
Thomas Charles N, 460 La av 
Thomas Sidney T, 452 La av 
Thompson John B. 452 La av 
Thompson M, 711 G 
Todd William B jr. 313 4^ 
Totten Enoch, 416 5th 
Trimble M, 614 13th 
Tucker George. 1332 F 
Turk Frank H, 1731 H 
Turner J T, St Cloud Bldg 
Tyler E R, LeDro t bldg 
Tyler John B, 505 D 
Tyler Samuel, 505 D 
Tyssowski Joseph. 802 F 
Wailes Sydnev I, 456 La av 
Wall O S B, 2010 7th 
Wallach Richard, 456 La av 
Wallach Richard L, 456 La av 
Walter Charles, 342 D 
Ward Robert H, 313 4^ 
Ward William A. 313 4^ 
Ward William H. 313 4^ 
Warden Richard B, 1326 F 
Warden William W, 1326 F 
Washington I S, 514 6th 
Washington R B, 416 6th 
Watson Charles H. 607 7th 
Watterson & Crawford, 1422 F 
Weaver Erastus C, 613 7th 
Webb Baiubridge H. 321 4>£ 
Webb George W. 321 4£ 
Webb William B. 416 5th 
Wedgwood William B, 428 7th 
Wells H H, City Hall 
Wells HH jr, City Hall 
Wells L S, 1311 N 
West F E, 520 3d 
Wheeler Woodbury, 330 43^ 
Whitman Charles S, 508 5th 
Willard Charles D, 812 F 
Williams A B, 224 4>£ 
Williams George H. 1418 F 
Williams Henry M, 224 ±% 
Williams Roger, 458 La av 
Williamson Irving, 454 La av 
Williamson L Cabell, 490 La av 
Willoughbv Westell 456 La av 
Wills John A, 603 15th 
Willson Ruttledge, 319 4^ 
Wilson J C, 342 D 
Wilson D R, 804 11th 
Wilson EH, 80411th 
Wilson Jesse H, 1 Congress, Gtu 
Wilson Jeremiah M, 1339 F nw 
Wilson Nathaniel, 635 F 
Wilson Thomas, 916 F nw 
Wiswell Henry T, 513 7th 
Wolf Simon, City Hall 
Wood FC, 710 E 
Wood W C, 639 F 
Woodward W R, 328 4* nw 
Worthington AS, 637 F 
Wright Frank J, 508 F nw 
Yznaga Jose M, St Cloud building 

Leather and Shoe Findings. 

Hanlein E. 1123 7th 

Hanlein J H, 934 La av 

Homiller William & Co, 43 High, Gtn 

Jeuks W S, 713 7th 

Isemau Frank. 317 8th 

Ifemau Henr*\ 603 Pa av se 

Each branch of our business is in 


leiifiitiriig iliinifs, 


19 Milk St., Boston. 150 So. Clark St., Chicago. 

198 Broadway, New York 169 Vine St., Cincinnati. 

632 Gliesnut St., Philadelphia. 110 Pine St , St. Psoitis. 


Deisoft Belial Patent Sliipii lao, 



DENND-ON'S RAPID TAG FAS IENEK, for securing tags to meats, &c. 



Dennison's Targets, Target Pasters and Score Cards. 

Dennison's Restaurant ami Barber's Cheeks* 


Dennison's Wedding Cake Boxes, Visiting and Playing Card Cases. 
.Agents for the Sale of 







arid "tali" Centennial Prize Tissue Paper, 

Importers of English Grass Bleached and Pearl Blue Tissue Paper, 
from the Celebrated 39 Mill. 

Also, furnish at manufacturer's best terms, McGill's Paper Fasteneis, Dickinson's 
Rubber Bands, Richardson, Russell & Co.'s Dead Lock Tag Fasteneis, and Pierce's 
Standard Letter File and Binder. 

All of the Above Goods Sold by Dealers. 




JOHNSON A, 202 4>£ sw 

i King George. 103 6th nw 
1 owell William, 1131 7th 
Punier W R, 188 Bridge, Gtn 

i Irving, 1509 H nw 

Lime and Cement. 

! Cammack & Edoionston, 28th bet 1 and 

: Castleman 8 D, 2616 Pa av 
1 Fahey Thomas, 1002 B 


Pa av 
GODEY W H Mrs, 27t!i and L, 
Guinand L William, 1st bet B and C se, 

Joot 3d se and 623 La av 
Kirk A W & Co, 204 10th 

Lightning- Rods. 


Washington Copper 
Works. 922 D nw 



Brown Archibald, 309 9th nw 
Entwisle J C, Tth cor La av 
Gedney Joseph F, 466 Pa av 
Kervand J L, 930 Pa av 
Peters Norris, 458 Pa av 

Livery and Sale Stables. 

Burgdorf & Bro, 4188th 

Chambers William W. Ill E Cap se 

Champlin & Hilton, 211 11th 

Chapin E M, 631 G nw 

Cooley Benjamin, 714 E se 

Cowling A, 1307 G 

Cruit Richard, 719 11th 

Cruit Richard jr. 1724 G 

Darne R H. 192 Bridge, Gtn 

Dennis A B & Co, 317 3d se 

Downey William F, 1013 17th 

Duley HB& Co. cor Market and Bridge, 

Earl Charles H. 809, 811 and 813 19th 
Fadely <fc Bro, 422 8th nw 
Farnham & Berrv, 1350 C 
Flemming P. 470 C 
Fowler Eugene A, 1234 12th 
Geary Thomas, Jackson hall al 
Gheen Joseph L. 718 I 
Gheen & Osborn, 627 G 
Hackney & Norris. 3 Bridge, Gtn 
Hazel Wm C, 168 Beall, Gtn 
Hopper C, 12th nr C 

Huguely & Bowen,643, 615 and 647 N T av 
Keleher James, 423 to 427 8th 
Keyes & Co, c 14th and D 
Leadingham & Co, 1327 H nw and Wil- 

lards hotel 
McLaughlin John, 19 2d ne 
Marcey & Payne, 38 Congress, Gtn 
Nailor Allison jr, 1330 E 
Nailor Wash. 1326 E 
Nay lor T & Son, 1419 N T av 
Olcott & Son, I bet 13th and 14th 
Otterbach Henry B. 10th c M se 
Price John T, 311 6th 
Pumphrey James W, 485, 487 and 489 C 
Snow Jobn, 114 3d 

White & McClosky, 8th ab Boundary nw 
Wanstall John & Son, 815 and 817 19th 
Willis J W, 1223 E nw 

Loan and Trust Co. 

Real EstPte Loan and Trust Co of D C, 
509 7th 

LocksmitJis and JBell Hangers. 

(See also Bell Hangers.) 
Bagley Thomas. 2119 Pa av nw 
Biatzheim J, 408 10m 
Boteler Jno D, 116 B se 
Burgee E T & Sen. 622 D nw 
Gasch Richard, 914 9th nw 
Hofer Robert, 1212 H 
Lemmer F, 1747 Pa av 
Lusby L L. 803 6th nw 
Neubeck Henry. 1918 H 
Schaefer John, 624 K nw 
Servers Henry, 110 3d nw 
Warfield A M, 323>^ 7th 
Werner C H, 706 2d nw 

Looking Glass and Picture 

Castle S, 1304, H nw 

Lumber Dealers. 

Campbell John T, 1309 11th se 

Cnurch C B & Sons, Md av e 8th 

Clark T Edward & Co, loot 4th se, 723 8th 

se and 603 Pa av 
Cottrell Bros, 2d cor Ind av 
Evans Bros & Co. 8th st Whaff 
Fugitt Nathaniel B, 13lii cor Ohio av 
Johnson George H. 15th cor R 
Libbey Joseph & J' E, 27 Water, Gtn 
McCULLOUGH W W, 511 N J av 

McLean Wm. 204 13th 
Mobun Francis & Sons, 1214 Ohio av 
Pickrell E & Co, 53 Water Gtn 
Roach J E & Co, 12th c Md av sw 
Shehan George A. 7th cor Water 6W 
Shiles John W, 346 Md av sw 
Smith Thomas W, Ind av cor 1st 
Smith & Wimsatt. cor Tth and I sw 
Wheatley Brothers, 37 Water Gtn and 7th 

cor Q 
Willett & Libbey, 6th cor N Y av 
Windsor & Gra> son, 14th nr C 


Baltimore Jeremiah D, 505 3d sw 

Forsberg & Murray, 219 7th sw 

Hewitt, Follansbee & Co, 7th nr Grant av 

Kinsinger William, 69 Water Gtn 
Sinclair & Robertson, 1118 D 


Hamilton & Pearson, 403 9th 

31arble Workers. 

Bradley E, 1822 H 

Brad ey Walter R, 2307 Pa av 

Burns & Benner, 228 1st sw 

Edmonds Chas. G near 2d 

Gibson Wm. 2303 Pa av 

Heany T, 508 H nw 

Jouvenal Jacques, 941 D 

McMenamin Doniiuick, cor 1st and Pa av 

Middleton Wm, 4th cor B se 
Rosseau Cbaries, N Cap ccr B ne 

separate rooms, at 629 F st nw 





Rather foid Win, 1116 D 
Schafer John. 1739 Pa av 
Stewart J & Son. 441 N Y av 
Tourney T, 1320 E 
Velhme\er Jacob, C near iSt& 
Wallace T E, 639 Mats av 

Mairtess Manufacfurers. 

(See abo Furniture.) 

Eleventh Street Company, 419 11th nw 

Linger Henry A & Bros, 111719th nw 

Llo\d Samuel. 905 Dnw 

TO MY, SAIQUEL EE©T», 905 » 

Matin matical Instruments. 

TCR£RS, 1st cor B snr 

Kahler Edward. 1807 K 
Kubel Edward, 326 1st ne 
Wurdeinan Charles F, 204 Del av ne 

Mercantile lieporters, 

Goldsborough & Williamson, St Cloud 

Milk Dealers. 


K Ward.) 629 E 

lion.) G21 N 

Smith,) 431* »th s»w 
Bodlander M, 507 9th 
Brooke PL, 24 western mkt 
Bretminger & Co, Mass av cor 4th 
Brown Jcs(pb, 19 2d se 
BDBDE1TBASIL, cor 6lh and 

IS se 
Crocker D, 459 cen mkt 
land) 1129 Mil 
Fuss John. 514 N L mkt and 1010 H 
Gregoiy's Valley Dairy, 175 7 Paav 
HARDING A J & CO, 1003 N J av 
Hollano Juo W. 403 E Cap 
Holland R W, 1422 Pa av 
Jones W S & Bro, 225 F nw 
New York Dairy, (C H Rowland & Co), 

2137 H 
Piedmont Dairy, (C F Sigourney), 917 

Md av sw 
Ryer Henry, 532 8th se 
Thomas Edmund, 325 Pa av 
Ward F K, 629 E nw 

Milliners and Millinery Goods. 

Allen Henry, 527 4^ sw 
Barbour Anna M. 237 Pa av 
Bauui Mrs B. 802 7th nw 
BloutIL, 710 7th nw 
Bonitz Henrv, 1028 7th 
Brandt A J, 1506 14th 
Bright A E, 545 8th se 
Churchill A T Miss, 903 Pa av 
Cook J< hn J, 97 Bridge, Gtu 
Davis E G, 719 mkt space 
Deggs A E, 1246 7th 
Delarue M M, 1235 Pa av 
Depoilly Louise, 736 13th 

Dowling E W, 612 9th 

Edmonston Sarah J. 62 High, Gto 

Emrich Marip, 133 Bridge, Gtn 

Ford L Miss, 1117 7th 

Friedrich Anna., 905 7th nw 

Gaston A G Mrs. 631 F nw 

Graham John, 1122 7th 

Gray L A Miss, 359^ Pa av 

Heller P, 1922 Pa av 

Heller S, 715 Market space 

Herbst Daniel, 1218 7th 

Hinckley Elvira M, 711 Market space 

Hunt M J Miss, 62i D nw 

Huntress Samuel, 1307 D 

Kauffman Benjamin. 221 Pa av 

Kenny John H, 915 Pa av nw 

Keppler C T, 621 4>£ 

King C Mrs, 922 Pa av 

Lacombe A V, 1209 7th 

Larmier Madame, 1426 Pa av 

Louis H, 101617th 

Luer^sen Selnla H, 1024 7th 

McCormick E A, 522 9th 

Meyer S N, 922 7th nw 

Oettinger Henry, 101 Bridge, Gtn 

Palmer J P, 1109 F 

Partello C V, 2014 14th 

Preuss Gertrude, 433 7th sw 

Roberts K Mrs, 1 304 7th 

Rosen baum H & Son, 722 7th nw 

Rothberg Rachael, 471 Pa av 

Seaman N C, 1801 14th 

Silver M & Co, 736 7th nw 

Silver Myer, 717 mkt spce 

Soule Emma, 1107 Pa av nw 

Sparks & Buckley, 812 7lh nw 

Stone E A, 1102 7th 

Stratton C Mrs, 611 Pa av se 

Thorn C W, wholesale, 313 and 315 9th 

Tomlinson B, 1140 7th 

Tribbey Jane, 120 Bridge, Gtn 

Wells T C, 203 Pa av se 

Wheatley Sarah, 132 Pa av se 

Whiting Albert T Mrs, 924 Pa av nw 

Willian M, 907 Pa av 

Woodcock C J, 1343 F 

Young Dxvid A, 113 Bridge, Gtn 

Young Elizabeth W, 721 4% sw 

Mills— Flour. 

(See also Flour.) 

Beall £z Shoemaker, Water nr aqueduct,. 

Deener, Cissel & Welch, Columbia Mills 

Water between Frederick and Fayette, 

Gaskins William A & Co, cor Water and 

High. Gtn 
Metropolitan Middlings Purifying Co of 

D C. 607 7th 
Rav A Ross & Brother, Water and Poto- 
mac, Gtn 
Shoemaker David L, Old Foundary nr 

aqueduct, Gtn 
Shoemaker George & Co, 146 Water, Gtn 
Tenney W A &'■ Sons. Water bet Lin'gan 

and Fayette. Gtu 

Miner a I Wa ters. 

Otto George, Mass av nr 6th ne 
Palmer Sarnnel C, 57 Greene, Gtn 
Whitney M M & Co, 208 7th sw 

Private Land laims, Mining and 





Ballauf D, 731 7th 
Krieger J G, 43? 9th 
Lyon Nelson A, 529 7th 
Matz<fc Burger, 625 7th nw 
Seltraan Charles, 713 8th 

Music and Music Dealers. 

(See also Pianos.) 
Becker Victor, 502 9th 
Donch Henry. 537 8th se 
Ellis John F & Co, 937 Pa av 
Esputa John, 423 8th se 
Metzerott W G <fc Co, 925 Pa ay 
Pistoria F D, 815 E se 
Wild G L & Bro, 723 7th 


Donch Henry. 537 8th se 


American Annals of Deaf and Dumb, 

quarterly, (Deaf Mute College,) Kendall 


Congressional Record, °;ovt printing office 


Bldg- and 641 La av nw 
Evening Star Newspaper Co, 1104 D 
Forney's Sunday Chronicle, (D C Forney,) 

608 Pa av 
Nautical Gazette, (Wm Conard,) 1427 F 
National Kepuolican, (W J Murtagh, 

prop,) 1300 E 
Official Gazette of U S Patent Office, pub 

by latent Office 
Post Office Gazette, (Judd & Detweiler,) 

11th cor Pa av 
Sunday Gazette. 931 D 
Sunday Herald, 935 D 
The Capital, (Donn Piatt editor,) 927 D 
The Daily Criiic, (Ringwalt, Hack & Mil- 
ler, props.) 511 9th 
The Republic, monthly. 914 Pa ay 
The Silent World, pub 711 G 
The Telegram, (Hugh Coyle,) 408 10th nw 
The Union, 927 D 
U S Record & Gazette. (J H Soule, prop,) 

Pa av cor 13th 
Volks Tribun Der, 610 La av nw 
Washington Journal, (Werner Koch pub- 
lisher) 309 8;h 
Washington Chtonicle. 914 Pa av 
Washington Law Reporter, 633 F nw 
Washington Sentinel, 10ih cor E 
Weekly Record, (W D Hughes.) 412 7th nw 
Western Land Owner, Henry N Copp, 
box 230 post office 

Newspapers of other cities. 

(Having offices in Washington.) 
Baltimore American, 1339 F 
Baltimore Correspondent. 118 1st nw 
Baltimore Gazette, (A M Gibson,) 523 

14th nw 
Baltimore Sun. (F A Richardson,) 1314 F 
Boston Advertiser. 1314 F nw 
Boston Evening Traveller, 1314 F 
Boston Herald, (E J Hudson,) 511 14th 
Boston Jourua 1 . 133 F nw 
Boston Post. 1328 F nw 
Boston Transcript, (W B Shaw.) 521 14th 
Chicago Inter-Ocean, 1314 F nw 
Chicago Journal, 1314 F 
Chicago Times, 1404 Pa av nw 

Chicago Tribune, 1333 F nw 
Cinciunau Commercial, 1328 F nw 
Cincinnati Enquirer, 1339 F nw 
Cincinnati Gazette, (H V Boynton,) 511 

Cincinnati Times. 1314 F 
Courier Journal. 1418 F 
Graphic. (J D Bel!.) 1314 F nw 
Indianapolis Journal, (E F Peck.) 1330 F 
Louisville Courier Journal, 1118 F nw 
New Orleans Picayune. 1418 F 
New York Associated Press. 503 14th 
New York Evening Posi, 1314 F 
New York Express. 521 14th uw 
New York Herald, 1218 F 
New York Journal of Commerce, 1314 F 
New York Times, 1330 F 
New York Tribune, fZ L White,) 1335 F 
New York World, (Geo W Adams.) 515 

Philadelphia Bulletin, 1314 F 
Philadelphia Inquirer, 521 I4th 
Philadelphia Press. 1418 F nw 
Piitsburo- Evening Telegraph, 1314 F 
Public Ledger, 1330 F nw 
Richmond Dispatch, 503 14th 
Richmond Inquirer. L R Washington, 

1418 F 
Richmond Whig, 1418 F nw 
St Louis Republican, 1314 F uw 
St Louis Times, 1339 F nw 
Sau Francisco Chronicle. 617 llth uw 
The Sun (New York,)AM Gibson, 523 14th 

Notaries Public* 

Arms John T, 810 F 
AtLee S Yorke. 457 P sw 
Austin S F, 1542 Columbia nw 
B&2:g George W. 1429 N Y av 
Bell W Pierce, 408 5th nw 
Birney Arthur A. 330 4>£ sw 
Blackford B L, 519 7th 
Bohrer Geo A, G cor llth se 
Bond Samuel R, 321 4k" nw 
Boone Albert E, 462 La av 
Boswell Frederick A, 352 E sw 
Bradley A C, 505 D 
Bramhall Wm L. 607 7th nw 
Browning Livingston, 416 5th 
Callan MP, 615 7th 
Callan Nicholas, 1422 F 
Clark John T C, 3^4 12th 
Coldwell John T, 7th cor F 
Cook John H. LeDroit Building 
Corson John W, 1429 F 
Cross Samuel. 613 15th nw 
Dooley J F, 434 8th 
Dunwoody W P. 30 Grant place 
Eddie Chris, 1515 Pa av 
Edwards J S. 486 La av uw 
Faehtz EFM, 613 F nw 
Falls Alex J, 1*11 G uw 
Fitch J E. 1509 Pa av nw 
Fitch William. 515 7th 
Gatchel Theodore F. 1014 F nw 
Graham George F. St Cloud Building 
Gridley James H, 7th c F 
Halev A G. 819 mkt space 
He iron J II, 700 9th nw 
Hyde Geo A, 505 D uw 
Ingersoll Edward C, 454 La ay 
Johnson W T, 613 7th 
Jones D S, 1223 F 

IVatioaial Hfaaik 

Pre-emption eases attended— 629 F it. nw. 




Jones Fred W, 486 La av nw 
Kimball I G, 1341 F nw 
Klopler E J. 458 La av nw 
K-itfhtO, 633 F nw 
Lay" J C, 223 4>£nw 
Leipold R H T, St Cloud building 
Lemon George E, 916 F nw 
Lockwood Ezekiel, 512 10th 
MeKenny John, 634 La av 
McNamee Charles, 321 4}£ 
Middlelon E J. jr. 8th cor F 
Milburn George R, 808 F 
Mills Samuel 0, 486 La av 
Moore William G. 613 15th nw 
Murray Robert J. 319 4>£ 
Myers J W P, 715 15th nw 
Myers Thomas J, 1216 F nw 
Offley H E, 15th cor F nw 
Olmstead John F. 725 12th nw 
Pilling John W, 519 7th 
Plant J T K, 915 F nw 
Pratt Fred W, 401 9th nw 
Rittenhouse S W. 505 D nw 
Rohrer M M, 513 7th nw 
Ross John W, 458 La av 
Ruff Albert B, La av cor 7th 
Schmidt E L. 630 F 
Shepherd Arthur, 208 4^ 
Short Will A, 515 F nw 
Stone Warren C, 319 A% nw 
Sweet Edwin J, 511 7th aw 
Tait James A, 221 Pa av se 
Taylor A S, 20th cor I nw 
Terry & A, 802 F nw 
Thomas Jenkin, 3 Congress, GtB 
Thompson J B, 452 La av nw 
Walter Charles, 342 D 
Waugh James E 
White George H B, 613 15th 
Wilson E K 
Wollard Charles F, 710 D 


Nolte E Mrs, 907 11th 
Schluter L W A, 558 N L mkfe 


Alexander Isaac. 1229 Pa av 
Franklin & Co, 1227 Pa av 
Hempler Henry H, 453 Pa av 
Oppenheimer S, 528 9th nw 


(See Pianos.) 

(Spc also Fish, also Restaurants.) 

DeAtley Matthew, 1220 E 

Fields C R, 47 Bridge, Gtn 

Harris J, 25th nr K, and 50 H nw 


High, iiti\ 
Harvey & Holden, Pa av cor 11th 
HOG AN J. J., 423 iatu 
Hopkins Frank T, 903 6th 
Kinney & Scott, 217 N J av 
Reid Robert & Son, 493 C nw 
Richardson Henry, 221 N J av 
TURNER & STREET, lltli-st 

Weser Edward, 1116 E 
White Nicholas & Co, 621 B 

Painters— Fresco. 

Forsberg G W, 410 9th nw 

Painters—Mouse and Sign. 

Angel J T, 304 4% nw 

Armor & Bro, 815 E nw 

Armor & Montrop, 906 D 

Beall James A, Anacostia 

Bowen Cornelius T, 25 La av 

Bowen U G, 1323 Mass av 

Bowman W, 1204 H 

Brown Thomas A, 603 La av 

Brown & Atkiuson, 714 M nw 

Burgess A, 400 8th se 

Callahan John C & Co, 1120 D 

Cannon Alfred D, 621 La av 

Carr J W, 412 10th 

Cavanaugh & Biennan, 1221 11th nw 

Chamberlain George W, 713 8th 

Collier A J, 625 L nw 

Conroy William J, 1702 H 

Croesfield & Coomes, 419 12th nw 

Curry Isaac, 805 14th 

Davis James H, 609 31th 

Douglass John G, 1210 Pa av nw 

Fen wick R M A, 634 H 

Finch J S, H c 7th nw 

Finney A & Co. 467 K sw 

Frain D M, N Y av c 9th 

Godfrey L & Son, 1349 P 

Gray E F, 1817 I 

Green Robert B, 13th nr C ne 

Hawke & Mechan, 111 Pa av se 

Hickey Frank P, 306 B se 

Hickey Patrick, 306 B se 

Hudson James, Pa av bet 13th aud 14th v 

Kirk George E. 607 La av 

Larkin J F, 212 H nw 

Lauman J H, 618 G 

Lehmann Anton, 119 E Cap se 

Lucas Peter, 111 21st 

Luther D, 454 N Y av 

Macnichol C, 417 10th 

May-ruder Lewis, 618 11th 

Mankiu J W. 108 HigL, Gtn 

May Bloudel, 633 M 

Millan J D, 432 8th 

Moore J B, 1924 H 

Moore R H, 1205 9th 

Moran Bros, 1120 D nw 

Murray J C. 11 Prospect, Gta 

Nalley J C, 509 K 

Neale John T, 406 8th 

Newman F S, 830 20th 

Offutt Geo W, High nr Bridge, Gtu 

Ogle & Jennings, 61 L G 

Owens E I, 618 G 

Parker Moses T, 614 La av 

PARKER S. S. & SON, 733 13tll 

Peters J E, 610 S nw 

Ryau Albert G, 123 A se 

RYDER JOHN, 432 8tl» 

Spalding Win E & Co, 1224 Pa av 

Stalling;* Jno M, 90 Montgomery, Gtn 

Steffaui Noel, G eor 9th nw 

Steinberg Henry, 474 La av 

Stoops W B, 311 8th nw 

Turn burke George, 1342 G 

Warner & Bentiey, 927 Mass av 

Walling Joseph B, A nr 5ih ne 

Watts SS, 728 14th 

Whelan Alexander, 311 8th 

Wood R I, 1223 I se 

Collections made and suits brought in 




Painters 1'ortrait. 

(See also Artists.) 
Ransom Caroline L, 450 Pa av 

Paints, Oils, &c. 

Barber Theodore, 235 % sw 
Benham L J, 1215 Pa av 
Levi Isaac, 1029 7th 
Levi Jacob, 1107 7th 
McLain James. 922 D nw 
Martin Luiher, 609 C 
Miller Francis. 307 9th 
Higgles J Richard. 714 K 
Rutherford VVm. 1217 E 
Ryneal George jr, 639 D 

Pajier Bag Manufacturer. 

Riley Terrence, 019 La av 

Paper Bowes* 

Hammerschlag H. 909 La av 
Youse William, 1213 7th 

Paper Manufacturer. 

ill George jr, 432 9th, and Water and 
Potomac, Gtn 

Paper Warehouse. 

Morrison E, 805 D 

Rudolph & Fenton, 609 La av nw 

Paper Hangings. 

Alexander John. 1231 Pa av 
Clark L F & Sons, 1113 F nw 
Coon John W, 102 High, Gtu 
Hounschild Wm, 1751 Pa av 
Kidwell & Henderson. 406 9th 
Krause Charles A, 1213 N Y av 
Lepreux Bros, 503 9th 
Markriter John, 439 7th 
Meiners J H, 912 8th 
Moore James A K, 309 9th 
Reh Frederick, 312 12th nw 
Schaefer George M. 1709 Pa av 
Spelshouse John F, 1241 7th 
Spelshouse William H, 1032 7th 
Taltavull Peter & Son, 723 8th se 
Tubman AM, 4119th 
Vogel Ferdinand, 829 5th nw 
Wlllner Francis. 1925 Pa av 
Willner George, 429 9th 

Paper Materials. 

American Palm Pulp and Paper Co, 802 
F nw 

Paper Warehouse. 

Rudolph & Fenton, 609 La av 

Patent Medicines. 

PELLETIEB A, 503 F nw 

Pawnb rokers. 

Boyer John, 315 12th 
Cohen A, 1007 7th 
Fulton H K, 1232 Pa av 
Fulton Robert, 314 9th 
Goldstein S & Co, D cor 10th 
Heideuheimer Eiias, 1238 Pa av 


Clephane & Co, 319 4^ nw 
Harbin James T, 223 8in se 

Photographers . 

Armstrong William J, 401 7th nw 
Bates N E, 92 Bridge, Gtn 
Bell Charles M, 459 Pa av 
Bicksler Ihornas J, 1315 7th 
Bowdoin David W, 939 Pa av nw 
Brady Matthew B, 627 Pa av nw 
Butts John T, 708 7th nw 
Dillon Luke C, 1227 Pa av 
Fassett Samuel M, 925 Pa av nw 
Frenzel Louis, 45 Bridge, Gtn 
Gardner Alexander, 921 Pa av 
Gardner Lawrence, 921 Pa av nw 
Goldin John, 819 Market Space 
Hoyt Gabriel P B, 627 Pa av 
Jarvis John F, 135 Pa av 
Johnson J Orvile, 809 Pa avnw 
Jonlan William, 805 Market Space 
McAllister C H, 905 Pa av 
Phipps Edwin. 319 Pa av 
Phipps William, 319 Pa av 
Pullman E J, 935 Pa av 
Reichmaun Rudolph, 1111 Pa av 
Rice M P, 1219 Pa av 
Taylor George, 467 Pa av 
Tralles Paul. 1013 D 
Ulke Julius, 1111 Pa av 
Washington Copying Co, 309 9th nw 
Wheeler P H, 422 7th 


JAM JEfH McIiAIHT, Proprietor. 

Office, 922 D St. NW. Factory, 931 B St. NW. 

A MIMEBAL PAIIVT, Manufactured from the Purest? 
Toughest and Hardest Lake Superior Iron Ores. 

Effectually resists ah atmospheric chauges which prove so destructive to other 
Mineral Paints (so called.) 


. A.S a Tioofiiig Paint it lias no eq iaaL 

any of the courts , by GILMORjE, $ CO. 





Abert C, 2022 I 

Adams A C. 1102 8th nw 

Adams Benjamin B, 1728 7th 

Adams E A, 422 8th se 

Adams J Lee, 1335 E se 

Alexander H O, 1740 Pa av 

Allen Charles, 415 7th 

Allen E B, West., Gtn 

Alvord Henry J. 418 3d ne 

Appleby J F R, 63 Market, Gtn 

Armstrong Wm J. 1629 Conn av 

Ashford F A, 1330 N Y av 

Augusta Alex T, 1319 L nw 

Baldwin Aaron, 1017 M 

Baldwin Wm O, 1915 Pa av nw 

Barker Howard H, 1116 H uw 

Barnes J K, U S A, 1723 H nw 

Barnes Joseph D. 1733 G nw 

Baxter Jedediah H, U S A, 704 14th nw 

Baxter John B G, 903 F ne 

Beale Joseph, U S A. 815 12th nw 

Be ale James 8, 206 B se 

Beall Benjamin M, 801 H ne 

Behrend A, 709 H nw 

Bell Ralph, 944 L nw 

Benisch Annie. 630 Mass av nw 

Bennit Will W, 921 N T av nw 

Bigelow John R, 931 G nw 

Billings John S, U 8 A, 84 Gay, Gtn 

Bird J C. 526 13th 

Bittinger Charles. 506£ 9th nw 

Blair David, 1415 8 nw 

Blake John B, 340 Iud av nw 

Blanch ard S B, Hoi mead rd nr 14 th nw 

Bliss D Willard, 721 15th nw 

Boarman C B, 1114 Md av sw 

Boarman Sylvester B, 1114 Md av sw 

Bogan M V B, 604 Mass av nw 

Bogan Samuel W. 310 I nw 

Boldemaun Theo, 820 8th sw 

Bond Samuel 8, 813 1st 

Borland Andrew J, 903 6th nw 

Borrows Joseph, 921 E nw 

Bosworth Allen L, 918 E nw 

Bowen C H, 603 Mass av nw 

Bowen James L N, 928 E sw 

Boyd William, 108 V~a av sw 

Boyle Cornelius. 212 4% nw 

Brackett John E, 31 B se 

Bradford Fred G H, 1423 N Y av nW 

Briscoe WC, 317 C nw 

Brooks Geo W, 322 E sw 

Brooks J Henry, 1136 12th nw 

Brothers Lewis J. 906 B sw 

Brothers & Gray. 906 B sw 

Brown D A, 914 12th 

Brown Wm A, 437 7th 

Bruckheimer M. 240 ±% sw 

Bulkley John W, 615 11th 

Busey S C, 1517 Pa av nw 

Bushnell J H. 1212 10th nw 

Rutt W B, 615 M nw 

Callan C V N, 2408 Pa av nw 

Calvert Edward H. 62 Defrees 

Christie W Arthur, Uniontown 

Clark John H, 111 4>£ sw 

Clarke Daniel B, 1008 13th nw 

Clymer Geo. U 8 N, 1617 H nw 

Cooke B C. 1305 Ml av sw 

CorbiuE Lvon. 603 La av nw 

Coumbe J T, 1304 9ih nw 

CoxC C, 1010 F t.w 

CoxLuti er C, 207 E Cap 

Cragm C A. i24 D m barton, Gtn 

Craig B F, U S A. 1812 I nw 
Crane Charles H, U 8 A, 1905 F nw 
Crew Samuel B, 454 Md av sw 
Crossou Henry J, 68 Defrees nw 
Crounse J L, 228 E Cap ne 
Culver Frederick B. 809 E nw 
Curtis Josiah, 601 13th nw 
Daniel Z T, 911 L 
Dare John, 221 A se 
Dart Anson, 338 E sw 
Davidson James M, 73 Defrees 
Davis George M, 906 D sw 
De Meza M M, 504 E nw 
Dexter James E, 453 C nw 
Dorsey L, 1007 9th nw 
Dorsey T G. 124 4th se 
Dovilliers Leopold V, 1221 13th nw 
Draper L J, 1909 Pa av nw 
Drinkard William B, 1314 I nw 
Duhamel William J C, 338 Ind av nw 
Duncanson Henry A, 909 H nw 
Dyrenforth Robert St G, 608 3d nw 
Edson Susan A. 1308 I nw 
Edwards William W, 616 N Cap 
Eliot Johnson, 510 E nw 
Elliot J Llewellyn, 510 E nw 
Evans Warwick, 1027 9th nw 
Farnham Robert. 1103 M nw 
Faulkner William H, 632 Mass av nw 
Fenwick George P, 405 7th sw 
Fisher George W, Uniontown 
Fisher S B, 113 E Cap 
Fletcher Robert, 424 3d nw 
Ford Charles M, 134 Pa av se 
Foreman Edward, 1102 Va av sw 
Foster F J, 1002 25th nw 
Franzoni Charles W. 900 6th nw 

French R D DeL. 1336 T nw 

French Richard H, 327 F sw 

Garnett Alexander Y P, 1317 N Y av 

Gibbs Thomas F. 935 R I av nw 

Gleason J K P, 1227 N nw 

Glennan P, N J av cor Boundary 

Godfrey John, 739 G uw 

Goerner Emil, 923 4th nw 

Green John M. 1349 U nw 

Green Richard A, 14th bet B and C ne 

Gressom William H, Del av nr M ne 

Grier William, U S N, 13th cor K nw 

Grinstead William, 637 9th ne 

Groot Simon I, 924 N Y av 

Gunnel Francis N, U S N. naval hospital 

Hagner Charles E, 1133 10th nw 

Haffner Daniel R, 1814 H nw 

Hambleton James P. 513 13th nw 

Hammett C M, 644 F sw 

Hansman Theodore. 723 6th 

Harmer Joseph, 1929 9th 

Harris James O, 929 L nw 

Harris J D, 7th cor Boundary 

Harris Robert, 929 L nw 

Harrison James A, 1304 F nw 

Harti^an J F, 1224 F nw 

Harvey Wm F, 471 C nw 

Hatch Horace. 1323 F nw 

Hazeu David H, 601 6th sw 

Healey Thos M. 813 Vt av nw 

Herbert J Wells, 205 H nw 

Herhdon Dabney, 1441 Corcoran 

Herron Charles S, 1421 5th nw 

Hill Edward K, 1217 G 

Hill Francis H, 1209 N nw 

Hmes C M, 1226 20th nw 

Homer H. 1315 K nw 

Hood Thomas B, 1009 O nw 

Hootee Louis C. 1115 S nw 

Design Patents and Labels secured 




Hopkins George N. 1617 Conn av 

Houston Samuel, 1417 Columbia nw 

Howard, 617 F nw 

Howard H N, 918 Mass av 

Howard Joseph Th, 1126 9th nw and 617 F 

Hudson W L. 21 H ne 

Huff Jane. 316 B sw 

Hyatt Frank. 1008 F nw 

Johnson A E, 101 B se 

Johnson Dallas, 1208 6th 

Johnson Joseph Tabor. 937 N Y av 

Johnston Gabriel F, 420 6th nw 

Johnston Wm W, 1307 F nw 

Jones B C, 926 B sw 

Jouy Joseph. 2218 Pa av nw 

Joyce J W, 912 I nw 

jnmLIHN M Ii, 1001 Mdav sw 

Kearney Richard F, 305 13th sw 

Keech Thomas, 614 Pa avnw 

Keene P Thomas. 327 E Cap 

Kelley David J, 59 Congress, Gtn 

Ketcham Orlando C. 37 C ne 

King Albert F A, 726 13th nw 

Kins George S, 1321 7th 

Kleinschmidt C H A. 74 Congress, Gtn 

Lamb Daniel S, 1324 V nw 

Langston John M, Howard University 

Latimer Edwin W, 624 I nw 

Lawver Winfield P, 1731 Pa av nw 

Leach H E, 504 12th nw 

Lee William, 2111 Pa av nw 

Liebermann Charles H. 722 12th nw 

Lincoln Nathan S, 1329 F nw 

Linderman Henry R. 510 I nw 

Liudsley Harvey, 824 Conn av 

Loomis Silas L, 639 Pa av se 

Love joy J W H, 900 12th nw 

McBlair JH jr. 921 D nw 

McCauley Joseph A, 478 M sw 

McCoy George, 308 2d se 

McKimS A H, 25 5th se 

McNally V, 1203 13ih nw 

McWilliams Alexander. 629 4X sw 

Machenheimer C P, 128 D sw 

Mack all James McV, 110 Bridge, Gtn 

Mackall L jr, Bridge cor Congress, Gtn 

Mackey Albert G, 1440 M nw 

Mauruder George L, 310 E nw 

Marbury William, 215 Bridge, Gtn 

Marbury William A, 719 22d nw 

Marmion William V. 1106 F nw 

MarrSS, 1319 8th 

Mason John Edwin. 1003 E 

Massey T E, 1320 I 

Maus Richard J, 1701 6th nw 

Maxwell Charles D, 1716 I nw 

May new John, 1527 5th nw 

Maynard Edward. 1321 F 

Mead F W. 37 E nw 

Mead Theodore, 902 22d nw 

Melvin McCarty B, 721 4>^ sw 

Menam Epbraim C, 620 N J av nw 

Miller A W, 820 K se 

Miller Christian, 719 6th nw 

Moore Joseph B, 1924 Pa av nw 

Morgan James E, 1116 Md av sw and 905 

E nw 
Morrrell Wm H, Insane Asylum 
Muucaster Otbo M, 10th c Mass av 
Mundell John H, 1022 18th nw 
Murphy P H, 25th c Pa av 
M>ers Worthington B, 1619 K nw 
Naylor Wm L. 456 M nw 
Neale Richard A, 1134 8th 
Neff Benjamin F, 630 M 
Nelson H C, U S N. 1415 G 

Newman S R, 2212 13th nw 

Newman Wm G H, 2402 Pa av nw 

Newton Lewis E, 413 L nw 

Nichols Charles H, Gov Hospital Insane 

Norris Basil, U S A, 1829 G nw 

Norton Hervey J, 517 Lse 

O'Conneil Jeffrey C L. 40 M nw 

Offutt Geo W, 105 2!. Gtn 

Osman Charles J. 917 12ih nw 

Otis Geo A, U S A. 1919 G nw 

Page R A. 1115 F 

Page William M. 1904Pa av 

Palmer G S. 1113 Mass av nw 

Palmer James C, U S N. 912 19th nw 

Palmer Wm G, 929 H nw 

Parker Peter, 2 L ifayette square 

Parson M a Mrs, 1322 F nw 

Parsons Johu. 10 I ne 

Patterson DeWitt C, 919 1 nw 

Patze A, 8th c D nw 

Pearson Clement, 625 13th nw 

Peck M D, 1116 H nw 

Peter Armisted. 100 Gay, Gtn 

Pittis Wm, 1441 T nw 

Pope Gustavus W, 1334 I nw 

Porter Henry C, 120 3d se 

Porter Horace T. 25 Bridge, Gtn 

Porter James B, 1206 E nw 

Porter James J, 17 Bridge, Gtn 

Porter J H. 17 Bridge. Gtn 

Poulton Wm E, 426 4% sw 

Prentiss Dau Webster. 1248 9th nw 

Purriugton Tobia. 1108 F nw 

Purvis Charles B, 1118 13th nw 

Radciiffe Samuel J. 1733 G nw 

Ramsey Wm T, 1447 Q nw 

Rand Charles; 422 7th nw 

R*uterbergL E, 215 3d nw 

Rauterberg Charles, 215 3d 

Ravenberg Rudolph. 1473 T nw 

Reily James R. 221 4}£ sw 

Reuling Geo. 1209 Pa av nw 

Reyburn Robert. 2128 F nw and 717 15th 

Reynolds W B, 214 7th se 

Richin^s Henry, 1333 F nw 

Riley John 0, 14u7 N Y av nw 

Ripley Z Howe, 1231 G nw 

Ritchie Joshua A, 40 1st, Gtn 

Ritchie L W, 40 1st, Gtn 

Roberts Wm E. 715 G se 

Robertson W W, 424 10th nw 

Rodrigue Aristide, 1135 10th nw 

Rosette John. 105 Pa av se 

Ross Wm H, 1000 F nw 

Rosse Irving C, 1343 F nw 

Rupp A Fred, 812 O nw 

Russell Wm R, Vt av cor 14th nw 

St Clair Frank O. 1428 R I av nw 

Sampson G C, 2419 Pa av nw 

Schaeffer E M, 816 21st and 1115 F nw 

Scholl Joseph, 712 D nw 

Schucking P L 1131 11th nw 

Shekell A B. 168 High, Gtn 

Sladen Joseph A. 1429 S nw 

Slowen Wm M, 316 Va av sw 

Smith Thomas C, 1133 12th nw 

Son n en schmidt C W, 616 E nw 

Sothoron James T, 1919 I nw 

Sowers Z T, 1324 N Y av 

Spackman Mary D. 1634 14th nw 

Stanton J O, 1344 G nw 

Stearns S S, 924 P 

Stegmaier Charlotte, Me av nr3d sw 

Stephenson Joseph G, 1007 F sw 

Sterne Wm H, 1114 13th nw 

Stewart Wm D, 153314th 

629 Fnw 




Stone C G, Brightwood nw 

Stone Wm H, 801 L se 

Stratton J Theodore. 530 6th se 

Street Daniel B. 520 8th ne 

Sturgis Philip M, 736 10th 

Suddarth James L, 300 Mass av nw 

Sumby Siduey A. 303 3d sw 

Sweetman James T. 1008 26th nw 

Sylvester D M, 1336 5th nw 

Sylvester George, 1826 7th nw 

Taber Amon C. 2142 Pa av nw 

Tarkiugtou J A, 217 D nw 

Taulman D D, 6th cor G nw 

Taylor John Y, 1005 9th nw 

Taylor Leroy VI, 706 M nw 

Taylor W H. 808 K nw 

Thompson J Ford, 1000 9th nw 

Thompson J Harry, 1321 Mass av nw 

Thompson J M, 915 F nw 

Tmdall William, 406 3d se 

Toner J M, 615 La av nw 

Townsbend 8, 213 4X nw 

Trau sue A, 710 8th nw 

Tree Charles M, 514 12th nw 

Triplet! W H, F c 11th 

Tucker A W, Pa av c ±% nw 

Turpiti Henry W. 736 12th nw 

Tyler Grafton, 135 Washington, Gtn 

Tyler W Bowie, Prospect c Market, Gtn 

Tyson S E. 141 West. Gtn 

Van Arnum John W, 1529 14th nw 

Verdi T S, 901 16th 

Vowles David W, 1031 8th nw 

Wag^aman Samuel I, K c Conn av 

Walker Mary E, 919 7th nw 

Wallace William F. 104 Ind av 

Walsh John K, 1112 14th nw 

Walsh Joseph, 645 E se 

Walsh Ralph, 227 4^ 

Walter J, 1011 E nw 

Ward William W, 1929 Pa av 

Watts S R, 1008 19th nw 

Weber CLE, 1223 N Y av nw 

Wells Francis, 1745 8th 

Wells Walter S. 914 V nw 

Willet John E, 476 F sw 

Williams John W F, 1005 2d ne 

Williamson Amos N.486F sw 

Winsiow C B Mrs, 1 Grant place 

Winter J T, 1613 10th nw 

Wise Thomas W. 725 1st nw 

Woihaupter D P, 801 H nw 

Woodbury H E, 912 12th nw 

Woodward Joseph J, 620 F nw 

Wood worth John M. 937 iM 

Young James T, 1336 N Y av 

Youn^ N. 344 Pa av nw 

Young W P, 1320 8 

Zeveley E A, 1325 N nw 

Piano Fortes. 

Coltman Robert, 912 F 
Ellis John F & Co, 937 Pa av 
Kuhn Gustave, 407 10th 
Metzeroit W G & Co, 925 Pa av 
Reicheubaeh C, 423 11 ih 
Sanders & Stay man, 937 Pa av 
SUMNER M 1,, (agt for Mallet, 
Davis & Co), 811 «Jtl» nw 


issner Laurence, 810 7th sw and 151 and 
3 53 NL and 418 cen mkts 

Picture Fi antes. 

Babcock D A, 422 7th 

Barlow H N, 1225 Pa av 

Castle Sydney, 1304 H 

Chesley Edward, 415 7th 

Dillon Joseph. 714 D 

Eckhardt, Mehler & Veerhoff, 917 7th 

Ladson Wm H, 2008 I nw 


Deaier in 
Picture Frames of all ,Kfn<ls, En- 
gravings, Lithographs, Chronios, 
Mirrors, Cords, Nails, &c, 
German, American and 
French Plate Mirrors. 

No 2008 I NW. bet. 20th and 21st, 

Lamb Francis, 1236 Pa av 
McELROY^AP, ag% 1001 » 

a. p. Mcelroy, Agt„ 


Pier and Mantel Mirrors, 

Portraits and Picture Frames, Gold and 
Walnut Cornices. Old Frames Re- 
paired andRegilded. Mirrors and 
Pictures removed and rehung. 
1001 D Street NW, cor. of 10th, 2d floor, 
Orders by mail promptly attended to. 

Rothberg A,- 803 mkt space 
Smith & Couroy. 205 Pa av 
Trembly Leslie R, 632 and 634 D 
Trembly Wm L, 307 7th nw 

Planing 31 ills. 

Baldwin Bros, 102 D 

Clark T Edward & Co, 603 Pa av nw and 

foot of 4th se 
Draper N C & Co, 1224 C nw 
Dyer W H & Bro, 26th bet I and K 
McCbesney, Craig & Co, 1844 7th 
Smith Daniel, 1210 Obio av 
Smith. Uhler & Co, 9th st whf 
Tucker & Sherman, 13th cor B and 633 

La av 
Wood Wm P & Sons, Md av c 4% sw 


Carpenter J R P, 1008 25th nw 
Fitzpatrick James, 1312 Hnw 



BrieMaying & Plastering, 

Range and Grate Setting, Smoky 
Chimneys Cured, Paving and Ma- 
son Work in general, 
1312 H Street, between 13th and 11th Sts.. 

i^° All orders promptly attended to. .jgli 

"Cash paid for Land Warrants 


Gill Stephen F, 406 8th 


Hughes James, 133 Pa av 

IT av 

Leary Paul, 505 F 

SHITH, BIRGE <fc CO, 1014 Pa 

Paddoa George H, 11th nr K 

av n%v 

Parker L D, 1825 H 

Spearing Samuel J. 488 Pa av 

Posey J B, 2017 11th 

Steever E Z, 512 8th 

Ross T, 1339 12th 

Talty James, 824 12th 

Ten d ant Alexander, 52 Hisrh, Gtn 

Plumbers and Gas Fitters. 

Thomas & Albinson, 1337 9th 

Thorn C G. 1220 F 

Tilp & Carr, Md av cor 6th se 

Anadale John A, 1319 10th and 1329 9th 

Atchison J J, 1124 14th 

Waters Sandiford M. 56 High, Gtn 

Bagnam P L. 606 Md av sw 

Whelan William. 1411 F 

Barry John. 1319 7th 

Williamson Donald S, 1211 10th 

Birch William H & Co, 1309 7th 

Blinkhorn John L, 736 5th nw 


Bond J D. 133 Pa av nw 

Bond & Bro, 105 Pa av 

Farror E H, 808 8th 

Bride Cotter F. (agt Houghton's automatic 

Rhinehardt Charles, 431 cen mkt 

pumps.) 1017 N'T av 

Straub F, 636 L 

Brien James F. 404 9th nw 

Brooks R C 802 D 


Burke P J. 1015 F 

(See also Produce.) 

Caho & O'Brien, H cor 2d nw 
Campbell R G. 430 9th 
Cole M, 702 nw and 304 B se 
Connor James A, 937 7th 
Courtney George, 413 E nw 

Allen W, 255 cen mkt 
Beach H L, 227 N L and 400 cen mists 
Biggs Henry D, 228 cen mkt 
Braunsweig* Samuel, 388 cen and 45 O-st 

Cross William. 8 and 9 west mkt 
Davis John A, 79 west mkt 
Eli John W & Sou, 60 west mkt 
Eli L B & Bro. 219 cen mkt 
Harrington D. 267 cen mkt 
Lewis J T K, 251 N L mkt 
Limerick James & Bro, 217 and 220 cen 

Sherwood P, 607 cen mkt 
Wendel J H, 223 cen mkt 

Cruit Henry K. 737 7th 
Daly-John. 703 9th 
Daly Peter, 1449 7th nw 
Dent A S, 816 19th 
Donnelly J J, 601 C nw 
Donohue J S, 70 Congress, Gtn 
Eckloff C F, 812 N Cap 
Edwards & Nesmith, 514 9th 

Fitzhugh John B. 15 3d ne 
Fritz Theodore, H cor 9th 
Gallagher B D, 417 4i 

Goodall George W, loOO Pa av 


Gorman Edward, S07 14th 

Haislip J W, 908 6 th nw 

Beardsley James E. 479 Pa av 

Hannan Bros, 420 11th 

Bereslord R. 523 7th nw 

Hannan Daniel, 5i7 tf 

Boyd Wm H, 705 G nw 

Hayward & Hutchinson, 317 9th nw 

Chronicle Publishing Co, 914 Pa av 

Hilleary T W, 1108 E 

Cohen Max. 930 F nw 

Hurdle A D, 80 High. Gtn 

Cunningham & Brashears, 611 La av nw 

Hurdle Charles 0. 1835 K 

Darby & DuvaU. 432 9th nw 

Hurley J W. 925 Mass av 

Dewey & Burch. 7th cor F 

Hutchinson William T. 302 Pa av se 

Dodge C R, 700 9th nw 

JONES & HAKKI,SO\, 615 Pa av 

Gibson Bros, 1012 Pa av 


Gibson Orlando. 412 7th 

Keppel J, F nr N J av nw 

Ginck John L, 633 F 

Lawrence J P. 616 11th 

Judd & Detweiler, 11th cor Pa av 

Lockhead James. 415 10th 

Kendall <fe Coffman, St Cloud Bldg 

Lucas G W, 818 F nw 

Knight W D. 816 F 

McAvov J M, 1203 E 

Koch Werner, 309 8th 

McBee Randolph R, 1207 7th 

McGill J D. 89 Bridge, Gtn 

McDonnell John. La av cor 6th 

McGill & Witherow, 1107 E 

Miller T W, 1207 Pa av 

Moore W H. 511 11th 

Moss J W, 417 12th 

Murtagh Wm J. Pa av cor 13th 


Pearson Joseph L, 9 j )4 D 

Noonan T V, 7th cor L< 

Polkinhorn Henry. 927 D nw 

Nuttall James, 221 8th se 

Polkiuhorn R 0, 632 and 634 D 

O'Hagan James. 1917 Pa av 

Reed Oliver H, 401 7th 

O'Hare O, 2145 K 

Sheiry John F, 307 7th hw 

Power John A, 424 9th 

Taylor & McClain, 20th cor I 

Ragan James, 201 F nw 

Tomlinson J S. 1142 7th 

Reach Robert, 1900 14th 

Waters R A &Son, 1420 Pa av 

Ridgway E A, 939 D 

ROTH WELL Will, 113 R se 

Produce — Commission. 

Sanderson J W. 634 H nw 

Anderson William S, 438 cen mkt 

Schaffer George F, 626 D 
Scheifley Jacob. 1207 F 

Andrews & Wade. 905 La av 
Beall Geo W. 1127 7th 

Seal W D & Bro, 707 13th 

Brown Bros. 375 cen and 421 N L mkts 

Sherwood Samuel H. 8th and R I av 

Curnpston E H jr, 613 La av 

by GILMOBE $ CO, 629 F nw, 




Dutrow D E, 208 9th nw 

Hewitt & Strang. 918 La av 

Howard &' Spindle. 930 La av 

Janney & Hoge. 930 La av 

KeJley & Chamberlm, 716 D 

Kid well L B, 225 een and 32 western mkts 

King R F, 273 cen and 231 N L mkts 

Lafountain J, 369 cen mkt 

Levy Leopold F, 464 cen and 221 NL mkts 

Linkius -William & Son, 720 20th 

Lumsdon John W, 920 La av 

Mankin John R W. 919 La av 

Moffat Daniel J, 931 La av 

Owens & Pope. 9ul La av 

Philips A E. 641 La av 

Reid N P, 372 cen and 59 Cor mkts 

Rover John, 269 een mkt 

Sands J W & Co, 914 La av 

Saum J F & Co, 925 La av 

Mmmaker J. 227 cen mkt 

Smith C B & Co, 909 La av 

Spieer O O, 444 9th 

Tompkins Mary A, 354 cen mkt 

Wilkins C F & Co, 907 La av 

Worster & Adaii.s, 10 cen mkt 

Produce Healers. 

Allen Jacob, 264 Cen mkt 

Anderson E E & Bro, 7 and 8 cen mkt 

Anderson Wiiliam S, 215 N L and 436 een 

Angell W C, 252 cen mkt and 129 High, 

Atkins George F, 210 cen mkt 
Bacon Samuel. 251 N L mkt 
Barber John, 201 cen mkt 
Barnes G W. 222 cen mkt 
Beach E W, 462 cen mkt 
Beach F L, 245 N L mkt 
Beanes George, 353 cen mkt 
Beck Mary & Son, 207 cen mkt 
Beckett Clement, 16 west mkt 
Bell George. 215 4>£ nw 
Bitter F, 144 N L mkt 
Bond Mary J, 126 IS L mkt 
Bradford J M, 450 N L and 132 west mkts 
Bradley Henry J.203 N L and 463 cen 

Braum Michael. 362 cen mkt 
Broeker Bernard, 529 N L mkt 
Brooke Adeline, 133 cen mkt 
Brooks J, 446 N L mkt 
Brown Charles W & Bro, 373, 374 and 375 

cen mkts 
Brown Columbus, 48 O st mkt 
Brown James L, 199 cen mkt 
Brown John, 328 and 329 cen mkt 
Brown Joseph, 83 O st mkt 
Bruusw.ek S, 338 cen mkt 
Budd Jane, 136 N L mkt 
Budd T G. 36 Cor n kt 
Burrows Henry T. 25 west mkt 
Butler William, 22 and 24 cen mkt, 
Butt G H, 274 cen mkt 
Cameron <& Cross, 45 cen mkt 
Caunou Pauick, 336 ceu and 34 Cor mkt 
Carrick CHxF F, 604 cen mkt 
Carroll D, 3C4 cen mkt 
Carter John T. 101 Corcoran mkt 
Carter Mary, 243 cen mkt 
Casey James, 38 Cor mkt 
Chamberlain James, 433 cen mkt 
Clements Edward,. 84 west mkt 
Colbeek Juhn, 100 west mkt 

Conner Nelson, 42 O st mkt 

Cook & Brother, 116 and 118 N L mkt and 
40 and 42 cen mkt 

Cook & Pillfebury, 443 cen and 211 K st 

Crocker J D, 459 cen mkt 

Crowley William F, 6 cen mkt 

Daly Guinetta, 57 Cor mkt 

Davis John W, 525 5th se 

Devote Anthony, 81 cen mkt 

Dewitt Cornelius, 399 cen mkt 

Dixon George, 28 O st mkt 

Donaldson D 23 Cor mkt 

Donaldson T G. 232 cen mkt 

Donnelly Thomas, 609 cen mkt 

Dorn John, 241 cen and 88 Cor mkts 

Dorsey Bros, 21 and 22 st mkt 

Dries J, 340 cen mkt 

Drury & Co, 199 to 204 cen mkt 

Duckett Daniel. 56 Cor mkt 

Eberly George F. 389 and 399 cen mkt 

Edel D, 412 N L and 420 cen mkt 

Engel Christian, 627 C 

Fahmyer Peter, 527 N L mkt 

Fincham Alber, 9 Cor mkt 

Foster Middleton, 280 cen mkt 

Fister W H & Bro, 37 Bridge, Gtn 

Fowler J H,120NLmkt 

Fry Armstead , 58 Cor mkt 

Garden P C, 900 8th se 

Gardner Frederick T, 253 N L mkt 

Glaeser M, 61 and 62 cen mkt 

Glaeser M, 544 N L mkt 

Gonzeuback Louisa, 411 cen mkt 

Graham William S, 80 west mkt 

Greenapple Felix, 468 cen and 128 N L 

Hail Geo S, 417 cen mkt and 418 N L mkt 

Hall Percy H, 253 and 254 cen mkt 

Hammond J, 108 M L mkt 

Harris Capman, 417 cen mkt 

Harris Herbert, 821 14ih 

Hayes W D, 83 west mkt 

Heider Deitrick. 392 cen mkt 

Heider Wm H, 457 cen and 442 N L mkts 

Heme Wm, 414 cen mkt and 426 N L mkt 

Heitmuller H. 448 cen and 103 Cor mkt 

Heitmuller Louis, 445 cen and 414 N L 

Hess Valentine, 365 cen mkt 
Heshler Clement T, 106 N L mkt 
Hessler Lawrence. 393 cen mkt 
Heurich George, 35 O st mkt 
Hill John S, 98 west mkt 
Holliday Robt, 53 Cor mkt 
Holmead Mary A & Son, 231 cen mkt 
Hughes R, 208 cen mkt 
Hyues Anne, 165 cen mkt 
Joachim Sopbia, 448 N L mkt 
Jobnson J C, 73 Bridge, Gtn 
Johnson William, 376 cen mkt 
Johnson W T, 54 Cor mkt 
Jones Natban, 513 N L mkt 
Joy Thomas W, 11 Cor mkt 
Kelley & Cbamberlin, 716 D nw 
Kennedy Ann, 377 cen mkt 
Kern George, 363 cen mkt 
Kid well George T, 32 west mkt 
Kid well L B, 53 west and 224 and 225 een 

Kiernan Mary, 219 cen mkt 
Kiusj Richard F, 132 and 231 N L and 271 

cen mkts 
Kiug Z 8, 12 Cor mkt 
Klin Valentine, 124 N L mkt 
Krohr & Dove, 148 N L mkt 

We win success by deserving it. 




Kuhleman Charles. 235 NL mkt 
Kuhlemann C F, 290 and 29 L cen mkt 
Kuan J A, 42 cen and 225 N L rakts 
Lafontaine J, 367. 368 and 369 cen vafct 
Lavender James jr, 436 N L and 244 cen 

Leese & Rott, 219 N L mkt 
Levy Leopold F, 223 N L and 461 cen 

Lynn James W, 256 cen mkt 
McLean Julian, 265 cen mkt 
Mathews Henry, 441 cen mkt 
Matthews James A. 241 N L mk£ 
Mathews Philip J. 126 NL mkt 
Meem O C. 801 L' 
Meyers Andrew. 29 Cor mkt 
Miller John, 52 west mkt 
Miller John M. 422 and 423 cen mkt 
Moten M J. 194 cen and 78 Cor mkts 
Moten V S, 234 cen mkt 
Moten Wilson, 148 Cor mkt 
Myer S. 239 N L mkt 
Neff W, 472 cen and 207 N L mkts 
Nesbitt & Rieketts, 96 west and 242 cen 

Ockershausen J. 250 cen mkt 
Ockstadt G, 187 cen mkt 
Olenjar Frances, 449 and 450 cen mkt 
Oneill Owen, 8? west mkt 
Paterson J E, 625 N J av 
Paxton W E. 229 cen mkt 
Peel William, 507 N L mkt 
Pettit H. 701 1 se 
Philpit B, 110 N L mkt 
Pleasants John, 195 cen mkt 
Pullin & Carter, 586 cen mkt 
Purner J EL 205 cen and Cor mkts 
Rabbitt &■ Crown, 642 cen and 85 west 

Rainey George W, 45 Bridge., Gtn 
Randolph G F, 1007 4)£"8w 
Reed Armstead, 1 O st mkt 
Reid N P.371 and 372 cen and 59 Cor mkts 
Rheb Louis, 247 N L mkt 
Richardson J EL & Co. 4 cen mkt 
Riley A J, 33 west mkt 
Ritz John, 440 N L mkt 
Roby H, 1st cor G se 
Rocker William. 249 N L mkt 
SCHAFER & CLARY, 923 La av 


Schureman John. 99 west mkt 

Seideuburgen B, 138 N L mkt 

Shackelford Thomas, 902 6th sw 

Shepherd A. 237 N L mkt 

Sherwood P, 605 cen mkt 

Shi-eve Richard, 447 cen and 6 Cor mkts 

Shreeve W O &, J H, 398 cen and 6 Cor 

Simmaker L, 226 cen mkt 
Smith Hezekian, 281 cen mkt 
Smith & Parsons, 385 cen mkt 
Simpson J M. 329 cen aud 523 N L mkt 
Singleton William. 435 cen mkt 
Steinberg A, 109 N L mkt 
Steuzell John. 297 cen mkt 
Stone L A, 444 N L mkt 
Straus A C, 439 cen mkt 
Suinmy B W, 277 cen mkt 
Sweeny Jeremiah. 282 cen mkt 
Taylor Lewis, 37 Cor mkt 
Terrell D B, 545 N L mkt 
Thecker A. 98 Bridge, Gtn 
Thompson Richard L, 289 cen and 104 

western mkt 
Tompkins G C, 241 N L and 98 cen mkt 

Tompkins Mary Mrs, 354 cen mkt 

V-tnderpool L, 370 cen mkt 

Vandersall Mdry, 452 N L and 425 cen mkt 

Vandersall Mary, 425 and 426 cen mkt 

Wagner Margaret.. 82 O st mkt 

Ward Lucinda. 387 cen mkt 

Watson J & Bro, 140 N L mkt 

Watts & Bro, 140 N L mk^ 

AVeaver J H. 19 Cor mkt 

Wendel J H, 223 cen mkt 

Whalen Henry T. 573 cen and 97 western 

White R H, 179 B-id^e. Gtn 
Williams C G, 326 cen mkt 
Williams Enocn, 4 Cor mkt 
Worster <fc Adam-, 446 and 447 cen mkt 
Wurdemann Charles, 27 O-st and 582 cen 

Ye .veil RG, 1148 8th nw 
Zegowitz Joseph, 155 N L and 474 cen 


Provision Dealers, 
(See also Butchers.) 
Alexander GS, 1106 12th 
Archer & Brewer, 106 High. Gtn 
Augusterfer F J, 14 Cor mkt 
Bailey W G, 1622 14th 
Ball F A, 352 cen mkt 
Ball James H, 2 Gtn mkt 
Barber Louis F, 237 ±}{ sw 
Barker A J, 1206 H 
Barrett James. 511 cen mkt 
Baur S, 48 H nw 
Behm Michael, 11 West, Gtn 
Bessler George J, 713 F sw 
Bosworth & Matcher., 1410 1 
Bowbeer Isaac, 1411 1 nw 
Bowman W H. 513 cen and 105 Cor mkts 
Bray Theophilus & Co, 935 9th 
Brown James L & Sou, 2016 7th 
Brown R U. 1108 Conn av 
BurKe J B. 1732 Pa av 
Burke & Augell, 1914 I 
Butler Charles W, 126 High, Gtn 
Buttner Henry, 212 cen mkt and 158 and 

255 N L mkt, and 152 Cor mkt 
Clark John, 126 Cor mkt 
Coleman W, 112 Cor mkt 
Collius H K. 1206 H 
Cronin J R. 256 N L mkt 
DeAtley James C, 708 7th sw 
Donaldson George, 1830 7th 
Downy P & Son, 335 3d sw 
Dyser & Barrett, cor 1st and B ne 
Eicnorn Rudolph. 204 9th, 152 cen, 202 N 

L and 63 Cor mkts 
Emmert George, 213 cen mkt 
Emmert Leonard. 620 N 
Ferguson John T. 623 H ne 
Fisher Henry W, cor High and Gay, Gtn 
Fisher John ir, 37 Bridge, Gtn 
Gaegler John, 214 cen mkt 
Garden Peter, 8ih cor I se 
Garst David W, 216 cen mkt 
Gheen B W, 20 cen and 303 N L mkts 
Godman Robert V, 1129 4% sw 
Goebel J P & Son, 408 Cen mkt, and 355 

N L mkt 
Goetzinger John, 475 Cen mkt, and 300 

Va av sw 
Gotthardt George, 58 west mkt 
Graff Charles, 409 3d 
Gross Jane, 24 Bridge, Gtn 
Gross Tneodore, 12th and C sw 
Hardell J W. 9th c P 
Hmiystei'pr J 335 "V L °nd 445 cen mkt 1 ? 

GILMORE, SMITH $ CO, 629 F street nw 




HeilJohn, 610 4Xsw 
Hoff John M, 1719 Pa av nw 
Hofheinz John, 1228 D 
Hofmann William. 135 A ne 
House T S & Co, 1209 H 
Huutlev George & Co, 818 14th 
Hurley James W, 1222 N 
Hyatt Robert. 414 11th 
Kahlert F W,' 191 een mkt 
Kahiert Wm, 4th and Ridge 
Kaiser E, 77 Cor mkt 
Jaiser William, 477 cen mkt 
Johnson J C, 144 Washington, Gtn 
Keane & Bro, 307 Va av sw 
Keller A J, 10th cQ • 
Kettler Charles B, 55 Cen and 330 N L 

diaries H. Kettler, 



Invites the attention of the public to his 
choice stock of Meats, consisting of Beef, 
Lamb, Mutton and Veal. He offers 
nothing but the best in bis line, and guar- 
antees satisfaction. Marketing delivered 
to all parts of thh city free of charge. 

STALLS, No. 55 Centre Market and 330 
Northern Liberty Market, Savage Square. 

Lancaster E F, 312 \% sw and 532 cen 

mkt and 402 and 501 N L mkt 
Lane J. 1228 F 

JLangley William, 1104 11th se 
Laner G, 254 N L and 100 cen mkts 
Ledman J F, 45 Bridge, Gtn 
Laurer Armand, 478 cen mkt 
Lauer R Mrs. 37 Western mkt 
Lewis A, 1234 9th 
Linking 'Wm & Son, 720 20th nw 
Lochboehler Joseph, 50 Cor and 190 cen 

Loeb J y 1135 7th 

Loeffier A. 319 N L and 637 cen mkts 
Lowery Aman, 479 cen mkt 
McGee James, 168 cen mkt 
Mallard Charles, 1719 Pa av 
Mason Samuel M. 68 Montgomery, Gtn 
Miller Geo M. 102 2d se 
Miller Jacob & Sons, 167 cen mkt and 302 

and 401 N L mkt 
Miller Wihiam, 453 cen mkt 
Morgan Geo H, 536 8th se 
Muller Carl, 8th and H 
Neumeyer E H, 13th c G 
Newkirk Henry V, 3d c K se 
O'Meara William A. 1308 D nw 
Oppenheimer H, 648 cen mkt 
Oppeuheimer M, 303 4^ sw 
Oppenheimer Samuel, 727 7th 
Ottenheimer M, 153 cen mkt 
Pf eil John K, 51 4 cen and 26 w mkts 
Peirce C B, 2134 Pa av 
Peny Josiah, 2116 L 
Randall E S, 607 11th 
Robinson C F, 70 Dunbarton, Gtn 
Rock Elizabeth J, 903 H ne 
Kowles Charles R. 1500 14th 
Ruppert John, 56 O-st mkt, 40 N L and 

580 cen mkt 
HUSSEIN E K, 142 Corcoran mkt 
Schroth Charles, 454 cen mkt and 102 and 
^201 N L and 151 Cor mkt 

Schroth Frank, 451 cen mkt 

Schroth Henry, 4553^ and 456 cen and 36 

westn mkt 
Sinclair J G, 1240 20th 
iSimth H. 281 cen mkt 
Smith J H, 408 N L mkt 
Sparrow W T, 806 N Capitol 
Stiuzeng Frederick, 500 cen, 3 Cor mkts 

and 1222 7th 
Stinzing F & Bro, 609 Md av 
Taliaferro Thomas, 120 Cor mkt 
Taylor Henry jr, 94 Cor mkt 
Thompson W C, 9th cor L 
Tibbeits Frank J, 1018 I, 1400 N Y av and 

1616 14th 
Toliver Benjamin, 455 N L mkt and 480 

cen mkt 
Turner W F & Co, 1402 Pa av 
Tyler Samuel jr, 822 19th 
Vernon Henry T, 617 4% sw 
Watson E B, 73 west mkt 
Watson Henry C, 25 N L mkt 
Webster F B. 1007 M 
WELLS S H, 1117 21st nw and 71 

west mkt 
Weyrich Joseph, 1300 7th 
White James, 1138 12>h nw 
Wilson John. 2216 11th 
Witmeyer Christian, 123 O-st mkt and 17 

cen mkt 
Wixom O R. 438 9th 
Woiden AG, 601 N J av 

Publishers— Directory. 

Boyd William H, 705 G nw 

Railroad Tickets. 

Hancock John, Penna R R, Pa av c 13th 

Whiteside M D, 927 Pa av 


Alexaudria and Washington, 6tb cor B 
Baltimore and Ohio. N J av cor C and 

485 Pa av and 613 15th 
Baltimore and Potomac, Pa av cor 13th 

nw and Pa av cor 6th nw 
Capitol. North O and South Washington 

Ry, cor 3d and B sw 
Columbia R R Co, office H cor loth ne 
Metropolitan City Ry, (J W Thompson 

pres, Wm W Moore sec,) office nr P-&1 

Bridge, Gtn 
Pennsylvania R R, Pa av cor 6th and 1239 

Pa av 
Southern Maryland R R Co, 211 4| nw 
Washington City, Virginia Midland and 

Great Southern, 61 3 Pa av 
Washington and Georgetown R R Co, 103 

Pa av 


Fegan Peter, 466 Pa av nw 


Abner Edward, 421 9th 
Allman James, 243 14th sw 
Aman Sebastian, 316 9th 
Arlow Robert T, 82 Water, Gtn 
Bachus August, 1414 F 
Baier George K, E cor 8th nw 
Baier John. 1200 D 
Baltimore House, 321 13th 
Beck John, 630 D 

G1LM0HF, $■ CO., practice in the 




Beck Joseph. 228 C re 
Becker Martin, 1148 7th s\v 
BECKER! FRANK A, 1104 Stli se 

Beckstein W. 460 K nw 

Benzler & Angerrnan, 468 Pa av nw 

Berens B, 1126 7th 

Bergman Wm & Co, 633 L 

Betz Louis, 509 9th 

Beuchart John I, 623 Pa av se 

Beucharts Edward, 727 H ue 

BEIJCHERT W I,, 232 7th se 

Beveridge Benjamin F, 311 Pa av 

Beyer Louis. 7th above Boundary 

Binder Joe B. 305 10th 

BLACK WJI T, 600 llth sw 

Bleifus Randolph, 415 E Cap 

Bodin Armand, 1405 G 

Boehmann Charles, S Car av cor 10th se 

Bowman George, 518 10th 

Brannan Samuel, 44 Market space, Gtn 

Breaazzi Antonio, 325 Pa av 

Bryan Bun, 313 Pa av 

Brvan Samuel M, 1101 8th se 

Buchler John Mrs, 701 D 

Burgey Jehu W, 48 Potomac, Gtn 

Barley E St Clair, 200 11th 

Byrne Lucy, 31814th 

Cady Martin, 2315 Pa av 

Callaghan Honorah. 829 6th sw 

Campbell John, 600 4>£ sw 

Carey William jr. 7rh cor La ay 

Christman Harry, 1100 8th se 

Clark John, 6th cor C nw 

Clements Barbara, 15th cor Md av ne 

Cole Jackson S. 338 Md av ne 

Coppes A B, 636 Mass av 

Costello T. 27 G nw 

Curten John. 159 Bridge, Gtn 

Curtin Richard, 7ih cor Mass av ne 

De Atley Matthew, 1220 E nw and 1718 

G nw 
DeLacy N Mrs, 319 13th 
Dentz Simon Mrs, 42 Green, Gtn 
Depot Restaurant, Balto & Ohio dept 
DeShields George' D, B & P R R dept 
DeShields John H, B & P R R dept 
Dietz William, 1118 F 
Dismar Charles. 636 O 
Doehrer August, 1031 18th 
Donnelly James. 828 14th 
Driver George W, 451 Pa av 
Dubant Wm E, 7ih cor N nw 
Eckert George, 115 4^ 
Eckstein Otto, 735 7 h*nw 
Edelin William, 508 D se 
Edelin & Co, 343 Pa av 
Egloff Casper, 1109 E 
Egloff George, 200 3d se 
Eisebrawn Gottlieb, 1406 fl ne 
Eiseubeiss Julius, 301 H 
Eller Jacob, 1335 7th nw 
Endres Adrian, 1421 F 
Engles Ewald Mrs, 312 8th 
Englehart Joseph. 601 Md av sw 
Essig August, 737' N Cap 
Essig Charles, 1200 E 
Evans John, 46 N se 
Farrell John, 4^ cor La av 
Febrey M A & Co. 17rh and Pa av nw 
Finley & Supplee, 928 Pa av nw 
Fitzgerald Jobn, 491 C 
Flanagan James J. 1722 F 
Foy J.mes. 105 B se 
Franck Robert. 926 27th 
Friderich Eliz beth. 191 SJ K 
Friedman u Frederick, 304 10th 

Fugitt Eugene. 515 4>^ sw 

Fugitt Robert E, 50 Congress, Gtn 

Fugitt W H, 532 4^ sw 

Gaunan Gilbert, 1120 8th se 

Ganter ChasT. 927 D 

Gardner Henry, 247 N J av 

Geier Urban, 501 I 

Gentner John J. 310 11th 

Gerhardt Joseph, 306 6th nw 

GEKHOLD GEOliGE, 173 Bridge, 

Gibbons John, 48 Bridge, Gtn 
Gibson James W. 632 O 
Gill James R, 203 3d se 
Gockeler C G, 937 and 939 4th nw 
Godfrey Charles G, 1345 E 
GOETZ ALOLPH, 9tli cor » MW 
Gordon Jos T. 515 7th sw 
Goss John 8, 305 ±% sw 
GRAEF JOH\, 2 16 7tli se 
H raves Jouathan, 1313 E nw 
Gray H C, 440 9th 
G reason Wm, 13th and E 
Griffln E W W. 904 F nw 
Grovermaun Henry F, 636 O 
Hagerty David, 7th c E nw 
Hagerty Frauk. 454 La av 
Hnlloran Mark, 700 22d 
Halliman Michael, 1204 7th 
Hamlin & Bro, 310 6th 
Hancock John, 1234 Pa av 
Harris Cornelius. 11th c Q 
Harvey & Holden, 1016 Pa av nw 
Hatzfidd J, 1021 7th 
Haske George A, 229 Pa av se 
Hartigan James, 50 Water, Gtn 
Heath & Taltv. 1311 E nw 
Heck Clara, 1918 7th 
Helmus William, 414 7th 
Hemm B, 661 Pa av se 
Henry William, 1024 6th sw 
Heuze Bernard, 1216 Pa av 
Herde Henry, 212 9th 
Herfurth William, 436 4=X sw 
Hessler Wm, 11th and E 
Hodermann Henry, 1743 Pa av 
Hogan & Flvnn, 1114 E nw 
Horner Jacob, 464 N Y av and 214 9th 
Horrigan C, 744 N J av 
Hov & Clark, 1226 Pa av nw 
Hudson Henry A, 1261 4J^ and 618 11th sw 
Hudson H A, 618 11th sw 
Huhn Philip, 1335 7th 
Huysman Theodore, 1224 Md av ne 
Jackson W A, 511 7th nw ; 

Jesunofsky Mary, Anacostia 
Jobanson Theodore, 211 7th 
Johnson John B, 610 K se 
Johnson Seaman, 816 F 
Johnson William, 337 Pa av 
Johnston Robt, 1309 E 
JONES BROS., 417 13th 
Jores Thomas, Georgia av bet 3d and 4th se 
Joseph Joseph, 1035 7th 
Juvenal & If idler, 1809 14th 
Kadden Levi, 409 4X sw 
Kaistr Henry A. 84 Bridge, Gtn 
Kaiser John, 91 High, Gtn 
Kane James, 201 3d sw 
Kant C E. 934 F 
Koch Auuu-t, 933 D 
Keady & O'Brien, 40 Market space, Gtn 
Kelly Thomas, 236 4£ sw 
Kessel Kate, 1408 7th 
Kessler J B, 1100 Water sw 
Kiefer J Jacob. 466 K nw 

Court of Claims. 




Killian J G, 1208 F 

Platz Joseph, 604 Pa av nw 

Klotz Charles, 1706 G 

Polton William F, 227 7th sw 

Knowlton A, 709 D 

Portner Robert, 628 Va av sw 

Knowlton Dallas, 602 Pa av 

Pugh York, 4th c K 

Koch Henry, 1818 7th 

Quinn Jeremiah, 240 3d sw 

Koester Frederick, 83 High, Gtn 

Rauterberg William, 50 Bridge, Gtn 

Kolb Edward, 434 8th nw 

Rebstock L, 519 H ne 

Kolb Henry, 937 D 

Reesch Carl, 827 7th 

Kolpinski Leo, 400 K 

Reiser Geo C, 1006 4>£ 

Kottman E, 512 4J sw 

Ridgely J W, 621 7th sw 

Kraus Henry, 37 Market Space, Gtn 

Riordan D, 107 H nw 

Lambrecht Ferdinand. 223 N J av 

Robb Richard, 423 10th 

Laskey Wm & John. 205 7th 

Roney John, 13th c C nw 

Laureuzi Marco, 626 O 

Rose W H, Anacostia 

Laurenzi & Co, M cor N J av se 

Roth C A, 802 19th 

Lee William H, 18 C 

Rourk John O, 111 4j^ sw 

Leinbach Matthew, 1400 N Cap 

Rudd T M, 938 La av 

EEINS JULIUS, 409 9tli se 

Rudhart Romanus, 1230 7th nw 

Leutner Albert, 1114 7th 

Rupp William, 415 9th 

Lewis Theodore, 729 8th se 

Ruppert Matthew, 1003 7th nw 

Lewis T jr, 107 Pa av nw 

Ruppert Michael, 1109 7th 

Loeffler Ernst, 109 N Y av 

Russell & Leonard, 9th c Pa av 

Lohman Frank, 238 7th 

Ruth John B, 1737.7th 

Long John, 133 Pa av se 

Sauer Charles H, 1908 Pa av 

Lucas Charles A, 33 High, Gtn 

Savyn Francis, 722 17th 

Lynch Patrick, 332 Va av sw 

Schaffer Peter, 139 B se 

Lynn John, 486 Pa a7 

Schaible Fritz. 7th c E 

McConaghy R H, 1409 Pa av 

Schenzk Louis, 1219 7th 

McCorrnick Louis S, 306 4^ sw 

Scheppach John M, 209 7th nw 

McDaniels William, 202 9th 

Schmidt Louis, 702 7th nw 

McGlory Daniel, 225^ 4th se 

Scherf Henry, 469 Pa av 

McGraun James, 1704 Pa av 

Scherger William, 1117 F 

McGuire James, 1400 Pa av 

Schlotterbeek John, 628 O nw 

McKeever Thomas. 1916 K 

SCHNEBEL FRED,, 1000 4^ 

McMahon P F, 605 15th nw 

Schnebel Charles, 6th c La av 

McMahon Thomas. 303 Pa av se 

Schoenborn William E, 731 8th se 

Mades Charles, 300 Pa av nw 

Schoepflen L, 1812 7th 

Mades Chris, cor 10th and E 

Sehonborn Henry F, 213 7th nw 

Manning Thomas, 500 14th 

Schuster Charles, Wash Schuetzen park 

Marshal Alfred, 56 C 

Schwariz John, 1002 Pa av nw 

Marshall Richard, 428 8th 

Schwarzeuburg Henry, 405 11th 

Martin John, 1024 7th nw 

SCHWING & CLARKE, 627 7th 

Martin William J. 6th cor Pa av nw 

Setzer Theodore, C c 3d ne 

Mayers John, 520 4|- sw 

Shea Bartholomew, 818 7th sw 

Middleton Henry, 218 9th 

Sheahan M, 725 4th nw 

Miller Charles H. 611 7th 

Sheehy P H, 2030 7th 

Miller Henry. 1222 D 

Sheckell George A, 7th-st wharf sw 

Miller & Jones, 1325 E 

Sherwood Thomas. 1914 7ch 

Moelich Fred. 100 Bridge, Gtn 

Smith Charles H, 243 N J av 

Morgau P H, 1206 Pa av 

Sprohs Andrew, 483 C 

Morgan Richard W. 129 Bridge, Gtn 

Sprowl Edward, 906 Pa av 

Mormann Edwin, 5ih cor H nw 

Stanton John, 52 Bridge, Gtn 

Morrow Thomas, 921 La av 


Munderlich John. 1005 7th se 


Murphy A Mrs, 607 G nw 


MURPHY JOHN, 9th and E Cap 


Nash Richard, N J av cor G 

Stieitberger H. 315 8th nw 

Neenan John, 329 F sw 

Stutz John M, 11th c Q 

Nelson William, (Territorial House,) 304 

Sullivan T A, 413 13th 

4>£ nw 

Sweeney Andrew, 41111th 

Nephuth Andrew, 214 9th 

Sweeney William, 960 26th nw 

Newton Charles A, 601 Pa av 

Taylor J H, 907 F nw 

Neurath Jacob, 1208 F 

Taylor J W, 603 G 

O'Brien Djmiel, 251 N J av 

Thecker G W, 145 and 147 Bridge, Gtn 

Ochsenreiter F, 1010 F 

Thomas & Brooks, 800 7th sw 

Ohl John W, 2006 [ 

Torrens Frank. C nr N J av 

Ontrich John H, 639 H nw 

Trilling John, 1748 7th 

Oppermann George H. 1918 K 

Usher J W, 1335 E 

Otiman W H. 1203 Pa av 

Vernon John, 612 4^ sw 

PABST LOUIS, 456 Va av 

Vogelweyd William, 725 7th 

Pabsi Mathias, 229 N J av 

Voight Edward, 809 7th 

PERREARD J. M., Freuc'i Ho- 

Vonderheide Henry, 210 9th 

tel, 508 l-llli 

Walsh Thomas, cor 10th and F 

Petersen R, 629 D nw 

Ward Thomas H, 1st cor B 

Pfeiffer Mathias. 1239 7ih nw 

Weber Ernst, 1208 6th sw 

Phillip Louis. 1908 K 

Weber Justus, 237 N J av 

Assignments of Patents. Blank Deeds 




Weiss Leopold, 907 7th nw 

Welcker John C Mrs. 727 15th nw 

Welcker Peter D, 607 15th 

White M, 153 B se 

Williams George W & Co, 350 Pa av hw 

Willige August, 2200 22d 

Wilson William A, 601 ±% sw 

Windholz Charles L. 525 9th 

Wise Charles C. 710 ±y 2 sw 

Wolz Conrad, 38 Market space, Gtn 

Wonn William W. 721 6th 

Woodley Albert. 705 15th cor N Y av 

Worch Christian, 1716 Pa av 

Wright Bros, 601 7th 

Zeller J Henry, 628 Va av 


(See also Slaters, also Stoves.) 

Gettier H L, 1228 Pa av nw 
Haskins James. 800 F sw 
Nolan J F, 1413 8th nw 
Weber J, 19151 


Davis I Thomas & Co, 83 Water, Gtn 
HANLEIN H & BBO, 934 La av 


(See Restaurants, also Eating Saloons.) 

Sash. Doors* ^ Blinds. &c. 

(See also Builders' Materials.) 

Baldwin Brothers, 100 D 
Barber & Henderson, 203 7th 
Barker Geo M, 649 and 651 N Y av 
Dyer Wm H & Bro, 27th nr K 
Fenwick & Stewart, 12th cor Ohio av 
Smith Daniel, Ohio av nr 12th 
Smith, Uhler & Co, 9th s"t whf sw 
Tucker & Sherman, 13th cor B and 633 
La av 


JETTJOHN J, agtHowe's Scales, 
409 9th fiiur 


Odorless Excavating Co, 1221 F nw 

Schools and Academies. 

Butcher Mrs and Miss Douglas, 1023 12th 

Burr H A Mrs, 1308 H nw 

Dengler Christiana, 929 1 nw 
Fuller S E Mrs, 10th cor Mass av 
German-American Kindergarten, 800 18th 

Harrover M J Miss, 1336 I nw 
Jones S L Miss, 121 Md av ne 
Lane Misses, 1738 I nw 
Mount Vernon Female Seminary,204 Fnw 
Mount Vernon Institute, 1530 I 
Osborne Misses, 943 M nw 
Pollock & Noerr, 1127 13th nw 
Rittenhouse Academy, 306 Ind av 
Rosslyn Seminary, 1538 I nw 
Roys Academy. 4K nr C nw 
Schulz Otto, 423 G 
Sendroff E A Miss, 921 H nw 
Washington Female Seminary, 1023 12th 


Mills Clark, 1405 I nw 
O'Brien John, 478 Pa av nw 
Ream Vinnie, 235 Pa av 

Sewer Pipe. 

Wilson W L, 6th-st wharf se 

Sewing Machines. 

American, (George Boyden.)348 Paavnw 
Davis E G & Co, 924 7th nw 
Domestic, (W S Tappan.) 905 F nw 
Karr J. 629 Pa av nw 
McKenney & Co, 427 9th nw 
REMINGTON, (A C Stevens,) 808 

F n w 
Singer Sewing Machine, 407 9th nw 
The Howe Sewing Machiue Co. 419 7th 
Weed Sewing Machine Co, (Thomas 

Wood,) 510 9th 
Wheeler <fc Wilson, (E H Cunningham.) 

706 E 

agt,) 408 7th nw 

Ship Chandlers. 

(See also Grocers.) 
Leetch John. 113 Water, Gtn 
Scrivener J T, 290 Bridge, Gtn 
Somers & Smith, 97 Water, Gtn 

Shirt Makers. 

(See also Gent's Furnishing.) 
Adams M S Miss, 1217 N Y av nr 7th 
Faulkner W H. 526 12th 
McLean Louisa, 1003 F 


Made oy Brandon Manufacturing Company, 


Weighniasters' Beams and Frames, Howe's Patent 

Balances, Railroad, Express and Store Trucks 

of every size and description. 


•fOMlf .¥. JETT, Agent, 
409 9th Street NW., WASHINGTON, D. O. 

and Licenses— G1LMOBE, SMITH $ CO. 




f,e Droit Bnildingr 

Shooting Gallery. 

Johnson J N, 605 7th nw 

Silver Platers. 

Kimmel Henry, 419 9th 
Stolpe Edward. 609 7th 
Whitehand R A, 804 D 


(See also Roofers.) 
( lark Geo B, 12th cor Ohio av 
Montgomery Jas H, 322 12th 


Bates Frederick, 619 and 621 G 
Hughes Wra, 25th c N nw 
Kaub Geo T, 1416 Ohio av 

Sporting Goods, 

(See also Guns.) 
O'Meara & Son, 215 Pa av 

Stair Builders. 

(See also Carpenters.) 
Boges J W, B bet 6th and 7th se 
Brust Albert G, 4^ and Me av 
Vermillion Wm & Sou, Sampson nr lbth 

Williamson Chas B, 1243 9th nw 


Maurer Geo H, 617 7th 
PriDce Wm, 1009 F 
Zyprecht M, 505 11th 

Steamship Agencies, 

Clyde Line to Phila, Boston and Provi- 
dence, 12th st wharf 
Cunard Line, (Smallwood& Morrison) 515 

Eagle Line, 342 D 
Ham burg- American Pkt Co, 342 D 
Hyde GF. (Agent Philadelphia Line,) 59 

Water, Gtu 
SHIPS, bet Washington and N 
Y, (J W Thompson, Pres't,) 63 
Water, <2tn 
North German Lloyd, 342 D 
Rotterdam and Antwerp Line, 342 D 
Washington, Boston and Noriolk Line, 
1429 N Y av 

(See Hardware.) 

Clephane James O, 319 4^ nw 
Johns A, 342 D nw 

Adams James L, 408 10th 

Little'field L A, 26th cor D nw 

Stone and Marble Yards. 

(See also Artificial Stone, also Marble.) 
Acker & Co, N Cap cor E 

Artificial Stone Co, 486 La av 

Emery Samuel, 233 2d 
FISHEK J J", 151 Bridge, €itn 
FOWLEK T T & CO. 93 Water.Gtn 
HAYDEJf & BLUWDOW, 28th cor 

K nw 
McGOWAN M A & CO, 28th cor IL 


M, A. McGowan & Co. 

Granite & Brown Stone Works, 

Also all kinds of Stone Work^contr acted 

COR. 28th AND K STS. NW. 

McMinamin D & Co, cor 1st and Pa av se 

Myers John^G, 630 G 

Piney Branch & Potomac, (J T H Hall,) 

505 7th 
Rothwell Richard, 28 9th ne 
SAYERS & CO., 7th and G sot 
Thomas George, S and N J av 

Stoves and Tinware. 

(See Hardware, also House Furnishing.) 

Arneth & Muller, 516 11th 

Ball C G, 1337 E 

Barker James W, 401 7th sw 

Baxter Francis H, 1306 14th 

Baxter George W, 1342 V 

Bell John, D ur 6th 

Bennett James, 30 H ne 

Berry W O, 434 7th 

Birch William H, 1309 7th nw 

Bouis R H G, 418 11th 

Bouis S, 717 M 

Bucholtz Christina, 91 west mkt 

Bucholtz H. 1725 Pa av 

Burch J A, 706 4% sw 

Butler John A, 5th cor K nw 

Collins & Ward, 713 D 

Collison H P Mrs, 150 Bridge, Gtn 

Cook John H. 1753 Pa av nw 

Eberly. & Artes, 718 7th nw 

Emmert Henry, 318 12th nw 

Flaherty Edward O, 803 14th 

Gardner W T, 1017 M se 

Geltier Henry L. 1228 Pa av 

Goebel C H & Co, 1823 7th 

Gregory Frederick, 436 9th 

Gregory Hamilton I, 634 Pa av 

Hamann C A, 931 Mass av 

Harrington John, 184 Bridge, Gtn 

Harrover James R, 1336 14th. 

Harrover William H. 313 7th 

Haupttnan Francis E, 407 11th 

Hayward & Hutchinson, 317 9th nw 

Hipkins Wm L, 406 cen mkt 

Hicks H T, 313 Pa av se 

Hoff & Thomas, 920 Penn av nw 

Kelley James, 1733 Pa av 

Kerr Thomas W, 1761 L 

Keys C F, 939 7th nw 

Luckett Alexander, E c 15th se 

McMahon John, 11 H ne 

Mangan Cornelius, 1230 5th nw 

Ma; che W B, 651 Pa av se 

Bounty Land Warrants bought 




Memmert & Korff. 95 Bridge, Gtn 

Mills VVm H, 124 H sw 

Mitchell M C, 1009 7th nw 

Moran John, 2 126 Pa av 

Mounteney John, 1303 H 

O'Donnell William. 1211 7th 

Parkinson William G, 308 Pa av 

Pfeil D, 150 cen mkt 

Pepper John, 1223 7th nw 

Petsch Julia*, 416 10th 

Pfiel Daniel. 1315 7th nw 

Rabb John A, 910 4th 

Rapley W W, 1315 E 

Rasher Elias, 1144 7th nw, 551, 552 and 

553 cen mdt 
Richey H, 819 7th 
Reissener Chris. 717 7th 
Sanger Herman, 1114 7th and 94 cen and 

556 N L mkts 
Schutte Henry H. 311 B ne 
Shelton <fe Hudson, 6th c H nw 
SUUGHRUE JOHN, 512 11th sw 
Simpson E F. 1005 D 

SMITH, BIRGE «fc CO, 1014 Pa av 
Sughrue Michael, 414 llth sw 
Szymanoskie & Minnis, 306 E Cap 
Talbot Robert E, 68 High, Gtn 
Uber Samuel, 215 C ue 
Warren Henry. 1228 M 
Wilson John, 614 D 
Wright Washington S, 8th cor A ne 
Wyvill Walter D, 452 Pa av 
Youag Thomas H, 442 9th nw 

Surgical Instruments. 

(See also Cutlers.) 
Fischer Charles, 623 7th 


Forsjth William, West Wing city Hall 


(See also Clothiers.) 

A they John M, 77 Bridge, Gtn 

Bartholmea G A, 225 C ne 

Bohlman Henry, 140 E Cap 

Bartram & Co, 943 Pa av 

Berens William, 1128 7th 

Bergiing George, 1318 F 

Bergling Henry, 1131 7th 

Bush John C, 346 Pa av 

Cammack Christopher, 1423 F 

Cantwell James, 211 3d sw 

Cecil Joseph B, 737 8th se 

Curtin Patrick. 1109 G 

Dalton W H, 1231 7th 

DEVLIN & CO, 1320 F 

Dieterich Christian P, 112 43^ 

Pieterich Louis. 355 Pa av 

Drew Edward M, 605 La av 

Duehriug A, 609 4% sw 

Duvall Benj H. 459'Pa av 

ENGLISH J T & CO. 719 15th 

Fincey Joues, 165 Bridge, Gtu 

Goetz G M. 137 B se 

Goetziuger Ernst, 1734 7th 

«RAD¥ J, 125 Pa av se 

GR1ESBAUER J A, 435 9th 

Griffith W T, 308 9th 

Grisbaber Joseph, 522 12th 

Hart William, 519 9th 

Heiberj;er Francis J, 617 Pa av 

Heil H, 633 Nnw 

Heilman Theodore. 1713 Pa av 

Herterich Georare, 913 D 

Hinton G W, 636 G se 

Hoffman Henry, 522 12th nw 

Horgan Edmund, 509 F nw 

Horn Wm. 1011 E 

Humphries Geo C, 1904 Pa av 

Imhof F, 1422 L 

Jacopi & Galli. 529 10th 

Keen George t. 414 9th 

Kelly & Barr, 1312 F 

Kettler Louis, 1008 F 

Kleinmann D. 1115 7th 

Koehler Ferd, 918 F 

Koppei H, 1221 F nw 

Kraak Henry, 481 Pa av 

Lackey James, 922 F 

Lopp Chris, 471 C sw 

Losano & Hardon, 400 9th 

Luckel H, 1747 L 

McCarthy Patrick. 139 Market Space, Gtn 

Mcintosh J M, 8226th nw 

McRae D, 7ih'cor F nw 

McGill William A. 235 7th sw 

Manosnae James, 149 Bridge. Gtn 

Mareck Francis S, 741 4th nw 

MeinKing William, 608 La av 


Mudd I F & Co. 701 9th 

Niebuhr A, 322 Pa av 

Noack August, 1339 E 

Pistori S, 425 8th se 

Probey J T, 58 Huh. Gtn 

Reindl Andrew. 613 Pa av se 

Refus John W. 822 12th 

Rest Frederick W, 425 12th 

Ribnitzki Wm. 1414 N Y av nw 

Ribnitzki & Thiel, 615 7th 

Rick John, 2016 I 

Rosenan Lewis, 422 4% sw 

Ruppert Casper, 422 10th 

St John John. 84 Frederick. Gtn 

Sanford Mary E, 1209 Union sw, 

Schafer G F, 1111 Pa av nw 

Schmidt Henry. 519 10th 

Schreiber Theodore, 46 Bridge, Gtn 

Schroder Robert, Washington nr Bridge, 

Schultheis H, 604 9th 
Schultz J Geo, 1106 7th 
Schwab J G, 711 7th sw 
Shaw J T, West End, Gtn 
Sheck John. 601 H 
Sheehan Michael, 1127 16th 
Sieck William. 1334 F nw 
Simon John A, 517 7th 
Slatterv Edward, 440 4^ 
Smith Frederick B, 818 F 
Stalzer C, 511 Pa av 
Strauss Henry, aajt, 79 Bridge, Gtn 
Stanford William H. 319 Pa av 
Taff George D & Son. 810 7th nw 
Teel William S, 935 Pa av nw 
Tucker William E, 467 Pa av 
VALENTINE E E, St Cloud Bldff 
Van Doren T. 1112 F 
Voegler John, 817 E 
Vogler Henry, 610 K 
Wade John W, 915 7th 
Wenger John, 1019 F 
Wilson Henry J, 116 Bridge, Gtn 
Zahn William, 6th cor C nw 
Zeller Frederick. 320 Pa av 


Cox John E, Washington c Olive, Gtn 


GILMOBE $ CO,, 629 F nw 





(See also ScIiooi&O 


Cant el J B, 221 U sw 

Colliere Lucien Eugene. 1234 I nw 

Prud'bomnie V Mad, 1023 12th nw 


Bullard O B. Washington Conservatory of 
Mu^ie, 432 9ih 

Caultield J P, 1534 I nw 

iSeheel John E, 1132 7th 

Sumner H L Mrs, and agt for Hallett, Da- 
vis & Go's Pianos, 811 7th 

Snell M Porter, Y M C A, 9th & D nw 

Waldeeker Franz, 917 7th nw 


Barili Ettore, 914 E nw 
Bullard O B, 432 9th nw 

Marini Prof, 914 E nw 
Sheldon G T, 1004 f nw 
Valentine L E, 5th cor H nw 

Snell M Porter, 9th cor D nw 

(Wax Work and Painting.) 
Gary M E B, 821 14th nw 

Teas and Coffees. 
(See also Grocers,) 

Ardeesar E C, 1311 7th 
Dannenberg & Co, 7i.h c Mass av nw 
Dowling John, 833 7th 
Duvall J Walter, 409 9th nw 
Freeh F. 148 ceu mkt 
Kit Ah, 143 N L mkt 
Kenshaw Frank, 99 High, Gtn 
Spignul Wm H & Co, 1000 7th nw 
Sweeney & Bro, 1146 7th 


American District Telegraph Co. 1001 F nw 
Atlantic and Pacifie and Franklin, Ken- 
nedy Duff, manager, 1347 E nw; State 
dept; chief signal ofhee, G nw bet 17th 
and 18th; war dept; post office; patent 
office; govt printing office; Capitol, 
Senate gallery, House gallery, House 
corridor; cor 3d and Pa av; 609 Pa av; 
St Marc Hotel, 7ih and Pa av; 941 Pa 
av (Warren Choate's book store); Wil- 
lard's Hotel, nw cor 14th and Pa av; 
12th sw (Fish whl); 142 Bridge, Gtn; 
cor 5ih aud G 
Western Quiou. Pa av cor 14th nw, 603 
Pa av, Metropolitan Hotel, post office, 
611 15th, Arlington, Ebbitt, Capitol, 
House and Senate gallery. B & O R K 
depot, stare, war, navy and interior 
depts, 933 Pa av and navy yard 

Terra Cotfa Works. 

Potomac Terra Cotta Co. 401 N J av 


Ford's Opera House, 9th cor C nw 
National, E bet 13th aud 14th nw 


(See Harness.) 


Fischer Charles, 623 7th nw 


Christman John, 1106 E 
Dawen Frederick, 801 13th 
Jacob C, 641 L 

Type Founders. 

Pelouze & Son, 402 7th nw 


CHASE B B, 1412 Pa av nw 

Keefer Joseph, 8061 
Rogers John, 613 D nw 
Rogers John & Co, 324 Pa av 
Rogers William, 425 11th 


(See also Cabinet Makers.) 
Barker R W, 612 11th 
Birch Joseph F, 65 Bridge, Gtn 
Boteler E M, 735 8th se " 
Buchly Anthony, 912 Pa av, h same 
Buigdorf Augustus, 312 Pa av 
CLAKK & PEYTON, 1168 20tl» 
Clements James T, 67 High, Gtn 
Day Addison, 237 7th sw 
Friess Mary D, 1008 6th 
Gawler Joseph, 1721 Pa av 
Geier Frank, 1113 7th 
Harvey Richard F. 932 F 
Johnson Isaac S, 333 L sw 
Jordan & Co. 1636 Vt av 
Lee's Henry Sons. 332 Pa av and 498 Md 

av sw 
Mitchell J M, 914 11th se 
Matthews & Jackson, 1735 K 
Nelson Edward & Co, 1017 3d nw 
Queen Ambrose, 1433 K 
Sigoumey & Wise, 35 Bridge, Gtn 
Spindler Frederick. 1233 7th 
Tibbs Moses, 1301 R 
Williams Lemuel, 1705 Pa av 
Wriiiht John R, 1337 10th nw 
Zurhorst & Bro, 304 Pa av se 


(See also Cabinet also Furniture also 

Paper Hangings.) 
Baker Lewis H, 1002 F 
Contnor Isaac, 927 C 
Denis Felix, 503 11th nw 
Donn G W, 424 H 
Dreher, Frederick. 210 1st sw 
Freeman & Eckhardt, 428 6th 
Harmon, Boswell & Co, 313 8th nw 
Hailing Charles. 943 Mass av 
Hoffman F. 120 3d nw 
Keefer W F, 803 13th 
Knox J D, 1819 7th 
McKenny F T. 1829 H 
Meiueis John H. 912 H nw 
Minster Moses, 1104 7th 
Minster Wm. 210 7th sw 
Nauck F C, 931 9th 
Noel Wm, 926 Pa av 
Schlosser William T, 1211 8th 
Ullman Joseph. 203<} 7th 
West John, 405 N nw 

Gil MORE, SMITH §• CO., 629 F st nw 

Theatre Comique 


Kel«*w Pennsylvania Avenue. 




Every Wednesday and Saturday 


Variety, fDrama, Bur- 
lesque and Comedy. 

The "Bowery" of Washington. 




Winner George, 429 9'h 
WUHDEMAN & BBO, 717 9th 

Variety Stoees. 

(See also Dry Good?, also Fancy Goods.) 

Appleby Elizabeth, 6b* Market, Gtn 

Ash Margaret, 1300 9th 

Beanmn William, 1160 16th 

Browning Thomas, 1815 D 

Carlin A N, 146 High, Gtn 

Casey James, 448 O 

Doyle William E, 418 11th sw 

Eppley L A, 901 F sw 

Fulcher James A. 926 Pa av nw 

Gaegler A, 125 Bridge, Gtn 

Goldschmid R, 804 7th nw 

Hammaek M A, 512 8th sw 

Howard Samuel, 171 Bridge, Gtn 

Hoyle James L, 1709 20th 

Isbeil Thomas W, 2008 M 

Kelly Martin, 635 N 

Moran Alice, 28 Bridge, Gtn 

Nichols Mrs J W, 500 8th sw 

Oliver William, 20 Potomac, Gtn 

Schissler Julianua L, 1011 H ne 

Skinner Martha A, 22 Prospect Gtn 

Symington Mary A, cor Market and 4th, 

Volkenig Barbara, 38 Br*dge 7 Gtn 
Worden Charles H, 1553 9th 

Venitian Blinds. 

Noell William, 926 Pa av nw 

Veterinary Surgeons- 
Clever William E, 819 19th 
Ribiere J, 464 La av 
Smith George, 819 10th nw 
Wanstall John, 817 19th 
Woodruff J E, 1307 G 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Alberger William H jr. 415 7th 

Baum L, 707 7th nw 

Berger O L, 1734 Pa av 

Berger J A, 902 F 

Bernheimer Henry, 918 Pa av 

Blackford J S, 99 Bridge, Gtn 

Blackford J S jr, 136 Bridge, Gtn 

Bottomore Charles H, 321 Pa av 

Breuninger W, 929 Pa av 

Fassler W, 428 K nw 

Frisard Louis, 1115 7th 

Gait M W. Bio & Co, 1105 and 110? Pa av 

Glenn W D, 60 High, Gtn and 402 9th 

Goldstein S & Co, 619 Pa av 

Hickev P T, Anacostia 

Hines Rudolph, 1120 7th 

Hinke Henry, 425 9th 

Hoffa Herz, 622 Pa av 

Hudson A W. 70 Bridge, Gtn 

Jacob* D, 1006 Pa av 

Jarvis Cbas F. 818 F nw 

Karr J, 629 Pa av 

Kattelman C, 719 7th 

Keil Geo, 737 8th se 

Kenfield C S, 50734 Pa av 

Keuchel A, 5 Congress, Gtn 

Korn P, 1717 Pa av 

Krackhardt Fredk, 509 U and 1115 7th 

Krause Chas A. 908 8th s"e 

Lendner A R. 932 Pa av 
Lereh M J, 517 7th nw 
Letmate F W, 1336 F 
Lewis Samuel, 1221 Pa av 
Libbey Israel P, 437 7th 
Petersen Carl, 424 7th nw 
Prigg JE, 457Paav 
Prince & Goldsmith. 917 Pa av 
Rickenbacher Domick, 1423 F 
Schmitt P F, 1010 7th 
Semken Henry, 945 Pa av 
Smedtie Bros. 704 7th nw 
Tappan W S, 905 F 
Thompson Thomas J, 303 7th sw 
Tribbey Jane, 120 Bridge, Gtn 
Unsworth Johu J, 201 7th sw 
Van Doren John A. 205 Pa av se 
Tan Doren L, 912 8th se 
Wahl John. 1121 7th 
Weyl Max, 712 7th nw 
Williamson David T, 2213 7th 
Woreh Alfred. 1720 Pa av 

Water Closets. 

SMITH R S> O, 613 7tli 

Wax Flotvers. 

Gary M E B, 821 14th nw 

Wheel Manufactures. 

New England Carriage and Wheel Co> 
133^ c E nw 


(See also Blacksmiths, also Carriage 

Elkins & Bros, 2d nr C 

Heidmiller Charles, 1400 R I av 

Mack G, 7th and P 

Miller Jacob, 212 7th sw 

Minnix J N & Son, Anacostia 

Moore George W,Highnr 7th and Market, 

Preinkert J F, 1715 7th 
Rest Frank. 1713 7th 
Richard Daniel H, 23d and F 
Riest Henry T, 1st c Ind av 
Shlett George, 413 4i sw 
Schultz John, cor 2d and K ne 
Wetzel Henry, High nr Market, Gtn 

Wig Makers. 

Demongeot Narcisse, 616 9th nw 

Wines and Liquors 

Barrett Edward, 201 Pa av 

Bartholomae W, 1023 7th 

Bien Samuel, 924 F nw 

Boegeholz Henry. 1139 7th 

Burke F P, 1324 D nw 

Costello Margaret, 1508 10th 

Daly Henry jr, 640 O 

»AVI»SOT\ JOSEPH H, 342 Va av 

Douglass A, 1702 Pa av 

Dunn & Fagan, 935 La av 

E&berg L, 1404 Pa av nw 

Fegan P, 466 Pa av 

Gseuler A, 125 Bridge, Gtn 

Hayden M, 315 14th 

Heuauit G M, 8th cor D 

Henault J S & Co, 1009 E 

For Sale of Inventions or Patents, see 




Ilolloran Edward. 1148 23d 
Hoover & Co. 1217 Paav 
Kelly Win H, 219 H n'e 
Koeh Adam, 72 West, Gtn 
McMahon Tbomas. 301 Pa av se 
Moran M S, 72 Bridge, Gtn , 
Muehleisen Wrn, 918 5th nw 
Kussell Thomas, 1213 Pa av nw 
1333 E 

Spanier Louis, 1416 F 


Wire Workers. 

Beveridge Daniel W, 316 12th 


Ruppert Selma Mrs, 614 9th nw 



District of Columbia 

Is Published .A_niraally 

On or .AJboixt tlie First of January 

ICE, $0.00. 

Advertisements Inserted as follows: 

One Page, White Paper 
Half Page 
Quarter Page 

$25 00 

15 00 

9 00 

GUM ORE, SMITH & CO, 629 F street nw 



19 Milk St., Boston. 150 So. Clark St., Chicago. 

198 Broadway, New York. 169 Vine St. , Cincinnati. 

632 Ohesnut St., Philadelphia. 110 Pine St., St. Louis. 


Demiisoft Rial Patent Shipping Tib, 



DENNISON'S RAPID TAG FASTENER, for securing tags to meats, &c 



Dennison's Targets, Target Pasters and Score Cards. 

Dennison's lies tau rant and Barber's Cheeks* 


Dennison's Wedding Cake Boxes, Visiting and Playing Card Caies« 
.A.gents for tlie Sale of 







and " Excelsior" Centennial Prize Tissue Paper, 

Importers of English Grass Bleached and Pearl Blue Tissue Paper, 
from the Celebrated 39 Mill. 

Also, furnish at manufacturer's best terms, McGill's Paper Fasteners, Dickinson's 
Rubber Bands, Richardson, Russell & Co.'s Dead Lock Tag Fasteners, and Pierce's 
Standard Letter File and Binder. 

All of the Above Goods Sold by Dealers. h*ill, 

OX4-916 E Street Northwest. 

The above beautiful edifice is delightfully situated in the centre of the city, and is 
accessible by all the lines of city cars. As a Ball-Room, it surpasses in elegance and 
general convenience all others in the city. As a Music and Concert Hall, and for 
Lectures. Parties and Weddings, it is wonderfully perfect iu acoustics, and affords 
elegant accommodation for eight hundred persons. A great reduction in the rental 
has been made. The Hall is open daily for inspection. For terms and particulars, 
choice of nights, &c, apply at the Hall. 


Days and Hours of Tuition. 

MISSES AND MASTERS— Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, from 3 to 5 p. m. 

FOR LADIES EXCLUSIV EL Y— Tuesday and Saturday, from 5.30 to 7 p. m. 

EVENING CLASSES FOR GENTLEMEN— Tuesday, "Thuivday and Saturday, 
from 7 to 9 p. m. 

PRACTICING RE-UNION OF THE CLASSES -Every Saturday from 8 to 10. 

PRIVATE LESSONS giv en to Ladies or Genilemen at any time when not engaged 
with Classes. 

each mouth. 


914 E Street, aSffX^T. 

National Brass Works, 


SI-3, SI® stud S^O Thirteenth Street HfW 




Great Falls Ice Co. 

Principal ClUice and Depot, 


Branch Office, 1202 F St. N W. 

Ice Delivered Throughout the lear. 


Officers" and [Directors. 




J. H. JOHNSON, Treasurer. S. H. HOWELL. 

J. C. WHIT WELL, General Superintendent. J. H. JOHNSON. 

& H. HOWELL, Auditor. R. Q. CAMPBELL. 


Directory of Koads, Streets, Alleys, &c« 

There are 1170 originally laid out blocks or squares, bounded by 21 avenues, and 
over 100 streets in the city, irrespective of the suburbs. The Capitol is nearly the 
centre of the city, and fr*)m it the streets are laid out at right angles, and according 
to our new system of numbering, are divided into four graud cardinal sections. All 
the streets lying northwest of the centre of the Capitol have northwest attached to 
them, those southeast, southwest and northeast are named in the same manner. The 
new system of numbering is called the decimal system, and is on the principle of 
allowing 100 for every square. It is beneficial to the city in case of fire or tearing 
down of a block of buildings. It does not disarrauge the numbeis ahead of that 
square. The streets named alphabetically run east and west from North and South 
Capitol streets; the streets named by numerals run north a d south from East Capitol 
and the Mall. The avenues are laid out diagonally, as to the right-angle stteets; 
their names will be found below. Many of the squares or blocks are so large that 
additional streets and alleys have been opened and named. Many of the:?e alleys 
were named by the Directory men while canvassing, generally from some local cause. 
A glance at the past and present list of streets and alleys will show how these latter 
are h. creasing. We have added a list of all thj roads in the District, which will be 
found very useful. j 

Acker's alley, bet 1st and 2d and E and F 

Acorn alley, bet 4% an( i 6th and Md av 

and C sw 
Adams Express alley, (see Express alley) 
Adams row, bet 13th and 14th aud S and 

T uw 
Adams st, Uniontown, runs south from 

Aiken's alley, bet 4% and 6th and Md av 

and C sw 
Alexander's Row, N H av and 22d and M 

Anacostia road, running from Anacostia 

road north to District Col line and 

Piiuce George's go. Md 
Aqueduct st, Fa av extended to Greene st, 

Argvle mill road, see Blagden's mill road 
Back street, from west side of High above 

8th, Gtn 
Bacon's alley, bet E and F and $% and 

6th sw 
Baldwin's row, 2d bet D and E uw 
Ball's alley, nr Mass av oet 2d aud 3d nw 
Ball's Cross Road, Rosslyn, runs sw from 

Bank alley, from Bridge bet Market and 

Frederick to Prospect, Gtn 
Baptist alley, bet 9th and 10th and E and 

F nw 
Barry farm road, running from Nichols av 

to the Hamilton road by the Jew's bury- 
ing ground 
Bates' alley, from G to H bet 6th and 7th 

Bates' road, starting from Rock creek 

church road, running southeasterly to 

the Sargent road 
Beall, from Rock cr^ek to High, Gtn 
Belt's road, starting from Teuuallytown, 

running northeast to D C line and Mont- 
gomery eo, Md 
Beuuet st, Rosslyn, runs south from Canal 

to Corcoran 
Beaming's road, running from Old toll 

gate, H and Boundary st ue, easterly. 

crossings bridge to D C line and Prince 

George's eo, Md 

Berry's row, bet 21st and 221 and B and 

Birch's alley, bet 20th aud 21st aud L and 
M nw 

Birch's alley, bet 9th and 10th and D and 

Bird's alley, bet 7th and 8th ank F and G 

Bismarck, runs west from 7th extended 

Bladensburg road, late Baltimore and 
Columbia turnpike road, running from 
the intersection of Boundary' and H sts 
ue, at the old toll gate, passing Mt Oli- 
v t cemetery, to D C line and P G co, 

Blagden's alley, from M to N, bet 9th and 
10th nw 

Bkmdeu's Mill road, now Blagden's road, 
starting at Piney Branch road, near 
Crystal Spriugs, by Argyle mill to 
Shoemaker's mill, (this road was for- 
merly called by some the Argyle mill 

Blair road, starting at Rock Creek church 
by Sander's hill to D C line and Mont- 
gomery, Md 

Blood alley, bet Congress and High and 
Bridge aud Water, Gtn 

Bohrei r street, north from Boundary bet 
6th and 7th nw 

Boundary street, from Rock Creek round 
the north side of the city 

Boweu road, running from Good Hope 
northeasterly to D C line and P G co, 
Md. nr old Fort Meigs 

Boyle's alley, from C bet N J av and 1st 

Brainard street, bet 17th and 18th and 
Mass av and P nw 

Brentwood road, (late old Bladensburg 
road.) starting at Boundary and 2d sts 
ne, running northeast to D C line and P 
G co, Md, passing the Harmonia, (col- 
ored,) and U S National cemeteries, the 
latter containing the bodies of contra- 
bands and unknown colored persons, as 
•well as smallpox corpses, deceased since 
the rebellion 

Bridge street, continuation of Pa av tolim 
its of Georgetown 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO, 629 F street n 




Brilliant alley. bet 17th and 18th and Pand 

Mass Hv nw 
Broad alley, bet 3d and 4% and F and Gsw 
Broad Brancn road, starting at Shoemak- 
er's mill. Rock Creek, and running 

northerly to D C line and Montgomery 

eo, Md 
Brook's alley, bet 3d and 4th and G and H 

Brother's alley, from 9th bet Vaav andB 

Brown road, running from Linnean Hill rd 

northerly to Piney rtrauch road 
Brown ttieet runs north from Howard av 
Brown's alley, rear K bet 24th and 25th 

Brown's alley, bet H and I and 13th and 

15th nw 
Brown's court, bet W and Boundary and 

13 and 14th uw 
Brown's court se, bet A andB and 6th and 

Bull Head alley, bet B and C and 13^ and 

14th nw 
Bunker Hill road, running from Lincoln 

av northerly to D C line and P G co, Md 
Burke's alley, bet 6th and 7th and G and 

H nw 
Burnstine's alley, rear I bet 6th and 7th nw 
Butler's alley, bet 8Lh and 9th and P and 

Q nw 
Cabbage alley, bet 1st and 2d and G and 

Campbell's alley, bet H and I and 3d and 

4th nw 
Canal road, running from Georgetown 

past the Chain Bridge to D C line 
Canal street, bet 1st and C sw 
Canal street, Rossiyu from the canal west 
Canterbury alley, betC and and La av and 

4^ and 6th nw 
Carlin's alley, bet C and D and 12th and 

13th sw 
Caroline Terrace, ("see Franklin place) 
Carroll place, 1st bet E Cap and A se 
Carroll st, from 1st to 2d bet B and C se 
Carter's alley, 18th and L9th and D and E 

Casey alley, bet K and L and 4y 2 and 6th 

Cecil alley, bet High and Potomac and 

Grace and Water, Gtu 
Cedar street, bet S and T and 18th and 

19th nw 
Cental avenue, starting from Benning's 

road, near Wm BLacy's, runningnorth- 

easierly to D C line and P G co, Md 
Central av, Meridian Hill, runs north 

from Prospeet 
Cliadwick av, Rosslyn, runs south from 

Canal st 
Cham House alley, bet H and I and 13th 

and 14th nw 
Champlain av, runs north from Boundary 

bet 17th and 18th 
Cuapiu st. run:? west from 14th extended 
Chapman's alley, bet 14th and 15th and R 

T av and N nw 
Chappell road, running from Grant road 

easterly to Broad Branch road 
Cherry street, (see Grace, Gtu ) 
Chestnut street, (see Sampsou street) 
Chew's alley, bet E and E aud 1st and 2d 

Cuiiu's alley, bet Q and R aud S Cap and 

Eastern Branch se 

Christian alley, from F to G bet % and 

1st sw 
Chinch alley, east from 3d bet 3 and P nw 
Church alley, bet L and M and 3rd aud N 

H av in rear of Union Wesley Church 
Clark's alley, bet I ai A K and 14th and 

15th nw 
Clark's alley, bet 17th and 18th and K and 

L nw 
Clark's row, Capitol Hill 
Clarke's alley, bet 2d and 3d and L and 

M sw 
Clarke's alley, bet C and D and 3d and 4% 

Cod rick's alley, bet 13^ aud 14 th and B 

and C sw 
Colfax street, from 5th st extended west 
College, east from 6th extended, Howard 

University grounds 
College Hill, (see Piney Branch road) 
College street, from the canal to the col- 
lege, Gtn 
College st, from 6th st ne north of Trnm- 

Columbia street, bet 9th and 10th and O 

and Q nw 
Columbia road, from Boundary street, at 

the head of 20th to Pidey Branch road. 
Columbian avenue,a continuation of 15th,. 

bet Boundary and Piney Branch and 

13th aud 16th nw 
Conduit road, (see Upper Falls road) 
Congress street, from 30 Water street to 

Road street, Gtn 
Congressional Cemetery Grounds, from 

17th street and Georgia avenue east to 

the River 
Connecticut alley, from Conn ave bet K 

and L nw 
Connecticut avenue runs from LI and 16>£ 

sts nw, uw to Boundary 
Connor's allej r , bet L and M and 23d and 

24th nw 
Cook's alley, bet 15th and 16th and K and 

L nw 
Cool Spring road, lunning from Boun- 
dary and C st ne to Benuing s road 
Cooper's alley, 17th bet E and N Y av nw 
Corcoran street, from 14th to 15th bet Q 

and R nw 
Corcoran street, Roslyn, from Ball's cross- 
roads west 
Cottage Row alley, bet 18th and I9th and 

L and M nw 
Covington street, bet 9th and 10th and Q 

aud R nw 
Cow alley, bet I and K and 4\ and 6th sw 
Cox's alley, rE bet 6th and 7th nw 
Crescent street, ruus west from Columbia 

and Central av 
Crogin's alley, bet M and N and 23d and 

2ith uw 
Crouin's Row, N H av bet T and U nw 
Crook's alley, bet R and S and 6th and 

7th nw 
Crois'alley,bet L and M aud 5th and 6th se 
Cullinan alley, bet D aud I and 3d aud 6th 

Daniels' road runs from Military rd ur 

Swart to District line 
Decker alley, bet D and E and 9th and 

10th sw 
Def rees street, bet 1st and N Cap and H 

aud I nw 
Delaware av ruus ne and sw from the 

centre of the Capitol 

Offieia (^Accounts of Indian Agents settled 




De Sales street, from 17th to Conn av bet 

L and M nw 
Desmond's alley, from 9th to 10th bet E 

and F sw 
Division street, Roslyn, runs south from 

Douoho's al bet 22d and 23d and L and M 

Douglass' alley, bet 4th and 5th and G 

and H nw 
Downing's alley, from O bet 9th and 10th 

Drapers's alley, from B bet 12th,and 13th 

Duddington Place, 1st bet B and C se 
Dunbarton street, from Rock creek to 112 

High street, Gtn 
Dorr's alley, from 10th to 11th bet M aud 

N nw 
E-street alley, from E bet 7rh and 8th se 
-Earle alley, "bet H and I and 21st and 22d 

East street, road to Lyon's mill, Gtn 
East Cai'itoi street, from the Capitol to 

Eastern Branch 
Eastern Market Space, from K to L on 

5th and 6th se 
Eighth street, (Gtn.) from near 300 High 

to Fayette 
Elm street, east From 6th street extended 

toLe Droit av 
Erie street, bet Meridian av and Cham- 
plain av 
Express alley, bet B and C and 2d and 3d 
Factory Hill, bet Water and High and 

Market and Potomac. Gtn 
Falls road, (see Upper Falls road) 
Farrat^ut street, runs west from 7th ex- 
Fayette st, Rosslyn, from the canal west 
Fayette street, from the river north to 

High street, Gtu 
Fifteeenth st alley, bet 14th and 15th and 

B and C nw 
Fifteenth and a-half street, also called 

Madison place, from Pa av to H bet 15th 

aud 16th nw. 
Fifth street, expended from Boundary 

Fifth street, (Gtn,) from 181 High street 

to 112 Frederick 
Fighting alley, (see Kuo .v's alley) 
Fighting alley, bet F and G and 3d and 4^ 

Fillmore street, Uniontown, runs south 

from Harrison 
First street, (Gtn,) from 81 Hiirh to War- 
ren street 
Fletcher's alley, bet H and I and 3d and 

4th nw 
Foot's alley, bet 9th and 10th and H and I 

Ford's alley, bet 3d and 4th and G and H 

Fort Saratoga, on Brentwood and Queen 

Chap pel roads 
Fort Slocum, on Rock Cr^ek Church road 
Fort Totten. on Bunker Hill road nw 
Foundry place, bet 13th aud 14th and G 

and N Y av 
Fourth street, extended from Boundary 

Fourth street, (Gtn,) from 161 High street 

to 90 Fayette 
Fowler's alley, bet D and E. and 12th and 

13th se 

Foxhall Ian t road, starting at Canal road. 

running pa^t Capt, Maddox's to Lough- 
borough hill 
Franklin alley, bet IJth and 14th and K 

and L nw 
Franldm st, bet P and Q. and 4th and 5th 

Franklin place, I bet 13th and 14th nw 
Franklin row alley, bet 12th and 13th and 

K and L n\r 
Frederick street, from 160 Water to Hio-h 

st, Gtn 
Freeman's alley, from 7th bet N and O nw 
French's alley, bet E Cap aud A and 1st 

and 2 1 se 
French street, from 9 Ji to 10 Ji bet R and 

S nw 
Fuller's alley, nr 329 Va av sw 
G street alley, (see Fouudry place) 
G street alley, between 6ih and 7th and G 

and H sw 
Gales av runs east from Lincoln av to 

Gales woods 
Gardner street, Rosslyn from the Canal 

Garrett's alley, bet Prospect aud 2d and 

Frederick and Fayette, Gtn 
Gate's alley, bet M and river and 10th and 

11th se 
Gay street, from Rock creek to 92 Hi^h. 

Georgia av, from 8th st and Navy Yard ne 

to Congressional cem 
Giesboro' road, runuing from intersection 

of the Hamilton road aud Nichols av 

southerly to nr Oxeu run, to District 

line and Prince George's county, Md 
Giiman or Maple st, from Boundary and 

T to LeDroit av 
Given's illey, bet 11th and 12th and K and 

L nw 
Gleason road, now called Spring street rd, 

running from Piuey Branch road east to 

Holniead road 
Glick's alley, bet 6th and 7th aud R and S 

Goat alley, bet L and M and 6th and 7th nw 
Goffs alley is a continuation of Chew's 

alley and lies bet E and F and 2d aud 3d 

Goat all vy, from 6th bet L and M nw 
Good Hope road, running fioru Anacostia, 

late navy yard, bridge, easterly to Good 

Government hospital lor the insane, (see 

Nichols av) 
Grace church alley, bet 8th and 9th and 

D and F sw, in rear of Grace church 
Grace st, from High to Market, Gtn 
Graham alley, from C to Pa av bet 12th 

aud 13th nw 
Grant av runs west from 7th extended to 

Grant av, Rosslyn, run south from the 

Grant place, from 9th to 10th bet G and 

H nw 
Graut road, running from Tennaltytown 

easterly to Broad branch road 
Greenback alley, bet 18th and 19th and K 

aud L w 
Green's alley, from 14th bet L and M nw 
Greene st, from Water to the cemetery, 

Griffin alley, bet F and G and Del av and 

2d sw 

Call on GILMOBE $ CO. 




Grinder's alley, bet L and M and 1st and 

N J av se 
Grinder's alley, near L and 11th se 
Grinnell's alley, bet K and L and 16th and 

l?th nw 
Guild's alley, bet 2d and 3d and F and G 

Guinan's alley, bet Q4 and 6th and Hand 

I sw 
Hast alley, bet 17th and 18th and H and I 

Half i?t, bet S Cap and 1st st sw from Va 

av to the river 
Hamilton Place, K bet 14th and 15th nw 
Hamilton road, running from Good Hope 

road southwest past National race 

course to Nichols av 
Harewood av running north from Boun- 
dary head of 4th st, LeDroit Park 
Harewood av, running from Bunker Hill 

road by National cemetery to Rock 

creek church road. (This road is still 

called by some the Soldier's Home road) 
Harris al, bet A and B and 3d and 4th ne 
Harrison st, Uniontown, runs east from 

navy yard bridge 
Harvard runs west from 7th extended 
High runs from Pleasant east 
High st, from 81 Water to the corporation 

limit, Gtn 
Hitz's alley, bet A and B nr N J av se 
Hog a'ley, bet 6th and 7th and H and I nw 
Hook and Ladder alley, bet 4th and 5th nr 

H nw 
Hopkin's alley, bet R and S and 19th and 

20th nw 
Howard av, Mt Pleasant, runs west from 

14th extended 
Howard row, bet 14th and 15th and C and 

D ne 
Hughes' alley, bet 25th and 26th and I and 

K nw 
Hunt's alley, bet E Cap and A and 1st and 

2d ne 
Huron street, runs from Columbia av to 

Central av 
Indiana av rans from N J av and 1st st 

nw, to City Hall. 
Imlay's alley, bet H and I and 25th and 

26th nw 
Ingle Place, on C bet 1st and 2d se 
Irvin, runs west from 7th extended and 

7th nw 
Irving place, H bet 1st and N Cap 
Jackson's alley, Gtn Bridge bet Washing- 
ton and Congress 
Jackson Hall al, from 339 Pa av bet 3d 

and 4)^ nw near Cong Globe 
Jackson place, or 16^ st, also called Lex- 
ington place, from Executive place to 

H nw 
Jackson s.t, also called Jackson alley, from 

1st nw to 2d ne bet G and H 
Jackson st, Uniontown, runs east from 

Jefferson st, from 30 Water to 67 Bridge, 

Johnson st, bet 14th and 15th and R and 

Jefferson st, Uniontown, runs east from 

Johns court, bet 4>£ and 6th and Pa av 

and Mo av nw 
Jones alley, bet Bridge and Congress and 

South, Gtn 
Jordan's alley, 14th bet E and G se 

Junit er st, north from Boundary and 6th 

to Spruce 
K st alley, bet K and L and 21st and 22d 

Keating av runs from Lincoln av east to 

Gale's woods 
Keboe's allev, from D to F bet 8th and 
9fh sw 

Keily road, a small road running from the 
Hamilton road to Nichols av, below Na- 
tional race course 

Kendall Green, a lane from M and 7th ne, 
running past the Deaf and Dumb Asy- 

Kennedy's alley, bet G and H near 4>£ sw 

Kennesaw av, west from 14th st extended 

Kentucky av ruus from Lincoln square 
and E Capitol st T se to Anacostia river 

Keruan allev, Det H and I and 4>£ and 
6th sw 

Kid well's alley, bet 17th and 18th and I 
and K nw 

Kimball's alley, bet Pa av and C and 4>^ 
and 6th nw 

Kingman court, bet 13th and 14th and P 
and Q nw 

Kingston alley, bet 13>^ and 14th and D 
and Md av sw 

Knight's alley, bet 13>£ and 14th and D 
and Md av »w 

Knox's alley, bet E and F and 3d and 4>£ 
sw, (late Fighting alley) 

Lafayette square, bet 15X and 16J nw, 
opp Executive Mansiou 

Lake's alley, bet 3d and 4th and A and fi- 

Lambden st, Rosslyn, runs south from 

Lanckton alley, bet N Cap and N J av 
and E and F nw 

Langdon terrace, 6th st extended, Uni- 
versity Hill 

Larch st, north from Boundary and 6th 
to Spruce 

Lawrence, bet 18th and 19th and R and 
8 nw 

LeDjoit av, running north from Boun- 
dary east of 3d 

Lee's row, bet N and O and 12th and 13th 

Lexington place, or 16|- st, also called 
Jackson square, from Pa av to H bet 
16th and 17th nw 

Linden st, north from Boundary and 
Rhode Island av to Elm 

Libbey's row, from L nr 22d nw 

Libbey's row, N H av, bet 21st and 22d nw 

Limerick alley, bet 3d and 4>£ and Va av 
and C sw 

Lincoln building, 11th nr D ne 

Lincoln avenue, starting at Boundary and 
North Capitol streets, running north- 
erly by Glen wood cemetery, to intersec- 
tion of Harewood and Bunker Hill 

Lincoln square, bet A ne and A se and 
11th and 13th east 

Lincoln st, east from 7th extended to 
Howard University grounds 

Lingan street, from 130 Prospect to 34 3d, 

Linkin's alley, bet 18th and 19th and K 
and L nw 

Linnean Hill road, starting from Piney 
Branch road, running westerly and 
crossing Rock creek 

Pioneers of Contingent Fee practice, 




Linnean Hill road, runs west from 14th 

Liver's alley, bet 21st and 22d and M and 

N nw 
Liviugston mill road, running easterly 

and southerly, (e s e,) crossing Oxen 

run to D C line and P Geo co, Md 
Locust alley, bet L and M and 4>£ and 6th 

Loughboro's road, starting from the term- 
inus of Foxball road and running to 

Rockville turnpike 
Louise alley, Mass av bet 15th and 16th 
Lowe's alley, bet 1st and 2d and C and D 

Louisiana avenue runs from City Hall sw 

to Mall or Old Canal 
Louse alley, from 9tb bet P and Q nw 
Lower Giesboro' (see Giesboro) 
Lucas alley, bet 16th and 17th and L and 

M nw 
McClelland st, or Elm, east from 7th ex- 
tended to LeDroit av 
McDermott's alley, from 3d to 4>£ bet Mo 

av and Pa av nw 
McGiunis alley, bet E and F and 2d and 

3d sw 
McKeever's alley, bet 1st and 2d and C 

and D ne 
Madison alley, from 1st to 2d, bet E and 

G nw 
Madison place, or 153^ street, east side of 

Lafayette square from Executive place 

to H nw 
Madison street, from west side of High 

above 8th, Gtn 
Madison st, Uniontown, runs east from 

Madison street, or Organ alley, from M to 

N, bet 6th and 7th nw 
Madison street alley, from 7th to Madison 

street, bet M and N nw 
Magruder's alley, bet I and K and 17th 

and 18th nw 
Maine avenue, runs from Botanical Gar- 
dens and 3d sw. sw to 6th st 
Maple, running east from T street and 

Boundary to LeDroit av 
Marble alley, also called John's court, 

from Pa av bet 4>£ and 6th to Mo av 

and 43^ nw 
Marion street, from Q to Rhode Island av, 

bet 6th and 7th nw 
Market alley, from 6th to 7th bet L and 

M se 
Market space, Pa av bet 7th and 9th nw 
Market space, from 187 Bridge to the 

canal, Gtn 
Market space, Uniontown, Pierce bet 

Washington and Jefferson 
Market street, from 130 Water to High st, 

Marks' alley, bet 6th and 7th and E and 

Marlboro road (see Anacostia road, also 

Benning's road) 
Maryland av runs southwest and north- 
east from the centre of the Capitol 
Marshall runs west from 7th extended 
Mass av runs parallel with the Pa av north 

of the Capitol 
May place, 1st bet C and D 
Meridian av runs north from Boundary 

and 16th 
Military road, starting at Brightwood 

running westerly to Swart road 

Meridian st runs west from 14th extended 
Mill st, a road leading from 30 West st to 

Lyon's mill, Gtn 
Missouri av runs from Bontanical gardens 

and 3d st nw, nw to 6th st 
Monroe st, from 22 Dunbarton st to 39 

Beall, Gtn 
Monroe st, Uniontown, from navy yard 

bridge to Jefferson 
Monroe, bet Q and R and 16th and 17th nw 
Montgomery al from Rock Creek to the 

cemetery, Gtn 
Moore's al, bet 13th and 14th and E and 

Pa av se 
Morgan al, bet 22d and 23d and H and I 

Mt Pleasant al. from M to N bet 9th and 

10th nw 
Mt Pleasant st runs west from 7th extended 
Mt Vernon pi. on K from 7ih to 9th nw 
Murdock's row, on 20th nr S nw 
Myrtle st ruus east from N Cap to 1st ne 
N st al bet N and P and 20th and 21st nw 
Nailor's al bet 9th and 10th and N and O 

Naylor road, starting at Anacostia rd. at 

Burnt bridge, ihrough Good Hope to D 

C line and Pr Geo co, Md 
New Cut road, (see Central av) 
New Hampshire av runs from Rock Creek 

and 27th st ne to Boundary 
New York av runs from National Observ- 
atory foot 23d ne to Boundary 
New Jersey av runs nw and se from the 

centre of the Capitol 
Nichols av, starting at Anacostia, late 

navy yard bridge, running past the gov- 
ernment hospital for the insane, and 

national race course to Giesboro road 
Nichols place, B nr 1st ne 
Nineteenth st al, bet 19th and 20th and L 

and M nw 
Nokes al, bet 7th and 8th and G and H se 
Noland's al, bet % and 1st and M and N sw 
Norris alley, east from Washington bet 

Bridge and Canal, Gtn 
North Capitol st, north from north side of 

the Capitol to the Boundary 
North Carolina av runs -from E and S 

Capitol se, ne to Bouudary 
North st, from 21 West st, Gtn 
Norment's al, bet 2d and 3d and B and C 

O-st al. bet 4th and 5th and N and O nw 
Oak al, from Congress bet Bridge and 

Gay, Gtn 
Oak av runs west from 14th extended 
Ohio av runs from 12th and B nw, sw to 

15th st 
Olive st, from 25 Montgomery to 121 

Washington st, Gtn 
Ontario av runs north from Boundary and 

17th sts 
Organ al, (see Madison st) 
Palmer's al, bet 9th and 10th and H and I 

Park row, bet C and D and Y6\ and 14th 

Park street, bet 11th and 12th and E d 

C ne 
Park st, at Mt Pleasant 
Parson's al, 1st and B and C ne 
Paxton's alley, bet Montgomery and 

Greene and Dunbarton and Beall, Gtn 
Peach alley, bet M and N and 20th and 

21st nw 

GILMORE, SMITH § CO., 629 F St nw 




Peartree alley, bet 1st and 2d and C and D 

Pennsylvania av running nw and se from 
Capitol grounds 

Peters et runs north from Meridian 

Philadelphia row, 11th se 

Phillips alley, bet 24th and 25th and M and 
N nw 

Pierce, Uniontown, runs south from Har- 

Pierce's mill road, running from Rockville 
turnpike rd se to Shoemaker's Mill and 
Rock creek 

Pierce st, front N Cap to N J av bet L and 
N Y av nw 

Pierce place, bet 14th and 15th and S and 

Pig alley, bet 6th and 7th and K se 

Piuey Branch road, starti g from Bound- 
ary head of 14lh running northerly 
through Brightwood to District line and 
Montgomery co, Md 

Pleasant alley, bet G and H and 3d and 
43^ 6W 

Pleasant st, from Lincoln st north in How- 
ard University grounds 

Polk st, Uniontown, runs south from Jef- 

Pomeroy st, east from 7th extended to Le 
Droit av 

Potomac alley, near E and 12th and Mary- 
land au sw 

Potomac st, from 118 Water st to 2d, Gtn 

Potomac st, Rosslyn, from Canal to Cor- 

Powell's alley, bet 1st and N J av and 
Pierce and NY av nw 

Prater's alley, bet I and K and 4th and 5th 

Prather's alley, bet L and M and 6th and 
7th nw 

Presbyterian alley, bet 14th and 15th and 
I and K nw 

President's square, bet 15th and 17th nw, 
on Pa av 

Princeton runs west from 7th extended 

Proctor's alley, (or row,) bet 12th and 13th 
and M and N nw 

Prospect st runs west from Columbia av 
to Central av 

Prospect st, from 65 High st to 5 Lingan 
st, Gtn 

Prosperi's alley, bet E and G and 7th and 
8th se 

Purdy's court, 1st bet B and C nw 

Quaker's Buildings, bet 12tb and 13th and 
R and S nw 

Queen's Cbapel road, running from Blad- 
ensdurg road, at or near Clark Mills, to 
D C line, Prince George's county, Md 

Railroad st, Rosslyn, runs south from 
Canal st 

Ray's alley, bet I and K and 24th and 25th 

Reese's alley, bet 8th and 9th and P and Q 

Reno city, bounded by Belt's, Grant and 
Chappell's road 

Republican alley, bet 9th and 10th and D 
and Pa av nw 

Rhode Island av, from Conn av and 18th 
st nw, ne to Boundary 

Ridge road, running from Auaeosfia road, 
near Methodist church, and A B Scaggs's 
southeaster ! y to Bowen road, near old 
Fort Meigs 

Rhodes' alley, bet M and N and 9th and 

10th se 
Ridge st, from 4th to 5th bet M and N nw 
Ridge-st al, bet 4th and 4th and Ridge and 

N nw 
Rigg's road, starting from Sander's hill, 

running northeasterly to District liue 

and Prince George County, Md 
Riggs st, from 13th to 17th bet T and U 

nw and from 13th to 14th bet R and S nw 
Rightstine alley, from V to W bet Vt av 

and 10th nw 
River road (see Anacostia road) 
Road street, from Montgomery to High 

st, Gtu 
Read street, betT and Boundary and 17th 

and 18th nw 
Rock Creek Church road, starting at the 

Piney Branch roadj crossing the 7th st 

pike, and running past the Rock Creek 

church to Sander's hill, Passing the U S 

Military Asylum or Soldiers' Home 
Rock Creek Ford road, starting t at 

Brightwood, running to point of Broad 

Branch road, to District line and Mont- 
gomery county, Md 
Rockville turnpike road, starting at 

Georgetown, running north through 

lennallytown to District line andMont- 

gomert county, Md 
Rum's alley, rear of St. Peter's church, 

bet 1st and 2d and C and D se 
Rumsey's alley, from 3d st, C and D on 

1st se 
S street Mount Pleasant runs north from 

Howard avenue 
S-st alley, bet R I av and S and 6th and 

7th nw 
St. Dominick's alley, rear St Dominick's 

church, 6th and F sw 
St Paul alley, bet 22d and 23d and I and K 

Sampson street, formerly Madison, Samp- 
son alley in rear of Sampson st bet 14th 

and 15 tk nw, from 14th to 17th bet P 

and Q nw 
Sandy Springs road, running from Blair 

road northwesterly to district line and 

Prince Ge >rge county, Md 
Sargent road, starting from Bunker Hill 

road, near Fort Bunker Hill, northerly 

to District line and Prince George co, 

Savage's alley, bet K and L aud 4th and 

5th nw 
Schnell's alley, bet 19th and 20th and M 

and N nw 
School avenue, runs west from 14th ext 
School street, bet 4% and gth and Va av 

and E sw, late Union al 
Schott's alley, bet 1st and 2d and B and C 

Scott place, west side 15th nw, bet I and 

K nw 
Scott's row, rear of Market st, bet Bridge 

and Canal, Gtn 
Seaton alley, bet H and I and N J av and 

3d nw 
Second street, Gtn, from 111 High to the 

Seventh street extended from Boundary 

north, bet 6th and 8th nw 
Seventh street turnpike, running from 

Boundary street, bet 6th and 8th nw, 

trtroujjb Brightwood to District line and 

Montgomery county, Md 

Over 2,000,000 acres Land Warrants 




Seventh street, Gtn, from High to beyond 

Seventh street road, starting at Fayette 

st, at Catholic College, Gtn, running 

past ihe Drover's rest to the Canal id 
Shepherd's alley, bet L and M and 9ih and 

10th nw 
Shepherd roid, starting at Brightwood, 

running easterly to Rock Creek Church 

Sheriff road, running from Anacostia rd 

ne to D C line and Prince George co, 

Sherman avtnue, running from Bound- 
ary st, at the head of 9th, northerly to 

Rock Creek Church rd and old toll 

Sheridan st runs west from 7th ext 
Sheridan av runs west from 14th ext 
Sheriff's alley, bet E and F and 2d and 

Sherman, bet Q ana R and 18th and 19th 

Sherman avenue, running from Boundary 

st, at the head of 9ih, northerly to Rock 

Creek Church rd and old toll gate 
Simms alley, O bet 9ih and 10th nw 
Sixteenth and a half, also called Lexing- 
^ ton pi and Jackson sq, from Pa av to H 

bet 16th and 17th nw 
Sixth st, Gtn, from above 120 Market to 

Sixth st extended from Boundary north 
Sixth and a-half st, from D to E bet 6th 

and 7th sw 
Slate alley, bet E and F and 12th and 13th 

Sligo mill road, starting from Blair road, 

running northerly to District line, to 

Prince George co, Md 
Smith's row from G to Jackson alley bet 

N Cap and 1st nw 
Snow's alley, from I bet 21th and 25th nw 

Soldiers' Home road, (see Harewood 

road av) 
South Capitol st, from the South side of 

the Capitol south to Potomac 
South Caralina runs from 2d st and Va av 

se, and ne to Mass av 
South st, from Congress st to High st, Gtn 
Spring st road, from Piney Branch road 

to Holmead road 
Springman's alley, bet 6th and 7th and H 

and 1 sw 
Spruce st. east from Bohrer st and Boun- 
dary, toLeDroit av 
Stanton's alley, bet K and L and 13th and 

14th nw 
Stanton place, intersection of Md av and 

Mass av bet 4th and 6th ne 
Stantontown, rear of Uniontown, a part 

of Barry farm division 
Stephenson's alley from 8th to 10th bet F 

Steuben st runs west from 7th ext 
Stevenson's av, running south-west from 

Michol's av to Eastern branch 
Stewart's alley, bet 9th and 10th and N 

and O nw 
Stoddard street, from 91 Montgomery st 

to 158 Congress st, Gtn 
Stoughton street, west from 14th extended 
Sumner, east from 7th extended, Howard 

University grounds 
Sumner av, running south-west from 

Nichols av, to Eastern Branch 

Superior av runs from Meridian av to 

chaplain av 
Swan alley, bet G and Mass av and 10th 

and 17th nw 
Swart rd runnmsr from Broad Branch to 

Rock Creek For 1 road 
Swinghammer's allley, tet 13^ and 14th 

and Ohio av and Dnw 
Sykes st, Rossi vn, from Canal to Corco- 
T-st alley, bet T and U and 12th and 13th 

Taylor st, Uniontown, runs south from 

Tea alley, oet L and M and 20th and 21st 

Tea alley, bet E and F and 2d and 3d sw 
Temperance Hall alley, from D bet 9th and 

10th nw 
Tennessee av, from Lincoln Square and E 

Capitol st ne, ne to Boundary 
Theatre alley, bet 13th and 14th and E and 

F nw 
Third alley, bet High and Cecil and Briggs 

and Grace, Gtn 
Third street, (Gtn,) frm 137 High st to be- 
yond Warren 
Tiucup alley, bet 3d and 4)£ and B and C 

Tinker's alley, bet 4th and 5th and K and 

L nw 
Traver's alley, bet 23d and 24th and M 

and N nw" 
Trumbull alley, from College to Trumbull 

east of 4^ uw 
Trumbull, east from 7th, Howard Univer- 
sity grounds 
Turner street, bet P and Q and 9th and 

10th nw 
Twelfth-st alley, bet 12th and 13th and C 

and D sw 
Tyler's et, 12th bet R and S nw 
Union alley, bet 1st ond 2d and D and E 

Union alley, bet L and M and 15th and 16th 

Union alley, from 4% to 6th, bet D and E 

Union street, fiom M to O bet 4^and 6th 

Union row, from 401 to 413 F bet 6th and 

7th nw 
Upper Falls road, starting at Tennally- 

town and running westerly to District 

line and Montgomery county, Md 
Upper Giesboro, (see Giesboro.) 
Valley street, from 166 West to Road st, 

Van street, from 3d to 4^ bet M and N sw 
Vermont alley, bet Vt av and 15th and L 

and M nw 
Vernou Row, cor Pa av and 10th and D 

sts nw 
Vermont av runs from K and 15th nw, ne 

to Boundary 
Vernon's alley, bet 6th and 7th and G and 

Vincent alley, bet N and O and 12th and 

13th nw 
Vinegar Hill, bet M and N and 24th and 

25th nw 
Virginia av runs parallel with Pa av south 

of the Capitol 
Walker s alley, bet 8th and 11th and F 

and G sw 
"Wallach st runs west from 7th st extended 

unlocated \ Gilmore fy Co. pay cash for them 




Walsh alley, bet E Cap and B and 3d and 

4th se 
Warehouse alley, from 137 Bridge, bet 

High and Market sts>, Gtn 
Warren street, from 136 1st to 3d st, Gtn 
Washington stteet, from 2 Water to the 

cemetery, Gtn 
Washington street, Uniontown, runs east 

from Monroe 
Washington street, from 4th to 5th bet G 

and H nw 
Water street begins at the Potomac, cor 

21st w and ends at the Observatory, 

and from 7th-street ferry to 14th nw 

along river front 
Water street, from foot of Washington 

st to ab Frederick, Gtn 
West alley, bet 6th and 7th and S and T 

West street, from Rock Creek road to 152 

High, Gtn 
Wheeler road, running from Hamilton 

road at National race course, easterly, 

crossing Oxen run to D C line to P G 

co, Md 
Whitehall alley, bet A and B and 2d and 

3d ne 
Whitney's alley, opens on 7th bet B and 

Va av and 6th and 7th sw 

West Market Space, K bet 19th and 20th 

Whitney av, private road running to 
Queen's Chapel road, from Captain 
Whituey's residence, bet B & O R R 
and Brentwood road 

Willard, (see Riggs street.) 

Willowtree alley, from B bet N J av and 
1st se 

Willowtree alley, bet B and C and 3d and 

Wilson, east from 5th south of Pomeroy 
of Le Droit av 

Wiltberger street, bet S aed T and 6th and 
7th nw 

Woodley lane, (see Woodley road.) 

Woodley road, starting atRoekvibe turn- 
pike road, near St Aluan's church, 
southerly Dr Bussey's crossing, 
Rock Creek near Lyon's mill, and con- 
necting with the Columbia road, near 
John Little's 

Wormley's alley, bet I and K and 15th and 
16th nw 

Wroe's terrace, 20th w bet K and L nw 

Wylles alley, bet Vt av and 13th and M 
and N nw 

Zigzag alley, bet 2d and 3d and L and 
M sw 

Great Falls Ice Co. 

Principal Office s&sid Depot, 


Branch Office, 1202 F St. NW. 

Officers" and Directors. 

■ :■■■■' VAN RISWICK. President. 

GEO. W. COCHRAN, Vice-President, 

J. T. FENWICK, Secretary. 

J. H. JOHNSON, Treasurer. 

J. C. WHIT WELL, General Superintendent. 

S. H. HOWELL, Auditor. 



District of Columbia 



Abbreviations Used in this Work. 

ab above 
agt agent 
ago Adjutant General 

al alley 
Ala Alabama 
Alex Alexandria Va 
asst assistant 
aud Auditor 
av avenue 
bel below 
bet between 
bds boards 
talk block 
bur bureau 
bvt brevet 
cal California 
Cap Capitol 
Capt Captain 
carp carpenter 
cen centre 
com gen Commissary 

com mer commission 

compt comptroller 
Conn Connecticut 
c corner 
elk clerk 
ct court 
Del Delaware 
dept Department 

do same place 

e East 

E Cap East Capitol 

es east side 

forwd forwarding 

ft foot 

Ga Georgia 

Gtn Georgetown D C 

hdqrs headquarters 

h house 

H & House Represen- 

111 Illinois 

Ind Indiana 

indp independence 

insp inspector 

int dept Interior De 

int rev internal reve- 

Ky Kentucky 

La Louisiana 

la lane 

lab laborer 

lhb light house board 

let car letter carrier 

Md Maryland 

Mass Massachusetts 

M C Member Congress 

Me Maine 

med stat medical sta 

mer merchant 

Mich Michigan 

Miss Mississippi 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mnfr manufacturer 

Mo Missouri 

Neb Nebraska 

nr near 

n north 

N C North Carolina 

N Cap North Capitol 

N H New Hampshire 

N J New Jersey 

N L Northern Liberty 

NY New York 

nw northwest 

op opposite 

Pa Pennsylvania 

pat o Patent Office 

pen o Pension Of- 

pi place 

p m g o Paymaster 
General's Office 

p o Post Office 

pres president 

prod produce 

pub public 

qm quartermaster 

*rd road 

r rear or room 

reg o Register 


R R railroad 

R I Rhode Island 

Rev Reverend 

s South 

S C South Carolina 

Sen U S Senator or 

S Cap South Capitol 

se southeast 

ss south side 

sig o Signal Office 
w soutbwest 

sec secretary 

servt servant 

s g o Surgeon General's 

supt superintendent 

Tenn Tennessee 

trans transportation 

treas treasurer, treas- 

USA United States 

U S N United States 

Vt Vermont 

Va Virginia 

Wash Washington 

ws west side 

whol wholesale 

wid widow 

Wis Wisconsin 

Aaron Jacob, shoemkr. 1S38 7th nw 

A ball John, porter, 223 4>£ sw 

Abbe Charles C, elk pat o, 58 Greene, Gtn 

ABBE CLEVELAND, civ 2&sst sis- 
officer, 1835 I nw 

Abbot Anna B, 53 Bridge, Gtn 

Abbot Ckarles, 920 L nw 

Abbot Harriet B, wid Butler, 1305 N nw 

Abbot Jennie, 53 Bridge. Gtn 

Abbot Llllie, 53 Bridge, Gtn 

Abbot Martha D, 58 Bridge, Gtn 

Abbot School, N T av c 6th nw 

Abbott David J, printer, bds 816 12th nw 

Abbott, G A, 612 La av 

Abbott H S, sol pats, G c 7th nw, h 608 6th 

Abbott Julius, elk, 337 4J iw 

Abbott Laura A, wid John, 910 22d nw 


Abbott Lucy E, oik, 3 Grant Place nw 
Abbott Mamie, elk treas, 3 Grant Place nw 
Abbott Thos J, elk q m g o, h 2318 Gnw 
Abbott Wm E, grocer, 1712 Pa av, h 2016 

F nw 
Abbott, Wm H, elk, 1712 Pa av 
Abbotts Wesley, carp, h 1725 8th nw 
Abel Annie E, dreesmkr, Nichols av 
Abel Frederick J, m«dcl mkr, bds 309 10th 

Abel John A, lab, M c 1st se 
Abel Mary, wid James, rear 909 E Cap s« 
Abell Benjamin, reporter Nat Rep, 909 E 

Cap se 
ABELL. CHARLES R., lawyer, 

515 7th nw, n 119 C se 
Abell John B. farmer, 401 6th sw 
Abell Lydia, elk treas, 909 E Cap 
Abernetby John W, tinner. 420 N T av 
Abert Charles, (Abert & Warner,) h Nor 

beck, Md 




Abert 8 T, civ eng, 1406 G nw 

Abert & Warner, (Charles Abert and Jno 

W Warner,) lawyers, 637 F nw 
Able Laura V, servt, 317 M se 
ABNER JEOWAIfcW, restaurant, 

421 and 423 9th nw, h same 


421 and 433 941i St-, M. W. 

All kinds of WINES. Bottling establish- 
ment of Geo. Ehret's N. Y. celebrated 
Lager Beer and imported Beer (in bottles, 

Abraham Abraham, lab, 1608 Vt av nw 
Abraham Alexander, Pub Society Journal, 

1020 8th nw 
Abraham E R, wid Levi, tobacco, 339 N 

J av nw 
Abraham James H, agt, 604 B se 
Abraham Lewis, lawyer, 1215 F nw 
Abrams George B, contractor, 8th cor Q 

nw, h 915 9th nw 
Abrams Truman, elk, 308% 4% nw 
Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary, 

706 C sw 
Academy of the Visitation for Young 

Ladies. 1007 G nw 
Accardi Edward, barber, 504 7th se 
Acbstetter Augustus, barber, 226% C ne, 

h 223 C ne 
Achstetter Charles, cabinetmaker, 9295th 

Acker Caroline, wid Jacob, 306 E nw 
Acker Charles A, (Acker & Co.) 34 Enw 
Acker Franklin J, bkkpr, 133 E nw 
Acker John F, stone-cutter, 627 Md av ne 
Acker, John F jr, clerk, h 422 B se, with 


F nw 
Acker J N, agt, grocer, 915 F sw, h same 
Acker Nicholas, (Acker & Co) 133 Enw 
Acker Wm Bertraud, elk, bds 423 B se 
Acker Wm J, (Acker & Co,) 133 E nw 
ACKJE14 & CO., (Nicholas, Wm J. 

& Charles A. Aclter) sione cut- 
ters, N Cap. cor. JS aiw 
Ackerman Morris L, elk, 408 11th se 
Ackerson Ceesar, lab. 20th nr N Y av nw 
Ackley John, lab, 915 27th 
Ackman George, upholsterer, 639 H nw 

Acondl Henri, musician, 714 L se 
Acton Caroline, wid George, 507 E n 
Acton Chevis, porter, Dumbarton r 

Rock Creek, Gtn 
Acton Elijah, lab, 731 7th se 
Acton George T, watchman, Anacostia 

Road. Uniontown 
Acton Harry C, mess H R, at Capitol 
Acton Henrietta, wid Henry, washing, h P 

near 12th nw 
Acton Jas A, engr, 2139 1 nw 
Acton James A, blacksmith, 95 Washing- 
ton, Gtn 
Acton James F, blacksmith. Uniontown 
Acton John, bricklayer, bds 828 7th nw 
Acton John C, butcher, 17 Eastern and 

582 Centre Markets, h Unioniowit 
Acton Jos, police, 109 3d se 
Acton Wm, gardener, 6th nr Market, Gt n 
Acwith Abraham, driver, 1109 20th nw 
Adam John G, mecbanic, 916 B sw 
Adam Wm, rooms 74 1 nw 

PANY, 215 6th nw. (See adv.) 
Adams A P, 1022 9ih nw 
Adams Aaron, servt, 161 ne 
Adams Abraham, moulder, G cor 2d ew 
Adams Addie D Mrs, 1321 N Y av nw 
Adams Adolphus, waiter, 1022 4th nw 
Adams Apneas, bds 430 Mass av nw 
Adams Alexander, bricklayer, 486 Pa av 

Adams Alice Mrs, elk, 128 C nw 
Adams Amos S. telopr, 713 7th nw 
Adams Ann, washerwoman, 3d nr L sw 
Adams Ann D, svt, 806 2d nw 
Adams Aunie J£, elk, 713 11th nw 
Adams Annie, wid Peter, 345 Fighting al 

Adams Annie M, teacher, 636 La ave 
Adams Arthur C, phys, 1102 8th nw ; office 

hours 8 to 10 a m,jl2;to 1, and 4 to 6 p in 
Adams A W, lawyer, 906 F nw, h same 
Adams Benjamin B, phys, h 1728 7th nw 
Adams Bvron S, printer, 1102 8th nw 
Adams C C, special agt treas, 947 R I av 

Adams Caleb, lab, 3d, cor M sw 
Adams Cassie, wid Largey, servt, 1208 R 

Adams Catherine, washing, 617 Pig al 
Adams Catherine, wid Caleb, washing, 

1208 R nw 
Adams Catherine, wid Chauncey, 1331 

Corcoran nw 

^.OKEJEfc Sd CO,, 




Tiling- or l&vex*y Description, 


Near Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad Depot. 




Adams Charles, tinner, bds 926 Pa av nw 
Adams Charles, elk pod, 514 13th nw 
Adams Charles, lab, 1st nr K sw 
Adams Clinton, bds 502 E nw 
Adams Cornelius, driver, 310 M sw 

Agent Treaswury, n 947 ESSioao 

Island Avenue nw. 
Adams Edgar, carp, 1830 Wiltberger nw 
Adams Edward J, (Worster & Adams,) 

306 D sw 
Adams Ely A, waiter, 901 E sw 
Adams Eliza, wid John, tailoress, 534 6th 

Adams Elizabeth J, elk, 153 West, Gtn 
Adams Elmon A, physician, 422 8th se. 

Office hours 7 to 9 a m, 1 to 2 and 4 to 


225 Pennsylvania Avesine nw; 
George W. Moss, Superinten- 
dent, and Branch Office 1425 F 

William IE. Bayne, Ag-ent, and 
65 Uridg-e, Georgetown, C E. 
Emckett, agent. 

Adams F Colburu, 729 15th nw 
Adams Gabriel, lab, bds 1108 7th 86 
Adams George, 503 9th nw 
Adams George, laborer, 25 8th se 
Adams George F, carp, 309 4>£ sw 
Adams George M, clerk House Reps 
ADAIttS GEORGE TV,, correspon- 
dent New York World, 515 I4th 
nw, h 1204 K. nw 
Adams George W, lab, Nailor'» al 
Adams George W, huckster, 475 E sw 
Adams Green, chf elk H R, h 1410 N nw 


611 Penna Av., Under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Adams Ham, manager Brad Adams'branch, 

1411 Pa avnw, h 1102 8th nw 
Adams Harriett, servt, h 131 G sw 
Adams Harry L, elk, h 1223 6th nw 
Adams Hattie, 1766 T nw 
Adams Henry, gardener, h Bladensfcuxg 
Adams Henry J, driver, h 1374 Simm's al 
Adams Henry T, lab, 317 L se 
ADAMS J. BRADLEY, Stationer, 

812 F nw and 1411 Pa av nw, It 

1102 Stn nw. 
Adams J D, h 22 9th ne 
Adams J Lee, phys, 1335 Ese, office hours 

from 7 to 8:30 a m and from 4 to 10 p m 
Adams James, lab, 1124 N J av nw 
Adams James, lab, h 823 I ne 
Adams James, pres Firemen's Ins Co, 

h 218 m nw 
Adams Jame3 D, elk, h 912 I s© 
ADAMS JAMES E, Stereotyper 

408 lOtn, a 1821 I3tn nw 
Adams James T, bricklayer, h 1124 N J 

av nw 
Adams James T, treas expert. 401 13th bw 
Adams James W, shoemkr, h 901 E nw 
Adams Jane, wid Jehn, h 1202 P nw 
Adams James, wid William, h 1325 

Downing's al 
Adam» Jerry, hostler, h Canterbury al 
Adams Jesse G, carp, 728 14th nw, h 1109 

14th nw 
Adams John, bookbinder, h 114 11th se 


Shirt Manufactory, 

No. 1217 New York Avenue, NW. 

t's FmcI Yole i 






Sewing, Stitching, etc, done with Neatness and Dispatch. 




Adam* John, hackman, 622 K sw 
Adams John, tinner, h 427 12th sw 
Adams Jo&n G, bookkeeper, h HOSSthnw 
Adams John G, engineer 916 B sw 
Adams John H, coaehman, 20ii3 I nw 
Adams John Q, elk, h 497 C sw 
Adaots John R, 101 Hieh, Gtn 
Adams John R, elk, h 10095th se 
Adams Joseph, cab mkr, h 422 N nw 
Adameon Joseph L, machinist, h 712 Mas© 

ar ne 
Adamg Joseph T, 503 E nw 
Adams Josiah, cab mkr 804 4>£ nw, h 

422 N nw 
Adams Julia, 713 11th nw 
Admins Julia, washing, Bladensburg 
Adams Julia M, elk, h 1880 G nw 
Adams Kate Mrs, 71 2d Gtn 
Adams M E, bds514 ISth nw 
Adams Maggie, seamstress, h 1219 Cnw 
Ad ms Malvina, washing, 18th nr B ne 
Adams Martha E, wid George P, 23 L nw 
ADAMS MARTHA S, shirt inanu- 
fi factory, 1317 N¥av, Ii 9 11 9th 7 
|[nw - (See page 99> 
Adams Mary, servt, 1711 H nw 
Adams Mary, servt, 345 Fighting al sw 
Adams Mary, wid West, 472 K sw 
Adams Mary E Mrs, dressmkr, 1425 P nw 
Adams Mason P, elk, 726 10th nw 
Adams Motes, carp, 1425 P nw 
Adams Nelson D, elk land o,Linden, Mont 

Co, Md 
Adams Robert, lab, 1359 Ohio av 
Adams Robert, nurseryman, 7ih st rd nr 

Adams Robert C, carp, h 1519 K se 
Adams R O, clx pen o, bds Imperial Hotel 
Adams Samuel, 617 11th nw 
Adams Samuel, 327 C sw 
Adams Samuel N- barber, 411 5th se 
Adams Samuel N, barber, 446 9th sw 
Adams Samuel S, druggist, fc04 E nw 
Adams Samuel S, Btudent, bdt^617 11th nw 
Adams Sarah E, boarding, 101 High, Gta 
Adams Stewart, elk navy, bds 904 14th nw 
Adams Thomas, 218 4^ nw 
Adams Thomas, grocer, 8th c C ne, h same 
Adams Thomas, huckster, 711 8th sw 
Adams Thomas, moulder, G c 2nd sw 
Adams Thomas,(Adams & Burroughs,) 484 

Pa av 
Adams Thomas J, blacksmith, 1487 Pnw 
Adams Thomas N, elk, bds 726 5ih nw 
Adams Walter G, locksmith, bds 401 13th 

Adams Wesley, waiter, bds 2140 9th nw 
Adams West, hacks, 472 K §w 
Adams Wiliium, lab, 929 Deomonds al sw 
Adams William, lab, 701 C ne 
Adams William, lab, 822 25th nw 
Adams William, lab, 320 8th ne 
Adams William H, contractor, 1234 14th 

Adams William H, driver, 1536 L nw 
Adams William W, grocer, 475 E sw 
Adam&on Alexander, stationery, 305 9th 

Adamson Margaret, wid Rodger, 26th nr 

F nw 
Addis Alice, 1010 F nw 
Addis Chas, iron worker, bds 1010 F nw 
Addis Georgia E. 629 A se 
Addis 8 J Mrs, 629 A se 

Addis W, elk W U Tel Co 
Addis Wellford, elk, 629 A se 
Addison Albert, painter, 1454 Fnw 
Addison Alfred, lab, 1408 3d nw 
Addison Alice, servt, wks 1207 9th nw 
Addison Annie, 1235 10th nw 
Addison Anthony, lab, 1229 9th ne 
Addison Anthony C, asst elk Sup Ct U S. 

1720 H nw 
Addison Arthur D, elks s: o, 1720 H nw 
Addison Caroline A, wid James, boarding- 

1113 7th se 
Addison Colistus, lab, 1238 10th nw 
Addison Dennis, lab, 14th nr H ne 
Addison Emma, servt. 2014 I nw 
Addison George, blksmith, 2024 10th nw 
Addison George, lab, 320 F sw 
Addison H Clay, 46 Bamfeaston, Gta 
Addison Hannibal C, contractor, Olive c 

Greene, Gtn 
Addison James C, elk, 218 I nw 
Addison John, lab, 422 12th ne 
Addison John, lab, Clark's al, bet L andM 

Addison John W, 46 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Addison Martha, wid Jno, 928 Hughes' ai 


Addison Mary, 1408 3dnw 
Addison Mary, cook, 930 18th nw 
Addison Mary I, 1720 H nw 
Addison Murray, elk s g o. 1720 H nw 
Ac'dison Nathan, lab, 1238 10th nw 
Addison Olivia C, 1720 H nw 
Addison Rachel, wid Geo, 1238 10th nw 
Addison Richard, lab, 1238 10th nw 
Addison Robert, carp, 210 G sw 
Addison Theodore, lab, 2126 K nw 
AX»DISON THOMAS «. Rev., pas- 
tor Trinity Episcopal Church, 

219 C nw 
Addison Virgil, painter, 210 G sw 
Addison Waikins; real estate, 1838 F nw, 

h 128 Congress, Gtn 
Addison Watkins, Jr 7 128 Congress, Gtn 
Addison Wm, lab, 13% n B ne 
Adely Wm, waiter, 721 14th nw 
Adkins Matilda, wid David, 300 8th se 
Adler Adolph, elk, 811 6th nw 
Adler Augustus, printer, 608 L nw 
Adler Francis JL, editor Wash Journal, 

608 Lnw 
ADIEK HENRY, fancy goods, 

421 7th nw, h 811 6th nw 
Adler Henry, (Adler & Bro,) 501 4% sw 
ABLER MAURICE J, hardware, 

15*3 Bridge, h High cor Koad, 


2&E. J. 



Foreign & Domestic Hardware, 

Bar Iron. Cutlery and Snorting Goods, 




Adler Michael. (Adler & Bro,) h Baltimore 

Adler & Bro, (Henry and Michael Adler,) 

boots and shoes, 501 4% sw 
Adriaans John H, jr, elk pat o, 613 6th nw 
Adrean Geo W, bricklayer, 507 Mass av nw 
Adt Alexia, elk. D nr 14th se 

Patents obtained in all Foreign Countries. 




A»T FRANCIS J, brewer, fj nr 
14th se. fiL same 



Lager Beer Brewery. 

D St., bet. 13th an cf 14th sts., S. E., 
Washington, D. C. 

Aeherol Wm, stouecutter, 1458 R lav nw 

iEtna Insurance Co, 519 ?th nw 

Aged Women's Home, 82 High, Gtn, 

Elizabeth Queen, matron 
Ager Emily, wid Uriah, 132 Frederick, Gtn 
Ager Susan E, wid James B, 24 I nw 
A£,er Wilson, elk p o, 24 F ne 
Agley John, haekman, 104 4>£ nw 
Agricultural Ins Co, 806 F nw 
Ahern Bartholomew, lab. 429 6th sw 
Ahern Ellx, elk, 429 6th sw 
Ahern James, plumber, bds 421 7th sw 
Ahern John, printer, 511 2d nw 
Ahern Lawrence, watchman, 421 7th sw 
Ahern Letitia, elk treas, bds 421 7th sw 
Ahern Margaret, elk, 429 6th sw 
Aherns Mary, elk, 429 6th sw 
Ahern Michael, policeman, 2 F nw 
Ahmay George L, artist, 218 D nw 
Ahmy George, carp, bds 469 I nw 
Ahrends Wm, baker, 539 8th se, h same 
Aichhorn Rudolph, meats, 523 Centre and 

301 and 202 Savage sqr mkts, h 602 3d 

Aigler Sophia, wii Andrew, 422 6th nw 
Aiken Eliza M, teacher, 319 B ne 
Aiken Frederick A, Providence Hospital 
Aiken George A, carp, 484 Pa av 
Aiken Geo R, carp, bds American House 
Aiken William John, 467 C sw 
Aires George W, (Aires & Belt,) bds Mo 

av, bet 3d and 4>£ sw 
Aires & Belt, (Geo W Aires and Francis 

A Belt,) mouldings, C cor 13th nw 
Aistrop, Edward P, real estate, La av cor 

7th, H 636 B sw 
Aitkenhard Wilfred C, stone-cutter, bds 

Beyer's hotel 
Akers, James O, carp, 1133 9th nw 
Akers Oscar A, carp, bds 1133 9th nw 
Akers T F, carp, 351 N sw 
Albemarle Ins Co, of Va, 800 F nw 
Alber, Catherine, fancy store, 1925 L nw, 

h same 
Albers John H, confectioner, 1015 11th 

nw, h same 
Albert August, locksmith, 1375 Ohio av 
Albert Daniel, hackdriver, 22 H ne 
Albert Henry, lab, B nr 14th ne 
Albert John, brewer, 2445 F nw, h same 
Albrecht Henrietta, wid Charles, 442 Qnw 
Albrecht, John C, tobacconist, 81 Bridge, 

Gtn, h same 
Albrecht Leonard, baker, 334 K sw 
Albrecht Maurice, watchmaker, bds 626 

Mass av nw 
Albright Albert, elk, bds 630 Mass av nw 
Albright James B, student, 1317 L nw 
Albright J Joseph, (A L Barber & Co, also 

Langdon. Albright & Co,) 409 Maple av 
Albright Maria, wid T J, 1317 Lnw 
Alburger Robert O, frame maker, 1623 6th 



Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 

See page 4. __ 

Alburger Wm H, trunk maker, 1625 6th 

Alburger William H, jr, watchmaker, 1625 

6th nw 
Albinson James E, (Thomas & Albinson,) 

1337 9th nw 
Alcock Catharine, servt, 1715 H nw 
Alcorn John M, blacksmith, 634 L se 
Alcorn John R, grocer, Grant av cor 

Boundary nw 
Alden A G, elk, Hyattsville, Md 
Alden James, rear admiral U S N, bds 

82614th nw 
Alden J M, secty admiral's office Navy 

dept, h 1223 13th nw 
Alden Wm H, elk, 471 G sw 
Alder Thomas, dairy, Falls rd, nrGtn 

AEIMS ASA OWEN, prest com- 
missioner of ciaims, 1332 IF nw, 

Si 818 Connecticut avenue nw 
Aldrich Thomas, policeman. 722 8th sw 
Aldridge John, lab, L nr 1st ne 
Aleider John, cabinet mkr, 612 D se 
Aleider Joseph, cabinet mkr, 612 D se 
Aleshire C C, asst supt doc room, Capitol 
Alexander Andw H. elk, h 21 D se 
Alexander Catharine, Stoddart nr Con- 
gress, Gtn 
Alexander Chas, porter, h Hillsdale 
Alexander Chas. porter, h Trumbull 
Alexander C L, elk treas. bds 11 Grant pi 

(Alexander & Mason), Si 905 O 

Alexander Chas R, elk, bds 1341 K nw 
Alexander Chas W, porter, h 512 11 th nw 
Alexander Charlotte, ^ervt, h 729 11th nw 

E nw 
Alexander David, elk, 1113 16th nw 
Alexander Edw F, paperhanger, h 727 121 h 

Alexander Fanny, servt, h206 9th nw 
Alexander Fendall E, lawyer, 476 La av, h 

810 20ihnw 
Alexander Frank, huckster, h 2L409th nw 
Alexander Fred W, lawyer, 802 F nw, h 

Alexander Fred G, provisions, h 637 N nw 
Alexander Geo, lab, Aiken's al sw 
Alexander Geo S,mkt, 12th cor Mass av nw, 

h 637 N nw 
Alexander Geo W, journalist,h 412 10th nw 
Alexander Geo W, lab, h 927 18ih nw 
Alexander Hannah, servt, h 734 17th nw 
Alexander Henry, messenger, h 1408 12th 

Alexander Henry H, elk treas, h 1212 H.nw 
Alexander Henry, steward, h 1130 15th nw 
Alexander Hettie, h 402 13th nw 
Alexander Heyman, clothing, 702 7th s w 
Alexander Isaac, bricklayer, 19th and S nw 

and Jeweller, 1229 Pa av nw, 

li same 
Alexand r Jas, lab, h 2016 11th nw 
Alexander James H, elk p o d, h 609 F nw 
Alexander Jane E, wid Chas A, h 1012 D 

s w 

Call at 629 F Street N. W. 




Alexander Jane, wid R, 1926 K nw 
Alexander John, 1156 19r,h nw 
Alexander John, driver, h 1340 Cedar nw 
Alexander John, laborer, hl340 Cedar nw 
Alexander John, porter, 1104 12th n w 
Alexander John F, surv, bds 705 RIavnw 
Alexander Joseph, lab, h 418 Ridge n w 
ALEXANDER JOHN, paper hang- 
ings, 1231 JPa av nw, la. 1341 K. 
n w 


Upholstering & Paper Hanging, 

1231 Pa. Aye., Det. 12tH aiifl 13th Sts., 


Aleqander Lewis, lab, h 1154 15th n w 
Alexander Louisa, cook, 1303 K n w 
Alexander Lucy, wid James, Stoddart near 

Congress Gtn 
Alexandria M C Mrs, elk treas, h 1802 

I nw 
Alexander Maria, wid Fountain, b.787 13th 

Alexander Martha J, 136 Pierce n w 
Alexander Mary, servt, Aiken's al s w 
Alexander Matilda, rag picker, h 1528 10th 

Alexander Matilda, wid John, h 1031 20th 

Alexander Milly, wid, Aiken's al s w 
Alexander Mollie, cook, h 8 C n w 
-Alexander Nancy, servt, Aiken's al sw 
Alexander Oscar, printer, 1127 5th n w 
Alexander Pheuela, wid J B, Columbiard 
Alexander Robert, driver, h Stevenson's 

av, Hillsdale 
Alexander S Rev,pastor 1st Baptist church, 

Gtn, I 2026 n w 
Alexander », butcher, h 411 7th s w 
Alexander Sarah, servt, Aiken's al sw 
A lexander Sarah J, wid William G. h 637 

N u w 
Alexander Savery, wid Sandy, washing, 

1623 11th n w 
Alexander Sylvia, Stoddart near Congress, 

Alexander Teresa, wid John, h 234 13th sw 
Alexander Thomas, lab, h Moore's al, Gtn 
Alexander Thomas, lab, h 2117 P n w , 

afft. 607 7th nw, fods Efobitt 

Alexander Walter O. coal, 1740 Pa av 

and physician, 1728 F nw 
Alexander Washington, messenger, h 

927 18th n w 
Alexander Wellington, elk, bds 1603 11th 

Alexander Wm, messenger, h 216 2d nw 
Alexander William, lab, Unioutown 
ALEXANDE li & ItlASON, (Charles 

M. Alexander and James M. 

Mason,) patent attorneys, 605 

7 tli nw 
Alexander Berta, Knox's al s w 
Alexandria & Fredericksburg R R ticket 

office, Kennedy Duff agt, Pa av cor 6ih 

Alfins Benjamin, blksmith, h 2213 G n w 
Alfins William H, lab, 2213 G n w 

ALIG MATHIAS Rev, pastor St% 
Mary's church, 5th near M. nw, 
h 721 5th nw 

Allabach Gertrude B, h 223 B n w 
Allabach Peter H. h 223 B n w 
Allan Alfred, elk, 300 7th s w 
Allan Thomas G, elk, 2nd aud o, h Merid- 
ian Hill 
Alle Henry, tinner, h 728 5th n w 
Alleger Thomas J, printer, h 419 6th n w 
Alleman H C, (Helmick & Allemaa.) Vt 

av c Luw 
Allemania Ins Co of Pittsburg, 635 F nw 

Allem , printer, bds 29 H nw 

Allen A M, waiter. 34 Hughes' al nw 
Allen Adaline, wid Alfred, 25 Cox al 
Allen Adeline, servt, 108 C nw 
Allen Albert, lab, 917 Temperance Hall al 
Allen Alexander, waiter, 913 Hughes' alnw 
Allen Amanda B, elk treas, 1016 Mass av nw 
Allen Aquila R, detective, 1148 7th, h 406 

R nw 
Allen Barney, lab, Draper's al sw 
Allen Carrie, 611 6th nw 
Allen Charles, phys, 4157th sw. h481 Esw 
Allen Charles B, porter, 1110 Q nw 
Allen Clarence G. elk, bds 1700 14th nw 
Allen Charles H, 1910 R nw 
Allen Cordelia, elk treas, 1829 F nw 
Allen DeWitt C, patents, bds 1325 F nw 
Allen Dorsey M, huckster, 1809 T nw 
Allen E H, elk treas, 716 12th nw 
Allen Edward, boarding. 102 4>^ nw 
Allen Edw, driver, P bet 19th and 20th nw 
Allen Edward, lab, Nichols' av 
Allen Edward, waiter, Organ al nw 
Allen Edward B. elk, T nr 18th nw 
Allen Edwin, elk, 1809 T nw 
Allen Elijah, 1108 N J av se 
Allen Elijah, lab, 708 3d sw 
Allen Eliza, servt, 11th nr Q nw 
Allen Eliza, wid Oliver E, sewing, bds 

1013 E se 
Allen Elizabeth, produce, 4b Eastern mkt, 

h Old Fields, Md 
Allen Ellen, servt, 227 D sw 
Allen F H, elk, 617 9th ne 
Allen Frank, lab, "Sidney, "Lincoln av nw 
Allen Freeman S, dentist, 823 E se 
Allen G H Mrs, 1310 G nw 
Allen George, blksmith, 255 Jackson al 
Allen George, elk si&- o, 1764 K nw 
Allen George, lab, 518 1st nw 
Allen George'Q, elk ag o, 132 Pa av se 
Allen George T. blksmith, 909 G se 
Allen George W, elk treas, 1202 E nw 
Allen Geo W, blksmith, 706 Smith's al nw 
Allen Hannah, cook, 227 D sw 
Allen Hannah, cook. 316 Ind av 
Allen Hannah, wid Jacob, 1809 8th nw 
Allen Harriet Mrs, elk, bds 515 6th nw 
Allen Harvey, shoemkr, 1307Enw, h same 
Allen Henry, lab, 1110 Q nw 
Allen Henry, lab, O st al nw 
Allen Henry, watchman, 527 4% sw 
Allen Henry, elk pod 
Allen Ida, copyist, 619 Va av sw 
Allen Ira S, elk q m g o, county 
Allen Jacob, produce, 263 Cen mkt, h 300 

Allen Jacob S, fancy gds, 1312 7th nw 
Allen James, 2d lieut and asst sig officer 
Allen James^ driver, 436 1st sw 
Allen James, driver, 26th nr F nw 
Allen James, lab. 12th c B ne 

United States Patent Laws Free. 




Allen James, lab, 739 3d nw 

Allen James, sawyer. 1253 10th nw 

Allen James, waiter, 512|9lh nw 

Allen James F. lawyer, 701 15th nw, h 

1404 S nw 
Allen James T, elk pat o, h 1325 F nw 
Allen, James VV, cik, bds 622 5th nw 
Allen Jeremiah, lab, h 1 Cox's al 
Allen Jeremiah C, elk a g o, h 1910 R nw 
Allen Jobu, lab, h 435 12th sw 
Allen John, lab, h al bet 25th and 26th 

and I and K nw 
Allen John D, tanner, 43 Dunbanon, Gtn 
Allen John E, grocer, 1251 11th se 
Allen John H, gardener, h Brigbtwood 
Allen John W, poultry, 255 Cen mkt, h 

203 1st nw 
Allen Josepb, elk surveyor's o, bds Tre- 

mont house 
Allen Joseph, lab, h lstnr I sw 
Allen Joseph, lab. h Draper's al sw 
Allen, Joseph, mess, h 1716 L nw 
Allen Josepb H, musician, h 507 G se 
Allen Josephine, cook, h 1252 10th nw 
Allen Lemuel, lab. h 414 3d ne 
Allen Letitia, wid William, h 1308 8th nw 
Allen M C Mrs, 611 6th nw 
Allen Margaret, matron, h Kendall Green 
Allen Mai-g, waiter, WillaixTs 
Allen Maria M. 348 Pa av nw 
Allen Martha, wid Edward S, 619 Va av sw 
Allen Martha, wid James, nurse, Mark's 

al se 
Allen Nancy, wid Robt, 233 Express al nw 
Allen Nathaniel, lab. C cor 12th se 
Allen Nathaniel j jr. waiter, C cor 12th se 
Allen Patrick, watchman, 1724 Muss avnw 
Allen Eebecca, dressmkr, 527 4| sw 
Allen Richard, shipcarp. 467 G~sw 
Allen Robert, elk, bds 427 M nw 
Allen Robert, driver, 475 Ridge nw 
Allen Robert, lab, 936 Snow al nw 
Allen Robert F, journalist, 427 M nw 
Allen Rosauna.' wid Juo, 200 Favette. Gtn 
Allen Ruberta, 3d nr Hi^h, Gtn 
Allen Sallie H, teacher. 409 10th nw 
Allen Samuel E, printer, 1215 N T av 
Allen Sophia G, counter, 1105 F nw 
Allen Sophie I, teacher, 48L E sw 
Allen Stephen, lab treas, N bet 4th and 5th 

Allen Susan, wid Richard, 481 E sw 
Allen Susan B, wid Thomas. 422 8th sw 
Allen Thomas, bricklayer, bds 631 D nw 
Allen Thomas mess. 1312 16th nw 
Allen Thomas J. upholsterer, 316 Pa av se, 

h E bet 4^ and 6th sw 
Allen Timothy, grocer, 314 H ne 
Allen Walter, with Kuight Bros, 1345 E se 
Allen Walter P. plumber, 1427 11th nw 
Allen Wilbur J. 619 Va av sw 
Allen Wm, lab,' 1214 3d nw 
Allen Wm, lab, O st al nw 
Allen Wm, watchman, 626 H nw 
Allen Wm E. watchman, Boundary bet 

16th and 17th nw 
Allen Wm H. lab, 2722 K nw 
Allen Wm K, upholsterer, 316 Pa av se, h 

E bet 4i and 6th sw 
Allen Wm M 3 lab. 27th nr E nw 
Allen Wm P, elk, 522 6th se 
Aliens Mary V, wid Levy, washing, 217 

14th ne 

Allison , printer, bds 51 H nw 

Allison Annie, wid Thomas D, 503 H sw 
Allison Chas E. pressman. 503 H sw 

Importer and jobber in Cigars <£ Tobacco, 
611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
j See page 4. 

! Allison C N. elk, 23 3d, Gtn "~ 

' Allison George, printer, 503 H sw 
j AL.LISOA JOH\, liegister Treas- 
ury, 1342 New ITork av nw 

Allison John H. printer, 503 H sw 
Allison Lafayette A, driver, 109 N J avnw 
Allison Laura F, milliner, 503 H sw 
Allison Martha, press feeder, bds 1410 10th 

Allison Mary E. wid John, 109 N J av nw 
Allison Mary F,' wid Wm J, 27 5th, Gtn 
Allison Mason, dentist, 1306 D nw 
Allison Susan, wid John W, 1410 10th nw 
Allison Wm, printer, 1323 S nw 
Allman Daniel, contractor, 150 N C av se 
Alirnan Elizabeth, wid Henry, 423 6i sw 
Allman Frank, plasterer, 428 6h sw 
Allman Henry, brass finisher, 428 6i sw 
Allman James, bds 43S 8th sw _; 

Allman James, saloon, 243 14th sw 
Allman Mary, servt, Willards' 
Allman Mary G, tailoress, 423 6J sw 
Allwine Jacob, brieknikr, 1323 Md av sw 
Almavolia Alexander, fruit, 116 Md av sw 
Abmavolia Mary E, dressmkr, 116 Md avsw 
Alschwee Henry, bartender, bds 933 D nw 
Alsino Anton, bds 514 10th uw 
Alsop Harriet, servt. 1009 O nw 
ALM1JOH.VJ, Admiral IF S N, 

?17 15 tii nw 
Alsop Win L, lab, 7th st rd nw 
Alstead Abraham, watchman, 60 Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Alston Philip C. police, 1532 15th nw 
Ait Kate, servt, 1743 Pa av nw 
Aitdor Frank L, ca-udymker, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Andrew, cigarmkr, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Louis, lab, 915 26th nw 
Altdorfer Louis F, confectioner, 915 26th 

Altdorfer Philip, lab, h 915 26th n w 
Altemus Elizabeth A, wid Andrew, h 479| 

Gs w 
Altemus Frank S, elk, h 205 D n w 
Altemus Joseph H, wks Arlington bds 925 

Gs w 
Altemus Thos, engineer, h 925 G s w 
Altemus William A, elk, 203 3d s e 
Alter Chas. barber, h 2011 H n w 
Alter Martha J Mrs. reg o, h 1209 Fnw 
Altman Chas, grocer, 1934 10th n w 
Altman Wm, grocer, Sheridan c Sherman 

av n w 
Altmansperger Margt, wid Chas, grocer, 

1146 21st nw 
Altschu Louis P. elk s g o, h 956 24th n w 
Altsehuh Mar, lithographer, h 1213 4th n w 

General United. States Army, 

house SO Gay, Georgetown 
Alvord Henry J, cap police 418 3d n e 
Alvord John W. University hill 
Alvord Theo, printer, bds 415 Mass avnw 
AOTAN SEBASTIAN, restanrant, 

316 9th n w, house same. See 

next pug •■'■. 
Amnzon Ins Co of Cincinnati, 628 Fnw 
I Amazeen Jennie Miss, gov printing office, 

h 601 N J av n w 
; Ambers Ella, h 912 E s w 

GILM0KE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 






Ambler Edward, cook, h 15th nrPnw 
Ambler John H, waiter, 231 3d s w 
Ambler Louisa, washing, 231 3d s w 
Ambrecbt Augustus, supt national ceme- 
tery, Brightwood 
Ambrose Fanny M, wid Geo, h 1302 Rnw 
Ambrose Mary, wid Michael, h 1012 E n w 
Ambrose Oliver, dentist, h 1302 K n w 
Ambush Andrew, lab, bds 116 4th n e 
Ambush Annie, widDuumore, 504 19th nw 
Ambush Augustus, w washer,142 Pierce n w 
Ambush Caroline, wid Chas, 110 Mkt, Gtn 
Ambush Edw,whitewasher,h Fullers al n w 
Ambush Edward jr, waiter, h 721 15th n w 
Ambush Hattie, servt, h 12th ur Q n w 
Ambush Henry, cook, h 1 Bates' al n w 
Ambush J as, lab, Poplar nr Monroe, Gtn 
Ambush Jennie, dssmkr, h 1 Bates' al n w 
Ambush Joseph, coachman, Fullers al n w 
Ambush Laura, wid Enoch, h 920 11th n w 
Ambush Nellie Mrs, Poplar nr Monroe, 

Ambush Samuel, barber, 430 8th nw 
Ambush Susan E, seamstress, 920 11th nw 
Amen Joseph A, B&ORR, Hyattsville 
Amer John W, cutter, 235 2d nw 
America J W, blacksmith, 907 11th se 
America Sedonia A, seamstress, 1207 13th 

CIETY, Pennsylvania Avenue 
corner 4t% nw 
AMERICAN HOUSE, Schofield & 
Duffy proprietors, 7tn corner 
Pennsylvania Avenue 

American House, 

Cor. Pa. Aye. and Seventh St. 


Central Location. Street cars pass the door 
from all depots. Board $2 per day. 
Schofield & Duffy, Props- 

sylvania Avenue nw, and lOtli 
corner F nw 

American Ins Co. of Philadelphia, 628 F 
American Life Ins Co. of Philadelphia, 613 

15ih nw 

PAPER CO, 80^ F nw 



Presideut, Hon. E. C. Ingersoll; Secre- 
tary, George VV Bailoch; Treasurer, Dr. 
G. 6. Palmer. 

Oiiice, Room 21 Le Droit Building. 

Americus Robert, waiter, Willards 
Ainery Robert L, carp, 1221 Pa av sw 
Ames John, farmer, n Prather's Alley 
Am^s Juhu, lab. 7th st road nr Bright wood 
AMES JTOIIN «*., Rev, librarian 

and supt. doc. int. dept., n 903 

I8tii nw 
Ames Thomas, porter, bds 62 Prather's at 

Amiss Ann E, 38J^ 2d Gtn 
Amiss Maria S, wid James M, 38^ 2d Gtn 
Amiss Mary A, elk treas, 38>^ 2d, Gtn 
Amiss Tazwell B, sergt police, 1906 Vt av 

Ammann Augusta, wid Ulrich, 1359 H ne 
Ammauu Heury, 14th c H ue 
AMMEN DANIEL, chief bureau 

navigation, navy department, h 

Reltsviile, Md. 
Ammiugton — , lawyer, bds 411 N Y av nw 
Amnion George L, locksmith, 13th c D nw 
Amos Augusta E, wid Andrew J, 1912 7th 

Amos James T, bds 1912 7th nw 
Amos Joseph F, police, 1208 19th nw 
Anadale John A, plumoer, 12d6 9th nw, h 

1319 10th nw 
Aualostau Boat House, foot E nw 
Ancona John F, bkkpr H R 
Andem James L, reporter claims com, 1332 

F nw, h 418 2d nw 
Andermau Phillip, carp, 417 7th ne 
Anderson Adua, civil engineer, 621 19th nw 
Anderson Adeline, widow Peter, Pleasant 

al sw 

Put your Residence and Place of Business under the Protection of the 


An instrument of this Company will give you the means of calling, at a moment's 

notice, a 

Trained and uniformed, to run errands or perform any service you may require, 


Telegraphic communication to all parts of the world direct from the offices of this 
Company by the Western Union Telegraph Company. Rent of instrument, $2.50 
per month. No charge for connecting instrument. Apply at main office, 



[105] a 


Anderson Albert, postal cllc^ 468 N sw 
Audtrson Alexander, elk, bds 12 1 ne 
Anderson Alexander, hostler, 1141 15th nw 
Anderson Allen G, bricklayer, Unioutown 
Anderson Aun, wid Judge, Willow Tree al 

Anderson Andrew, skoenikr, k B nr 14th 

Anderson Annie, servt, h 1326 N Y av nw 
Anderson Auuie, wid William, h 1242 

11th se 
Anderson Arthmr B, meis treas, h 1201 

R I avnw 
Anderson Arthur H, h 817 13th nw 
Anderson Benjamin, express, C nr 1st sw 
Anderson BeuJamiu, lab, 468 School sw 
Jmderpon Benjamin, lab, h 443 Ridge nw 
Auderson Bettie, servt, h2110Iuw 
Anderson Browa, stonecutter, Unientown 
Anderson C C, h 1307 Mdav sw 
Anderson C F, 615 6th sw 
Anderson Catherine, wid Richard, rag 

picker, h 1617 13th nw 
Anderson Cecilia F, dressmkr, 615 6th sw 
Anderson Charity, servt,1442 Corcoran nw 
Anderson Charles, lab, h Pleasant al sw 
Auderson Charles A, elk treas, bds 814 

13th nw 
Anderson Charles P, elk, bds 914 4th nw 
Anderson Charles W, lab, h Wilson, How- 
ard University 
Anderson Christian, elk a g o, h 816 

13ih el w 
Auderson Christiana, h 212 D nw 
Audersou Coriune, servt, h 1202 6th sw 
Anderson D G, servt, 7 cor E nw 
Anderson Daniel, driver, h 1224 Madison 

Anderson DoraE, dressmkr, 615 6th sw 
Anderson Edward, lab, h 1307 Union sw 
Anderson Edward, plumber, h 738 5th •• 
Anderson Edward, produce centre inkt, 

h4J^eor G sw 
Anderson Edward E, (Edward E Ander- 
son & Bro.) h 632 4^ sw 
Anderson Edward W, (E W Anderson & 

Co,) h 1438 Corcoran nw 
Anderson Edward E & Bro, (Edward E 
and William S Anderson) com mer, 7 
and 8 centre mkt 
Anderson E W & Co, (Edward W Ander- 
son) pat atty's, 637 F nw 
Anderson Eli, boatman, h 616 K sw 
Auderson Eliza, wid John, h 911 27th nw 
Auderson Elizabeth, h 212 D nw 
Anderson Elizabeth, wid John, 723 23d nw 
Anderson Elizebe h, wid John, h 28 1 ne 
Anderson Elvina, washing, 710 3d sw 
A -derson Eza, folder, h 28 I ne 
Anderson Frank, farmer, h Rockcreek 

Church rd nr Soldiers' Home 
Andersou Frank, waiter. 334 C sw 
Anderson George, lab, 1726 19th nw 
Audersou George, porter, h 1203 16th nw 
Anderson Geo, lab, h N Y av nr 21st nw 
Anderson H Clarence, elk, bds 817 6th sw 
Anderson H D, operator, h Pa av e 3d nw 
Anderson Harriet, servt, h 1717 T nw 
Anderson Harriet S, wid Alexander A, k 

212 G nw 
Anderson Harry F, painter, h 421 N J 

av nw 
Anderson Helen L, h 516 12th nw 
Anderson, Henry H, lab, h 26th nrF nw 
Anderson. Hiram, lab, h 621 Christian 
al sw 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 

Key West and Domestic Cigars, 

611 Penua Avenue, under Met. Hotel, 

Seepage 4. 

Anderson Hugh J, 1429 N Y av, h 1012 1 nw 
Anderson J B, mess Treas, h 16S1 (I nw 
Auderson James, cooper, h 1105 7th se 
-Anderson James, lab, h 416 Ridge nw 
Anderson James, lab, h 1221 O nw 
Anderson James, porter, Madison bet M 

and N nw 
Anderson James, servt, h Seaton al nw 
Anderson James, waiter, h 1509 M nw 
Anderson James A, lab, 1321 1 ne 
Audersou Jane, wid Lewis, h 1112 K nw 
Audersou John, waiter, 608 12th nw 
Andersou John, 1771 T nw 
Auderson John, watchman, h 5th c R I 

av nw 
Anderson John, (Day & Anderson,) h 18tk 

e E nw 
Anderson John H, carp, h 511 S nw 
Anderson John H, blksmith, k Uniontown 
Audersou John H, carp, h Brigktwood 
Anderson John P, elk bur statistics, k.1203 

S nw 
Anderson John S, mess, h 1216 Va av sw 
Anderson John W, elk Treas, h 821 N J 

av nw 
Anderson Joseph, lab, h 508.1st nw 
Auderson Joseph, lab, h 912 Hughes al nw 
Anderson Joseph, lab, h 818 1st nw 
Auderson Joseph, h 81 Myrtle ne 
Anderson Joseph C, brickmkr, k- Union- 
Auderson Joseph M, elk, h 108 D nw 
Anderson Joshua, lab, h 25th nr F nw 
Andersen Juliana, servt, 51 H nw 
Anderson L B, police, Nichols' av 
Auderson Laura A, dressmkr, 615 6th sw 
Anderson Leonard J, 324 $% nvv 
Auderson Lewis, plasterer, y07 4)^ sw 
Andersou Lewis, porter, 1224 Madison nw 
Auderson Lloyd, waiter, 1410 3d nw 
Anderson Louisa, wid Thomas, 421 8th sw 
Anderson Louisa Mrs, Beall bet Montgom- 
ery and Greene, Gtn 
Anderson Louisa, svt, 63 Montgomery, Gtn 
Anderson Lueinda, nuise, 1509 M nw 
Auderson Lybruu, machinist, 817 6th sw 
Anderson M E, wid T F, 418 6th nw 
Anderson Mahaly Mrs, huckster, Union- 
Anderson Martha E, washing, 334 C sw 
Anderson Martha W, 212 D nw 
Anderson Mary E, bds 1307 Md av sw 
Auderson Mary E, wid Wm, 1719 R nw 
Anderson Mary F, servt, 1026 17th nw 
Andersou Matilda, wid John, Nichols' av 
Auderson Matthew, lab, 710 3d sw 
Anderson Matthew, waiter, Harewood rd 
Anderson Moses, cook, 4 C nw 
Auderson Nathan, waiter, bds 1126 18th 
Anderson Nettie, elk treas, bds 1116 G nw 
Anderson Notley, carp, 1435 P nw 
Anderson Oliver P, horseahoer, 1317 5tk nw 
Anderson Philip, lab, bds 320 B ne 
Anderson Philip, waiter, 1219 Madison ew 
Anderson Rachel, wid Richard, 17th bet 

C and B se 
Anderson Richard, lab, bds 409 Nicholson 

Auderson Richard B, marble cutter, 803 
23d nw 


GIMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W, 




Anderson Richard P, elk, 830 23d nw 
Anderson Robert, produce, central mkt, 

4% c G sw 
Anderson Robert L. elk, 632 4>^. sw 
Anderson Samuel A, lab, 25th nr F nw 
Anderson Sarah F, wid George, 108- D nw 
Anderson. Sarah, 932 E sw 
Anderson Stephen, lab, 1637 11th nw 
Anderson Stephen T, elk, 108 D nv* 
Anderson Susan D Mra, 1449 Fierce Place, 

Anderson Th@mas, lab, 12th nr D ne 
Anderson Thomas, painter, 111 L. nw 
Anderson Thomas,, lab, Pleasant al sw 
Anderson Thomas, lab, 930 Snow's al nw 
Anderson Thomas, physician, h Bladens- 

Anderson Thomas D, lawyer, 830 Four- 
and-a-half nw, h 1012 1 nw 
Anderson Thomas S, watchman, "725 19th 

Anderson Yilette,. draughtsman, 512 9th 

Anderson Virginia, washer, Del av nr Mne 
Anderson William, 56 Lingan,, Gtn 
Anderson William, 1450 RI ay nw 
Anderson William, blacksmith,. Ohio- av 

nr 12th nw, h 50710th nw 
Anderson William,, blacksmith,, Ohio avnr 

12th nw r h 18 Mass av nw 
Anderson William, carp, 1418 P nw, h 1435- 

Anderson William, clerl war dept, 19 Lin- 
gam, Gtn 
Anderson William r painter, 1222 C sw 
Anderson William., lab, 1506 19th nw 
Anderson William, saloon, Montgomery 

cor Bridge, h Lingan, nr 3d,. Gtn 
Anderson William A, elk war dept f 1114 

G nw 
Anderson William D, harness, 1013 7th 

nw, h 734 N J av nw 
Anderson William D, boiler-maker, 1242 

11th se 
Anderson William E, porter, 310 L nw 
Anderson William S, produce, 436. 437, 

and 438 Centre 5 also,, 213 and 215 N L 

mkt, h 464 F sw 
Anderson William T, police, TJniontown 
Anderson & Cavenauyh, (William 8. An- 
derson and James Cavenaugh) produce., 

213- NL mkt 
Andre Lillie E, dressmkr, bds 819 F sw 
Andre William A r elk ago, h 915- Cse 
Andre William E, tailor,^ 819 F sw 
Andre William E jr, printer, bds 819 F sw 
Andrew Samuel, produce, 37 eastern mkt, 

h 1206 11th se 
Andrew Walter A. clerk, h LeDroit Park 
Andrews Annie, 1810 K nw 
Andrews Charles G Rev ; pastor Christ P 

E chureh, 620 G Se 
Andrews Chase, bds 411 4th nw 
Andrews E F, cigars, 235 Pa ave nw, bds 

620 G se 
Andrews Eva A 7 wid Bennett, boarding, 

1810 K nw 
Andrews F, elk, 480 F sw 
Andrews Fannie A, saleslady, 1751 K nw 
Andrews G K, (Andrews «& Wade,) 1505 

8th nw 
Andrews J Cassias, plate printer, bds 

1505 8th nw 
Andrews John, driver, 3303d nw 
Andrews Joseph, sailor. 413 2d se 
An H -pat-; Jos lab. 314 2d se 

Andrews Loring. Mrs, elk p o, bds 924 N. 

Y av nw 
Andrews Lavina Mrs,. 133- West, Gtn 
Andrews Mark,, elk treas, 1420- Columbia. 

Andrews Mary, elk, 1751 Knw 
Andrews* Mary,, wid Saui, washer 1030 4tb 

Andrews Margaret, wid Wm r 1751 K nw 
Andrews O T, elk 495- C nw 
Andrews Philip S, 20 6th ne 
Andrews Reuben H, asst disb elk treaa^ 

1103 Gnw 
Andrews Samuel J, elk 3d aud,, bds 1203 G? 

Aiidro ws Sarah R, wid Lorin, elk p o, 924* 

JS Y av nw 
Andrews Sebastian, baker, 20 6th ne, h 

Andrews Thomas F, agt novelties, 235- 

Fa av, h 260> G s@ 
Andrews William EL, (Jones <£. Audrews r > 

h 755 6th se 
Andrews Win, P, elk 2d aud o, h 1031 8th 

Andrews Wm W, moulder, h 755 6th se 
Andrews <fc Wade, (Gardner K Andrews 

and George T Wade,) prod com, 13* 

cen mkt, and 905 La av- nw 
Angel Edw C,^clkll4 Greene 7 Gtn 
Angel John T,'painter, 408- §% sw 
Angel Mary C, dressmaker, 7L7 E sw 
Angell Alice, elk int rev, h 55 7th,. Gtn 
Angell Beni,amin, hreman, Grace nr High. 

Angell Geo, huckster, stand 6 K st mkt,, 

h 55 7th, Gtn 
Angell Geo B, elk, bds 557th, Gtn 
Angell Jeff D, fireman, h Graee nr High v 

Angell Jno B, fireman. 11 Grace, Gtn 
Angell Jos W, (Angell & Riley,) h 192S 

Pa av nw 
Angell Mary C„ wid Dan, 106 B nw 
Angell Wm C, produce, 252 centre aud 

western market, and 129- High, Gtn,, h 

55 7th, Gtn. 
Angell & Riley, (J W Angell & B F Riley,) 

provisions, L cor 15th nw 
Angerer Augustus, 75 Def rees nw 
Angerman Adolph, tailor, 736 4th nw,. h 

Angermann Francis, shoemkr, 608 5th nw 
Angerman John, S@huetzen Park 
Angerman J George, elk, 1262 10th nw 
Angerman Theo, (Benzler & Angerman,) 

468 Pa av nw 
Angle John T, Dainter, 304 4>^ n w, h 

§y % s w 

Angiin Edw V, cigars, La av, c 6th r h 
471 C nw 

ANCJklM JAMES, antiquarian! 
books, publislier of I,aninan'» 
^jo&rapltical Annals, 4424 F 
nw, h- New York av and. 45 in nw 

ptjblishbr ore 

Lanman's BioiraiMcal Aaaals, 

and dealer in rare, old and curious Booke> 
F street, near the Treasury r Washington, 
D. C. 

Books bought in large or small quanti- 

GILMOEE, SMITH & 00,, 629 E Street j»» W» 




Angney Matilda, wid Isaac. 142S F nw 
Anna Lucy Mrs, SI West, Gtn 
&nnici Joseph, bricklayer, 811 4th nw 
Annis John A, saddler, ft of 11th sw, bis 

8th bet G and H sw 
Annison Thomas, lab, 929 Snow^s al nw 
Anthony George, elk treas, 2139 D aw 
Anthony Jno G. ironpounder, 7th cor I sw 
Anthony Joseph, 801 Sth nw 
Anthony Maria, wid John G, 1582 M nw 
Anthony Mary, elk treas, 1432 K nw 
Anthony Susan, wid John, 434 Cullinane' ? s 

al sw 
Antibus Jeunie R, -copyist, 32.8 O nw 
Ami-ell Thos, physician, 635 F nw, k 1305 

Riggs nw 
Antonio Samuel, driver, E bet 11th and 

12th nw 
Antrin Sarah, wid John, 727 4th nw 
JLpgar BeWkt J, elk, bds, 418 3d nw 
Appel Frederick, 1008 M nw 
Appell Chas A. lawyer. 458 La av, h 1535 

Appell John F, elk, bds C nr 9th nw 
Appich Fredk, butcher, Monroe, Union- 
Appick J Jacob, provisions, 316 Pa av nw 
Appich John, baker, Union town 
Apple r> K, 1707 T nw 
Apple Deborah J, elk treas, 1707 T nw 
Applebra Wnx, musician, 13th cor L se 
Appleby EliEabeth, wid Wm, varieties, 66 

Market, Gtn 
Appleby Geo F, (Appleby J&JEdmonston,) 

314 Ind av nw 
Appleby J F R, physician, €3 Market, Gtn, 

office hours: 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 p m, 4 

to 6 p m 
Appleby -Sarah A, wid B-ignal, 316 Ind av 
Appleby Mrs, elk treas, 3d bet High and 

Market, Gtn 

F Appleby and Y¥m E Kdissoaa~ 

§ton,) lawyers, 420 5t5» nw 
APPLEMAMA K, vice president 

Citizen's National Sank, and 

AppSenian <& Bro, N ~Y av IfloteS 

1425 )4. Fa aisr **w, 5>ds W Y va 

Appleman John P, (Appleman <fe Bro f ) 

1924 14th nw 
Appleman Nancy, wid John, 1934 14th nw 
Appleman & Bro, (A R and John P 

Appleman,) briek manufs, yard opp 

Long Bridge, Va, h 1425^ Pa av nw 


I. G-oMstelirs California Cigar Store 5 

611 Penna Av, uu&er Met, Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Appier Arthur M, agt, 67 West, Gtn 
Appier Ch&rles W, barber, 2011 H nw 
Appier J H, paper hanger, 1215 4th nw 
Appier Jessie, model mkr, 1004 N J av se 
Appleton Chas D, elk 6th aud. 523 6th nw 
Appleton Clifford R, treas, US G nw 
APPLETON » & CO, publishers, 

412 7th nw 
Appleton Wm H, ex pat o. 933 H nw 
Appley James D, carp, bds 214 A ne 
Arbello Cesara. cook, wks Imperial 
Arbuckle Robert C, elk pod, 1228 I ne 
Arches' Andrew. '(Crawford & Archer,) 815 

6th sw 
Archer Chloe A, wid Ben, servt. Sumnernw 
Archer Eliza, wid Wm, 1115 F nw 
Archer Irving, carp, 806 3d se 
Archer James B, blksniith, 44 c M sw, h 

1202 6th sw 
Archer John, (Archer & Brewer,) 32 Com- 
press, Gtn 
Archer Jno B, (Lowe & Archer,) 623 E nw 
Archer John R, lab, Conner's al 
Archer Maria, wid Edward, 922 O nw 
Archer Richard, lab, N nr to Cap nw 
Archer Robert, lab, 922 O nw 
Archer Samuel, carp, 247 3d sw 
Archer Wm L, lab, Sumner nw 
Archer Wyatt, elk 6th aud, 730 4th nw 
Archer & Brewer, (John Archer & Wm 

Brewer,) provisions, 84 High, Gtn 
Archibald Clara M Mrs, 150 A ne 
Archibald F W, elk, Marion nr Q nw 
Archidet Victor, upholster, bds 910 7th nw 
Archie Andrew, dry goods, Pa av nr 1st 

nw, h 815 6th sw 
Arctauder Emil C, elk p o d, 217 2d se 
Ardeeser Christian, hostler, 217 H ne 
Ardeeser Christian, lab, 826 E ne 
Ardeesar Edward C, tea, 1311 7th nw, h 

1000 7th nw 
I Ardeesar John P, 1000 7th nw 
Ardeeser Matthias, lab, 15 P ne 
Ardeeser Stephen, tailor, 302 10th nw 
Ardella J E, produce, O st mkt nw, h 1090 

E Cap ne 
Ardelle Charles, steward, 1st nr 1 se 
Arendes Wm, baker, 39 eastern mkt, h 

539 8th se 





Seven doors west of Willards' Hotel, Washington, D. C. 

General Broker's Business— Buys and sells Bonds of | all descriptions; makes the 
Purchasing of Good Notes a Specialty. Money carefully and safely invested. Bills 
and Accounts on the several Departments of the Government will receive Especial At- 
tention, and Prompt returns made as directed. Dealer in District Securities. Gold 
and Silver bought. 

REFERENCES: Bank of North America, Philadelphia; Charles A. James, Cashier 
Bank of Washington; First National Bank, New York; Peoples' Bank, Baltimore; 
Hon. Montgomery Blair, Washington; Hon. A. K. Syester, Attorney General, Mary- 
land; Hon. P. Negley, Asst. Treas. United States, Baltimore; W. Fisher & Sons, 
Bankers, Baltimore; A. R. Appleman, Vice President Citizens' National Bank, Wash- 
ington; J. H. Fisher, Banker, Baltimore. 




7th. n w, h 

Arena Martin, dry goocls, 

Argue W L, elk o o d, 916 14th nw 
AristarcM Bey "Gregoire E E & M P 

Turkey r h 1404 H bw 
Arks Edward, barber, 121016th nw 
COMPINI, Arlington Fire In- 
surance Company building, 
1505 Pennsylvania av nw 
Roessle,. proprietors,.) Vermont 
av cor M 
Arliss Michael, lab, alley nr M and H ne 
Arlow Eobeit T, sak>oa, 82 Water, h 14 

High, G$n 
Armacost Wbi, mason, h rear 1825 Lnw 
Arment Moses E, printer,h 212 Mass av n w 
AE1ES C!MAMIiE§ H, lawyer, 
633 F, house 13^5 Maw 


Attorney & CounseSIor-at-Law 

633 F STREET, N. W-, 


ARIES GEOBGE A, real ©state, 

714 l©tj.fl n w 9 house same 
Arm field Warren, wter, h 412 Franklin nw 
Armistead Geo, lab, Monroe, nr Gay, Gtn 
Arinistead Hester, servt, wks 803 M n w 
Armistead, Mary E, teacher, bds 1219 G s e 
Armistead Mary M, wid Sam, h 1343 K s e 
Armistead Thos, driver, h 1317 I n e 
Armiston Thomas, lab,, h 72 P n w 
Armistead Wm, lab. h 1317 I n e 
Armor C (Armor & Montrop), h 608 6th nw 
Armor Geo W (Armor & Bro), h 507 9th nw 
Armor John E (Armor & Bro), h 943 Mass 

av n w 
ARMOR & BRO. (Joiam E and 

George W Armor), painters, 815 

E nw 




Sign and Ornamental 

815 E st., bet. 8th and 9th sts., N.W. 

Gilbing on Glass, Show Cards, &c. 
All work done promptly. 

ARMOR <& MONTROP (Charles 
Armor and Emile M«ntro>p.) 
sign painters, 806 and 80S 1* 

n w 



806 D Street, 

Gilding on Glass, Show Cards, and al!3 
the Latest Styles of Lettering done on tine 
shortest notice. 

Armory George, elk, bds 606 H n w 
Armor Julia, grocor, 1134 26th n w 
Armor Robert, elk q m gen o, 1604 Q n w 
Arms Aaron, coachman, 622 F n w 
Arms John T (Arms & Ketcham), h 1307 

Arms Wm, lab, bds 426 8th n e 
Arms and I>aniel "W KLetcham), 
insurance brokers, 810 Fn w 




General lESurance Aaents & Broters, 

Le Droit Buildinq, cor. Eighth and F Sts. 
We represent a line of strong companies, 
and insure Buildings, Merchandise and 
other property in the district against loss or 
damage by tire on the best terms. 

Armistead Addison, lab, h Conner's all 
Armistead Alex, lab, 2t)9 15ih n w 
Armistead George, lab, h 217 F n w 
Armstead Harriet, wid Bartlett, h 1100 15th 




Paid Up Capital, - ■ $ SO©,©®©.©© 

Walter S. Cox, President, 

Wm. R. Riley, 

D. F. Robinson, 

Wm. Galt, 

William King, 

C. B. Maury, Treasurer; 


William Galt, Vice President; 

Charles Edmonston, 

S. Thomas Brown, 

Wm. F. Mattingly, 

Dr. W. W. Johnston, 

Frank T. Rawlings, Secretary. 

OFFICE: The Arlington Fire Insurance Company's Building. 1505 Pa av., north of 
United States Treasury, Washington D, C. 




Armstead Henry, 1445 Sampson n w 
Armstead Hilyard, shoemkr, h 503 20th n w 
Armstead Josephine, servt, h 2217 E n w 
Armstead Lewis, lab, h Lucas al n w 
Armstead, Lizzie, teacher, 1219 Gs e 
Armstead Rachel. wid Dudley, h 2217 E n w 
Armstead Rhoda.' servt, 1420 M n w, h 2 

Proctor's alley n w 
Armstead Root S3, shoemkr, h 503 20th n w 
Armistead Violet, 1107 N J av n \v 
Armstrong Alfred, elk p o d h 471 C n w 
Armstrong Betsy, laundress, h 346 F s w 
Armstrong Edward, founder, 333 C s w 
Armstrong Francis, watchman, h 1258 

8th nw 
Armstrong Harry E, conductor, 1007 

4K sw 
Armbtrong Harry E, conductor, h 728 

4^ bW 
Armstrong Isaac, carp, h Va av, nr21stnw 
Armstrong Jacob Rev, 217 D sw 
Armstrong James 1, carp, bds 711 H sw 
Armstrong James M, prin elk private 

lauds, h 1010 lOih nw 
Armstrong James W, stabler R R, 215 

4^ sw 
Armstrong Jemima, servt, 482 E sw 
Armstrong John, printer, h 417 1st nw 
Armstrong John, watchman, al bet 23d 

and 24th and G and H 
Armstrong John M, chemist, h 494 F sw 
Armstrong John W, carp, h 2047 9th nw 
Armstrong Jonathan W, ship carp, bds 711 

H sw 
Armstrong Joseph jr, lab, 217 D sw 
Armstrong Mary E, wid John, 1635 Conn 

av nw 
Armstrong Moses, white washer, h 412 

Franklin nw 
Armstrong Samuel, elk ago, h 1635 Conn 

av nw 
Armstrong William H, asst sol int rev, h 

1311 H nw 
Armstrong William J, photographer, 401 

7th nw, bds 7th st rd nw 
Armstrong William J Dr, elk war dept, 

1629 Conn av nw 
Arnell C L, shoemkr, 610 9th nw 
Arnesty James, lab, h Potomac al sw 
Arueth William H, tinner, h 57 Ghw 
Arnett Dorsey, coachman, h 312 13>£ sw 
Arnett Joseph, carp, h 490 K sw 
Arnett Mi lard F, elk, h 490 K sw 
Arnold Charles W, baker, h 1241 G se 
Arnold Charlotte, wid John, bds 1019 nw 
Arnold E C, int rev, h 473 Pa av nw 
Arnold Edward C, lab, h 121 2d dw 
Arnold Emma A, wid Thomas, music 

teacher, bds 404 C se 
Arnold Fannie, 308 13th nw 
Arnold Frederick H, tailor, h 805 D nw 
•Arnold Geo L, grocer, 721 E Cap, h same 
Arnold Harrison H B, printer, h 423 1 nw 
Arnold Henry, printer, h 805 R nw 
Arnold Henry A, cabinet mkr, ix 1241 

9th nw 
Arnold Henry, baker, h 2428 G nw 
Arnold Hiram F, elk, 1600 14th nw 
Arnold Isaac N, elk 3d aud o, h 609 M nw 
Arnold James B, elk, bds 423 I nw 
Arnold James E. police. Union town 
Arnold Jay H. h 1308 V nw 
Arnold Jesse, elk 2nd aud o, h 509 E nw 
Arnold Joseph W, grocer, 535 8th s e, h 

533 8th 8 e 
Arnold Kate, wid Frank, 1205 F nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to M. GOLDSTEIN'S 

California Cigar Store, 
611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 

See page 4. 

Arnold Letitia, music teacher, 1115 F nw 
Arnold Lorenzo, blacksmith, 10 Stoddart, 

Arnoid M S, elk pen o, h Mt Pleasant 
Arnold Paul, elk pat o. h 413 4th nw. 
Arnold Priscilla, 1218 3rd nw 
Arnold Rebecca, servt, 1711 Pa ave nw 
Arnold Richard D, police, 428 8th se 
Arnold Samuel E, elk. 408 Va av se 
Arnold Samuel G, elk int rev, Mt Pleasant 
Arnold Theresa, fancy goods, 146 cent 

mkt, h 140 I nw 
Arnold Thomas, elk, 55 C se 
Arnold Thomas, blacksmith, 73211th se 
Arnold Thomas B. 221 D se 
Arnold Willie L, elk, bds 423 I nw 
Arnold William M, painter, 440 I nw 
Arny Adeline L, Union Hotel, Gtn 
Arrick Josephine, wid Clifford, 1131 14th 

Arrick Wm T, h 1181 14th nw 
Arlington Andrew J, lab, 69 Washington, 

Arrington Lydia L, elk pat o, 512 9th nw 
Artes'Daniel, baker, 1422 8th nw 
Artes Henry, (Eberly & Artes.) 718 7th nw 
Artes Mary, bds 1422 8th nw ' 
Arth Christopher, barber, 614 Pa av nw, 

h 510 2nd nw 
Arth George M, musician, 1005 M se 
Arth Jacob, stonemason. 1113 D ne 
| Arth John W, musician, 5169th se 
j Arth Joseph A, cigars. 662 Pa av se 
| Arth Phillip, 516 9tn h« 
Arthur Emma, elk treas, bds 941 U v.w 
Arthur George W, painter, bds 941 II uw 
Arthur Isabella G. hoarding, 939 11 hw 
Arthur James, 9:>9 H nw 
Arthur James, lab, 423 3rd sw 
Arthur Julia, washing, 423 3rd sw 
Arthur Patrick H, lab, nr O and 22d nw 
Arthur Wiufield, painter, 939 H nw 
Artz Henry, teamster, 152 Bridge, Gtn 
Artz Samuel, plumber. 152 Bridge, Gtn 
Arundell Chas A, (Arundell & Fairfax.) 

2145 I nw 
Arundell James T 3 elk, 2145 I nw 
Arundell & Fairfax, (Chas A Arundel 
and Arthur W Fairfax.) provisions, 2145 
I nw 
Arvin George H, carp, 129 Knw 
Arwkard Anna, servt, Olive nr Mo»roe, 

Asbury Henry, fireman, 124 3d nw 
Aschenbach Henry, mach, 220 13th sw 
Aschenbach Valentine, blksmith, K c 2d 

ne, h 922 2d ne 
Aservi Ernesto, attache Peruvian Lega- 
tion. 1525 I nw 
Ash Albert, lab, 1711 K nw 
Ash Catherine, wid Jacob, 16 D se 
Ash Elizabeth, wid Fredk, bds 1837 L nw 
Ash Francis, driver. South nr Congress, 

Ash Henry T, elk dept state, 705 H nw 
Ash Jacob, painter, 16 D se 
Ash James, tel operator, 1713 H nw 
Ash James R M, elk Big o, 1713 H nw 
Ash John, agt, 907 4th se 
Ash John W, driver, 107 Pa av nw 

GILM0KE, SMITH & CO., 629 F str. NW. 




Ash M, flowers, 198 centre mkt, hNYav 

nr lstne 
Ash Margaret Mrs, fancy goods, 821 25th 

dw, h same 
Ash Margaret, h 822 25th nw 
Ash Mary Mrs, Falls rd nr Gtn college 
.Ash Thos G. elk a g o, 232 N J av se. 
Ash Wm M. elk sig o, 1917 Pa av nvv 
Ashburn J A, harness mkr, 428 7th sw 
Ashbuin Martha A, elk treas, 706 13th nw 
Ash by Fannie, servt, 114 C nw 
Ashby Gertrude W, elk pod, Alexandria 
Ashby Irving G, dis elk. 224 C nw 
Ashby John L, antiquarian bb store, 1749 

Pa av nw, h 1513 17th nw 
Ashby Susan, servt, 2 I nw 
Ashby Wm B T, elk, 224 C nw 
Ashby Willie T, elk, 224 C nw 
Ashdown Wm, mach, 485 G sw 
Asehe Albert A, porter, 1711 K nw 
Ashe Henry, elk, bds 705 H nw 
Ashe Matthew, lab. 1011 3d ne 
Ashe Thomas P, 2508 K nw 
Ashe Thomas W, lab, 1357 C sw 
Asher James M, porter, 1406 1st nw 
Asher Martha, wid James, 2116 N nw 
Asher Sampson J, janitor, 637 F nw 
Ashfield J M, watchman, treas 
Ashford Asbury, physician, h 1330 N T av 
nw, office hours 8 to 10 a m 12£ p m , 6 
to 8 p m, 
Ashford Craven, (Ashford & Faris,) h 423 

7th s w 
ASHFORD FRANK A, physician, 

1330 N Y av, la 507 E n w 
Ashford Henry, lab, h 314 D s w 
Ashford Henry C, lab, h 314 D s w 
Afhford John T, cabt maker, h 314 D s w 
Ashiord Joseph, marble cutter, 58 Dun- 
barton, Gtn 
Ashford Joseph F, marble worker, h 58 

Dun barton. Gtn 
Ashford Mahlon, lawyer, 410 5th nw, h 926 

17th nw 
Ashford Mary Mrs, varieties, 58 Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 

Ashford & Faris (Craven Ashford & 

Chas M Faris) flour and feed, 327 12th 

s w 


cSerK signal office, h2©12 « nw 

Ashley George K, (Davis & Ashley,) h 1106 

F n w 
Ashley James A, asst examiner pat office, 

h 38 C n e . 
Ashley Julia E, elk treasy, h 1229;N n w 
Asnley William M, currier, h 1006 Va av 

s w 
Ashley William M, adamantine brick co, 

6th n w, h 504 Me av s w 
Ashton Alexander, lab, h 615 Christian 

al s w 
Ashton Beverly, lab, h 1st nr°M nw 
Ashton Charles, police, h 1225 4Jsw 
Ashton Cornelius, lab. h 1011 5th s e 
Ashton E M, folder, h 1427 20th n w 
Ashton Geneva M, print bur treas 
Ashton Gerden C, (Harrison Bros,) h 900 

I nw 
Ashton Gerden C jr, painter, hSOO I n w 
Ashton Henry, carpenter, b 2115 E n w 
Ashton Henry, lab, h 1233 R n w 
Ashton Henry, lab, 6 Grinder's al s e 
Ashton Isaac, lab, h st al n w 
ASHTON J HUBLEY, lawyer, 635 
F nw, li 1200, K nw . 

Ashton James, brieklayer, h 113 7th s e 
Ashton James L,cigar maker, h 2424 1 nw 
Ashton John, driver, bds 1702 10th n w 
Ashton Joseph, lab. h 125C 23d u w 
Ashton L R Mrs, h 1427 20th n w 
Ashton Lewis, lab, h Pleasant al s w 
Ashton Louisa, wid Alex, h 1372 D sw 
Ashton Madorah, servt, h 615 Christian al 
Ashton Maria Mrs, washing, 619 4th nw 
Ashton McDaniel, lab, h 739 3d nw 
Ashton Richard, butcher, h 1702 10th nw 
Ashton Roda, lab, h C nrl2th ne 
Ashton Samuel, lab, 739 3d nw 
Ashton Simon, lab, h 113 L se 
Asht u W lliam, lab, h 615 Christian alsw 
Ashton William, lab, h 2109 Pa av nw 
Askew John R, painter, bds 926 Pa av nw 
Askew William B, engineer, bds 416 C se 
Ackew Wm H, asst eng dept state, h 416 

C se 
Askins Bushrod, farmer, Tennallytown 
Asmussen Augusta, boarding, 9177th nw 
Asmussen Louisa, elk treas, bds 917 

7th nw 
Astel Henry, elk war dept, h 633 A se 
Atchison Claude B. plumber, h 1756 Pnw 
Atchison E D, h 220 D nw 
Atchison George H, blksmith R R, 473 

D sw 
Atchison George, blksmith, h 737 7th so 
Atchison Harris L, police, 413 C se 
Atchison J C, upholster, 906 D nw 
Atchison John H, carpenter, 322 M sw 
Atchison Julius I, plumber, 1122 14th nw, 

h 1756 P nw 
Atchison Mary, wid John, binder, 734 N 

J av nw 
Atchison Washington, watchman. 1005 

Atchison William, carpenter, 1005 E se 
Atherton Edwin N, mess U S S, 217 1st ne 
Athertou John C F, dining saloon, stand 

14 centre mkt, h 605 N nw 
Athey John C, book-keeper, 35 2d Gtn 
Athey John M, tailor, bO Bridge, h 35 2d 

Athy Thomas, lab, 21 Jefferson Gtn 
Atkins Edward, (W H Larner & Co,) 

1403 L nw 
Atkins Emily, wid Edmund, Clark's al 

bet 12th and 13th 
Atkins Frey, porter, 438 9th nw 
Atkins George F, produce, 2©9 and 210 

centre market, h 300 8th se 
Atkins Joseph, grocer, bds 523 6th nw 

Atkinson '■ , surveyor, bds 248 3d nw 

Atkinson Annie, elk treas, bds 803 I nw 
Atkinson Cnaries, elk treas, bds 1100 

12th nw 
Atkinson Edward S, police, 232 11th se 
Atkinson Fannie P, wid Richard L, elk 

treas, bds 13 nr S nw 
Atkinson G C, carpenter, 312 10th sw 
Atkinson Henry L, (Brown & Atkinson,) 

1823 Vt av nw 
Atkinson John B, elk 2d aud o, h 461 G nw 
Atkinson Mahlon B, engr, 13 Grace Gtn 
Atkinson William R, US geo surv, 507 

7th nw 
Atkinson Robert, baker, h 218 12th nw 
Atkinson Robert H, architect, h6206thnw 
Atkinson Rosetta, wid Ratler, h 17th nr 

D nw 
Atkinson Sarah, printer, bds 13th nrSnw 
Atkinson, William B, mail agent, bds 461 
G nw 

Subscribe for Patent Office Official Gazette, 




Atkinson William T, dry goods, 40lMass 

av nw, h 405 Mass av nw 
Atlantic Ins Co, of Brooklyn, 401 9th nw 
E«KAPH C«MP<? NY, 1347 E NW, 
Oth c Pa av, National Hotel. Post 
Office, Willakds', 15th c F, 12th st 
whakf. Patent Office, Baltimore 
and Potomac ratlroad depot, Bal- 
timore and Ohio railroad depot, 
State Department, War Depart- 
ment, 3d c Pa av. drug store; 142 
Bridge st, Gtn; Chief Signal office, 
Government Printing office, en- 
trance to House of Representa- 
tives, reporters' gallery, Senate 
gallery, capitol. 
Atlas Ins Co, of Hartford. 715 12tli nw 
Ati.SE GOODWIN Y, coal and 
wood, it Oth sw and 615 7tii 
nw, li 457 i» sw 


COAL of all kinds and sizes. 
WOOD, cord length and sawed and split, 
delivered in any quantities promptly in all 
parts of the city, and guaranteed as repre- 
sented. Offices: No. 615 Seventh St., oppo- 
site Post Office Department, ana AtLee's 
wharf, foot of Sixth st., Potomac river. 

AILEE S YOBKE, lawyer, 457 P 

AtLee T S, elk Ind o, bds 471 C nw 
yer, 1411 H nw, h 457 &> sw 

Attridge Jane, fancy goods, h 919 5th nw 
Attwood D W, elk, pen o, h 1928 12th nw 
Atwell Albert, dyer, h 331 Fighting al sw 
Atwell Juhn, tinsmith, h 127 Pa av nw 
Atwell Joseph, lab, 2428 K nw 
Atwell Mary H, wid James, h 1210 10th nw 
Atwell Minnie, boarding, 303 13th nw 
Atwell William, elk, h 631 D nw 
Atwell William I, pi inter, h 720 5th nw 
Atwood Danl W, elk pen o, h 1928 12th nw 
Alzel Frederick, shoes, 352 Pa av nw 
Atzerodt Thomas H, cik, bds 514 11th sw 
Atzerott John C, coach trimmer, h 802 

Au John, musician, h 530 8th se 
Au Wilhelrn, musician, h 321 10th se 
Aubenchien Elizabeth, wid William, milk, 

h 97 Washington, Gtn 
Aubtr Lorenz, elk s go, h 10 P nw 
nel and aidt to General of tlae 
Army, li 10*23 Vt av nw 
Aue Henry, shoemkr, 1332 7th uw, h same 
Aue William, shoemkr, h 513 Q nw 
Auerbach Carl, gents' furnishings, 801 7th 

nw, h 810 5th nw 
Auerbach Joseph, clothier, 407 7th nw, h 

810 5th nw 
Auerbach Louis, (H Franc) h 431 7th nw 
Auerochs Christopher, lab, n 105 F sw 
Auerochs Mathias F, driver, h lu5 F sw 
Auerochs Wilhelm, lab. h 105 F sw 
Aufenthie Rudolphe, shoemkr, 1128 11th 

nw, h same 
Auffort Charles F, carp, h 463 L sw 
ware, S05 7tli nw, Si same 


611 Penna Av.j under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 



English, French and American China, 
Glass, Crockery, Cutlery, Plated Ware. 

No. 805 SEVENTH ST., BET. H and I. 

Auger , conductor, 636 Va av sw 

Aughinbaugh Barney, conductor, bds 624 

Pa av nw 
Aughinbaugh Wm L. printer, 212 G ne 
Augherton George, carp, 804 N Cap, h 

6th c L nw 
Augusta Alexander; T, physician, 1310 L 

nw. Office hoars 8 to 10 a in, 3 to 4 and 

6 to 8 p in 
Auguste Samuel, lab, 1362 L se 
Aukward Horatio, moulder, yi5 3d se 
Auk ward Joseph, carp, 918 G se 
Aukward Mary A, teacher, 918 G se 
Auid David, pattern mkr, 119 Washing- 
ton, Gtn 
Auld James, elk treas, 815 13th nw 
Auld John G, grocer, 1100 Oth c L nw, h 

1109 9th nw 
Auldridye Thomas, police 1st prect, 8th sw 
Aulick Anna J, wid Kalph, 70J 12th nw 
Aulick J Wily, 1739 1 nw 
Auuer Thomas, plate printer, 726 11th nw 
Austin Daniel M, Utn 
Austin Edwin, undertaker, bds 912 Pa av 

Austin Edwin F, watchman, 435 6>£ sw 
Austin Frances Irby Dr, 1201 M se 
Austiu Gould P, carp, 1806 E nw 
Austin Harriet, servt, 1443 Corcoran nw 
Austin Horace, 3d aud treas, h 1505 lOtls 

Austin James, printer,'7l2 2d ne 
Austin James B, elk, 1457 Pierce place nw 
Austiu James B, tel operator, 1215 L nw 
Austin M A, lieut police, 423 4th se 
Austin Martha, servt, 52 Market, Gtn 
Austin Sidney F, asst cashier Germn Am 

Savings bank, 1542 Columbia nw 
Austin Thos, watchman, 314 14th uw 
Austin Wm A, ship carp, 1201 4th se 
Auth B antus, butcher, 33 centra mkt, Bla- 

densburg id 
Avanue Antonio, B nr 25th nw 
Aveline Miranda F. elk treas, 1203 T nw 
Averill Oscar J, 1311 H uw 
AVE It I EC W W, president Gra- 

liamite Pavement Company., 

bds Ebbitt Mouse 
Avery Charles, lab. 604 Md av ne 
Avery Frank T, elk, bds 710 7th sw 
AvM'v Helen M, elk pat o, 1337 Corcoran 

A very James, barber, bds 1802 G nw 
Avery James, elk treas, 1818 G nw 
Avery James D, plasterer, 715 G sw 
Avery John, painter, 822 23d nw 
Avery Phil, upholsterer, bds 505 20th nw 
Avery Robt H, bricklayer, 7C7 M se 

At GILMOEE, SMITH & CO.r 629 F Strest N. W. 




Avery Robert P, chief tidal div U S c sur, 

h 320 A s e 
Avery Wni C, wood aud coal, 434 P nw, h 

Avery Win O, h 1337 Corcoran n w 
Aviugtou Evvd, lab, h 5 Durr's al n w 
Axe John C, elk, h 331 G s e 
Ayars Lydia Mre, 1439 Tow 
Ayer Heury G, clerk (ith anri.h 1731 9th n w 
Ayer Oliver P, coachmkr, 223 4j^ « w 
Ayers JBeu F, servt, h 912 17th n w 
Ayers Lewis, porter, 64 Duubarton, Gtn 
Ayers Washington, carp, 327 Mo av n w 
Ayers Willard, watchman, b 1728 Pa av u w 
Ayler Peter, lab, h 1220 Madison n w 
Aylesworth J C, elk pen o 
Aylmer Margt.wid Robt R, h 122814th nw 
Aylmer Robt H, med stud, h 1228 14th nw 
Ayr Julia, wid Peter, h 9(4 6th s w • 
Ay res Benjamin, waiter, h 1203 16th n w 
Ayres Sallie P, copyist, pen o. h 49 C s e 
Ayton A C painter, bds 408 8th s w 
Ayton Aunie A, priv schl, 513 8th s w, bds 

408 8th s w 
Ayton Mary, wid Richard, h 408 8th sw 


BAAB JLEWIS. ajfent Singer Sew- 
ing: Machines, 407 9lh. n w. li 

800 K n w 

Babbett Heury W, elk land office 
Babbington Bridget, wid Win. 822 1st n e 
Babbington Thos, Jab, 822 1st n e 
Babbitt Charles H, printer, h 515 12th n w 
Babbitt Henry W, elk g 1 o, h 1330 6th n w 
Babbitt, J W, elk treats h 322 2nd s e 
Babcoek Catharine E, wid, h 818 17th n w 
Babcock Catharine E, wid Van Duseu, elk, 

h B c 2d n w 
Babcock David A, pict frames, 422 7th nw, 

h same 
Babcoek E J, elk treas, h 2120 I n w 
Babcock Eli?ha J, elk treas, 622 22d n w 
Babcock Frank, tailor, bds 8 c D n w 
Babcock Geo W, elk a g o, h Alex co, Va 
Babcock Ida, h 818 17th n w 
Babeock Louis M (Babcock & Wyeth), 

bds N Y Av Hotel 
BABCOCK O. E. Ken., engineer 
United. States army and com- 
missioner public building-s and 
grounds, U 2024 «£ nw 
Babcock Sarah A, wid Joseph, h 1633 K nw 
Babcock William H, lawyer, 2009 H nw, 
patents, 629 F nw 
Ba&cock W J, 2009 H nw 
BABCOCK &, W¥ETH,(LoHis Itt. 
ASabcock and Louis Wyeth,) 
Advertising: Agent, 92S F nw 


Regular Correspondents and Agents 
for the Country Prese. 

928 F Street, NW., 


Bacon Samuel, elk, h 336 Ind av nw 
Bacon Samuel H, mercbandise broker, 711 

Market Space, h 107 E nw 
Bacon Samuel H, (Thompson & Bacon,) 

E, bet N J ave aud 2d nw 
Baeon William, lab, 426 Ridge nw 
Babe J W, elk, 431 K nw 
Baborovi George, tailor, 614 D nw 
Babiiou James A, elk treas, 638 N C av se 
Babsou John, clerk peu o, 10b 11th se 
KAUSOiV, JT. W., Deputy Commis- 
sioner Pension Office, 106 lltti 

Bache Alfred T, carp, 1820 6th nw 
Bache Arthur J, carp, 1616 Madison nw 
Bache Elizabeth, music teacher, 1730 Vt 

Bache Maria Mrs, bet 14th and 15th and T 

and U nw 
Bache Sharington, collector, 1730 Vt av 
Bacheuheimer Henry, eigar maker, 907 

4th nw, h 479 C sw 
Bacheuheimer Louis, elk, bds 479 (J sw 
Bachman Edwin J. elk treas, 1511 Colum- 
Baehus Amelia, servt, 944 E nw 
Baehus August, saloon. 1414 F nw, h same 
Backus Allen, tailor. 620 5th nw 
Baekus W (J, clerk g 1 o, 5(5 Market Gtu 
Baeon A W, paymaster U S N, 1634 I nw 
Bacon Annie, wid William, 1538 5th nw 
Bacon Arthur A. carp, 641 Mass av nw, 

h 1002 6th nw 
Bacon Elizabeth, servt, 1702 L nw 
Bacon Frank, elk, 336 lud av nw 
Bacon George A. mess H R 
Bacon Harry H/clk, 620 E nw 
Baeon Henrietta; servt, 506 12th nw 
BACON JOHiV M, Colonel and 

Aide to General of tlie Army, 

B>ds Ebbitt Mouse 
Baeou Levi, clerk pat o. bds Irving House 
Bacon Lizzie, servt, 1020 17th nw 
Bacon Nathaniel, waiter, 7 Goat al nw 
Bacon Peter F, (Samuel Bacon & Co,) 336 

Ind av nw 
BACON It. A., Druggist, 529 

4>£ sw, li 451 F sw 


529 4 J St., S. W., cor of E 

Proprietor of COLINE, sure preventive for 
falling out of the hair. 

Bacon Samuel, huckster, 13 L nw 
Bacon Samuel, (Samuel Bacon & Co,) 620 

E nw 
BACON SAMUEL, & CO., (Samuel 
and Peter F. Bacon,) grocers, 
640 Pennsylvania avenue 

Samuel Baeon & Co. 



640 Pa. Ave. bet, 6tSi & 7msts., N.ff. 


Land Cases before the Commissioner of the General Land Office 




Bacon, Samuel, elk. h 836 Md av 
Bacon William P, elk a g o, 336 Ind av nw 
Baden Ann C, wid John, 128 Ddw 
Baden Basil, grocer. 1700 17th nw 
Baden Francis H, Hyaitsville, Md 
Baden Thomas J, elk q m g o, h 1217 6th 

Baden Thaddeus, elk, 1419 10th nw 
Baden Thomas E, elk treas dept. Kyatts- 

ville, Md 
Badger Oscar C, capt U S N, Navy Yard 
Badgley Frederick A, elk pod, Laurel 
Baer Adolph, (iNordlinger & Baer,) 175 

Bridge, Gtn 
Baer A M, elk, 114 Bridge, Gtn 
Baer B jr, elk, 91 Bridge, Gtn 
Baer Benjamin, elk, 177 Bridge, Gtn 
Baer Benjamin F, huckster, 26 and 27 cen 

mkt. h 307 8th ne 
Baer Wolf, (Nordlinger & Baer,) 175 

Bridge, Gtn 
Baeschiin Frederick, blacksmith, 39 De- 
frees nxr 
Baeschiin LaveniaM, 39 Defrees 
Baeschiin Mary C, 39 Defrees nw 
Baessell Louis, fresco painter, 828 10th ne 
Bagby Aaron, waiter. 713 5th se 
Bagby Ambrose D, elk, 614 Mass av 
Bagby Fiilmore, lab, 226 F sw 
Bagby George H, lab, F cor 25th nw 
Baby Robert B, agent, 614 Mass av nw 
Bagg George W, elk navy pay o, 1739 G nw 
Bagger Louis, (Louis Bagger & Co,) 511 

3rd nw 
Bagger William, (Louis Bagger & Co,) 

bds 511 3d nw 

13ag-g-er, Chester A Snow and 

William Bagger,) lawyers, 802 

F nw 



Room 45, Le Droit Building, 
Corner 8th and F streets, opposite U. S. 

Patent Office. 

®f Patents obtained in the United States 

and all foreign countries. 

Basrgett William T, diiver, 12 Jefferson, 

Baggot George, printer, 809 9th nw 
Baggs Nathan, boatman, 340 E sw 
Bagle Ida M, 620 6th sw 
rfagle James V, 620 6th sw 
Bagle William T, provisions, 620 6th sw 
Bagler Klla, seamstress, 626 L nw 
Bagler Jane, elk, 626 L nw 
Bugley Horace, grocer, West nr Mill, Gtn 
Bagley Jane, print bur treas 
Bagley Thomas, locksmith, 2119 Pa av. h 

Bagley William, photographer, bds 935 

Pa av nw 
Bagley William Mrs, 7 Cook's row, Stod- 

dart, Gtn 
Baguain Peter L, plumber, 606 Maryland 

av sw 
Bagnam William L, 523 13th uw 
Bagney Randall, lab, 809 Q nw 
BagueCdarltts S J Rev, asst pas St Joseph's 

Catholic church, 313 2d ne 
Bahlman Henry, tailor, 140 E Cap ne 
Baier Arthur P. brass finisher, 1200 D nw 

The Cheapest House in the Citv to 
buv Cigars and Tobacco is M. GOLD- 
STEIN^ California Cigar Store, 611 
Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. See 
page 4. 

BAIER GEORGE K, restaurant, 
8th cor E, h same 



Post Office Restaurant 


S. E. cor. 8th and E sts., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
^iPThe choicestLager, Liquors, Wines, 
Cigars. A newly fitted up Hall for par- 
ties and society meetings for rent. 

BA1ERJOHN, restaurant. 1200 » 
nw, la same 



Opposite Pension Office, 

Washington, D. C. 

Baier John W, bartender, bds 405 11th nw 
Bailess Wm, carp, 134 Carroll se 
Bailey Alfred, lamplighter, 704 3d nw 
Bailey Andrew, porter, 805 D nw 
Bailey Andrew J, porter, 916 Del av ne 
BaileyAnnie E, wid Josiah R. 1018 8th nw 
Bailev Aquilla, driver. Ridge st al nw 
Bailey Bernard, elk, 1018 8th nw 
Bailey C, watchman, 1104 Park ne 
Bailey C P, bartender, 217 Del av ne 
Bailey Catherine, grocer, 7th st rd nw 
Bailev Cephus, waiter, 721 14th nw 
Bailey Charles, lab, 1918 12th nw 
BA1LE¥ CHARLES B., secretary 
Washington Gas lAglit Com- 
pany, in 513 3d nw 
Bailey Christopher, waiter, 317 C sw 
Bailey Clayton, porter, bds 430 Washing- 
ton nw 
Bailey Cora, wid Geo W, 1720 19th nw 
Bailey Cornelia, washing, 317 C sw 
Bailey Cornelius, mess, 1919 H nw 
Bailey Daniel, lab, 18th nr B se 
Bailey E W, elk, Union hotel, Gtn 
Bailey Edward, waiter, 145 Bridge, Gtn 
Bailey Elizabeth, bds 715 8th sw 
Bailev Elizabeth J. dressmkr. 921 5th nw 
Bailey Ella E, counter, h 1424 6ih nw 
Bailey Emma J, elk, bds 715 8th sw 
Bailey Fannie, servt, R nr 16th nw 
Bailey Fanny; sewing, 320 B sw 
Bailey Francis, driver, 320 B sw 
Bailey Frank, lab. Howard University 
Bailey George, lab, Noland's al sw 
Bailey George L.. lab. 126 Madison al nw 
Bailey George Wi printer, bds 1224 C sw 
Ba'ky Hanson, huckster. X nr O se 
Bailey Harriet A, wid Robert M. 1424 6th 
Bailey Harriet E. widow Robin, 1114 15th 
Bailey Henry, plasterer. 1818 Vt av nw 

Attended to by GILM0RE & CO. 




Bailey Henry, lab, 1149 18th nw 

Bailey Ignatius, lab, 986 E sw 

Bailey James, blksmith,. bds 1226 C sw 

Bailey James, produce, 258 N L and 201^, 

cen mkts, h 731 2d ne 
Bailey James A, coachsmith, Cnr 13th sw 
Bailey James S r grocer, 331 L sw, h same 
Bailey James T, huckster, 2d nr H ue 
Bailev Jane Mrs, 735 1st nw 
Bailey JeunieMrs, 22 D nw 
Bailey Jennie, servt, 342 Pa avow 
Bailey Jesse, lab, L nr 3d sw 
Bailey John, asst dis elk H R, 519 4t£ nw 
Bailey John, driver, 9th ext nw 
Bailey John A, machinist, al bet N and O 

and 11th and 12th se 
Bailey John H, huckster, 936 E sw 
Bailey John VV, police, 1232 16th nw 
Baik y John W, lab, 1240 Pa ay se 
Bailey Joseph B, dry goods. 7th c F sw h 

715 8th sw 
Bailey C Read, elk, 1018 8th nw 
Bailey L C, barber, 60 Bridge, h 1022 19th 
Bailey Leonard, barber, 102219th nw 
Bailey Levi, cabinet maker, 1114 15th nw 
Bailey Lorenzo A, lawyer, 503 Dnw, h 51 

C se 
Bailey Lucy, washing, 480 School sw 
Bailey Lucy M Mrs, boarding, 1309 H nw 
Bailey M F, elk treas, 1309 H nw 
Bailey M V, supt railway mail service p o 

d. 427 9th nw 
Bailey Marcellus, (Pollock & Bailey,) Le- 

Droit Park 
Bailey Maria, wid. 808 5th*nw 
Bailey Maria A, teacber 1209 13th nw 
Bailey Martha, wid James, 1828 Lawrenee 
Bailey Mary A. wid Joseph, boarding, 57 H 
Bailey Mary E, bds 1224 C sw 
Bailey Mary L, elk treas, 1926 Pa avnw 
Bailey Matilda, servt, 309 4| sw 
Bailey Mehala, wid John, washer, 926 Del 

av ne 
Bailey Martha, wid Joseph. 207 Hne 
Bailey Milo V, elk p o d, 427 9th nw 
Bailey Miranda, 419 8th sw 
Bailey Nancy, wid Benjamin, 1695 Q nw 
Bailey Nellie, servt, 333 Mo av nw 
Bailey Oliver N, plumber, h 492 H sw 
Bailer Page, lab, h N C av nr 14th ne 
Bailey R A, elk treas, 1427 Pierce Place nw 
Baily Rebecca, wid Juo E, 1224 C sw 
Bailv Richard, carp, bds 1226 C sw 
Baily Robert, lab, bet T and U and 14th 

and 15th n w 
Bailey Stephen, lab, Bladensburg, Md 
Bailey Theo r oysters, 919 11th nw 

Admiral U. S. N , li 1409 R nw. 
Bailey Thomas, hodcanier, h 509 23d nw 
Bailey Thomas C, elk treas, h 94 Dun- 
bar ton st. Gtn 
Bailey Thos L, carriage trimmer. 626 F sw 
Bailey Tolwell, lab, 827 25th nw 
Bailey W Conway, elk, Lewis Jehnson & 

Bailey Wm, butcher, 1234 11th se 
Bailey Wm, driver, 65 Montgomery, Gtn 
Bailey Wm, lab, h al bet N and O and 1 Uh 

and 12th se 
Bailey Wm, lab, cor 15th and S nw 
Bailey Wm G. provisions, 1622 14th, h 

1447 Q nw 
Bailey William H, elk, Uniontown 
Bailey William H. Dilot, 128 W'ater. Gtn 
Bailey Wm H C, elk. 2421 Pa av nw 

Bailey Wm H, supt lamps and gas, 914 M 
Bailey Wm L, agent, 1115 I nw 
Bailey Wm O. elk sig o, 1923 Pa av 
Bailey Wm T, elk treas. 501 R I av 
g;ec2fe U, S. marine hospital ser- 
vice, 1421 « h 1200 8 nw 
Bailhache W H, elk pen o, bds 1015 llth 
Baillieux Lewis, gardener, Connecticut av 

near M nw 
Bailor Geo, l?ab, Mass av bet 16th and 17th 

Bailor Henry Rev, 111 M se 
Bailor, James, lab, 121 Church al nw 
Bailor Jane, servant 118- E nw 
Bailor John, lab, 1617 13th nw 
Bailor Zachariah, lab, 121 Church al nw 
Baily Johu, hackman. N near }4 se 
Baily J K, bookbinder, bds 61 H nw 
iJain Alexander, bookbinder, bds 421 

Mass av nw 
Bain Andrew, engineer, Capitol r h 40 De- 
frees nw 
Bain Andrew, jr, gov print o, h 40 Defrees 

Bain James R, printer, h 209 C ne 
Bain John, carpenter, h 40 Defrees nw 
Bain John J, elk, h 66 Defrees nw 
Bain Julia E Mrs, 330 Ind av nw 
Bain Margaret, wid John, 455 Mass av 
Bain Margaret, wid John. 66 Defrees nw 
Bain Wm V, bookbinder, 209 C ne 
Baine Edward M, painter, 494 Lnw 
Baird Emma R, wid James, seamstress, 

206 G nw 
Baird G W, eng U S N, bu of st eng, 409 M 

Baird J Everett, elk, 1210 K nw 
Baird Joseph M, elk, 206 G nw 
Baird Lizzie, servt, 1324 8th nw 
Baird Marg A Mrs, elk treas, 2222 14th nw 
Baird R Emily, wid William, 1210 K nw 
BAIRD SPENCER F, prof. Smith- 
sonian inst, In 1445 Mass avnw 
Baker A G, lieut U S N, bds 1741 G nw 
Baker Abby A, elk treas. 101610th nw 
Baker Abbie 7 elk treas,bds 1002 Mass av nw 
Baker Alfred B, watchman, 1424 D nw 
Baker Ann, wid John, bds 320 C ne 
Baker Archibald H. hostler, Stanton al nw 
Baker Arthur A H,' elk. bds 1002 Mass av 

Baker Benj, elk, Madison nr High, Gtn 
Baker Bettie, nurse, 619 E nw 
Baker Bowles, elk pod, 914 l^th nw 
Baker Catharine B, servt, 1708 Lnw 
Bakt r Charles, hostler, bds Boyle's hotel 
Baker Cbarles, mess ago, 1221 L nw 
Baker Charles W, printer. 821 13th ne 
Baker D, shrenikr, 1916 Et nw 
Baker Daniel, ehf loan and currency div 

tretts. h 310 Ind av nw 
RAKER DANIEL, chief loan div 

treas, h 310 Ind avnw 
Baker Davis, watchman treas, 221 5th se 
Baker Edmond, Jab, 47 Pierce nw 
Baker Eliza, wid Thomas E, Meridian Hill 
Baker Emily, servt, 1203 M nw 
Baker Eliza A. widTrolus, Vinegar al nw 
Baker Fanny, wid Cbftrles P, 921 12th nw 
Baker Fanny^ wid Michael, wabhing, 10 T 

st al nw 
Baker Frank, elk, 142 C ne 
Baker Frank, elk 1 h b, Pierce pi nw 
Baker George C, printer, 738 10th nw 
Baker George E, 1104 13th nw 

Oases Prosecuted before the 




Baker George H, produce, 406 N L mkt. 

h Brentwood road 
Baker H C, hides, M nr 9th sw, h 612 La 

Baker H J, driver, h 723 8th sw 
Baker Henry, carpenter, h 1062 D se 
Baker Henry, elk, bds 1512 L nw 
Baker Henryi hostler, h 311 6th nw 
Baker Henry, hostler, h 1149 19th nw 
Baker Henry, lab. 14th ur East Capitol se 
Baker Henry E, elk pat o, h 1512 u nw 
Baker Henry M, (Cummings & Baker) h 

12 Grant pi nw 
Baker Isaac M, carpenter, h 211? 10th nw 
Barker James, ship carp, h 1102 4th se 
Baker Jennie, wid Henry, dressmkr, 322 

133^ nw 
Baker J B, messenger, a go, h 93® L nw 
Baker John, printer, h 206 D nw 
BARER JOHN A. agricultural 

warehouse, &24* L,a av law, h 

•340 Ind av nw 


"Wholesale and retail deafer in 

MACHINERY, Garden and Field 
Seeds and Fertilizers, Contract- 
ors' Tools of all kinds, 

Bet. 9th and 10th, West Centre Market 

Baker John C, bakery, 831 7th nw, h same 
Baker John H, elk g 1 o, 1429 Pierce Place 
Baker John H, carpenter, 7th st whf a 712 

4| sw 
Baker John L, printer., h 215 D nw 
Baker Joseph, h 935 L nw 
Baker Joseph porter, 68 Beall, Gtn 
Baker Laura, wid Clarence B, h Bladcns- 

Baker Lewis, h 914 8th ew 
Baker Lewis, lab, Peartree al sw 
Baker Lewis, paver, h Meridian Hill 
Baker Lewis, upholsterer, 1004 F nw h 
Baker Llewellen L. elk, 468 La av nw 
Baker Lucy, h CisseFs al, Gtn 
Baker Marcus, computer, use sur, h 14th 

cor B sw 
Baker Margaret A, wid Zachariah, h 712 

18th nw 
Baker Mary C, wid John, washer, H bet 

£ and 1st se 
Baker Moses D, paperh anger, h 635 S C 

av se 
Baker Nelson R, elk, int rev, h Montgom- 
ery co Md 
Baker Oscar, milk, C bet 11th and 12th sw, 

h 228 12th sw 
Baker Reuben, driver, 99 Market, Gtn 
Baker Reuben F, (Beall & Baker,) h 122 

C nw 
Baker Sibella, widow Stephen, hl351 K se 
Baker Siduey S, elk pod, 639 F sw 
Baker Sophie, wid Christopher, h413N nw 
Baker Thomas B, elk, 1117 10th nw 
Baker Thomas H, newspaper elk H R, 

510 13th nw 
Baker Th»mas M, elk, 224 N J av se 
Baker Virginia, wid Zachariah, 1022 N J 

av nw 
Baker Walter R, elk treas, 1725 5th nw 
Baker Washington, lab, C cor 12th nw 

Save Monev and buy Cigars and Tobacco 


CIGAR STORE, 611 Penna Av, 

under Met. Hotel. See 

page 4. 

Baker William, punter, 618 6th nw 
Baker William, shoemkr, V nr 11th 
Baker William, lab, 631 N J av nw 
Baker William, baker, 6S1 N nw 
Baker fm M, lab, 8th cor P nw 
Baker W W, elk p o cL h Baltimore 
Baker Zachariah, flour inspector. 21 2d, 

Baker Zachariah, lab, 1028 1st nw 
Bakersmith Henry, butcher, 631 centre 

and 9 west mkt, h Brightwood 
Bakersmith John, grocer, 1900 11th nw 
Bakersmith John, butcher, 7th st rd nw 
Bakersmith John |r, elk, bds 7th st rd nw 
Bakersmith Rudolph, butcher, 7th strd nw 
BakewehFrankS, physician, 203 9th se, of- 
fice hours from 6 to 9 a m and 4 to 5 p m 
Bakmer Geo, driver. 1345 H ne 
Balch George, elk, bds 715 9th nw 
Ba,ch George V, elk ago, Washington 

cor Gay, Gtn 
Baleher Elizabeth, wid John, 12 Bridge, 

Balderston Glayton N, elk. bds 617 G sw 
Baldus W T, (C Christiani & Co,) 7th and 

N nw 
BALDWIN AARON, Pfeysician, 

1 017 M nw. 

O^.CBHO.KS: {S Si 1 ™ 
Baldwin Anna, bds 1237 4th nw 
Baldwin Agnes, bds 1237 4th nw 
Baldwin Andrew, grocer, cor 3d and Dsw 
Baldwin Brenton L, elk, 126 E nw 
Baldwin Caleb, judge ct com Ala claims, 

1514 H nw 
Baldwin D A, cigars, 60 C nw, h same 
Baldwin David, mason, 1143 19th nw 
Baldwin Edgar, machinist, 208 I se 
Baldwin Edward, (Baldwin Bros.) 126 

E nw 
Baldwin Ellen, servt, 1718 H nw 
Baldwin Frank, earpt, 31 Myrtle ne 
Baldwin Frank T, conductor, 434 P nw 
Baldwin Hannah, wid Michael, h 1111 C 

TON, (W B Baldwin, Marcus S 
Hopkins and J I Peyton) law* 
yens, 25 Grant place nw 

Wm. D. Baldwin. Marcus S, Ropkhis 
Joseph I. Peyton. 



Solicitors of Pattnts, and Counsellors in 
Patent Causes, 

25 Grant place, Washington, D. C. 
(Patent Business exclusively.) 

Baldwin James W, 920 F nw 
Baldwin Jeremiah, waiter, 1237 4th nw 
Baldwin John S, contractor. 1124 Conn av 
Baldwin Joseph N, machinist, 211 C ne 
Baldwin Leander, servt, 1421 13th nw 
Baldwin Levi J, machinist, 212 10th nw 
Baldwin Martha R. wid John, 80 I ne 

Internal Revenue Bureau by GILM0RE & CO. 




Baldwin Mary, wid Tyler. 1000 E Cap ne 
Baldwin Ralph, elk, 813 N J av uw 
Baldwin Samuel M, (S M Baldwin &Co,). 

920 F nw 
Baldwin Walter H, macM, 1420 D nw 
Baldwin Wm D, (Baldwin, Hopkins &. 

Peyton,^ 1105 K nw 
Baldwin Wm H H, (Baldwin Bros,) 813 

N J av nw 
Baldwin Wm O, physician, 1915 Pa av. 

Office hours 8> a m to 12 in. 4 to 6 p m 
BALDWIN BKOS., (William H. 

51* and Edward. JBaJsIwiii.,) 

builders, I> corner 1st nw 

Wm. H. Baldwin. Edw. Baldwin 



Of Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, 

Balusters, Newels, Brackets, 

And all other wood work for builders' use. 

FACTORY: Cor. First and Dsts., 
Washington, D. C. 

Baldwin S M & Co, CSamucl M Baldwin,) 

books,. 920 F nw 
Bales Henry A, elk 6th aud, 1120 11th nw 
Balinger George W, blksmith 7 Water nr 

Hi^h^ h South bet Congress and High, 

Balinger Richard, wheelwright, Water nr 

High, h 11 Congress, Gtn 
Ball Amanda M, bds 401 G nw 
Ball Bernard M, 815 18th nw 
Ball Charles A 7 233 Gnw 
Ball Chas A, elk, 1337 E nw,. h 1111 11th 

BALI, CHAMS.ES G. furnaces 

and ranges, 1337 E uw, 1& 1111 

lltli nw 
Ball Charles M, elk. 1421 S nw 
Ball Chas T, ticket elk B &ORR, bds 

1818 G nw 
Ball Clara R, 815 18th nw 
Ball Clayton, 31 Myrtle ne 
Ball Diana, wid Griffin, 1828 E nw 
Ball Edgar, carp r 2280 M nw , 

Ball Elizabeth, servt, 131 West, Gtn 
Ball Franks elk, 460 C nw 
Ball George J, cap police, 12 6th ne 
Ball H H, driver, Cedar bet 13th and 14th 

Ball Henry, driver, 516 11th sw 

Bali Isabella,, elk gov print o r 611 6th sw 

Ball James H, butter, 2 Gtn mkt, h 26 3d,. 

Ball Jane, wid Ruben, 485 School sw 
Ball Jemima P, wid James N, 1148 7th n w 
Ball John, elk, 707 5th nw 
Ball John, lab, 1936 14th nw 
BallJohn, 1509 17th nw 
Ball John R, (Doyle & Ball) Market nr 

5th r Gtn 
Ball J J G, ines-s L S Senate 
Ball Joseph S r clk p m g o r h 2216 13th nw 
Ball Kate B, bds 1509 14th nw 
Ball Levi J, machinist, h 212 lOthnw 
Ball M Dulaney, lawyer, 478 La av, h 

Alexandria. Va 
Ball Mareelia, teach«r r h 1549 Columbia 
Ball Maria Mrs, Sampson bet 14th and 

15th uw 
Ball Martha, washing, h 722 Freeman's at 
Ball Mary R, wid Isaac S, h 1549 Columbia 
Ball Mary A, wid Isaac S, h 1703 6th uw 
Ball Minerva, music teacher, h 1549 Co- 
Ball Nathan A r shoemkr, 15 C ne 
Ball Oscar M, elk, 146 A ne 
Ball R H, elk treas, h 810 21st nw 
Ball Robert, barber, Adams Express al 
Ball Robert, barber, Willowtree al sw 
BALL ROBERT, boots and sslioesr, 
503 7tli nw ? h 233 G nw 

Dealer in best and Cheapest 




Ball Sydney, cook,. 626 Del av sw 
BallTabitha, wid John S, 20 3d, Gtn 
Ball Turner A, butter, 8 K st mkt and 35£ 

Cen mkt, h 81518th nw 
Bali William,, glazier, h 1609 6th nw 
Ball William, waiter,, 310 L nw 
Ball Wm H, conductor, bds 926 C nw 
Ball Wm S, elk treas. bds 1818 G nw 
Ball William T T h 815 18th nw 
Ballantyne R Carter, h 908 N T a? 


Warm Air Furnaces, Gooking Ranges, 


.AJLlp Kinds of" Furnace Work 

Done at the shortest notice and in the best manner, 

No. 1337 E Street, between 13th and 14th Streets N. W. 5 




seller and stationer, 428 7th 
nw, h 908 N Y av nw 

Ballard Fanny, servt, h 800 17th nw 
Ballard James, lab, h 802 I se 
Ballard Melville, teacher, h Kendall Green 
BALLAUF 1>ANI£L., model mkr, 
731 7th nw 


731 Seventh street, Washington. 
All orders for certified duplicates of Pat- 
ent Office Models for law suits in cases of 
infringeineut, and original models for 
iuveniors executed in the most accurate 

Ballauf Wm, model mkr, h 418 L nw 
Ballenger Albert, lab, h 3d nr M se 
Ballenger Edward, butcher, h 1414 1st nw 
Ballenger Francis, 1107 4J4 sw 
Ballenger Francis S, bricklayer, bds 465 

N nw 
Ballenger Geo I, driver, h 142 P nw 
Baileuger Geo W, carp, h 813 3d se 
Ballenger John T, lab, bds 3d nr M se 
Ballenger, Joseph V, elk, h 465 N nw 
Ballenger Margaret, wid Troy, 11106th sw 
Ballenger Margaret A, seamstress, 1110 

6th sw 
Ballenger Mary A, wid Geo W, 3d nr M se 
Ballenger Sarah, wid Joseph, 465 N sw 
Ballenger Spencer, blacksmith, 616 H sw 
Ballenger William, wks Smithsonian, al r 

227 14th sw 
Ballentine Ann Mrs, mess treas, 713 4th nw 
Ballentine Z, servt. 1901 1 nw 
Ballman Marie, wid Henry, 341 E sw 
Balloch Amanda W, wid Geo W. Univer- 
sity Hill 7th nw 
son & Co,) and Prest Wash Fire 
Ins * o, h 7 University Mill 


Insurance and Claim Agent, 509 7th street 
nw. h University Hill 7th street. Prest. 
Washington Fire Ins. Co.; prest. Far- 
mers' Guarantee Association ; sec. 
American Palm, Pulp and Paper 
Co.; sec. Real Estate, Loan and 
Trust Co.; sec. Excelsior 
Chair Company. 


aim Retail Maoist. 


See page 4. 

Balloch James, elk pub buildings and 

grounds, 2100 Pa av 
Balls Calvin C, lab, It Brown's ct nw 
Balmain Ellen P, wid Henry W, 1116 G nw 
Balmarn William H, 122 B ne 
Balser Conrad, driver, rear Washington 

and Gtn r r depot 
Balster Frederick W, wid John, 1216 4>£ 

Balster Henry W, elk, 1216 4)£ sw 
Ba'ster John P, elk s o, 711 4>£ sw 
Balster Theo. photo lith'r, 458 Pa av nw, 

h 1216 4^ sw 
Balster VV H, photo ly th, 458 Pa av uw, h 

1216 42 sw 
Baltimore American, 1339 F nw 
Baltimore Eliza, cook, 1507 K nw 
Baltimore Gazette, 523 14th nw 
Baltimore Jeremiah D, machinist, 505 3d 

sw, h same 
Baltimore Lucinda, servt, 418 2d nw 
Baltimore Mary, cook, 1333 K nw 
Baltimore Sun, 1418 F nw 
Baltimore Thomas, driver, 1023 22d nw 
JttAf/riiHQitE & OHIO It ft 

ticket offices, N J av cor C nw, 

and 613 15th nw and 485 if a av 

n w 

It ticket offices, Pa av cor 13th 

n vsr, tiih cor IS nw and Pa av cor 

tith n%v 
Baltzer Mary, 166 Bridge, Gtn 
Baltzer William D, driver, Boundary nr 

Balzer Adam, lab, 606 2d sw 
Bamberger Elizabeth A Mrs, 1301 H nw 
Bamberger Mary, bds 927 Md av sw 
BambergeriWilliam C, wheelwright, h 927 

Md av sw 
Ban agan George W, (Carrell & Banagan) 

708 8th sw 

Banatti Robert, lab, 1229 Carlins al sw 
BANCROFT GEOAtGJB, historian, 

1623 ITnw 
Bancroft George, (R A Dimmick & Co,) 

709 Onw 

Bancrofts R Mrs, elk ind o, 1124 13th nw 
Bandel Geo E. elk, h 804 20th n w 


Bookseller and Stationer? 

Bible, Tract and Sunday School Depository, 


School Furniture and Lecture-Room Settees, School Books, Blank Books, 

Visiting Cards Engraved and Printed, 


428 Seventh Street, near E Street, 





Bane Chas, printer, bds 318 Ind av 
Banes Mary, wid Luck, h 43 D s e 
Banes Warner P, clerk treas, h 1010 Enw 
Banes Wm, carpenter, h 43 D se 
Banf John, baker, 432 4c% sw 
Banf Ulrich, baker, 119 Ya av sw 
Bangerter Fred, dairy. Tennallytown 
Baugs Bettie G, h 1465 Pierce Place aw 
Ban^s Edw, elk, 6th aud, 81 Gay st, Gtn 
Bangs Jas C, carpenter, h 1523 12th n w 
Bangs James E, lawyer, 452 La av, h 1317 

Riggs nw 

and C ii w 
Banket Addison, huckster, h Lucas al n w 
Banket A, tailor, 1319 D n w 
Banket Brass, plasterer, h 733 12th n w 
Baukett Daniel, plasterer, h C ur 21st nw 
Bankett Fred, waiter, h C nr 21st n w 
Baukit Edw, lab, S C av cor 15th s e 
Banks Abbie, h 817 21st n w 
Banks Amanda, servt, 1124 Conn av n w 
Banks Amanda, servt, 1831 T n w 
Banks Anth, chy sweep, h 1526 11th n w 
Banks Battle, lab, 1831 T n w 
Banks Betsey Mrs, h 1st nr O s w 
Banks Broadus, junk, h 33 Mkt space, Gtn 
Banks Christopher, lab, h 1021 V n w 
Banks David, huckster, h 934 Snows al n w 
Banks David, lab, h 1118 W n w 
Banks David H, dyer, bds 1360 Lse 
Banks, Edgar, 31 Valley, Gtn 
Banks Edward Rev, h Sumner av 
Banks Ellen, wash, h 728Freeman's aln w 
Banks Ellen, wid Burriel. h 711 2d s w 
Banks Essex, lab, 1831 T n w 
Banks Frances, 316 C s w 
Banket Fred, porter, h 21st nrCnw 
Banks. Geo, shoemkr, 635 Mass av n w, 

h 1217 Madison n w 
Banks Geo. E, tailor, 1114 F n w, h 1104 

18th nr L n w 
Banks Geo T, lab, h 711 2d 8 w 
Banks Geo H, shucker, h 1921 1 n w 
Banks Grace, servt, h 1641 11th n w 
Banks H T, capt police, h 205 Pa av n w 
Banks Henrietta, servt, 1727 K street nw 
Banks Henry, lab, 23d nr D nw 
Banks Jacob,' lab, 1006 4ih se 
Banks James, lab, Tea al sw 
Banks James, labj 1637 L nw 
Banks Jainrs, waiter, 1326 N Y av 
Banks James H„ cook, 731 2d sw 
Banks James W, grocer, Wallach nw 
Banks Jane, washing, 436 1st nw 
Banks Jane wid Wesley, h 2123 P nw 
Banks Jeremiah, lab, 802 23d nw 
Banks John, driver, 1722 P nw 
Banks Joshua, collector, 231 3d se 
Banks Leroy, servt, 336 C nw 
Banks Liunia, wid, 228 Express al nw 
Banks Lizzie, 1009 L nw 
Banks Maria, wid Nelson, Glick's al nw 
Banks Moses, lab, 8th and Boundary nw 
Banks Nathan, waiter, 1021 V nw 
Banks Nelson, lab, 1721 8tb nw 
Banks Richard, lab, 1640 Vt av nw 
Banks Robert, lab, Cow al nw 
Banks Robert, lab, 2003 Mass av nw 
Banks Sallie, dressmkr, 501 9th nw 
Banks Sallie, wid Bachus, 731 2d sw 
Banks Thomas, bridge builder, 1226 4% sw 
Banks William, lab, 1st nr N sw 
Banks William, lab, 616 2d sw 
Banks Willinm, waiter, 1011 M nw 
Bannaffan Thomas, grocer. 1609 12th nw 

Bannister Amanda Mrs, midwife, Fayette 

nr 3d, Gtn 
Bannister Charity, wid William,r|washt 

ing, 706 Grant av nw 
Bannister James H, carp, 63 Jackson al 
Bannister John E, lab, D cor 27th nw 
Bannister John E, fisherman, Knight's al 

Bannister Laura, servt, 1226 12th nw 
Bannister Thomas, lab, 1808 Wiltberger nw 
Bannister William F, lab, 27th nr E sw 
Bannon William, grocer, 1300 14th nw 
Bantz G C, elk treas, Baltimore, Md 
Banyon George B. (Merideth & Co,) 1608 

11th nw 
Banyon Grandison, waiter, 2107 11th nw 
Banyon Wm, sawyer, 11th nr Q nw 
Baptist Jenny, servt, 625 3d sw 
Baptist John, lab, 5th aud High, Gtn 
Baptiste Harriet, 86 Market, Gtn 
Baptista Antonio J, musician, o28 5th se 
Barbarin F S Dr, elk, 53 Gay. Gtn 
Barbarin Francis N, elk eng bur, 39 Mar- 
ket, Gtn 
Barbarin Frank, elk, 53 Gay, Gtn 
Barbarin Frank H, elk, 122 West, Gtn 
Barbadoes Fred G, elk, bds 1009 16th nw 
Barbee A Tucker, (Barbee & Son,) 1244 

11th nw 
Barbee Benj R, (Barbee & Son) 1244 1 1th 
Barbee B R & Son, (B R and A Tucker 

Barbee,) grocers, 1101 N nw 
Barber Alexander, lab, 1318 L nw 
BAEIEK A <I, & CO, (Amzi L,. 

Barber, Andrew Lang^don and. 

J* Josepn Albright,) real estate 







And Proprietors of 


Opposite Patent Office, 

Washington, D. C. 

Barber Amzi L, (A L Barber & Co,) 1910 

Harewood av 
Barber Daniel, lab. Cole's row, Howard 

Barber Daniel, provisions, 2128 G nw 
Barber Daniel, driver, 2106 H nw 
Barber Delia, servt, Boundary nr 6th nw 
BAUB£R£])WDW, 3d assistant 
post master general, b. Alexan- 
Barber Eliza, wid Albert, 816 14th nw 
Barber George, butcher, 71 Eastern and 
E Cap, and 632 and 633 Centre mkts, h 
Union town 
Barber G N, barber, 1341 E, h 1307 S nw 
Barber Henry, lab, 124 Q nw 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 F street NW. 



Barber James, lab, 124 Q nw 
Barber John W, stonemason, 327 C sw 
Barber Lewis, lab, 1232 Blagden's al nw 
Barber Louis F, provisions. 237 4>£ sw 
Barber Louisa, wid John, 8 Goat al nw 
Barber Lucy A. teacher, 816 14th nw 
Barber Mary, servt, wks 441 nw 
Barber Margaret, hair dresser, 1029 18th 

Barber Philip, lab, 508 10th sw 
Barber Phinias M, (Barber & Henderson,) 

Barber Rosette, wid John, fruit, 2123 1 nw 
Barber Theodore, paints, lamps, &c, 235 


nia$ m. Barber and Ambrose B. 

Henderson,) builders materials, 

203 7th nw 

Builder's Materials, 

203 7th nw., Washington, D. C, and 
307, 309, and 311 N. Broad, Phila, Pa. 


Barbey A E Miss, h 2913 Pa av n w 
Barbey Margt Mrs, h 1913 Pa av 
Barbour A M, millinery, 237 Pa av nw 
Barbour Andw, contr, 1454 Corcoran n w 
Barbour And jr., contr, 1454 Corcoran n w 
Barbour Elsie, wid Ma* on', 455 L n w 
Barhour James L (Birbour & Hamilton), 

h 724 9th n w 
Barhour John H, cignvnikr, h 916 6th s w 
BARBOUR JOHN S., receiver W 
C, V M and GSR li, li 144 
B n e 
Barbour Julia, servt, Fayette n'r 3d, Gtn 
Barbour Louis, engineer, 486 John's court 
Barbour Patk, cook, h 1221 Mass av nw 
Barbour Robert P, watchman, 116 C n e 
Barbour Wm, lab, h 1820 Vt av n w 
Barbour Wm H, coal, Marks alley c Ese, 

bds 630 G s e 
JL. Barbour and John A. Hamil- 
ton), grocers, 637, 639 and 641 
La av 
B | relay Oath, wid Geo W, h 1806 H nw 
Ba rclay Edgar L, h 724 18th n w 


Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco^ 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Barclay Henry C, elk, h 724 18th n w 
Barclay K R Mrs. copvist pen o, h 2312 I 
Barclay John D, h 1112 10th n w 
Barclay J M. h 1112 10th n w 
Barclay Jos J, elk. 724 18th n w 
Barclay Kate, wid Wm, 2312 23d n w 
Barclay Thos J. appraiser, h 721 18th n w 
Bard John, printer, bds 6 I n e 
Bard Joshua, lab, F nr 11th n e 
Barden Edwin J, elk 2d aud o, h 326 A n e 
Bar^feld Ernest, corpl, Wa^h arsenal s w 
Barghausen Herman, cabmkr, 1110 7th n w 
Barkar Jacob, h 1829 6th n w 
Barker Abram F, carpenter, h 1232 Bsiv 
Barker Andrew, plasterer, 72 4th. Gtn 
Barker Andw T, plasterer, h 2004 M nw 
Barker Andw J, carpenter. 928 4th n w 
Barker Ann G Mrs, 1913 Pa av 
Barker Asa, ice, h 33 Prospect, Gtn 
Barker B M. h 1314 8th n w 
Barker Ben j F, marble wkr. 460 Va av s w, 

h 491 L s w 
Barker Cath, dressmkr, h 614 Bates alnw 
Barker Charles, elk p o, h Briirhtwood 
Barker Daniel, landsc jrard, 1818 20th n w 
Barker E L, elk, h 129 Bridge, Gtn 
Barker E M Mies, elk treas, h 1442 Cor- 
coran nw 
Barker Edwin, plasterer, 72 4th, Gtn 
Barker Elizabeth, wid John H, bds 916 

D sw 
Barker Emma, h O st al nw 
Barker Frank F, ugt Kennebec Ice Co, 

2506 K nw 
BARKER fiEOKGE 91, biiihling 
material, 649 N "ST av nw, bds 
1136 7th nw 

Dealer in 

Doors, Sash and Blinds, Glass, Hard- 
ware & Building Materials 

649 and 651 New York Ave..- bet. 6th and 
7th Sts.. WASHINGTON, D. C. 





Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Groceries, Teas, Wines and Liquors, 




And Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated 

Nos. 637, 639 and 641 LOUISIANA AVENUE, 

Between Sixth unci Seventh Streets, opp. Bank of Washington, WASHINGTON, D. C- 




Barker Howard H, physician, 1126 H nw, 
office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 12 to 1 and 3 
to 5 p m 
Barker Irwin S, carp, h 1106 H nw 
Barker Isaac, plasterer, h 121 Gay, Gtn 
Barker J H. fireman p o d, h 916 D sw 
Barker Jacob, bds 933 T nw 
Barker James, plasterer, 74 4th, Gtn 
BARKER JA1YIES S, proprietor 
Kennebec Ice Company, 107 
Water, Citn, and 12th c E nw. 
2506 K nw 
Barker James W, stoves, 401 7th sw 
BARKER JAMES W, carpenter, 
809 11th nw, h 1106 M nw 


809 11th Street W W. 


Barker John, h 416 10th sw 

Barker John, produce, 201 Cen mkt, h 512 

10th sw 
Barker John B (Murray & Barker,) h 

1205 N nw 
Barker John P, cigars and stationery, Na- 
tional hotel, h 916 E nw 
Barker Jos F, plate printer, h 12286th nw 
Barker Joseph L, tinner, 613 4% sw 
Barker Lucretia, wid Q, h 1318"6th nw 
Barker Lucretia A. bds 1818 6th nw 
Barker Mary Mrs, elk land o, bds 720 11th 
Barker Mary, -viri D, servt, h 1017 P nw 
Barker Ophelia, wid Tbos, 618 NYav nw 
Barker Rebecca, wid Andrew, 72 4th, Gtn 
eiRKEBBICHARDW, cabinet 

maker and undertaker, 61211th 

Barker Rose, servt, Willards' 
Barker Samuel, police, h 1012 F nw 
Barker Sarah, h 1913 Pa av 
Barker Sophia, confectioner, 613 4^ sw 
Barker Susan C, wid Ulman, h 821 11th nw 
Barker Thos, plasterer, 53 Frederick, Gtn 
Barker Wesley, driver, h 1122 8th nw 
Barker Wm, lab, h 1017 P nw 
Barker Wm, plasterer, h 1920 N nw 
Barker Wm F, supt Pullman cars, h 214 

A se 
Barker William H, h 1017 P nw 
Baikley George W, policeman, h 610 Pa 

av se 
Baikley William A, foreman, h 613 Q nw 
Barkman George, carpenter, h 456 F sw 
Baikus Israel, lab, h 819 Grant av nw 
BARLOW HARRY N, pictures, 

1225 Fa av nw, h 1215 ns nw 


Always on hand a large stock of Paint- 
ings, Engravings. Chromos, Photographs, 
&c, at reasonable prices. Frames for 
Paintings, Photographs, &c, in Gold Leaf. 
Velvet and Black Walnut. Old Frames 
Kegilded and Repaired. Paintings Cleaned, 
Restored and Varnished. 

Barlow Bradley, mail contractor, h 1601 

I nw 
Barlow Thomas H, lab, bds 1018 15th nw 
Barnaclo Andrew A, elk, 911 4J sw 
Barnaclo Charles H, grocer, 919 P, h same 
Barnaclo James K, painter, 911 \\ sw 
Barnaclo William A. p unter, 911 &\ sw 
Barnaclo William H, watchn. 911 "41 sw 
Barnard Amelia P, wid Samuel J, 165 West, 

Barnard Charles C P. fancv store, h 452 I 
Barnard E G, elk, h 1013 10th nw 
Barnard Edgar A, h 1511 Columbia 
Barnard Egbert G, elk treas, bds 1541 

Barnard Edward, plumber, 1606 Q nw 
Barnard Emma, wid Theodore, h G cor 

6th sw 
Barnard Erastus A, elk tel o, 1606 Q nw 
Barnard Fanning, watenman q m g o, 1617 

P nw 
Barnard Frank F, elk, 1121 14th nw 
Barnard George B, apothecary, 165 West, 

Barnard Hanson F, printer, 1527 P nw 
Barnard Hayward F, machinist, 1(;06 Q 
Barnard J J, broker, 473 Mo av nw 
Barnard Jane Mrs, dressmkr, h 921 12th 
Barnard Job, (Edwards & Barnard,) h 1 

Langdon terrace 
Barnard John U, mess treas, h 114 High, 

Barnard Laura, wid Geo, h 1409 10th nw 
Barnard Lucy, servt, h 217 I nw 
Barnard Margaret, elk treas, h 902 G nw 
Barnard Mary, clk 4 bds 1409 10th nw 
Barnard Matilda, h 1107 Mass av nw 
Barnard Milton C, (Edwards & Barnard) 

h 2 Langdon terrace 
Barnard Montgomery F, elk. h 1105 G nw 
Barnard N F, elk. h IK 3 G nw 
Barnard William H, elk, bds 140910th nw 
Barnard William T, elk sec war, h G cor 

6th sw 
Bamaidini Vincent, (Laurenze & Co) h 

N J av cor N se 
Barner Aaron, brickmason, hl428 12th nw 
Barner Thomas, lab, h N Yav cor 21st nw 
Barnes Agnes R, elk treas, 1626 Madison nw 
Barnes Almont, elk dept state, 412 B se 
Barnes Andrew, elk, 30 Myrtle ue 
Barnes Ann, wid Elza, washing, Wallack 
Barnes Bertie, bds 1526 8th nw 
Barnes Charles, lab, Quaker's bldg 
Barnes Charles A, painter, bds 509 C ne 
Barnes Charles A, 328 Ind av 
Barnes Columbus M, painter, 42 I ne 
Barnes Daniel H, hostler, 1912 N H av 
Barnes David, lab, Monroe nr Gay, Gtn 
Barnes E F, telegraph, 214 D nw 
Barnes Edward, lab, 328 F sw 
Barnes Edward E, livery stable, 313 B se, 

h 114 3d se 
Barnes Edward E, miller, Potomac nr 

Canal, Gtn 
Barnes Elza, carp, 1703 11th nw 
Barnes Elizabeth, servt, 1012 17th nw 
Barnes Ella, 30 Myrtle ne 
Barnes Ella, dressmkr, 344 C sw 
Barnes Ella, servt, 1422 11th nw 
Barnes Emily, washer, Marks al sc 
Barnes Fanny, wid James. 114 F sw 
Barnes Fanny, servt, 926 P nw 
Barnes Franeis, carp, 42 I ne 
Barnes Frank, lab, 116 F sw 
Barnes Frank, tel opr, bds 725 8th se 

01LMORS, &MITH & Co., 629 F street nw 




Barnes G K, miller, 1309 7th nw 
Barnes George, driver, 327 G sw 
Barnes George, farmer, South, bet Con- 
gress and High, Gtn 
Barnes Geo, hacks, 1736 F nw 
Barnes Georsre Q. bookbinder. 1117 5th ne 
Barnes George W, produce, %Zi and 222 

Ceu mkt, h Benuing's rd 
Barnes Harrief, wid James, 1626 Madison 
Barnes Henrietta, wid Francis. 625 3d sw 
Barnes Henry, lab, Mass av nr 15th nw 
Barnes Henry^ lab, Prosperi's al se 
Barnes Isaac, waiter, 1507 K nw 
Barnes James, lab, Mass av nr 15th nw 
Barnes James, plasterer, 508 Mne 
Barnes James E, elk, 42 I ne 
Barnes James J, elk gen land o, 1433 R nw 
Barnes James W, printer, 13 Myrtle ne 
Barnes James W, eomm broker, 1626 Mad- 
ison rav 
Barnes John, lab. Fowlers al se 
Barnes John, lab, Tennallytown 
Barnes John F, paver, 1315 I ne 
Barnes John H, huckster, 727 7tk sw 
Barnes John W, lab, South bet Congress 

and High, Gtn 
Barnes Joseph, driver, 1736 F nw 
Barnes Joseph, lab, bds 608 K nw 
Barnes Joseph, lab, Vt av bet S and T nw 
Barnes Joseph, jr, lab, Tennallytown 
Barnes Joseph, Tennallytown 
Barnes Joseph D, physician, h 817 18tk nw; 
office hours 8 to 9 a m and 3 to 4 p in aud 
6 to 8pm 

USA. 1723 K nw 
Barnes J Wallace. (J W Barnes & Co,) 

443 7th nw 
Wallace Barnes and G. Mol- 
ling^wortli,) commercial bro- 
Iters, 443 7tli n w 
Barnes Kate, servant, 1317 M nw 
Barnes Laura, servt, 118 C sw 
Barnes Laura Mrs, 1523 K nw 
Barnes Louis, waiter, 1227 D nw 
Barnes Louise, servt, 1015 V nw 
Barues Lucieu J, elk bur of stat,h 933Knw 
Barnes Margaret, wanning, 465 C sw 
Barnes Margaret, bds 721 F sw 
Barnes Martha E, widow James, 509 C ne 
Barnes Martha L, teacher, 210 4>| sw 
Barues Mary, cook, 1019 3d nw 
Barnes Moses, lab, 140 Va av sw 
Barnes Moses J, waiter, 102 Va av ew 
Barnes Perry, lab, 76 Washington, Gtn 

"Bfc m G-olc&jstoixx, 

Wholesale and R-tail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West and Dome-tic Cigars, 
611 Penna Avenue, under Met, Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Barnes Peter, driver, Desmonds al bet E 

and F sw 
Barues Rachel, wid George, 625 3d sw 
Barnes Rebecca, wid Pliny, 1435 R nw 
Barnes Rebecca F Mrs, elk 4th aud o, 

1708 L nw 
Barnes Reuben P, driver. 1736 F nw 
Barues Robert, butter, 219 3d nw 
Barses Samuel, lab, 1907 12th nw 
Barnes Sarah J, wid James, 509 12th ew 
Barnes Simon, waiter,, 465 C sw 
Barnes Simon, waiter, 721 F ew 
Barues Sarah, washing, 508 M ne 
Barnes Sarah E, wid Thomas J, 1011 M se 
Barnes Susan, washing, 465 School sw 
Barnes Tkeodore, butcher. 599 and 600 

Centre and 306 and 308 N L mkt and 

teas 457 K nw, h 372 Hgh, Gtn 
Barues Thomas, carp, 465 C sw 
Barnes Thomas, carp, h 721 F sw 
Barnes Thomas, painter, h 514 13th se 
Barnes Vincent, h 75 Bridge. Gtn 
Barnes Wm, contractor, h 42 I ne 
Barnes Walter W, miller, h 75 Bridge, Gtn. 
Barnes Wm, G nr 44- sw 
Barnes Wm, dentist^ h 112 6th se 
Barnes Wm H, driver, bds 509 C ne 
Barnes Wm, lab int dept, 1616 Corcoran 

Barnes Wm, lab, h 140 Va av sw 
Barnes Wm, painter, h 1334 21st nw 
Barnes Win A, grocer. 210 4J^ sw 
Barnes "Wm A jr, elk, 2L0 44- sw 
Barnes Win H, publisher, tf 328 Ind av 
Barnes Walter W, miller, bds 75 Bridge, 

Barnett Cornelius, h Bridge nr Lingan, Gtn 
Baruett James, grocer, 1L44 18th nw 
Barnett Julia Mrs, h Bridge nr Warren, Gtn 
Barney Edward D, lawyer, La av c 7th, h 

Congress, Gtn 
Barney L T, teacher, h 1537 K nw 
Barney Maria C. teaeher, h 1537 K nw 
Barney Mary, servt, WillardV 
Barney Matilda, washing, r 1149 17th nw 
Barney Sed, printer, bds 426 Mass av nw 

Barnhardt , canvasser, bds 631 D nw 

Barnhart Wm H H, carp, 12C6 13th nw 
Barnhouse Lavinia, hit Pleasant 
Barnitz Henry D, postal elk, 636 F sw 


Oeneral Merchandise Brokers, 


Awls for Miicliefs it Mprters, 


Headquarters for Travelling Agents or Salesmen who 
desire to sell goods in Washington. 

44-3 Seventh street, Washington, I>. C 





Barnitz McPherson, 601 6th sw 

Barnitz Robert M, elk sig o, li 718 19th nw 

Barns Wm, lab, 400 2d ne 

BARNUM E B, ajft Bevlin & Co., 

clothiers, 1320 F nw, h 419 
Spruce, JLe Broit Park. 
Barnum Eliza, washing, r 517 7th nw 
Barnum Milo, elk land o, 1010 E nw 
Barr Charles, 434 6K sw 
Barr Charles W, driver, 2316 G nw 
Barr E S Mrs, 1425 Pierce place nw 
Barr George A, builder, 505 NJav nw, h 

333 5th se 
Barr George R, carp, 2320 G nw 
Barr Henry D, (Kelly & Barr,) h 1312 F nw 
Barr James A, printer, h 1.114 C nw, 
Barr John, stone mason, Broad Branch 

rd, county 
Barr John, paperhanger, 602 B s w 
Barr John F, painter, h 2308 G n w 
Barr John H, elk com gen o, 1425 Pierce 

Place n w 
Barr John H, wheelwright, h 530 5th s e 
B4RR J, insurance? 

802 F n w, h 911 O sw 
Barr Margaret, wid David, h 36 Myrtle n e 
Barr Martin W, agt Southern asso press, 

503 14th n w, h 1227 NYav 
Barr Robt, carpenter, 917 4% s w 
Barr Robt M, elk, 705 G n w, h 911 O n w 
Barr Thomas, laborer, 526 5th s e 
Barr Wm, carpenter, h 412 A n e 
Barr Wm L, elk nvy yd, h 20 Grant pi n w 
Ban- Wm T, contractor, h 2320 G n w 
Barres Joseph, carpenter, h 328 2d n e 
Barrett Allen, elk p m g o, h 1214 N Y av 
Barrett Bridget, grocer, 2218 L n w 
Barrett C Boyd (Biedler & Barrett), bds- 

National Hotel 
Barrett Caro, wid Geo W, h 1115 14th n w 
Barrett Cath, wid Thos J, bdg h 5th c D ne 
Barrett Catharine A Mts, h 720 11th nw 
Barrett Daniel, laborer, h 49 G n w 
Barrett Daniel E, elk treas, bds 1003 En w 
Barrett Dennis, lab, h 1235 Madison n w 
Barrett Dennis* laborer, h 232 7th n e 
Barrett E. restaurant, 227 Pa av n w 
Barrett Edward, h 1424 L n w 
Barrett Elizabeth, wid Samuel, 121 A n e 
Barrett Franklin, grocer, 1301 H n w, h 

826 9th n w 
Barrett Fk A, elk p o dept, h 1210 9th n w 
Barrett George F, painter, h 519 6th s e 
Barrett H W. cashier Gtn sav bank, h 21 

1st, Gtn 
Barrett Isabella, counter, h 1424 L n w 
Barrett J E, barkeeper, h Brightwood 
Barrett James, tripe, 511 and 499 cen mkt, 

h 15th nr Boundary n w 
Barrett Jas, plasterer, h 613 2d n w 
Barrett Jas, plasterer, bds 23 2d n e 
Barrett James, butcher, h 15th nr H n e 
Barrett Jeff H. elk treas, h 219 3d n w 
Barrttt John, laborer, h 24 5th n e 
Barrett John P (Dyser & Barrett), bds 56 

Bn e 
Barrett John T. blacksmith, bds 5th c D ne 
Barrett John W, elk 6th aud, h 1210 9th nw 
Barrett Mary, grocer, 1235 Madison n w, 

h same 
Barrett Mary, wid John, 23 2d ne 
Barrett Michael, lab, 611 2d nw 

317 43^2 11 w, li same. 
Barrett Patrick, lab, 721 3d nw 
Barrett Richard, fireman, bds 418 H nw 

Barrett Robert, lab, 608 T nw 

Barrett Roberta, wid Jas 1, 107 Greene . 

Barrett Thos, bricklayer, hds 23 2d ne 
Barrett Thos, cigars, 1108 8th se 
Barrett Thos P, mess. 429 M nw 
Barrett Wm C, elk, 107 Greene, Gtn 
Barrick Chas E, plumber, 1728 Pa av nw 
Barrick Chas H, lab, 1728 Pa av nw 
Barrick Chas M, bk-keeper, 605 Md av sw 
Barrick Daniel J, cattle, 605 Md av sw 
Barrick John, blksmth, 22d bet G and H 

Barrick John A, grocer, 722 22d nw, h 

Barrickman Chas W, sailor, 19 G nw 
Barrier Ella D, teacher, bds 316 A ne 
Barrier Isadore, cook. 1435 Ohio av 
RARRIGER JOHN W, brig- gew 

and com snbl;$A,h 1743 F nw 
Baninger Martin, printer, h 2127 H nw 
Barroll Benjamin C, (Gilmor Meredith & 

Co,) h Baltimore, Md 
Barron A D, carp, h 826 9th nw 
Barron Daniel, druggist, h Bladensburg, 

Barron Daniel S, carp, h 73611th nw 
Barron Edwd O. bricklayer, h 472 I sw 
Barron George A. carp, B nr 8th sw, h 

482 G sw 
Barron Geo O, (Entwisle & Barron,) h 

482 Gsw 
Barron Geo W, elk, h 482 G nw 
Barron Henry C, cigar mkr, bds 703, 7th 

Barron J O, hatter, 126 Bridge, Gtn, h 

Barron John O, carp, h 482 G sw 
Barron Julia, wid J W, h 480 La av 
Barron Margaret, servt, 620 F nw 
Barron Mary, servt, 620 F nw 
Barron Mary A, h 703 7th sw 
Barron Mary A, wid James, 1008 1st nw 
Barron Norval W, druggist, h Bladens- 

burg, Md 
Barron Oliver, elk, h 102 Prospect. Gtn 
Barron Owen F, plumber, bds 703 7th sw 
Barron Samuel H, carp, bds 1719 N Y 

av nw 
Barron Sarah E,wid Henry, bds 1115 S nw 
Barron Thomas H, carp, 472 I sw 
Barron William H, elk, 57 Dunbarton, 

Barror Leonard, butcher, Tennallytown 
BARROTTI F REV, pastor St 

Augustine church? h 1118 15th 

Barrow Fairy B, 1129 15th nw 
Barrows Benj F, printer, bds 900 7th nw 
Barrows Mary, wid Eoenezer, bds 501 

Maple av 
Barrows Stephen M, elk 1113 7th nw 
Barry Catherine, wid Marcus, h 926 F nw 
Barry David, dairy, h 7th st road nw 
Barry Edward, lab, h K nr N J av se 
Barry Eliza, wid Richard, 471 Mo av nw 
Barry Francis, elk, h 124 C se 
Bar;y Hibernia, elk creas. h 1323 H nw 
Barry J Thomas, (Barry & Bro,) h 417 L nw 
Barry James, elk sig o, h 20 Mass av 
Barry James, grocer, 8th and D ne, h 

Barry James, lab, h 121 K ne 
Barry Jas, machinist, h 18)4 Mass av nw 
Barry James, painter, h 511 D ne 
Barry James C, lab. h 517 6th nw 


AMe Lawyers Employed in all 




Barry Jeremiah, huckster, H eor 1st nw, h 

317 Hue 
Barry Jerry, watchman, 316 H ne 
Barry Johu, bartender, hinrN J av se 
Barry John, iab, 2323 G nw 
Barry John, plumber, h 437 N nw 
Barry John N, police 569 E sw 
Barry Julia Mrs, 1919 Pa av nw 
Barry Kate, wid Henry W, h 49 I nw 
Barry M C Mrs, h 1323 H nw 
Barry Marg, wid Richard, h 614 3d nw 
Barry Mary, govt p o, h 724 8th nw 
Barry Mary, wid Thomas, h 510 5th se 
Barry Michael, painter. 104 3d nw 
Barry Michael, shoemaker, 511 B se, h 

Barry Michael J, steward, h 2202 I nw 
Barry Patrick, h 622 L nw 
Barry Patrick C, moulder, h 1110 P nw 
Barry Paul, pat o, bds 917 N Y av nw 
Barry Philip H, (Barry & Bro.) h511B se 
Barry Thomas, bricklayer, h Boundary nr 

W nw 
Barry Thomas L, carp, 1728 Pa av iw 
Barry Wm, lab, 1730 M nw 
Barry Wm, plumber, 1043d nw 
Barry & Bro, (Philip H and J Thomas 

Barry,) shoes, 349 Pa av nw 
Barsehkies Herman, elk, 406 7th nw 
Barstow Eliza W, copyist, 900 M nw 
Barstow William H, real estate, 515 7th 

nw, h 622 B se 
Bart Charles L, sexton, 1253 8th nw 
Bart Henry, musician, 505 8th -se 
Bart Joseph, printer, 505 8th se 
Bartelmes Christ, bottler, 44 Bridge. Gtn 
Bartelmes Chri3topher. driver, 406 11th 

Barrels Charlotte, wid Augustus, 7t& st rd 

nr Brightwood 
Bartels Frederick, nurseryman, 6th st rd 

nr Brightwood 
Bartels H E Miss, elk treas, h 419 2d nw 
Bartels Louisa, wid Hugo, costumer, 905 

D nw, h same 
Barthel John G, dyer, 114 4^nw 
Barthold Annie, wid Frederick, 326 H ne 
B&rtbolomag William, liquor and corks. 

1023 7th nw, h same 
Bartholomew Anton G, scouring, 225 C 

ne, h same 
Bartle George, elk, 1326 12th nw 
Bartle Geo jr, engraver, 1326 12th nw 
Bartle George P, engraver, bds 1326 12th 

Bartle Rudolph F, engraver USc sur, h 

922 D sw 
Bartless A, teacher, bds 910 8th nw 
Bartlett J R, lieut comd USN, hvdro o 

h 1313 N nw J ' 

Bartlett Dr, physician, 804 E Cap ne 
Bartlett Bettie Mrs, 611 6th nw 
Bartlett Charles W, master USN, hvdro 

o, h 1416 N nw ' y 

Bartlett E M, elk treas, bds 934 N Yavnw 
Bartlett Edward C, elk. 400 D se 
Bartlett Ella, elk treas,' h 919 K nw 
Bartlett Ellen, wid Peter, 115 2d Gtn 
Bartlett Eilery Channing. stenographer, 

949 K nw 
Bartlett Fitz James, elk, 897 I nw 
Bartlett Geo, book-keeper. 807 I nw 
Bartlett George H, elk, 903 Pa av nw 
Bartlett Geo H, page S, h 801 E C ap 
Bartlett Hattie, elk treas, n 929 K nw 
Bartlett Isaac, bds 402 4th se 


I Goldstein 

" California Cigar Store, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Bartlett Jane, wid William, K cor 15th se 
Bartlett John, blksmitsfe, bds 914 2d ne 
Bartlett John, shoemkr, 180 Bridge Gtn, 

h same 
Bartlett John C, lab, 1414 21st *w 
Bartlett John D, elk 2d compt o, h 937 R 

I avnw 
Bartlett John H, elk treas, h 1118 9th nw 
Bartlett Julia M, teacher, bds Wayland 

Bartlett Lester A, (H D Cooke, jr, & Co,) 

h!223 Mass av nw 
Bartlett Lucy, servl, 947 R I av nw 
Bartlett Marcus M, elk war dept, h 1720 

10th nw 
Bartlett Mary, servt, h!412 11th nw 
Bartlett Ma^ Ann, wid Isaac, 402 4th se 
Bartlett Mary B, teacher, bds 807 1 nw 
Bartlett N B, 1223 Mass av nw 
Bartlett Phoenix, elk pen o, h 2 I nw 
Bartlett Sarah, teacher. 473 Mo av nw 
Bartlett Stephen M, elk 2d aud o, h 8C4 E 

Bartlett W David, reporter, 214 A se 
Bartlett Wallace A, ex pat o. h 1351 E nw 
Bartlette Geo A, elk treas, h Mt Pleasant 
Bartley Thomas W, (Bartley & Jenner,) h 

1016 13th nw 

Bartley and S E Jenner) law- 
yers, 1335 F nw 


A ttormey s-at- JLaw, 
OFFICE, 1335 F N. W., 

Opposite Ebbitt House. 

Bartol Horace V, elk treas, hl016 E nw 
Barton Carrie, elk land o. bds Congres- 
sional hotel 
Barton Catharine, 110 44 nw 

Chronicle, la 124 5th se 
Barton Emily, wid Wm, 110 4| nw 
Barton Geo H, lab, h Brightwood 
Barton Henry, bailiff, h 281 ne 
Barton Jos, elk 2d aud o. h 525 20th nw 
Barton Jos W, elk treas, h 525 20th nw 
Barton Julia, bds 28 I ne 
Barton Lewis, cook, Monroe nr Beall, Gtn 
Barton Mary L, elk rego, h 938 R I av nw 
Barton Philip, hackman. h 1108 3d nw 
Barton Simon, printer, bds 28 I ne 
Barton Wm H. law elk sol o, h 336 B ne 
Bartram Eli S, mcht tailor, 947 Pa av nw, 

h same 
Basch Julia, elk. bds 454 H nw 
Bascom Wm H, prof, University hill 
Basey Joseph, waiter, h 1143 23d nw 
Basey Louisa, wid Osborne, 406 Franklin 

Basey Shedrick, lab, c 23d and L nw 
Basey Solomon, shoemkr, 406 Franklin nw 
Basfield Dillon, lab, 1426 Sampson nw 

Cases entrusted to GILMORE & CO. 




Basford Richd, shoemkr, bds 1020 20th nw 
Basil John, elk 0th aud o, h Baltimore 
Basker Ellen, wid Peter, Pleasant al 
Bass Louis, eJk, bds 175 Bridge, Gtn 
Bass William ¥, carpenter, h 1)122 8<th nw 
Bassage John, lab, h 14th ur E ne 
Bassett A F, elk, li 8th @or E se 
Bassett A F Miss, elk treas, bds 929 N Y 

av nw 
Bassett Catherine B r wid John, 604 A ne 
Bassett George A r elk, h 118 D nw 
Basset t George T, (Bassett &, Bryan) 

grocer h 11 2d ne 
Bassett Geo W, stenographer r h 604 A ne 
Bassett Isaac, asst doorkeeper U S senate, 

h 18 2d ne 
Bassett Isaac A. elk 6th aud, h 27 6th ne 
Bassett Jesse M, elk treas, It 8 G se 
Bassett Mason N, bds 154 East Cap ne 
Bai-sett Simpson O, bds 604 A ne 
Bassett Supiien W.clk int rev, h 606 A nw 
Bassett Wesley W, capt navy T h lib D nw 
BASSETT & BRYAN, (Ueorge T. 

BasMiSf and John V. Bryan,) 

Urocers. C cor 2d lie 


Dealers in 

Choice Eaiuoily Groceries^ 


Cor- 2d and C Sts. N» E, 

Bassford John N, (Mitchell & Co) h 1331 

1th nw 
Bassler John, blksmith, h 108 M se 
Bast John, grocer, 507 20th nw, h same 
Bastable Charles, lab, h 1902 N nw 
Bastable Walter, printer, h 1902 N nw 
Basten Lewis, ©onfeetioaer, h 525 6th se 
Bastieu Emil, cik, bds National Hotel 
Bastien EMrs, hair> 106 Bridge, Gtn 
Batehelor Daniel W, elk treas dept. h 

Bateman Charles, carter, h s Cap nr N se 
Bateman ("lark N,stouecuiter, bds 233 C sic 
Bateman George, driver, h 1345 H ne 
Bateman Jane, wid Joshua, 1416 8 nw 
Bateman Thomas, car driver, 67 2d. Gtn 
Baiemau Yiigiuia, washer, h 139312th nw 
Bateman William, carpenter,h 420 11th se 
Bates Charles A,, elk int reT, h 1431 S nw 
Bates Charles S, elk, 922 22d nw 
Bates Edgar H, justice pee, 1451 Corcoran 
Bates Emory H, draughtsman, h 1451 

Corcoran nw, with GILMORE^ 

SMITH <& CO,, 629 F nw 
Bates E J, music tehr, bds 1815 Vt av nw 
Bates Edward T, elk, bds5J5 A se 
Bates Emily, bds 1224 4th nw 
Bates Eveline C, elk, h 1224 14th nw 
Bates Francis, cik, 64 West, Gtn 
Bates Francis, elk a go, li Washington 

cor Gay, Gtn 
Bates Frederick, (Bates &, Brother,) h 614 

H nw 
Bates, George T, 2d lieutenant, h Marine 

Bates Geoige W, lab, 15 K ne 

Bates Henry H, ex pat o, h 1335 Corcoran* 

Bates Herbert E, elk, 1224 14th« nw 
Bates Horatio, 1431 S nw 
Bates Isaac, lab, 319 Van sw 
BATES, J" FKANILLIN, chief div- 
ision off issues, li 802 B nw 
Bates James C Mrs, 1221 K nw 
Bates James G, clocks, 658 Pa av se, h same 
Bates Jennie, wid John, tchr r 64 West, Gtn 
Bates John E, drugs* i300 F nw, h 176& 

K nw 
Bates K E Mrs, cik pat o, h 1326 8th nw 
Bates Lavvson, sand 7 C ur 20th nw 
Bates Maria, wid Samuel F, 1224 14th nw 
Bates Marv, wid William, 1st c N Y av nw 
Bates Mary J Mrs, teacher Curtis Bnild'g,, 

h Seminary Build 'g, Gtn 
Bates N E, photographer, 92 Bridge, h 30 

Bridge, Gtn 
Bates JNason, lab, C nr 20th nw 
Bates IS ell v M, cik q, m g o, h 494 G nw 
Bates Richard^ hostler, 7 T st al nw 
Bates Robert, hostler, 7 T st al nw 
Bates Robert, lab. Rand Boundary nw 
Bates Robert VV, (Bates <& RjonJ h £15 

A se 
BATES Sc BYON, (B. W. Bale* 

and J. p. By on,) real e&lale and. 

insurance, 70Sji nw 

R. W. BATES. J„ p. RYOW- 


Real Estate, Life and Fire Ins. Agents, 

Wo. 708 D Street, & W n 


Bates Samuel, elk ind o r h 220 A se 

Bates feaniuel B, machinist, 922 22d nw 

Bates Stephen, elk a g o, h 1724 Vt av uw 

Bates Victoria, 436 IS nw 

Bates WJlliam C, elk, 515 A se 

Bates William H, pat agt, 615 7th nW3.l1 

5th nr P nw 
Bathan H John, 920 G se 
Batson Helou, whitewashcr, 35 West, Gtr> 
Batson Thomas, shoemkr, 716 A se 
Battenfield Frederick, butcher, 317 10th ne 
Batters John, grocer, 13th c T nw, h sain© 
Battle John, 1009 3d nw 
Battle John, servt, Willards 
Battles James, lab, 332 E. sw 
Battles Robert,, lab, Howard University 
Baner George, 227 4^" sw 
Bauer Henry E, teller Nat Met Bank, h 225 


Baur John, butcher, h 48 H nw 
Baur Sebastian, butcher, 48 H nw,h same 
Baur William, conlectioner, 414 O sw 
Bauerdorf Henry 7 lab, 717 10th se 
Baukhages Fred E, elk pod, 400 Light 

BaiJsir Edward, printer, 1018 20th nw 
Baum Hettie, milliner, 802 7th nw, h same 
BAfJM CHARLES, corset factory 

and ladies' furnishing- goods? 

408 7th nw, h 807 L nw 

GILM0EE & CO, Buy and Sell Bounty 




O. BAUM 9 8 


Ladies' Furnishings, Kid Gloves, 
Human Hair, Hosiery, and Underwear* 


Baum E C, 604 H sw 

Bauin George, elk, 1327 6th nw 

Bauin George, elk, 803 6th sw 

baum Henry. 802 7th nw 

Baum G L VV, elk, 803 6th sw 

Baum George L, elk, 1327 6th nw 

Baum James, printer, bds 300 I nw 

Baum Jaue A, wid William, 803 6th sw 

Baum John 0, grocer, 401 E Cap, h 418 E 

Baum Louis, watchmkr, 7077th, h 720 8th 

Baum Mary. 485 Md av sw 
BAUM WILLIAM H.. coal and 

wood, C corner 10th and 7th. 

nr JB sw, h 700 6th sw 

"V^xn. H. Baum, 

Dealer in 

W©0© and C® AJL 9 

Cor. TENTH and C ST8., Island. 

Branch yard corner of Seventh and B 
Streets, S. W. 

[Business established July 3, 1866. J 

Baum Wm R, printer, bds 404 E Cap ne 
Baumau Alyous, baker, 429 7th nw 
Bauman August, baker, Bladeusbura:, Md 
Bauman Augustus P, barkeeper, 317 N sw 
Bauman Cbas, blacksmith, 304 12th nw 
Baumau Chr, barkeeper, 913 4th nw 
Bauman Conrad, teamster, 1415 N Cap ne 
Bauman George, grocer, 1505 11th nw, h 

Baumbach Frank P, harnessmkr, bds 1711 

Pa av nw 
Bauoies Peter, wheelwright, 34 2d, Gtn 

engraver, 229 Pa av nw, h same 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to M. GOLDSTEIN'S 

California Cigar Sture, 
611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 

See page 4. 

Baumgras Peter, artist, 945 Pa av nw, h 

913 12th nw 
Baur John, cik, 606 11th nw 
Baur Joseph, tinner, 006 11th nw 
Baurnau Louis, tailor, C cor 12th nw 
Bausinan J B, elk, 923 9th uw 
Bauz Robert, barber, 234 Express al nw 
Baver Louisa, wid Horace, 1325 ISimm's al 
Bawinaun Chas, carp, 16o2 5th nw 
Bawsel Edward, elk, bds 306 E nw 
Baxter Alexander, servt, 602 E Cap ne 
Baxter Bingham H, archt, F nr 9th nw, 

bds 800 1st nw 
Baxter Eliza, Ridge st al nw 
Baxter Francis H, tinsmith, 1306 14th nw, 

h same 
Baxter Geo W, tinsmith, 2007 14th nw, h 

Baxter J B G Dr, 920 H ne 
BAXIEK JEl>±]i>iA5I H., col- 
onel and chief medical pur- 
veyor «U. S. A., h 704 14th nw 
Baxter James VV, U" tt N, Uuiontovvn 
Baxter John C, elk treas, h ^4 6th se 
Baxter Leslie Dr, cik med purv o, h 2208 

14th nw 
Baxter Matthew C, elk pen o, h 802 1st nw 
Baxter Mary J, elk pat o. h 1422 N nw 
Baxter Myron L, elk s g o, 2208 14th nw 
Baxter Peter, lab, K c 1st se 
Baxter Samuel, cik 2d aud o, h 1906 R nw 
Baxter Stephen VV. eapt police, 609 A se 
UAXTEU UttI J., chief cierk 
land office, h Linden Station, 
Baxter Woolsey, blksmith, 714 I se 
Bayard Albert F, elk a g o, h 1537 Colum- 
bia nw 
Bayard Alfred F, elk war, bds 1534 Colum- 
bia nw 
BAYARD THOMAS ff\* IT. S. S., h 

1413 Mass av uw 
Ba^er Albert, waiter. Meyer's hotel 
Bayer Hecter V, elk iiydrog o, h 220613th 

Bayley John A, elk, bds 407 6th se 
Bayley Rafael A, elk treas, u 1427 Pierce 

Bayley W B, asst eng U S N, h 1707 Pa 



gttmnpz and ^tencih t 

S29 Pennsylvania ^ve. 9 I%"TV\ 






Bay lie Jennie, 22 D rnv 

Baylies Anna, servt, 929 K nw 

Bayliss E Mrs, 21 2d, Gtn 

Bayliss John E, grocer, 1628 11th nw, h 

Bayliss John H, huchster, 477 E sw 

Bayliss Robert B, huckster, 477 E sw 

Bayliss Samuel, lab, 626 4>£ sw 

Bayliss Sarah, wid Collin P, 712 18th nw 

Baylor Allen, lab, C bet 14th and 15th se 

Baylor James, 325 8th ne 

Bayly James, lab, 221 F sw 

Bayne Annie, wid Robert S, 404 7th sw 

Bayne Robert E, brieklayer, 74 A ne 

Bayne Thomas, 221 D se 

BA1NEAVIILIAM H., agent Ad- 
ams' Express Company, 1425 
F nw, li 324 A ne 

Bazuro John, lab, 1109 C nw 

Beach C C, shoemkr, 937 F sw. h 8th c E 


Beach Charles E, pressman, 69 K ne 
Beach Charles S, doorkeeper, 503 E nw 
Beach Daniel, printer, 1003 7th nw 
Beach E W, produce, 460, 461, and 462 

centre mkt, h 9th bet D and E nw 
Beach Edmund L, elk treas, h 316 Ind av 
Beach Edward, huckster, 914 B sw 
Beach Eli, plasterer, 2d nr M se 
Beach Frank L, produce, 245 N L mkt, h 

1359 C sw 
Beach George O, 1501 16th nw 
Beach Henry L, poultry, 400. 401, 402 and 

405 cen mkt, h 316 14th sw 
Beach Horatio, huckster, 324 14th sw 
Beach James D, elk, 435 K nw 
Beach John, plasterer, 620 Va av sw 
Beach Julia M, wid Frank, 922 17th nw 
Beach Lewis, plasterer, 212 N se 
Beaeh Louis L, carp, 1620 7th nw 
Beach S T, (Beach & Lee,) h Alexandria 
Beach Seward S, elk pat o, bds 1012 8th nw 
Beach Stephen S, lab, 51 3d, Gtn 
Beach Susan H, wid Wm, 513 Massav nw 
Beach Thomas, eng RR. 473 D nw 
Beach Thomas E, ens, 501 L sw 
Beach & Lee, (S F Beach & Cazenove 

G Lee.) lawyers. 412 5th nw 
Beacham John A, restaurant, 6th cor 

11th sw, h 517 M sw 
Beacbem Aun, servt, wks 306 11th sw 
Beachum Wm, pattern mkr, 724 7th sw 
Beadle Henry M, distributing elk H R, h 

1613 Marion nw 
Beadle Heugh W, (H W Beadle & Co,) h 

Alexandria, Va 
BEA1>EE H. W, & CO.. (Heugh 

W. ISeadle and Marry C Clark,) 

patent solicitors, 437 7th nw 

H. W. BEADLE & CO., 
Solicitors of 

American and Foreign Patents 


437 Seventh Stkeet N. W., 

Lock-box No. 812. 

Beal John H, shoe mkr, 1222 Mass av nw, 

h same 
Beal Laura, wid John, servt, 228 3d sw 
Bnal Lizzie, elk treas. bds 615 M nw 

Beale Buchanan, lawyer, 501 D nw, h 827 

E Capitol 
Beale Emily, wid George, Boundary cor 

Lincoln av nw 
Beale G W Rev. pastor Gay St Baptist 

Church, h 59 HiUh, Gtn 
Beale J Forbes, lawyer, 501 D nw. h206 

B se 
Beale James S, physician, 206 B se, h same, 

office hours 7 to 9 a ml to 2 and 6 to 7 

p m 
BEALE JOSEPH, chief bureau 

medicine and surgery navy 

department, li 815 l'2tn nw 
Beall A E, 615 M nw 
Beall Alpha, bricklayer, 1138 N J av nw 
Beall Andrew J, elk, 160 Bridge, Gtn 
Beall Avery B, carp, 442 O nw 
Beall B M, cabinet mkr, 1116 I se 
Beall Benj, (Beall & Baker,) 468 La av nw 
Beall Benj M, physiciau, H cor 8th ne, h 

same, office hours 7 to 9 a m 12 m and 2 

to 4 p m 
Beall Charles B, asst elk sup court US, h 

1412 Columbia nw 
BeaJl Clareuce, student, bds 468 La av 
Beall Dorcas, wid Wm, 1109 3d nw 
Beal Eliza, elk, bds 615 Mnw 
Beall Ella, 46 Dunbarton, Gtn 
Beall Fillmore, lawyer, 516 5th nw 
Beall George, bricklayer, h 1369 C sw 
Beall George W, car driver, Westnr Rock 

creek, Gtn 
Beall George W, produce, 1127 7th nw, h 

1^21 6th nw 
Beall George W, chf elk assessmts D C, h 

41 2d, Gtn 
Beall George W, jr, elk, 41 2d, Gtn 
Beall Gilbert, mess, 1109 3d nw 
Beall Harriet, servt, 604 F nw 
BEALL IIOIVAUU, druggist, H 

corner 8th ne, n same 




A fine assortmeut of Drugs and Toilet 
Articles on hand. Particular atten- 
tion to physicians' prescriptions. 

Beall India, elk pat o. bds 810 H nw 
Beall I M Mrs, elk pat o, 810 H nw 
Beall James H, grocer, h 231 12th se 
Beall James L, bricklayer, h 442 O nw 
Beall John E, lawyer, H15 Pa av nw, h 

Bridge nr Congress, Gtu 
Beall John J, (Beall & Shoemaker,) h 

Contrress nr Road. Gtn 
Beall Joseph, bk binder, 819 13th ne 
Beall Josephine R Mrs, 721 12th nw 
Beall Larkiu A, bds 417 G nw 
Beall Lawson, coal, h 26 Pierce nw 
Beall Leonora, widElema, 1138NJavnw 
Beall Lloyd S. elk treas, bds 1512 9th nw 
Bsall M C Miss, elk treas, h 2119 H nw 
Beall M E Mrs. 46 Duubarton, Gtn 
Beall Mary C, elk treas, h 1818 G nw 
Beall P T, watchman int dept, h Laurel, 


GILMOKE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 


[127] BEA 

Beall Rachel Mrs, 41 2d, Gtn 
Beall Richard J, contractor, H c 8th ne 
BEALL ROBERT, bookseller, 495 
Pennsylvania av, Ix 903 E nw 

Beall Samuel, grocer, 1001 4>2 sw 
Beall Sarah A, wid Averv C, 442 Onw 
Beall Thomas V. bricklayer, 442 O nw 
Beall Wm A, plate printer, 442 O nw 
Beall Wm B, gardener, Brightwood 
Beall Wm D, butcher, 7th st rd nw 
Beall Wm H, (Beall & Henderson.) 305 

11th sw 
BEALL & BAKER, (Benjamin 
Beall and Reuben F. Baker,) 
grocers, 490 Pennsylvania av 


Wholesale and retail dealers in 

Fine Family Groceries, 

Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 
No. 490 Pa. avenue N. W. 

liam H. Beall and John T. 
Henderson.) merchandise brok- 
ers, 719 market space 


Merchandise Brokers, 


Bet 7th and 8th sts., 

Over EG. Davis' WASHINGTON. D. C, 

The Cheapest House in the city to 
buy Ciears and Tobacco is M. GOLD- 
STEIN'S California Cigar Store, 611 
Penna Av. under Met. Hotel. See 
page 4. 

Beall & Shoemaker, (John J Beall and F 
D Shoemaker,) millers, Water ab Aqua- 
duct, Gtn 
Bealle Martha, wid Horatio, 61013th nw 

Beam , carpenter, bds 631 D nw 

Beam Annie Miss, 2114 I nw 

BEAM HENRY »., lawyer, 330 

43^ nw, h 316 Indiana av 
Beam Jacob S, painter, 913 20th nw 
Beaman E C, elk comp, bds St^James Hotel 
Beaman John W, surveyor, Meridian Hill 
Beaman William, notions, 1160 16th nw, 

h same 
Beaman William A, 1747 11th nw 
Beamer Samuel H, 602 Pa av nw 
Bean Ann, laundress, 330 E sw 
Bean Ann Miss, bds 1926 9th nw 
Bean Benjamiu F, carpenter, 415 4th se 
Bean Charles H, butter, 526 Cen and e 

Wash mkt. h Uniontown, Md 
Bean Colley W, lab, 416 L se 
Bean Cornelious, barber, bds 503 G nw 
Bean Edmund, shoemaker, H bet 24th and 

25th nw 
Bean Emma, bds 1012 C sw 
Bean George, lab, 1100 11th se 
Bean George L, watchman, Govt Corrall 
Bean James A, grocer, I cor 11th se, h 

Bean Jesse, lab, Click's al nw 
Bean Laura, elk pat o. bds 1012 C sw 
Bean Levi, lab. 72 Pnw 

Robert Beall, 


495 Pa. At., Adjoining National Hotel, 

Has now a large and superior stock of 



Law and Miscellaneous Hooks. 





Bean Mary R, teacher, 1426 8th nw 
Bean Mary R, teacher, bds 7th cor P nw 
Bean Rebecca, dressmaker, 626 F sw 
Bean Samuel, lab, 1829 T nw 
Bean Thaddeus, grocer, 300 I se, h 3d cor 

L se 
Beau Washington, lab, 13th nr C ne 
Bean William, lab, 1211 Union sw 
Bean William H, machinist. 414 I nw 
Bean William W, carp, 511 E Cap se 
Beans George J, lab, 413>£ 6th se 
Beans Isaac N, elk, 481 C sw 
Beans Robert, huckster, 429 Franklin nw 
Bear Charles E, book keeper, 505 E nw 
Bear Eliza, elk treas, bds 1229 N Y av nw 
Bear Lizzie, cook, 917 D nw 
Beard E G,' tailor, bds 2033 L nw 
BEARD HEJfRY, lawyer, 633 F 

nw, li 1305 N nw 



Procures Patents on Mining Claims. Land 

Entries and California Private Land 

Claims, and argues contested 

Land Cases. 

Attends to the adjustment of Grants of 

Land to States, Railroad Companies, &c. 


Beard William, eatg saloon, hay mkt, h 

1327 Downings al 
Beardslev J J, elk, bds 604 12th nw 

479 Pennsylvania av 




419 PA. AV. N. W. 

Beardsley John J, elk s g o, h 1217 H nw 
Beardsley Joseph, elk, 1221 8th uw 
Beare E J Mrs, elk 1 h b, h 1229 N Y av nw 
Beasely Charlotte, servt,, 225 E Cap 
Beasley Josephine, bds 807 N nw 
Beasou James, foreman, 22 Dunbarton, 

Beason James, servt, Wllliards 
Beatly Cage, gunner, 26th cor F nw 
Beaton Geo W, 9th nr T uw 
Beaton Lydia, widF, washing, 2111 10th 

Beaton M S, bellhanger, 1207 F nw, bds 

American House 
Beaton Maria, servt, Williards 
Beator Malcom S, roofer, bds American 

Beatley John, watchman, 2111 I nw 
Beattie Letitia H, elk treas, h 949 K nw 
Beatty Charles A, lab, B nr 22d nw 
Beatty Charles F, carpt, B nr 22d nw 
Beatrv J Hamilton, elk, 128 11th se 
Beatty James, tailor, bds 7th cor Pa nw 
Beatty Robert L, mess; bds 933 H nw 
Beany John F, lab, B nr 22d uw 
Beatty Samuel, carpt, bds 25th cor G nw 

Beatty Thomas S, elk, 519 2d nw 

Beauchamp William, lab, 927 Naylor's al 

BE1DMONI JO&fftf C, commo- 
dore C. S. N ., 734 17th nw 

Beaumouut Mary R, copyist dept justice 

Beauregard Louis, watchman State dept, 
h 76 Market, Gtn 

Beavans Charles A, (Beavans & Shaw) 
931 M nw 

BEAVANS & SHAW, (Charles A. 
Beavans and John W. Shaw,) 
Hour, 11th c B nw 





Wholesale dealers in Mill Feed, Baled 

Hay. Corn. Oats, Bacon, Lard, Cheese, 

Fine Groceries, Liquors, &c, 



Beavens John A, cooper, 81 Market, Gtn 
Bechler Gu*tavus R, IT S ger sur, h cor 

9th and E nw 
Beck Annie, 300 A cor 3d se 
Beck Annis, baker, N J av cor M se 
Beck Christian, baker, 50 Bridge, Gtn, h 

Beck Clarence E, coach trimmer, 410 8th 

Beck Dorsey, elk, 302 8th nw 
Beck Eliza J, dry goods. 513 L se, h same 
Beck Godfrey, eapl police, 233 2d nw 
Beck Ignatius, dairy, Sherman av nw 
Beck Jacob, (Mary Beck & Son) Ben- 

ning station 
Beck Jacob J, elk, 307 Va av sw 
Beck James, plate printer, 233 2d nw 
Beck John, coachman, 5 Brown's ct nw 
Beck John, shoemakr, bds 1418 F nw 
Beck Jobn, restaurant, 630 O nw 
Beck Johu, (Neitzey & Beck,) 529 Va 

av sw 
Beck John jr, (Neitzy & Beck,) 529 Va 

Beck Joseph, saloon, 228 C ne, h same 
Beck Lizzie, laundress, Riggs House 
BecK Louisia Mrs, dressmkr, 302 8th nw, 

h same 
Beck Mary, (Mary Beck & Son) Ben- 

ning's station 
Beck Mary & Son, (Mary & Jacob Beck,) 

butchers, 206 aud 207 cen mkt, h Ben 

ning's station 
Beck Travers R, carpenter, 313 10th se 
Beck William, bridge bldr, bds 622 Fa av 

Beck William, wheelwright, 2109 K nw 
Beck William, coachtrimmer, 513 L se 

Louisiana av c 5th nw, h same 
Beck Zebulon, millwright, 156 Fayette, 

Becker Anton, elk s g o, h 1332 6th nw 
Becker Arthur, elk, 911th 8th nw 
Becker Catherine, wid Johu, G nr 11th ne 
BECKER CHARLES, druggist, 

128 High, Gtn 
Becker Charles, mess war dpt, h 1221 L 
Becker Charles T, carp, 29 L nw, h 616 

L nw 

The only successors to Chipmao, Hosmer & Co., 




Becker Christine, conk. 1021 Conn avnw 

BECKER CONRAD, harness, 

trunks, &c, 1417 Pennsylvania 

av dw, h 108 B nw 

Conrad Seeker, 

Late with Thos. Norfleel, 

Fine Harness. Trnnis, Satchels, to, 


Trunks neatly Repaired and Covered. 

Becker Dora, seamstress, 808 7th nw 

Becker Edward, elk, 616 L nw 

Becker Ernstine Mrs. elk treas, 819 7th ne 

Becker Francis, 377 High ext 

Becker Frank M, elk 911 8th nw 

Becker George, carp, 911 8th nw 

Becker George, carp, 29 L nw, h616 L nw 

Becker Henry, stonecutter, G nr 11th ne ' 

Becker James H, carp, 29 L nw, h 616 L 

Becker John H, book-keeper, 223 Mass 

av nw 
Becker John M, barkeeper, bds 1148 

Water sw 
Becker Martin, saloon, 1148 Water, h 

Becker Mary, wid, 108 B nw 
Becker, Michael H, barkeeper, 1148 Water 

Becker Nicholas, barber, 646 N Y av nw, 

h905 4th nw 
Becker Victor, pianos, 502 9th nw, h same 
Becker William, tailor, 911 8th nw 
Becker AVilliam M. elk, 911 8th nw 
Becker William M, bookkeeper, 912 4th nw 
Becker Willie B, lawyer, 912 4th nw 
Beckersmith H, butcher, stall 9 K-st mar- 
ket, h 14tb st, Brightwood nw 
Beckert Christian M, elk. 1131 1st nw 
Beckert Frank, cigar maker, 1131 1st nw 
Beckert Frank A, restaurant, 1104 8th se, 

h same 
Beckert Joseph, plasterer, 1114 5th nw 
Becket Andrew, porter. 455 Ridge nw 
Becket Henry, driver, Blagden's'al uw 
Becket Henry, cook, 1450 Sampson nw 
Becket John J, prof Gtn college 
Becket William, feed, 2312 L nw 

coal, 1626 M nw, n 1628 M nw 




1626 M STREET N. W. 

Becket Albert, lab, bds 920 E sw 
Becket Caroline, wid John, 1303 12tb nw 
Beckett Clement, gaidener. Bell nr Mon- 
roe. Gtn 

Save Monev and buy Cigars and Tobacco 


CIGAR STORE. 611 PennaAv, 

under Met. Hotel. See 

page 4. 

Beckett Catherine, servt, 936 N nw 
Beckett Daniel, mess. 716 H sw 
Beckett Daniel, driver, 908 E sw 
Beckett David, lab, 1450 Sampson nw 
Beckett Eli, lab, 55 Montgomery, Gtn 
Beckett Francis, porter, 1714 19th nw 
Beckett Francis jr, elk, 1714 I9rh nw 
Beckett Frank O, elk com, h 1312 I nw 
Beckett H. baggage master, 622 D sw 
Beckett Harriett wid Daniel, Bladens- 

burg, Md 
Beckett Harriet, wid Robert, 1242 20th nw 
Beckett Heniy, servt. 1136 17th nw 
Beckett Henry, cookf' 1450 Sampson nw 
Beckett Henry, lab, Bladensbury, Md 
Beckett Horatio, iron worker, wks E cor 

Beckett Isaiah, lab, bds 920 E sw 
Beckett James, driver, 1450 Sampson nw 
Beckett lames T, steward. 1309 12th nw 
Beckett John, grocer, 938 E sw. h same 
Beckett Joseph C, police, Beall nr Mon- 
roe, Gtn 
Beckett John H, lab, 1222 Blaeden's al nw 
Beckett Lemuel, shoemkr, h 906 F sw 
Beekett Louisa, wid, washing. 207 C sw 
Beckett Margaret E, teacher, 1303 12th nw 
Beckett Nathaniel, lab, 125 Willowtree al 

Beckett Sarah Jane, 905 E sw 
Beckett Susan, wid John, 417 7th se 
Beckett Thomas, bkbinder, h 714 9th ne 
Beckett Wainwright, waiter, Beall nr 

Monroe, Gtn 
Beckett Wm, huckster. 455 Ridge nw 
Beckett Wm, lab, 920 E sw 
Beckett Wm, lab, Bladensburg, Md 
Beckett Wm, waiter, 2205 L nw 
Beckett Wm H, tinner, 417 7th se 
Beckham Cicero, blksmith, 132 Frederick, 

Beckham Maria, servt. 141 7 Q nw 
Beckhold Christina, elk, 1207 N Y av nw 
Beckley Charles R A, pat o, h 490 Me av 

Beekley James, coachman, 49 O nw 
Beckley John, shoemkr, 2d nr D, h* 502 

±y 2 sw 

Beckley Josias, barber, St James hotel, h 

502 4>£ sw 
Beckley Lewis L, waiter, bds 503 G nw 
Beckley Sarah, wid Olmstead, 1828 7th nw 
Beckman Augustus, saloon and brushmkr, 

Boundary nr 1st ne 
Becks Ella, servt, wks C c 12th sw 
Becks JohnH, wa. ter, 1113 Mass av nw 
Becks Wm, lab, 5 Brown's court nw 
Beckstade Henry, gardener, Lincoln av 

Beckstein Wm, restaurant, 460 K nw h 


brigadier general U. S. A., 2005 

I nw 
Beckwith John, driver, bds Del av nr I sw 
Beckwith John, lab, 42 2d, Gtn 
Beckwith John A, elk, rooms 1204 E nw 
Beckwith John H, driver, W nr 11th nw 
Beckwith Joseph, lab, 88 Frederick, Gtn 
Beck wood George, lab, 23 5th Gtn 

Are GILM0EE, SMITH & CO., and GILM0RE & CO. 




Be Craft J C Mrs, dressmkr, 118 Beall, 

Beddo John, driver. Prosperi's al se 
Bede James W, 1210 24th nw 
Be^oher Antoinette E, elk pat o, h 617 6th 

Eeed e Wm F, printer U S N Dep 
Buck William, wheelwright, 62 7th Gtn 
Beekman Christopher, produce, 1319 7th 

nw, h same 
Beeler Harry S, ticket agent B andO RR, 

bds Met Hotel 
Been Henrietta, wid Denis, 126 Va av sw 
Been Henry, carpenter, bds 5th cor D ne 
Been Jacob, carp. 717 E sw 
Beer Mary, widow John, 628 N Yav nw 
Beers Annie, teacher, Uuiontown 
Beers Isaac, carpenter, 105 2d se, h 

Union town 
Beetzer John, junk, ^41 L nw, h 307 L nw 
Beevers William, machinist, bds 910 3d se 
Beggs William F. carpeuter, 417 G se 
Beha John, carpenter, 617 N nw 
Beha William, carp, bds 617 N nw . 
Behle Charles elk, 707 5th nw 
Behm Michael, butcher, 11 West, Gtn 
Behman Charles, restaurant, 9th cor D se, 

h same 
Behrend A, physician, h 709 H nw, office 
hours 7 to 9 a m, 1 to 3 p m and 6 to 8 
Behrend Albert, elk, bds 730 5th nw 
BEHREND AMKON, dry goods, 

706 7tl* nw, li same 
BEHREJiB B. J., fancy goods. 
8l8rth and 638 Pennsylvania 
av nw, li 730 5th nw 
Behrend Elon, com mer, 643 La ay, h 715 

6th nw 
Behrend Philip K. h 206 D nw 
Behrend Uri, tobacconist, 416 and 625 7th 

nw. h 416 7th nw 
Behrens Charles, baker, 502 cen mkt, h 

1311 6th nw 
Behrens Frederick, 1249 6th nw 
Behrens Johanna, cigars, 1727 7th nw, h 

Behrens Louis, baker, 1324 6th nw 
Beird William A, upholsterer, 13 Brown's 

ct nw 
Beirwart William, cook, 1441 L nw 
Belcher Michael, tailor, 215 12th uw 
Belfleld Maria, servt, 418 Temperance 

hall al 
Belfils Alice, 1508 M nw 
Belfils Emma, 1508 M nw 

Belfils Sarah A, laundress, 1508 M nw 
Beline Henry, 134 B ne 
Belknap Mary A, 122 Gay, Gtn 
Bell A E, 944 L nw 

Bell Alexander, driver, 22 Dnnbarton,Gtn 
Bell Alexander, waiter, 1624 2d nw 
Bell Alfred, cook, 308 D sw 
Bell Alice, servt. 918 P nw 
BEJLL. AJLONZO, chief clerk in* 
terior department, h 1425 8th nw 
Bell Amanda, cook, 608 12th nw 
Bell Amelia, wid John S, 312 K sw 
Bell Amos, cabinet mkr, 1325 A se 
Bell Ann, servt, Nailer's al nw 
Bell Annie, servt. 816 18th nw 
Bell Annie, washing, 710 3d sw 
Bell Anthony, gardner, 419 19th nw 
Bell Anthony, lab, Benning s rd ne 
Bell Anthony, lab, 329 Va av sw 
Bell Asbury, lab, 1611 11th nw 
Bell Basil, carman, Monroe nr Gay, Gtn 
Bell Basil, lab, 50 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Bell Basil M, carpt, 734 7th se, h 1110 I se 
Bell Benjamin B. carpt, 452 M sw 
Bell Chas, lab, 5th bet I and K se 
Bell Charles, lab, 1st nr Frederick, Gtn 
Bell Charles A, book-keeper, bds 512 8th 

Bell Charles B, lab, F nr 11th ne 
Bell Charles E, carpt, 9 cor C se 
BELL CHABLES OT., photog- 
rapher, 459 and 461 Pennsyl- 
vania av nw, h 225 K nw 

Portrait Photographer, 



Special attention paid to copying Old 

Bell Charles K, elk 119 C se 

Bell Christopher, lab, 703 6th se 

Bell Daniel, lab, 13th nr C ne 

Bell Daniel, lab, 315 H sw 

Bell Daniel, lab, 319 Fsw 

Bell David, lab, 927 F sw 

Bell David R, book-keeper, 944 L nw 

Bell E G, gardner, Stevenson's av, Hills 

Bell Edward, barkeeper, bds 515 7th sw 



Hosiery, Notions, Millinery, &c., 








Bel! Edward, lab, 131 High, Gtn 

Bell Eleazor, lab, Kimball's al 

Bell Eliza, servt, 1415 I uw 

Bell Eliza, servt, 219 3d nw 

Bell Eliza, wid Cook, Peartree al sw 

Bell Eliza Jane, dressmkr. 329 Va av sw 

Bell Elizabeth, servt, 714 21st nw 

Bell Ellen, washer, 451 L nw 

Bell Francis, driver, Blagden s al nw 

Bell Francis H, photographer, 45J and 

461 Pa av nw, h 225 B nw 
Bell Frank, elk 2d aud o, h 1102 Park pi 
Bell Frank, mess gen land o, h 1749 S nw 
Bell Frank M, lab R R. 473 D sw 
Bell Franklin, lab, 309 E sw 
Bell Geora:e, driver, Wdlowtreeal sw 
Bell George, lab, 308 C se 
Bell George, produce, 215 4>£ nw, h An- 
napolis Junction 
BELL, GEORGE, brevet briga- 
dier general and commissary 
of subsistence U. S. A., 31st cor 
Boundary nw 
Bell George A, machinist, 727 13th se 
Bell Grandison, lab, 5th nr Frederick, Gtn 
Bell Harriet E, wid Richaid, 915 R I av 
Bell Harriet A, wid Nathan, washing, 1136 

15th nw 
Bell Henrv, driver, 205 F sw 
Bell Henry, lab, 1228 23d nw 
Bell Henry H, barber. 1114 F nw 
Bell Hiram, mess, 1114 F nw 
Bell Hiram, watchman, 736 5th nw 
Bell Ida, servt. Grinnell's al nw 
Bell J Warren^ lawyer, 708 E nw, bds 417 

11th nw 
Bell Jacob, caulker, Olive nr Monroe, Gtn 
Bell Jacob, lab, 161311th nw 
Bell Jacob J, lab, 1611 11th nw 
Bell James, Peartree al sw 
Bell James, elk treas, h 474 E sw 
Bell James, elk, bds 415 Mass av nw 
BELL JAMES E., superintendent 
letter carriers post office, h 225 
B nw 
Bell James H, produce, 454 N L mkt, h 

426 Ridge nw 
Bell James H, waiter, 420 19th nw 
Bell Jane, 308 C se 
Bell Jane, se rvt, 810 4th nw 
Bell Jane, washing, 1307 Union sw 
Bell Jenny, washing, 342 C sw 
Bell John, bds 929 N J av nw 
Bell John, bookbinder, bds 415 Mass av nw 
Bell John, driver, Jackson's al, Gtn 
Bell John, express. 342 C sw 
Bell John, fireman R R, 473 D sw 
Bell John, lab, 710 3d sw 
Bell John, mess ag'r dept 
Bell John, lab, 1307 Union sw 
Bell John, lab, Benning's road ne 
Bell John, lab, 213 L nw 
Bell John, lab, 1307 Union sw 
Bell John, lab, 433 N J av nw 
Bell John', mess, 1015 4th nw 
Bell John, porter, Bridge nr Washington, 

Bell John, porter, 1119 23d nw 
Bell John, tinner, D nr 6th nw, h 454 Pa 

av nw 
Bell John, waiter, 2028 E nw 
Bell John, watchman. 619 3d nw 
Bell John H, lab,. 1005 I ne 
Bell John L, lab, 1015 4th nw 
Bell Jno T, teacher music, rear 416 5th nw 
Bell John T, porter, M nr N Cap 

M B G-olc2.srto:i:rx, 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Bell John W, lawyer, 708 E nw, h 417 11th 

Bell John W, lawyer, 1427 F nw, h 1005 

H nw 
Bell John Z, lab, 1015 4th nw 
Bell Joseph, lab, 2118 11th nw 
Bell Joseph M, carp, 424 L nw 
Bell Judson, coachman, 126 Va av sw 
Bell Julia, 74 O nw 
Bell Julia, wid Charles, washing, 5th bet 

I and K se 
Bell Kitty, servt, 473 School 6W 
Bell Laura, servt, 418 M nw 
Bell Lewis, driver, cor Monroe and Poplar, 

Bell Lewis, lab, 620 K sw 
Bell Lizzie, bds 74 O nw 
Bell Lucy, wid Achilles, 205 C sw 
Bell Maria, washing, 1005 I ne 
Bell Maria, servt, 340 D nw 
Bell Martha, servt, 419 19th nw 
Bell Martha E. dress mkr, 329 Va av sw 
Bell Mary, furnished rooms, 354 Pa av nw 
Bell Mary, servt, 1340 R I av nw 
Bell Mary, servt, 419 19th nw 
Bell Mary, servt, 1205 K nw 
Bell Mary, washing, Willowtree al sw 
Bell Mary Mrs. fancy goods, 663 cen mkt, 

h 130 Purdy's ct . 
Bell Mary, wid James, 415 Mass av nw 
Bell Mary, wid Thomas, 1214 E se 
Bell Mary E, servt, 1819 H nw 
Bell Mary J, servt, 1428 11th nw 
Bell Mary J, servt. 620 22d nw 
Bell Matilda, washer, 1303 13th nw 
Bell Moses, Jab, 326 E se 
Bell Nathan, coachman, 430 Ridge nw 
Bell Orlando, 608 S nw 
Bell Ralph, phvsician. 944 L nw 
Bell Richard, Tab. 13th c N Y av nw 
Bell Richard, servt, 608 12th nw 
Bell Robert, lab, 2448 Mnw 
Bell Robert, lab, 1 Goat al nw 
Bell Sallie, 1 Swinghammer'a al 
Bell Samuel, printer, 625 C se 
Bell Sandy, sawyer, Jackson's al, Gtn 
Bell Sarah J, cook, wks 485 Pa av nw 
Bell Sarah L, folder govptg o, h312 K sw 
Bell Sidonia, bds 468 O nw 
Bell Singleton, driver, 309 C sw 
Bell Salomon, whitewashes 442 Washing- 
ton nw 
Bell Sophia, servt. c Monroe and Popular, 

Bell Susan Jane, sewing, 214 1st sw 
Beli T, lab, Steven's al, bet 9th and 10th 
Bell Thomas, lab. 468 O nw 
Bell Thomas P, lab H R 
Bell Thomas S, 437 7th nw, h 1014 I nw 
Bell Wesley, cook, 1218 Madison nw 
BELL WILLIAM, claims attor- 
ney, 437 7th nw, h 1014 I nw 
Bell Wm. elk, bds 1614 10th nw 
Bell Wm, lab, 727 21st nw 
BjII Wm E, tugboat, 159 High, Gtn 
Uell Wm H, cabinetmkr, 215 N J av nw, h 

Bell Wm H, elk, 1614 10th nw 
Bell Wm H, com, 305 11th sw 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 




Claims Attorney ani General Ment 

437 7TH ST., N. W., 

Bell Wm H, hostler, 829 Va av sw 

Bell Wm H, lab, 96 Bridge, ©in 

Bell Wm H, lawyer, 454 D uw, h 1038 18th 

yer, 408 5th nw, h 944 JL nw 

Wm. Peirce Bell, 

Attorney anl Counsellor-at-Law. 

Special attention to Patent Cases and 
Claims against the United States, 


Bell Wm T, lab, 910 Stephenson's al sw 
Bell Wm W. t-hoeinkr, West^nr Monroe, 

Gtn, h 1233 16th nw 
Beilard Jules F, elk p o d, h 630 R I avnw 
Belle Bartholomew. 130 Purdy's court 
Beller James E, elk 6th aud, h 9^8 N Y 

av nw 
Beller James H, druggist, hds 710 G se 
Bellow James, bookseller, 705 7th nw, h 

940 I nw 
Bellew Thomas, stonecutter, 1516 8th nw 
Bellinger Jacob B, bldr, 210 2d nw, h 105 

F uw 
Bellis Roger, elk treas, h College station, 

Prince George's co, Md 
Bellman Fanny, govt print office, h 1159 

8th nw 
Belleet Arsene, cook, 203 12th nw 
Bellows Isabellas wid, stewardess, 904 sw 
Bellows Josiah, elk, 6th aud o, h 27 H nw 
Bellows Margaret A Mrs, Fayette bet 1st 

and 2, Gtn 
Bellows Mary, washer, Fayette nrSd, Gtn 
Beli-fleld Margaret, 429 8th sw 
Belshaw Frank Y 7 plasterer, 69Defrees nw 
Belshaw William J, painter. 69Detrees nw 
Belt Aron, lab, 8 Brown's ct uw 
Belt Anderson K. stairbuilder 1216 C nw, 

C h cor 13th sw 
Belt Annie, wid Harvey, 413 O nw 
Belt Benjamin, porter, 720 3d nw 
Belt Charles R, Tenuallvtown 
Belt Diana, rag picker, Howard University 
Belt Francis A, (Aires & Belt,) 523 7th se 
Belt GJ P, carp, Washintonnr Bridge Gtn 
Belt George, expman. Green's al nw 
Belt Henry F, carp, 940 B sw 
Belt James M, carp, 1424 Dnw 
Belt John, Seminary Hotel, Gtn 
Belt John, carp, 32? Mo av nw 
Belt John, butcher, 32 Congress, Gtn 
Belt Mary C. grocer, 617 L nw, b same 
Belt Robert V, c Ik q ni g o. 1314 10th nw 
B It S Sprigg, farmer, Tennallytown 
juelt Thomas, lab 718 8iuitu*s al nw 

Belt Thomas, plasterer, West nr North, 

Belt Thomas D, waiter, 1212 Blagden's al 

Belt Thomas W, carp, 617 L nw 
Belt Trueman Mrs, 90 Washington Gtn 
Belt William, lab, 1118 19th uw 
Belt William F, coal, 1233 5th nw, h 1318 

4th nw 
Belt William M, printer, 620 6th nw 
Beltsford William H, varieties, 328 Va a¥ 

h same 
Bemis George F, 1003 E nw 
Bemis Lizzie wid Geo, 1730 N Y av nw 
Bemerey Samuel, porter, Keboe's al nr E 
Bender Amos J, minister. 1117 4% sw 
Bender Andrew, stonecutter, 1016 6th sw 
Bender Fritz, butcher, 306 Pa nw 
Beader J W,-clk, 602 A ne 
Bender John, porter, 1209 F nw 
Bender Joseph T, elk ind o, 1320 10th nw 
Bender Lewis L 7 printer, 9221st nw 
Bender Matilda, tailoress, bds 1016 5th sw 
Bender, Robt W. tel opr, 602 A ne 
Bender Ruthana, wid Jacoo, 1320 10th nw 
Bender Thomas H, driver, 1525 12th nw 
Benedict J S, draughtsman. 1303 M nw 
Bendz Waldimar E, elk treat, 1203 R I av 

; Benedict Cyral P, treas agt Adam's Ex.,, 

bds Ebbitt House 
Benedict Isaac H, elk, 324 E Cap 
Benedict James S, student, 1205 M nw 
Benerman/fopeucer N, printer, 432 10th nw 
Benedict Newton, passport elk dept state, 

1205 M nw 
BENET STEPHEN V., brigadier 

general and chief of ordnance,, 

h 1717 I nw 
Benezett Maria, wid Hazell, 313 H ne 
Benezett Stanley, earp, 313 H ne 
Benham Isaac, rigger, 620 Va av sw 
Beniseh A Mrs, 634 Mass av nw 
Benische Elise, elk, 933- Pa av nw 
Benjamin Chas F, M claims com, h 1544 

Columbia nw 
Benjamin Fredk, elk, bds 937 R I av nw 
ant superintendent public 

buildings, h 1737 F nw 
Benjamin Jobn, foreman, 1151st, Gtn 
Benjamin John F, (Bigelow & Benjamin,) 

1310 G nw 
Benjamin Louis, confectioner, 620 Pa av 

nw, h 479 Mo av nw 
Benjamin Mrs, teacher, Nichols a v 

lieutenant V. S. A., h 1309 E nw 
Benjamin Wm, lab, Nichols av 
Benner Franklin, engraver, 80 I ne 
Benner Geo L, (Burns & Benner,) h 214 

D nw 
Benner James, waiter, 1322 16th nw 
Jbenuett Albei t, carp, bds 1139 9th nw 
Bennett A#dr J McKay, elk, bds 1133 9th 

Bennett Chas, lab, 734 Bates al nw 
Bennett Chas, printer, 819 E se 
Bennett Gbas A, printer, 432 7th se 
Bennett Chas F, bricklayer, 16 Defreesnw 
Bennett Chas N, elk war dept, h Hyatts- 

ville, Md 
Bennett Chas S, brakeman, bds 1006 D sw 
Be mett Chas W, lawyer, 1101 H nw, h 

Benneit Conrad F, ship carp, 8th c F sw 

Special Advice Regarding Construction 




Bennett Cornelius, driver. 614 3d sw 
Bennett Ellen V Mrs, elk treas, h 813 13th 


Bennett Fannie J, elk treas, h 1332 I nw 
Bennett Franeis A, lab, 811 9ih ne 
Bennett Fraser, lab, 1642 10th nw 
Bennett Frederick, scourer, 409 Knw, h 

B ennett Harrison M, elk 3d aud o. h 1410 

Boundary nw 
Beunett Henry B, elk treas, h 1422 N nw 
Bennett Jacob, waiter, 30 Duubartou, Gtn 
Bennett James, mess, 1321 16th nw 
Bennett James, lab, 208 Express al nw 
Bennett James, tinner, 20 H ne, h rear 

Bennett Jane, servt, 734 Bates' al nw 
Benton J H, elk pen o, h417 Pnw 
Bennett John, lab, 913 G sw 
Bennett John, lab, 20 Jackson al ne 
Bennett Johu, lab, 11 Goat al nw 
Bennett John, & hoemkr, 50 H nw, h same 
Bennett Johu, jr. tinner, 20 Jackson alne 
Bennett John E VV, lab, 811 9tn ne 
Bennett John M, lab, 618 K se 
Bennett Laura C, wid Wm H, 495 H sw 
Bennett Lizzie, washing, 27 H ne 
Bennett Lucien. lab, 465 D sw 
Bennett Mary A. wid Beuj, laundress, h 

rear 1133 16th nw 
Bennett Michael, lab, rear E nr 24th nw 
Bennett Patrick, bricklayer, 20 Jackson 

al ne 
Bennett Philo H. elk p o d, h 609 F nw 
Bennett R A, elk treas, h 608 G se 
Bennett Richard, dairy, Beuuiu^'s rd ne 
Bennett Richard E, mess, 608 G se 
Bennett Rosa, servt. 219 4>£ nw 
Bennett Rufus, lab, 2110 N VT av nw 
Bennett Thomas D, machinist, 431 L nw 
Beunett Wm, collector, bds 1203 Pa av nw 
Benuett Win, lab, 1642 10th nw 
Bennit C N, elk pm g o, h Bladedsburg, 

Beunit Will W, phys, h 921 N T av nw 

Office hours, 8 to 10 a in, 1 to 2 p m, 5 

Benor Marfha A, 412 9th sw 
Beusinsier Henry, elk, ods 706 6th nw 
Bensinsrer Samuel, hides and junk, 927 

and 929 La av nw, h 706 6th nw 

Benson , painter, 607 La av nw 

Benson Annie E Mrs, boarding, 1310 I nw 
Benson Benjamin, lab, 330 B sw 
Benson Clarence E, painter, 528 4th se 
Benson E C, bds St James hotel 
Benson H J P, dentist. 1310 I nw 
Benson Harry S, 1310 I nw 
Benson Louis, lab, 1213 26th nw 
Benson Lewis, lab, M nr 25Lh nw 
Benson Thomas R, supt Col R R, 1333 G ne 
Benson Z H, lab, Conner's al 
Bent Catherine R.matron Woman's Home, 

13th S nw 
Beuter Charles, laborer, 617 3d nw 
Benter Maria, wid W F, g print o, bds 41 

H nw i 

BENT LEY ALEX. J., examiner 

attorney general's office, h 1116 

9th nw 
Bentley Anny, wid Osborn, Union al nw 
Bentley Charles P, piano repairer, bds 

1249 9th nw 
Bentley George A, (Helphenstine & Bent- 
ley,) 1249 12th nw 
Bentley Henry, driver, Van nr 4% sw 


611 Penna Av., Under Met. Motel. 
See page 4. 

BEPfTLEY JOHN A., commis- 
sioner of pensions, h 1203 Jtf nw 

Bentley John K, painter, bds 1249 9th nw 
Bentley Johu P, elk, 1249 9th nw 
Bentley Mary, servt, 937 N Y av nw 
Benton Edward T, postal elk, 224 1st se 
Benton Edward V, carp, 459 P nw 
Benton Emily, elk, 14 Potomac, Gtn 
Benton Emma, elk, bds 14 Potomac, Gtn 
Benton James E, driver, S3 Grace, Gtn 
Benton Jennie, elk, bds li Potomac, Gtn 
Bentou Johu H, hostler, Grace nr Hign, 

Benton John H, paver, 14 Potomac, Gtn 
Benton John H, elk pen o, 459 P nw 
Benton Marv, wid Galen, 14 Potomac, Gtn 
Benton Sarah N, elk, 14 Potomac, Gtu 
Benton Thomas, pohcemau, 27 Jefferson. 

Beutou Thomas R, elk lo. h 459 P nw 
Benton VV S, police, 27 Jefferson, Gtu 
Beutz Waldemar E, elk sol o, 1203 R .1 av 

Bentzler John L, bookbinder, 913 9th ne 
Beuz Theodore, (Studef & BeuzJ Union- 
Benziuger Audrew, grocer, A bet 16th and 

17th se, h same 
Benzler r raucis, printer, 468 Pa av nw 
Beuzier Herman, (Benzler <& Angeeman,) 

468 Pa av nw 
man ISeasJer and Theodore 
Angerman,) hotel and restau- 
rant, 468 Pennsylvania av 

No. 468 Pa. av. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hermau Beuzier (late with Jouu E. 
Talty) and Theo. Angerman, Proprietors. 

This house is conveniently located, be- 
ing within a few miuutes' walk of the de- 
pots, near the Capitol, and but a few min- 
utes' ride in the street cars from all the 
public buildiugs. Transient guests, $2 
per day; permanent, $8 per week. 

Beradt Joseph, elk, bds 420 7th nw 
Berberick Robert, shoes, 1118 7th nw h 

Berckmann John G, cabinet mkr, 1315 

Uulonsw, h same 
Berdau George L, elk state dept, h 1429 

R nw 
Berdi Franc, musician, bds 914 8th se 
Bereslord Randolph, printer, 523 7th, h 

1433 9tU nw 
Bereus Bernard, restaurant, 1126 7th nw, 

h same 
Berens Wm, tailor, 1128 7th nw, h same 
Berg George, baker, 419 12th sw 
Berg Peter, hostler, 429 7th nw 
Bernen S A, wid Charles M, 1807 H nw 
Berger Antou, saloon, 1219 7tu nw 
Berger George, marine, 712 9th se 
Berger Heury, lab, 7th st rd nr Mt Pleas- 

©f Models, tilLMORE, SMITH & CO. 




BERGER JOHN A., jeweler, 902 
F nw, li 412 lOtli iiw 

Berger Oscar u. watchmkr, 1734 Paav nw, 

Berber Wm, blksmith, RInr 14th nw, h 

1400 14th nw 
Bergeriue P P, elk land o, 1518 9th nw 
Bergheimer Henry, painter, bds Trum- 
Berghman Liley Mrs, 1719 H nw 
Bergling George, tailor, 1318 F nw, h 

708 5th uw 
Bergling Henry, tailor, 1134 7th nw, h 

614 5th nw 
Bergman Fred W, cigars, 111 Pa av nw, 
. h same 

Bergman L M, 727 8th nw 
Bergman Louisa, teacher, 715 11th nw 
Bergman Wm, baker, 21 Eastern mkt, h 

325 10th se 
Bergman Wm, (Bergman & Nan,-) 635 L 

Bergman & Nau, (William Bergman & 

Henry Nau,) saloon, 635 L nw 
Bergmann Carl F W, upholster, bds 813 

G nw 
Bergmann Charles, musician, bds 513 N 

Bergmann C W Mrs, boarding, 813 G nw 
Bergmann Dora M, music teacher, 813 G 

Bergmann Henry E, carpt, 625 N nw 
Bergmann Herman E, mess Ger Am S av 

Bk, h 813 G nw 
Bergmann John W, teacher music, 518 

N nw 
Bergmann Kate, bds 513 N nw 
Bergmann Louisa, bds 513 N dw 
Bergmann Sophia, 1139 7th nw 
Bergmann William, baker, 323 10th nw 
Bergner John, drive/, L bet 43^ and 6th 

Beringer G Bernhardt, watch mkr, 713 6th 

Berkau P H, elk pen o, h 913 I nw 
Berkeley David L, letter carrier, 617 E se 
Berkeley Daniel, police, 518 9th se 
Berkeley Enos R, carp, 513 10th se 
Berkley Charles E, police, 402 12th se 
Berkley John, elk. 911 E se 
Berkley Joseph, lab, Stevenson's av, Hills- 
Berkley Martha, wid Benj, M cor 2d se 
Berkley Richard, lab, 1441 Sampson nw 
Berkley Rosa, servt, bds. 1318 5th nw 
Berkley Wesley R, tinner, 402 12th se 

Berkley Wm E, butcher, 121 M se 
Berlin Henry S, bookkpr, 624 B sw 
Berliner Emil. elk, bds 818 7th nw 
Bermudez Don Teodora, col mil attache 

Spanish Legation, h 1301 K nw 
Beriiabo Catharine Mrs, grocer, 130 let 

nw, h same 
Bernard Daniel, lab, 812 2d sw 
Bernard Edward, lab, bds 812 2d sw 
Bernard Fanny, wid Henry, 1217 E nw 
Bernard Frank S, plate printer, 2321 L nW 
Bernard George E. wheelwright, 1721 8th 

7th nw 
Bernard Jas E, lab, 22d nrL nw 
Bernard John L, tinner, 2321 L nw 
Bernard Margaret Mrs, elk treas, h 902 C 

Bernew Louis, tailor, 1201 C nw 
Bernard John, boarders, 926 C nw 
Bernhard K, driver, Alexandria, Va 
Bernhart Michael, lab, 418 I ne 
Bernheimer Henry, jeweller, 918 Pa av 

nw, h same 
Beron Wm, painter, 832 8th se 
Berret James G, lawyer, 1429 N Y av nw, 

h 1535 I nw 
Berret John J, 1003 H nw 
Berrian Hobart Mrs, 924 17th nw 
Berry Alexis, lab, 2509 M nw 
Berry Alexander, whitewasher, 1737 L nw 
Berry Alfred, lab, 217 5th se 
Berry Alice, elk int rev, 7th cor High, Gtn 
Berry Allen P, bookkpr, 920 F nw 
Berry Alzine, elk treas, bds 1201 7th nw 
Berry Ann, wid Smith. 325 Fighting al sw 
Berry Arthur T, elk, 1238 9th nw 
Berry Benj, watchman, 726 N J av nw 
Berry, C V R Mrs, 1512 H nw 
Berry Charles, farmer, 381 High ext, Gtn 
Berry David, undertaker, 496 K sw 
Berry Edgar P, teller nat far & mec bank, 

h 24 2d, Gtn 
Berry Eli A, btchr, 419 N L, and 550 cen 

mkts, h Valley nr road, Gtn 
Berry ElishaD, 1238 9th nw 
Berry Eliza, 1133 23d nw 
Berry Elizabeth, wid Thomas E, bds 221 

A se 
Berry Emily, wid Luke, 444 Washington 

Berry Fannie, 1133 23d nw 
Berry Fannie, servt, 919 20th nw 
Berry Fannie Mrs, 25 Cox's al nw 
Berry Ferdinand V, grocer, 1223 G se, a 

Berry Frances E, drcssmkr, Union al nw 




902 F St. 3TW, under St. Cloud Hotel, 





Berry Gabriel, lab, 15th bet S C av & C se 

Berry George, lab. 496 K sw 

Berry George, undertaker, 458 School sw, 

h H nr 1st se 
Berry George, waiter, Monroe nr Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 
Berry George H, lab, Peartree al sw 
Berry George T, elk Gtn p o, h 158 Bridge. 

Berry George W, watchman. Uniontown 
Berry Harriett, washing, 428 N J av nw 
Berry Henrietta, cook, 1833 G nw 
Berry Henrietta L, wid Augustus F, 1223 

Berry Henry H, painter, 408 3d se 
Berry Horace, shoemkr, Union al nw 
Berry Isaiah, push cart, 1764 T nw 
Berry J E, (Farnham & Berry,) D nr 14th 

Berry James, elk, 37 Market, Gtn 
Berry James, lab, 1133 23d nw 
Berry Jeremiah H, lab, 1210 25th nw 
Berry John, 154 Bridge, Gtn 
Berry Johnj brickmkr, Childs' al se 
Berry John, butcher, Mt Pleasant 
Berry, John, driver, Stoddart nr Mill, Gtn 
Berry, John, lab, Greene nr Canal, Gtn 
Berry John, lab. Guild's al nw 
Berry John, lab, 1210 25th nw 
Berry John Mrs, 416 E se 
Berry John, porter, 25 Cox's al 
Berry John E. horseshoer, 310 L se 
Berry John H, (John H Berry & Co,) 517 

10th nw 
Berry John H, boilermkr, 740 5th se 
BERKY JOHN H. & CO., (John 
H. Berry, Riley A. Shin si and 
Micliael JTJcCJowaii,) florists, 
517 IQtlinw 

J. H. BEERY & CO., 

Florists and Landscape Gardeners 

GREENHOUSES : Between 24th and 
25th sts. N.W, near National Observatory. 
STOKE: 517 10th st.. next door to Medical 
Museum. Boquets, Wreaths, Crosses, and 
all Funeral Designs made to order. 

Berry John T, grocer, 1133 23d nw 

Berry Josephine, servt, wks 948 R nw 

Berry Josephine, 1133 23d nw 

Berry Lily, servt, 1115 K nw 

Berry Lucinda, servt, Monroe nr Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 
Berry Lucy Mrs, laundress, Monroe nr 

Dunbarton, Gtn 
Berry Martha, wid John, 416 E se 
Berry Mary, servt, Monroe nr Dunbarton, 

Berry Mary Anne, wid Washington, 225 

Fighting al sw 
Berry Mary E, 1133 23d nw 
Berry Mary L, servt, 1214 C nw 
Berry Matilda, servt, 1136 15th nw 
Berry Matilda, servt, Monroe nr Dunbar- 
ton, Gtn 
Berry Matthew, Uniontown 
Berry Moses, whitewasher, 1822 G nw 
Berry Oma. servu, 52513th nw 
Berry P T, 29 1st, Gtn 
Berry Presley, whitewasher, Chew's al, 
bet 1st and 2d nw 


Wholesale aM Retail 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Berry Priscilla, wid Peter, 24 3d, Gtn 

Berry Richard, elk gov print o, 24 3d, Gtn 

Berry Robert, carp, 7th st rd nw 

Berry Robert, lab, 500 L sw 

Berry Robert, lab, 19th bet C and D se 

Berry Rosina. bds 422 11th sw 

Berry Sallie Mrs, 1416 S nw 

Berry Samuel, grocer, 226 L sw, h same 

Berry Sarah B, wid, boarding, 1410 G nw 

Berry Thomas, huckster, 624 4^ sw 

Berry Thomas, 906 M nw 

Berry Thomas I, treasr Theatre Comique, 

h 10th bet D and E nw 
Berry Thomas L, cook, Peach al nw 
Berry Thomas W, elk. bds 702 13th nw 
Berry Thornton, lab, 1210 25th nw 
Berry Virginia, washing. Peartree al sw 
Berry Walter, bds 1512 H nw 
Berry Warren, lab, 118 Va av sw 
Berry Washington O, stoves, 434 7th nw 

h 493 G sw 
Berry Wm, elk. 37 Market, Gtn 
Berry Wm, lab, al nr G and Del av sw 
Berry Wm H, shoemkr, 603 Md av sw 
Berryman Isaac, lab, 1st bet M and N sw 
Berryman John, waiter, 629 Bates al nw 
Berryman L H, 435 7th sw 
Berryman Lewis, fireman, Mass av nr 14th 

Berryman Lucius, lab, 314 K sw 

Berryman M V, bds 435 7th sw 

Berryman Peter, lab. 114 F sw 

Berryman W Ottoway. elk, bds435 7ih sw 

Bern man Wiuuie,wid Richard, Clark's al 
bet L and M nw 

Bertram Julius, iron worker, 203 3d sw 

Bervvanger A, (A Berwunger & Bro.) 105 
Bridge, Gtn 

Berwauger Hy, elk, bds 105 Bridge, Gtn 

Berwan^er L. (A Berwauger & Bru,) 105 
Bridge, Gtn 

Berwauger A & Bro, (A & L Berwauger,) 
clothing and shoes, 105 and 107 Bridge, 
Gtn • 

Bessant Henry, lab, 1105 3d se 

Bessels Emil Dr, Smithsonian Institution 

Besser Catharine,wid John, milk, 216 R nw 

Besser Oscar, milk, 216 R nw 

Bessey Mary J, elk treas, bd's 1424 6th nw 

Bessler George J, meat store, 713 F sw, h 

Besst Amanda, boarding, 421 11th nw 

BestChas A, 131 F nw 

Best John, carp, 919 K nw 

Best Mahlon H, grocer, 4% and Wilson 
nw, h same 

Bestor Chauncey C, elk, c 6ih and Fayette, 

BESTOR H. B,) lawyer, 529 7th 



Room 28 Ftderal Buildingj 


GILMORE, SMITH & Co. , 629 ¥ street n w 




Bestor Norman, note teller h 1710 j nw 
Bestor Norman S, bookkeeper, c Fayette 

and 6ih. Gtu 
Bestor O H, bookkeeper, 1710 I nw 
Bestor Sarah, wid Whitman. 1710 I nw 
Bethel Hall. M bet 16th and 17th nw 
Better Ferdinand, lab, 20 P nw 
Better Geo C H, sexton, 515 I se 
Better Wni H, brichmaker, 405 4th se 
Bettes Eugene, printer treas. 517 20th nw 
Bettler Sarah, wid James, 1003 20th nw 
Befts Thos, (Roek & Betts,) h G c 9th ne 
Betts Wm, gunner, 723 7th se 
Betz Caroline, grocer, h 328 K sw 
Betz Christian, lab, 328 K sw 
BETZ LOUIS, restaurant, 509 

9th nw, li same. 
BeuehertEdw, saloon, 727 H ne, h same 
Beuchert John 1, restaurant, 623 Paavse, 

h same 
Beuchert William L, restaurant, 232 7th 

6e. h same 
Beuchler Richard A, elk, h 469 H nw 
Beuter F A, justice of the peace, 2d nr N 

Beuter Francis A, 1137 7th nw 
Bevan John H, elk, 26 I ne 
Bevans James, machinist, 1209 Pa av se 
Bevans John T, boarding, 63 H nw 
Beveridge A F Mrs, prop Washington 

Beveridge B F, Jrestaurant, 311 Pa av, h 

224 3d nw 

worker, 3*6 12th nw, 1» same. 
Beveridge M W, (Webb & Beveridge,) 

1618 H nw 
Beveridge Oliver, wire worker. 316 12th nw 
Beverley Henry, lab, 13th nr Kentucky av 

' everley Julia, servt, wks 613 14th nw 
Beverly Charles, lab, 243 Goat al nw 
Beverly Cornelius, lab, Glick's al nw 
rJeverly Ellen Miss, B washer, 712 Smith's 

al nw 
Beverly Griffin, lab. 341 G sw 
B< verly Harry,' lab, 618 2d sw 
Beverly Henry, lab, Quaker's bldgs 
Beverly Jane, servt, 804 17th nw 
Beverly John, painter, 1613 12th nw 
Beverly Judah, waiter, 119 10th se 
Beverly Lettie Mrs, washer, 712 Smith's 

al nw 
Beverly Matilda, servt, 131 G sw 
Beverly Nervia, 121 L se 
Beverly Preston, lab, 626 2d sw 
Beverly Richard H, wheelwright, 9th cor 

F sw, h 497 I sw 
Beverly Sarah, wid Robertson, 1723 R nw 
Beverly Silas, tailor, 497 Isw 
Beverly Temple, lab. 121 L se 
Beverly Thomas, lab, 1430 Sampson nw 
Beverly Tucker, waiter, 329 G sw 
Beverly Winnie, widow James, Union al 

Bevis Cora, bds 619 M nw 
Bevis Florence, bds 619 M nw 
Bevis Sarah, wid Sampson. 619 M nw 
Bex Frekerick, coachsmith, 1408 D nw 
Bev Gregoire Aristarehi, E E and M P 

turkey, h 1404 H nw 
Beyer Louis, restaurant, 7ih abv Boundary 
Beyer Samuel B, carp, 420 7th sw, h 620 

D sw 
Beyer Victor, gardener, Uniontown 

Bias Francis, butcher. 53 Frederick, Gtn 
Bias James, hostler, 727 22d 
Bias Josepti. lab. 403 L se 
Bias Luciuda. washer, 53., Frederick, Gtn 
Bias Murray, huckster, 53 Frederick, Gtu 
Bias Sarah, hominy, Gtn mkt, h 53 Fred- 
erick. Gtn 
Bibbins Charles, driver, 2111 9th nw 
Bickerton John A, (Bickerton & Co,) h 

507 9th nw 
Fickerton Richard, eostumer, 608 lf'th nw 
BICKERTQN & CO., (J. A. Bick- 
erton, Alfred Ending-ton and 
Alex. M. Flowers,) ball posters, 
815 E li w. 





Bill Posters & Distrffiutors 

No. 815 E STREET N. W. 
Cards, Circulars, Hand-bills, &c, care- 
fully distributed throughout the city at $1 
per thousaud. 

Bickford F T. operator, 1435 T nw 
Bickford Warren C, elk treas, h 1016 25th 

Bicksler Alice E, teacher music, bds 1315 

7th nw ^ 

Bicksler Cora V, bds 1315 7th nw 
Bicksler Martin, carp, 201 Va av se 
Bicksler T J, photogi aper, 1315 7th nw, 

h same 
stable, 486 La av, b 134 7tline 

486 Louisiana Avenue, 



Collects Claims and accounts in all of the 
Southern and Western States. 
Landlord and Tenant Business in the 
District of Columbia a Specialty. 

•Biddle Fattie, driver, h H bet 20th and 

21st nw 
Biddle Henry C, elk, 800 21st nw 
Biddle Hiram R, cutter, h R I av C 

5tn nw 
Biddle Horace, elk state dpt, 800 21st nw 
Biddle John, elk i> o, 300 Pa av 
Biddle Kate, wid John, 726 11th nw 
Biddle Samuel, elk treas, 800 21st nw 
Biddleman Adelade, feeder, 1428 D nw 
Biddlcman Marion, wid Isaac, 1428 D nw 
Bidwell Emily B, wid Dauiel D, 2109 F nw 
Bidwell Francis E, elk reg o treas, 2109 F 

Bieber Samuel, clothing, 905 8th>e, h 903 

8th se 
Biedler Andrew J, (Biedler &■ Barrett,) 

bds Howard Hou^e 

J. Biedler and C Boyd Barrett,) 

com niers, })3'i La av nw. 
Biegler Philip, musician, 1201 E se 

Litigation Appertaining to Inrentions or 




Biehl Rheinhard, bookbdr, 1541 6 th uw 
Bielaski Alex, elk ind o. h 120 E uw 
Biel iski Oscar, elk treas, liO E uw 
Bieler Adulphe, cabiuetuikr, 25 P lie 
Bieu Charles H, butcher, Harrison or 

Pierce, Uuiontown 
Bieu Isadore, elk, bds 304 D sw 
£2 1 EN SAMUEL, liquors, 924 F 

it w. b 304 i> sw. 



Fokeign and Domestic Liquors, 

No. 924 F Street, W ashington, D. C. 
S. BIEN, Agent. 

Bierbuchen John P, 338 8 ne 

Bierbuoketr Peter, iustruuieut mkr, 338 8th 

Bitield John, plasterer, 120 1st nw 

Bigelow Benj F, receiving teller uat bank 
republic, h yl7 R uw 

Bfigeluw Frank H, astronomer, 18251 nw 

Bigelow George S, eld pod. 807 K uw 

Bigelow J R Dr. 931 G uw 

Bigelow Jonathan G, lawyer, 1540 9th nw 

Bigelow Otis, (Bigelow <fc Benjamin,) Col- 
lege bill nr 14tU aud Bound try 

ISigeiow and John F. Benja* 
*nin,) bankers, 605 7tli nw 


Late First National Bank, Sbelbina. Mo. 

Bigelow & Benjamin, 


Bigers John, tanner, 1826 G nw 
Biggane Michael F. barkpr, 126 D sw 
Biggane Win J, 136 D sw 
Biggane Michael, grocer. 136 D sw 
Biggerton Richard F, lab, 21 G nw 
Biggans James grocer, 2151 K nw, hsame 
Biggans Tbos, grocer, 2151 F uw, h same 
Biiggs Charles, painter, 730 23d nw 
Biggs George D, sewiug machine arent, 

bds 452 H nw 
Biggs Henry D, produce, K st mkt, h 329 

D sw 
Biggs Henry M, elk, bds 329 D sw 
Biggs Henry N, elk 329 D sw 
Biggs Henry R, carp, 1317 C sw 
Biggs Jas E. grocer, '836 23d nw, h same 
Biggs Win, stone cutter, 1536 K se 
Biggs Win T, lab, 2430 G nw 
Bigler John, carp, 1223 E se 
Bigley Mary A, wid D R P, elk treas, h 

1515 8th 
Bild Caroline, drssmkr, 320 Va av 


1 Goldstein's California Cigar store 

611 Peuua Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Bild Charles, coach trimmer, 320 Va av 

Bud Franklin, coach trim, 320 Va av sw 

Bild Louisa, milliner, 320 Va av sw 

Bild Rudolph, coach trim, ~41Q V* av sw 

i.illaud Louis, tailor, 208 2d ?e 

Billard J S, elk. {» o d 

Billing Emily V, teacber, 611 K nw 

Billing Marg M, elk treas, h 6L1 K nw 

Billing Rebecca', 6L1 K nw 

Billings John H, lab, Prosperi's al se 

BILLINGS JOH1 S.,asst Surg 17 

5 A, h 84 Gaf, Gtn. 

BiMug*ley B O, elk iut rev, h 1836 11th nw 
Billiugsley Joseph F, carp. 1115 43^ sw 
Bills Daniel, huckster, 607 I ne 
Billups John, plasterer, 8th c Md av ne 
Biuder Harriet, servt, 1221 I uw 
Binder Jos B, saloon. 305 lOih uw, h same 
Bing Cbarles, lab, Noland's al sw 
Bingham Albert W, elk po,h 1325 Riggs 

Bingham Benj F, elk treas 
Bingham Edward, lab, 2126 K nw 
Bingham Edward W. b,is 515 F uw 
Bingham G mzelas S, 1835 G nw 
BrnGJIAIW: J. B., lieut col bvt 

britr g\en and. dep q ni g"e.\i, It 

IS35 G nw. 
Biugham Johu, elk a g o, h 609 I nw 
Bingham Lafayette, (Lafayette Biugham 

6 Co,) h H c 6th 

Bingham Louisa, servt, 829 19th nw 
Bingham Louis A, artist, Uuiontown 
Biugham Moses, upholsterer, 405 8th sw 
Bingham Sarah Mrs, \t nr Del av sw 
Bingham Lafayette & Co, lawyers. 802 ,F 

Biugley Jane, wid Jos, 54 Dunbarton, Gtn 
Binuix Beuj, blksmith, 407 11th se 
Binuix Edward, plasterer, 939 G sw 
Binnix Edward jr. plasterer, 939 G sw 
Binuix George W, blksmith, 407 llt& se 
Binuix Thomas, tinner, bd< 939 G sw 
Binns Douglas,clk 1st aud, bds Globe house 
Biuus Margaret A, servt, 1237 G nw 
Biondi Antonio, watchman, 528 7th se 
Bioudi Jos S. machinist, 528 7th E se 
Birch Ballom, 7L5 8th uw 
B1UC2£ BJJS5IROB, disb clK 

treasy, bds Htttniltotihou§e. 
Birch Charles A, machinist, 412 lS^-sw 
Birch Chas E, eugiueer, 72 Congress, Gtn 
Birch Corbin, elk, bds 1527 5th uw 
Birch Frank S, 715 8th nw 
Birch Geo A, undertaker, bds 88 Bridge, 

Biich Isaac, undertaker, 88 Bridge, Gtn 
Birch Isaac F, 52 3d. Gtn 
Birch Jacob A, carp, Fayette nr 6th, Gtn 
Birch James, oysters, 11th st wharf, h 305 

13X sw 
Birch Jane C, wid James H, 918 D sw 
Birch Johu D, Fresco paiuier, 715 8th nw 
Birch Johu F, paver, 72 Frederick, Gtn 
Birch Johu O, com, 907 F sw 
Birch Joseph F jr. elk, 88 Bridge, Gtn 
BtRCHJOSEPH F, undertaker, 

05 Bridge, li SS Bridge, Gtn 

Patents, attended to at 629 F Street N. W. 





Corner Bridge a v >d Jefferson streets, 
Keeps constantly on hand a large as- 
sortment of Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds, 
Robes, &c. Hearses and Carriages fur- 
nished at short notice. Funeral calls 
promptly attended to at all hours. 

Birch Lewis, plasterer, 715 8th nw 
Birch Mary 8, wid John, Fayette nr 6th, 

Birch 8 C, 615 14th nw 
Birch Samuel H, fish, 608 8th sw 
Birch Thomas G. lab, 1136 8th nw 
Birch W Taylor,' (McNeill & Birch,) 88 

Bridge, Gtn 
Birch William, blacksmith, Bridge nr 

Warren. Gtn 
Birch William, driver, 233 12th sw 

1509 70i nw, h 1527 5th nw 
Birch William H, (Birch & Robey,) Balti- 
more Co 
BIRCH & ROBEY, (Will. HT. 
Birch atid Win field S. Robey,) 
auctioneers and commission 
merchants,) 938 and 940 La av 


BIRCH & ROBEY, Atjcts. 

Horse & Carriate Bazaar, 

938a?id 940 La. av., Washington, D. G. 

Auction Sales every Tuesday, Thursday 
aud Saturday at 10 o'clock. Horses, Car- 
riages, Harness, &c, at private sale. Ad- 
vances made on consignments. Special 
attention given to sales of Real Estate and 
Personal Property. 

Birch William J, driver, 1365 C sw 

Birchard James T. elk 1 o. 227 A se 

Birchett Richard M, elk treas, 1442 Cor- 
coran nw 

Birchett Robert A, 1442 Corcoran nw 

Birckhead Jobn N, elk. bds 1248 8th nw 

Birckhead Mary A, wid Edward, 1248 8th 

Birckhead Middleton, bracket maker, 1100 
4th nw 

Bird Ambrose, finisher, 7th cr mkt space 

Bin! Annie P, nurse, 201 K nw 

rSii d Betsey Mrs, Cox's al nw 

Bird Biney, lab, Columbia id 

Bird Charlotte, cook, 107 Va av sw 

Bird Elizabeth, seamstress, 1224 7th nw 

Bird Elizabeth, servt, 620 2d &w 

Bird Harvey, lab, 1349 3d cw 

Bird J C, physician, 511 13th nw, office 
hours 8 to 9 a m and 5 to 6 p m 

Bird James, lab, Quaker's bldg 

Bird John, lab, 230 13th nw 

Bird John, lab, 2124 N nw 

BIKB JOHN M, lime dealer and 
builder's materials, 1007 R nw,h 
1S9 6th sw 

Bird John W. hostler, 213 ±% sw 

Bird Joshua, lab, 620 2d sw 

Bird Lewis, paper nauger, 438 11th sw 

Bird Lucy A, 512 10th sw 

Bird Martha Miss, 2130 H nw 

Bird Mary, Knox's al sw 

Bird Patsy, 315 7ihsw 

Bird Reuben, lab, 2125 Pa av nw 

Bird Sam. porter 105 Va av sw 

Bird Sarah, 1113 16th nw 

Bird Sarah, cook, Olive nr Monroe, Gto 

Bird Wm, lab, 611 Christian al sw 

Bird Wm, oysters, 442 2d sw 

Bird Wm H. waiter, 235 3d sw 

Bird Wm D, carp, 702 \y 2 sw 

Birdsall Samuel, elk 516 12th nw 

Birel George, waiter, C nr $% sw 

Birge Henry W, (Robinson Bros & Co, 

also Smith, Birge & Co,) 525 3d nw 
Birkigt Louis, watchman. Green nr Water, 

Birkigt Louis A, lab, 4 Monroe, Gtn 
Birmingham Alfred J. shirt cutter, bds 12 

Birmingham Edward, Wksmitb, 12 B ne 
Birmingham Wm O, printer, bds 12 B ne 
Birney Arthnr A, (Birney & Birney,) asst 

dist at.ty, 23 K ne 
Birney Wm, (Birney & Birney,) asst dist 

atty, 23 K ne 
BIRNEY & BIRNEY, (Win and 

Arthur A. Birney,) lawyers 330 

Kirney & Ulriiey* 


Birnie C, lawyer, 2107 Pa av nw 

Birth Henry, grocer, 219 3d nw 

Birth James, 219 3d nw 

Birth Wm W, grocer, 313 3d nw, bds 126 

E nw 
Birtwell D, elk pen o, 1101 13th nw 
BisbeeA, (E B Warren & Co,) New 

Biebee K V, printer, bds 511 4th nw. 
Bischof John J, baker, 809 6th sw 
Bischof Joseph, blksmith, 809 6th sw 
Bischoff Andrew, elk s g o, h 511 R I ar 

Bischoff Charles, tailor, 718 D nw 
Bischoff J W, organist, bds 13 Grant pi nw 
Biscoe H L, grocer, Water bet 11 and 12th 

sw, h 813 21st nw 
Biscoe James L, carpt, 316 K se 
Biscoe M A, wid General, 131 Dunbarton 7 

Bishop Augusta A, elk Adams ex, h 313 

12th sw 
Bishop C A Miss, elk treas, h 1309 7th nw 
Bishop Carrie, wid William. 1309 7th nw 
Biskop ChasE, (Chas E Bishop & Co, and 

Tucker & Biehop,) h 523 3d nw 
BISHOP CHAS E. & CO., (Chas 

E. Bishop and Wm. F. Hellen.) 

insurance and real estate, 515 

7th nw. 
Bishop Elijah, car painter, bds 313 12th nw 
Bishop Elizabeth, wid Charles, 492 H sw 
Bishop Henrietta, wid John, 1606 Cor- 
coran nw 

GILM0RE SMITH & CO., 629 F Street have 





Chas. E. Bishop <&Co., 



No. 515 Seventh Street, 

Opposite Post Office. 

Bishoo Henry, 1212 13th nw 

Bishop Hen, harnessinkr, mkt nr 5th, Gtn 

Bishop Johu S, bds 228 A ne 

Bishop Joseph E, photographer, bds 809 

Market Space 
Bishop Joshua W, 27 5th, Gtn 
Bishop Leroy C, drugs, 1113 Pa av nw, h. 

1200 F nw 
Bishop Louisa M, teacher, 1212 13th nw 
Bishop Minnie, wid Henry, H, bds 1322 

8th nw 
Bishop Nancy, elk, bu stat, h 1006 M nw 
Bishop Sarah, wid Volney R. 109 6th ne 
Bishop Thos, painter,1909 9th nw 
Bishop Vardeu R, bookbinder, 228 A ne 
Bishop William, vet sur, 1320 I nw 
Bisker Teresa, servt, wks 924 D sw 
Bissell Arthur H, elk pod, bds 32 Grant 

pi nw 
Bittinger B F Rev. 638 F sw 
cian, 506>£ 9th nw, h 63S F sw, 
< 8% to 10 a m 
Office Hours < 12 m 

( 4 to 6 p m 
Bitz John M. 1824 Wiltberger nw 
Bixler John W, elk 1 o, h 604 F nw 
Black Allen, servt. 1454 Q nw 
Black Charles, elk, bds 340 C nw 
Black E P Mrs. elk p o d, h 310 T nd av nw 
BLACK O. W. Z., lawyer, 802 F 

Black Geo W, elk 1 o, h 618 4th nw 
Black Geo W, elk, 722 6th nw 
Black H M Miss, elk treas, 100 West, Gtn 
Black James, eng, lwt c K sw 
Black James F A, driver, 1724 H nw 
Black Jane, wid John, 922 O nw 
Black John, mess, 1151 17th nw 
Black Lavinia.wid Saml S. h 207 12tb, nw 
Black Mary, servt, 432 M nw 
Black Mary, wid Jas, 1724 H nw 
Black Oliver C, ins agt, 2239 12th nw 
Black R W Rev, 1506 9th nw 
Black Samuel T, claims, 802 F nw 
Black Sidney N, wid James, 470 C sw 
Black Thomas, gardener, 21^2 N nw 
Black William H, cigars. 1513 Pa av nw, 

also barber, 823 16ih nw, h 1153 17th nw 
Black William T, oysters, 7th cor Dsw, h 

Black William T, butcher, 211 C ne, h 

Black Zeb, lab R R, 473 D sw 
Blackburn, H H, (Blackburn & Hovey, 

also Blackburn & Lamon) hMartinsburg 

Blackburn .Hay ward, lab, 44 O nw 
Blackburn Joseph, lab, bds 44 O nw 
Blackburn Joseph, fiisherman, South bet 

Congress and High, Gtn 
Blackburn Robert, painter, 1118 N J av nw 
Blackburn & Hovey (H H Blackburn and 

C E Hovey, lawyers,) 505 7th nw 



611 Penna Av., under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Blackburn & Lamon, (H H Blackburn and 

Ward H Lamon,) lawyers, 505 7th nw 
Blackby Gibson, driver, 467 School sw 
foreign mails pod.h 1130il2th 
Blackford Agnes, servt, Poplar nr Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Blackford B Lewis, (Hanson & Blackford,) 

h 51 Stoddard, Gtn 
Blackford Fleming, hostler. Col R R 
Blackford Han u ah, servt, 124 C nw 
Blackford J S, watchmaker 99 Bridge, 

Gtn, h same 
Blackford John S jr. jeweller, 136 Bridge, 

Gtn, h 82 Greene 
BLACRFOKD S. S., capt capitol 

police, h 601 4th nw. 
Blackford W C, mess, 227 B nw 
Blackford Wm E, elk d q m, h 733 1st nw 
Blackford Wm W, supt Am dist tel co, h 

604 F nw 
Blackiston Lewis, elk 419 11th nw 
Blacklock Amster, lab. 107 E sw 
Blackly Lambert, lab, 1106 21st nw 
Blackmau Abram, lab, V nr 17th nw 
Biackaian Andrew J, founder 8d e Mar- 
ket, Gtn 
Blackman Andrew J, lab, 54 Water, Gtn 
Blackmau Sarah, wid James R, 233 9th ne 
Blackman Thomas S, shoemaker. High c 

West, h Madison nr Fayette, Gtn 
Blackman William, shoemkr. 10 1st, Gtn 
Blackmar C P, chief elk, h 319 llih sw, 
with G1LMORE & CO, 1st floor 629 
F nw 
Blackmore Abraham, lab, Locust al sw 
Blackmore Wm, private Washington ar- 
senal sw 
Blackson, Eliza, servt, wks 1249 6th nw 
Blackson James, lab, 222 D sw 
Blackston Charles, driver, 1208 I nw 
Blackston Dorsey, lab, 318 B sw 
Blackston Eliza E, grocer, 318 B sw 
Blackston Jeremiah, painter, K c 13th se 
Blackbtou vVilliam, cabinet mkr, 419 11th 

Blackstone Charles, coachman, 1639 Vt av 

Blackstone Joseph, laborer, N Y av nr 

21st nw 
Blackville Charles R, lab, 1020 3d nw 
Blackwell Alvin, watchman, 421 7th sw 
Blaekwell Armstead, barber, bdri 928 3d nw 
Blackwell Henrietta, 432 Ridge nw 
Blackwell Henry, waiter, 1026 3d nw 
Blackwell Hiram, butcher. 506 3d sw 
Blackwell Isaac, driver, 316 N Y av 
Blackwell James, driver, 1146 16th nw 
Blackwell James, lab, 506 3d sw 
Blackwell James E, elk treas 
Blackwell John, lab, 2619 Va av nw 
Blackwell John, lab, Noland's al sw 
Blackwell L'avenia, wid John, 170311th nw 
Blackwell Mary E, servt, 346 D nw 
Blackwell Olinstead, barber. 913 3d nw 
Blackwell Randolph, driver, 10 Covington 

Blackwell Solomon, student, 1139 16th nw 

Several Hundred Agents in Europe. 


' [140] 


Black well Mary, 1147 21 6t nw 
Blackwood E 8, architect, 457 C nw 
Blackwood Fred, sailor^ locust tl sw 
Blackwood Mary, sewing, 121 Willow- 

ii cc al sw 
Bla< kwood Sam, lab, 121 Willowireeal sw 
B inlen Join, J, lab, 1107 lltb se 
Biuden Tnos 8. iion worker, 901 M se 
Blades Elizabeth, 321 13>£ nw 
Biagbon Wesley, lab, 4*24 Was hi ns ton nw 
Blagden Laura IS. win Thus, 14ib st id, nr 

Ml Pleasant 
Blagnian Jas, fireman. 616 3d sw 
Blaginon Annie wid Jot, servt, 1107 Q nw 
Blague Elizabeth Li Mrs, cJk treat-, Ii2l32d 

Blague Lizzie, wid Theo, 213 2d se 
BLAISE JAMES », US S, h 821 

15»Ia nw 
Blaine Robert E, elk 206 A se 
Blair David, physician, 1618 14th nw, 

office bom s 7 to 10 a ni 2 to 5 p in 
Blair Fannie. 1353 Ohio av 
B^aii Fannie, servt, 300 Pa av 
Blair Frank P. phimbei, 420 H nw 
Blair Jennie, bde 931 E nw 
Blair Jessup. 12163^ nw 
Blair John, lab, Meridian Hill 
Blair John S, lawyer, 110b NYav nw 
Blaii Josephine, seamstress, al bet B bet 

N Cap and N J av nw 
B.air Montgomery (Montgomery Blair & 

feon,) 1651 Paav 

(jJJoiilgoniery anti ~W<»otB>ury 

Mluir, J lawyers, 456 I>a av 
Bair M a i} , servi, 736 5lh nw 
Blair Richard, lab, Cole's row, Howard 

Blair Robert, baker, 15 Potomac, Gtn 
Blair Robert, messenger, Luca's al nw 
Blair Traverse, elk. bds 354 K sw 
Blair Traverse, lab. Howard city, D C. 
Blair Woodbury (Montgomery Blair & 

fcon,) 1651 Pa av 
Blaisius J, 30'2 10th nw 
Blake Ann Mrs, elk treas, 439 O nw 
Blake E Tucker Dr, 330 Ind av 
Blake Frank E. cabinet mkr, 633 Pn av se 
Blake George, Geul USA, 1312 N nw 
Blake Geo W, carp. 913 22d nw 
Blake Geo W, oik, 511 P nw 
Biake Greenville, caro. Ids 530 6tb se 
Blake John, lab.' 28 G ne 
BEABE Ji>J«N B Br. h 340 Ind 

Blake Lizzie, dressmkr, 633 Pa av se 
Blake Mary E, wid John A, 318 3d nw 
Blake Samuel, lab, 1166 16th nw 
Blake Scott, waiter, 509 20th nw 
Blake William, lab, 632 N.Cap nw 
Blake William, contractor, 503 9th nw 
Blake William R, lat . bds 1112 20th nw 
Blakely Mary Ann, nurse 8' 21st nw 
Blakelock Kiehard J, elk a g o, 619 6th 

Blakely Joseph, plasterer, 18 8th se 
Blakely Susan, wid Geo, 735 '2d nw 
Blakev Y\m, baiter, 1539 M nw 
Blakey Wm, barter, 1119 16th nw 
Blanc Altert. E E and M P Jtaly, 1017 

Conn av nw 
Blanchaid ( ha* H, capt police, 5 2d se 
Blanchard Constantine, painter, 319 3d ne 
Blanchard Frances, wid Valentine, 1108 G 


Blanchard James M, (Blanchard & Single- 
ton,) 307 M nw 
Blanchard S B, physician, bdsHolmead rd 
Blanchard Wm B, 1108 G nw 
Blanchard & Singleton, (Jas M Blanchard 

and Wm R Singleton,) patent attorneys, 

517 7th nw 
Bland Betsy, servt, rear 92 Bridge, Gtn 
Bland Daniel, hostler, 14'24 12th nw 
Bland Dennis, hackman. Del av c I sw 
Bland Edward, lab, 488' K sw 
Bland Elizabeth, bds 405 I2ih sw 
Bland James A, conlectiunei, 1168 16tb 

nw, h same 
Bland John O, lab, Farragut nw 
Bland Joseph, lab, O st ai uw 
Bland Jos, carp, 904 Stephenson's al sw 
Bland Mary A, dressinkr, Lincoln nw 
Bland Samuel, carp, 348 K sw 
Bland Sarah, washing, O st al nw 
Bland fcophia, washing, 650 A ne 
Bland Spencer, driver, 467 K sw 
Blaudfoid Geo W, police, 806 A se 
Blaudy Harry, ex pat o, h 1447 S nw 
Blandy Henry B jr, asst ex pat o, h 144? 

S nw 
Blaulord Thos, huckster, 443 Franklin nw 
Blanheim John E, lawyer, 927 3S nw, h 

Blankmau Jane, wid Mitchell, 181st se 

200 Pa av se, hN J av nr ii? se 
Blanon Charlotte, wid Joseph, 47 H no 
Blasland Wm, elk treas, h 915 O nw 
Blass Wm G, bookkeeper, 918 E nw 
Blatzbeim Jacob, lochsmith, 416 10th nw, 

h 13ih e D nw 
Blau Herman, upholsterer, 704 14tb nw 
Blaydes George W, lab, bds507G se 
Blaydes John H, moulder, bds 507 G aie 
Blazey Charles -W, collection elk Bank of 

Washington, h 7th c La av nw 
Bleakly Thos M, forage iusp, govt corral 

h 14th cor C sw 
Bleecker Nina, elk pat o, h 811 Vt av 
Bleeeker S R, wid John, h 815 Vt av nw 
Bleifus Rudolph, saloon, 415 E Cap se, h 

Bkuniin Julius, lab, 317 7th sw 
Blenck Wm, mess, 1203 Pa av se 
Bletz F S, (Caiter, Bletz & Liuville,) h 

Columbia, Pa 
Blifus Amelia, servt, 804 Ind av 
Bligh James, elk, 218 12th nw 
Bligh Jobn, grocer, 21b 12th nw, h same 
Bligh John A, elk, 218 l^th nw 
Blincoe Joseph T, driver. 2310 I nw 
Blincoe Wm, lab, 2310 1 i.w 

and gas litter, 736 5th nw 
Blirs Alexander, 820 Conn av nw 
Bliss Amelia A, bds 407 O nw 
Bliss Carrie, L, bds 407 O nw 
Bliss Charles H, civil eng, 407 O nw 
BEESS I> AilLLARB, physician* 

721 15 nw, h same 

Bliss Ellis B, elk, 721 15th nw 
Bliss Ihnn, sol pat, bds 705 H uw 
BLISS KENBY C, lawyer, 1332 
F nw, h same 

Bliss Sylvia L Mrs, 1203 G nw 

Bliss tharks, clothing, 1210 7th nw, h 

1121 8th nw 
Bliss Tennessee, lawyer, bds 1414 9th nw 

Eules and Xvegu latons of Patent Office Free. 




Block Charles F S. baker, feds 627 H ne 
Block Louis, junk dealer, 430 4% sw 
Block Siiiesmund J, police, 814 7th sw 
Blodgett Agnes E Mrs, 320 Ind av nw 
Blodgett Win H, exam pat o, h 113 Md av 

Blodgett Wm H, elk treas, h Pa av cor 

Barrin^ton Charles H, elk war dept, h 
Bloettner Elizabeth, wid, dress mkr, 1802 

G uw 
Blois Sames F H, elk, 1517 L nw 
Blonjquist Frank O, (fresco painter, bds 

405 11th nw 
Bloudel Eugene. (May & Blonde!,) 423 L 

Blondheim Henry, elk, 915 6th nw 
Blondheirn Simon, elk, 915 6ih nw 
Blood Henry A, elk, 1133 14th nw 
Blood Lizzie >., 22 2d se 
Blood Sarah W, wid Horatio P, 22 3d se 
Bloomer A F, printer, bds 51 H nw 
Bloomer Bridget, cook, 215 Bridge, Gtn 
Bloomer Caroline Mis, 1321 M nw 
Bloomer Geoige, 1321 M nw 
Bloomer Kobt, 2002 14th nw 
Bloss John B. lawyer, 505 7th nw, h Mt 

Bloss Thomas, tinner, bds 935 C nw 
Blount Louisa K, elk treas, 1227 N nw 
Blout Emanuel, elk, 7166th nw 
Blout HL, elk, bds Meyer's hotel 
Blout Henry, elk, bds 716 6th nw 
Blout 1 L, millinery, 710 7th nw, h same 
Blue Chas H, (Terry & Blue,) 1612 7th nw 
Blue David S, bk keeper 2d nat bank, h 

1612 7th nw 
Blue Lockrun, lab pat o, h Boundary nr 

10th uw 
Blue Samuel, lab, 310 13^ nw 
Blue Samuel, lab, 1 Swingliammer's al 
Bluemyer Virginia, washing, Kimball's al 
Blum Nathan, dry good.-.' 747 8th se, h 

Blum Sigismund R, attache Austrian leg, 

bds Wormley's 
Blumeubeig Henry, baker, 307eentre and 

86 O st mkt and 417 6th sw, h 417 6th sw 
BlumenthalMichaelis, clothier, 16lBrdge, 

Gin, h same 
Blumer Frederick, "grocer, 9th c C se, h 

Blumer John, elk, 855 E ^e 
Blumer William, eng, 209 9ih se 
Blundon Alexander, elk, 54 Market, Gtn 
Blundou Auuie, dressmkr, 1719 K nw 
Blundon John A, supt park coinrurs, 54 

Market, Gtn 
Blundon Johu F, contractor, Spring hill 
Blundon Joseph A, (Hayden & Blundon,) 

10 2d. Gtn 
Blundon Kate M, teacher, 54 Market, Gtn 
Blundon Laura V, teacher, Curtis bldtc, h 

54 Market, Gtn 
Blunt E C. bds 230 12th sw 
bLVNT HARR1 W,agtPotomac 

mills cement works, $19 mkt 

j»p, li 230 12tli sw 
Blunt Nanc}, seivt, "VVillards 
Blunt bhadrack, lab, bet 5th and 6th and 

L and M se 
Blunt Stephen, shoemaker, 14 C nw 
Blunt W W, collector Ches and Ohio 

canal, Gtn, h Montgomery co, Md 
Blutcher Bose, wid, 1213 5th nw 
Blaciley Thomas, lab, 214 C se 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to M. GOLDSTEIN'S 

California Cigar Store, 
611 Penua Av, under Met. Hotel. 

See page 4. 

WKiTEUSof the I* C, 401 9ih 
11 w 

1223 Fnw 

SIONERS. 1429 N IT av nw 

Boardman Chus. 2*15 Pa av uw 
Boai dman Geo H, 1127 14th nw 
Boarkman Myron, elk a;g o, h 742 10th nw 
Boardley Albert, lab, 47 Jefferson, Gtn 
Boarman C V, phys. 1114 Md av sw, h 

same; office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 2 to 4 

p m, 6 to 7 p m 
Boarman G Clifford, clk:bk Wash, h 111* 

Md av sw 
Boarman M E Mrs, elk treas, 1014 17th nw 
Boarman Mary, wid Chas L. 18 5th, Gtn 
Boarman Rjchd T, watchman. 18 5th, Gtn 
Boarman S B, bkkpr, bk Wash, h 1114 

Md av sw 
Boarman Wm W, 505 D nw. h 1114 Md av 


Bobart Wm H, shipjoiuer, 1231 G se 
Bobee Ida, bds 944 E uw 
Bocher Henry, printer, 30 G ne 
Boek Geo, gardener. Tennallytown 
Bock Henry M, coaehmkr. O nr 5th nw 
Bock Maximillian, elk a go, h 918 E Cap 
Bock Michael, gardener. Teunally town 
Bode Deiterieh, tailor, 506 G nw 
BODE1ER ALFRED, druggist, 
6?Ii cor N mw, Si sstiiie 

IE* JEH -<3L ^L 3M: j&. OY- 

All Medicines compounded with the 
greatest skill and care. Horse and Cattle 
Powders, the Alkaline Aparient, the Hair 
invigorator, yet uurivaled. 


Bodensick George H, bkbinder, 1129 N J 

av nw 
Bodfish Abbie. elk treas, h 1113 K nw 
Bodfish Sumner H, engr, 923 1 nw 
Bodin Armand, restaurant, 1405 G nw, h 

Bodin Martina Mrs, svt, 2006 14th nw 
Bodley Danl, lab, Freeman's al sw 
Bodley Geo, waiter, Freeman's al nw 
Body John H, upholsterer, 1152 19th nw 

1139 7th nw 
Boehmer Geo H elk Smithsonian Ins 
Boerger Mary, (2i Pa av se 
Boetteher Fredk, eabinkr, 322 9th se 
Bo^an Beuj. student, bds 310 I nw 
UOGAN CHARLES J., dry ^oods, 

470 It nw, la 924 5tli nw 
Bogan Jas F. tailor, bds 507 10th nw 
Bogan M V B, phys, 604 Mass av nw; of- 
fice hours, 8 to 9 a m, 2 to 4 p m, 6 to 8 

u in 
Bogan Saml W, phys, 421 G nw; office 

hrs, 8 to 9 a m, 6 to 7 p m 

GILM0EE, SMITH & CO., 629 P Stceet K. W. 




Bog en F W Dr, 1330 4th nw 
Bogert Alice, elk ireas, h 1312 G nw 
Bo- ert Alice V, 1224 I nw 
Bogert Jas M, carp, 1425 T nw 
Bogert James N, carp, 1229 D nw 
Bogert Peter, medicine. 1224 I nw 
Botrgs Ellen M, wid W Brenton, 106 Dun- 
barton. Gtn 
Boggs John W, stair builder, 622 N C av 

Boiigs Leroy J, musician, 317 N J av se 
Boggs Robert, painter, 23 D se 
Boggs Brenton W, cadet eng U S N, 106 

Dunbartou, Gtn 
Bogia A W, watchman, 1602 7th nw 
Bogia Ferd F, booK binder, 511 12th ne 
Bogle John, lab, 211 13th sw 
Bogles Wesley, waiter, Lackey's al nw nr 

5th nw 
Bo^ue Almos P, elk bur education, Sum- 
ner nw 
Bogue C E Miss, bds 709 E sw 
Bo^ue John J, elk surveyors o, h 51 1st, 

Bogus Augustus, tobacconist, 405 7th nw, 

h same 
Bogus George, coal, 14th nr B nw and 505 

9tbuw, b 460 O nw 
Bogus Henry, cigars, 929 D nw, h 460 O 

Bogus Mary J, bds 419 10th sw 
Bohanua Elizabeth, cook, 1409 L nw 
Bohanan Mitchell, coachman, 1415 Samp- 
son nw 
Bohannon Wm, grocer, G cr 10th se 
Bohlager Annie E, col bk note co, h 631 

S C av se 
Bohlayer Christopher, batcher, 9th cor I se 
Bohlayer George A W, painter, 631 S C av 

Bohlayer John T, carp, 631 S C av se 
Bohlayer Wm H, painter. 631 SO av se 
Bohler Abram, driver, Cedar nr 18th nw 
Bohler Jack, lab, Cedar nr 18th nw 
Bohmann Charles, (Edeliu & Bohmann,) 

h S C av cor 9th se 
Bonn Casimir, stationer, 103 Pa av nw, h 

Bonn John, butcher, 1112 F ne 
Bohrer A Burford, elk, bds 1020 G se 
Bohrer George A, notary public, h 1020 G 

Bohrer George P, dep U S marshall com 

Ala claims, h 524 13th se 
Bohrer George W, elk, 160 Beall, Gtn 
Bohrer J S jr, elk treas, h 1916 F nw 
Bohrer Marion Wm, elk, bds 1020 Gse 
Bohrer Mary, teacher, 1020 Gse 
Boisean James T, blacksmith, 518 N J av 

nw, h 822 G se 
Boiteau Julian F, messenger, 818 G se 
Boiseau Kichard F, journalist N Y Ass 

press, 503 14th nw, h 3247 9th nw 
Bokel John, 211 13th sw 
Boland Catharine A, wid Anthony, 39 H ne 
Boland Peter J, pat o, 608 C sw 
Bolar Mary E, wid George, Meridian Hill 

Boldemann Theodore H, physician, h 822 
8th nw; effice hours 8 to 10 a m 2 to 5 
p m 
Bolden Carter, lab, Clark's al bet L and M 

Bolden George, driver, gt falls ice co 
Bolden George, oysters, 465 N Y av 
Bolden Henry C, contractor, 1620 5th nw 

Bolden James, carp, 1114 1st nw 
Bolden John, lab, 118 C sw 
Bolden Mary, washing, 118JC sw 
Bolden Rachel A, wid Moses, 220 Fayette, 

Bolden Rose, r 940 Birch's al sw 
Bolden Thos, oj'ster. 612 19th nw 
Bolden Wm. waiter.'906 F sw 
Boldiu George W, iab, 938 F sw 
Boldin John, watchman, 400 13% sw 
Boldin Joseph, servt. 905 O nw 
Baldin Samuel, lab. 315 11th ne 
Bolding E E, lab, 5 3d, Gtn 
Bolds Ellen, washing, Wiliowtree al sw 
Boldway J Sebastian, elk treas,h N Y av nr 

5tb nw 
Boler Charles, waiter, 135 D sw 
Boler Lizzie, servt, 222 G sw 
Boler Josephine, sewing, 135 D sw 
Boler Marissa, washing, 135 D sw 
Boler R Maxwell, 135 U sw 
Bolger Wm, mason, 1009 7th se 
Boll Joseph, chair mkr, 731 11th nw 
Boll Paul, musician, 227 9th se 
Boll Valentine, florist, 227 9th se 
BOLLES JOHN A, judge advo- 
cate and solicitor navy depf , It 
929 G nw 
Bolles Lucy Mrs, cook 22 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Bolles Wm, farmer, Canal rd, Gtn* 
Boiling John W, steward, 1633 P nw 
Bolter James, plate printer, 512 8th nw 
Bolton Charles, driver, 612 2d sw 
Bolton Henry W, book agt, 615 7th nw, h 

110 6th se 
Bolton Hoffman, porter, 1128 3d nw 
Bolton James F, elk bur stat, 1226 4th nw 
Bolton Wm S, tel op, 1808 M nw 
Bolway Joseph S, eik treas, h 414 N Y av 

Borubry Lucy, wid Wm, laundress, rear 

1149 17th nw 
Bombrey Sarah, servt, rear 1149 17th nw 
Bonabires Paul, barber, 1008 Pa av, h 1310 

E nw 
Bonabedas Paul, barber, 239 Pa av nw, h 

209 C se 
Bond Alexander, lab, 447 N nw 
Bond Annie, servt, 413 3d nw 
Bond Catharine, wid Ignatius, 1608 M nw 
Bond Charles D, letter carrier, bds 718 H 

Bond Charles T, porter, bds 617 B ne 
Bond David, night school, 1430 3d nw, h 

Bond Delia, servt, 134 7th ne 
Bond Emma L, teacher, 813 1st nw 
Bond George, plumber, btls 222 2d ne 
BOND «i J, lawyer, 513 7tn nw, 

h 1316 d nw 
Bond Hanson, lab, 27 O nw 
Bond James, driver, 1015 L nw 
Bond John F, waiter, 1732 17th nw 
Bond John H, navy dept, h 923 20th uw 
Bond John Wesley, porter, 617 B ne 
Bond Joseph D, plumber, 221 10th ne 
Bond Lorenzo D, painter, bds 718 H sw 
Bond Margaret, servt, 442 O nw 
Bond Mary, servt, 933 M nw 
Bond Mary J, hominy, 126 N L mkt, h 1511 

O nw 
Bond Matilda, servt, 1303 K nw 
Boi.d N W, elk pat o, h Laurel, Md 
Bond Overton, lab, 1616 O nw 
Bond Robert, butter, 487 Cen mkt, h .301 
F uw 

GILMORE & 00. Buy and Sell Bounty 




Bond Robert V, plumber, 133 Pa av nw, h 

221 10th ne 
Boud Samuel, porter, 1219 17th nw 
BOND iSAMUEJL R. lawyer, 321 

43^ n w. (also C Sf. Burgess & €0.) 

h 1410 9th nw 

s*. H- BOND, 

Attorney and Coreellor-at-Lw, 

321 Eour-and-a-half St., 


Bond Samuel K, 718 H sw 

Bond Samuel S, physician, office 813 1st 

nw, h;same : office hours : 7 to 9 a m, 3 

to 4 p m, 
Bond 1 beodosia, wid Joseph, 1514 8th nw 
Bond Thbmas, lab, 617 B ne 
Bond Thomas D, supt int dept, h Laurel. 

Bone Wallace C,>clk treas, bds 902 9th nw 
Bonebrake James H, elk 22 7th se 
Bouell Edward, stouecutter, 235 9th se 
Boner John H, printer, 9 H nw 
Bouitz Henry, milinery. 1028 7th nw, h 

Bonnell George W, (WE Spalding & Co,) 

515 13th nw 
Bonner Benjamin, lab, C nr 21 nw 
Bonner Doctor, lab, 1107 N J av nw 
Bonner, Edward, lab, 21-t ur N Y av nw 
Bonner Green, plumber, 21st ur N Y avnw 
Bonner John J, elk, bds Irving House 
Bonner James R, waiter, bds r 515 7th 
Bonner Leonidas, lab, 21st nr N Y w nw 
Bonner Margaret A, wid Fred, washer, r 

Bonner Bichard, lab, 1021 V nw 
Bonner Virginia, washer, 915 Hughe's al 

Bonnett Georgiana, servt, 485 Pa av nw 
Bonsai William, conductor, 1542 9th 
Bonsai Thomas, Uniontown 
Bonsold Christian, 411 N nw 
Bonyear Emmitt, printer, 903 Pa av nw 
Bontz Catheriue, wid Leonard, 1142 N J 

av nw 
Bontz Jacob, bricklayer, 1306 5th nw 
Bontz John, elk, 911 9th nw 
Bontz John, carp, 911 9th nw 
Bontz Robert H, ice cream, 637 H nw, h 

911 9th nw 
Booie Mary, wid Arnold, 2208 I nw 
Booker Annie, wid James, 334 G sw 
Booker Coleman, lab. 111 L nw 
Booker Mary A. wid Robert, 910 14th nw 
Booker Nancy, 925 Birch's al sw 
Booker Nelson, waiter, works Imperial 
Booker Robert H, elk, 910 14th nw 
Bookman Henry D. harnesduikr, 1 1st 

Bool George, shoemkr. 717 6th nw 
BOOL, JACOB, shoes, 729 7th nw, 

li same 
Boole Lizzie, cook, 405 21st nw 
BOONEALBKRT E, lawyer, and 

notary, 462 L.a av, h 1419 CJ nw 
Boon Katie, 1014 14th nw 
Boone Daniel, lab. 74 West, Gtn 

"%)&. Grolcistsin, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West and Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penua Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 


729 Seventh St., NW, bet. G and H, 

Keeps constantly on hand a large assort- 
ment of LADIES' and GENTS' BOOTS and 
SHOES, and makes to order Gent's Boots, 
Shoes and Gaiters. 

All* kinds of REPAIRING neatly and 
promptly attended to. 

Boone Frances, wid Robert, Stoddart nr 

North, Gtn 
Boone Henrietta H, wid John F, 1110 13th 

Boone James H, 1419 G nw 
Boone John, lab, 433 F ranklin nw 
Boone Julia Mrs, housekeeper, Beall nr 

Monroe, Gtn 
Boone Mary, servt, Beall nr Monroe, Gtn 
Boone Sarah, wid John H, E Cap bet 15th 

and 16th se 
Boone Sophia, washing, 123 4th ne 
Booraem Edgar I, elk 2d aud o, h 1730 

10th nw 
Boor man Fred, mess H R 
Boos Margaret. 909 G sw 
Booten Louis, lab, Marion nw 
Bootes Levi C, com mer, 43 1st, Gtn 
Bootes Saml M, araughtsmau, 43 1st, Gtn 
Booth Johu, lab, Beall ur Greene, Gtn 
Booth John T, caulker, Beall ur Greene, 

Booth John W, 1116 22d nw 
Booth Levi, lab, 724 2^-d nw 
Booth Martha A, seamstress, Beall nr 

Gre«ue, Gtn 
Booth Mary, 1129 23d nw 
Booth Newton, U S Senator, 601 13th nw 
Booth Samuel, lab, Beall nrGreeue, Gtn 
Bootes Samuel M, draftsman, 43 1st, Gtn 
Boothe Mary Louisa, wid, seamstress, 314 

N C av se 
Borbeck Hugo, elk q m d, h 78 Defrees nw 
Borden Anua C, elk treas, bds 718 12th nw 
Borden Henry C, 1334 G nw 
Bordley Jesse, watchman, 1814 Vt av nw 
Borger Geo H, grocer, 500 G nw, h same 
Borges A P de Carvalho, E E and M P 

Brazil, 822 Conn av nw 
.Borlau Chas C, carp, 1339 Vt av nw 
Borland Alexander T, elk, 1515 L nw 
Borland Andrew J, physician, 903 6th nw; 

office hours, 7 to 9 a in; 12 to 3 p m 
Borland Chas C, carp. 1339 Vt av nw 
Borland Johu. carp, 1507 16th nw 
Borland John A, 1513 L nw 
Borland Lilie, elk, 1521, L nw 
Borlan 1 Maria, wid John, 1521 L nw 
BORROWS JOSEPH, physician, 

921 E iv 

( 8 to 10 a m 

Office hours: < 12 m 

( 3 to 5 p m 
Borser Annie, dressmkr, 325 13th nw 
Borsey Wm, porter, B nr 20th nw 
Bortle Cornelius, elk, bds 1126 7th nw 
Bosa Heurette, wid Luke. Ford's al nw 

Land Warrants and Scrip. 




Bosetron Benjamin A, caterer, 3182dse 
Bosenbery; Henry, caoiuet mkr, 400 I uw 
Bosley Cornelius, waiter, bds 1838 L nw 
Bosley Geo Rev, 1828 L uw 
Boss Charles S, scroll sawyer, bds 1146 

8th nw 
Boss Edward W, scroll a sawyer, bds 1146 

8th uw 
Boss Frank Miss, elk treas, bds 18 Grant 

pi nw 
Boss Mary B, elk, 911IL nw 
Boss Grace I, feeder, 1103 F nw 
Boss James K, carpt, 401 B nw 
Boss John, lab, Beall ur Greene, Gtn 
Boss John P, printer, 407 NYav uw 
Boss John ti, printer, 407 N Y av nw 
BOSS JOSEPH S. carpenter and 

builder, r off 123© 9th nw, h 

941 Lnur 


Carpenter and Builder. 

Jobbing promptly attended to. 

Shop in rear of 1236 Ninth Street, NW. 

Boss Nelson Rev, 18 Grant pi nw 
Boss Samuel T, elk, 407 NYav nw 
Boss Sarah V, elk, bds 1146 8th nw 
Boss Virginia E, teacher. 407 N Y av nw 
Boss Win A, lawyer, 13th and T, h 1146 

8th nw 
Bosse Wm C G, wheelwright, 21 6th ne 
Bossie Arthur, lab, 452 1st sw 
Bossie Celia, 452 1st sw 
Bossie Hyson, waiter. 452 1st sw 
Boston A C, servt. 1224 N J av nw 
Boston Advertiser. 1314 F nw 
Boston Annie M, teacher, 1325 L nw 
Boston Catherine, servt, 436 2d sw 
Boston Daniel, waiter, 1017 15th nw 
Boswel Edward, elk, bds 306 E nw 
Boston Elijza, wid Daniel, servt, 1620 Vt 

av nw 
Boston Elizabeth, servt. 1236 M nw 

LER. 1313 ¥ nw 
Boston George H, contractor, 1329 8th nw 
BOS VON HERALD, 511 14th mi. 
Boston John, lab, 22d bet A and B se 
BOSTON JO URN AL, 1335 F nw 
Boston Margaret, wid Samuel, 1231 11th 

Boston Maria, wid John, New Hampshire 

av nr G nw 
Boston Mary, seamstress, 2022 E nw 
Boston Phillip, lab, B nr 18th ne 
Boston Po-t, 1339 F nw 
Boston R E, sexton, Sherman nr 18th nw 
Boston Richard, servt, 610 A. se 
Boston Richard, waiter, 216 E se 
Boston Robert, lab, 115 D sw 
Boston Robert F, driver, Sherman nr 18th 

Boston Sarah, ironer, 508 4th ne 
Boston Sarah. 503 G nw 
Boston Sarah, wid Daniel. Shots al 
Boston Thomas, lab, 125 Va av sw 
Boston Transcript, 521 14th nw 

Boston Washington, lab, B nr 18th ne 
Boston William G, sailmkr, h 510 L2th se 
Boswell Allen T, grocer, 9204th se, u same 
Boswell Betsy, wid Johu, washiug, 308 C 

Boswell Charles, lab, 308 C se 
Boswell Charles, boilermkr, 103 L se 
Boswell, E V B, druggist, 301 7th sw, h 

Boswell E W, 466 N sv* 
Boswell Eliza, wid Samuel, lea al nr 2d 

Boswell Elizabeth, wid John, 321 K se 
tice oi' the peace and notary 
public, 353 £ sw, h 4D7 tith e* w 

Boswell George, bricklayer, 1247 Union sw 
Boswell George, hostler, h Brigutwood 
Boswell George H, boilermaker, 176 High, 

Boswell Henry, 915 1st ee 
Boswell Henry, fireman R R, 473 D sw 
Boswell John, blacksmith, bds 321 Kse 
Boswell John H, fireman, Potomac al sw 
Boswell J VV L, st'mb't eapt, h 825 7th sw 
Boswell Louis, carp, 1520 6th uw 
Bosweil Martha A, 308 C se 
Boswell Mary, wid George W, Potomac al 

Boswell Matthew, blacksmith, 317 K se 
Boswell Mollie, seamstress, 1^,51 C uw 
Boswell K H, (Harmon. Boswell & Co,) h 

417 O nw 
Boswell Robert H, shoemkr, 415 I nw 
Boswell Robert S, rep U S S, h 126 C se 
Boswell Samuel, lab. 711 3d sw 
Boswell Samuel W, carp, 1515 6th nw 
boswell Sarah J, wid Johu W, I bet % 

and 1st se 
Bosweil Susan, wid Charles, Clark's al bet 

L aud M nw 
Boswell Thomas, bricklayer, 623 L nw 
Boswell Thornton, lab, 18th bet C and D 

Boswell Washington E, drover, 466 N sw 
Boswell William, elk eduealo, bds 923 9th 

Bossvell Wm, horse dealer, 310 K sw 
Boswell Wm, watchman, 1223 S uw 
Boswell Wm, asst mess pen o 
Boswitz Charles, elk, bds 726 7th nw 
Bos worth Alleu L. physician, 918 E nw 
Bosworth C V Mrs, 1223 9th ,w 
Bosworth Frances E, dressmaker, 918 E 

Bosworth Freeman D, (Bosworth & Mat- 

chett,) 1316 6th nw 
Bosworth John 8, elk a go, h 1617 10th nw 
Bosworth Lewis, carp, 14015th uw« 
Bosworth & Matchett, (Freeman D Bos- 
worth aud Charles VV" Matchett,) pro- 
visions, 1410 I nw 
Boteler Catharine, wid Charles W, 331 Mo 

av uw 
Boteler Edward M, uudettaker, 735 8th se, 

h same 
Boteler Henry D, (J W Boteler & Bro,) 

9i3 Pa av uw 
Boteler James E, police. 510"7th se 
Boteler Jesse, watchman, 1811 Vtavnw 
Boteler Johu D, locksmith, 116 B se, h 

540 7th se 

JTlntual Eire Ins Co, La av cor 

7th, h B225 Stli nw 

GIL MO RE, SMITH & CO.. 629 F street iVW. 




Boteler John W, (J W Boteler & Bro.) 

613 Hnw 

and Menry D Boteler,) house 

furnishings, 9'23 i*a, av nw 
Boteler Lemuel I. carp. 436 Masa av uw 
Boteler Mary J Mrs, 1455 F nw 
Boteler Buillip 8, 1 cksmith, 457 [ uw 
Bolder Win E M, painter. 1455 P uw 
Boteler Win B, iiihss, 122? 8tli uw 
Botscu G L, butcher. 634 ecu mkt, h 1314 

22d u w 
Botseh Lenhard, butcher, 29 K st inkt and 

1314 22d uw 
Bott Johu, watchman, 1623 3d nw 
Bottom ley James L, elk, 330 6th se 
Bottomley John, servt, WiiAard's 
Bottomore G, watchinkr. 3L9 Pa 

av uw 
Bottomore Charles H, jeweler, 319 Pa av, 

h same 
Botts Evelina, wid William H, 1229 G se 
Botts John A, elk, 615 E se 
Botts John Minor, blacksmith, 1916 N 

Hampshire av uw 
Botts Mary, servt, 1727 K nw 
Botts Minnie, dressing, 26 Prospect, Gtn 
Bot's Rosetta, svt, 1727 K uw 
Botts Thos, lab, 1220 K uw 
Botts Wm, lab, GrinuolPs al nw 
Bouchard Mirie, wid Wm, 813 12th nw 
Boucher Albt W, elk pod, h 717 14th uw 
Boucher Eliza ML, wid Theo, 84 Fayette, 

Boucher Elizabeth R, elk 2d aud o, hU26 

Corcorau uw 
Boucher Kate, wid Jos W, 1501 9th nw 
Boucher Victor, elk, bds 12th bet Pa av 

and D nw 
Boudiu Jas, carp, 138 Carroll se 
Boudiu Sarah E Mrs, mess, 118 Beall, Gtu 
Boadiuot Geo S, elk, bds 923 M aw 
iJoudiuot Mary E Mrs, 323 M uw 
Boughtou Horace, broker, 437 7th nw. h 

10th e P uw 


Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist. 

611 Penna Av, undeb Met. Hotel, 
See page 4. 

Boudwin Hense, driver, 505 D se 
Bouis Robert H G, stoves, 418j^ 11th nw, 
. h 1325 S uw 
Bouis Stephen, stoves, 717 M nw, h 719 M 

Bouis Stephen jr, insurance, 719 M nw 
Bouis Stephen G, elk. bds 1325 *S nw 
Bouldeu Thos, blkaiuith, 1916 K nw 
Bouldeu Thorutou, hostler. Poplar Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Bouldin Albert, minister. 444 I nw 
Bouldiu Boston, lab, 2018 11th nw 
Bouldin Eliza, wid Robt, washing, 2018 

Uth uw 
Bouldin 8amL lab, 1215 R dw 
Bouler Paul, lab, 1117 1st nw 
Boulin Nicholas, 826 23d nw 
Boulter Edw, shoemkr, 2d ur E sw 
Boumaun Chus, maehiuis , 304 12th nw 
Bounds H T, butcher, 36 K-8t mkt, h Ca- 
nal road. Gtn 
Bounds B T, butcher, Canal road, Gtn 
Bourne Thos C, elk ago. h 219 3d uw 
Bourns Wm H, watchman, bds 30 B ne 
Boutton Joseph. attache French Legation, 

h 1028 17th uw 

li 1100 Vermont av nw 
Boutwell, Saml H, U S N. 814 I nw 
Bouvet Napoleon, mess, 1807 I nw 
Bouze Elijah, oytere, 1500 14th nw, h 1611 

11th nw 
Bovee Theo N, asst ex pat o, h 436 K nw 
Bovee, Johu N, printer, 8 I uw 
BOWBEER ISA&C, meats and 
provisions, 1101 I nw, bds same 
Bowden Charles, plumber, 909 E Cap se, h 
913 E Cap se 



Silver-Plated Ware, 

Kitchen Utensils. 


923 I*£t. -A/*7"©. 


GILMORE & CO., 629 F N. W. 

BOW [146) 



Dealer in all kinds of 


Northwest Corner I and Eleventh Streets. 

Bowden Elizabeth, elk treas, h^4 I nvr 
Bowden Lemuel G, elk navy dept, bds 

1229X 7th nw 
Bowden Thomas R, bds 1229| 7th nw 
Bowdler Robert, florist, 469 cen mkt, h 

Benninsr's rd 
BOWBOIN »\YII> W, plioto- 

grapber, 939 Pa av nw, bds 

913 1 nw 

D. W. BOWDOIN and 



939 Pa. Ave., bet. 9th and 10th Sts. NW 

grapher, 939 Pa av nw, bds 913 
1 nw 

Bewen A T, teacher, 940 E sw 

Bowen Abram. lab, 53 Frederick, Gtn 

Bowen Adeline, bds 940 E sw 

Bowen Anna J, elk, bds 1533 Columbia 

Boweu Charles H, physician, 603 Mass av 

nw, h same; office hours 7 to 10 a m 3 to 

5pm and 6 to 8 p m 
Bowen Charles M, elk pen o, h 803 N nw 
Bowen Columbus, painter, 458 N Y av nw 

625 La av, h 451 M n w 

Painter & Glazier, 

625 Louisiana Avenue, 

Between Sixth and Seventh Sts., 

Bowen Cynthia, wld Jacob, 31 4th, Gtn 
Bowen David, driver, 26th nr F nw 
Bowen Edwin jr, elk, bds 1533 Columbia 
Bowen Edwin, ins agt,. 1533 Columbia 
Bowen Eliza, wid David, 916 nw 
Bowen Ellsworth,, candy mkr, 1323 Mass 

av nw 
Bowen Emily, wid Irving, elk treas, bds 

939^R I av nw 
Bowen Erasmus M, plasterer, bds 513 11th 

Bowen E M Mrs, elk treas, 939 R I av nw 
Bowen Ester, washer, 1025 20th nw 
Bowen George, brick moulder, 1514 19th 

Bowen H S, navy dept, h Prince George's 


Bowen Harriet F, wid John, 1305 5th nw 
Bowen Harrison S, elk navy dept,h Hyatts- 

Bowen Henry B, conductor, 811 6th sw 
Bowen Ida, bds 451 M nw 
Bowen JEM, examiner trade marks pat 

o, h 1536 9th nw 
Bowen James G, (Huguely & Bowen,) h 

605 Mass av nw 
Bowen James LN, physician,, 928 E sw 7 

office hours 11 to 1 and 2 to 4 p m 
Bowen John, painter, 1305 5th nw 
Bowen John, lab, Boundary nr Vt av nw 
Bowen John R, Knox's al sw 
Bowen Lillie I, 1316 M nw 
Bowen Lizzie, bds 513 11th sw 
Bowen Margaret E, servt, 1819 H nw 
Bowen Mary A, wid Benj F, 2243 12th nw 
Bowen Mary A, wid Leonidas, teacher, 

513 11th sw 
Bowen Mary E, servt, 2113 H nw 
Bowen Matthew, carpt, 1305 5th nw 
Bowen Paul T. elk, 415 G nw 
Bowen Samuel, lab, 623 K sw 
Bowen Sarah E, dressmkr, 2243 12th nw 
Bowen Sayles J, 1411 K nw 
Bowen Uriah G, painter, 1323Massavnw 9 , 

h 1316 M nw 
Bowen Wm, barber, 702 3d nw 
Bowen Wm B, elk, bds 1533 Columbia 
Bowen Wm D, Columbia nw 
Bower Cornelia, wid John J, 608 A se 
Bower Effingham T, 203 E Cap se 
Bower Louis, (E Ernst & Co,) 633 N nw 
Bower Richard L, 608 A se 
Bowers Henry C, elk Riggs house, h 217 

4% nw 
Bowers Jacob, conductor, 66 Fayette, Gtn 
Bowers Thomas, elk treas, h 426 O nw 
Bowersox Levi, carpt, 1332 4th nw 
Bowes Henry, lab, 78 O nw 
Bowey Allen, sig ser, 1115 K nw 
Bowie A M Miss, bds 1541 8th nw 
Bowie Annie M, cook, 21 15th nw 
Bowie Argyle C, 1223 13th nw 
Bowie Augustus, lab, 721 Freeman's al nw 
Bowie Elijah, lab, 1611 11th nw 
Bowie Eliza, servt, 329 Fighting al sw 
Bowie Frank, lab, 7th nr K sw 
Bowie Frank, porter, Wilson, Howards 

Bowie George W r lab, 721 Freeman's al nw 
Bowie H C, contractor, 614 Mass av nw 
Bowie Harriet, servt, 5th nr Frederick,, 

Bowie Henry, lab, bds 903 1st sw 
Bowie Isaac, lab, Bladensburg 
Bowie James,, lab, Brightwood 
Bowie Jane E, wa&hing, 721 Freeman's- aS 

Bowie L O, elk p m g o, h 1119 S nw 
Bowie Lizzy, servt, 813 3d nw 
Bowie Lizzie, washing, 721 Freeman's al 

Bowie Lydia, servt, 1027 12th nw 
Bowie Mary E, wid Wm J, nurse, 1130 

15th nw 
Bowie Matilda, 620 Freeman's al nw 
Bowie Nathaniel, watchman, 238 3d sw 
Bowie R Irving, elk, bds 230 12th sw 
Bowie Richard, plasterer. Pleasant al sw 
Bowie Rubt, lamplighter, 417 2d sw 
Bowie Sarah, servt, 934 N nw 
Bowie Thomas, rear 1614 Lnw 
Bowie Thomas, expressman, Union alnw 
Bowie Thomas H, lab, 510 19th nw 

When'Assignments of Land Warrants are Imperiect 




Bowie Tvler, janitor, 7th. bet K and L sw 
Bowie Wm. laO, 238 3d sw 
Bowie Wm, lab, Draper's al sw 
Bowie Wm, lab, 921 Hughes 1 al nw 
Bowie Wm, whitewashes rear 703 6th se 
Bowlen Maggie, servt, 612 5th nw 
Bowler F T fireman R R, 473 D sw 
Bowler Joseph, lab, 236 13^ sw 
Bowler Myra, dressmkr, bds 624 4j^ sw 
Bowler Paul, hostler, bds Seaton al nw 
Bowles Flavious, carp, 6th bet K and L 

Bowles Henry, sexton, Beall nr North, Gtn 
Bowles JohL, real estate, 511 7th nw 
Bowles John, lab. Falls rd nr Gtn college 
Bowles Joseph F, carp, 1011 6th ne 
Bowles Louisa, servt, 408 L nw 
Bowles Lucinda, washing, Organ al nw 
Bowles Michael B, mess, 936 22d nw 
Bowles Nancy, wid Granderson, servt, 521 

12th nw 
Bowles Wm, lab s g o, h 711 1 nw 
Bowles Wm A, elk s g o, bds 828 7th nw 
Bowlin Henry, lab, 1002 11th se 
Bowling Chas C, grocer, 420 7th sw, h485 

E sw „ 

Bowling Edwd M, elk, 465 F sw 
Bowling Ernest, elk, 465 F sw 
Bowling Patrick, bricklayer, 917 1st ne 
Bowling Wm L. huckster, 905 M se 
Bowman Ann, wid Baptist, 815 Grant av 

Bowman Augustus, driver, 57 West, Gtn 
Bowman C V B, dressmkr, 804 K nw 
Bowman Catharine, wid Darius, Bladens- 

burg, Md 
Bowman Chas, lab, 449 I nw 
Bowman Eliza, servt, 616 6th nw 
Bowman Francis, lab, Brown's al nr Val- 
ley, Gtn 
Bowman George, driver, 40 Gay Gtn 
Bowman Henry, lab, 51 Frederick, Gtn 
Bowman J D, druggist, 3d and High, Gtn 
Bowman J T A, paperhanger. bds 804 K nw 
Bowman James, lab, 1029 19th nw 
Bowman James H, servt, Corcoran bet 

16thand 17th nw 
Bowman John, carp, Valley nr Stoddart, 

Bowman Julia, laundress, Beall nr Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Bowman Lucinda A, wid James H. 1708 

Vt av nw 
Bowman Mary, widHenry, 1228 B se 
Bowman Peter, cook, 336 D sw 
Bowman Serena, wid Daniel, laundress, 

1127 18th nw 
Bowman Thomas, coachman, 1333 K nw 
Bowman Thomas, whitewashes Corcoran 

bet 16th and 17th nw 
Bowman Wesley, cigars, 1236 N Y av, h 

630 H nw 
Bowman Wm, boatman, 610 2d sw 
Bowman Wm, plumber, 210 bridge, Gtn 
Bowman Wm A, elk, 804 K nw 
Bowman Wm H, bacon, 513 cen mkt, h 

1616 11th nw 
Bowmer Susan E, wid Edward, dressmkr, 

108 4Xnw 
Bowser Benj F, driver, 216 1st sw 
Bowser Lois, servt, 1713 I nw 
Bowyer Gilbert mtss, 412 10th nw 
Bowyer Otis, elk, bds 1116 G nw 
Boxley Isaac, lab, V nr 17th nw 
Boxley Patrick, Jab, 612 Del av sw 
Boyce Isaac D, grocer, Uuiontown 

The Cheapest House in the City to 
buv Cigars and Tobacco is M. GOLD- 
STEIN'S California Cigar Store, 611 
Penua Av, under Met. Hotel, See 
page 4. 

Boyce James, grocer, 26th c I nw, h same 
Boyce James, lab, 319 13th nw 
Boyce James A, bricklayer, 83 Myrtle ne 
Boyce James M, bricklayer, 24 H ne 
Boyce M M. wid Wm M, Road nr Wash- 
ington, Gtn 
Boyce Samuel, bricklayer, 1319 <% sw 
Boyce Silas, reporter, 934 F nw 
Boyce Walter J, elk, 83 Myrtle ne 
Boyce Wm H. bricklayer. 1219 4^ sw 
BOYCEW1W, lawyer, 1429 W 
Y av cor t5tk- nw 


1429 New York Av., 


Boyd A A, lieut U S N, hydro o, h 918 15th 

Boyd Abram, lab, 1013 V nw 
Boyd Annie, servt, 626 F nw 
Boyd Augene P, 911 R nw 
Boyd Augustus, lab, 5th nr Frederick, Gtn 
Boyd Belle, seamstress, bds 944 E nw 
Boyd Charles, carp, 13th nr C ne 
Boyd Charles, driver, 11 Montgomery, Gtn 
Boyd Charles, lab. 1013 V nw 
Boyd Charles A, carp, 315 1st ne 
Boyd Charles B, huckster. 602 }4 sw 
Boyd Edward, elk, 1347 Gihnw 
Boyd Edward D, ex pat o, h 1015 I nw 
Boyd Edward M, glazier, 6th cor O nw 
Boyd Eliza, wid Samuel, 11 Montgomery, 

Boyd Elizabeth, cor Frederick and 6th, Gtn 
Boyd Emma, servant, 309 E nw 
Boyd George, grocer, 1825 K nw, h same 
Boyd George, porter, Marion nw 
Boyd George W, druggist, bds 223 C ne 
Boyd George W, lab, 68 Beall, Gtn 
Boyd Hannah C, wid Weston, seamstress, 

rms 77 Defrees nw 
Boyd Heury, lab, 1013 V nw 
Boyd James J, paper mkr, 429 N nw 
Boyd J K Mrs, 1011 Pa av nw 
Boyd Jane, 1001 26th nw 
Boyd John, 2 I nw 

Boyd John, cigar mkr, bds 507 10th nw 
Boyd John, painter, 511 Q nw 
Boyd Joseph, hacks, 342 Me av sw 
Boyd Ledm R, 602 >£ sw 
Boyd Maggie, dressmkr, 1007 C nw 
Boyd Margaret, boarding, 223 C ne 
Boyd Mary, bds 429 N nw 
Boyd Mary, servt, 1*30 7th nw 
Boyd Mai v Mrs, 511 Q nw 
Boyd Mary A, bds 429 G nw 
Boyd Mary A. wid George, 822 13th nw 
Boyd Mary M, wid Benjamin, 13th nr C 

Boyd Nellie, elk, bds 429 N nw 

Call at 629 F Street Northwest. 




BOTD BOBEKT, hardware 416 
9lli nw, It 1S05 M. nw 

Bovd Robert E, elk. bd* 1805 H nw 
Boyd Russell N, laborer, bcis 10tt3 17th nw 
Boyd SamiK 1 driver, 311 6tb nw 
Boyd Sarah, wid Augustus, cor Frederick 

and 6tb, G\n 
Bo^d Sibbald Fred, 1334 5th nw 
Bo^d Vnlinda, wid Abram, Goat al nw 
Boyd Washington, lab, 68 Beall, Gtn 
Boyd William, grocer, 108 Va av sw 
Boyd. William, pattern mkr. 911 7th se 
Boyd William Andrew, 1334 5th nw 
BOYD1V1H, (Boyd's Directory 

Co,) 705 <G nw, h 1334 5th nw 
Boyd William H, elk land o, h 1807 12th 

Boyd William H, lab, 61 6 2d aw 
Boyd William J, painter, 602% sw 
Bovd William M, printer, 70 1 ne 
Boyd William S, elk, 82 Myrtle ne 

705 « nw 
Boyden Charles, elk, 513 7th ne 
Boyden George, agi American Sew Macb, 

348 Fa av nw 
Boyden Stephen A, Lt Cap police, h 513 

7th ne 
Boyer Courtland, cigars, 311 4| sw 
boyer Harry, engineer, 1239 4i sw 
Boyer Harry ^ engineer RR, 473 D sw 
Boyer Henrietta Mrs, 1453 Corcoran nw 
Boyer Henry H, cigars, 1020 19th nw, 
Boyer John, clothing, 31512ih nw, h same 
Bo)er Romulus W, printer, Chronicle 

Boykin Frank, plaster, h al bet G and 

Mass av nw 

Boykin Henry, lab, 72 Vt al 

Boylan Joseph, lab, 7ih nr H ne 

Buyle A E, wid Com Junius J, 732 21st nw 

Boyle Acland, aotor, h Mt Pleasant 

Boyle Augustus F, journalist, 106 3d nw 

Boyle Betsey, servt,-1726 I uvv 

Boyle Catherine, wid James, grocery, B 

eor 2d uw 
prietor Boyle's* note], 52 and 54 
C nw 
Boyle Chris, elk, bds Boyle's Hotel nw 
Boyle Christopher, carp, bds 926 C nw 
EOYLE CORNELIUS, physician, 
212 44 nw, 

( 8 to 9:30 a m 
Office hours : <2 to 4 p m 
f 6 to 8 p m 
Bovle Ella, dressmkr, West, nr Rock Creek. 

Boyle Francis E Rev, paetor St Peter's 

Church 2d cor C se, h 313 2d se 
Boyle James E, switchman RR, 489 Md av 

Boyle John, 1728 H nw 
Boyle John, correspondent, '*12 4% nw 
Boyle John, lab. F cor 10th ne 
Boyle John F. carp, 2211 G nw 
Boyle Joseph B, elk, bds 1323 H nw 
Boyle Junius, bricklayer, 13 2d Gtn 
Boyle Margartt, servt, 1611 H nw 
Boyle Mary, wid, 505 7th sw 
Boyle Mary F, stenographer, h Mt Pleas- 
Boyle Michael, engr R R, 463 D sw 
Boyle Patk, fireman, 2031 I nw 
Boyle Peter, hostler, Govt corral 
Boyle Richd B, police, 53 G nw 

ROBERT 130 YI> 9 


Tin, Plate, 8heet, Copper, Russia and 
American Sheet Iron, 

Wire Kivets, Stove Ornaments, Sheet Zinc, Mica, &c. 


Builders' and Housekeepers' Hardware. 

416 M in tli Street, bet. » sand IS Streets, 
^TfTASHIMG-TOBr, :d. o» 




Street Cars to all parts of the city are constantly 


Jgggf* This House has been thoroughly refitted for the especial accomodation 
of the travelling public. 

■3T ©xmxls 3MCoci.o:r'ia,to. 

Information to Inventors Given Free. 




Boyle Watpon, mess, 212 4}^ nw 
UOYLE'S HOTEL, Chris. Royle 
proprietor. 52 and 54 C nw 

Boy lie Cecilia J, wid Thos, 204 H nw 
Boyne Harry, stonecutter, 204 H nw 
Boyne Henry J, stonecuter, 204 H nw 
Bo\ntou C A, elk 1 o, Grant row, Capitol 

Hill e 
Boynton Chas, elk, bds 209 E Cap 
BOINTON H. V.. correspondent 
Cincinnati Gazette, 511 14th 
n w, Ii 1312 R nw 
Boyntun Heury S, elk 3d aud, h 928 P nw 
Boynton 8 C, lawyer, 23 15>£ nw 
Buynton Heury, lab, Vermont al nw 
Bozzell CLias L, pressman, 1802 G nw 
Bozzell Isabella A, wid Rubt L, 18l)2 G nw 
Brace W D, elk, 121 Washington, Gtu 
RRAC£ MUSSELJL 1*R., drugs, 
66 Bridge, h 121 Washington, 
Brackett John E, phys, 31 B se, h same ; 

office huurs, 8 to 9 am, 4 to p m 
Brackett Wilson, lab, 1113 Q nw 
Brad burn John D, c abmkr, 320 18th sw 
Brad burn Thos W, engr, 441 10th sw 
Bradbum Wash B, coachpainter, bds 326 

13Ji sw 
Bradbury Chas W, bkbpr, 1753 Pa av nw 
Bradbury John "W, brass hnisber, 907 10th 

Bradbury S, elk war dept, 1220 Md av sw 
Braddoek Ada, elk 1 o, bds 103 2d nw 
Bradengeyer CLas, grocer, 1428 N Cap 

nw, h same 
Bradford Aldeu, elk p o, h 1710 N J av nw 
Brauford Alfred J, printer, 810 24tn nw 
Bradlord Chas A, lawyer, 519 7th, h 109 

C se 
Bradford Chas A, postal elk, 416 G se 
Bradlord tiniily, dressmki, bds 1232 Mad- 
ison nw 
Bradford Fannie, wid, bdg, h 919 G nw 
Bradford Fannie Z, teacher, 1660 Madi- 
son nw 
KRABFORD FRED «i. M., phy- 
sician, 1422 New I'ofk ihWiiLiLti 

i 8 to 10 a m, 
Office hours < 3 to 5 

,( 6 to 8 p m 
Bradford Geo T, mess treas, h 55 C se 
Bradford Grace, bds 111 O nw 
Bradlord Henry, caulker, 415 7th se 
Bradford Heury E, carp, 515 E Capse 
Bradlord Isaac, lab, Blagdeu's al nw 
Bradford J S, lawyer, bin c F nw, h 821 

9th nw 
Bradford James, waiter, 1138 20th nw 
Bradford Johu, huckster, l236Madieonnw 
Bradlord John, produce, 450 N L mkt, h 

1236 Madison nw 
Bradlord John 8, coast sur, 230 1st ne 
yer, 456 Luuioiana av, h 1331 
Bradford Matilda, washing. 1606 11th nw 
Bradford Morgan, car trimmer, 1412 10th 

yer, 511* 7th, h 109 C se 
Bradfoid Thomas, steward, 823 15th nw 
Bradford Virginia A, hair worker, bds 

1232 Madison nw 
Bradlord Win, 460 K nw 
Bi auin Kobert A, elk int. 2218 13th nw 

M. CS-olc3Ljstoixi ? 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco ? 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

505 1> nw, h 1341 Corcoran nw 


Attorney & Counsel lor— at— Law v 

No. 505 D St., Webster Law Building, 

P. 0. Box 335. 

Bradley Andrew J, (F M Bradley & Bro, ) 

1125 13th nw 
Bradley A Thomas, (Bradley & Duvall,) 

Montgomery co, Md 
Bradley Beujamin, lab, 412 O sw 
BRADLEY (JHA'-.'LES, cashier 
National Bank: o4" the Repub- 
lic and secretary Franklin In- 
surance Company, h 307 C nw 
Bradley Chas D, watchman, 1108 W nw 
Bradley Cbas 8, asst cash nat bank re- 
public, bds 307 C nw 
Bradley David B, p o d, h 601 N J av nw 
Bradley Delia, wid Alexander, 616 K nw 
Bradley Elihu, (Wm Bradley & ttons,) 

1826 H nw 
Bndley F M & Bro, (Francis M and An- 
diew J, Bradley,) grocers, 1230 Mass av 
nw, and fruit, 76 ecu inKt 
Bradley Francis M (F M Bradley & Bro,) 

13U1 Mass av nw 
Bradley George, tailor, 128 F nw 
Bradley Geo, waiter, ^10 Jackson hall al 
KRAULliV JHLiSriiRlr, president 
Fra.nk.liu 1 nsurance tuaii|»aiiy, 
706 B saw, h 509 3ii n w 
Bradley Henry H, ok keeper, 625 La av 
Bradley Henry J, produce, 463 aud 466 
ceutre and 203 N L inkts, h 1222 Md av 
Bradley Isaac, stonecutter, 1142 N H av nw 
Bradley James, milk, F nr e b 
Bradley Jaue, wid Joseph, 816 22d nw 
Bradley John, carp, 606 K nw 
Bradley John E, undertaker, 726 5th se 
Bradley Johu K, printer, 725 9th ue 
Bradley Joseph, mill hand, Alexandria 
Bradley Joseph, (Wm Bradley & Sons,) 

1826 H nw 
Bradley Joseph F, stonecutter, 1826 H nw 
Bradley Joseph H, (Bradley & Duvall,) 

Montgomery co, Md 
RRADLEY JOSEPH P., associate 
justice Supreme court U. S., h 
201 I nw 
Bradley Leonard, elk, bds 526 5th se 
Bradley Louisa, servt, 807 N J av nw 
Bradley Martha, folder. 616 K nw 
Bradley Martha E, wid John T, h 1222 Md 

av sw 
Bradley Mary, washing, 631 Bates' al nw 
Bradley Mary, wid Joseph H jr, Congress 

nr Road, Gtn 
Bradley R A, elk, 307 C nw 

GrlLMORE, SMITH & 00., 629 F Street N. W 




Bradley Robert E, elk, 307 C nw 
Brailey Sally, servt, 105 H uw 
Bradley Sarah, 446 Ridge nw 
Bradley Sarah A, elk treas, 222 10th ne 
Bradley Thomas C, barkeeper, bds 485 Pa 

av nw 

U. S. A., 9H7J4 E nw 
Bradley Victoria, servt, 308 D sw 
Bradley Walter R, marble yard, 2307 24th 

nw, h 1208 24th nw 
Bradley Wm, ( Wm Bradley & Sons,) h 1820 

H nw 
Bradley William & Sons, (Wm, Joseph & 
Elihu Bradley,) stonecutters, O nr 4£sw 
Bradley Wm H, elk atty g o, h 201 1 nw 
Bradley Wm W jr. elk, bds 610 N nw 
IS. and A. Thomas Bradley 
and Andrew B. Duvall,) law- 
yers, 452 I> nw 


Attorneys and Connsellors-at-Lai, 


Opposite City Hall. 

Brads James, elk p o d, h Baltimore 
Bradshaw Aaron, not pub, 1339 F nw, h 

624 N C av se 
Bradshaw Alexander, lab, 516 2d sw 
Bradshaw Henry, elk p o d, h 624 N G av 

Bradshaw James, cooper, 64 Prospect, Gtn 
Bradshaw John, moulder, bds 518 G se 
Bradshaw Robert T, eating stand, 12th c 

Water sw 
Bradshaw Wm, lab, 1012 6th sw 
Bradstreet George P, elk, bds 134 E Cap 
Bradt A H, grocer, Water nr upper coal 

whl, h Prospect c Frederick, Gtn 
Bradt George H, elk, Prospect c Fred'k, 

Bradt Orlando, lab, 2308 I nw 
Brady Bernard, 1110 G nw 
BRADY EUGKNE ». F., lawyer, 

322 ±% n w, h 207 1st ne 
Brady James, lab, 128 Va av sw 
Brady James, stonecutter, 1011 2d ne 
Brady James W, elk 6th and, h Baltimore 
Brady John, lab, h Eckiugton nr Bound- 
ary and 1st ne 
Brady John, fl jrisr, 915 25th nw 
Brady John B, arcbitect, 413 7th sw 
Brady Kate M, elk treas, 1213 I nw 
Brady M H Miss, elk treas, h 11th nr H 

Brady Malcolm, bricklayer, 1312 B ne 
Brady Margaret, wid Isaac, lab 818 10th 

Brady Margaret M Mrs, 1213 I nw 
Brady Martin, shoemkr. 24 G ne 
Brady Mary E, wid Thomas. 516 2d sw 
graph' gallery, 627 Pennsylva- 
nia av nw 
Brady Michael, driver, 206 7th sw 
Brady Peyton, whitewashes 89 High, Gtn 

BRADY THOMAS J.. 2d assist- 
ant post master general, bds 
Ebbitt Mouse 

smith, 519 New York av, li 509 
13th se 


Goodenough Shoeing Shop 


Washington, D. G. 

Brafford Thomas N, elk, 219 3d nw 
Brafford James M, asst clfc H R, h 219 3d 

Brahler Edward, dyer, 635 Pa av se, 

Brahler Wm, grocer, 406 H ne, h same 
Brahley Francis, carpt, 460 I sw 
Brain ard Charles F, elk treas, h 228 N J 

av se 
Brainard H M M, 1334 G nw 
Braiuard J C, 309 F nw 
Brainard M D, elk land o, 1305 9th nw 
Brainard Wm H, (Brainard & Mcintosh,) 

1431 Corcoran nw 
Brainard & Mcintosh, (W H Brainard 

and JN Mcintosh,) real estate, 626 F nw 
Brainerd Jehu, ex pat o, h 711 9th nw 
Braiuerd Jerome, asst exam pat o, h 711 

9th nw 
Brainerd Joseph C, cap police, 309 F nw 
Brainerd Mark D, elk int dept, h 1305 

9th nw 
Brainerd Rose L, elk pat o, h 26 Defrees 
Braislyn Annie, bds 217 10th nw 
Braitmayer John E, plate printer, 41 

Montgomery, Gtn 
Brakhagen Wm, saddler, 905>£ 7th nw, h 

Bramhall Charles H, lawyer, 607 7th nw 

h 903 G nw 

estate and ins agt and auction- 
eer, 607 7th nw, h 1012 12th 



Real Estate and Insurance Apt, 


607 SEVENTH ST, N. W-, 
Opposite U. S. Patent Office. 

Branan Ellen, provisions, 73 Jackson al 

Branan James, lab. 74 Jackson al 
Branaugh Frederick, waiter, bds r N H 

av bet L and M nw 
Branch Edward, driver, 1454 Q nw 
Branch Julia, washing, 733 Freeman's al 

Branch Lucy, servt, 809 1st nw 
Branch Matthias, tailor, 1704 N J av nw 

GILM0RE, SMITH & CO., 629 F str. NW. 








II Mmm% $f Mm t? nit* 

7/? Me ^^^/ Styles of the j±?*t, the greatest care being taken 
to give satis/action in all cases. 



President and Cabinet 

Senators, Members of Congress • 

Judges of the Supreme Court, 

And many other Celebrities* 



JBI£.AJDY, Proprietor. 




Brand Peter Rev, pastor German Evangeli- 
cal church 4th and E, h 311 E nw 
Brandeburg Henry, 924 18th nw 
Brandeburg Lemuel G,lawyer, 92418th nw 
Brandebury Lemuel A, bds 814 13th nw 
Brandenburg Frederick W, cigars and to- 
bacco, 1745 Pa av nw, h same 
Brandenburg Frederick W jr, carp, 1745 

Pa av nw 
Braudes Henry, 1627 10th nw 
Branding Michael, lab, 58 Jackson al 
Brandner Francis, Thyson House, 7th c P 

Brandon Kate Mrs, bds 304 E nw 
Brandon Lydia, servt, wks 1423 8th nw 
Brandon Michael, fruit, 424 ceu mkt, h 58 

Jackson's al nw 
Brandon Thomas, lab, 35 L nw 
Brandt Abbie J Mrs, fancy goods, 1506 14th 

nw, h same 
Brandt Alexander M. coal 11th st whf, h 

1902 Hare wood av 
Brandt Charles, elk ago, 1566 14th nw 
Brandt Etty, bds 102 3d nw 
Brandt Gustavus A, elk ago, 631 Md av 

Brandt Hermann, (Brandt & Zimmerman,) 

822 9th nw 
Brandt Jacob, 1328 1 nw 
Brandt Margaret, wid Martin, 1815 H nw 
Brandt & Zimmerman, (Herman Brandt 
and Charles Zimmermau,) hatters, 822 
9th nw 
Braue Dennis, engr, 12 Bridge, Gtn 
Brane Margaret, wid Larman, 12 Bridge, 

Braney Dennis, milk dealer, 493 L sw 
Branford Richard, waiter, 11th cor W nw 
Braham Edward, elk bds 1144 20th nw 
Branham Edward A, mess, 2145 F nw 
Bran ham Lorenzo L. lab, 1411 N J av nw 
Branham Sarah, bds, 1109 20th nw 
Brannan Charles, watchman, 1431 M nw 
Brannan David M, restaurant, 219 Pa av 

se, h same 
Brannan John, stone mason, 628 E sw 
Brannan John elk. 1439 L nw 
Brannan John P, plumber, 1439 L nw 
Brannan Mary, servt, 107 Va av sw 
Brannan Michael, bds 219 Pa av se 
Brannan Samuel, saloon, 44 Market space, 

h same 
Brannen John, saddler, 641 N Y av nw 
Braunon John, elk depot q m, 1439 L nw 
Bransom George, coachman, 320 I se 
Bransom Henry lab, 1113 5th se 
Bransom Hezekiah, porter, 1329 F nw 
Bransom James, brickmkr, 701 6th se 
Branson Charles, lab, 1913 Uth nw 
Branson Clara, servt, wks 1329 F nw 
Branson Frederick, lab, 1608 11th nw 
Branson Geo W, blksmith, 1st bet P and Q 

Branson James, waiter, 1760 T nw 
Branson James A, lab, 1227 D 3e 
Branson James T, brickmkr, 1225 D se 
Branson John, lab, 1106 3d sw 
Branson John, moulder, 6th nr L se 
Branson Jol.n F, butcher, 213 Va av se 
Branson John J, druggist. 1515 9th nw 
Branson John W, lab, 1106 3d sw 
Branson Joseph, waiter, 133 G sw 
Branson Matthew, driver, 9 Jackson al ne 
Branson Nathaniel, servt, wks 1329 F nw 
Branson Phillip H, let carrier, 906 lOih se 
Branson Robert, butcher, bds 6th nr L se 

Branson Stevenson, contractor, 1805 L nw 
Brantsom Stephen, lab, ViuegaV al nw 
Brantsom Top, lab Vinegar al nw 
Branun Wm, lab, 2414 Va av nw 
Branzell C B, lab, 113 2d, Gtn 
Branzell Isaac, collector, 113 2d, Gtn 
Branzell Samuel, lab, 109 2d, Gtu 
Branzt George, packer, 21 Jackson al ne 
Brashear McLaiu, elk, 635 La av nw 
Brashears B Albt, scroll sawer, 725 6th sw 
Brashears Ellen, wid Philip, Bladensburg, 

Brashears John T, printer, 337 4th sw 
Brashears Shipley, asst ex pat o, h Laurel, 

Brashears Thomas J, (Cunningham & 

Brashears,) 433 7th sw 
Brashears Thos N, shoes, 326 Pa av nw 
Brashears Wm B, grocer, 12th c Md av 

ne, h same 
Brass Joseph H, lab N nr % se 
Braum Michael, huckster, 361 cen mkt, h 

920 S nw 
Braumanu Jno, cutler, 8th abv Bouudary 

Braun Chas T, corpl, Washington arsenal 

sw % 

Braun Henry, elk sig o, 2130 N nw 
Brauns Henry, draughtsman, treas, h 

Baltimore, Md 
Braun Lena, wid Sam, 643 N nw 
Brawley Clara O, elk, 31 B se 
Brawner A H, 944 N Y av nw 
Brawner Andrew, servt, 627 F nw 
Brawner Chas, lab, 332 14th se 
Brawner Denms, lab,- 336 14 se 
Brawner Henry, elk, bds 434 H nw 
Brawner Mary L, wid Thornton. 602 Pa 

av se 
Brawner Thos M, elk, 434 H nw 
Brawner Wm H, (John H Semmes & Co,) 

h 944 N Y av nw 
Braxton Jos, lab, 222 F sw 
Braxton Angie, wid John, servt, 1218 R 

Braxton Annie, 429 4^ sw 
Braxton Carter, carp, 1926 10th nw, 
Braxton Eliza, servt, 1214 Mass av nw 
Braxton Eliza, wid Isaac, washing, Sum- 
ner nw 
Braxton Eliza, wid Nelson, washing, 1926 

10th nw 
Braxtou Fanny, wid John, 1919 R nw 
Braxton Frauk, lab, 1233 R nw 
Braxton George, lab, Quaker's bldgs 
Braxtou George, plasterer, 1926 10th nw 
Braxtou George, steward, 1022 N C av se 
Braxton Henry, 1326 4th nw 
Braxton Jane, washing, 101 E sw 
Braxtou John, lab, 1319 I2th nw 
Braxton Lewis, carp, 101 E sw 
Braxton Lewis J, lab, 429 4>£ sw 
Braxton Martha, servt, wks 1330 8th nw 
Braxton Martha, wid James, washing, h. 

1225 I ne 
Braxton Mary, wid Benj, washing. 2132 

9th nw 
Braxton Nathaniel, lab, 1731 L nw 
Braxton Nathaniel, waiter, Sumner nw 
Braxton Susan, wid Thos, 208 1st sw 
Braxton Tillie, servt, Freeman's al 
Bray Charles, hostler, 813 L nw 
Bray John jr, groceries, 8th c H nw, nil 10 

H nw 
Bray Theophilus, (T Bray & Co,) h 1110 

H nw 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 P STeet N. W. 




! Bray Peter, lab, 1247 3d sw 


ophilus Bray,) butter, 174 Centre 

and 107 Northern liberty 

Markets. Also, provisions, 935 

9th corner ft nw 
, Brayton Charles E, elk com, h 1222 I nw 
Brazerol John, carp, Union town 
Brazerol Joseph, cab mkr, 710 Boundary j 

Brazker Mary, servt, 406 N Y av 
Brearley Ella R. 123 Carroll se 
Brearton Patrick, lab, bds Mass av cor 7th 
i ne 

Breast James, moulder, bds 409 Lse 
Breeht Annie, cook, 629 E nw 
Brecht Charles H, elk, 44 H nw 
| Brecht Theodore C, asst exam, h 829 20th 

Brecht Geo W, mess, bds 14th cor S nw 
| Breckenridge E H, elk int rev, bds 1309 H 

Breckwedde Charles A, upholsterer, 441 

H nw 
Bredekamp Henry, barber. 308 4% sw 
Bredin Dot, elk, 1010 F nw 
BREED, DANIEL Br, patents, 

802 F nw, h Howard av, Mt 

Breed Laurence H, Adam's express, b 67 

H nw 
Breedin Fannie K, 912 Scott Place 
Breen Bessie, servt, 202 E nw 
Breen Catherine, wid Thomas, Imley's 

al nw 
Breen Johanna, servt, 202 E nw 
Breen John, painter, 1804 20th nw 
Breen Michael, porter, 201 D sw 
Bieen Michdl, police, 102 G nw 
Breen Thomas H, elk sig o, h 823 13th nw 

Columbia Motel, 325 Psl slit nw 



Washington, D. 0. 

TERMS:— $2 per day, $12 per week. 
A. BREGAZZI, Proprietor. 

Brehler John, cigar mkr, h Pa av nr 7th 

Brein Patrick, grocer, 59 G nw, h same 
Brein Patrick, jr, 59 G nw 
Breiser George, waiter, 727 15th nw 
iture, 417 7th nw, h 119 Pa av 


Dealer in 

Fashionable Eueniture 

Beddings, Window Shades, &c, 

417 Seventh street N. W., 


Breithaupt Bernard, elk 2d aud o, h 1501 

UdE. CSr-olcSLsrtoixx, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West and Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penna Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Brelsford Hiram W, lawyer, h 1015 8th nw 
Bremer William, elk war, b 1811 12th nw 
Brenierman Charles E, elk, 18 Congress 

Brenierman Frederick W, cooper, cor 

Jefferson and Water, h 18 Congress, 

Brenierman Granville, cooper,8 Congress, 

Brenierman John L, cooper, 8 Congress, 

Bremerman Thomas H, elk, 135 High, h 
- 18 Congress, Gtn 
Bremmerman Jacob, cooper, 30^ Bridge, 

Bremner James, Kalorama, Boundary and 

R nw 
Brenan Kate, elk, h 400 E Cap ne 
Brenan Mary Ann, wid Patrick, 400 ECap 

Brenan Richard, stonecutter. 400 E Capne 
Breneman Marion V, wid Edward, 728 

20 th nw 
Brenman Robert, painter, 1221 11th nw, 

h 922 L nw 
Brennan Bernard R, elk pod, li 711 13th 

Brennan Edward, grocer, 300 ldth sw, h 

Brennan John, barkeeper, 224 3d nw 
Brennan John H, harness mkr, wks 413 

13th nw 
Brennan Martin, lab, 7th st rd nw 
Brennan Mary, wid Patrick, 400 E Capne 
Brennan Patrick, contractor, 1628 14th nw 
Brennan Patrick, livery, 408 1st nw 
Brennan Robert, (Cavnaugh & Brennan,) 

L nr 10th nw 
Brennan Thomas, porter, 921 19th nw 
Brennen John F, printer, bds 9th c I nw 
Brenner David R, elk treas, 525 20th nw 
Brennon John, contractor, 2210 I nw 
Brent Alfred, coachman, bds 7th ab Pome- 

Brent Arthur, driver, 1432 N nw 
Brent Calvin T S, draughtsman, 1006 19th 

Brent Clementina D, bds 227 Del av ne 
Brent Emily C, 227 Del av ne 
Brent George, oysters, 110 C sw 
Brent Henry W, bds 1215 F nw 
Brent James H, sailor, 24 Greene, Gtn 
Brent Jane, wid Thomas, washing, 1824 G 

Brent Jennie, servt, 36 E nw 
Brent John, hostler, Willow Tree al se 
Brent John, 1038 18th nw 
Brent John H, hostler, 935 F sw 
Brent John, huckster, bds 2155 9th nw 
Brent John S, feed, 1901 K nw 
Brent Margaret, wid John,dressmkr, 2130 

H nw 
Brent Wm. coal and wood. 19th nr K nw 
Brent Wm H, coachman, 329 23d nw 
Brent William M, law student, 1306 F nw 
Brereton Charles E, elk, 65 H nw 
Brereton George T, elk, 65 H nw 
Brereton Sarah, wid Samuel, 810 A se 
Brereton William H, 65 H nw 

Practice beiore all the Courts and Departments. 





ag-t, 639 F riw. li 65 M nw 
Bresheara John, carp, 912 18th nw 
Breslauer Solomon, elk. bus 915 6th nw 
B res I j- n Alexander W, elk, 726 10th se 
Breelyn Wm, elk, 726 lOili se 
Bresnahau Catherine, wid John, 1026 1st 

Bresnahan Edward, foreman, 816 C ne 
Bresnahau Hannah, wid Cornelius, 1321 C 

Bresnahan, J, grocer. 5th cor nw 
Bresnahan John, elk int, h 424 Mnw 
Bresnahan John, elk pen o, h 1300 5ih nw 
Bresnahan, John, produce, 95 ecu inkt, h 

664 B se - 

Bresnahau John, bricklayer, 1026 1st nw 
Bresnahau Kate, servt, wks 909 M nw 
Bresnahan Margaret, grocer. 206 14th sw, 

h same 
Bresnahan Margaret, wid Patrick, 105 L 

Bresnahan Michael, lab, 211 L ne 
Bresnahan Michael, bricklayer, 816 C ne 
Bresnahan, Michael, blacksmith, 17 F nw 
Bresnahan Thomas, lab, 206 14th sw 
Bresnahan Wm, bricklayer, 1026 1st nw 
Bresnan, Thomas W, hatter 411, 11th uw 
Bresnedan, Patrick, driver, 49 H ne 
Bresnehau John, lab, Market c oth, Gtn 
Bresnehan John, lab, 234 2d ne 
Bresneher Michael, grocer, 812 7th ne, h 

Brett John A, elk, bds 317 9th nw 
Brett John A, plumber, 1031 8th nw 
Brett Thomas, bookbinder, 1230 13th nw 
Breunintrer Henry F, butter, 4th cor H uw 
eller, 929 Pennsylvania avenue 

nw, li 115 East Capitol 



and Manufacturing Jeweler. 

JVb.929 Fa. av., between yih and 10th sts., 
Washington, D. C. 
Diamond Setting and Enameled Work 
skillfully executed. Also, Society Badges 
of all descriptions made to order and re- 
pairing promptly attended to. 

Brewer Archie, waiter, wks 1307 E nw 
Brewer Auren S. elk, 416 B se 
Brewer C J, real estate, 311 12th sw 
Brewer Cyrus A, mariner, 317 East Cap 

Brewer Daniel E, letter carrier, bds 416 B 

se . 
Brewer Edward, physician, 70 Market, Giu 
Brewer George J, elk pod. h 1323 11th uw 
Brewbr H H, adv agt, 1236 B sw 
Brewer Henry W, civ eug,-70 Market, Gtu, 
Brewer J Newton, 10 Market, Gin 
Brewer John W, gardener, Teuallytown 
Brewer Kiusey, dressmkr, 607 Massav nw 
Brewer Lewis, lab, 1102 W nw 
Brewer Martha, wid Joseph, laundress, 7 

Vermont al nw 
Brewer Naey. lab. Green's al nw 
HitEWE It NATHANIEL., feed, 652 

I'eijfiisyJvania avenue se, K. 656> 

Pennsylvania avenue se 



Flour, Grain, Feed, Baled 
Hay and Straw, 

No. 652 Pennsylvania avenue 8. E. 

BKEWE11 NIXON, Seed, 1H05 14th 

nw, asuci 209 7lii sw, li «43 Mary-. 
land avenue sw 



Flour, Feed, Hay, Straw, 

And Grain of all kinds, Mill Offal, &c, 

JVo. 209 Seventh Street, S. W. 

$3TA11 orders attended to promptly.^g^i 

Brewer Wallace A, printer, 916 H ne 
Brewer Win, (Archer & Brewer,) h 87 

High, Gtu 
Brewer Zachariah, confectnr, 225 Bridge, 

Gtn, h same 
Brewster J T Mrs, Tioga House, 811 E nw 
Brewster John T, elk pat o, bds Tioga 

Brewsier Va, elk, bds 1219 T nw 
Brian Henry T, foreman, 32 I nw 
Brice A T, elk, 127 West, Gtn 
Brice Aaron, waiter, West c Mill, Gtn 
Brice Georgeanna, svt, 62Dunburton. Gtn 


Solicitor Of 

American m Foreign Patents 


ISortlieast corner of JSevtntk and F streets, 


tfiLMOKE, & CO., Successors to Hosmer & Co,, 




Brice John II Rev, West c Mi 1, Gtu 
Brice Julia F Mrs, 127 West, Gtn 
Brice's Hall, North nr West, Gtn 
Briek Edw, blksuikh, 7th nr H ne 
Brick Marv Miss, grocer, 200 Mass av nw, 

ii720 2dW 
Brick Paik, plumber, 722 1st ne 
Brick Wm, 720 2d nw 
Brickley Patk, lab, 24 Jackson al ne 
Brickley Saml, ^cNse 
Brickwedde Chas A, upholsterer, 441 H nw 
Brickweiher L, cooper. 18 Congress, Gtu 
Bride Cotter t, plumber, 1017 11th nw, 

bds Washington House 
Bndekamp Hammou, baker, 308 4)^ sw 
Bridekamp Henry, baker. 308 4>£ sw 
Bridekamp John, baker, 308 4}^ sw 
Bridewell George L, painter, h Bladens- 

burg, Md 
Bridewell Mary A T, wid Wm, h Bladens- 

bury:, Md 
Bridge Harriett, 1742 Mass av nw 
Bridge Jos K, bkkpr, 1112 Park ue 
Bridge Marsjt, wid Joseph. 738 N J av nw 
Bridges Chas, mess, 131 C se 
Bridges Mary A.coufectionery. 2004 7th nw 
}-. ridget Chas J, painter, 719 23d nw 
BfHLget Emma, elk, 719 23d nw 
Bridget James Arthur, contractor, 719 23d 

Bridget Jas T, carp. 717 23d nw 
Manufactory, 1308 Pennsylva- 
nia avenue nw, n S25 i> nw 
Bridget John Wm, painter, bds 1222 3d nw 
Bridget Jos T, druggist. 125 D nw 
Bridget Richd B, coachsmith. 121 1st sw. 

h 1222 3d sw 
Bridget Richd J,whlwright, h 1222 3dnw 
Bridgett Emma, elk, bds 719 23d nw 
Bridwell John H, salesman. 322 M sw 
Bridwell Lewis T. salesmau. 322 M sw 
JBKIDWELLi MOSE.S r iT, brewer 
and grocer, 349 M sw, h same 

Moses T. Bridwell, 


IIONJXD :03E3:E3:0., 

349 M st.. near Four-and-a-half S. W. 

Briel Michael, confectioner, 417 9th nw, 
h same 


Wholesale anil Retail Tobacconist 

611 Pesna Av, ujnder Met. Hotel. 
Soe jfage 4. 

Briel Wm H. confectioner, 417 9th nw 
BR1E\ JAMES F, L»hunber and 
g-as fitter, 404 9tn nw, h 5i2 8tn 

Brieu John, lab, 114 6th se 
Brieu Mary Mrs, 512 9th nw 
Briggs Alfred B. elk nat met bank, h 925 

H nw 
Bi iggs Alice, bervt, 200 D sw 
Brings Annie M, teacher, bds 638 G se 
Briggs Augustus, driver, 217 3d sw 
Briggs Augustus, driver, 200 D sw 
Brings Edmund B, lawyer, 412 5th nw. h 

925 H nw 
Briggs Emily E, wid Johu, 7th c S C avse 
Briggs Gussse L, elk. bds 803 N J av nw 
Biitcgs Helen, wid Alfred, 925 H nw 
Briggs J N Mrs, 505 6th nw 
Briggs Kesiah Mrs, bet T and U and 14th 

and 15th nw 
Brings Martha, teacher, 1209 13th nw 
BK1GGS MARY A, dyer, 709 9th 

nw, Ix 1234 8th nw 
Briggs Susie, folder, 35 Myrtle ne 
Briggs Wm 8, printer, 638 G se 
Briggs Wm H. canvasser, 2247 12th nw 
Brigham Eli, 308 6th nw 
Brigbam Emily J, elk reg o treas. h 810 

12 th nw 
Brigham Lucian, carp, 35 Bridge, Gtn 
Brigham Mary H, elk treas, 219 4>^ nw 
Bright Albert W, elk, bds 1013 E se 
Brignt Amelia E. millinery. 8th c 6 se. h 

1317 E se 
Bright Anne, sewing. .\27 W T ilbwtreeal sw 
Bright Edwd, mess treas, 1452 Q nw 
Bright Francis T, plasterer, 127 Willow- 
tree al sw 
Bright Henry A, boots and shoes, 401 8th 

se, h same 
Bright Jacob L, machinist, 308 L se 
Bright James, gas fitter, 1317 E se 
Bright James E, printer, 508 7th se 
Bright Jesse R, elk, bds 308 L se 
Bright Johanna, wid George, 313 1st se 
Bright Johu G, (Bright & Humphrey.) h 

913 N nw 
Bright John W. bricklayer, 1013 E se 
Bright Mills W, washer, 1431 E nw 


Mrs. JOSEPH H. BRIGGS, Proprietress, 

No. 709 isthstth: ST., 






629 F Street N, W, 




Bright Rebecca, wid Jacob, 318 K se 

Bright Theodore, 1112 19th nw 

Bright Wm T, draughtsman, U S c sur, h 

235 8th te 
Bright & Humphrey, (J G Bright and 

Robert T Humphrey,) carpts, 927 N T 

Brightwell Elizabeth, wid James, 1355 K 

Brightwell John W, elk, 813 10th nw 
Brightwell Joshua J, weaver, bds 915 1st 

Brightwell O Hall, dentist, 1113 Pa avnw, 

h Benning's station 
Brimmer John, lab, South bet Congress 

and High, Gtn 
Brindevill Thomas, lab, 407 2d ne 
Brink Charles W, physician, 1804 Inw 
Brink Wm J, 1804 I nw 
Briii kerhoff Henry S, elk ago, 918 19th 

BrinkerhoJff Myrou, carpt, 1311 1 ne 
Brinkley Isaac, grocer, 1262 4J sw 
Brinkley John T, grocer, 110 M se h 112 M 

Brinkley Wm H, elk, 112 M se 

Brinkman Elvcra, 457 Knw 

Biinkman Frederick, cigars, 622 Pa av, 

h 818 6th nw . 
Brintnall Francis, elk ago, 438 Q nw 
Briscoe Abram, brickmkr, 110 C sw 
Briscoe Barbara, wid George, washing, 

N Carolina av nr 14th ne 
Briscoe Columbus, waiter, 213 K nw 
Briscoe Eliza, 931 W sw 

Brisco Emma, wid ■, 406 I nw 

Briscoe Emmeline, 926 E sw 
Brisco Henry, grocer, 813 21st nw 
Briscoe Henry f , lab, 620 N Cap nw 
Briscoe Isaac, lab, 110 C sw 
Briscoe Jacob H, janitor, 928 F nw 
Briscoe James, lab, 1339 Cedar nw 
Briscoe John, lab, South bet Congress and 

High, Gtn 
Briscoe James, painter al nr 1st and L nw 
Briscoe John, lab, 17th nr B ne 
Briocoe John, sailor, B nr 17th nw 
Briscoe Louisa, washing, 629 Hog al nw 
Briscoe Mary, servt, 1538 9th 
Briscoe Matilda, wid John, nurse 622 K 

Briscoe Patrick, waiter, Globe House 
Briscoe Phillip E, carp, 1916 I nw, h 2517 

Briscoe Rebecca, washing, 110 C sw 
Brisco Richard, carpt, Sumner av, Hills- 
Briscoe Sallie, wid Peter, servt, B nr 21st 

Briscoe Sallie, wid Peter, C nr 20th nw 
Briscoe Thomas, lab, B nr 18th nw 
Briscoe Walter C, physician, 317 C nw, h 

same; office hours 8 to 10 a m and 4 to 

Briscoe Wm, carp, 113 D se 
Briscoe Wm H, shoemkr, h Bladensburg;, 

Brissard AmaDda Mrs, Aged Women's 

Home, Gtn 
Brissey Benj T, tanner, 302 High, Gtn 
Brissey Isaiah, tanner, 302 High, Gtn 
Brissey Lucinda E, dressmkr. 738 10th nw 
Bristol John E, elk a g o, h 1717 Pa av nw 
Bristow Benj H, 1413 K nw 
Biistow Henry, porter, 612 Md avsw 
Bristow Isaac, lab. C nr 2d sw 

Bristow John T, card writer, Willard's 

Hotel, h 716 13th nw 
Bristow Moses, rags, 714 9th sw 
British America lusurance Co, Toronto,, 

509 7th nw 
Britt George R P, bookbinder, 1222 Pa av 

Britt Geo S, bkbinder, 1222 Pa av se 
Britt Richard, butcher, 6th nr Market, Gtn 
Britt Thomas, police, 1218 13th nw 
Britt Win, gardaer, Tenallytown 
Brittain Wm B, letter carrier, 1527 17th 

Britton Alexander T„ (Britten & Gray,) 

622 F nw 
Britton Isaac, eng, Uniontown 
Britton Wiley, elk q m g o, h 29 Grant 

Place nw 
BBITTON & GRAY, (Alexander 
X. Srittosi and HoraceJ. Gray,) 
lawyers," 624 Fnw 
Brizzolara Bertalameo, lab, 914 La av nw 
Broaddus Andrew T, elk, 506 7th sw 
Broaddus Richard, lab, 8th nr Boundary 

Broaddus T B, clk r 506 7th sw 
Broadl'oot Alex D f gardener, r F nr 24th 
Broadloot George, gardener, h Bladens- 
burg,, Md 
Broadstreet Fred, oysters, bds 2140 9th nw 
Broadus Daniel, lab, P nr 12th nw 
Broadus Lewis, lab, 1521 11th nw 
Broadway Richard,shoemkr, 244 N Cap, h 

Brock F B, 423 4th se 
Brock Henry, printer, bds 720 H ne 
Brock Jacob, (Brock '&, McCarthy,) 472 C 

Brock Mattie E, bds 219 11th sw 
Brock T Humphrey, 485 Md av sw 
Brock Toles, lab, 1216 R nw 
Brock Wm G, capt and insp police, 219 

11th sw 
Brock Wm S, architect, bds 219 11th sw 
Brocken borough Edmund 1112 K nw 
Brockenbrough Augustin, physician, Pa 
av cor 15>£ nw, bds Arlington Hotel; 
office hours, 9 to 11 a m, 3 to 5 p m 
Brockenbrough Robert, lab, 222 G sw 
Brockenbrough Wm H, waiter, 121 F sw 
Brockenbur Newman, lab, 222 9th se 
Brockley Ann, servt, wks 1243 6th nw 
Brockman Charles, elk, 1138 7th nw 
Brockus PW Judge, lawyer, bds 517 N J 

av nw 
Brod Charles, elk, bds 9th nr La av nw 
Broderick JVC- P, elk, 20th c M nw 
Broderick John, lab, bds 7th -st rd nw 
Broderick Michael, lab 126 I ne 
Broderick Thomas, lab, 606 2d sw 
Broderick Thomas, elk a g o, h 923 22d 

Broderos Berry, lab, 307 G sw 
Broders Eliza Mrs, 1429 T nw 
Broders Mary Mrs, laundress, 1418 Sam- 
son nw 
Brodhag Louis, architect, 411 N nw 
Biodhead D W C, elk treas, 816 Conn av 

Brodhead John H, elk treas, h 1107 G nw 
Brodhead Johu M. 235 N J av se 
Brodhead Mark, (Brodhead & Co 7 ) 1107 G 

Brodhead & Co, (Mark Brodhead,) dry 

goodf, 939 Pa av nw 
Brodie Albert K, elk, a go, h 1010 4th nw 

No Fees until Patent is Allowed- 




Brodie B M, elk treas, h 904 14th nw 
Brodie H, elk, bds D c 10th nw 
Brodie John, elk, Irving House 
Brodie PanJ, elk p o, h 117 Carroll se 
Brodigan Christopher, lab, 476 E sw 
Brodrect Philip, bar keeper, 1723 7th nw 
Broeker Bernard, cabinet maker, 709 4th 

Broeker Bernard, vegetables, 386 and 387 

cen mkt aud 227 Savage Squaie and 529 

N e nilvt, h 4tu nr G ue 
Broeker Henry, uphol-terer, 709 4th ne 
Brogau Patrick, lab, 327 E sw 
Broaden Nancy, wid 228 Express al nw 
Broils Daniel, driver, 1450 N nw 
Brokenberry Albert, mess, 438 Ridge nw 
Brokenborough Martha, servt, wks 419 

M nw 
Bromley A C, elk pen o 
Bromley William, baker, 67 Washington. 

Bromley R C, mess, 5 2d 
Brommel Susan M, wid Joseph. 451 R nw 
Bromwell Tbomas C, elk, 94 Beall, Gtn 
Bronaugh F P, 55 2d, Gtn 
Bronaugh Frances, wid J W, 55 2d, Gtn 
Bronauuh Hambleton, 55 2d, Gtn 
Bronaugh Jobn C, conductor, 2246 11th nw 
Brouaugb Nathan, lab, nr M aud 23d nw 
Bronaugh Sarah M, elk treas, h 44 Market, 

Brown Andrew R. solicitor patents, 635 F 

nw, h 635 1 nw 
Brown George O, elk state dep, 1424 D nw 
Bronner Isabella, servt, wks 439 O nw 
Bronson Maggie, servt. wks 1306 7th nw 
Bronson Simon D, horse shoer, 1008 1st nw 
Bronson William, butcher, 337 Md av sw 
Brook Clement, butcher, Tennallvtownrd, 

Wash Co 
Brook Edward, carp, 1810 L nw 
Brook Elizabeth, bds 512 9th nw 
Brook Julia, folder, 130 Carroll se 
Brook Mary, wid Michael, 130 Carroll se 
Brook Pbilip L, gardener, Tennallytown 

rd, Wash Co 
Brooke A M, teacher, 176 High, Gtn 
Brooke Albert A, elk, 10 I ue 
Brooke Alexander M, elk, bds 1227 6th nw 
BrookeCHA Co, (Clement H Brooke 

and Samuel Everett,) provisions, 1228 ^ 

Brooke Charles B, ph)sician, 1730 Vt av 

Brooke Clement H, (C H Brooke & Co.) 

Gtn heights 
BROOKE EDGAR $., grocer, 5th 

cor I nw, Ix 69 K nw 
Brooke Edward, (Edward Brooke & Bro,) 

Gtn Heights 
Brooke Edward & Bro, (Edward and 

Thomas Brooke.) butcher, stalls 613 and 

614 cen mkt and 313 and 314 N L mkt, 
Brooke Fannie C, elk treas, 1227 6th nw 
Brooke Francis I. butcher, 70 cen and 327 

NSmkts, hl76'High, Gtn 
Brooke Ida O, bd* 12276th nw 
Brooke John L, 715 E sw 
Brooke John W, elk, 1*27 6th nw 
Brooke Joseph H, grocer, 504 9th nw, h 

125 D nw 
Brooke Lloyd B, 917 16th nw 
Brooke Thomas, Bladensburg, Md 
Brooke Thomas, (Edward Brooke & Bro,) 

Gtn heights 
Biooke Thomas A, farmer. 910 12th nw 

3&ff. Grold-stein, 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco, 

611 Peuna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Brooke Virginia M, wid Edmund, 1227 6th 

Brooke Walter T, -69 H nw 
Brooke Walter W, elk. 20 7th se 
Brooke Win E, elk, 454 Pa av, h Alex- 
andria, Va 
Brooke Wm P, agl warehouse, 926 La av, 

h 321 C nw 
Brooke Wm I, elk, 32) C nw 
Brooke Worthington G, elk, bds 1227 6th 

Brooke Zack B, 819 9th nw 
Brooker B C jr, (Brooker & Lewis,) h 

Baltimore, Md 
Brooker George, wagoner, A nr 18th ne 
Brooker & Lewis, (B C Brooker jr and 
Wm B Lewis,) auctioneers, 1101 Pa av 
Brookes Chas B, elk sec war, 1538 8th nw 
Brookes Colborne, pats, 708 E nw, h same 
Brookes Edith Mrs, music teecher, 708 E 

Brookes Edwin J, elk int dept, h 133 Car- 
roll se 
Brookes Fred, dining saloon, 9011 D nw 
Brookes Geo D, elk, 486 La nw 
BROOKES JOHN ST. C, lawyer, 
4S6 Louisiana av nw, Ei Alex- 
andria, Va 
Brookes Samuel, barber, 411 1st se 
Brookes Wm C, patents, 708 E nw, h same 
Brook held Alexander, plumber, 801 9. h nw 
Brookiugs Edin J, elk a g o, h 939 O nw j 
Brookings Julia, servt, 1228 Mass av nw 

Brooks , lab. College 

Brooks A A, bds'911 R nw 

Brooks A D Mrs, 1117 G nw 

Brooks Aaron S, cornicemkr, 1315 11th nw 

Brooks Ada Mrs, elk treas, 1230 I nw 

Brooks Agnes, washing, 432 1st sw 

Brooks Albert, lab, 68 G sw 

Brooks Albert, lab, 910 Del av ne 

Brooks Albert, lab, K c 1st se 

Brooks Alexander, 1736 L uw 

Brooks Alfred, polisher, Md av nr 4^ sw 

Brooks Allen, servt, 1016 Vt av nw 

Brooks Amelia Mad, fortune teller, 1007 

Llth nw 
Brooks Andrew, lab, Mill nrStoddart, Gtn 
Brooks Anna, 1113 13th nw 
Brooks Anna D, wid Oliver, 11 4th ne 
Brooks Annie E Miss, mess, 704 2d nw 
Brooks Annie Miss, 1305 Union sw 
Brooks Annie, servt, wks 1219 10th nw 
Brooks Authony T, lab, 318 M sw 
Brooks Austin, lab, 68 G sw 
Brooks Belle, servt, 2016 H nw 
Brooks Boyd, farmer, h Bunker Hill rd 
Brooks Charles, lab, h 1774 K nw 
Brooks Charles, physician, 1007 llth nw, 
office hours 10 to 12 a m 2 to 4 and 7 to 
9 p m 
Brooks Charles, porter, 215 O nw 
Brooks Charles upbolst'er, Buford's al sw 
Brooks Charles H. lah, 702 Grant av nw 
Brooks Charlotte Mis, Beall bet Montgom- 
ery and Greene, Gtn 
Brooks Cyrus, whitewasher, bds 1312 4th 

GrILMORE, fcMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 




Brooks Daaniek lab,,Bladensburg 
Brooks Edward, driver, 1158 19th nw 
Brooks Edward, grocer, 732 3d raw, h same 
Brooks Edward, rags, 1451 Samson nw 
BROOI1S El) WA Bill P, editor 

National Republican, bds Im- 
perial Motel 
Brooks Edwin J, elk iud o, h 133 Oarroll 

Brooks Eliza, wid Albert? washing, 20 4th 

Brooks Elizabeth, cook, 1136 15th nw 
Brooks Ella, cook, 1016 Vt av nw 
Brooks Ellen, servt, wks 706 G sw 
Brooks Emily, wid Philip, washing, How- 
ard University 
Brooks Emily, servt, 311 3d sw 
Brooks Eugene, waiter, 909 11th nw 
Brooks Evelina, servt. Blagden's al nw 
Brooks F I, cashier, 225 E nw 
Brooks Fannie, O st al nw 
Brooks Frank, (Brooks & Duvall,) h 3d c 

I nw 
Brooks Frank, furniture, 1004 4th nw, h 

14 Blagdon's al 
Brooks Frank, lab, 1416 Sampson nw 
Brooks George, driver, al nr 2d and F sw 
Brooks George, lab, 311 3d sw 
Brooks George, lab, 328 G sw 
Brooks George, lab, 308 E sw 
Brooks George, white washer, rear N Hav 

bet L and M nw 
Brooks Geo W, phys, h 322 E sw; office 

hours, 7 to 9 a m, 12 to 2 p m, 5 to 11 

p m 
Brooks Georgeanna, bds 1312 4th sw 
Brooks Hannah, wid Henry, Md avnr 4>£ 

Brooks Harriet, wid Richd, 308 E sw 
Brooks Henderson, lab, 1st bet M and N 

Brooks Henrietta F, wid Albert, 318 E sw 
Brooks Henry, 1736 L nw 
Brooks Henry, bricumkr, 421 1st sw 
Brooks Henry, lab, 8th ab Boundary nw 
Brooks Henry, lab, 510 3d sw 
Brooks Henry, lab. 303 9th ne 
Brooks Henry, fireman, 13th bet Madison 

Brooks Henry, produce, 1736 L nw 
Brooks Henry, shoemkr, 1st c N se 
Brooks Henry, whitewasher, 1312 4th nw 
Brooks Henry F. waiter, 812 17th nw 
Brooks Henry M, 322 E sw 
Brooks Henson, lab, 1519 15th nw 
Brooks Horace , svt, 2003 I nw 
Brooks Horace H, waiter, 1150 16th nw 
Brooks Howard, tailor, 730 3d nw 
Brooks I D, plasterer, bus 2143 9th nw 
Brooks Isaac, lab, Trumbull 
Brooks Isabella, teacher, bds 1312 4th nw 
Brooks J. Bunker Hill rd 
Brooks J H, watchman treas 
Brooks J J, driver, c 19th and R nw 
Brooks James, lab treas, h 49 Washington 

Brooks James, lab, Howard University 
Brooks Jas, lab, Prather's al 
Brooks Jas, lab, 18th nr C ne 
Brooks Jas, svt Willard's 
Brooks Jas E, porter, 19th bet L and M nw 
Brooks Jas W, shoemkr, 1006 E nw, h 

Baptist al nw 
Brooks Jas, watchman, 49 Washn, nw 
Brooks Jas, watchman, bds 438 Washing 

ton nw 

Brooks Jane, wid Henson, 320 E sw 

Brooks Jetson, lab, 408 3d sw 

Brooks John, driver, 1339 S nw 

Brooks Jobn, lab, Sumner av, Hillsdale 

Brooks John, lab, 1st nr I sw 

Brooks John, lab, O st al nw 

Brooks John, lab, 22d nr L nw 

Brooks John, painter, 926 F sw 

Brooks John, waiter, 349 L sw 

Brooks John C, barber, 231 H nw, h 704 

2d nw 
Brooks John H, butcher, 1626 Vt av nw 
Brooks Jobn H, lab, Springman's al 
Brooks John H, mess, 222 5th te 
Brooks JohnH, mess, 927 18th nw 
Brooks John H, physician, 902 3d nw 
Brooks John H, plasterer, -2 15 U nw 
Brooks John H, porter, 1805 Conn av nw 
Brooks John H Rev, 2143 9th nw 
Brooks John H, shoemkr. 1737 K nw, h 

Brooks John T, elk, 1201 21st nw 
Brooks Joseph, carp, 26 Dunbarton, Gtn 
Brooks Joseph, lab, 616 8th sw 
Brooks Joseph, produce, 446 N L mkt, h 

Beuning's road 
Brooks Julia, wid James, washing, 1008 

11th nw 
Brooks Julia L, teacher, 1624 Madison nw 
Brooks Lauduuion, wid Robt, 617 3d sw 
Brooks Laura, laundress, nr 17th and R 

I av nw 
Brooks Lloyd, lab, bds 1407 1st nw 
Brooks Lloyd, waiter, 122 Cox al nw 
Brooks Lucinda, dressmkr, 910 15th nw 
Brooks Madison, coachman, 704 E Cap ne 
Brooks Margaret, cook. 1025 Vt av nw 
Brooks Maria, washing, Blagden's al nw 
Brooks Maria^ servt, 1409 Mass av nw 
Brooks Mary, wid Albert, 130 2d ne 
Broeks Mary, dressmkr, 68 G sw 
Brooks Mary, servt, 125 F sw 
Brooks Mary, seamstress. 1311 12th nw 
Brooks Mary A, servt, 13 H nw 
Brooks Mary A, wid Wm, seamstress, 704 

2d nw 
Brooks Mattie, servt, 21st bet L and M 
Brooks Moses, baker, 21st and Boundary 

Brooks Moses, waiter, Beall nr Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Brooks Nancy, servt, wks 931 R I av nw 
Brooks Newton M, elk, 11 4th ne 
Brooks P L, stand 2 K-st mkt, h Rock- 

ville rd 
Brooks Peter, lab, 913 O nw 
Brooks Philip, driver, 353 Van sw 
Brooks Phoebe, nurse, Md av nr 4| sw 
Brooks R C, gasfitter, 802 D nw 
Brooks Rachael, dressmkr, 1318 5th nw, h 

Brooks Rachael, servt, Willard's 
Brooks Robert, lab, h Sumner av Hills- 
Brooks Robert, lab, 1930 K nw 
Brooks Robert, lab, rear 1202 P nw 
Brooks Robert, porter, 1158 19th nw 
Brooks Rufus A. gasfitter, bds 803 9th nw 
Brooks A S, elk treas, h 938 I nw 
Brooks Samuel, servt, 21st and Boundary 

Brooks Samuel R, printer, bds 732 3d nw 
Brooks Samuel S. barber, 411 1st se 
Brooks Sarah A, dressmkr, 704 E Cap 
Brooks Sarah J, cook, 908 12th nw 
Br oks Saulsbnry, lab, 1814 Boundary nw 

Soldiers' Claims Collected by 




Brooks Sippi, 1234 N J av nw 
Brooks Stepney, waiter, 602 Pa av nw 
Brooks Susan, bds 1312 4ih nw 
Brooks Sylvester, lab, 418 N nw 
Brooks Theodore, lab, 1311 12tk nw 
Brooks Thomas, driver, Frederick nr 7th 

Broooks Thomas, lab. Conn av cor M nw 
Brooks Thomas, Jab. bds 215 O nw 
Brooks Thomas, porter, Frederick nr 

7th Gtn 
Brooks Thomas J, chief elk com sub, h 

1003 E nw 
Brooks Walter, lab, 305 9th ne 
Brooks William, carp, 1318 5th nw 
Brooks William, driver, 815 Morgan's al 

Brooks William, lab, 135 F sw 
Brooks William, lab, 311 L nw 
Brooks William H, shoemkr, 1124 14th nw, 

h 10th nr N nw 
Brooks William H, watchman, 723 22dnw 
Brooks William J, lab, rear 305 E ne 
Brooks William 8, lab, 320 E sw 
Brooks William S, printer, 208 L nw 
Brooks William W, moulder, 741 13th se 
Brooks & Duval), (Frank Brooks and E 

La Sere Duvall,) grocers, 1120 K nw 
Broome Kachael (J, boarding, 301 13>£ nw 
Biophey Bernard, snoemkr, 1st cor K ne, 

h same 
Brophy W T m, lab, bds 1543 4th nw 
Brosnahan Cornelius, mess, 016 N J av nw 
Brobnahan Ellen, servt, 720 1st sw 
Brosnahan Hugh, lab, 302 F sw 
Brosnahan Jeremiah, fireman, G cor 2d 

Brosnahan John, huckster, 664 B se 
Brosnahan John, 720 1st sw 
Brosnahan Martin, printer, 813 10th ne 
Brosnahan Michael, lab, 813 lUth ne 
Brosnahan Patrick, driver, 40 H ne 
Brosnan Cornelius M, elk, 616 .N J av nw 
Biosuan Cornelius V, 616 IS J av nw 
Brosnan Daniel A, bookseller, 926 G nw, 

h same 
Brosnan Edward J. elk. 87 Myrtle ne 
Brosnan 1 1, fireman, 132 2d sw 
Brosnan James, plumber, 616 N J av nw 
Brosnan Jeremiah, lab, 87 Myrtle ne 
Brosnan Jerry, plasterer, 131 H ne 
Brosnan John, fireman, 1204 D nw 
Brosnan Maggie, 87 Myrtle ne 
Brosnan Timothy, sergt police, 3d cor L 

Brotheric Richard, lab, 2414 G nw 
Brothers Lewis J, physician, 906 B sw 
Brotherton J A J, shoemkr, 1206 F nw, h 

Bladensburg, Md 
Brotzell Susannah, wid John, 1369 D sw 
Brough Charles, upholsterer, 501 A se 
Brough John H, elk 2d aud o, Relay Sta- 
tion B & O R R 
Broughton David, bds 828 7th nw 
Broughton Emma, servt, 3 Nailor's al 
Broughton Wm, carp, 310 9th se 
Brouillet J B A Rev, 802 F nw 
Brouner Richard R, elk treas, h 1416 Pa 

Brower Horace H, elk. 1234 5th nw 
Brower Irving B, elk treas, bds 1337 Cor- 

ran nw 
Browers John, painter. 523 6th se 
Brown A E, elk treas, 928 B sw 
Brown A F Percy, dentist, 401 7th nw 
Brown A M, printer, bds 75 H nw 


611 Penna Av., Under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Brown Abraham, carp, 815 Del av sw 

Brown Abrain, lab, 2412 I nw 

Brown Absalom, horse shoer, 907 G nw,h 

428 N Y av nw 
Brown Addison, shoemkr, Mt Pleasant 
Brown Albert, 310 E Cap ne 
Brown Albert H. gardener, Bladensburg, 

Brown Alex, barber, N J av cor D nw, h 

704 2d nw 
Brown Alex, lab, 2317 Hnw 
Brown Alexander, painter, 618 N J av nw 
Brown Alexander G, painter, 1219 6th nw 
Brown Alfred, driver, 409 8th sw 
Brown Alice, servt, 1820 I nw 
Brown Allen, lab, Greene al nw 
Brown Amou, machinist, 212 I se 
Brown Andrew, porter, r 421 11th sw 
Brown Andrew, lab, 2121 K nw 
BKOWN ANDREW 14, patent 

agent, 635 Fnwh 635 I nw 



No. 635 F STREET, N. W., 
Near the Patent Office, 

Washington, D. C. 
P. 0. Box 92. 

Brown Ann, laundress, 1534 L nw 
Brown Ann, servt, 24ih nr M nw 
Brown Ann, wid Charles, washing. Wil- 
son, Howard Univei4ity 
Brown Ann, wid James, 221& I nw 
Browu Ann E, eook, 1823 K nw 
Brown Ann Eliza, washing 208 D sw 
Brown Ann M, dressmkr, 1214 24th nw 
Brown Anna A, teacher, 400 A se 
Brown Annie, cook, 219 A se 
Brown Annie, rags, 728 Freeman's al nw 
Brown Annie, washing, 723 Freeman's al 

Brown Anthony, lab, 419 D se 
Brown Archibald, 11313d nw 
Brown Archibald, lab, 81513th ne 
Brown Archibald, lithographer, 309 9th 

nw, h 225 3d ne 
Brown Arthur, lab, 1109 S C av se 
Brown Arthur, waiter, 71 Market, Gtn 
Brown Arthur H, proof reader, 71 H nw 
Brown Arthur T, whitewasher, 71 Market, 

Brown Arthur T, caterer, Seminary Hotel, 

Brown Augustus, police, 8 5th, Gtn 
Brown Augustus B, bds 718 D nv 
BROWN AUSTIN P, real estate 
and army and navy supplies 
and engineers' stores, 707 15th 
nw, h 1316 Vt av nw [See next 
Brown Avery A, elk, 222 3d nw 
Brown B M Miss, copyist, p o, h 915 12th 

Brown B Pevton Rev, pastor Trinity 
Church, h 1335 G nw 

GILMORE, SMITH & 00., 609 F Street W. W. 




Brown Barney, lab. 635 I sw 

Brown Basil, rook, 1321 L nw 

Brown Benedict, tinner, 25th nrF nw 

Brown Benjamin, cook, 453 Washington 

Brown Benjamin, lab, 1419 N nw 

Brown Benjamin Rev, pastor Mt Zion M E 

church, h 39 West, Gtn 
Brown Benjamin F, engraver, 212 I se 
Brown Boyle, lab, 1031 3d nw 
Brown Brothers, (Charles W and T E 
Brown,) produce, 424 NL and 373, 374, 
375 cen mkts 
Brown C E H Mrs, 1434 Q nw 
Brown C F Dr, 601 I nw 
Brown C Perry, printer, 1127 8th nw 
Brown Calvin, elk s g o, h 1302 9th nw 
Brown Caroline, servt, Meridian Hill 
Brown Carrie, servt, 924 17th nw 
Brown Carry, bds 307 13ih nw 
Brown Catharine, washing, D nr S Capsw 
Brown Catharine, wid Samuel, 511 23d nw 
Brown, Chamberlin & (Jo, (Hiram M 
Brown, Wm N Chamberlin and James 
T Pritchard,) cider and vinegar, High 
c Water, Gtn 
Brown Charles, 2208 I nw 
Brown Charles, coachman, 8th ext nw 
Brown Charles, coachman, Beall nr Mon- 
roe, Gtn 
Brown Charles, elk a g o, h 14th and 

Boundary nw 
Brown Charles, grocer, P nr 8th, h 1500 

8th nw 
Brown Charles, lab, 12 Covington nw 
Brown Charles, lab, IStevensons' av Hills- 
Brown Charles, lab, 331 1 ne 
Brown Charles, lab, 400 A cor 4th se 
Brown Cbarles, lab, 13 L nw 
Brown Charles, lab 620 K se 
Brown Charles, servt, 510 I nw 

Brown Charles, shucker, 108 High, h 
, Monroe bet West and Dunbarton, Gtn 
Brewn Charles, waiter, 57 Montgomery, 

Brown Charles, waiter. 300 K nw 
Brown Charles A, elk. int rev, h 1609 P 

Brown Charles B, miller, 26 Frederick, 

Brown Charles E, Stewart, r 1526 M nw 
Brown Charles A, barber, 60 Monroe, Gtn 
Brown Charles H. butcher, 127 centre and 

Corcojan mkts, h 623 L se 
Brown Charles H, elk, 1340 R I av nw 
Brown Charles H, servt, 1705 K nw 
Brown Charles H, waiter, 1121 20th nw 
Brown Charles O, lawyer, 1212 G nw, h 

Brown Charles V, lab 2615 I nw 
Brown Chas W, 102 11th se 
Brown Chas W, (Brown Bros,) 1329 9th nw 
Brown Charlotte, 418 N nw 
B rown Charlotte A, wid Marshall, wash- 
ing, 1603 12th nw 
Brown Clara A, washer, 923 15th nw 
Brown Clara V, wid Lucien, 477 F sw 
Brown Clinton Y, plumber, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Columbus, asst engr treas dept, h 

15 Mass av nw 
Brown Cynthia, wid Thos, 71 Market, Gtn 
Brown Cyrus, 1534 10th nw 
Brown Danl, driver, 215 Express al nw 
Brown Danl, grocer, 54 Fayette, Gtn 
Brown Danl, lab, Tea al ur I se 
Brown Danl, lab, Beall nr Greene, Gtn 
Brown Daniel, lab, 317 Willowtree al sw 
Brown Danl, svt, Nichols av 
Brown David, 1323 E se 
Brown David jr, elk, 1323 E se 
Brown David W, reporter, 210 Del av ne 
Brown Delia, svt. 723 Freeman's al nw 


Army and Navy Supplies, 





Ail orders promptly attended to. 

Corner lew !T<»rk av. and 15th si. nw„ 

"Washington* X>. C. 

We Win Success by Deserving It. 




Brown Dennis, driver, 409 8th sw 
Brown Dennis, driver, 1326 16th nw 
Browu D N, teacher, 1102 9th nw 
Brown Dora Miss, teacher, N c 14th nw 
Brown E H, fireman, 1422 3d nw 
Brown E Mrs, Conn av bet M and N nw 
Brown Edgar J, carp, bds 1423 8th nw 
Brown Edson H, huckster, bds 803 Md av 

Brown Edw, elk, 459 L sw 
Brown Edw, driver, 1023 4th nw 
Brown Edw, lab, 7th c S C av se 
Brown Edw, lab, 752 9th se 
Brown Edw, lab, 708 A se 
Brown Edw, lab, D nr 6th se 
Brown Edw, lab, 1032 4th nw 
Brown Edw, lab, 2123 P nw 
Brown Edw, lab, 627 Va av se 
Brown Edw, lab, 2009 11th nw 
Brown Edw, lab, Magnolia av nr Bright- 
Brown Edw, mess treas, 459 L sw 
Brown Edw, oyster saloon, 420 D, h same 
Brown Edward H, elk, 18 4th. Gtn 
Brown Edward H, lab, 1230 3d sw 
Brown Edwin Chapin, elk p o d, h. Mt 

Brown Edwin H C, student, bds Mt Pleas- 
Brown Eleazer, elk, 456 La av 
Brown EJectra, wid Charles A, 718 D nw 
Brown Elias E, 718 19th nw 
Brown Eli, lab, al nr 1st and F sw 
Brown Elijah, lab, Garrett's al nr Freder- 
ick, Gtn 
Brown Eliza, 511 3d sw 
Brown Eliza, seryt, 114 Md av sw 
Brown Eliza, servt, 2117 Gnw 
Brown Eliza, washing, 1132 6th ne 
Brown Eliza, wid William, 1107 S C av se 
Brown Eliza, wid William, 301 13th sw 
Brown Elizabeth, fancy goods, 14i6 I nw 
Brown Elizabeth Mrs, 718 Md av ne 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Charles, Powell's al 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Frank, 923 15th nw 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Thomas, Rock 

creek church rd 
Brown Elizabeth A, wid Joseph, 91 Beall, 

Brown Elizabeth E, wid John, 91920th nw 
Brown Elizabeth L, cigars, 419 7th se, h 

Brown Ella, bds 456 N nw 
Brown Ellen, 1126 23d nw 
Brown Ellen, servt, 115 I nw 
Brown Ellen, servt, wks 635 N nw 
Brown Ellen, wid Samuel, washer, 21610th 

Brown Ellen S, wid B Newton, 1332 G nw 
Brown Elzey, lab, Stanton's al nw 
Brown Emeline, servi, 50fi 9th nw 
Brown Emeline L, 1236 M nw 
Brown Emily, servt, 1113 S nw 
Brown Eugene, oysters, 51 4tb, Gtn 
Brown Esther, bds 925 Birch's al sw 
Brown Esther, wid Waldo, 1234 16th nw 
Brown Emma, servt, wks 430 P nw 
Brown Emma, servt, Lucas' al nw 
Browu Emma S, bds 1423 5th nw 
Brown Emma V, principal Sumner school, 

h 1236 M nw 
Brown F L, elk treas, h 1102 9th nw 
Brown Faddie R, mess elk treas 
Brown Fairfax, dining room, F nr 14th, 
bds 812 13th nw 



611 Peuna Av., under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Brown Fannie, wid Wru. 1307 Riggs nw 
Brown Fannie'R. bds 1332 G nw 
Brown Faunie, servt, 1339 Cedar nw 
Brown Fannie, washing, nr 7th and Bound- 
Brown Fannie R, dressmkr, 470 C sw 
Browu Farley, cook Hamilton house 
Brown Florence L, teacher, bds 431 8th sw 
Brown Francene L, 1102 9th nw 
Brown Frances, lab, 118 D se 
Brown Francis, cabinetmkr, 1445 N nw 
Brown Francis, coachman, 1418 Samson 

Brown Francis, lab, 416 1st se 
Brown Francis, lab, Sumner av 
Brown Francis, lab, 823 Cullinane's al sw 
Browu Francis, shoemkr, 630 1 se 
Brown Francis F, lab, 1613 12th nw 
Brown Francis M, gardener, Bladensburg, 

Brown Francis M, carp, 923 27th nw 
Brown Francis W, printer, 9th c E se 
Brown Frank, elk pat o, h 415 6th nw 
Brown Frank, coachman, Samson nr I4th 

Brown Frank, coachman. 329 3d sw 
Brown Frank, 1106 9th uw 
Brown Frank, lab, 434 O nw 
Brown Frank, lab, Conner's al 
Brown Frank, lab, 315 E ne 
Brown Frank, porter, 329 3d sw 
Brown Franklin, waiter, 417 Washington 

Brown Frank N, hostler, 416 1st se 
Brown Frederick, bds 228 3d ne 
Browu Frederick, lab, 314 K sw 
Brown George, coachpainter, 805 9th nw 
Brown George, driver, l^t c Market, h 

1020 18th nw 
Brown George, hostler, bds 1021 18th nw 
Brown George, lab, 809 Q uw 
Brown George, lab, 434 Ridge nw 
Brown George, lab, 525 24th nw 
Brown George, lab, O st al uw 
Brown George, lab, 136 Pierce nw 
Brown Geo, lab, 1637 11th nw 
Browu Geo, patternmkr, 419 7th se 
Brown Geo, porter, 319 C sw 
Brown Geo, servt, 1820 I nw 
Brown Geo, teacher, 431 8th sw 
Brown Geo, waiter, bds 1226 N Y av nw 
Brown Geo, waiter, 439 N nw 
Brown Georgeanna, dressmkr, 1610 Cor- 
coran nw 
Brown Georgeanna, svt, 7th c S C av se 
BROWN GEORGE M, landscape 
gardener public grounds, h 
Brooks station 
Brown Geo E, machinist, 930 3d nw 
Brown Geo H J, barkeeper, 439 3d nw 
Brown Geo W, barber, 1224 7th nw, h 639 

S nw 
Brown Geo W, (W E Brown, jr, & Co.,) 

h 935 Mass av nw 
Brown Geo W, carp, 1839 6th nw 
Brown Geo W, elk, 924 N Y av nw 
Brown Geo W, gasfitter, 628 H nw 
Brown Geo W, lab, 204 11th nw 
Brown Geo W, watchman, 7 High, Gtn 


GILMOEE & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 




Brown Geo W, waiter, 1248 20th nw 
Brown Grafton, driver, hds 113 5th se 
Brown H B, sol of pats, 7th c G uw, h 119 

West. Gin 
Brown Hampton, driver, 910 6th sw 
Brown Hanson, 324 C ne 
Bmwn Hanson, waiter. 1030 N J av nw 
Brown Harriett, svt, 2119 I nw 
Brown Harriugtou, bds 92+ N Y av nw 
Brown Harrison, lab. 1510 12i.h nw 
Brown Harvey, lab, 927 iSnow's al nw 
Brown Harry" B, elk, 711 9th nw 
Brown Harv y. baker, 720 Smith's al nw 
Brown Harvey, blk^mitti, 1126 23d nw 
Brown Henry, bds Hamilton House 
Brown Henry. 1321 L nw 
Brown Henry, tlksmith, 1523 R nw 
Brown Henry, coachman, 205 G sw 
Brown Henry, driver, M nr 1st sw 
Brov\n Henry, lab, 500 D se 
Biown Henry, lab, 1432 12th nw 
Brown Heur: lab, Bladensburg 
Brown Henry, lab, 323 Fighting al 8 w 
Brown Henry, lab, Draper's al 
Brown Henry, lab, 1238 N J av nw 
Brown Henry, lab, 229 9th ne 
Brown Heury^ lab, M nr % sw 
Brown Henry, lab, 1207 10th nw 
Brown Henry, machinist, 2130 N nw 
Brown Henry, mess, 1445 N nw 
Brown Henry, servt, 1734 I nw 
Brown Henry, whitewhsher, 1145 18th nw 
Brown Henry A, (J L Brown & Sons,) bds 

2016 7ih uw 
Brown Henry F, 81213th nw 
Brown Henry C. waiter, 219 G nw 
Brown Henry H. elk 2d aud, h 1228 G nw 
Brown Henry T. lab, 35 H ne 
Brown Henson N, waiter. 1030 N J av nw 
Brown Herbert E, elk. 627 2d sw 
Brown Hettie, servt, 1238 Blajrden's alnw 
Brown Hiram, huckster. 621 Christian al 

Brown Hiram M. (Brown, Chamberlain & 

Co,) 132 Bridge, Gtn 
Brown Horace, lab. 63 Jackson's al nw 
Brown Horace, lab, 1220 3d nw 
Brown H F J, elk ord bur wardept, h 1328 

G nw 
Brown Ida, servt, 2136 Pa av nw 
Brown Isaac, lab, M nr 1st se 
Brown Isaac, lab, 110 C sw 
Brown Isaac, lab, 1132 6th ne 
Brown Isaac, lab. 141) st rdnrMt Pleasant 
Brown Isabella, 309 13i nw 
Brown Isaiah, mess, 1445 N nw 
Brown JacUson, driver, 66 P nw 
Brown Jacob, lab, West nr Rock Creek. 

Brown J C, elk treas, 909 N Y av nw 
Brown J Ingalls, elk, 102 11th se 
Brown J L & Son (James L and Henry A 

Brown,) provisions, 2016 7th nw 
Brown J P Mrs, bds Hamilton House 
B.own J Sayles. registrar in bankruptcy, 

city hall, h 914 McPherson's sq 
Brown J Temple, type writer, 319 4| nw. 

h 812 13th uw ' 
Brown J W, carp, 80 High, Gtn 
Brown J Warren, elk a g o, h 102 11th se 
Brown Janu s, elk a g o, 1700 5ih nw 
Brown James, elk treas, 909 N Y av 
Brown James, feed, 910 Mass av nw, h 1939 

12th nw 
Brown, lab. 1335 Ceda v nw 
Brown J-mes, lab, 341 Fighting al sw 

Brown James, lab, 1214 24th nw 

Brown James, lab, Fayette nr MadisoD, 

Brown James, lab, 307 4th ne 
Brown James, lab. 354 K ?w 
Brown James, lab, Norris al, Gtn 
Brown James, lab, 467 School sw 
Brown James, lab, 306 D se 
Brown James A. barber, I) c N Jav nw, b 

704 2d nw 
Brown James A, dyer, West nr Rock 

Creek, Gtn 
Brown James H, lab, 205 Lnw 
ilown Jajncs J, driver, HSPurdy's ct 
Brown James R, machiniist, 35 H ne 
Brown James R H, blacksmith, 15th n? 

Samson, h 1523 R nw 
I Browu James S, brass fiuisher, 722 Md av 

Brown James S, huckster, 2231 Union sw 
J Browu James T, papermkr, 1825 G nw 
Brown James W, barber, 216 Jackson 

Hall *\ 
Brown James W, bds 318 Ind av 
Brown James L. produce, 199 cen mkt, h 

8th nr D se 
Brown James L, (J L Brown & Son,( 2016 

Brown James L, bricklayer, bds 902 I se 
Brown Jane, wid Wm, 901 Hughes' al nw 
Brown Jane Mrs, laundress, 32 Dunbar- 

tou, Gtn 
Brown Jane Mrs, servt, 1135 21st nw 
Brown Jane A, elk treas, bds Mt Pleasant 
Brown Jefferson, lab, 406 D se 
Brown Jennie, dressmkr. 1221 C nw 
Brown Jennie, servt, 1232 1 nw 
Brown Jessie, driven, 45 Jackson al ne 
Brown Jessie, 1801 I nw 
Brown Jillsou, whitewashes 618 N Cap 

Brown Johanna, wid John, washing, K bet 

1st and 2d nw 
Brown John, E cor 8th sw 
Browu John, blacksmith, 2014 12th nw 
Brown John, bricklayer, 1445 IS nw 
Brown John, elk p o, 1507 9th nw 
Brown John, coal, 1132 N J av nw, h 1129 

3d nw 
Brown John, cook, Jackson House 
Brown John, driver, R I av nrlOth 
brown John, farmer, 1416 I nw 
Brown John, foremau prop gardens, bds 

American House 
Brown John, srrocer, N Cap eor Boundary 

nw, h same 
Brown John, hostler, 921 G sw 
Brown John, huckster, 1321 L nw 
Browu John. Jab, 340 Fsw 
Brown John, lab, bds 1130 18th nw 
Brown John, lab, 929 F sw 
Brown John, lab, 74 Jackson al 
Brown John, lab, 2@8 D sw 
Brown John, lab. Stoddart ur Congress, 

Brown John, lat/600 22d nw 
Browu John, lab," 15 E se 
Brown John, lab, Boundary cor 18th ne 
Brown John, lab, 712 9th sw 
Brown John, iab, 104 Madison al nw 
Brown John, labj 1628 Vt av nw 
Brown Johu, lamplighter. 424 Temperance 

Hall al 
Brown John, miller, Fall's Road nr Gtn 

Brown John, lawyer, 409 10th nw 

Pioneers of Contingent Fee Practice. 




Brown John, produce, 328 aud 329 Center 

Marker, h 1310 L nw 
Brown John, porter, 17th bet L and M 

Brown John, porter, 1014 K I av nw 
Brown John, provisions, 123 G nw, h same 
Brown John Rev, pastor, Fifteenth st 

Presbyterian church, u 813 11th nw 
Brown John, saloon, G cor 3d sw, h 5 D 

Brown John, supt- 459 Mo av nw 
Brown John, waiter, 630 L nw 
Brown John A, brickmkr, 718 1st sw 
Brown John A, ex uat o, h 807 8th nw 
Brown John B, shoemkr, 1226 H nw 
Brown Joha C, elk treas, h Arlington Va 
Brown John E. tailor, 25 9th ne 
Brown John F, driver. 52 Jefferson. Gtn 
Brown John F, policeman, 1117 15th nw 
Brown John G, elk, a go, h822 8th nw 
Brown John H, bricklayer, 1214 I nw 
Brown John H, clerk, 718 19th nw 
Brown John H, painter, S Cap nr B sw 
Brown John L, carp, Green's al nw, 1318 

Mass av nw 
Brown John M, (Brown & Bro,) bds 1500 

Brown John M Rev, Bishop A M E Church, 

h University H>r nw 
Brown John R, bds 932 E nw 
Brown John R. elk treas. h 1107 9th nw 
Brown John R, mess tieas, h 1741 N nw 
Brown John S, carp, 1404 12th nw 
BROWN JOMN S, solicitor of 

patents, 802 F nw, U Mt Pleas- 

/. S. BE OWN, 



Solicitor of Patents for the United States, 

Canada and all foreign countries, and 

expert in Patent Law Cases. 

Brown John S, tailor, 505 10th nw 
Brown John T, miller, Bank al. Gtn 
Brown John T, waiter, 434 8th nw 
Brown John T C. lab. 470 E sw 
Brown John W, iab, 609 I ne 
Browm Jobu W, moulder, 212 I se 
Brown Johnson, shoemaker, Brightwood 
Brown Joseph, barber, 942 ^4tk nw 
Brown Joseph, eating stand, llih st whf, 

h same 
Brown Joseph, coachman, 319 Va av se 
Brown Joseph, dairy, 19 2d se 
Brown Joseph, huckster, bds 2136 9th nw 
Brown Joseph, lab, 503 Q nw 
Brown Joseph, lab, 2511 M nw 
Brown Joseph, porter, 37 Monroe, Gtn 
Brown Joseph B. elk. 60Defreesuw 
Brown Joseph M, pres Cap j ub co. h 1745 

F nw 
Brown Joseph M, stationery elk, H R 
Brown Josephine, wid Wiliiam, servt, 305 

C se 
Brown Josephus, lab, 1235 Blagden's al 

Brown Joshua, lab. 1822 E nw 
Brown Julia, wid Edward, washing, 212 

Jackson Hall al 

2&£- Q-olc&stoiaa., 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West and Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penua Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Brown Julia, wid Spencer, Mass av c 16th 

Brown Julia A, teacher, 1213 Vt av nw 
Brown Julia L, elk trea?, 623 E Ca^? 
Brown Kate Mrs, 1010 I nw 
Brown Kate, wid Johu, 23 Ij nw 
Brown Kate, wid, Michael, O c 4j^ sw 
Brown Kate T. ieaeher, 635 I nw 
Brown Keno. lab, 2d nr C sw 
Brown L M. 1102 9th aw 
Brown Laura E, wid T B, 635 I nw 
Brown Laurelia C, produce, 624 cen mkt, 

h 2107 8th nw 
Brown Lawrence E, agent, 7 High, Gtn 
Brown Lee, lab, 1149 17<h nw 
Brown Levi, lab, Beall nr Monroe, Gtn 
Brown Lewis, gardener, 1109 S C av se 
Brown Lewis, servt, 1225 G nw 
Brown Lewis, waiter, 1434 Sampson nw 
Brown Lewis K, elk 4m aud, h 904 F ne 
Brown Lizzie, dressmkr. 627 2d sw 
j Brown Lizzie, servt, 925 Temperance hal 

al nw 
Brown Lizzie, servt, 730 21st nw 
Brown Lizzie, servt. Biggs house 
Brown Lizzie E, bds 301 13th sw 
Brown Lizzie R, bds 1423 5th nw 
Brown Lloyd, lab, 1121 20ih nw 
Brown L oyd. waiter, t>ds 1914 M nw 
Brown Lorenzo, capi, 455 P sw 
Broun Louis P, 'teacher, 1610 Corcoran nw 
Brown Louisa, cook, 118 3d se 
Brown Louisa! laundress. 1015 18th nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, 942 P uw 
Brown Louisa, servt, wk> 1240 N J av nw 
Brown Louisa, servt, wks 1213 6th nw 
Brown Louise P, elk ind o. bds Trumbull 

c 43*2' uw 
Brown Lucinda, wid Berjj, nurse, 1610 

Corcorau nw 
Brown Lucinda L, wid E F, 2620 K nw 
Brown Lucy, cook, 1237 Blagden's alnw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 1722 I nw 
Brown Lucy, servt, 618 L nw 
Brown Lucv^ washing, 22 Covington nw 
Brown Lucy, wid I-aac. T al nw 
Brown Lucy, wid Wm, 610 T nw 
Brown Lucy A, :*ervt, 1442 Corcoran nw 
Brown Lucy E, teacher, 71 H nw 
Brown Lurana, wid Wm, laundress, 1143 

15tn nw 
Brown M L Miss, elk treas, h 1224 14th nw 
Brown M S, dentist, 1318 Mass av nw, h 

Brown Magdalene, wid Robert, 229 N J 

av se 
Brown Mandana J, teacher, bds Ml Pleas- 
ant nw 
Brown Marcellus, carp, 230 7th ne 
Brown Margaret, 243 Goat al uw 
Brown Margaret, servt, 327 3d sw 
Brown Margaret Ann, servt, Willowtree 

al sw 
Brown Margaret G.wid Wm L. 1747 K nw 
Brown Maria, dressmkr, 627 2d sw 
Brown Maria, servt. 242 3d sw 
Brown Mi ria, washing, 319 C sw 
Brown Maria, wid Henry, 6th nr Market, 


GILM0RE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street ItW- 




Brown Maria, wid John, 222 Mass av nw 
Brown Maria E, wid John, 429 1st nw 
Brown Marietta S, wid, 1609 P nw 
Brown Marian R, boarding, 812 13th nw 
Brown Marshall, lab, Glick's al nw 
Brown Marshall, 7th st rd nr Brightwood 
Brown Marshall, 1801 1 nw 
Brown Mary, 6 P nw 
Brown Mary, 434 Ridge nw 
Brown Mary, bds 17 4th ne 
Brown Mary, elk treas, bds 718 12th nw 
Brown Mary, nurse, 114 Md av sw 
Brown Mary, servt, 1821 1 nw 
Brown Mary, servt, 41 Fayette, Gtn 
Brown Mary, washer, 1003 B se 
Brown Mary, washing, 210 St Dominiek's 

Brown Mary, wid Archibald, 19 G nw 
Brown Mary,' wid Arthur, 1162 20th nw 
Brown Mary, wid George, 942 24th nw 
Brown Mary^ wid James, G c 15th se 
Brown Mary, wid Wm C y 108 Water, Gtn 
Brown Mary A, seamstress, 32 Dunbar- 
_ ton, Gtn 

iirown Mary F, servt, 910 M nw 
Biown Mary F Mrs, dressmkr, 439 N nw, 

h same 
Brown Mary H, wid Beverly, 400 3d nw 
Brown Mary L, wid Daniel, Taylor's al sw 
Brown Mary V, dressmkr, 1131 3d nw 
Brown Mason M, carp, 2310 I nw 
Brown Matthias, carp, 18th nr B ne 
Brown Melinda, nurse, 226 8th sw 
Brown Meta C r elk bur statC3, h 1313 N 

Y av nw 
Brown Michael, lab, 413 3d sw 
Brown Michael, gardeuer, S nr 10th nw 
Brown Michael, porter, Seaton al nw 
Brown Minerva B, wid J P, 932 E nw 
Brown Miranda, sewing, 3031st sw 
Brown Mockey Mrs, 316 I se 
Brown Miss, teacher, bds 1310 G nw 
Brown Moses, 303 1st sw 
Brown Moses, waiter, 106 F nw 
Brown Mrs, elk, 1219 O nw 
Brown N F D, prof, bds Mt Pleasant 
Brown Nancy, washing, 1218 R nw 
Brown Nancy, wid Wm, 420 Franklin nw 
Brown Nathan, blksmith, T nr 14th nw, h 

221011th nw 
Brown Neill 8 jr, reading elk H R 
Brown Nelson, lab. 600 22d nw 
Brown Nelson, lab, O st al nw 
Brown Olivia, wid Richard, 211 N J avnw 
Brown Oscar, gardener, Bladensburg 
Brown Osctar, shoemkr, 1408 7th nw, h 

Brown Ossell C, elk int rev 
Brown Paten if : gardener, h Bladensburg. 

Brown Patrick, lab, 26 Jackson al ne 
Brown Perry, carp, 1214 24th nw 
Brown Philip, porter, 37 Monroe, Gtn 
Brown Philip, elk, 925 N J av nw 
Brown Philip, rooter, 2416 H nw 
Brown Priscilla. washing, S Cap nr B sw 
Brown R I, (Gadsby <fe Brown,) 707 20tn 

Brown Rachel, wid Isaac 424 Franklin nw 
Brown Ranseli, sailor, 455 P sw 
Brown Rebecca, washing, 212 Jackson 

Hall al 
Brown Rebecca, wid James T. 1423 5th nw 
Brown Reuben M. (Brown & Atkinson,) 

616 N nw 
Brown Reuben R, printer, 1244 8th nw 

Brown Richard, blacksmith, F c 13th ne 
Brown Richard, coal, 322 4>£ sw, h 627 D 

Brown Richard, driver, 616 Bates' al nw 
Brown Richard, grocer, 20th nr Pa av, h 

707 20th nw 
Brown Richard, hostler, 487 C nw 
Brown Richard, lab, 126 Pierce nw 
Brown Richard, lab, Quaker's bldgs 
Brown Richard, watchman. 627 2d sw 
Brown Richard H, a 1236 M nw 
Brown Richard T Rev, 812 13th nw 
Brown Robert, caterer, 424 Franklin nw 
Brown Robert, cook, 1112 Q nw 
Brown Robert, cook, 14 Pierce nw 
Brown Robert, driver, Meridian Hill 
Brown Robert, farmer, h Harrison nr Ad- 
ams, Uniontowii 
Brown Robert, lab, 300 N Y ay 
Brown Robert, lab, lOd 8th se 
Brown Robert, lab, O st al nw 
Brown Robert, lab, Vt al nw 
Browu Robert, oyster shucker, 7th c E nw 
Brown Robert, painter, 416 1st se 
Brown Robt. police, 301 1st sw 
Brown Robert, shucker, 1122 3d nw 
Brown Robt, waiter, 1122 3d nw 
Brown Robt, waiter, 300 Pa av nw 
Brown Robt, waiter, 424 Franklin nw 
Brown Robt A, car insp, 1002 4th ne 
Brown Robt F, carp, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Robt S, elk int rev, 1304 6th nw 
Brown Robt W, carp, 60 Defrees nw 
Brown Rosa, 1238 N J av nw 
Brown Rosa, servt, 1364 C sw 
Brown Rosetta, 1432 l^th nw 
Brown Rusk E, elk, 1215 H nw 
Brown Rutherfd, printer, bds 812 13th nw 
Bry Ooods, 121 bridge, h 68 
West, <;t^i 




Carpets, Oil-Cloths and Mattings, 
No. 121 BRIDGE ST., 

Georgetown, D. C„ 

Brown Sallie Mrs, washerwoman, Olive 
nr Monro, Gtn 

Brown Saml, driver, 226 8th sw 

Brown Saml, lab, Kehoe's al nr E sw 

Brown Saml, lab, 1017 V nw 

Brown Sarnlj lab, Balls al bet 2d and 3d 

Brown Saml, lab, 1519 K se 

Brown Saml, lab, 1 Naylor's al nw 

Brown Saml, lab,' 306 Ind av nw 

Brown Saml, lab, 313 7th sw 

Brown Saml, lab, 2123 9th nw 

Brown Saml, lab, 304 I se 

Brown Saml waiter, 304 I se 

Brown Sam) K, house furnishing, 830 20th 
nw, h 915 N H av nw 

BROWN SAMUEL. P., Commis- 
sion Merchant and Coal, 15th 
cor New York, avenne, li Mtj 

Brown Sam, T, carman, 50 Prospect, Gtn 

Brown Sandy, lab, 642 Mass av ne 

Biowu Sarah, servt, 1403 K nw 

Brown Sarah, washer, 133 Pierce nw 

Official ^counts of Indian Agents Settled. 

BRO [165] 


Brown Sarah, washing. Columbia rd 
Brown Sarah, wid Geo, M nr % sw 
Brown Sarah, wid Jas, 456 N nw 
Brown Sarab, wid, servt. 814 18th nw 
Brown Sarah A, servt, 1801 1 nw 
Brown Sarah E, dressinkr, 602 K nw 
Brown Sarah E, dressmkr, 1131 3d nw 
Brown Sarah W. elk treas. bds 812 13th nw 

clerk department, of state, h 1*^05 

ME nw 
Brown Sleigh, lab, 1905 12th nw 
Brown Solomon G, elk Smithsonian Inst, 
Brown Sophia, elk treas, h 926 B sw 
Brown Sophy, bds 925 Bireh's al sw 
Brown Spriggs, porter, 327 3d sw 
Brown Stephen Rev, 926 B sw 
Brown Stephen T, pressman, 717 N Cap ne 
Brown Susan, washing, 723 Freeman's al 

Brown Susan, wid Adam C, h Bladens- 

Brown Susan C, wid David, 1611 10th nw 
Brown Susie, teacher, 32 Dunbarton Gtn 
Brown Sylvia, wid Henry, 1726 19th nw 
Brown Theophilus, -,ervt, 615 F nw 
Brown Thhopilus R, servt, 1122 Vt av nw 
Brown Thomas, cook. Corcoran bet 16th 

and 17th nw 
Brown Thomas, driver, 1418 M nw 
Brown Thomas, driver, E bet 17th and 18th 

Brown Thomas, driver, 31 West, Gtn 
Brown Thomas, farmer, 212 L nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, 807 Q nw 
Brown Thomas, shoemkr, 333 Va av sw 
Brown Thomas, lab, 1117 6th se 
Brown Thomas, lab, 413 3d sw 
Bi own Thomas, lab, North nr West, Gtn 
Brown Thomas, lab, 734 11th nw 
Brown Thomas, lab, Burke's al sw 
Brown Thomas A, painter, 603 La, av nw, 

h 432 M nw 
Brown T Albert jr, elk, 432 M nw 
Brown Thumas B, 1219 4£ sw 
Brown Thomas J, elk, 1100 11th nw 
Brown Thomas W, polisher, 1002 11th nw 
Brown Tillottson E, (Brown & Bro,) 1500 

8th nw 
Brown Virginia Mrs, 1620 5th nw 
Brown W Harvey, ret board, bds Rig^s 

Brown W Paul, (Brown & Sigourney,) 9th 

cor E se 
Brown Walker, lab, bds, 317 E ne 
Brown Walter, butcher, 612 cen mkt 
Brown Walter, lab, Glick's al nw 
Brown Walter, waiter, 305 10th sw 
Brown Walter, waiter, wilhards 
Brown Walter S, elk, 906 20th nw 
Brown Warner, lab, 126 Pierce nw 
Brown Warren, elkint rev. h 1111 9th nw 
Brown Washington, lab, Draper's al sw 
B rown Washington, watchman, 7 Hiiih 

Brown Wellington, postal elk, 333 Mo av 

Brown Wm, 2424 Hnw 
Brown Wm, 912 3d nw 
Brown Wm, Meridian hill 
Brown Wm, Jackson's hall al 
Brown Wm, blksmith, bds 912 3d nw 
Brown Wm, cook. 1036 N J uv nw 
Browu Wm, lab, 431 8th sw 
Brown Wm, lab; 14 John's court 
Brown Wm, lab, 466 R 1 av nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker'e 
Articles go to 

]&£. G-oIdii i;eiii 9 a 

California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p 4 

Brown Wm, lab, 2119 I nw 

Brown Wm, lab 419 7th ne 

Brown Wm, lab 1313 A se 

Browu Wm, lab, al B bet N Cap and N J 

av nw 
Brown Wm, lab, I nr 4th se 
Brown Wm, lawyer, 401 R nw 
Brown Wm, lawyer, bds 60S 13th nw 
Brown Wm, machinist, 228 3d ne 
Brown Wm, plasterer, 707 20th nw 
Brown Wm, printer, 114 Md av sw 
Brown Wm, produce, 408 D se 
Brown Wm, shucker, F bet 2d and 3d nw 
Brown Wm, waiter, 614 Deiavsw - 
Brown Wm, waiter, Hamilton house 
Brown Wm A, physician, 437 7th nw, h 

Brown Wm B, elk int rev, h 915 12th nw 
Brown Wm C, shoemkr, 931 11th nw 
Brown Wm E, machinist, 520 13m se 
Brown Wm H, carpt, 507 D se 
Brown Wm H, engineer, 1825 Gnw 
Brown Wm H, lab 406 B se 
Brown Wm H. lab, 126 N se 
Brown Win H, lab, 600 22d nw 
Brown Wm H, luncn table, 12S cen mkt, 

La av cor lOch nw, h 410 D sw 
Brown Win H, porter, 921 19th nw 
Brown Wm H, watenmau, bds 1802 M nw 
Brown Wm Hetb, watenmau treas, h 

Harewood rd 

cltsrk. post office, n 719 Nortl*. 

Carolina avenue se 
Brown Wm L, postal elk, h 333 Mo av nw 
Brown Wm M. "dry goods, 314 8th nw, ix 

119 West. Gtn 
Brown Win M jr, elk, 119 West, Gtn 
J3IB.OW:? WILLIA?! MS., grocer, 

20tn cor Pennsylvania avenne 

nw, li '2141 I nw 



Fine Groceries, Teas,Wines & Liaaors, 

S. W. cor. of 20th and Pa. Av... 


Brown Wm R, watchman, 843 Pa av 

Brown W S, elk, 1916 Pa av 

Brown Wm S, elk, Conn av bet N and 

M nw 
Brown Wm S, turner, K nr 27th nw 
Brown Wm T, carp, Bridge nr Rock 

Creek, Gtn 
Brown Wilson E, brickmaker, N cr N.J 

av se, h 1108 M u w 
Brown Wilson E jr, (W E Brown jr & 

Co.) 8th nr N nw 
Brown WE jr & Co, (Wilson E jr, and 

George W Brown,) carp. 1312 9th nw 
Brown Winfield S, elk 428 JM Y av 
Brown Z. ins sol, 928 F nw 

GILM0EE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street Aft Ws 




Brown Zach T, janitor, City Hall 
Brown & Aikison, (R M Brown & H L 

Atkinson,) painters, 714 M nw 
Brown & Sigouruey, (VV JPaul Brown & 

Winfieid iS Sigouruey.) undertakers, 9th 

c Ese 
Browne A Budsey, elk, 1106 9th nw 
Boowue Albert, lab, Fighting al sw 
B BOVNE AND It JEW K, lawyer 

45S tiOiiisiana avenue, i\ 14 7tli 

Browne Elizabeth, wid John 203 F sw 
Browne Emetine, laundress, Va av c 3d 

Browne Jerome jr. real estate, 1106 9th nw 
Browne J R F, steward, 324 Ind av 
Browne Lewis K, elk, 904 F ne 
Browne Maggie L, elk, 1224 14th nw 
Browne Sallie, wid Ambrose, Pleasant al 

Browne Sarah Q, matron foster home, 13th 

nr S nw 
Browne Thomas, grocer, 333 Gsw hsame, 
Browne W Garl, artist, 9t5 Pa av nw, h 

Browne Win, blksmith, Tea al nr 2d sw 
Browne Wm H, lawyer, 437 7th nw, h 

1722 14th nw 

452 Louisiana avenue, n 422 3d 

Browne Wilson R, elk, Pa av and 22d nw 

416 5th nw, li 331 Missouri ave- 
nue nw 


Attorney and Conasellor-at-Law, 


Fifth st., opposite City Hall. 
Notary Public. 

Browing Claude H, elk, 1406 Pa av nw 
Browning Charles N, elk, p o, h 930 I nw 
Browning Charles T, elk, 1022 P se 
Browning D W Rev, pastor frovidence 

Chapel, h 622 N J av nw 
Browning Edward, lab. M c 12th se 
Browning Frank T, lawyer, 416 5th nw, 

h 331 Mavnw 
Browning George G, elk pat o, 32 Gay, Gtn 
Browning Horatio, (Browning & Middle- 
ton,) 1022 Pa av se 
Browning John L, butcher. K st mkt, h 

50 3d, Gtn 
Browning John M, elk p o d, h 1507 9th nw 
Browning John O, butcher, 30 Gay, Gtn 
Browning Lewis, caulker, 907 Tea al se 
Browning Mary, servt. wks 462 O nw 
Browning Perry W, 331 Mo av nw 
Browning Silas, elk, 1801 14th nw 
ffee, Jackson Mall al, li 411 3d n w 
Browning Thomas H, confectionery, 1315 

D nw, h same 
Browning Washington, lab, 905 Tea alse 
Browning Wm L, elk, 488 C nw 
(Horatio Browning and AI- 
pheus Middleion,) grocers, 610 
Pa av 


Wnolesale and retail dealers in 




Also, proprietors and manufacturers of 

Browning's Stomach Bitters. 


(Opposite Metropolitan Hotel,) 

Washington, D. C. 

Bruce Alexander, lab, 37 G nw 

Bruce Alfred, lab, 1314 B ne 

Bruce Alice, wid. washing, S Cap nr B sw 

Bruce Annie, servt, 231 3d"nw 

Bruce Charles F, cabinetmkr, 37 G nw 

Bruce Charles F, hackmau, Union al nw 

Bruce Charles H, caterer, 911 11th nw 

Bruce Dauiel, porter, 1034 4th nw 

Bruce Eliza, wid Eugene, 183a M nw 

Bruce Fannie S, teacher, 37 G nw 

Bruce Francis, lab, 126 L nw 

Bruce Frances, wid Aaron, servt, 1514 

12th nw 
Bruce Frank B, elk, 225 E nw 
Bruce George, engineer, 608 S nw 
Bruce George^ lab, 306 12th nw 
Bruce George, lab, 307 C se 
Bruce Georgeanua, servt, wks 610 14th 

Bruce Gibson, porter, c Frederick and 5th, 

Bruce Hannah, wid Charles, 911 11th nw 
Bruce Helon, nurse, bds 210 5th se 
Bruce James, porter, L bet 4% and 6th sw 
Bruce Jennie, dress tnkr, bds 425 7th sw 
Bruce John C, barber, 427 3d sw 
Bruce Lewis, waiter, 313 A se 
Bruce Macelena, servt, 1235 Blagden's al 

Bruce Margaret, wid John, 210 5th se 
Btuce Margaret, wid John 824 25th nw 
Bruce Margaret, wid William, 816 4th ne 
Bruce Maria, 1706 21st nw 
Bruce Martha, cook, 116 2d sw 
Bruce Martha, wid Alexander, washing, 

Moore's al, Gtn 
Bruce Mary, wid John, 313 Mass av ne 
Bruce Mary J, servt, 56 Market, Gtn 
Bruce Regendia, fancy goods, 1617 12th 

nw, h same 
Bruce Robert, driver, 427 3d sw 
Bruce Robert, porter, 3d c Va av sw 
Bruce Robert J, 937 F sw 
Bruce Sandy, elk, 41 G nw 
Bruce Shadrack, plasterer, 1706 21st nw 
Bruce Thomas 2314 M nw 
Bruce William, lab, 1140 Del av ne 
Bruce William H. mess, 1617 12th nw 
Bruce William M, printer, 808 % sw 
Bruckhauser Teresa, wid Jacob, 1223 2d 

Bruckheimer Moses, physician, 240 4% sw; 

office hours 7 to 9^ a ml to 3 and 6pm 
Bruehl August, shoemkr, 1207 Pa av nw, 

h sam-i 
Bruehl Emil, shoemkr, bds 1613 6th nw 
Bruehl George C, shoemkr, 906 D nw, h 

1613 6th nw 

Brueu. physician, 1703 K nw, 

Bruff J Goldsborough, draughtsman, 1009 

24th nw 
Bruff R chard W, carp, 624 Pa av se 
Bruff William, elk, 101124th nw 
Bruff William T O, draftsman sur o, 1009 

24th nw 

Rejected Patent Caaes a Specialty. 




Bruggeman Herman, cik ord, h 1241 5th 

Brumagin Edwin F, carp, 7th nr T nw, h 

46 Defrees nw 
Brumagim Henr> C, agent, 1019 2d ne 
Brumagim Ida L, 46 Defrees nw 
Brumagim John W, agent. 46 Defrees nw 
Brumagim Nelley E, 46 Defrees nw 
Brumel William, janitor, 8 Congress. Gtn 
Brumfleld Eva, 469 G sw 
Bruinmel John G, welldigger, 718 13th nw 
Brummett Joseph, elk navy dpt, h 233 8th 

Bruner Charles, conductor, 725 N Cap ne 
Bruner William, Yet surgeon, bds Boyles 

Hotel, nw 
Brunger Charles, gardener, Brightwood 
Brunner George A, carp, bds 1326 7th nw 
Brunor Julius J, printer, 627 9th ne 
Brunswick ^Samuel, poultry. 388 Centre 

and 45 Coieorau mkt, h 1704 7tn nw 
Brush Harman N, elk, 119 Md av ne 
Brush James, lab, 342 E sw 
Brust Albert G, turning and scroll sawing, 
? 101 4% sw, h 462 Me av sw 
Brums Hannah, servt, Willards 
Brutus Jackson, lab, 21 5th, Gtn 
Bryan A S, elk, 3d aud 
Bryan Alice, umbrella mkr, bds 1412 Pa 

av nw 
Bryan Ann, wid Wm, 217 D nw 
Bryan Ann, wid Wm, Douglas al nw 
Bryan Bennete Mrs, bds 1327 G nw 
BRYABf BUjV, restaurant, 313 Pa 

av nw, h same 



Ladies' and Gentlemen'' s Joining Saloon, 

3] 3 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. Third and 
Four-and-a-half streets, north side. 

Washington, D. C. 

Bryan Cham, lab, 133 F sw 

BRYAM CH VKLES C, grocer, 15tn 
cor I nw, h 940 New York av- 
enue nw 

Wholesale and retail dealer in 


Cor. 15th and I streets, N. W., 

Bryan George W. bds 715 9th nw 
BRYAN JB& Bro, (Joseph Band 

William Bryan,) s rocers » 608 

Pa av nw 

J. B. BRYAN & BRO., 
Wholesale and retail dealers in 

G hoiee Family Groceries 


Opposite Metropolitan Hotel, 

Washington, D. C, 


:&£. G-oldsteln's 

California Cigar Sioie. 611 Peuna Av, 
under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Brvan James, barkeeper, 313 Pa av nw 
Bryan James, snoetnkr, N nr 9th nw 
Bryan Jemima, wid Charle-, 25 8th se 
Bryan John, carp, 717 7th sw 
Biyan John A, musician, 522 13th se 
Bryan John 8, agt, 1337 10th nw 
Bryan John T, grocer, 1116 8th nw, h same 
Bryan John V, (Basseit & Bryan.) h 7th o 

Bryan Joseph B, (J B Bryan & Bro,) h 

Hyattsville, Md 
Brvan L V Miss, folder govt print o, h 929 

Md av sw 
Bryan Lawrence J, elk ago, h 2133 F nw 
Bryan Lewis, waiter, bds 507 H nw 
Bryan Maria, servt, 1536 10th nw 
Bryan Martha, wid Thomas, seamstress 

608 N Cap nw 
Bryan Matthew, elk s g o, h 1457 R I av nw 
Bryan Nathaniel, lab, Cole's row, Howard 

Bryan Octavia. wid Joseph, 940 N Y av nw 
Bryan R W D, elk, 1106 F nw 
Bryan Raphael, police, 524 8th se 
Bryan Richard T, elk p o, h 1819 13th nw 
Bryan Rose, 523 6th nw 
Bryan Samuel D, printer, 926 N Y av nw 
Bryan Samuel F, engineer, 734 10th se 
Bryan Samuel M, restaurant, 8th cor L se, 

h same 
Bryan Thomas B. 1407 Mass av nw 
Bryan Winnie, elk treas, 2133 F nw 
Bryan Win. (J B Brvan <% Bro.) 10299th nw 
Bryunt A S, elk tre'us. b '2104 I nw 
Bryant Agnes, wid Henry, cook. 1020 Vt 

av nw 
Bryant Almon, supt, Kendall Green 
Bryant Amelia, bds 9'23 G sw 
Bryant Beverly, waiter Riggs house 
Bryaut Catherine F, wid Eihelbert. bds 

514 10th nw 
Bryant C M, elk pen o, h 4th and Md av 

Bryant David, bricklayer, 67 Jackson al ne 
Bryant George, elk, 500 19ih nw 
Bryant George, lab, 1722 E nw 
Bryant James, lab, Cole's row, Howard 

Bryant John, lab, Cole's row, Howard 

Bryant Levi J, elk ord o, 1815 Q nw 
Bryant Lewis C, eng, 409 N J av nw 
Bryant Martha, cook, 1024 17ih nw 
Bryant Mary R, seamtress, 1020 Vt av nw 
Bryant Nathan, lab, 464 Ridge nw 
Bryant Samuel, lab, 314 13th nw 
Brvant Seth S, elk, 105 E nw 
Bryant Seth S, elk int rev, 512 8th nw 
Bryant Wm, plumber, 924 22d nw 
Bryant Wm H, carp, Wilson, Howard, 

Bryant Wm H, oysters, 11th st wharf, h 

610 6th sw 
Bryerton Hannah, grocer, 229 10th se, h 

Brynan J, engraver, 615 7th nw 
Bucbanan Celia, 927 Birch's al sw 
Buchanan Daniel, driver, 101 D sw 
Buchanan Elizabeth, servt, 820 17th nw 

GILM0RE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street M. W. 




Buchanan Flora, washing, 101 D sw 
Buchanan George, 1520 Q nw 
Buchanan Isaac, driver, 101 D sw 
Buchanan Israel, mess, 1st c D sw 
Buchanan James M, folder, 715 11th ne 
Buchanan John W, driver, 314 C se 
Buchanan Josephine, cook, 619 F nw 
Buchanan McKean Mrs, 72 West, Gtn 
Buchanan Martha, servt, Willowtree al sw 
Buchanan Martha, washing, 414 3d sw 
Buchanan Mary, servt, 1311 H nw 
Buchanan Moses, lab. Md av nr 13% sw 
Buchanan Roberdeau, drftsman pat o, h 

72 West, Gtn 
Buchanan Sallie, wid Andrew, 459 K sw 
Buchanan Sucie, servt, 1311 H nw 
Buchanan Thaddeus S, elk s sr o, 1214 K nw 
Buchanan Washington, lab, 2418 H nw 
Buchanan Wm, porter, 10th nr E sw 
Buchanan Wm J, lawyer, 507 12th, h 1304 

F nw 
Buchler Alexander R, elk, 469 H nw 
Buchler Florence A, saddler, bds 469 H nw 
BtCMLER JOHN, restaurant, 

c 7th, h 615 1> nw 

Proprietor of 



Cor. 7th and D streets, 

Washington, D . C. 

taker, 912 Pa av uw, li same 



No. 912 PENNA. AV., 
(South side,) between 9th and 10th streets. 


Always on hand. Funerals promptly at- 
tended to. Residence on the premises. 

Buchly Wm S, elk, bds 912 Pa av nw 
Bucholtz Henry, tinner, 22 K-st mkt nw, 

and 1300 9th nw 
Buck Alonzo M, elk s g o, h 1828 13th nw 
Buck Cassius M, elk pat o, h 1807 12th nw 
Buck Charles, driver, 312 C sw 
Buck James A Rev, St Paul's parsonage 

nr Soldiers' Home 
Buck Sallie L, elk treas, 1523 14th nw 
Buck Stephen W, folder House Reps 
Buck Wm W, elk land o, 1117 S nw 
Bucken Amanda, wid Charles, 487 L sw 
Buckey Charles A. (Buekey & Marbury, 

also Buckey & Co,) 20 8th, Gtn 
Buckey Chas M, elk, 302 E nw 
Buckey M V, (Buckey & Co,) Congress c 

Bridge, Gtn 
Buckey P Maury, elk, bds 302 E nw 
Buckey Philip J, grocer, 3d c E nw, h 302 

E nw 
Buckey <Sr- Co, (C A and M V Buckey,) 

grocers, 112 High. Gtn 
Buckey & Marbury, (Charles A Buckey 

and John Marbury jr,) hardware, 45 

Hteh, Gtn 
Buckingham B H, lieut U S N, bds 1523 

I nw 

Buckingham C L, asst ex pat o, h 921 P 

Buckingham Elijah, huckster, 221 C sw 
Buckingham Francis M, confectioner, 505 

7th nw, h 804 A se 
Buckingham Frank L, maoh, 424 8th se 
Buckingham J E, carp, 620 B se 
Buckingham Mary, servt, 221 C sw 
Buckler Zacbariah S, elk p m g, h 211 

Buckler Albert, 133r* I nw 
Buckley Daniel J, plumber, 519 21st nw 
Bucklev Edward, stonecutter, 416 3d sw 
432 7th uw, h 1407 E nw 


Wholesale and retail dealer in 

Tobacco and Cigars, 

No. 432 SEVENTH ST. N. W. 

Buckley Elizabeth, wid James S, 910 I se 
Buckley Frederick, lab, 315 H sw 
Buckley James, lab, al r 227 14th sw 
Bnckley, Jane, wid John, grocer, 519 21st 

nw, h same 
Buckley Johannah, 326 Va av sw 
Buckley John, stonecutter, 418 3d sw 
Buckley John, B and P R R, 416 3d sw 
Buckley John, lab R R, 473 D sw 
Buckley John D, lab, 613 1st sw 
Buckley John M, grocer, 20th cor M nw, 

h same 
Buckley Kate, grocer, 416 3d sw 
Buckley Marche A Mrs. 713 14 th nw 
Buckley Michael, lab, 424 3d sw 
Buckley Michael, lab, 714 2d nw 
Buckley Michael B, watchman, 424 6} sw 
Buckley Patrick, plasterer, 1704 H nw 
Buckley Rachael E Mrs, dressmkr, 206 H 

nw, h same 
Buckley Timothy, stonecutter, 418 3d sw 
Buckley Wm, contractor, H nr 4^ sw 
Buckley Wm D, teamster, al r 227*14th sw 
Buck man Daniel, lab, nr M and 25th nw 
Buckman Frederick, lab, 807 E Cap se 
Buckman John, lab, 322 3d sw 
Buekman Jonathan, wheelwright, h Ten- 

Buckman Mahlon, wheelwright, Tennally- 

Buckner Benjamin, waiter, 336 D sw 
Buckner C 0, mess H R 
Buckner Elijah, lab, 221 C sw 
Buckner Frank, lab, T bet 16th and 17th 

Buckner Georgiana, servt, 1315 R I av nw 
Buckner Harriett, servt. 487 H sw 
Buckner Humphrey, lab, I bet;2d and N J 

av se 
Buckner John, lab, 1305 Union swj 
Buckner Lettie, bds 1410 Pa av nw 
Buckner Malissa, servt, 16 I ne| 
Buckner Mary, servt, 221 C sw 
Buckner Mrs, wid Samuel, 487 L sw 
Buckner Scott, servt, wks Howard House 
BucKner Willis, driver, 1344 Cedar nw 
Bucknor George, lab, Howard University 
Bucy Mary A, wid Robert, servt, 819 Mor- 

gan's al nw 

Over 2,000,000 Acres Land Warrants unlocated, 




Budd Alexander, lab, O st al nw 
Budd Celia, servt, 1402 S nw 
Budd Dennis, driver, 428 Ridge nw 
Budd George, elk, 8th bet I and K nw 
Budd Jacob, stage manager theatre comi- 

que, 202 Mass av nw 
Budd Jane, hominy, 136 N L mkt, h 1641 

6th nw 
Budd Mary, seamstress, bds 1641 6th nw 
Budd Mary, servt, 1441 S nw 
Budd Patrick, lab, 303 K nw 
Budd Richard T, photographer, 1736 F nw 
Budd Thaddeus, huckster, bds 1641 6th nw 
Budd William, driver, 439 L nw 
Budd Wm, driver, 1641 6th nw 
Buddecke P W, Chancellor German Lega- 
tion, h 72 Defrees nw 
Budlong J N, elk, 465 G sw 
Budlong O W, elk, 465 G sw 
Buehler Caroline, boarding, 504 14th nw 
Buehler John F, bookbinder, 326 2d c Dse 
Buechling John, cigar mkr. 474 Pa av nw 
Buel John McL, police, 92118th nw 
Buell Allen, elk sig o, h Arlington, Va 
Buell Martin, elk land o, h 1729 11th nw 
Buemziel Louisa, cook, 300 Pa av 
Buete Charles, earp, 314 Vu av sw 
Buffalo German Ins Co, 810 F nw 
Buffalo Ins Co, 810 F nw 
Buffun George R, manager, 1016 F nw 
Bugbee Elijah L, telegrapher, bds 1301 

Mass av nw 
Buhler Gustav A, confectioner, 463 D sw 
Buie David G, carp, 206 G nw 
Buil John M, sergent met poliee, h 921 

18th nw 
Buil Mary E. 921 18th nw 
Buker James W, Mt Pleasant 


Wholesale ant Retail Tobacconist. 

611 Pbnna Av, .under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

* ■ 

Bujac Alfred, teacher English and French 

Academy. 1700 L nw, h same 
Bulger Isabella, seamstress, 436 2d sw 
m/I^KLEY John W, physician, 

h 615 11th nw 

f 7 to 9 a m 

0™„Ho CB s: IX'm 
[ 7 to 8 p m 
Bull Eliza C, elk q m o, 521 12th nw 
Bull John, 18 Grant pi nw 
1IULLABD OTIS EE, wash con of 
music, 432 9th nw, h S03 G nw 
Bullard Sarah A, dressmkr, 917 6th nw 
Bulley Alexander F, 718 Va av se 
Bulley Edward A, elk h, 718 Va av se 
Bully Ella A, counter, 718 Va av se 
Bulloch James, slate roofer, 639 N nw 
Bullock Cyrus, elk land o, h 929 K nw 
Bullock Geo E, mess. 723 13th nw 
Bullock S W, elk land o, 929 K nw 
Bullock William, blacksmith, 2d nr Poto- 
mac, Gtn 
Bumbach August, blksmith, bds 1422 N 

Cap nw 
Bumbreth George, lab, 329 8th ne 
Bumbrey Joseph, lab, 1827 6th nw 
Bumbry Annie, doctress, Limerick al sw 
Bumbry Ellen, cook, wks 1410 G nw 
Bumbry Henry, lab, Knox's al sw 
Bumbry Maria, servt, Limerick al sw 


Conservatory of Music, 



432 Itfiutli Ht. 9 bet. » and E J8W. 

Cultivation of the Voice, Singing, Elocution, Piano, 
Organ, Harmony, and Orchestral Instru- 
ments are taught by thorough and 
j accomplished instructors. 


Open from 9 a. m. to 7 p. m, 
Pupils Received at all Times. 

See Circulars at the Music and Book Stores, or address 

O. B. BULLARD, Director. 


GILM0EE & CO., Pay Cash for Them. 


[3 70] 


Bumbry Richard, steward, Limerick al sw 
Bumry Ailsa, servt; 616 3d sw 
Bumiy Matshal A, sent,. 616 3d sw 
Bumry Richaid, biksmuh. 1116 20-th nw, 

h 1141 19th »w 
Buncti Nathaniel, printer, bds 417 N nw 
Bundey Austin, painter, 122 Madison nw 
Bundick Charles P, mess treas, 649 G nw 
Bundy Armsted, lab, 443 L nw 
Bandy Austin, carp, 1813 S nw 
Bundy C a, (Bandy & Willoughby „) 813 G 

Bundy Daniel, painter, Sumner av Hills- 
Buuiy Harrison, huckster, 1814 Enw 
Bundy Julius, lab, bds 325 Va av se 
Bundy Margaret, washer, 1814 E nw 
Bundy Margaret, wid Robert, laundress 

h Green's al nw 
Bundy Muscy, driver, Tea al nr2d sw 
Bundy Nancy, wid Armstead, 443 L nw 
Fundy SamueI T plasterer, Locust al sw 
Bundy & Willoughby (Charles S Bundy 

and Westel Willoug'hb} ,) lawyers, 456 La 

Bungey Grandson, hostler, 1430 E nw 
Bunker George W, elk, St James Hotel 
Bunnnell M J, mess, $ds Tremont House 
Burbags William D, elk, 809 ECay se 
Burbanks Daniel N, elk, 31 B be 
Burbridge S G,(Cuppy &Burbridge r ) 1125 
Bureh Augustus, conductor, bds 1901 8th 

Burch Charles F 7 stonecutter, 105 1st Gtn 
Burch Charles J, 1305 H nw 
Burch Charles J. liquors, 924 E nw 
Burch Ehzabeth, wid Frederick, bds 1909 

Burch George D, bookbinder, 1539 6th nw 
Burch Henry C, elk, 2212 I nw 
Burch Henry M, elk h 206 H nw 
Burch James, conductor, bds 925 T nw 
Burch James, conductor, bds 1901 8th aw 
Burch John, bricklayer, 662 B se 
Burch John E, elk, 1305 K nw 
Burch John E, elk, 624 22d nw 
Burch John G. elk, 714 5th nw 
Burch John H, 105 1st, Gtn 
Burch John T, elk, 714 5tb nw 
Burch Joseph, tinner, 706 4}^ sw, h 704 4% 

Burch Joseph O, printer, 433 N T av nw 
Burch Joseph R, carp, 235 Mass av ne 
Burch Mariha, wid Thomas, 714 5th nw 
Burch Mary B, counter treas, h 105 1st, 

Burch Richard H. carp, 1112 N J av se 
Burch Richard Hjr, 1112 N J av se 
Burch farah F. 230 A% sw 
Burch Thomas E, elk, 223 6th ee 
Burch Vincent M, bricklayer, 60 Defrees 

Burch Wm J. driver. 807 Mkt soace 
Buich Wm W, plumber, 105 lbt, fctn 
Burchard Arthur W, letter carrier, 473 Mo 

av nw 
Burchard Edward M. grocer, 354 Pa av, h 

636 B nw 
Burchard George C, elk, 473 Mo av nw 
Burchard Mary W, teacher. 473 Mo avnw 
Burchard Wm, elk bu stat, h 716 12th nw 
Burchard Wm M, 473 Mo av nw 
Burche Albert E, artist, 832 13th nw 
Burch Frank, 421 6th lw 
Burche Victor M, elk. 832 13th nw 

cer, 1332 F nw, Ik 1102 VeranonS. 
avvnue nw 

family Grcoeries ? 



I 1332 F Street Northwest* 

Burckley Robert, 2402 H nw 
Burdett Annie B, bds 1411 6th nw 
Burden Joseph, carp, 1804 6th nw 
Burdett Chains, carp. 600 Low 
Burdett Charles L f draughtsman. 705 8th 

Burdett Deborah D, wid Charles, 1411 6th 

Burdett Leblond ; ,with Knight Bros, h 1411 

6th nw 
Burdett S S, 502 MapJe av 
Burdette Allen E, elk, 200 6th se 
Burdette Basil, provisions, 200 &sh se, b 

Brooks Station, Md 
Burdette Charles L, elk, bds 705 8th nw 
Burdette Eliza, bds 248 3d nw 
Burdette Francis A, lamplighter, 45 4th,. 

Burdett© Geo W, elk, Tennallytown 
Burdette Olive? P,(W.W. Burdette & Co.> 

1010 11th nw 
Burdette Walter W, (Waiter W Burdette 

& Co,) 805 K nw 
Burdette Wm T, gaslighter, 91 Mkt, Gtn 
B1RBEITE W. W. & CO., (W. 

W. and O, P. Burdette,) Brjr 

«oo0.s, 928 711* nw., and 706 .KL 

Burdine Adelia, 1206 6th sw 
Burdine Alfred, machinist, bds 805 D se 
Burdine Chas, 602 Pa av se 
Burdine Chas A, elk, 531 N J av nw 
Burdine Jas, barkeeper, 1206 6th sw 
Burdine John T, pattenimkr, 602 Pa av se 
Burdine Laura A, 602 Pa av se 
Burdine Mary 1,^602 Pa av se 
Burdine Washu B, plumber, 602 Pa avse 
Burdine Wm T, elk, 312 14 h sw 
Bureau Medical Statistics, 616 18th nw 

8th nw. 
Bureau of Statistics, U S Treas, 407 14tb 

Bury Edw B, drugs, 412 8th se, h same 
Burfoot Mrs, laundress, L nr 2d sw 
Burford Robt, blacksmith, H e 12th ne. 

bds 1321 1 ne 
Burgdort Augustus,) Burgdorf & Bro.,) h 

312 Pa av 
Burgdort Ernest, (Butgdorf & Bro,) h 3*2 

Pa av nw 
Burgdorf Louis, elk, 1027 8th nw 
BUKdiDOUF & BUO., (Augustus 

and Ernest fiurgiturf,) Livery 

Stables, 418 and 420 8th nw 
Burgee Edw E, (E TBurtree& Son,) h311 

10th se 
Burgee Edw T,(E T Burgee & Son,) h 311 

10th se 
Burgee E 1 & Son, (Edw T and Edw E 

Burgee,) model makers, 622 D nw 
Burgee John R. machinist, 1451 T nw 

Trade-Marks and Design Patents. 


Burgee Wm C, 1110 9th nw 

Burger Franc, (Mate & Burger.) 625 7th 

Burger Sacob E, newsdealer. li2Vaavsw 
Burger John C S, elk a g a.' h 11SS Park 

Burger Jos C, cigars, 1010 F nw, h same 
Burger Wm, elk, 1448 R I av nw 
Burgess Franklin P, lab, 308 N Y av nw 
Surges Geo, waiter, 1702 Mass av nw 
Burgess Ahner, painter, 400 8th se, bds 

1021 7th se 
Burtress Agnes, wid Wm, 440 Franklin nw 
Burgess Alice Mrs, teacher, 140S N T av nw 
Burgess Alexander, servt, 613 F se 
Burgess Andrew, fi reman 7S9 13th se 
Burgess Anna, elk office sec iut, h 1403 3S 

Y av 
Burgess Archie, mess, 815 13th ne 
Burgess Benton, driver. 714 3d sw 




611 Penna Av., Under- Met. Hotel, 
See page 4. 

Burgess € W, brass finisher, M be*; 3d an 

Burgess Charles lab, South bet Congress 

and High. Gtn 
Burgess Charles, lab, 726 9th se 
Burgess Chares, lab, 16 9th se 
Burgess Charles A, wheelwright, 825 6tk 

Burgess Charles H, (C H Burgess <fe Co.) 

1410 Columbia nw 
Burgess Christiana, 910 Stephenson's alnw 
Burgees C H & Co, (C H Burgess & S R 

Bond.) wood and coal, 8th c O nw 

W, W. Burdette & Co., 






Receiving P^e^r ^ixpplies Daily. 




Livery, Hiring & Sale Stables, 

418 & 420 Eighth St., bet. D & E Sts., Washington, D. G . 

GILM0EE, SMITH & CO., 629 F St.eet N. W. 




Burgess Clark, harness, 1406 Pa av nw, h 

1229 D sw 
Burgess E N, police, 2608 K nw 
Burgess Edna, bds 1411 10th nw 
Bugress Eliza, bds 910 Stephenson's al &w 
Burgess Ella E, elk, 1337 9th nw 
Burgess Enoch N, police, bds 2608 K nw 
Burgess Frank P, mess treas, h 308 N Y 

av nw 
Burgess George, lab, Vermont al nw 
BURGESS GEO ROE, lawyer, 321 

4% nw, h 1414 Q nw 


Attorney & Counsellor- at-Law 

321 4| STREET, 


Burgess George B, messenger 1430 M nw 
Burgess George W, coach trimmer, 1354 se 
Burgess Harriet, wid Samuel, 220 L sw 
Burgess Henry, lab, 7th st rd nw 
Burgess I Clark, harness mkr, 1219 C sw 
Burgess Jacob, barber, 823 7th nw 
Burgess James, waiter, 309 F sw 
Burgess John 1536 K se 
Burgess John, lab, N C av nr 14th ne 
Burgess John B, oysters, 607 11th nw, h 

1210 5th nw 
Burgess John E, servt, Union Hotel, Gtn 
Burgess John E F, canvasser, bds 11124th 

Burgess John H, carp, Uniontown 
Burgess Julia, servt, 901 O nw 
Burgess Louisa, servt, 45 Defrees nw 
Burgess M E, wid Johnson, 517 13th nw 
B-irgess R W, elk eng dept, 717 21st nw 
Burgess Richard, lab, 1405 1st nw 
Burgess Robert W, 722 21st nw 
Burgess Rosetta, laundress, 714 3d sw 
Burgess Susan, servt, 323 L sw 
Burgess Thomas, painter, 444 9th sw 
Burgess Wm, printer, 213 1st ne 
Burgess Wm H, elk, 490 Me av sw 
Burgevin P P, elk land o, 9th bet P and 

Q nw 
Burgey John W, saloon, Potomac c Grace, 

Gtn, h same 
Burghardt Caroline A, elk light house brd, 

bds 1398 I nw 
Burghardt Peter H Rev, elk, 16 7th se 
Burgio Mary, elk treas, bds 926 Pa av nw 
Burgoyne Charlotte Mrs, 16 Dunbarton, 

Burkart John, elk, bds 2318 I nw 
Burkart Joseph W, elk treas, 1734 6th nw 
Burkart Joseph W, cigars, 2318 I nw, h 

Burhaus W W, operator, 1429 T nw 
Burk Hannah, cook, Conner's al 
Burk Johanna, 2320 L nw 
Burk Joseph E, provisions, 1914 I nw, h 

1922 Pa av 
Burk Julian, porter, 345 Pa av nw 
Burk Martha J, servt, 1111 11th nw 
Burk Michael, lab, 413 6th se 
Burk Paul, baker, 918 3d nw 
Burk Peter, teamster, Uniontown 
Burk Sallie, 913 G sw 
Burk Samuel, lab, bds 1012 19th nw 
Burk Thomas, lab, 1359 C sw 

Burke Albert F, 1511 15th nw 

Burke Andrew, waiter, 1228 23d nw 

Burke Annie, wid, servt, 1009 18th nw 

Burke Bessie, servt, 163 West, Gtn . 

Burke Bridget, cook, 918 17th nw 

Burke Bridget, servti 212 E nw 

Burke Catherine, wid Patrick, 615 Goat 

al nw 
Burke Chas S, elk 6th aud, 708 13th nw 
Burke D M, 1703 19th nw 
Burke DeWitt 0, elk ago, 2319 L nw 
Burke E Mrs. elk treas, 1111 13th nw 
Burke Fdmund, elk, 1102 Md av sw 
Burke Edward, elk, bds 1922 Pa av nw 
Burke Edward, lab, 111 L nw 
Burke Eliza, servt, 1215 T nw 
Burke F B, doorkeeper state dept, h 1304 

Ind av sw 
Burke Francis P, mess, 229 14th sw 
BURKE FRANK F, liquors, 1324 

I) nw, and tobacconist, 1223 

Pennsylvania, av nw, li S26 12 tin 



Wholesale and Retail Dealer and Impor- 
ter of 

Foreign Wines, Brandies &c. 

1324 D STREET NW. 

^° A specialty made of "Gibson Cabinet 

Burke Hilliard H, carp, 1135 20th nw 
Burke Ignatius, lab, al bet I and K and 

26th aud 27th nw 
Burke James, 217 2d nw 
Burke James, carter, 628 H sw 
Burke James, plasterer, 734 Bates' al nw 
Burke James D, elk comp, 1531 Vt av nw 
Burke James W, cook, 1320 D nw 
Burke Jane, wid Dennis, 921 I nw 
Burke Jeremiah, lab, Grant av nw 
Burke Jerome B. (Jerome B Burke & Co,) 

1732 Pa av nw 
Burke Jerome B & Co, (Jerome B Burkp,) 

produce, 1732 Pa av nw 
Burke John, baker, Md av nr 15th ne 
Burke John, elk, D bet 1st and 2d sw 
Burke John, Indian agt, bds 826 12th nw 
Burke John, lab, 928 27th nw 
Burke John, lab, 949 27tb nw 
Burke John, plumber, 626 N Cap 
BURKE JOHN, shoemaker, 1729 

Pennsylvania av nw, h same 



Boot and Shoe \ Maker, 

No. 1729 PENNA, AVENUE, 
Bet. 17th and 18th sts., near the War Dept, 


Repairing neatly and promptly exeguted. 

Burke John D, boarding, 1922 Pa av nw 
Burke John E, carp. 1222 C sw 
Burke John H, elk, 131 D sw 
Burke John H. foreman, 1222 C sw 
Burke Joseph, blksmith, 14th nr B nw, h 

1721 R nw 
Burke Lewis L, printer, 1224 10th nw 
Burke Lucinda Mrs, 1922 Pa av nw 

Each Branch of our Business is 




Burke Margaret, 528 8th se 
Burke Martha, wid James, 131 D sw 
Burke Mary Mrs. Lingan ur 3d, Gtn 
Burke Mary J, wid Louis, washing, 1320 

D uw 
Burke Michael, lab, 620^ sw 
Burke Michael, lab. 70 Jackson al ne 
Burke°Miekael D, elk a g o, 1916 R nw 
Burke Nora, lab, 1009 18th nw 
Burke Patrick. Washington arsenal sw 
Burke Patrick, engineer, 1628 14th nw 
Burke Patrick, lab, 26 N Cap nw 
Burke Patrick J, plumber, 1015 F nw, h 

120 Mass av nw 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

1223 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., 

Burke Redmond, lab, 820 1st ne 
Burke Richard O S, elk ago, 830 1st ne 
Burke Solomon, lab, Grant av nw 
Bm-ke Thomas, lab, 614 Burke's al sw 
Burke Thomas, 1432 L nw 
Burke Wm, ex pat o, 704 L nw 
Burke Wm H, waiter, 1418 12th nw 
Burke Wm W, elk land o, 806 8th ne 
Burkely George, huckster, Marshall nw 
Burkely Guy, lab, Marshall nw 
Burket Jacob N, elk treas, h 1326 11th nw 
Burket Joseph, elk, 1326 11th nw 
Burket Luther E, elk, 1326 11th nw 
Burkhardt Henry, 609 B ne 
Burkhardt Jacob, copper smith, 220 4J sw 
Burkhardt John G, watchman, 1008 14th 

ture, 1013 and 1017 7th nw 

Our Motto: Quick Sales and Small Profits. 


Dealer in all kinds of 


Walnut Parlor and Chamber, Suits sold 

and made to order, 

Nos. 1013 and 1017 7th St.; 

Washington, D. C. 

Burkheimer Mary, wid George, 454 N J av 

Burkholder Arthur B, elk treas, 1216 N T 

av nw 
Burkley Augustus E. confectioner, 52 H 

nw, h same 
Burkley Wm, hostler, 3d nr Me av 
Burl Charles, cook, 409 6^ sw 
Burl Rachael, washing. 409 63^ sw 
Burlatoure Ernest, 56 2d, Gtn 
Burlew Cornelius, contractor, 17 E nw 
Burlew Wm W, elk, 17 E nw 
Burley C, St Clair restaurant, 200 B nw, h 

Burley Frances, servt, 922 17th nw 
Burley Frances, wid Lewis, sevt, 2217 E 

Burley James, hacks/480 K sw 
Burley John E, porter, 28th 5th, Gtn 

In Separate Booms at 629 F N. W. 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4, 

Burley John H W. fin sec A M E Church, 

h 1214 16th nw 
Burley Joseph, coachman, 123 L nw 
hurley Tbomas R, white washer. Vt al nw 
Burley Virginia, boarding, 519 13th nw 
Burley Wilhemina, servt, 2100 G nw 
Burley Wm P, lab, 1735 E nw 
Burlingame Frank, news dealer, 114 7th 

Burlingame Mary E, wid Alexis, 943 I nw 
Burlingham H G, 33 1st, Gtn 
Burll Henry, stevedore, 2427 F nw 
Burlls Philip L, basket mkr, 2213 L nw 
Burn Mary, dressmkr, 209 4>£ sw 
Burn Patrick, binder g p o, h 55 Defrees 

Buruell Ellen, servt, Willard's 
Burnell John, servt, Willard's 
Burnett Albert, lab, Del av c M ne 
Burnett Ann, wid, S Cap ur B sw 
Burnett Charles, hostler, 473 School sw 
Burnett Charles, lab, 499 K sw 
Burnett D L, elk 6th aud, 1416 9th nw 
Burnett Emily W Mrs, trans treas, h 1412 

G nw 
Burnett Enoch, pots, 8th c I nw, h 804 I 

Burnett George, moulder, 138 Va av sw 
Burnett Jerome C, chief nat bank div 

treas, h 90414th nw _- 
Buruett Joseph S, dep postmaster, h 138 

Pa av se 
Burnett Lucars. lab, 130 B sw 
Burnett Milly, washing, 130 B sw 
Burnett Nelson P, carp, 222 B nw 
Burnett Netti?, servt, 808 17th nw 
Burnett Reuben, lab, Canal bet G and H 

Burnett Simon C, barber, 140 Green, Gtn 
Burnett Sylvester, lab, 507 23d nw 
Burnett Thomas, cook, 134 Va av sw 
Burnett Virginia, servt, S Cap nr B sw 
Burnett W H, elk q m g o, bds Metropoli- 
tan Hotel 
insp gen steam vessels treas, li 
1707 I*a av nw 
Burnett William W, elk, 138 Pa av se 
Burnette David L, elk treas, h 1416 9th nw 
Burnham Desiviguia S, elk 2d aud o, h 

1413 5th nw 
Burnham Eliphalet J, printer, 429 P nw 
Burnham Frank M, draughtsman, 429 P 

Burnham Joseph, (S Dean & Co,) 1740 L 

Burnham Mark, watchman, 319 10th se 
Burharjo Nathan, elk treas, h 4001st se 
Burnop Wm M. elk com commerce, bds 

Wormley's Hotel 
Burns Andrew, plasterer, 37 Myrtle ne 
Burns Aun, 1242 9th nw 
Burns Annie, 1013 26th nw 
Burns Annie C, wid Jaines, 1533 8th nw 
Burns Bridget, wid Thomas, 624 2d sw 
Burns Carrie, bds 1410 Pa av nw 
Burns Catherine, wid Patrick, 220 Mass av 

rturns Catherine J, grocer, 26th c F nw 




Bums Cecelia, servt, 624 2d sw 

Burus Ed ward, elk, 1258 10t,h uw 

Burns Edward L, (Burus & Ziegler,) 628 

G sw 
Bums Edward M, florist, bds 1410 6th nw 
Burns Eldrifige. carp. 913 22d nw 
Burus Emma E, bds 512 13ih nw 
Burns Frank H, elk, 635 G sw 
Burns George N, elk, 477 G sw 
Burns Hattie, servt. 30 Monroe, Gtn 
Burus Henry, bricklayer, 119 L nw 
Burns Henry, plasferer, 220 Mass av nw 
Burns J C, bds 318 Ind av 
Burus J C Dr, bds 1410 6th nw 
Burns James, lab, 22 G ne 
Burns James, messenger, Willowtree alse 
Burns Jean, treas dept, 228 F sw 
Burns John, driver, G F I Co 
Burns John, grocer, K c 3d ne, h same 
Burns John, lab, 829 26th nw 
Burns John, lab. 228 E sw 
Burns John, (Burns & Benner,) h 1304 B 

Burns John W, real estate agt, 452 H nw 
Burns Julia, servt, 201 1 nw 
Burns Julia, wid Harmon, 628 G sw 
Burus Lewis, 1214 13th nw 
Burns Liliie, elk treas, h 913 22d nw 
Burns Margaret, grocer, 2524 K nw, h 

Burns Margaret, servt, 141 Pierce nw 
Burns Margaret, servt, 1416 Q nw 
Burns Margaret A, servt, 32 I nw 
Burns Mary, servt! 624 2d sw 
Burns Mary, wid James, 913 22d nw 
Burns Mary, wid Thomas. 41 Mass av nw 
Burns Millard, driver, rear W&GRR 

Burns, Patrick, auctioneer, 170 Bridge, 

Burns Patrick, lab, 2524 K nw 
Burns Peter, bookbinder, bds 421 Mass av 

Burns Richard, oysters, 2208 I nw, h same 
Burns Richard, oysters, rear E nr 20th nw 
Burns Robert, police 1st precinct, 301 1st 

Burns Sallie H, wid George, bds 338 Pa av 

Burus Sarah L. elk int rev, h 512 13th nw 
Burns Susan, 816 22d nw 
Burns Sylvester watchman. 829 26th nw 
Burns Sylvester A, bricklayer, 26th cor F 

Burns Theodore, housejomer, K nr 1st se 
Burns Thomas, lab, 228 E sw 
Bur s Thomas J, p .inter, 6293^ M nw 
Burns Timoihy, carpt, 315 13>£ sw 
Burns Wm, lab. 119 L nw 
Burns Wm G. 338 Pa av nw 

Burns and George i, Benner,) 

marble, granite and brown 

stone works, 228 1st sw 


Karl, Granite & Brown Stone forte 

Ohio & North River Blue-Stone Flagging. 
288 1st, BET. B AND C STS. S. W. 
Jobbing promptly attended to. 

Burns & Zeigler. (Edward L Burns and 

Frank T Zeigler,) shoes, 1109 Pa av uw 
BURNSIBE A E, U S S, b 1823 H 

BURNSIBE J O P, distb elk and 

supt p o d, room 51 L,e Broit 

Burnside John, printer, 9 Myrtle ne 
Burnside John S, printer, bds 418 H hw 
Burnside Robert W, printer, bds 9 Myrtle 
Burnstine Barrick, dry goods, 1316 D uw 

estate 624 La av nw, bds Metro- 
politan bote! 
Burnstine Henry, furniture, 1240 7th nw, 

bds 1318 7th uw 
BURR A BE VERE, elk supt 

police, b 9 2d se 
Burr Ancrum B, elk war dept, h 811 N J 

av nw 
Burr Brooks, lab, 324 G se 
Burr Charles, 1327 N nw 
Burr Charles R, elk, bds 917 R nw 
Burr Coffey, lab, 435 Culliuanc's al sw 
Burr Daniel H. elk pod, 708 8th nw 
Burr Eugene J. printer, 7 Myrtle ne 
Burr Harrison.' coal, 812 5th nw, h 1230 

12th nw 
Burr Henry A Mrs, 1308 H nw 
Burr James, huckster, M bet 20th and 21st 

Burr John, butcher, Tennalytown nw 
Burr Joseph F, 1327 N nw 
Burr Lucinda, servt, Willow tree al sw 
Burr Martin, lab, 936 Snow al, nw 
Burr M Hellen. wid Howard, 82 Fayette, 

Burr Philip, lab, nr W and 14th nw 
Burr Philo, elk, 1235 6th nw 
Burr Rebecca, bds 1204 E nw 
Burr Richd VV, police, 154 6th sw 
Burr Stiles W, elk, 620 I nw 
Burr Thos S, elk, 917 R nw 
Burr Walter T, agent, 620 1 nw 
Burr Wm H, reporter, 11 Grant plnw 
Burrel Elizabeth, servt, 1729 H nw 
Burrel Henry, lab, 2011 N Y av nw 
Burrel Jas, carver, bds Continental Hotel 
Burrel Lewis, porter, 602 2d sw 
Burrel Thos R, confectioner, 1109 I nw 
Burrell Geo, plastererer. Meridian Hill 
Burrell Jas, hackinan, 1023 18th nw 
Burrell Louisa, dressmkr, 1023 18th nw 
Burrell Marshall, lab. 418 5th se 
Burrell Thos, lab, 1221 2d sw 
Burrelle Susau, 119 Pa av uw 
Burrets Molly, servt, 2031 I nw 
Burrill Caroliue, wid Davis, servt, 1803 G 

Burrill Edmonson, lab, 1234 M nw 
Burrill John H, mess, 1708 Mass av nw 
Burrill Nellie, elk treas, h 1705 N Y avnw 
BURR IS WlEJLlAM,AttorneyPat 

ent Claims and Insurance Agent, 

529 7tb, b 415 6tb uw 




and Claims and Insurance Agent, 


Cor. 7th and F sts. 

Private Land Claims, Mining and 




Burriss Lewie, driver, Lucas al nw 
Burnt Mrs, elk treas, bds 407 10th nw 
BURRITT IK A N, Proprietor 
Sunday Merald, 935 35, h 136 € 

Burrough Edw E, (Emery Coal Co,) h912 

Pa av se 
Burrough Proverb, lab, Pierc's Mill road. 

Washn Co 
Burrough Saml G, elk. bds Continental 

Burroughs Catharine, wid Carr, 40 2d, Gtn 
Burroughs Chas, lab, 100 Water, Gtn 
Burroughs Clara F,wid Chas J, dressmkr, 

1112 F nw 
Burroughs H Wailes, carp,618 G nw, h 217 

Burroughs Harriett, grocer, 921 Md av sw, 

h same 
Burroughs Henry, farmer, Tennallytown 
Burroughs Henry, huckster, 61 3d, Gtn 
Burroughs J Richd, (W F Gibbons & Co,) 

h 125 West, Gtn 
Burroughs Jas H, tinner, 25 Fredk, Gtn 
Burroughs Jane, wid Wm, bds 145 Bridge, 

Burroughs John, lat), Tennallytown 
Burroghs John jr, butcher, Tennallytown 
Burroughs Jos, elk, 513 7th se 
Burroughs Jos jr, elk treas, 14th c R I av 

Burroughs Levi D, farmer, Tennallytown 
Burroughs Nicholas, 62 7th, Gtn 
Burroughs Robert, lab, Pierce's Mill rd, 

Washington co 
Burroughs Samuel F, farmer, Tennally- 
Burroughs W C, carp, 632 G nw, h 217 13J 

Burrow Jean, servt, C nr 1st sw 
Burrow Nellie, elktreae, bds 1705 N T av 

Burrow Sampson, lab, 468 L sw 
Burrows Charles W, elk, 47 7th, Gtn 
Burrows Cornelia, wid Win A, 911 N J av 

Burrows Elizabeth, wid Basil, 47 7th, Gtn 
Burrows Daniel A, elk 6th aud o, h Balti- 
Burrows Frank A, police, 15 Montgomery, 

Burrows H T, elk cap, 11th cor G nw 
Burrows Henry, huckster, N L mkt, h 

Fayette, Gtn 
Burrows Henry,measurer,15 Montgomery, 

Burrows Jno, butcher, stand 54 N L mkt, 

h Tennallytown id 
Burrows John J, contractor 25 E nw 
Burrows Robert, plumber, 453 8th sw 
Burrows Stephen, lab, 2127 Pa av nw 
Burrows Wm H, plate printer, 1209 16th 

Burrus Edward, steward, 919 15th nw 
Burryman Wilson, lab, 808 7th sw 
Bur«e Mrs, elk, 1220 G nw 
Bursley Lemuel, elk withGILMORE & 

CO.. claims branch, 629 F nw, 24 9th ne 
Burst Charles, elk, bds 1203 Pa av nw 
Burt E B, ship carp, 903 11th se 
Burton Amelia, wid Archer, 523 2d sw 
Burton Henry H, asst ex pat o, 407 4th nw 
Burton Maria, sei vt, 336 Ind av 
Burton Mortimer L, bricklayer, 2320 1 nw 
Burton Richard C M, sailmkr, 203 Va av 

The Cheapest House in the City to Buy 
Cigars and Tobacco is 

M. Grolclstein ? H 

California Cigar Store, 61i Pa. Av. See p 4. 

Burton Patrick, lab, 313 C sw 

Burton Robert A, lawyer, bds 1821 Riggs 

Burton Wm, lab. 424 Washington nw 
Burton Wm E, elk, 412 12th se 
Burtt Ellery J, tobacconist, 307 7th sw, h 

305 7th sw 
Burtt Richard, printer, 1744 L nw 
Burwell Armstead, lawyer, 458 La av, h 

932 E nw 
Burwell Emmett J, lab, 1830 M nw 
Burwell Henry D, mess sec war, 1158 20th 

Burwell House, 322 C nw, Mrs MEM Far- 

rar, proprietress 
Bury Joseph, druggist, 753 6th se 
Buschell Frederick, elk, 307 C ne 
Buscher Bernhard, turner, 609 B ne, h 

Buscher John H, butcher, 305 N L and 

541X ceu mkts, h 915 7th ne 
Buscher Louis H, elk, 915 7th ne 
Busey Albert, waiter, 22d nr Mnw 
Busey Charles H, blksmith, 604 Md av sw 
Busey Cbarles J, elk p o, h 405 O nw 
Buse Ferdinad, fresco painter, 722 9th ne 
Busey Henry, lab, 407 21st nw 
Busey Ida, elk, 604 Md av sw 
Busey Isaac W, mach treas, h 1240 5th nw 
Busey John C, drug elk, 604 Md avsw 
Busey John H, postal elk, 604' Md av sw 
Busey Samuel C, physician, 1517 Pa av 

nw; office hours, 8 to 10 am, 12 to 1 p m, 

6 to 8 r m 
Busey tiarah A, wid Henry. 904 N nw 
Busey Solomon, sh5 inkr, 40r» Franklin nw 
Busey Wm G, fertilizers, 40 Higb, Gtu 
Bush Andrew, watchman, 116 4ih ne 
Bush Daisy, servt. 51 2d, Gtn 
Bush Frank, baker, bd:- 1100 E nw 
Bush Henry, boatman. :i,d ur I se 
Bush Jane, washing. 1334 15th nw 
Bush John, 2426 H nw 
Bush John, driver, 33 H ne 
Bush John, tailor, 429 8th sw 
Bush John C, tailor, 346 Pa av nw, h 429 


Bush John Wm, porter, 1334 15th nw 
Buah L T Mrs. elk pat o, h 1014 F nw 
Bush Lou I, 1235 6th nw 
Bush R E. dressmkr, 1921 1 nw 
Bush Win, lab, 33 H ne 
Bushard Mrs, 813 12th nw 
Bushay Frank A, elk int rev 
Bushby Charles D, elk, 1108 9th nw 
Bushby Jas H, harnessmkr. 1245 8th nw 
Bushby Wm, elk, 1103 9th nw 
Bushby Wm R, elk, bds 1103 9th nw 
Bushears Hamilton, waiter, 1517 M nw 
BlISHEE GEORGE W, junk, 809 

D, h 119 12tfe nw 
Busher Henry, butcher, 915 7th ne 
Busher James M, collector, 13 C ne 
Bushing Doro, boarding, 309 10th nw 
Bushing Henry, cabinet mkr, 309 10th nw 
Bushman Joseph, vet surg, 413 14th nw, 

h same 
Bushnell J Howard, physician, bds 1234 

8th nw 

Pre-emption Cases attended to, at 629 F N. W. 




Bushnell J H, phys, 1212 10th nw, h 1234 

8th nw, office hours 6 to 8 a m, 12 to 1 

p m, aiter 6pm 
Bushrod Alpheus, lab, 330 I se 
Bushrod A. fruit, Water c 7th, h 326 I se 
Bushrod Benjamin, lab, 1019 3d sw 
Bushrod Beujamiu, driver, 309 10th se 
Busshell Ann, wid John, 307 C ne 
Bussius John, elk a g o, 192 Fayette, Gtn 
Bustiu Cicero B, bds 912 6i.h sw 
Butcher Edward, lab, 920 Stephenson's 

al sw 
Butcher Eliza, 906 Desmond al sw 
Butcher Henry, hackman, 522 3d sw 
Butcher Henry, waiter, 1021 N J av nw 
Butcher J W, mess treas, h 919 G sw 
Butcher John H, mess, 80a E sw 
Butcher Mary, bds 906 Desmond alsw 
Butcher Wm, lab, 1722 Brilliant nw 
Butcher Z D, principal Wash female semi- 
nary, 1023 12th nw, h 1027 12th nw 
Bute George, artist, bds Potomac al sw 
Butler A F, cooper, Monroe nr Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 
Butler Adeline, bds 208 E sw 
Butler Agnes, wid John, bds 1406 6th nw 
Butler Amelia, wid Chas, 1418 12th nw 
Butler Ann, wid John, Market nr 4th, Gtn 
Butler Ann, boarding, 23 H nw 
Butler Annie R, nurse, 914 18th nw 
Butler Anthony, lab, bds 1005 21st nw 
Butler Anthony, lab, 1331 Cedar nw 
Butler Aquila, porter, K nr 10th nw 
Butler Auliff, cooper, Monroe nr Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 
Butler Barbara, 1237 10th nw 
Butler Belinda, wid James, 42 4th, Gtn 
Butler Benjamin, lab, Magruder's al 
Butler Benjamin, lab, Glick's al nw 
Butler Benjamin, fisherman, 804 9th sw 

li New Jersey av cor. M se 
Butler Betty, wid John, 1214 C nw 
Butler Caroline Mrs. Beall nr North, Gtn 
Butler Charity, servt, 404 3d sw 
Butler Charles, cook, 1103 I nw 
Butler Charles, lab. 1141 23d nw 
Butler Charles, lab, 305 12th sw 
Butler Charles, lab, 210 Mass av ne 
Butler Charles, lab, 5th bet I and K se 
Butler Charles, waiter, 2021 E nw 
Butler Charles H, lab, r 1136 15th nw 
Butler Charles H, brickmkr, Union al nw 
Butler Charles W, provisions, 126 High, h 

9 2d, Gtn 
Butler Charles W, tailor, Bridge nr Rock 

Creek, Gtn 
Butler Cloe, cook, college 
Butler Columbus, lab, 309 Va av se 
Butler David, restaurant, 404 3d sw 
Butler David jr, restaurant, 404 3d sw 
Butler David S, watchman. 910 L nw 
Butler Edward, brickmaker, F nr 11th ne 
Butler Edward, engineer, 2133 I nw 
Butler Eliza, cook, 1233 10th nw 
Butler Elizabeth, servant, Locust al nw 
Butler Ellen, wid James, confectioner, 

1216 13th nw, h same 
Butler Ellen, wid Rezin, 15th bet C and D 

Butler Emanuel, barber, 800 19th nw 
Butler Emeline, servt, 15th ur L nw 
Butler Francis, lab, 1418 12th nw 
Butler Francis F, driver, 1713 K nw 
Butler Francis R, bds 1237 10th nw 
Butler Lewis, barber, 505 4% sw 

Butler Frank, grainer, bds 803 I nw 
Butler Frederick, lab, 922 25th nw 
Butler George, 235 Express al nw 
Butler George, lab, Guild's al nw 
Butler George, lab, G nr 10th nw 
Butler George, lab, North nr West, Gtn 
Butler George, messenger, Hillsdale 
Butler George, waiter, 216 A se 
Butler George E, messenger, 1106 F nw 
Butler Harriet, servt 423 2d sw 
Butler Henry, blks nith, 314 2d se 
Butler Henry, lab, r 228 C ne 
Bntler Henry, lab, 19 5th ne 
Butler Henry, lab, 722 1st sw 
Butler Heuryj lab, 1009 N J av nw 
Butler Henry, lab, 834 West al nw 
Butler Ignatius, carp, 621 B ne 
Bntler Isaac, Jab, 311 Mass av ne 
Butler Isaiah, lab, Pierce nr 1st nw 
Butler J G Rev, pastor Lutheran Memorial 

church, 14th c M nw, h 1107 11th nw 
Butler James, elk, 123720th nw 
Butler James, cook, 1425 N nw 
Butler James, lab, Franklin nr 5th nw 
Butler James, lab, Walsh alse 
Butler James, lab, 307 D se 
Butler James, lab, r 313 A se,'Walsh'sJal 
Butler James, lab, bds 1237 10th nw 
Butler James, lab, Brightwood 
Butler James, lab, 1536 5th nw 
Butler James, lab, 443 Franklin nw 
Butler James, messenger, 1237 20th nw 
Butler James A, (Butler & Clarridge,) 318 

3d nw 
Butler James L, waiter, 1730 17th nw 
Butler James M, bacon, 15 Gtn mkt, h 81 

Bridge, Gtn 
Butler James B, lab, 314 4th se 
Butler James S, barber, 1738 Mass av nw 
Butler Jane, wid Richard, 1107 Q nw 
Butler Jesse, watchman. 17 G nw 
Butler Jesse M, bricklayer, 17 G nw 
Butler John, confectionery, 7th c G nw, h 

8th nr E nw 
Butler John, dairy. 817 23d nw, h same 
Butler John, fruit, 432 8th nw 
Butler John, huckster, 1247 7th nw 
Butler John, lab, 8th nr Grant av nw 
Butler John, lab, 1305 Union sw 
Butler John A, blksmith, 70 Water, h 

Monroe bet Dunbarton and Beall, Gtn 
Butler John E, stoves, K c 5 nw, h 106 C 

Butler John F, barber, 811 25th nw 
Butler John F, lab, Stoddart nr Mill, Gtn 
Butler John F, lab, East Stiles, Gtn ' 
Butler John H, driver, 31 Jefferson, Gtn 
Butler John H, huckster, 1st c L se 
Butler John H, messonger, 1738 Mass av 

Butlei John L, hack driver, 308 B se 
Butler John M, elk, 1720 Vt av nw 
Butler John M, produce, 515 N L mkt 1249 

7th nw 
Butler JohnN, elk, 465 G sw 
Butler John P. elk treas, h 1212 G nw 
Butler Joseph, 432 8th nw 
Butler Joseph, lab, 18th cor A ne 
Butler Joseph E, lab, West c Montgomery, 

Butler Joseph, lab, F nr 11th ne 
Butler Josephine, 1307 C nw 
Butler Joshua, stevedore, 811 G sw 
Butler Lafayette, huckster, 811 G sw 
Butler Lawrence L, barber, 63 Bridge, h 

8 Stoddard, Gtn 

Collections Made and Suits Brought in any of the Courts by 




Butler Lewis, lab, bds 619 B ne 

Butler Loretta, servt, 923 Temperance 

Hall al 
Butler Louise C Mrs, employment o. 907 D 

nw, h same 
Butler M, 949 Mass av nw 
Butler Manuel, barber ,bds 1140 N H av 
Butler M-irgaret, washing, rear 417 D se 
Butler Margaret, wid Wm J, 1304 F nw 
Butler Maria, servt, 1613 11th nw 
Butler Maria, servt, 1342 R I av nw 
Butler Maria, bds 1738 Mass nw 
Butler Martha, servt, 630 Pa av aw 
Butler Martha, servt, 208 E sw 
Butler Martha, washing, 1430 E nw 
Butler Mary, bur eng aud print, h Market 

nr 4th, Gtu 
Butler Mary, servt, wks809O nw 
Butler Mary, servt. Cissel's al, Gtn 
Butler Mary, wid James. 817 E Cap se 
Butler Mary A, wid Walter. 1713 K nw 
Butler Mary E. cook, 2130 F nw 
Butler Mary E, wid Hezekiah, 1140 N 

H ave nw 
BuLler Mary L. servt, 25 H nw 
Butler Mary R. servt, 914 18th nw 
Butler Molly, bds 1309 7th nw 
Butler Monroe, lab, 432 3d ue 
Butler Mrs, wid Daniel, fancy goods, 52 

K st market, h 1204 20th 
Butler Nathan, lab, F nr 11th ne 
Butler Orphe H, student, 465 G sw 
Butler ursie W, druggist, 465 G sw 
Butler Overton, printer, 212 H ne 
Butler Peter, 432 8th nw 
Butler Philip C, servt, 1303 K nw 
Butler Priscilla, servt, 2 Nailor's al 
Butler Priscilla. wid Geo. 505 22d nw 
Butler Pruey A Mrs, boarding, 17 G nw 
Butler R H, grocer, 519 7th sw, h same 
Butler Rubt, miller, 80 Bridge, Gtu 
Butler Robt, waiter, 203 C sw 
Butler Jsaml H, waiter, 914 18th nw 
Butler Saml J, barber, Mass av nr 17th nw 
Butler Sarah, wid, 519 7th sw 
Butler Sarah, servt, 727 20th nw 
Butler Sarah' A, dressmkr, 158 Beall, Gtn 
Butler Serene M, wid, Thos, 158 Beall, 

Butler Seth H, driver. 17 G nw 
Butler Stephen, lab, 514 3d sw 
Butler Strother, lab, H nr O and 22d nw 
Butler Susan, servt. 1227 L nw 
Butler Thos, 514 11th sw 
Butler Thos, blacksmith. 2423 I nw 
Butler Thos, lab, bds 503 G nw 
Butler Thos, porter, Hog al 
Butler Thos, whitewashes 1318 5th nw 
Butler Thos W. carp, 615 M nw 
Butler Van Buren, lab, 1610 11th nw 
Butler Walter, waiter, 1713 K nw 
Butler Walter C, lab, 12 Mass av nw 
Builer Washn, hostler, 820 4th nw 
Butler Wm, fruit, 625 4}^ sw 
Butler Wm, lab, Stevensons av, Hillsdale 
Butler Wm, lab, Grace nr High, Gtn 
Butler Wm, oysiers, 207 C sw 
Butler Wm D, lab, E nr 6th nw 
Butler Wm H, elk, bds 912 D sw 
Butler Wm H, mess, 1711 N nw 
Butler Wm J, lab, h Bladeusburg 
Butler Wm M, produce, 22 centre mkt, h 

625 ±y 2 sw 
Butler Winfield, lab, 334 F sw 
Butler Zachary T, paiuter, 94 Washing- 
ton, Gtn 


Wholesale and Retail 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Butler & Clarridw, (James A Butler and 

James A Clarridge,) druggists, 3d c Ind 

ave nw 
Butt Charles, grocer, 2142 9th nw, h same 
Butt EvaE, treas, 614 Mdav sw 
Butt George H. produce, 274 cen mkt, h 

614 Md av sw' 
Butt Geonre J, carp, 614 Md avsw 
Butt John H. printer, 704 6th sw 
Butt Sarah, ' wid Richard, gardener, h 

Butt Wm B. physician. 615 M nw; office 

hours, 7 to 9 a m, 12 to 1 p m 
Butter Robert, lab, N ur l?t sw 
Butterbaugh Jennie, 726 10th nw 
Butteifield John W, lawyer, 423 4th nw h 

Butterfield Samuel J, elk int revbu, h 1440 

Q nw 
Butterhof Joseph, lab, 429 11th ne 
Buttner Henry, bacon, 211 and 212 cen and 

158 N L mkts. h 418 D ne 
Butts C S, printer, bds 803 G nw 
Butts Caroline R, servt, 1217 F nw 
Butts George I, carp, Wash mkt 
Butts Henrv, elk, bds 15 1 9th nw 
Butts John T, photographer, 70S 7th nw, 

h 610 Va av sw 
Butts L W, tinner, 615 Va av sw 
Butts Louis, painter, 452 6>£ sw 
Buxman John G, elk 2d aud o, 211 18th sw 
Buxton Charles H, elk treas, Falls Church, 

Buxton, Fannie J, elk pat o, h 515 F nw 
Buxton George I, claims, 509 7th nw 
Buxton Otis 8, 311 N J av se 
Buynitzky S N, elk treas, h 936 L nw 
Buzett Edward F, physician, 102 Ind av 

Byas Noah, lab, 810 G sw 
By as Wm, baker, 921 Temperance Hall al 
Byers James, lab, 717 22d nw 
Byers Mary, washing. 717 22d nw 
Byers George, lab, 217 4th ne 
Byers Wm, sew maeli agt, 1221 7th nw 
Byers, Wm H, bricklayer, 941 Md av sw 
Byington Arthur W, 1329 M nw 
Byington Elizabeth A, wid Samuel, 1329 

M nw 
Byington George R, elk pat o, h 217 E nw 
Byington Samuel McL, printer, 1329 Mnw 
Bylau Ann, wid Michael, I nr 25th nw 
Byles Wm H, capt stmr Mattano, 465 Mo 

av nw 
Byug Catharine, seamstress, 1409 G nw 
BYNG GEORGE T., drugpglst, 106 

Greene, Gtn, li same 
Byng John, 95 Greene, Gtn 
Byram Andrew J, grocer, 1003 4^ sw 
Byram Andrew J, inercht, 1 0106tn sw 
Byram Frank M, police, 909 N H av nw 
Byram James, huckster, 1003 4>£ sw 
BYRAM JAMES H. 9 carpenter, 

1914 H, li 2023 II nw [See adv.] 
Byram John Wm, carp, 715 20th nw 
Byran F M, police, 909 N H av nw 
Byran Kate, elk, 930 22d nw 
Byran John W jr, 930 22d nw 
Byrd Wm, lab, 719 3d sw 







Carpenter and Builder, 

NO, 1914 H STREET N. W. 


Ail Jobbing promptly attended to. jp s ; 
Residence, 2023 H street 

Byrn Edwd W, pat atty, (Munn & Co,) 

1453 Pierce p;ace 
Byrne Dennis, grocer, 2700 K nw, h same 
Byrne Edwd, 634 Pa av se 
Byrne Francis X, elk pay m g o, h 1210 

6tb nw 
Byr e James, elk, 308 Va av se 
Byrne James, elk, 304 14th nw 
Byrne James, grocer, 223 F sw, h same 
Byrne James, mess, Willowtree al 
Byrne James T, lab, 707 7 th nw 
Byrne Jaue, wid Geo F, dressmkr, 1514 

*8i,h nw 
Byrne John J, real estate, 707 7ih nw 
Byrne Louisa A. elk q m g o, 524 20th nw 
Bvrne Luey, wid Matthew, iestaurant, 

318 14th nw 
Byrne Maggie, 42| Gay, Gtn 
Byrne Margaret," wid Thomas, grocer, 

304 14th nw 
Byrne Mary, dressmkr, 524 13th nw, h 

Byrne Patrick, elk treas, h 311 14th nw 
Byrne Patrick A, real estate, 707 7th nw, 

h same 
Byrnes Daniel J, painter, 607 La av nw, h 

1004 E nw 
Byrnes J C, asst surg IT S N, 1410 6th nw 
Byrnes Mary, laundry, 1004 E nw 
Byrnes Mary E,*wid John, 1258 10th nw 
Byrnes Michael, police, 414 N J av nw 
Byrnes Thos H, elk treas, 503 E sw 
Byron Andrew J, grocer. L c 4| sw, h 

1C03 4| sw 
Byron Elizabeth, bds 24 5th ne 
Byron George H, flour, 400 8th ne, h 

Byron James E, elk, bds 701 R I av nw 
Byron Richard, painter, bds Boyle's hotel 

Byron & Co, (Emma L O'Brien.) drug- 
gists, 7th and R 1 av nw 


Cable EdmunL carp, bds 922 C nw, 
Caden James F, 1215 Fnw 
Caden Joseph C, elk, 1215 F nw 
Cadrnan Laura, hair niauulr, 605 13th nw, 

h 605 Jefferson, Gtn 
Cadmau W Mrs, oysters, 67 Jefferson, Gtn, 

h same 
Cadmus E, tel op, 1427 Corcoran nw 
Cadwaliader Annie E, bds 916 E nw 
Sec off Ssate,fii 1023 Conn av nw 
Cadwalader Mary A, wid Abel, bds 916 E 

Cadway Richard, 518 2d sw 
Cadwell S D, teacher, 1407 L nw 
Cady Ben jam in J, flour and feed, 5th c C 

ne, h 211 6.11 ne 
Cady Daniel, lab, 3d nr Fayette. Gtn 
Cady Dennis, 3d nr Fayette: Gtn 

Cady Edward W, asst ex pat o, h 1331 G 

Cady James, grocer, 22d cor M nw, h same 
Cady J«hu, lab, 3<i nr Fayette, Gtn 
Cady John, lab. 2210 M nw 
Cadv John, saloon, 40 Mkt Space, Gtn, fa 

77 3d. Gtn 
Cady Margaret, senrt, 129 West. Gtn 
Cady Martin, lab, 2202 M nw 
Cady Martin, restaurant, 23d cor Pa av nw 
Cady Michael, lab, -2206 M nw 
Cady Patrick, lab, 2212 M nw 
Cady Patrick, lab, 1137 23d nw 
Cady R P, cik pen o, h 22 Grant Place 
Cady Sarah E, wid Win A, 211 6th ne 
Caeser Henry, carter, 1st e Lingan, Gin 
Caffrey .Nicholas, watchman, 385 I ne 
Cage J P, letter carrier, 419 9ib se 
Cage Poly d ore, letter carrier, 419 9th se 
Ca^er Isaac, shoemkr, 42511th ne, h same 
GAHILL BANIKL E, Sawyer, &08 

4% nw, la 227 13 niv 
Cahill Daniel, lab, Draper's al sw 
Cahill Frauds, bricklayer, 205 Va av sw 
Cahill John, grocer, 1117 N J av 
Cahill Kate L Miss, elk treas, 917 N Y av 

Cahill Maggie, servt, 618 F nw 
Cahill Mary E, 308 6th se 
Cahill Nicholas, watchman, 2110 L nw 
Cahill Thomas, weighmaster, 715 25th nw 
Cahill Williamj elk, 1218 21st nw 
CAHIX.L. Wl 1,1,1AM, grocer and 

carp, 917 26th nw, n same 
Caho Chas A, (O'Brien & Caho,) plum- 
bers, H c 2d nw, h 105 Mass av nw 
Caimi Antonia, waiter, bds Columbia Ho- 
Cain Calvin, foreman, 1202 Va av sw 
Cain Cornelius, lab, Limerick al sw 
Cain Jas, soldier, Washington arseDal sw 
Cain John, lab. Limerick al sw 
Cain John F, 906 N Y av nw 
Caja John, mess, 1138 Del av ne 
(jaiue Sol, dyer, 613 D nw, h 223 3d se 
take Chas W L, elk, bds Metropolitan 
Cake George, elk, bds Metropolitan 
Cake Horace M, asst cash Willard's Hotel 
CAME JOIfiN F, prop WiJJards' 

Hotel, Fa av c 14th nw 
Cake Matt H, elk, bds Metropolitan 
Calahan Dennis, lab, 2131 Pa av nw 
Calahan Margt, wid John, grocer. 811 

26th nw 
Caldwell Abbie, wid Harvey, elk ag d, h 

1505 10th nw 
Caldwell A S Mrs, elk, 803 O nw 
Caldwell Benj H, cik, 145 High, Gtn 
Caldwell Benj M, elk' 145 High, Gtn 
Caldwell C T, student, 816 E Cap ne 
Caldwell Chas. bds 1038 18th nw 
Caldwell Chas'W, (Caldwell & Jacques,) 

h Valley nr Road, Gtn 
Caldwell Elias C, civil engr, 612 Md av 

Caldwell Henry J, stenographer, 203 D nw 
Caldwell Jas, waiter, 1721 it nw 
Caldwell Jas H, marble cutter, bds Le 

Droit Park nw 
Caldwell John H, elk, 2017 14th nw 
Caldwell John L, cooper, h Bladensburg 
Caldv ell Jos S, engraver,. 916 1st nw 
Caldwell Jos T, salesman, 469 Mo av 
Caldwell Lizzie M, ck pat o, h 803 O nw 
Caldwell Maria A, wid Jo»iah F, 612 Md 

av sw 

Design Patents and Labels Secured. 




Caldwell Patrick J, bkbinder, 916.1st nw 
Caldwell Wm, butter. 145 High, Gtn 
Caldwili & Jacqu s, (Chas W Caldwell 
and Abraua Jacques,) oysters. 54 High, 
Calehau Richard, carp, bds 1631 6th nw 
Calewell Chas T, elk, G nr lLtn ne 
Calewell Emma, wid Thompson, G nr 

11th ne 
Calhoau Chas, paver, Vallej-, nr Road, 

Calhoun Lettie, elk treas, 1218 21st nw 
Calhoun Wm H, contractor, 1540 8th nw 
Calkins R N. private school, 209 Pa av se. 

h 112 4th se 
Call George, brakemau, 509 5th se 
Callaghau Dennis, grocer, 4th cor D se, h 

330 Dae 
Gallaghan Dennis P. grainer, 330 D se 
Callaghau James, plumber, 933 1st ne 
Callajj-hau Jeremiah, blksmitb. 1356 D nw 
Callaghau John, lab, Gtn College 
Callaghau John T, printer, 33 se 
Oailaghan Margaret, servt. 137 Congress, 

Callaghau Patrick, 20th cE nw 
Callahan Adolphus W, elk, 900 4th nw 
Callahan Annie, folder, 2131 Pa avnw 
Callahan Charles, plasterer, 1533 5th nw 
Callahau Dennis, draughtsman, 14i8 Co- 
lumbia, nw 
yer, 435 7tSi. li iv, h. 7±2 IV as w 
Callahan Edward D, draughtsman, 1408 

Callahau Fannie W, wid Jerome, bds 824 

1st uw 
Callahan Francis, elk, bds 432 H nw 
Callahan George W, cik, q m g o, h 1724 

10th nw 
Callahan Hannah, servant. 2031 I nw 
Callahau Hannah, wid, Matthew, liquors 

829 6th sw 
Callahan James, grocer, c 7th and Fred- 
erick, Gtu 
Callahan John, confectiouer, 510. 11th nw 
Callahan John, dairy, 48 6th, Gtn 
Callahan John, grocer, 911 1st se 
Callahau John, lab, F nr N Cap ne 
Callahan John, restaurant, 319 13th nw, 

h same 
CALLAB2AN JOHN V, painter, 

1120 » uw, la 622 H se 
Callahau Joshua B, elk war, bds 1408 Co- 
lumbia nw 
Callahan Mary. 2219 L nw 
Callahan Mary^ wid, cook, 203 1st nw 
Callahan Michael, lab. bds'c 23d and L nw 
Callahan Richard, flatrman, 348 K sw 
Callahan Robert, contractor, 711 12th se 
Callahan Patrick lab. 129 H ne 
Callahan Patrick J, lab, 135 Market, Gtn 
Callahan Thomas, huckster, 909 F sw 
Callahan Thomas, watchman, Washing- 
ton arsenal 
Callahan Timothy J, blksmitb, 19 Water. 

Callan Bartholomew, brieklayer, 332 K 

Calian Catharine, housekeeper, 7 Cook's 

row Stoddard, Gtn 
Callan Cornelius V N, physician. 2408 Pa 
av nw; oflL e hours 8 to 9 am 4 to 6pm 
Calian Daniel W, bricklayer, 909 4>£ sw 
Callan James N, notary, 454 Pa av uw 
Calian James T, watchman. 106 8'h ne 

j Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 

Key West aud Domestic Cigars, 
| 611 Penna Avenue, under Met, HoteL 
j See page 4. 

Callan John, bricklayer, 710 Mass av ne 
Callan Laura B, couuter, 123 B se 
CaUlan Lawrence, mess, 106 8th ne 
I Callan Lawrence jr, machinist, 106 8 Lh ne 
| Callan Marian, cik. 11 Liuge*), Gtn 
\ Callan Michael, 11 Lmgau, Gtn 
1 Callan Michael P, notary and com, 615 

7th nw, h 917 H uw 
| Callan Nicholas, not pub and com, 1422 

F nw, h 2408 Pa av nw 
! Callan Peter, lab. 1030 20th nw 
j Callan Sarah A, wid John F. 123 Bse 
• Callan Thomas H, lawyer. 486 La av. li 

917 H uw 
| Call is Geo, carp. 923 9th nw 
j Callisher Carrie, elk, bds 412 43^ sw 
| Callisher David L, watchman, 4L2 4i sw 
i Callisher Louis, watchmkr, bds 412 H sw 
j Callow William, stationary, 1706 Pa av 
nw, h same 
Calver Henry, elk sig o. h 207 A se 
Calver James V, elk sig o. h 207 A se 
Calver Susau M, wid James V, 207 A se 
Calvert Thomas, elk 3d aud o, h 734 11th 

Calver Wm, elk sig o, h 207 A se 
Calvert Annie E. 91 l 19th nw 
Calvert Charles, 911 19th nw 
Calvert Charles,' elk. 906 N H av nw 
Calvert Charles H, meter mkr, 905 N H 

av uw 
Calvert Edward, paper hanger, 911 19th 

Calvert Edward H, physician, 62 Defrees 
ne; office hours 8 to 10 a m 5 to 10 p m 
j Calvert Frank, 1813 T nw 
I Calvert Freder ck. 1911 Pa av nw 
j Calvert George W, 903 Pa av nw 
j Calvert James, lab, N nr 1st sw 
j Calvert James F, shucker, 12th st al sw 
Calvert John, lab, 1111 3d nw 
Calvert John J, eng, 1351 U nw 
Calvert M F Mrs, boarding, 505 E nw 
Calvert R Mariou, bds 505 E nw 
Calvert Samuel T, elk, 807 G sw 
Calviu Thomas J, grocer, 2401 1 nw, h 
j Camalier George A, elk, bds 303 Pa avnw 
I Cameron Chas E, carp, 53 Congress, Gtn 
i Cameron Edwin, paiuter, bds 626 10th ne 
j Camyron Frank B, printer, 18o2'M uw 
| Cameron George, 339 D sw 
' Cameron Isabella, wid John. 339 D sw 
i CAMERON J DON, Sect? of War, 

la Vt av c I£ nw 
j Cameron James, (Cameron & Cross,) B 

nr 7ih nw 
I Cameron Jennie, elk treas, bds 1208 H nw 
: Cameron John, elk ago, 813 11th nw 
Cameron Mary, wid Gilbert, 213 10th sw 
Cameron RobtL, (McGregor & Cameron,) 

339 D sw 
C meion & Cross, (James Cameron and 
Jatne- Cross,) produce, 43,44 and 45 
centre mkt 
Camm >'-k Atfred, supt Wash gymnasium, 

h 1225 L nw 
Cammack Edmund, (E and J Cammack,) 
h 7 ! h st rd nw 

629 F Street N..W. 




Cammack Edmund, tailor, 16 Potomac* 

Cammack Edmund, jr, elk, 16 Potomac, 

Cammack Elizabeth, wid Christopher, 

1423 F nw 
CAMMACIL E & J, (Edmund & 

Jolin Cammack,) florists, IStB* 

and E nw 





Cammack George C, watchman. 409 13>£ 

Cainmack John, (E & J Cammack,) 7th 

st rd nw 
Cammack John, tailor, 630 I nw 
Cammack Susan E, dressmkr, 630 I nw 
Cammack Tennie, 14-23 F nw 
Cammack Wm, (Cammack & Edmon- 

stOD,) 621 Vaav sw 
Cammack Wm H, elk, 324 9th se 
Cammack Wilmer O, printer, 622 Pa av 


cammack; & EOMoivsTcm, 

(William Casnmaclt and Gab- 
riel Edmonston,) lime, 28th nr I 


28TH, BET. I AND K STS, N. W. 

Camp Chas H, 921 Ya av sw 
Camp Elieha, elk, 115 2d nw 
Camp Emma, elk pod, 1210 H nw 
Camp J Jay, asst elk sup court D C, 115 

Camp John J, elk, 115 2d nw 
Damp Lillie C. teacher, bds University 

Camp Lizzie, servt, Willards 
Camp Louisa K, wid ElishaE, 50413th nw 
Camp Mary E, wid Charles H, 929 Va av sw 
Camp Henry N Rev, pastor St James 

Chapel. 819 H ne 
Camp N J, wid Thomas B, 1107 H nw 
Campbell Alberto, cJk 3d aud, h 908 £ Cap 
Campbell Adeline, washing, 469 E sw 
Campbell Adolphus, elk, c Market and 

High, Gtn 
Campbell Alexander, rope maker, West 

nr Rock Crk, Gtn 
Campbell Alfred, iron works, 12lh nr &, h 

621 Md av sw 
Campbell Alfred, lab, 101 Va av sw 
Campbell Alfred G, barber, bds 944 R nw 
Campbell Alice, 736 23d nw 
Campbell Ann, wid Bartholomew, 59 3d, 


Campbell Ann H, wid William, 315 1st se 
Campbell Annie, wid John, 1816 Wiitber- 


H nw 
Campbell Archibald, elk. 401 1st se 
Campbell Archibald, servt 119 6th ne 
Campbell Benjamin S, photographer, 625 

Pa av nw 
Campbell Bessie, servt, 1918 F nw 
Campbell Bettie, servt, 1424 C nw 
Campbell Carrie,, washing, 469 E sw 
Campbell Carter W, painter, 21st nr G nw 
Campbell Catharine,, wid Robert,. 815 E 

Cap se 
Campbell Charles, driver, 469 E sw 
Campbell Charles, lab,, Ridge st al nw 
Camp Dell Charles D, elk, 818 E Cap ne 
Campbell Charles R, elk wat reg,446 P nw 
Campbell Charles. W, 1303 H nw 
Campbell Clara V, 715 H nw 
Campbell Daniel, elk, 2381st se 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, bds 1112 20th nw 
Campbell David B, dairy, 627 H nw, h414 

Campbell E J Miss, elk, 736 6th nw 
Campbell Edwin, elk, 23191 nw 
Campbell E-lizabeth, wid John, 2217 G nw 
Campbell Ellen A, servt, 1217 Mass av nw 
Campbell Elwood,, iron wks, 12th nr B, h 

621 Md avsw 
Campbell Fanny, servt, 101 Va av sw 
Campbell Frank L, elk, 15 H nw 
Campbell Galveston, laborer, 330 8th se 
Campbell Garford, huckster, 817 9th ne 
Campbell George, lab, 12 Jackson al ne 
Campbell George E, oysters, 1626 10th nw 
Campbell Harriett, dressmkr, 1510 14th nw 
Campbell Isaac, driver, 72 G sw 
Campbell James, cook, 469 E sw 
Campbell James, elk, 1125 7th nw 
Campbell James, contractor, 738 12th nw 
Campbell James E, barber, 1510 14th nw 
Campbell James N, elk, 715 H nw 
Campbell Jas O, plasterer, 456 Md av sw 
Campbell Jane* wid Daniel, 238 1st se 
Campbell Jesse D, printer, 806 L nw 
Campbell John, brick mkr, M c 1st se 
Campbell John, lab, 72 G sw 
Campbell John, lab, 2173^ F sw 
Campbell John, lab, 306 3d se 
Campbell John, elk, bds American House 
Campbell John, cabinet mkr, 1102 F nw, 

h 456 Md av sw 
sistant Secretary of State, li 1306 

It nw 
Cambeil John A, bricklayer, 619 H sw 
Campbell John A, elk ago, 40a 3d se 
Campbell John C, lab, 1532 5th nw 
Campbell John H, canvasser, 1405 N Cap 

Campbell John T,feed, 1304 11th se,hll09 

Campbell Joseph,, soldier, Washington 

arsenal, sw 
Campbell Joseph, lab, Sherman av nw 
Campbell Joseph T, porter, 715 23d nw 
Campbell Kate J, bds, 133a 5th nw 
Campbell King, lab, 1329 Dowuing's al 
Campbell King C, waiter, 1226 Blagden's 

al nw 
Campbell Lemuel, lab, 643 G sw 
Campbell Lemuel, driver. 206 2d sw 

ware, 60jl fa av nw, 1> 610 E nw 

Rejected Patent Cages a Specialty. 






Opp. Met. hotel, feign of ''Golden Anvil." 

Campbell Lewis, lab, 367 L sw 
Campbell Lewis, lab, 626 Del av sw 
Campbell Lida, 305 12th sw 
Campbell Louisa, elk treas, h 1818 G nw 
Campbell M A C, elk treas, h 1115 Mass av 

Campbell Martha, wid George, 1532 5th nw 
Campbell Mary, servt, 418 Temperance 

hall al 
Campbell Mary, washing, Howard Uni- 
Campbell Mary, Ridge st al nw 
Campbell Mary, wid Spencer, 72 G sw 
Campbell Mary E, dressmkr, 1510 14th nw 
Campbell Mason, elk treas, h 1115 Mass 

av nw 
Campbell Matilda, cook, 233 C sw 
Campbell Nace, lab, 326 9tn ne 
Campbell Nellie, 1447 Samson nw 
Campbell Nelson, lab. 1707 20th nw 
CAMPBELL PETEft, stock bro- 
ker, 605 15th nw, h 1207 6tk nw 



605 15th street, N. W. 

Campbell Peter, lab. 1245 Madison nw 
Campbell Peter, grocer. 1607 20,h nw 
Campbell R H. painter, 1226 C sw 
Campbell R M, (Campbell & Rothwell.) 
908 E Cao ue J 

Campbell R T Dr, 715 H nw 
Campbell Richard H, printtr,84 Myrtle ne 
maker, bet Bf and O and % and 
1st se, h S Cap c L s w 
Campbell Robt, lab, 1st nr P sw 
Campbell Robt, lab, 1107 7th se 
Campbel Robt, liquors, 4^c F sw, h same 
Campbell Robt G, plumber, 430 9th nw, h 

924 D sw 
Campbell Sarah, svt, 1705 N Y av nw 
Campbell S Louisa, elk treas, bds 1818 Gnw 
Campbell Spencer, hkster, 620 Del av sw 
Campbell Stuart, lab, 507 L nw 
Campbell Walker, lab, 1028 18th nw 
Campbell Washington, lab, 122 Cox's al 
Campbell Wm, cuok, 457 Q nw 
Campbell Wm, porter, 1334 4th nw 
Campbell Wm, whitewasher, 721 14th nw 
Campbell Wm B, elk, bds 10th and C nw 
Campbell Wm C, lab, V nr 10th nw 
Campbell Wm H, cashr R P R R. h 527 7th 

Camybell Wm H, 221 2d se 
Campbell Wm H, 915 Hughes' al nw 
Campbell Wm H, 623 E nw 

3M- <3-olc&!Sto±:EL ? 

Importer and jobber in Cigars ds Tobacco 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Campbell Wm H, barber, 927 18th nw 
Campbell WmL, shoetnkr, 6S Water, Gtn, 

h same 
Campbell Wm P, plumber, 1226 C sw 
Campbell Wm R, carp, 729 N Cap n e 
Campbell Willis, Jab, 12 O nw 
Campbell & Rothwell, (R M Campbell and 

Ricbard Rothwell jr,) wood and coal, 

Md av c 7th ne 
Camper Chas, elk a g o, I nr 13th nw 
Camper Eugene G," waiter, 627 S C av se 
Camper Samuel D, mess, 627 S C av se 
Camper Sereua A, dressmkr, 627 S C av se 
Campion John L, printer, 116 G nw 
Canada Eliza, 1 Swiughammer's al 
Cauby Charles f, grocer, 1200 16th nw, h 

Canby Harry, wheelwright, 1804 18th nw 
Can by James H, wheel wrigut, 9th nr R, h 

1804 18th nw 
Cauby Mary, wid Wm, 1£04 18th nw 
Cauby Samuel, stairbuilder, 1804 18th nw 
Canby Wm J, elk, 413 10th nw 
Candler Wm M, elk, 2210 Pa av nw 
Candy George, bdtr, 1130 12th uw 
Caney Martna, elk treas, u Graut pi nw 
Canheld Janus F, elk p o, h 938 18th nw 
Canfleid M, elk bureau, bds 917 N y/avnw 
Cauneld S A M Mrs, 917 N Y av nw 
Caun David C, earp, 520 I2tn se 
Cauu John, lab, 122 Madison av uw 
Canuavara Autonio, fruit, 613 11th nw 
Gamier Martin, elk, 12th nrMd av sw 
CANIVOJV AL1FREI* H>, painter, 

621 La av, h 414 8th sw 



And dealer in 

621 La. av. N. W. 

Cannon Jane, wid Tbomas, 1211 D nw 
Cannon John T, moulder, 1004 K se 
Cannon Joseph, eug, 1326 Ga av se 
Cannon Martin, lab, 714 2d ne 
Cannon Patrick, produce, 366 cen and 33 

and 34 O st mkt, h 30 H ne 
Cannon Samuel G. (Morton & Cannon,) 

1307 E nw 
Cannon Wm P, furniture, 408 12th se 
Canter Chas M, engineer, 1137 16th nw 
Canter Clara, 5tb nr Frederick, Gtn 
Cantine Miss, 1422 Pa av nw 
Cantwell James, tailor, 211 3d sw 
Cautwell John, plumber, 211 3d sw 
Cantwell Jos T, postal elk, 8th c E nw 
Canty Ellen, wid T onus, 214 D sw 
Canty Lizzy, dressmkr, 214 D sw 
Canty Patrick, tinner, 214 D sw 
Caperton Hugb, lawyer, 104 Bridge, Gtn, 

h 30 1st, Gtn 
Caperton Virginia, servt. 1906 Gnw 

GILMORE, SMITH & 00., &29 F Street N. W. 




CAPITAL THE, (JDonn PiaSt and 
Beta j «• Love joy, editors,) 9'27 I> 

CAPITAL THE, Pub Co, (pro- 
prietors of tne Capital,) 927 1> nw 
ANCE CO, 509 7«li n*v 
CO, Ed ovarii Temple, Pres, c 3d 
and JB sw 
Capps James, bricklayer, bds 631 D nw 
Capron Aim M. wid Henry, 314 K se 
Carbeiry Catharine, wid John, 225 3d sw 
Carberry Frank, elk, 421 L nw 
Carberry John, bott'er, 225 3d sw 
Carberry, John, bricklayer, 225 3d sw 
Carbert James, lab, 650 £i ue 
Cardeu Alice, bds 923 G sw 
Garden Thomas, elk B & R R, h 923 G 

Cardenas Don Adan, E E and M P Nic- 
aragua, bds Arlington Hotel 
Cardue VVm H, fisherman, D c 14th sw 
Carew Albert J. letter carrier, 1414 D nw 
Carey Anna, servt, wks 923 M nw 
CAifcEir^ASA S, paymaster USA, 

la 1315 Corcoran nw 
Carey Birncy, machinist, 2122 G nw 
Carey Ellen, servt, 1227 13th nw 
Carey Georgiana, wid John, grocer, 1st c 

D ne, h same 
Carey x&aac N, elk, 821 14th nw 
Carey Johanna, teacher, 2609 Pa av nw 
Carey Joseph, lab, 4th nr Market, Gtn 
Carey Judy, wid Edward, 1016 16th nw 
Carey Mary, 2609 Pa av nw 
Carey Wm, 2509 Pa av nw 
Carey Wm, lab, 1245 25th nw 
CARE¥ WILLIAM Jr, restau- 
rant, ytla and La av, la 303 E nw 

Wm, ' Carey's Saloon, 

Cor. of La. av., and 7th st., Basement. 


the coolest Ale and Lager al- 
ways on hand. 


Carey Wilson, waiter, 210 Jackson Hall al 

Cargo Margaret, laundress, 1705 K nw 
Carl George, butcher, 923 7th ne 
Carleton Joseph M, eik dept state, h 2011 

H nw 
Carle ton Louisa, servt, 343 F sw 
Carletou Mary, elk, bds 1728K L nw 
Carley Wm, grocer, 2601 I nw, h same 
Carliu A N, wid George T, dressmaker, c 

High and West, Gtn 
Carlin J E F, grocer, 315 12th sw, h 317 

12th sw 
Carlisle Calderon, lawyer, 307 D nw 
Carlisle J Mandeville sr, (Carlisle & Mc- 

Pherson,) h 307 D nw 
Carlisle J Mandeville jr, bds 307 D nw 
Carlisle Josephine, wid Dennis. 710 2d ne 

M CJ-arlisle and John IJ> JHcPher- 

son,) lawyers, 31)7 D mv 


Carlisle & Mcpherson, 

Attorneys ana Counsellors- at-Law. 

307 D STREET N. W., 


Carll George, butcher, 212 N L and 16 cen 

mkts, h 923 7th ne 
Carlton Arthur P, barber, 344 F sw 
Carlton Guy, elk, h Bladensburg 
Carlton Henry L, miller, h Bladensburg 
Carmack Joseph, r 30 Greene, Gtn 
Carmiehael Kate, wid Benjamin 160 Fay- 
ette, Gtn 
Carmiek Thomas G, elk a g o, h, 941 Knw 
Carmiencke John H, elk 2d aud o, h 

Laurel, Md 
Carmine George D, carp. 407 8th sw 
Carmine John, waiter, 131 K nw 
Carmody James, lab, 61 H ne 
Carmody John, lab, 61 H ne 
Carmody Patrick, watchman, 6th c N sw 
Carmony Simon, contractor, 4121st ne 
Caraes John, printer, 72810th nw 
Games John B, elk pod, bds 303 Pa av 

nw v 

Carney Levi, rags, Willowtree al sw 
Carney Wm, 1212 3d sw 
Carolan, Thos E, liquors, Water, Gtn, h 


509 Seventh Street IV. XV. 

CAPITAL, $300,000. SURPLUS, $5,007.31. 

Pres., GEO, W. BALLOCH. Sec'y, S. A. TERRY. Treas, JOHN C. WILSON 

This Company has complied with the laws of the 
principal States. 

Cash Paid for Land Warrants by 

CAR [183] 


Caron Charles L, elk treap, h 1225 D sw 
Carpendale Isaac, carp. 1706 17ih nw 
Carpenier Albert, lab, I nr 26th nw 
CAttPENTER ALVA Xi, hard- 
ware, 829 7th nw. h same 


Dealer in 


For Builders, Cabinet and House 

Furnishing use. 

Wooden Ware, Pocket and Table Cutlery, 

&c, &c. 


Carpenter Alverta, servt, 2026 G nw 
Carpenter Ann Mrs, 1140 16th nw 
Carpenter Benjamin D, surveyor, h nr 

Carpenter Benjamin P, machinist. C nr 

21st nw 
Carpenter Benjamin W, carp, bds 800 A se 
CARPENTER C C, 2d compt 

treas, h 1212 N V av nw 
Carpenter Eliza, wid Wm, nurse, 825 23d 

Carpenter George W. porter, 1019 H ne 
Carpenter Hattie E, elk p o d, h 1342 R I 

Carpenter Henson Z, lab. 1140 16th nw 
Carpenter Jaa A S, physician, 439 I nw 
Carpenter James N, paymaster U S N, h 

210 A se 
Carpenter Jane, wid John, 26 Mass av ne 
Carpenter John, driver, 114016th nw 
148 C lie, li 227 2d se 



148 C STREET N. E. 
Physicians' Prescriptions carefully pre- 
pared. A general assortment ot 
Jjrugs and Toilet Articles 
always on hand. 

CARPENTER J R P, plain and 

ornamental plastes-er, 101)8 25th 
nw, 2a same 

J. R. jp. carpenter, 



1008 25th Street N. W. 

Carpenter Lee. lab. Meridian hill 
Caipenter Lottie, wasbing. 825 23d nw 
13th c F nw 



Northwest Corner F and Thirteenth NW 
(Up Stairs.) 


I, Goldstein's California Cigar More 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Carpenter M E, bds 903 O nw 
Carpenter Mary, wid Delos, 220 D nw 
Carpenter Michael, porter, 216 F nw 
Carpenter Nelson, lab, Meridian hill 
Carpenter Patrick, elk, 1430 12th nw 
Carpenter Kousi-r, lab, I nr 26th nw 
Carpenier S E C. elk pat o, bds 1011 12th 

Carpenter Samuel, contractor. 800 A se . 
Carpenter Solon, elk pat o, bds 1011 12th 

Carpenter Thomas M, builder, 804 Ase 
Carpenter Wesley, hackman, il4016thnw 
Carpenter Zachary T, elk treas, h 627 E 

Carr Arthur D, elk treas, h 812 21st nw 
Carr Benjamin, elk treas, h 37 Frederick, 

Carr Edmund, eng, 914 G se 
Carr Flora, washing, 7*34 Bates' al nw 
Carr George, driver. 131 K nw 
Carr J F, wid W, 442 P nw 
Carr James, lab, 7^3 24th nw 
Carr James, jr, 723 24ih nw 
Carr John, hackman, 218 2d nw 
Carr John, printer, 1 K ne 
Carr John W, painter, 1711 11th nw 
Carr Lee C, elk coast sur, 812 21st nw 
Carr Letitia, wid Simon S, 1325 Mass av 

Carr Lou, elk, bds 234 14th sw 
Carr Maggie, 1005 23d nw 
Carr Mary, washing, 107 E sw 
Carr Mary J, wid Win. 2602 I nw 
Carr Nel&ou C, (Tilp & Carr,) 7th and K 
■ nw 

Carr Patrick, bottler. 110 2d. Gtn 
Carr Patrick, carp, 116 2d, Glu 
Carr Richard C, huckster, 421 7th se 
Carr Silas, mess House Reps 
Carr Susau H, wid Charles L, 1515 9th nw 
Carr Susie, dressmkr, I nr 26th nw 
Carr Thomas, plasterer, 1005 23d my 
Carr Wm, painter, 12164th nw 
Carr Wm E, carp, 2602 1 nw 
Carr Wm H, gardener, 1424 21st nw 
Carr Wm H, lab, 107 E sw 
Carr Wm H, printer, 333 C ne 
Carraher Margaret, cook, 1 Cook's row. 

Carraher Thos, letter carrier, 816 6th sw 
Carrick Franklin F, produce, 604 cen mkt 

h 713 6th nw 
Carrick Henry, lab, 18th nr C ne 
Carrico Angeline, wid Joshua, 612 H nw 
Carrico James, plasterer, 519 20th nw 
Carrico John H, oysters, 1313 11th se, h 

Carrico Joseph, carp, 1316 11th se 
Carrico Peter G, carp, 731 23d nw 
Carrico Susan, wid James, 2008 E nw 
Carrico Wm H, grocer, 1328 11th se, h 

1330 11th se 
Carrier Asa L, machinist. 1017 N J av nw 
CAKR1GA1V BANSEL, chf elk bur 

med and surg- navy tiept, h 407 

Sth se 
Cariigau Mary, 917 1st ne 
Carrigan Peter, tinner, 47 Jackson al ne 

GILMORE & CO., 629 F Street N. W, 




Carrington Campbell, (Carrington & Car- 
rington,) bds Metropolitan Hotel 

Carriugton Cbailes H, elk war dept, h 
1431 P uw 

Carrington Edward C. (Carrington & Bro,) 
h Prince George's co Md 

Carrington Edward C jr, (Carrington & 
Carrington,) 47 Mass av 

Carriugton Jacob, driver, Stanton's al nw 

Carrington Jno, carman, Fayette nr Madi- 
soi , Gtn 

Carrington J McDowell, (Carrington & 
Bro,) 624 La av uw 

C and J McDowell Carrington,) 
lawyers, 6*24 £«a av 

E. C. Carrington, J. M'D. Carrington. 
Late Uuit« d States Attorney. 





(Edward C jr and Campbell Car- 
rington and Irving William- 
son.,) law vers, 454 JLa av 

E. C Carrington, jr. Campbell Carrington 
Irving Williamson. 

Carrington & Carrington, 

Attorneys anfl Counserors-at-Law 3 

Opposite City Hall, 


Carroll Addie, servt, 1748 K nw 
Carroll Albert, 621 Pa av nw 
Carroll Alexander, lab, 2414 Va av nw 
Carroll Alexander, servt, 2408 K nw 
Can oil Andrew, butter, 2111 H nw 
Carroll Andrew, express, 109 O uw 
Carroll Andrew J, cigars, 328 9th se 
Carroll Ann M. 736 Duddington sq se 
Carroll Anna, servt, 1317 F nw 
Carroll Anne, servt, 74 Defrees nw 
Carroll Bryan, huckster. 1424 8th nw 
Carroll C R, elk pat o, 801 H nw 
Carroll Caroline, Nailor's al 
Carroll Carter, lab, ls>t nr D sw 
Carroll Catharine, 7tb nr Frederick, Gtn 
Carroll Charles, lab, Ridge st al nw 
Carroll Charles, lab, 1220 2nd sw 
Carroll Charles, lab, 1720 19th nw 
Carroll Clara, servt, 2137 F uw 
Carroll Cornelius, lab, Cedar nr 18th nw 
Carroll Daniel, lab, Green nr Canal, Gtn 
Carroll Daniel, cigars, 1026 4th nw 
Carroll Daniel, painter, 210 13£ sw 
Carroll David, produce, 304 and 305 cen 

inkt, h 434 1st sw 
Carroll Dennis, lab, Frederick bet 4th and 

5th, Gtn 
Carroll Edward C, elk a g o, h 1007 2d ne 
Carroll Eliza, wid Frederick, washing, 

191610th nw 
Carroll Elizabeth, wid Edward, C cr 12th 


Carroll Ellen, wid Henry, 620 N Cap nw 
Carroll Emily, elk pen o, h 103 3d Capitol 

Carroll Emma, elk pen o, h 103 3d se 
Carrol] Eugene, lab, Ridae st al nw 
Carroll Francis, lab, 39 Jackson al 
Carroll George W, elk, 213 13J sw 
Carroll Henry, lab, 18th nr E Capse 
Carroll Hensou, lab. C cr8d se 
Carroll Institute, G bet 9th and 10th nw 
CARROLL. JAMES, grocer, » c 

10th swj h 423 lOtli sw 

S&jooL^m Carroll, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


Corner Tenth and D Streets, SW., 

All orders solicited 
tended to. 

and promptly at- 

Carroll James, lab, 434 12th ne 
Carroll James, lab, bds 217 14th ne 
Carroll James J, druggist, 804 E nw 
Carroll James J, mess, 1326 13th nw 
Carroll James M, porter. 430 Franklin nw 
Carroll James T, carp, 301 2d nw 
Carroll Jeremiah, watchman, 1152 21st nw 
Carroll John, engineer, 1305 3d se 
Carroll John, hackman, 310 C sw 
Carroll John, baker, 824 6th sw. h same 
Carroll John, watchman, 2224 1 nw 
Carroll John, watchman. 707 4th nw 

Carroll John J, , 1033d se 

Carroll John W, huckster, 906 Pa av nw 
Carroll Joseph, coach painter, 707 4th nw 
Carroll Joseph, tinner, 707 13th se 

57 Ceu and 73 Eastern lukts, h 

1109 3d se 
Carroll Judson, lab, 301 Cse 
Carroll Julia, servt, 1726 I nw 
Carroll Kate, servt, 1825 I nw 
Carroll Lewis, waiter, 1337 Knw 
Carroll Lewis, oysters, 216 2d se 
Carroll LewisF, steward, 1151 17th nw 
Carroll Libley Misj, folder, 215 G nw 
Carroll Manuel* waiter, 352 K sw 
Carroll Marcella, wid William T, 1736 I 

Carroll Margaret, servt, 1317 F nw 
Carroll Martha, 111 D sw 
Carroll Mary, grocer, 25th cor G nw, h 

Carroll Mary, wid Bryan, 43 H ne 
Carroll Mary, wid John, Willow Tree 

al se 
Carroll Mary Ann, wid William R, 306 C 


Carroll Maurice, lab, 706 2d ne 
Carroll Moses, lab, Magruder's al 
Carroll Nicholson, 736 Duddington sq se 
Carroll Patrick, 1716 P nw 
Carroll Patrick, lab, 1543 4th nw 
Carroll P, gardener, agr dpt 
Carroll Patrick H, porter, 14 O ne 
Carroll Peter, lab, Bright wood 
Carroll Peter, lab, 1030 20th nw 
Carroll Philip, elk dept state, bds N Y 

av Hotel 
Carroll Richard, driver, bds 109 O nw 
Carroll Robert, watchman, 13£ sw 

We Win Success by Deserving It. 




Carroll Robert, plaster, Park Row sw 
C -trr oil Robert, sawyer, 39 Decatur uw 
CarrollRobert saleman, 25th cor G u.v 
Carrol) Roger, dairy. 7th st rd nw 
Carroll Susau Mrs, servt, »8S 2d, Gtu 
Carroll Susan, wid Walter, 49 Gay, Gtn 
Carroll 8usau, laundress, 1515 M nw 
Carroll Thomas, lab. Cedar ur 18tli rrw 
Carroll Thomas L, watchmau, 213 13j^ sw 
Carroll Tobias, lab. Ridge stal nw 
Carroll W J, eupt, 72 Bridge, Gtn 
Carroll William, lab, Willow Tree al se 
Carroll William, lab, 211 3d sw 
Carroll William, boatman, 1365 C sw 
Carroll William, tailor, 211 3dsw 
Carroll William, lab, 120U C sw 
Cai roll Wm C, porter, 1237 Pa av nw 
Carroll Wm H, lab. 12th nr D ue 
Carroll Wm H Rev, Gtu college 
Carrod Wm P, gaiemau, 310 10th sw 
Carroll Winnie, washerwoman, 616 K se 
Carothers Hugh G, elk ago. 1204 Va av 

C arrow David, lab, 18th e A ne 
Caruthers Calv C, police, 7th ab Pomeroy 
Carry Henry, cook. 815 Morgan's al nw 
Carson Andrew, carp, Alexandria 
Carson Ann, 609 14tu sw 
Carson Anna, elk int rev, h 1314 G nw 
Carson Auue, elk treas, h 111 West, Gtn 
Carson Annie, elk treas, bds 1314 G nw 
Carson Edw, plasterer. 1528 12th nw 
Carson Georgiauna, cik treas, bds 1314 G 

Carson Hester Ann, wash^, 127 Va av sw 
Carson James, soldier, Wash Arsenal sw 
CAHSO^JOHX Jl, covre&gon. dealt, 

1330 F nw, h 117 C ne 
Careou Jooepli H,CGraham & Carson) 406 

8th nw 
Carson Mary A Mrs, treas, h 1109 G nw 
Carson Perry H, oysters, 511 K nw, h 127 

Va av sw 
Carsou Robt, bartender. 466 K nw, h same 
Carson S J Mrs, elk treas, h Pa av c 19th 

Carton Wm, elk int rev, h 705 15th nw 
Carstens Emerick, artist, 418 6ih ne 
Carter Aaron, shoemkr, r 405 Franklin nw 
Carter Abraham, cook, 428 N J av nw 
Carter Abraham^ upholsterer. 1745 K nw 
Carter Abraham S, brklayer, 507 22d nw 
Carter Abraham, matrassmkr, 3933 L nw 
Carter Addison, waiter, 1801 I nw 
Carter Agues, svt. 802 N Cap 
Carter Albert, sawyer, 438 2d sw 
Carter Alfred, driver, 617 Bates' al nw 
Carter Andrew, driver, 208 E sw 
Carter Andw, engr, Beall nr Monroe. Gtn 
Carter Ann Mrs. 53 Montgomery, Gtn 
Carter Ann F Mrs, mantuamkr, Duubar- 

ton nr Rock creek, Gtu 
Carter Anna, wid, washing, 465 D sw 
Carter Anua Mrs. svt, 71 Montgmy, Gtn 
Carter Annie, c;k treas. h 511 12th nw 
Carter Archy, lab, 727 Freeman's al uw 
Carter Arthur, lab, Del av c I sw 
Carter Benjamin, lab. 214 14th se 
Carter Beuj, lab, 69 Montgomery, Gtn 
Carter Hurl, driver, M nr nw 
Carter Caroline, cook, 62 Dunbartor, Gtu 
Ca ,- ttr Caroline, wid Cuas, F nr 11th ue 
Cartei- Cassius, Jib bar ass, 330 L.d av nw 
Carter Champion, lab. 1416 3d uw 
Carter Chas, dairyman, Brightwood 
Carter Charles, lab, 727 Fivemau's al nw 

Save mouey and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

M. Goldstein's 

Av., under Met, Hotel. See page 4. 

Carter Charles, lab, 1112 5th se 
Carter Chas E, hostler, Brightwood 
Carter Chas F, bds 1211 11th se 
Carter Churchill, elk, 10 Prospect, Gtn 
Carter Clara, servt Willard's 
Carter Daniel, lab, 1610 11th nw 
Carter Delia, servt Willard's 
Carter Dennis, driver, bds 401 I3,i sw 
Carter D -rsey E W, dry goods, 707 Mar- 
ket space, h 415 3d nw 
Carter Edwin, lab, Locust al sw 
Carter Eleanor, housekeeper, 1471 T nw 
Carter Eli, shqemkr, 486 E sw 
Carter Elizabeth, Van c-3d sw 
Carter Elizabeth, wid Hurl, M nr 25th nw 
C irter Elizabeth A, wid Jas M, 1734 I nw 
Carter Eda, washing, Dei av ur M ne 
Carter Emily L. Tel op treas, h 1216 G nw 
Carter Eaima, 418 N J av nw 
Carter Enoch, blksmith, T al bet 2d and 

3d and Q and R nw 
Carter Fanny, servt, 495 C sw 
j Carter Fanny, servt, 54Frederick, Gtn 
' Carter Fielder, lab Monroe nr Bridge, Gtn 
| Carter Frances, washing. 317 C sw 
j Carter Francis, oderless ex, 221 13th sw 
j Carter Frank P, elk, bds 221 13th sw 
i Carter Garrett, grocer, 404 13J sw, h same 
S Carter George, servt, 222 Lafayette, Gtu 
i Carter George, plasterer, bds 504 14th nw 
j Carter George, waiter, 1318 L nw 
j Carter George, grocer, Nur^swr 
| Carter George, lab, 1452 Sampson nw 
i Carter George, lab, Quaker's bldgs 
i Carter George R, elk, 322 C nw 
I Carter George T. elk.' 1734 Vt av nw 
j Carter Geo T, stereotypic, 30 Montgom- 
ery, Gtn 
Carter George W, barber, 1916 7ih nw, h 
i Carter George AV, waiter, 317 C sw 
! Carter Hiuuah. servt. 623 E Cap 

Carter Harriett, washing, 633 Hog al nw 
j Carter Harrison P, (Carter, Bletz & Lin- 

ville,) 407 13th sw 
! Carter Henrietta, servt, Willard's 

Carter Henry, lab, Frankiiu nr 2d nw 
: Carter Henry, lab, 610 1st nw 
Carter Henry, lab, 226 E sw 
Carter Henry, lab, 513 3d sw 
i • arter Henry, lab, 1144 N H av nw 
Carter Henry, lab. 1521 11th nw 
Carter Henry, lab, Willow tree al sw 
Carter Heury, lab, 309 S C av se 
Carter Heury, lab, 2239 12th nw 
Carter Horace, servt, 604 12th uw 
Carter Jacob, lab, 300 G se 
Carter James, printer, bds 409 10th nw 
Carter James, collector, 421 6}^ sw 
Carter James, lab. 226 8th sw 
Carter James, canp, 2d nr C sw 
Carter Jumes A. driver, 618 Bates' al 
drier James A, shoemkr, 1408 Ohio av 
Carter James B, 1126 10th nw 
Carter J^mes H. rags, Marion nw 
Carter James O, wood, V6}4 st wharf, h 

308 14t,h sw 
Carter Seimie, servt. wks 1328 8th nw 
Carter Jennie, bds 407 I3ib sw 
Carter Jf-remi»h, lah. Cole's row 


629 F Street N. W. 




Carter Jerry, lah, 17 nr D nw 
Carter Jerome B, bds 221 13th sw 
Carter John, tinner, 1305 Union sw 
Curler John, lab, Meridian Hill 
Carter John, driver, bds Sumner nw 
Carter John, lab, 929 Stephenson's al sw 
Carter John, lab, 1305 Union sw 
Carter John, lab, 53 Montgomery, Gtn 
Carter John, 1st e K nw 
Carter John, lab, 215 F sw 
Carter John, driver, 633 Hog al nw 
Carter John servt, 2108 G nw 
Carter John, servt, Mill nr West, Gtn 
Carter Jabn E, elk, bds 415 3d nw 
Carter John F, cashier, 217 D nw 
Carter John M, elk. 615 11th nw 
Carter John T, painter, 1010 18th nw 
Carter Joseph, police, 621 G se 
Carter Joseph N, 507 22d nw 
Carter Joshua, 223 C ne 
Carter Kate, laundress, 487 L sw 
Carter Lee, hostler, 1105 N J av nw 
Carter Lewis, lab, 910 N Y av nw 
Carter Lewis J, porter, 1154 15th nw 
Carter Lizzie, servt, 337 C nw 
Carter Louisa, servt, La av nr L 
Carter Lueiuda, eating, 5th nr Frederick, 

Carter Lucinda, wid Augustus, 30 5th, 

Carter Lucy, servt, 633 Hog al nw 
Carter Lucy, washing. 1227 Madison nw 
Carter Mack, driver, 1230 Blagden's alnw 
Carter Malaehi, lab, 925 Nailor's al nw 
Carter Margaret, washing, 465 D sw 
Carter Margaret, laundress, 1732 L nw 
Carter Margaret, wid Jos, 331 Va av sw 
Carter Margaret, wid Joseph, Valley and 

and Stoddart, Gtn 
Carter Maria, servt, 1215 M nw 
Carter Maria, servt, wks 1416 F nw 
Carter Maria, wid Jacob, 1342 N Y av nw 
Carter Maria, 55 H nw 
Carter Martba, servt, 142^5 E nw 
Carter Mar! ha. washing, 617 Bates 7 al nw 
Carter Mary, servt. 2127 K nw 
Carter Mary, wid, 117 Pa iv nw 
Carter Mary, washing, 1110 K nw 
Carter Mary, bd* 404 13| sw 
C arter Marg, wid Truman, Locust al sw 
Carter Mary A, wid Arthur, dressmkr, 

2218 I nw 
Carter Mary E, wid John, 1105 R nw 
Carter Matthew, lab, N Y av c 22d nw 
Carter Mattis, servt, M nr N Cap 
Carter Michael, driver, 135 F sw 
Carter Millie, widow, Grinnell's al nw 
Carter Murry A, elk int dept, 1734 I nw 
Carter N Albert, supt, bds 221 13tb sw 
Carter Pashal, caterer, 2o West, Gtn 
Carter Peter, coachman, 22 Pierce nw 
Carter Phillip, lab, Clark's al nw 
Carter Phoebe A, elk reg treas, h 1322 N 

Y av nw 
Carter Richard W ]r, milk, 1013 F nw, h 

Caiter Robert, lab, 1224 Madison nw 
('arter Robert, lab, 2527 M nw 
Carter Robert, lab, Valley nr Stoddart. 

Carter Robert, servt, 2015 I nw 
Carter Robert, lab, 810 S Cap se 
Carter Robert; lab, 1104 W nw 
Caiter Samuel, lab, 244 14th se 
Carter Sarah, wid Archer, servt, 810 8 Cap 


Carter Sarah, wid Richard, 727 6th se 
Carter Sarah, washing, Buike's al sw 
Carter Sarah, servt, 632 F sw 
Carter Sarah, wid James, 507 22d nw 
Carter Sarah E, servt, 52 Montgomery, Gts» 
Carter Sarah V, dressmkr, 507 22d nw 
Carter Stephen, lab, 600 22d nw 
Carter Stephen R, coachman, Locust al sw 
Carter Susan, servt, Blagden's al nw 
Carter Susan, cook, Vermont al nw 
Carter Theodore, driver, High nr 7th, Gtn 
Carter Thomas, lah, Pleasant al sw 
Carter Thomas, lab, 1103 Q nw 
Carter Thomas, waiter, bds Sumner nw 
Carter Thomas, carp, 71 Montgomery, GtD 
Carter Thomas, whitewashes 1605 Q nw 
Carter Thomas H, carpenter, Snionjr nw 
Carter Thornton, lab, 2209 12tu Av» 
Carter Thornton, waiter, Olive nr Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Carter Violet, servt, 80 Prospect, Gtn 
Cartel Walter, lab, 514 26th nw 
Carter Walter F, (Pulling Carter,) 917 

Va av sw 
Carter Washington, lao, 210 E se 
Carter Wesley, driver, 1227 Madison nw 
Carter Wilbur E, supt, bds 221 13th sw 
Carter Win, barber, 347 F sw 
Carter Win, gardener, Nichols av 
Carter Wm, hostler, Locust al sw 
Carter Wm, hostler, 1428 E nw 
Carter W T m, lab, N c Union 
Carter Wm, iab, 816 S Cap se 
Carter Wm, lab, 469 K sw 
Carter Wm, lab, 8 7th se 
Carter Wm, lab, 1349 3d sw 
Carter Wm, lab, 1301 Union sw 
Carter Wm, lab, 306 G sw 
Carter Wm, lab, 45 L nw 
Carter Wm, plasterer, 1156 16th nw 
Carter Wm, waiter, Willard's 
Carter Wm F, waiter, 17th c O nw 
Carter Wm H, shoemkr, 72 Montgomery, 

Gtn, h Tennallytown 
Carter Willis, waiter, 1226 N Y av nw 
Carter Winnie, svt, 2d nr C sw 
Carter Zachariah, driver, 1011 N J av nw 
Carter, Bletz & Linville. (H P Carter, F 
S Bletz and Geo W Linville,) wharfiug- 
ers, 13)^-st wharf sw 
CARTTJER DAVID K, clif justice 

sup ct U» C, 1505 II nw 
Cartlidge Marj , cook, Kimball's ai nw 

Cartwright Charlotte, 411 8th sw 
Cartwright Geo W, plasterer, 637 I sw 
Cartwright Hamilton L, lab, Greene nr 

Beall, Gtn 
Cartwright Harriet, svt, 225 12th sw 
Cartwright Harriett A, bds 411 8th sw 
Cartwright Isaac, driver, 37 L nw 
Cartwright Julia Mrs, varieties, 31^, h 

31 West, Gtn 
Cartwright L T, carp, 124 Beall, Gtn 
Cartwright Mary W, bds 411 8th sw 
Cartwright Rebecca, wid Wm F, 30 Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Cartwright R Thos,clk, 30 Montgomery, 

Cartwright Sallie M, elk treas, 76 2d, Gtn 
Cartwright W J, elk, 76 2d, Gtn 
Cartwright Win E, elk, 30 Montgomery, 

Carty Chas P, constable, city hall, h War- 
wick. Va 
Carty Johu, tailor, bds 922 C nw 

Bounty Land Warrants Bought, 




Carty Martha A, sewing, 9th cor F sw 
Carnana Orlando E, elk a g o, h 2019 9th 

Ca vusi Eugene, lawyer, 490 La av, h 1226 

13th nw 
Carusi John M. 907 11th nw 
Carusi Nathaniel sr, 1227 13th nw 
Carusi Nathaniel jr, lawyer, 490 Laav, h 

1227 13;h nw 
Carusi Thornton, elk ct corns Ala elms, h 

15341 nw 
Carvazier E P, mess, 119 2d nw 
Carver A H, dain , 629 E nw 
Carver E N J, elk 713 K nw 
Carver Fanny, wid, 325 E sw 
Carver Frank M, carp, 1002 10th nw, h 

1246 11th nw 
Carver Frank N, stair bldr, 303 10th nw, 

h 1246 11th nw 
Carver Newell, elk, bds 713 K nw 
Cary Beverly, shucker, 830 24th nw 
Cary Edwd, lab. 56 Jackson al 
Cary Isaac N, cik, 821 14th nw 
Cary Judsou, carp, bds 710 12th nw 
Cary Julia, folder,' 1157 17th nw 
Cary M A, wid Silas W, 2218 M nw 
Cary MAS, wid Thomas F, teacher, 942 

K nw 
CARY M E B Madame, wax 

flowers, 821 14th nw 

New and Elegant Foliage Wax. 

Artist in Eyery Branch of Wax Wari, 

821 Fourteenth St. NW. bet. Hand 2, 


Cary T D Miss, elk p o d, h 935 N T av 
Cary Wilson, treas rest 
Casassa Jos. elk. 921 Temperance hall al 
Casassa Nicholas, carp. 921 Temperance 

hall al 
Casassa Rosa, wid John, 1027 4th nw 
Casassa Stephen, coufec^nr, St Marc, 

hotel, h 1027 4th nw 
Casassa William, fruits, 921 Temperance 

hall al 
Case Charles, lawyer, 156 A ne 
Case Cynthia B, bds 1009 O nw 
Case Francis H. stable, 143 A ne 
Case Wm W, elk, 211 N Cap ne 
Caselli Angelo, (A Caselli & Co.) bds Co- 
lumbia hotel 
CASELLI A «fc CO, (Angelo Cas- 
elli,) bonnet frame Miltrs, 310 
Sth ii w 
Casey Annie, dressrnkr. 24th nr G nw 
Casey Betsy, wid Maurice, 1428 W nw 
Casey Chas, elk, 1015 N Y av nw 
Casey Edmund, stonecutter. 2425 I nw 
Casey Edward F, sailmkr, 502 G se 
Casey James, huckster. 206 K ne 
Casey. James, lab, 725 24th nw 
Casey James, painter, 448 O nw 
Casey John, hacks, 476 K sw 
Casey John, marine, 1013 M se 
Casey John, ord sgt, h 1013 M se 
Casey John A, elk p o d. h 616 H nw 
CASEY JOSEPH, lawyer, 1411 G 

nw, li 1326 Mass av nw 
Casey Joseph, bottling, 497 L sw, h same 



611 Penna Av., under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Casey Joseph E, elk, bds 448 O nw 
Casey Martin V, elk treas, bds 512 9th nw 
Casey Stephen, contractor, 2^52 11th nw 
CASEY THOMAS E, fovt col corps 
of engineers USA, h 1419 It nw 
Cash Alien B, bartender, bds 1825 6ih nw 
CASH JOHN C, major and payinr 

C S marines, h 2d e Enw 
Cashell Joseptj, elk sig o, bds 1309 H nw 
Cashell Margaret O, wid Richard, dress- 
maker, 606 % sw 
Cashien, Mary F G, elk, 1138 N H av nw 
Cusilear Francis A, engraver, 78 Gay. Gtn 

treas, h 78 «iay, Gtn 
Casler Jacob H, blksmith, Bridge nr War- 
ren, Gtn 
Casler Robert, lab, Bridge nr Warren, Gtn 
Cason Sarah. 617 Va av se 
Casou T J, postal elk, h 1616 H nw 
Casouatto Augu?te, musician, bds 756 7th 

Casper John, cab mkr, Harrison nr Wash- 
ington, Uniontown 
Caspari Henry, shoemkr, 816 1st ne 
Caspar! John, tailor, 816 1st ne 
Casper Joseph, bricklayer. 607 I ne 
Casperontz Caspar, shoemkr. 10th nr C nw 
Cassell Alfred C, lab, 305 N Y av nw 
Cassell Florence, elk treas, bds 26 Grant 

pi nw 
Cassell George, bricklayer, bds 806 11th nw 
Cassell John H, bricklayer, 645 Md av sw 
Cassell John T, 645 Md av sw 
Cassell Mary, wid Thomas, 1213 10th nw 
Cassell R C, (Cassell & Wood,) painter, 

7th cor Md av sw, h 308 Md av ne 
Cassell W N, butcher, 390 High, Gtn 
Cassell Wm. tinner, bds 904 9th nw 
Cassell Wm A, painter, 216 7th sw 
Cassell Wm A, (Cassell & Banagan,) 632 

Cassell & Banagan, (Wm A Cassell and 
George W Banagan, grocers, 7th cor Md 
av sw 
Cassidy Charles I, carp, 1735 H nw 
Cassidy Isabella, wid Thomas, 631 F nw 
Cassidy James K, stonecutter, bds 306 H 

Cassidy Marquis W, watchman, 611 S C av 

Cassidy Patrick, 6th nr Market, Gtn 
Cassidy Peter A, grocer, L cor 21st nw 
Cassidy Samuel, 306 H nw 
Cassileage John, fruit, 924 Temperance 

hall al 
Cassileggeo Antonio, lab, 924 Pa av nw 
Cassin John, elk navy dept, h 98 Wash- 
ington, Gtn 
Cassin John H, (Cassin & Liebermann,) 

bds Union Hotel, Gtn 
Cassin Joseph R, drugs, 1201 7th nw, h 

Cassin Wm D, lawyer, 51 Congress, h 135 

Washington, Gtn 
H Cassin and Charles © JLieber- 
niann,) real estate, 1339 Fnw 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street NW. 






JSo. 1339 F St. JNW, opp. EbbiU House, 


Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated. 

Cassius JaneC, wid, washing, Grinnell'sal 


Castius Samuel, lab. 1733 20th nw 
Castell Edward, butcher, 12 eastern rakt, 

h 325 6th se 
Castell John B, grocer, 711 8th se, h 709 

8th se 
Cassell John H, eng, 711 Pa av se 
Cistell Samuel, painter, lid's 1st ur K se 
(asteu Alexauder. lab. 910 N nw 
Caste v Jame.% blacksmith, 3d c N sw, h 2d 

nr C sw 


cigarmlir, bds High cor 

Caton Eddv, 

Bridge, Gtii 
Caou Eiiza. teacher, 732 5tb nw 
Caton Emauuel B, carp, bds 812 N Cap 
Caton James, stonecutter, 209 H ne 
Caton James O, eng, Water bet Market 

and Frederick, Gtn 
Caton John P D, binder, bds 812 N Cap 
Caton Michael, 732 5th nw 
Caton Michael, lab, Brown's al nr Valley,. 

Caton Patrick, lab, 28 Jackson al ne 
Caton Patrick A, printer, 70 K nw 
Caton Sarah, wid Patrick H, boarding* 

812 N Cap 
Caton William H, blacksmith, 2 E nw 
Cattell Henry P, lithographer, 1010 19tb 

! Cattin Bertrand E, elk, 400 3d nw 
j Canidwell Andrew, elk, 2202 14th nw 
Cauldwell Andrew B, elk, 2202 14th nw 
Cau!dwallMary, elk int, h 2202 14th nw 
Cauldwell William, painter, 1236 K se 
Cauklfield Johu P. music teacher, 1534 I 


Castle Daviess E, elk, 623 Mass av ne 

Castle Sidney B, frames, L304 H nw, hl3th j Cauklfield Winnie, wid Thomas, 904 27th 

nr H nw 
Casileman Charles F, lawyer, 1321 F nw, 

bds 1104 12th nw 
Castleman Henry B, (J T and II B Castle- 
man,) .2509 Pa av nw 
Castleman James T, (J T & H B Castle- 
man,) 2509 Pa av nw 
Castleman JT&HB, (Jas T and Henry 

B Castleman,) chinaware, 916 7th nw 
Castleman S D, lime and coal, 2616 Pa av 

nw, h 2509 Pa av nw 
Castleman S G, Penua av nr Gtn bridge 
Castor Robert, lab, 612 3d sw 
Castor Winnie, servt, 103 4% nw 
Castnotto Auguste, musician, bds 914 8th 

Caswell Calvin B, carp, 808 4th se 
Caswell C Mrs, dressmkr, 306 4th se 
Caswell George A, elk, bds 13 6th ne 
Caswell T H, elk, Riggs House 
Gate A B, elk pod, h 123 Carroll se 
Cate Fernando C, elk treas, h 707 8th ne 
Caterson Henrietta, wid Robert, seam- 
stress, 1373 Ohio av 
Cathcart Annie R. wid Thos J, 722 18th nw 
Cathcart Arthur W, 722 18th nw 
Cathcart Frank H, 2522 Pa av nw 
Cathcatr James L, 2522 Pa av nw 
Cathcart Jennie, binder, bds 63 Defreesnw 
Cathcart Thos L, elk int rev, F cor 12th nw 
Cathcait Jonathan D, supt Gtn gas light 

co, h 37 2d Gtn 
Catholic Beneficial Hal', 1114 18th nw 
Catlett Albert H, messenger, Wilson nr 

3rd nw 
Cailett David, (Catlett & Lee,) 2115 11th 

Catlett Nelson, lab, B nr 18th nw 
Catlett Samuel, lab, 210810th nw 
Catlett Thornton, lab, 218 Jackson Hall al 
Catlett William, lab, Wilson University 

Catlett & Lee (David Catlett and Robert 

B Lee) barbers. 11th nr Q nw 
Catlin Benjamin R, examiner pat o 
Catlin Caroline S, elk pen o, bds 1109 S 

Catlin Mary, wid Robert, 602 4X sw 
Catlin William M, elk land o, 162 West, 
Caton Bridget, boarding, 1406 Dnw 

Caulk Lucy A 

1219 O nw 

- Miss, teacher, 212 B se 

ciaitaa &gt, 915 F nw, la Baltimore 
Cau^ten Manuel C, elk 2d aud, h 65 1st, 

Cavanaugh Arthur, watchman, 701 54th 

Cavanaugh Charles, conductor, bds 737 

4th nw 
Cavanaugh Frank, plumber, bds 43 De- 

fress nw 
Cavanaugh J, painter, 500 11th sw 
Cavanaugh James, grocer, 1500 16th nw 
Cavanaugh James, "(Anderson & Cavan- 
augh.) 737 4th nw 
Cavanaugh James H, elk int rev, h ]500 

16th nw 
Cavanaugh John, (Cavanaugh & Bren- 

nan,) 11th nr F nw 
Cavanaugh Lawrence, grocer, 28 6th se, h 

Cavanaugh Margaret, dressmkr, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Mary A. tailoress, 1008 M se 
Cavanaugh Michael, produce, 43 Eastern 

mkt, h 11)08 M se 
Cavanaugh Michael, watchman, 506 M ne 
Cavanaugh Michael, elk, 1621 P nw 
Cavanaugh Michael H, bricklayer, 1008 

M se 
Cavanaugh Thomas, detective treas, 1406 

E nw 
Cavanaugh Thos, coach ptr, 701 24th nw 
Cavanaugh 1 homas, lab, 2709 K nw 
Cavanautrh Thomas, lab, 14th st road nr 

Cavanaugh & Brennan (John Cavanaugh 

and Robert Brennan.) painters, 1221 11th 

nw • 
Cavanaugh Margaret, 126 2d sw 
Cavel Robert, lab, 130 Pierce nw 
Caveller Norris. lab, 1325 Downing's al 
Cavens Henry, cooper, 237 3d sw 
Cavhenero Ro>a, seamstress, 913 Temp- 
erance hall al 
Caviu David, barkeeper, 611 7th nw 
Cavis A T, proofreader, 16 Defrees nw 
Cavis Julian W, primer, 2058 8th nw 
Cawley Mattie, artist, 509 12th nw 

Assignments of Patents, Blank Deeds 




Cawood Hezekiah J, blkemitb, 503 4 h se 
Cawood Philip A, coppersmith, 313 Pa av 

se, h 918 4: h se Stephen, tinner, bds 503 4th se 
Caynor Geoge B. carp. 1523 9th uw 
Caynor James R, carp. bd> 1523 9ih nw 
Caywuod A S, claim agt, 1129 11th nw, h 

Caywood Benjamin. 413 M nw 
Cay wood James £, agt. 216 4th se 
Caywuod Philip A, coppersmith. 918 4th se 
Caywood Stephen, tinner, 918 4th se 
Ceas Samuel, 714 D sw 
Ceas Silas, carp, bds 922 C nw 
Ceas Sophronia, bds 714 I> sw 
Ceazer Thomas, lab, 2319 H nw 
Cecil Joseph B, tailor, 737 8th se, h same 
Centennial House, 58 C nw 
Central Dispensary, 10th c E nw 
Cephas James N, mess, 316 D se 
Cephas Man, servt, 43 Frederick, Gtn 
Center Johu, elk, 1447 Q nw 
derrick Andrew, porter, 1217 E nw 
Chadsey Jarnes M, elk, 1214 O nw 
Chadsey Win H, asst exainr p o, h 1214 

U nw 
Chadwel! Louisa, wid Lemuel, 1127 9th nw 
Chaudwick Jas W. elk, 511 13th nw 
Chaffee Fred H, bookbinder, 431 Mass av 

Chaffee Wm E, shoemkr. 431 Mass av nw 
Chaffee Wm E, elk p o, bds 431 Mass av 

Chaflin Flora, elk treas, bds 813 13th nw 
Chalfant Flora, elk treas. 813 13th nw 
Chalk Frank, fireman, B R 473 D sw 
Challis Wm F, printer, 631 A se 
Chamberlain Alfred H, plasterer, 1743 T 

Chamberlain, (col.) pub, school, East nr 

North, Gtn 
Chamberlain CW, painter. 116 Frederick 

Chamberlain Caleb I, lab, 26th ur F nw 
Chamberlain Catherine, wid David, 2512 F 

Chamberlain Jas, huckster, 166 Fayette, 

Chamberlain Jas H, huckster, 166 Fay- 
ette, Gtn 

house, lb*27 I nw 
Chamberlain Robt H, blksmth, Fayette 

nr Madison. Gtn 
Chamberlain Virginia, dresemkr, 6 I ne 
Chamberlain Wm, engr, 1816 Lawrence 

Chamberlain Wm, blacksmth, 53 3d, Gtn 
Chamberlain Wm S, elk, 425 1st nw 
Chamberlain Ann M. wid George W, 95 

High, Gtn 
Chamberlen Geo W, painter, 713 18th nw, 

h 1 755 Pa av nw 
Chamberlen Clara, laundry, 524 12th. nwh 

"•44 1st nw 
Cbamberliu Edw H, (Kelly <fc Chamber- 

lin,) 622 S nw 
Chamberlin Jas, poultry, 433 cen mkt, h 

66 Fayette, Gtn 
Chamberlin Julius, lab. 9th ex nw 
Chamberlin Rob H, blksmith, Fayette nr 

7ih, Gtn 
Chamberlin Wm X, (Brown, Chamberlin 

& Co) 2109 F nw 
Chamberlin Wm S, ins, 607 7th nw, h 425 

1st nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to 

i 3fc£. G-olcif3feiii ? B 

I California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p4 


Chambers Beuj, die sinker, 634 D nw, h 
919 9th nw , 
| Chambers Boon, elk, D nr 10th ne 

Chambers Chas W, elk si--: o. h 316 13th sw 
j Chambers Cyrus, bds 105 H nw 
Chambers Dabney M, watchman treas, bds 
Boundary nr 10th nw 
; Chambers David A. claim agt, 633 F nw. 
h 1441 Q uw 
Chambers Helen B, 1122 11th nw 
! Chambers John, lab, N C av nr 14th ne 

Chambers Leonard, bricklayer, 214 7th ne 
! Chambers Martha A, seamstress, Boundary 

ur 10th nw 
| Chambers Olmsted, janitor, 1608 12th nw 
Chambers Patrick, 606 B se 
Chambers .Robert, cuachmau. 1717 I nw 
Chambers Robe t, driver, It 34 18th nw 
Chambers Thomas, bricklayer. 115 7th se 
Chambers Wm, cab mkr, 1406 10th nw 
Chambers Wm W, livery stable, 412 E Cap 
Champ Alfred, boatman, 340 E sw 
Champ Eveline, 403 N nw 
Champ Henry, lab, Fayette nr 8th, Gtn 
Champ James, lab. Ford al nw 
Champ Louis, 1527 M nw 
Champ Moses, lab, 428 Washington nw 
Champion Charles, elk, 1113 I se 
Champion Elizabeth J. win William, bds 

123 6th se 
Champion Joseph, plumber, bds 408 Va 

av se 
Champion William H, elk, 419 3d nw 
Champlin E, lumber insp, 28 12th sw 
Champlin Todd H, (Chauipliu & Hilton,) 

12th ur B sw 
Champlin & Hilton, (Todd H Champlin, 

and A D Hilton.) livery, 211 11th uw 
Chaijeey John T. mess, 312 I nw 
Chaneey William A, cik. 437 L nw 
Chandiee William E, eitrais, EbUtt House 
and 1349 Fa av uw. h 1219 V. av nw 
I Chandler A B 620 G sw 
g-oods, 82'2 7ilx nw, Ii S03 N J av 




Not a mock auction store, but Dry Goods 
from auction at a low price. 

! Great bargains in Ribbons, Embroideries, 
Laces, French Flowers and Dress Silks. 

Chandler Fannie, bds 1116 G nw 
Chandler George F, fish. 488 G sw 
Chandler George M, elk, 620 G sw 
Chandler Henrv, grocer. 289 High. Gtn 
Chandler Henry, lab, 295 Hish, Gtn 
Chandler James, printe/, 1120 8th nw 
Chandler John W. elk. 205 Peuu av uw 
Chandler Lucy B, elk, 5th aud, h 1113 M 

Chandler Malcolm T E. asst ex pat o, h 

213 C se 

And Licenses, GILMOEE & CO. 




Chandler Mary E, cook, 2023 I nw 
Chandler Richard, lab, Cedar nr 18th nw 
Chandler Sallie F, elk treas, h 1539 8th nw 
Chandler William, lab. Cedar nr 18lhnw 
Chandler William D, elk, I c 10th nw 
Chandler William T, elk p o d, h 913 N Y av 


dept, Ii 1408 IS nw 
Chaney Alfred, lab, Bladensburg 
Chaney Andrew W. elk, bds 209 5th se 
Chaney Annie M Miss, 2125 l, nw 
Chaney Catharine, wid A W. 509 5th se 
Chaney Charles, (Chaney & Woodward.) 

35 Jefferson, Gtu 
Chaney James, tinner, 1723 9th nw 
Chaney Martini, servt. 441 M nw 
Cbaney Peter, driver, 24 Greene, Gtn 
Chaney Richard, driver, 28 High, Gtn 
Chaney William A, elk, 209 5th se 
Chaney & Woodward. (Charles Chaney and 

Thomas Woodward,) feed, 2211 7th nw 
Chantille Victor, ci.ok, bds 926 C nw 
Chapin ErastusM, livery stable, 631 G nw, 

h 622 I nw 
Chapin John D, elk, 426 N Y av nw 
Chapin Joseph C, elk p o d, h 1224 O nw 
Chapin Kate V, wid Heman L, 426 N Y av 
Chapin Mary M, elk land o, h 1224 O nw 
Chapin Mattie, clerk, 8th nr I nw 
Chapin Thomas J, 906 10th nw 
Chapline A E Mrs, elk 1 h b, h 1614 Madi- 
son nw 
Chapman Andrew, lab, 6 Shepherd's al nw 
Chapman Annie E, wid Charles L, 30914th 

Chapman Caesar, driver, 355 L sw 
Chapman Charles, elk Adams ex, bds 318 

Ind av 
Chapman Charles, U S N, h 910 3d se 
Chapman Charles L, elk exec man, 2021 

Mass av nw 
Chapman Charles W, exam pat o, h 1102 

L nw 
Chapman Charles W, plate printer, 309 

14 th nw 
Chapman Edward K, elk, 2311 M nw 
Chapman Elijah, butcher, 1212 Blagden's 

al nw 
Chamnan Ellen R, 309 14th nw 
Chapman Elverton R, elk, 904 14th nw 
Chapman Emma, eervt, 49 E sw 
Chapman F, lab, bds 916 E sw 
Chapman George, steward, Pomeroy 
Chapman Henry, steward, 68 P nw 
Chapman Henry, carp, 1148 19th nw 
Chapman Horace N. 317 A ne 
Chapman James, lab, 328 Fighting al sw 
Chapman James J, (Solomons & Chap- 
man,) 1103 Gnw 
Chapman John, lab, 5th nr Frederick, Gtn 
Chapman John, bricklayer, 1320 14th nw 
Chapman John C, agt, 327 13| nw, h 1105 

E nw 
Chapman Jno P, ex pat o, h 1300 10th nw 
Chapman John V, elk, 50u 11th nw 
Chapman Julia, wid Lynn, IS c 15th nw 
Chapman Kate, varieties, 2116 Pa av 
Chapman Leonard S, builder, 1235 Mass 

av nw 
Chapman M Berta, elk, 437 7th nw 
Chapman Miles, huckster, 8th bet D and 

Chapman Nathaniel O, elk comp o, h 1300 

10th nw — 
Chapman Robert, lab. 4th nr Market, Gtn 

Chapman S F, postal elk, Alexandria 
Cnapmau Satul, conductor, 318 Pa av nw 
Chapman Thos H, stonemason, 912 3d se 
Chapman Thos M. newspapers, 1011 G nw 
Chapman Wallace, lab, 1410 S C av se 
Chapman Wm H, postal elk, Alexandria 
Chappel Allen, (Allen Chappel & Co.) 722 

H ne 
Chappel Allen & Co, (Allen and Cyrus W 

Chappel,) grocers. 823 H ne 
Chappel Chas, gardener, Tennallytown 
Chappel Chas H, elk, 722 H ne 
Chappel Cyrus W, (Allen Chappel & Co,) 

730 9th ne ,J 

Chappel Jas, bkkeeper, M c 6th sw 
Chappel John E, teacher, Tennallytown 
Chappel Loring, real estate, 730 9th ne, h 

Chappel O P, carp, bds 307 10th nw 
Chappel T S, elk treas, bds 338 Pa av nw 
Chappelear Wm H, carp, 29 Gay, Gtn 
Chapvis Louis, cook, 825 18th nw 
Charles A R Miss, teacher, 14th c S nw 
Charles Edwin S, elk, 222 3d nw 
Charles Richard A, elk, 1120 4th nw 
Charles Stephen D, surveyor, 315 C se 
Charles Wm. plasterer, bds 1528 12th nw 

476 C nw, li 224 E nw 

(Successor to Thomas Havenner,) 

letTOflolitsm Patent Steam Balery, 

NO. 476 C STREET, 
Bet. Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. 

Charlton Emma L, printer, 322 4^ nw 
Charlton Henry, bricklayer, 514 8th sw 
Charlton Joseph A. elk, 713 7th nw 
Charlton Mary Miss, 1333 G nw 
Charlton Stephen, ship carp, 713 7th sw 
Charter Oak Ins Co, of Hartford, 928 F nw 
Charters S J, engineer R R, 473 D sw 
Chase Albert A, upholsterer, 210 D se 
Chase Abbie, seamstress, 918 18th nw 
Chase Alexander, lab, 620 N Cap nw 
Chase Alexander, driver, 1151 17th nw 
Chase Amanda D, wid Wm, 1121 11th nw 
Chase Andrew, lab, Sumner av 
Chase Ann, servt, Greene nr Dunbarton, 

Chase Ann Mrs, 1528 5th nw 
Chase B, bookbinder, 1227 4th nw 
CHASE B B, umbrella mauf, 1412 

I*a av nw, l\ same 

Umbrellas and Parasols 

Made, covered and repaired to ord^r. 
Canes fitted, varnished and ferruled. All 
work first class and no disappointments 

No. 1412 Pa. Av., opp. Willard's Hotel. 

Chase B F, elk pen o, h 1453 Corcoran nw 
Chase Bfisil, lab, 408 5th se 
Chase Basil M, plasterer, 457 N Y av 
Chase Bryson, porter, 1520 M uw 

GILMOEE, & CO., Practice in the 




Cbase C M B, engineer. 1412 Pa avnw 
Chase Caroline, servt., wks 427 M nw 
Chase Cbas, lab, 1820 L nw 
ChaseChas, whitewasner, 1250 10th nw 
Chase Daniel, lab, 1613 13th nw 
Cbase David, lab, 481 Ridge nw 
Chase David, porter. D nr 9th nw 
'Chase Edward, lab, 915 G sw 
Chase Eliza, servt, 221 D nw 
Chase Elizabeth, eating, Harrison nr 

Bridge, Uniontown 
Cbase Elizabeth, wid Alexander, 410 L se 
Chase Emanuel, janitor, 2118 11th nw 
Chase Emma, dressmkr, 1412 Pa av nw, 

h same 
Chase Emma E, washer, 447 L nw 
Chase F A Mrs, 228 1 nw 
Chase Francis, waiter, Nailor's al 
Chase Gabriel T, book-keeper, 1301 T nw 
Chase George, lab, r 113 2d ne 
Chase Gilbert, waiter, 1741 E nw 
Chase Harriet Ann, wid Daniel, 308 N C 

av se 
Chas Henry, bookbinder, 1227 4th nw 
Chase Henry, porter, 1235 4th nw 
Chase Henson, waiter, 19 Covington, nw 
Chase Isaac, butcher, 2135 G nw 
Chase Isaac C, porter, 805 7th nw 
Chase Isaac M, pattern maker, 710 L se 
Chase J, elk sig o, 1724 L nw 
Chase Jacob, lab, 22d nr A se 
Cbase Jacob A, police President's house, 

h N J av c D nw 
Chase James, lab, 415 7th ne 
Chase Jane, washer, Powell's al 
Chase Johu. servt, Howard house 
Chase John, butcher, Blagden's al nw 
Chase John Rev, Bladensburg 
Cbase John, cook, 425 4th se 
Chase John H, waiter, 221 1st nw 
Chase Joseph/H, lab, 1724 L nw 
Chase Josephine R. elk treas, 1415 I nw 
Chase Julius, lab, Nailor's al 
Chase Lavmia H, elk pod, h 723 6th nw 
Chose Lucinda, dressmkr. 1109 I nw 
Chase Mackee, servt, 414 2d sw 
Chase Maggie B, copyist, 11th c I se 
Chase Maggie K, elk treas, 1412 9th nw 
Chase Maria, 915 G sw 
Chase Martha, servt. High nr 8th, Gtn 
Chase Martha A, elk ti eas, 13 Grant pi 
Chase Newton, porter, Naylor's al nw 
Chase Robert, lab, 413 Franklin nw 
Cha^e Robert, lah, Niehols av 
Chase S imuel N, sexton, Greene nr Dun- 
barton, Gtn 
Chase Sarah, washer, 1141 19th nw 
Chase Sophronia, wid Wm. 137 D se 
Chase Susan, cook, 1327 Corcoran nw 
Chase Thomas, lab. 1412 1st nw 
Chase Thomas, barber, 4th nr C ne 
Chase Thomas B. (Chase <fe Morgan,) 30 

B ne 
Chase Thomas W, 1222 R nw 
Chase Wm, driver, 1520 M nw 
Chase Wm, butcher, 218 Fayette, Gtn 
Chase Wm, lab, Nailor's al 
Chase Wm, lab, 312 N Y av 
Chase Wm H. waiter, 447 L nw 
Chase Wm Hj 1125 11th nw 
Chase WiufLeld S, elk pat o, 1210 O nw 
Chase & Morgan, (Thomas B Chase and 

John Morgan,) biksmiths, 3d nr N se 
Chatham Auuie, servt, Willard's 
Chataigne J H, 824 9th nw 
Chatain Henry, frames, 713 11th nw 

Save money and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

M. Goldstein's 

Av., uuder Met. Hotel. See page 4. i 

Chauncey Dominick, confectionery, 14th 

c Pa av nw, h 1402 E nw 
Chauncey W A, elk p o, h 437 I nw 
Chaves Gregory, watchman, 2126 Hnw 
Chaves Ireno, elk pen o, h 714 12th nw d 
Check Daniel, driver, 1125 19th nw 
Check Henry G, lab, 1740 L nw 
Check Julia, wid Thornton, laundress, 

1749 L nw 
Chedal Wm, bookbinder, 309 H nw 
Cheek James H, fish, 12th st wharf and 

cen nikt, 404 Vd% sw 
Cheeks Julia, cook, 1304 L nw 
Cheeks Peter C, elk, 916 5th nw 
Cheever Henry A, elk land o, h 5128th nw 
Chelini Elia, grocer, 135 Pa av se, h same 
Chelini Eugene, (Chelini & Son,) 221 1st se 
Chelini G, (Chelini & Son,) 221 1st se 
Chelini G & Son, (G and Eugene Chelini,) 

cabinet mkrs, 221 1st se 
Cheney Andrew W, ins agt, 209 5th se 
Cheney K L, wid A W, 209 5th se 
Cheney Richard, driver, 59 West, Gtn 
Chenoweth Geo D, elk pod, 421 M nw 
Cherry Chas H, elk treas, h 1115 S nw 
Cherry Chas S, elk land o, 74 Market, Gtn 
Cherry Chas W, elk, 74 Market, Gtn 
Cherry John, watchman, 25th nr I nw 
Cherry John, lab, 913 25th nw 
Cherry Juo J, footman, Conn av nr N nw 
Cherry Jordan, lab, Beall nr Montgomery, 

Cherv Clayton, 419 10th nw 
Chery Wm L, (R Robinson & Co,) 419 10th 

Cheseldine Augustus, tinner, 218 I se 
Cheseldine Washington, copper roller, 218 

I se 
Chesley A, boarding, 2027 I nw 
CHESLEY CHARLES, solicitor in- 
ternal revenue, Ii I nr 12th nw 
CHESLEY EDWARD, frames, 415 

7th WW, h same [See next page.] 
Chesley Josephine, elk treas, bcls 1523 I nw 
Chesley Lettie, wid Levi, L bet 5th and 

6th se 
Chesley Wm F, Congress nr Stoddart, Gtn 
Chesuey Annie A. teacher, 1021 8th nw 
Chesney Charles S, lawyer, bds 1021 8th 

Chesney John W, carpt, 1021 8th nw 
CHESTER A, lawyer, 1233 N Y 



Counsellor and Attorney of United States 

Supreme Court and other Courts, 

Solicitor of Claims, Land 

and Patents, 



Chester Harry A. mess com on appropria- 
tion, H R 

Chester John Rev, pastor Metropolitan 
Presbyterian church h 125 B se 

Court of Claims. 




Chf ster Michael A, bartender, bds Boyles 

Chew Abraham, lab, 813 Del av sw 
Chew Adeline, seamstress, Chews al nw 
Chew Arthur, lab, bds 813 Del av sw 
Chew Daniel, whitewashes 313 L nw 
Chew Daniel C, elk ree o, 1318 16th nw 
Chew Fielder B, lawyer, 505 D nw, h 131 

Dun barton, Gtn 
Chew James, driver. 7103d sw 
Chew James, lab, 1331 A se 
Chew Jane, servt, 46 1 nw 
Chew John J, elk dept State, h 1627 H nw 
Chew John S Rev, pastor St Albans P E 

ehureb, Tenallytown id 
Chew John W, barber, 10th nrE Cap 
Chew Jos. lab, bds 813 Del av sw 
Chew Leonard C, elk, 1627 H nw 
Cuew Margaret, wid Thomas, 1313 A se 
Chew Margaret E, 114 Prospeet, Gtn 
Chew Maria A, wid Frisby F, 131 Dun- 

bartou, Gtn 
Chew Mary, wid John, washing, 1220 I 

Chew Millie, wid Wesley, 1816 Wiltberger 
Chew Monroe G. 131 Dumbarton. Gtn 
Chew Robert, eoaehman, 908 Del av ne 
Chew Robert S, elk Riag Co. h 1627 H nw 
Chew Wm Henry, lab. 811 Del av sw 
Chew W Scott, broker, 4^ co La av nw 
Chewing A G, elk 222 3d uw 
Chewing Annie P, 232 3d nw 
Cheyney Curtis, 75 H nw 
Cheyney Rufus T, elk nav dept. 3'h 94 

Washington. Gtn 
Chicago iuter-oeean, 1314 F nw 
Chicago Journal. 1314 F nw 
Chicago Times, 1404 Pa av nw 
Chicago Tribune, 1335 F nw 
Chichester Elijah H, book-keeper, 1318 

Mass av 
Chick Charles T, lab, 26th nr F nw 
Chick Henry, plasterer, 2141 D nw 
Chick Henry C, plasterer, 1806 20th nw 
Chick Jesse, plasterer, 1827 7th nw 
Chick Joseph C, plasterer. 1806 20th nw 
Chick Joseph ET, plasterer, 2141 D nw 
Chick Margaret, wid Richard, 57 3d Gtn 
Chick William, painter. 2514 F nw 
Chickering John W jr Rev Prof, Kendall 

Chidister T Edwin, druggist, 512 8th nw 
Chiffelle T P, drughtsman,55 Fayette, Gtn 
Child 8 P, asst p in sen. h 39 H nw 
Child William, elk 6th aud, h 338 Pa av 


Children's Hospital and Dispensary, 804 

E nw 
Childress Edward Q, lab, 1821 Wiltberger 

Childress Joseph, cook, 2005 N Y av nw 
Childs Albert, painter, bds 8th cor K se 
Childs Albert F, elk, 73 H uw 
Childs Albert L, lab, 406 Va av se 
Childs Andrew, shoemkr, 910SCcoravse 
Childs Charles H, lab, 757 6th se 
Childs Edmund, serv, 108 Gay, Gtn 
Childs Frank H, carp, 463 G sw 
Childs George H, brickmkr, 1005 4th se 
Childs Hiram, lab, Pleasant al sw 
Childs Howard P, bricklayer, bds 317 L se 
Childs H S, elk pen o, h 1519 12th nw 
Childs Isaac P, (Isaac P Childs & Co,) 512 

Va av f*e 
Childs Isaac P & Co, (Isaac P Childs, Ja- 
cob Childs and Joseph Williams,) bricks, 

13th cor D ne 
Childs Jacob, (Isaac P Childs & Co) 512 

Va av se 
Childs James T, mason, 620 I se 
Childs John H, bricklayer, 317 L se 
Childs Martha, servt, 1118 9th nw 
Childs Nathaniel jr, 1519 12th nw 
Childs Philip H,; photo lithr. 458 ;Pa_av 

nw, h 317 L se 
Childs Sallie S, teacher, 1519 12th nw 
Childs Samuel, bricklayer, 620 I se 
Childs William E, printer, 529 7th ne ' H 
Childs William H, h re man, ^463 G sw 
Childs William L, carp, 463 G sw 
thillery Joseph, servt, 2145 F nw 
Chilton Charles, lab. Trumbull al 
Chinchula John, musician, bds 641 G se ] 
Chiuds Beverly, plasterer„1136l6th nw^ f 
Chiuds Washington, plasterer, 1136 16th 

Chinn Albert, lab, 125 K nw 
Chinn Charles E, mess, 822 Pth sw 
Chinn John, white washer, 1224 H nw 
Chinn R H Mrs, Harewood rd 
Chipley James T, blksmitb, 808 3d se 
Chipley Wm R, prit ter, bds 631 D nw 
Chipman A J, elk, I bet 12th and 13rh nw 
Lhipman George C, ulk treas, h 62 j West, 
' Giu 
Chipman, Hosmer &Co, see^€«IJLMOR.E 

A: CO., successors 
Chipman J J, bds 1221 1 nw 
Chipman Marion, wid Peter, 2121 Pa av 

Chipman Marshall J, basket mkr, 1005 R 

1 av nw 

415 Seventh St. 

Three doors below 

415 Seventh st. 

Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Manufacturer of 


415 Seventh Street, below Odd Fellow's Hall. 

^Pictures Stretched and Varnished. 

For Sale of Inventions and Patents. 


€hipman Sarah, wid Charles, 494 G sw 
Chisel Louis, driver, 1816 Vt av nw 
i Chiseltme Mary, wid, 1020 Vt av nw 
Chisholm Jatnes H, carp, bds 805 M nw 
Chisley Benjamin, lah, 504 D se 
Chisley Catharine, wid Luke, North nr 

We-t, Gtn 
Chisley Charles, butcher, 6th ur Market. 

Chisley Israel lab, O-st al nw 
Chisley James. 6th nr Market, Gtn 
Chisley Joho, lab, li Bri^htwood 
Chisley Lawrence, lab, 1214 3d sw 
Chisley Marv, cook, 1739 F nw 
Chisley Mary, North nr West, Gtn 
Chisley Mary^ servt, 617 H nw 
Chisley Mary Jane, laundress, 6th ue - Mar- 
ket, Gtn 
Chism Ailsie, servt, 1215 O nw 
Chism George, lab, 27th nr D nw 
Chism George W, carp, 731 23d nw 
Chism John, painter, 737 10th se 
Chism Rollins, printer, bds 1150 21st uw 
Cnism Tilly A, painter, 731 23d nw 
Chism Win Lewis, painter, 2215 G nw 
Chisrell George, lab. 1614 11th nw 
Chitham Lizzie, wid Frederick, 424 12th 

Chitham Sophia, wid Thomas, 309 B se 
Chitham Stephen., lab, 12th nr D ue 
Chittenden George B,US geo sur, fa 509 

7th nvf 
Chittenden S B, M C, H cor Vt av 
Chi vers Joel M, 1409 R I av nw 
Choate Columbus D, librarian, 310 Ind ave j 

Choaie G:ors:e W. elk, F bet 2d and 3d I 

Choate Rufus Dr, 310 Ind ave nw 
Choate Susan G, wid Warreu, 310 Ind ave 

Choate Warren, elk, 215 D nw 
Chopard A, baker, 806 19th nw. h same 
(hoppin Wm. gardener, h Bladensburg 
Chorpenning George, 913 G nw 
Chow Awab. salesman, 721 13th nw 
Chrismau Benjamin F. driver. 903 4>£ sw 
Chrisman Mary, wid John, 903 4)^ sw 
Chrisinan Wm B, baker, 903 4>£ *w 
( Chrismond Margaret A R, wid Wm, Jack- 
son nr Pierce, Uniontown 
Chrismond O B, barber, 428 N nw. h same 
Christ P E Church, Beall c Congress, Gtu 
Christian George A, elk, 303 E Cap 
Christian Jacob, servt. 237 Goat at nw 
Christian Jacob, waiter, 7th nr L nw 
Christian Jennie, servt, r 214 7th sw 
Christiau John, lab, 1213 Goat al nw 
Christian Jordan, porter, 1733 Mass ave 

Christian Louisa, servt, Monroe nr Gay, 

Christian Mary, cook, 1307 F nw 
Christian M Osborne, modeler, 484 Q nw 
Christian Solomon, lab, 320 G sw 
Christian Stanford R, plasterer, 434 Q 

Christian Thomas, lab, 131 High, Gin 
and Theodore Christiani,) drug- 
gists, 7 th cor Mnw 

an! Bros, and C Christiani & Co,) 
drug-gist, 484 Pennsylvania av- 
enne, li 1150 7th nw 

[193] catr 


2ML- C-oldLstein's 

California Cigar Store, 611 Penna Av, 
&nder Met. Hotel. See page 4. 


Apothecary and Chemist, 

Wholesale and Retail, 


Between Four, and-a-half and Sixth sts.-, 

M street, corner Seventh N. W. 

CHRISTIAN! C & CO, (Charles 
Christiani and W. T. RaSdus,) 
drug-grists, Pennsylvania avenue 
cor 1911a nw 




Peiina. Avenue, corner 19th Street, 

Christiani Theodore, (Curistiani Brothei's,) 

1150 7th nw 
Christie James I, asst doorkpr U S Senate. 

bds Imperial Hotel 
Christie W Arthur, physician, 655 Pa av 
se, h Uniontown ; office hours, 12 to 3 
p m, 7 to 10 p m 
Christiel Walter, lab, 615 Bates' al nw 
Christine Irene, mess, 437 8th sw 
Christine Josephine B, wid Henry A, 437 

8th sw 
Christian Henry G, restaurant, 8th c L 

se, h batne 
Christman John, turner, 1106 E nw 
Christman Margaret, wid Wm sr, 1145 15th 

Christman Philip H, St Cloud bldg, h 2600 

Pa av nw 
Christman Sophia, diessmkr, 1106 E nw 
Christman Wm, shoenikr, 1145 loth nw, h 

Christopher B, waiter, 432 Ridge nw 
Christopher Robt. elk, 217 D nw 
Christy Daniel S, elk p o d, 1107 8th nw 
CHRISTY ROBERT, lawyer, 323 

4| nw, h 1304 E n%v 
Chritzman Christian, mess. 310 Ind av nw 
Chriteman Henry, carp, 715 1st nw 
PA1VY, Publishers off the Oaily 
morning- and Weekly Chronicle, 
914 Pennsylvania avenue nw 
Chubb Eliza, wid Cbas, 1829 F uw 
Chubb Oscar, driver. 2418 H nw 
Chum Jas, elk, 219 Express al nw 
Clmr Harriet, copyist q m tro, 816 21st nw 
Church Alonzo W, elk, 1418 L nw 
CMURCM C. R. & SOIVS, (C. R, W. 
M. and C. W. CMURCM,) lum- 
ber, Maryland avenue cor 8th 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 


Dealers in all kinds of 



Hard and Soft Lumber, 

Maryland Avenue, cor. 8th st. S. W. 

Church C B, (C B Church & Sons, and J 

H Johnson & Co,) h 306 11th sw 
Church Celia E, elk treas, h 210 E nw 
Church C Wallace, (C B .Church & Sons,) 

h 1010 C sw 
Church Edw G, elk treas. h 17 2d ne 
Church Elizabeth, wid Geo, 490 G sw 
Church John, rigger, 407 L se 
Church Jos B, asst ex pat o, h 210 E nw 
Church Melville, elk, 210 E nw 
Church R Harry, (Church & Vermillion,) 

h 1010 C sw 
Church Robt A, elk n dept, h Hyattsville 
Church Sarah, housekpr. Willard's hotel 
Church Truman K, elk, 210 E nw 
Church Wai A, lumlter, bds 306 11th sw 
Church W H, (C B Church & Sous.) h 306 

11th sw 
Church & Vermillion,. (R H Church and J 
OVermlllion.) grocers, 11th c Md ay sw 
Churchill A T Miss, milliner, 903 Fa av 

nw, h same 
Churchill Benj, lab, I nr S Cap se 
Churchill Charlotte, wid Jeremiah, wash- 
ing, 8-th ext nw 
Churchill Jos, lab, 1817 S nw 
Churchill Peter, shoemkr ? 9 Jeflerson,Gtn 
Churchill Sarah EMra, elk treas, 1322 10th 

Churchwell Geo, oysters, 1109 N nw 
Churchwell Geo, huckster, 8th ext nw 
Churn Chas H, grocers, 2210 H nw 
Ciampi A F Rev, St Aloysius church 
Cierman Ante re, gardener. Brightwood 
Cincinnati Commercial. 1326 F nw 
Cincinnati Enquirer, 1339 F nw 
Cincinnati Gazette, 511 14th nw 
Cincinnati Times, 1314 F nw 
Cingaria Albert. 1313 18th nw 
Cinquini Dominick, driver, 135 Pa av se 
Cisco Frank ? servt, 435, Ridge nw 
Cissel Christina, wid Wm, 707 M nw 
Cissel Cordelia, elk pod, 707 M nw 
Cissel David T, bricklayer, 462 O nw 
Cissel Eugene E, drugs, 1001 N Y av nw, 
bds same 

Cissel George W. (Deener, Cissel & 

Welch), h 1110 6th nw 
Cissel Henry, sailor, 1210 I se 
Cissel Thomas, lab, 1514 Ga av se 
Cissel Thomas F, butcher, 545 cen and 4- 

west mkt 7 h Brightwood 
Cissel Wm C r carp. 1313 5th nw 
Cissel Wm, bricklayer, 713 M nw 
Cissel Wm H, boilermkr, 526 5th se 

1132 7tln nw, li 441 M nw 


Wholesale and retail dealer in 


Wines, Liquors, Hardware, Paints, 
Oils, Varnish, &c, 

1132 Seventh street, bet. L and M streets, 


Citizen T s Ins Co of Newark. 519 7th nw 

615 15 nw 
Cincci Clement, tailor, 529 10th nw 
Civille F A, elk treas, h Baltimore 
Cltbaugh Hall, 1620 14th nw 
Clabaugh John B, 1620 14th nw 
Clabaugh Rosa, govt prntg o, h 724 8th nw 
Clabaugh Wm, flour, 1620 14th nw 
Clabaugh Wm C, feed, 1309 P nw, h 1309 

R I av nw 
Clafiin Jane C, elk treas, h 723 15th nw 
Clagett Charles, elk, 454 Pa av nw 
Clagett Cornelius H, constable, 321 4>^ nw 
Clagett Dorsey, real estate, 819 Market sp 
Clngett Ella H Miss, 1235 12th nw 
Claggett Harriet, servt, 525 21st nw 
Clagett Harriet H, wid Albert, 1235 12th 

Clagett Harrison, lab, Chew's al bet 1st 

and 2d nw 
Clagett Hatoie, servt, 2136 H nw 
Clasgett Henry, waiter, 516 8th nw 
Clagett Henry, waiter, bds 1226 N Y av 
Clagett Hezekiah, bookkpr, 64 Frederick, 

Clagett Howard, law student, bds H nr 

6th nw 
Clagett John B, farmer. Brightwood 
Clagett Julia, servt, 1219 F nw 
Clagett Lavania, wid Elbert, 1328 4th nw 
Clagett Margaret B, 1235 12th nw 
Clagett Mary A, wid Wm, 1235 12th nw 


Jno. A. J. Creswell, 


W. N. Roach, 


A. R. Appleman, 

Vice Pres't. 

Authorized Capital, - - $500,000 

H. B. REED, 
W. H. WEST, 


615 15th Street, Opposite TJ. S. Treasury. 

Soldiers' Claims Receive 




Clagett Samuel, servt, 434 H nw 
tate, Si» Market space, ii 619 H 

WILLIaM h. clagett. 

Real Estate Broker, 



Clampitt Agnes A, copyist pen o, h 937 L 

Clampitt Eliza, 937 L nw 
Clampitt Katie M, elk treas, 937 L nw 
Clampitt William H, 904 12th nw 
Clancey Daniel, lab, 1024 1st nw 
Clancey Margaret, wid John, 609 2d nw 
Clancey Margaret, wid Patrick, 1024 1st 

Clancey Mary, folder, 1024 1st nw 
Clancey Michael, lab, 1156 20th nw 
Clancey Thomas, lab, bds 1908 Mnw 
Clancey Ann, wid James, 18 5th ne 
Clancy Daniel, lab, 1724 19th nw 
Clancy Daniel A, coach trimmer, 626 K ne 
Clancy John, tailor, 33 Myrtle ne 
Clancy John, lab, 635 Hog al nw 
Clancy Michael, lab, 2409 I nw 
Clancy Michael A, 1426 Corcoran nw 
Clancy Patrick, lab. 1708 19th nw 
Clancy Patrick, lab^ 325 I ne 
Clapham Ann, wid John, 912 K se 
CLAPP ALMOST M, public printer, 

h 927 G n w 
Clapp E D, machinist, 812 9th nw 
Clapp Harry H, chief elk pub printer, h 

1004 M nw 
Clapp Rugbies W, 1002 Nnw 
Clarence Elizabeth, wid Andrew, 442 9th 


Clark , Woodley Lane, Wash Co 

Clark Aaron, waiter, 813 L nw 
Clark Abner S, driver, 429 11th sw 
Clark Abraham, lab, 1447 N nw 
Clark Ada, elk treas, bds 1010 F nw 
Clark Adam, (Hoy & Clark,) 13th c F nw 
Clark Albert, elk intrev, h 919 I nw 
Clark Albert, lab, 46 4th, Gtn 
Clark Alexander, carp, 636 1 nw 
Clark Allen driver, bds 1826 M nw 
Clark Allen ( s, elk, 119 6th ne 
Clark Ann M Mrs, E nr 12th sw 
Clark Annie M, teacher, 1914 M nw 
Clark Appletou P. real estate, 708 E nw, 

h 119 6th ne 
Clark Barney, lab, Pig al nr K sw 
Clark Benjamin F, coal, 3d and K nw, 

14th nr L nw, 4% and D sw, 4£ and I 

sw, h 468 M sw 
Clark Bradford T, elk, Mt Vernon house 
Clark Calhoun, fireman, 913 L nw 
Clark Catherine J Mrs, elk land o, 401 

4th nw 
Clark Charles, carp, 1237 Union sw 
Clark Chas, carp, 1755 K nw 
Clark Cbas F. watebmau, bds 451 1 nw 
Clark Chas H, carp, 1237 Union sw 
Clark Charlotte, servt. Canterbury al 
Clark Cornelius P, elk sig o, h N J av c 

Boundary nw 

3fc£. G-oldstein, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West and Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penna Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Clark Cornelius, livery, 1617 L nw, h 1619 
L nw 

Clark Daniel, 413 5th se 

Clark Daniel, watchman, E Cap 

Clark Daniel, watchman, 22d nr L nw 

Clark David A, livery, 1617 L nw, h 1619 
L nw 

Clark Delila, wid Thomas. Brightwood 

Clark Dennis, lab, 113 D sw 

Clark E Mrs, wid, 1726 14th nw 

CLARK EDWARD, arcliitect tt. S. 
Capitol. 417 4tli nw 

Clark Edward, driver, 1149 20th nw 

Clark Edward, porter, 926 E sw 

Clark Ella, elk int rev, h Washington c 
Gay, Gtn 

Clark Ellen, wid Walter, 1355 L se 

Clark Ellen, servt, 71 H uw 

Clark Elizabeth, wid Richard, 220 14th sw 

Clark Elizabeth, wid Washington, wash- 
ing, 318 N Y av 

Clark Emily, bds 1158 20th nw 

Clark Eugene B, asst ex pat o, h 37 Hnw 

Clark Ezra W jr, elk treas, Woodley rd nw 

Clark Fannie, 336 Ind av nw 

Clark Frank, plate printer, 1210 20th nw 

Clark Frederick, druggist, 1618 16th nw 

Clark Freeman, lab, Cedar nr 18th nw 

Clark George, grocer, 1301 H nw, h 415 
13th se 

Clark Geo B, slater, 415 6th sw 

Clark Geo C, 98 Greene, Gtn 

Clark Geo L, elk treas. 805 N J av nw 

Clark Geo N, elk, 223 3d ne 

Clark Hannah M, elk treas, 1017 10th nw 

Clark Hanovan, lab. 214 H sw 

Clark Harry C, (H W Beadle & Co,) Al- 
exandria, Va 

Clark Henry, lab, bds 424 K nw 

Clark Henry, lab, Brightwood 

Clark Henry, lab, Bladensburg 

Clark Henry D, libr sup et, h 121 E Cap 

Clark Henry H. auctioneer. 805 E Cap se 

Clark Horace, lab, 336 D sw 

Clark H S, let car, 635 E se 

Clark Imogene, wid Wilson, seamstress, 
2528 F nw 

Clark Isaac, teamster. 437 N nw 

Clark J Edwin, (L F Clark & Sons,) 1111 

Clark J Ellsworth, elk, bds 11 E nw 

Clarks James, 13th nr C ne 

Clark James, lab, 706 3d sw 

Clark James, driver, 425 4th se 

Clark James, gardener, Md av nr 3d sw 

Clark James Rev, Gtn College 

Clark James, blacksmith, Fayette nr 3d 

Clark James, lab, 911 G sw 

Clark James A Dr, 330 8th ne 

Clark James A, erocer, 1544 9th, h same 

Clark James J, math inst mkr use sur, h 
232 N J av se 

Clark James M, engineer. 514 5th se 

CLARRJAMES S, cigars and bar- 
ber, 6*22 Stli n w, ii same 

Clark, J C, elk sen p o, bds 604 Pa av nw 

Attention at 629 F N- W. 






622 Ninth St., cor. G, Washington, D. C. 
I have just opened, in the rear of my 
Cigar store, afTst class Barbershop, and 
employ Competent Workmen. The pub- 
lic is cordially invite d to call and see me. 

Clark Jennie, servt, 936,-Pa ay nw 

Clark John, math in?t mkr u s csur, h 80& 

E Cap se 
Clark John jr. elk, 808 E Cap 
Clark Johu, Ashman, 10 Congress, Gtn 
Clark John, varieties, 218 F sw, h same 
Clark John, lab, 2128 9th nw 
Clark John, liquors, 220 6sh nw, h 6th c 

Clark John, lab, 79 Market, Gtn 
Clark John, lab, Ridjre al nw 
Clark John, plasterer, S Cap bet I an&K se 
Clark John, lab, bds 1920 12th nw 
Clark Johu, bricklayer, 1237 Union sw 
Clark Johu- A, elk treas, h 817 1st se 
Clark John A, steward, 643 S C av se 
Clark John B, carp. Ill H nw 
CUrk John B jr, claim agt, 506 Me av sw 
C^ark Johu D, lawyer, 1216 H nw 
Clark Johu E, elk, 1740 K nw 
Clark Johu E, (Peyton & Clark,) 20th cor 

M nw 
Clark John H, lab. Mass av nr 17th se 
Clark John H, physician, 111 4>^ sw 
CJark John H. 1703 N Y av nw 
Clark John H, lab, 717 3d sw 
Clark John K, driver. E nr 12th sw 
Clark John T, carp, 63 K nw 
Clark Johu T C, justice of peace, 324 12th 

nw, h 1914 N uw 
Clark John W, 227 14th sw 
Clark John W, elk treas, h 113 Md av ne 
Clark Josephiue, wid John, dressmkr, 215 

Mass av nw 
Clark Josephine, washing, Willowtree a 

Clark Joshua, grocer, 1248 11th se, h same 
Clark Julia, servt, L nr 9th nw 
CLARK LF& SONS, (Lemuel F, J 

Edwin and 'William F Clark,) 
paper It a tigers, Ilia F nw 



Wall Papers, Window Shades. Uphol- 
stering Goods, Oil Cloths, Bed: 
dings, Mattings, &c, <fcc, 
No. 1113 F st. Nw., bet. 11th and 12th sts., 

Clark LP, grocer, c 14th and W uw 
Clark Laura, servt, 1414 14th nw 
Clark Lavinia, 425 Washington nw 
Clark Lawrence, lab, 1823 L nw 
Clark Lawrence, hackuian, 725 6ih sw 
Clark Leander, grocer,* Harrison nr Mor> 

loe. Utn 
Clark Leuiuel F, (I, F Clark & Son,) 1111 

H nw 
Clark Leonard, lab, 133 Hi<rh, Gtn 
1. laik Lewis, auctioneer, 603 7th nw, h 305 

E nw 

Clark Lewis, lab. 8lh ext nw 
Clark Lot Mrs, 47 Frederick, Gtn 
Clark Louisa, wid George, 307 G nw 
Clark Lueine J, coachman, 11 E nw 
Clark M C, wid Christopher C, 30368th nw 
Claik Mandemus, carp. 79 Market, Gtn 
Clark Margaret Mrs, 2210 I uw 
Clark Maria, wid Julius, dressmkr, 1144 

20t.h nw 
Clark Marsh B, mess r 55 C se 
Clark Martha, washing, 205 C nw 
Ciark Mary, servt, 413"8th nw 
Clark Mary, milliner, bds 1246 7th nw 
Clark M„ garduer, 21st bet Mass av and L 

Clark Mary A, elk treas. 2210 I nw 
Clark Mary L, wid Daniel D, 11 E»w 
Clark Matilda, wid George, Lackey's aS 

nr 5th nw 
Clark Michael, grocer, 1190 21st nw, b 

Clark Miriam Mrs. 161816th nw 
Clark Moses, coachman, 4 Dur-'s al nw 
Clark Naucy,wid Overton. 25 Cox's al nw 
Clark Nancy, wid Jno, washing^ 467 E sw 
Clark Owen, driver, bds 1925 bth nw 
Clark Owen, conductor, bds 925 T nw 
Clark Patrick, driver, 1237 Union sw 
Clark Philip, lab, BrUhtwood 
Clark Philip, lab, Mt Pleasant 
Clark Phoebe, dressmkr, 437 N nw 
Clark Prentiss M, elk pat o, h 1432 Cor- 
coran nw 
Clark R B. grocer, 1201 4^ bw, h 1013 L 

Clark K L B, ex-in-chief pat o, h 216 N J 

av se 
Clark K S, cor, bds 1016 Mass av nw 
Clark Rachel, washing, 336 D sw 
Clark Rachel A, cook, 463 Mo av nw 
Clark Richard, lab. 444 N J av se 
Clark Richard, lab, 437 N nw 
Clark Robert, lab. 1203 3d sw 
Clark Robert, lab, 1419 N nw 
Clark Robert C, barber, 1031 20th nw 
Clark Stewart D Mrs, 907 11th nw 
Clark S J, elk, 1421 Pierce place nw 
Clark Seth W, recorder gen land o, h 1416 

Corcoran nw 
Clark Samuel, cook, 413 5th se 
Clark Seth L, elk war, 14 6th ne 
Clark Susan, bds 22b I4th sw 
Clark Susau, housekeeper, 233 A se 
Clark T Edward, (T Ed ward Clark & Co,) 

907 14th se 
CI, A KM. '1'. EDWARD & CO., (T. 

Edward Clark 6c T. B. Cross.) 

lumber, toot 4tl» se and 603 Pa 

av nw See opp page. 
Clerk Theophilus, painter, 1222 Madison 

Clark Thos, lab, Washington arsenal sw 
Clark Thomas, lab, Willowtree al sw 
Clark Thomas, shoemkr, 2212 H nw 
Clark Thos C. blksmith, govt corral 
Clark Thos Edward, (T Ed Clark & Co,) 

907 14th se 
Clark Thos E Mrs, dressmkr, 106 Bridge, 

Clark Thomas J, police, 1920 12th nw 
Clark Thomas W, printer, 1237 G nw 
Clark W T, elk q'm g o, h 204 5th se 
Clark Walker, lab, Brightwood 
Clark Wm, elk, bds 1213 G nw 
Clark Wm. lab. 79 Market. Gtn 
Clark Wm! elk! 204 5th se 

Patem-Office Official Gazttte, $5 per Year. 




Clark Wm, coachman, Frederick nr 7th, 

Clark Wm, O c Union sw 
Clark Wm, lab, B c 19tr nw 
Clark Wm, butcher, 529 7th nw 
Clark Wm, eervt, 437 N nw 
Clark Wm A, carpt, 1242 19th nw 
Clark Wm D, (Ker, Clark & Trunnel,) 

203 D nw 
Clark Wm E, drover, c 1st andF ne, h 301 
£~E ne 

Clark Wm E, broker, 301 E nw 
Clark Wm F, (LF Clark & Sons,) 1111 H 

Clark Wm H. plasterer, (Clark & Cooder,) 
l 1817 S nw ' 

Clark Wm H, barber, 44 Dumbarton, Gtn 
Clark Wm H, lab, 1726 17th nw 
Clark W R, mess pen o, h 1322 12th nw 
Clark Wm K, mess, 1323 9th nw yp- 

Clark Wm S, gardener, Melav nr 3d Vsw 
Clark & Cooper, (Wm H Clark and 

Lysander Cooper, ") plasterers, 1817 and 

1819 Snw 
Clarke Ada F, bds 1221 8th nw 
Clarke Alexander S, elk, bds 1117 K nw 
Clarke Alfred J, reporter, 312 7th sw 
Clarke Anthony J, (Schwin^ & Clarke,) 

627 7th nw 
Clarke Augustus' F,| 508 B set 
Clarke Bernard A. baker, 629 Hne 
Clarke C S, elk 1 h b, h 471 C nw 
Clarke Caleb C, blksmith, 1313 Md av ne 
Clark Caleb M, elk, 1906 20th nw 
Clarke Charles T, carpt. 412 3dse 
Clarke Daniel, lab, 1018 N J av nw 
Clarke Daniel, Gtn College, Gtn 
Clarke Daniel B, physician. 1008 13th nw 
Clarke Edward, lab, N c let sw 
Clarke Elenor, wid Thomas. 3u2 E Cap ne 
Clarke Ellen, wid Benjamin, 54 Aiarket, 

Clark Ellen, wid Ri^htson, 1111 N nw 
Clarke Emeline, washer, 313 L nw 
Clarke Ethan E, elk treas, 19 Grant pi 
Clarke Fred H, elk, 1618 16ib nw 
Clarke George, grocer, 13ih c H nw. h 

415 13th se 
Clarke George, H, ex pat o, bds ^2423; Pa 

av nw 
Clarke Gustavus A, 301 r2d nw 
Clarke Harry, elk, 415 E se 
Clarke Harry, elk, 407 13th se 
Clarke Henry, lab, 344 G sw 
Clarke Henry, mess, 121 E Cap se 
Clarke Henry A, (Jas H Clarke & Co, and 

Clarke^& Given,) h 1117 K nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to 

M- Goldstein ? s 

California Ciyar Store, 611 Pa. Av. Seep 4. 

Clarke Henry L, letter carrier, bds 635 E 

Claike I Edwards, 1121 1 nw 

Clarke Jas, grocer, c Louisiana av and N 
nw, h 1117 K nw 

Claike Jas, carp, 120 B nw 

Clarke Jas, lab. 1707 E nw 

Claike Jus A, elk, 301 2d nw 

Claike Jas H, (Jas 11 Clarke & Co,) bds 
1117 Knw 

Clarke Jas H & Co, (James H and Henry 
A Claike,) grocers, 939 La av nw 

Clark Jes>e, 637 F sw 

Clarke John, stonecutter, 7th c I sw 

Clarke John A, printer, 1304 Maryland av 

Claike John A, asst aud sup ct D C, h703 
R I av nw 

Clarke John A, printer, 312 7th sw 

Clarke John H, painter, 415 13th se 

Clarke John W, messenger. 2131 H nw 

Clarke John W, elk, 809 1st nw 

Ciarke Jos B, lab, 9th nr L nw 

CLABKE JOSEPH C, Colonel and 
Bepiaty Governor Soldier's Eome 

Clarke Julia A, wid Jos, 639 A ne 

Clarke Laura, 204 5th se 

Clarke Marshall, lab, 1018 4th ne 

Clarke Martha E, washing, 313 3d sw 

Claike M A Mis, 713 H nw 

Clarke Mary, 1117 K nw 

Clarke Mary, wid Ignatius, bds 1327 Cor- 
coran nw 

Clarke Mary T, folder govt prtg o, 637 F 

Clark Maurice, elk, bds 716 6th nw 

Clark Mortimer, elk, 717 H nw 

Miitnal EiSe Bns. Coniyanv, 607 
7tSi nw, li Sll lOiii ii w he^-next 

Clarke Nathanl S, carp. 421 13th se 

CLABKE © P G, Cnief Clerlt Pen- 
sion oifice, h 406 New Jersey 
avenue se 

CLABKE K I>, major and pay- 
master C. S. A., h 600 20th nw 

Clarke Riehd W, 1023 9th nw 

Clarke Rufus L B, exam in chief pat office, 
h 216 N J av se 


T. E»W.* CLAIM «& 







STREET EAST (Near United States Navy Yard.) 

Office: 603 Pennsylvania Ave., IST^W"., 

At GILM0RE, SMITH & GO., 629 F Street N. W. 




Clarke Rosa, nurse, 300 Pa av nw 
Clarke Saml T, carp, 803 Md av ne 
Clarke Sarah, wid Going, 19th c F nw 
Clarke Silas 0, elk tieao, 501 C ne 
Clarke Susan, bds 819 M nw 
Clarke Susan, wid Milton, 1221 8th nw 
Clarke Theodore, rags, 1008 K I av nw 
Ciarke Thomas, lab, 509 L sw 
Clarke Thomas A, elk, 55 C se 
Ciarke Thomas B, lab 313 3d sw 
Clarke V H, elk treas, h 211 N Capitol 
Clarke Virginia, wid Robert, 208 E sw 
Clarke Walter, lab, 1022 1st nw 
Clarke Wellington, driver, 405 19th nw 
Claike Wm, elk govt print o, h 819 M sw 
Clarke Wm. lab, 518 3d sw 
Clarke William E, elk, 1113 G nw 
Clarke William F, elk treas, h 1113 18th nw 
Clarke Wm H, agt nat assc press, h 936 N 

Y av nw 
Clarke Wiliam J, stair builder, 1410 17th 

Clarke William J P, elk treas, 302 7th sw 
Clarke Wm P, claim agt, h 525 13th nw 
Clarke Wm S, dyer, 1808 7th nw. h same 
CLARKE & WIVEI, (H A Clarice 

asici John T Given,) coal, 424 

lOtli n w and Md av c 13% sw 

and C c 12th n w 


Dealers in 

COAL and WO©®, 

424 10th st. N. W.. Md. av. cor. 13th 
S. W„ and 12th cor. C N.W. 

Clarkson Annie, wid John, 109 Purdy's ct 
Clarkson J W, elk, 914 m se 
tlarkson James, bricklayer, 1519 6th nw 
Clarkson James A, bricklayer, 458 O nw 
Clarkson John F, printer, 16 E nw 
Clarkson Robert, bricklayer, 1238 5th nw 
Clarkson S A Rev, 609 F sw ' 
Clarkson Thomas, mess, 705 2d se 
Claikson Thomas, printer, 2d nr Va av se 
Clarkson Wm F, bookbinder, 1244 I ne 
Clarkson William G B, lime kiln, S Cap c 

I se, h 1238 5th nw 
Clarridge James A, (Butler & Clarridge,) 

h 318 3d nw 
Clarridge Wm H H, plumber, 515 H nw 

Clarvoe Frank A, elk, 318 S Cap se 
Clarvoe John A W, chief detective, 5237th 

Clarvoe John H jr, painter, 441 6% sw 
Clarvoe John T, plate printer, bds 523 7th 

Clarvoe Mary, wid John H, 441 6% sw 
Clarvoe N B, watchman, 622 D sw 
Clarvoe Sarah, wid George, 318 S Cap se 
Clary Ann T, wid William S, 1007 H nw 
Clary James D, chief elk. Wash gas light 

co, hl007Hnw 
Clary Wilbert, (Schafer & Clary), 1526 

Columbia nw 
Claspie John W, engr. 835 I ne 
Clatterbuck James E, express, 600 Pa av 

Clauby Frank, elk, 1109 S nw 
Claughton Hierome O, (H & R Claugh- 

ton,) h 207 E nw 
Claughton Rodolphe, (H O & R Claugh- 
ton,) h 207 E nw 
CLAUGHTOiX H O & K, (Hierome 

O and Rodolphe Claughton,) 

lawyers, 480>£ JLa Av 



Attorneys and Counsel] or s-at-Law , 


Office, 480% Louisiana Avenue. Resi- 
dence, No. 207 E Street N. W. Practice 
in the Courts of the District, the Court of 
Claims and the Supreme Court of the U. 8. 
and before the Government Departments. 

Claveloux F A, math inst maker, 711 G 

nw, h 808 E Cap 
Clawson J M, police, 1903 8th nw 
Claxton , porter, bds 422 Washing- 
ton nw 
Claxton Arthur B, elk gas o, 1451 Pierce 

Place nw 
Claxton E J Mrs, elk treas, L 1535 8th nw 
Claxton Richard, carp, 108 D sw 
Claxton Richard W, printer, 427 1st nw 
Claxton Thomas, plasterer, 15 H ne 
Clay Anna E, widow, mess, 1717 K nw 
Clay Henry, lab, 423 12th sw 
Clay Henry, messr, 20th nr N Y av 
Clay Henry H, lab. 14 Bridge, Gtn 
Clay Henry, lab, Limerick al sw 
Clay Henry, driver, 723 2d sw 
Cay Joseph, lab, 1324 Downing's al 

Tl^irty-Tlxircl. Year, 

mvo Jnjland fatal fife Jnanrmup tfflmjjang, 

Assets, $14,000,000. 32d Annual Eeport Just Out. 

CALL AND GET ONE. $ 581. 500 returned Dividend to members as their pre- 
miums fall due. $i6,COO,000 has been returned to members during the last thirty vears. 
Now is the time to insure. All policies protected from forfeiture" by State law. First- 
class Canvassers wanted. 

N. B. OLABItE & Co., General J gents, No, 607 Seventh St. 

A l*o, Agents for the 

Dwelling-House Fire Ins. Co., of Boston, Hi ass. 

GILMOKE & Ctf Practice before all 




Clayburn Andrew, porter, D nr 6th sw 
Clayburn Charles, lab, nr D nw 
Clayburn David, lab, 151111th nw 
Clayburn Edrnonia, laundress, 1311 D nw 
Clnyburn Henry, lab, 2325 Va av nw 
Clayburn Nancy, laundress, 1311 D nw 
(lay burn Polly, wid George. 1311 D nw 
C ayton Addison, painter, 414 D ee 
Clayton James R, carp, 1418 11th nw 
Clayton June, wid Win. bds 1143 19th nw 
Clayton John, engr, 412 Franklin nw 
Clayton, John, lab, Madison nw 
Clayton Louisa, wid JohnM, nr 13d nw 
Clayton Maria, wid Alfred. 1533 4th nw 
Clayton Sallle Mrs, 25 West, Gtn 
Clayton Wm, baggage agt, bds 421 7th 6W 
Clayton Wm E, carp. Meridian Hill 
Clayton W T m M, (Wm M Clayton & Co.) 

2214 13th nw 
Clay Henry, lab, 423 12th sw 
Clay Henry, mess, 2Cth nr N T av 
Clay Henry H, lab, 14th Bridge, Gtn 

Clayton Wm M & Co, (Wm M Clayton,) 

asphalt paving, r 1339 14th nw 
Clear A W. elk war, h 306 14th sw 
Clear Amanda, bds 416 10th sw 
Clear James H, bkkpr, 506 11th sw j 
Clear Lillie H, elk, 416 10th sw 
Clear Maggie, bds 4L6 10th sw 
Clear Robert L, elk s go. h 1218 Md avsw 
Clear Thomas, chf compiling div bu stat, 

h 416 10th sw 
Cleary Bernard, lab, bds 203 9th nw 
Cleary Edward C, elk, 1005 2d ne 
Cleary Eliza, wid John C, cigars, 1712 7th 

nw, h same 
Cleary Elizabeth Mrs, 2d nr Warren, Gtn 
Cleary Frank D, auctioneer, 1229 13th nw 
Cleary James, lab. 635 K se 
Cleary James K, (Hall & Hume,) 313 11th 

Cleary Johanna, wid James, grocer, 725 

2d nw, h same 
Cleary John, lab, Monroe nr Bridge, Gtn 
Cleary Margaret, wid Wm, 30 Mass av nw 
Cleary Maurice, plumber. 2306 G nw 

505 » nw, h 1511 lOtla nw 


Attorney anil Connsellor-at-Law, 

505 D St. N. W. 

Cleary Patrick, lab. 706 24th nw 
Cleary Reuben St John, elk, 1511 10th nw 
Cleary Wm, 603 6th sw 
Cleary Wm B Rev, Gtn College 
Cleaveland Ann Mrs, boarding, 168 Bridge, 

Cleaveland James W, fireman, 168 Bridge, 
Cleaver D W, elk q m g o, h 912 M nw 
Cleaver Walter M, elk, bds 1142 7th nw 
Cleaves Thomas P, elk sen com, 627 G sw 
Clemen Gustav, special agt pen o 
Clemens Alfred, lab, Marshal av nw 
Clemenson Elizabeth, 345 E sw 
Clemenson Jenny, 34:5 E sw 
Clement Lizzie, elk treas, h 227 3d nw 

The Cheapest House in the city to buy 
Cigars and Tobacco is 


California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p 4 

Clements A J, painter, 721 20th nw 
Clements Alexander H, elk dept state, Gay 

d Green, Gtn 
Clements Annie E, bds 1245 4th nw 
Clements Aquilla, driver, 1252 10th nw 
Clements Arthur J, elk, 519 11th se 
Clements Barbara, wid Wm, 15th c H ne 
Clements Charles A elk pat o, h 802 1st n w 
Clements Courtland C, lawyer, 505 7th 

nvt, h612 Pa avse 
Clements E H, huckster, 48 and 50 K-st 

mkt, h 18th nr I nw 
Clements Edmund O, carp, 1016 8th nw 
Clements Edward H, plasterer, 146 Bridge, 

Clements Elizabeth Mrs, 802 1st nw 
Clements Ellen, wid Wm D, 2L12 Pa av nw 
Clements Eunice, wid Sidney. 709 N C 

av se 
Clements Francis M, paper hanger, 16 nr 

Boundary nw 
Clements Frank D, plate printer, 1005 

11th nw 
Clements Horace, mach. 146 Bridge, Gtn_ 
Clements James T, elk sig o, h 2d e Fred" 

erick. Gtn 
Clements J T. undertaker, 67 High, h 74 

2d, Gtn 
Clements James W, elk pato, h 2421 K nw 
Clements Jane N, wid Ignatius F, 1731 

Pa av nw 
Clements J H, special agt pen o 
Clements John, painter, 721 20th nw 
Clements John R, paiuter, 1323 10th nw 
Clements Joseph, watchman, 2323 H nw 
Clements Joseph, tailor, South nr Coa- 

gress. Gtn 
Clements Joseph, watchman, N J av nr 

N nw 
Clements Joseph E, tailor, Grace nr High, 

Clements Joseph M, paver, 1245 4th nw 
Clements Josepbine, 74 2d, Gtn 
Clements Kate L. gov print o, bds 802 1st 

Clements Leonard L, dep col int rev, 102 

Frederick, Gtn 
Clements Llewellyn, wid Benjamin, bds 

1820 Mnw 
Clements Louis F, inspctr customs treas, 

h 706 6th sw 
Clements Mary Ann, wid, 460 C sw 
Clements Mary E, copyist, 221 E nw 
Clements Mary L Mrs, 74 2d, Gtn 
Clements Noah A, bricklayer, bds 1245 

4th nw 
Clements Richard, lab, Snow's al 
Clements Richard A, lightaing rods, 910 

8th nw 
Clements Samuel, waiter, 107 O nw 
Clements Samuel B, sergt uolice, 6L5 K nw 
Clements Samuel N, bds 1943 12th nw 
Clements Sarah Ann, wid Wm H, Bright- 
Clements Sophia J, wid John, 1323 10th nw 
Clements Stephen A, plasterer, 1323 10th 

Clements Thomas E, police, 417 C se 
Clements Wm, porter, 1119 5th nw 

the Courts and Departments. 




Clemeutson Edwd, biksmith, 17 Jefferson, 

demons Lucy, O-st al nw 

Clench James, carp, 336 2d ne 

Clendaniel Geortre S, elk navy, 614 E se 

Clendeneu Wui J. elk ago,li Baltimore 

Clephaue James, 1210 G nw 

CliEFMAN13 JAMES ©., stenog- 
rapher and law reporter, 319 
4>^ nw, h 110 C nw 


Stenographer and Law Reporter, 

(Near City Hall), 

CLEPHME LEWIS, 517 7th nw, 
h 1210 & nw 

Clergy Albert, lab, 826 23d nw 
Cleveland Herald, 1314 F nw 
Cleveland J D, mess, bds 626 Mass av nw 
Cleveland James, fireman, 18S Bridge, Gtn 
Cleveland James B, elk 1st aud, 1229 L nw 
Cleveland John, lao, h Virginia 
Cleveland John, fireman, 1123 1st se 
Cleveland Leader, 1314 F nw 
Cleveland Wm B, teamster, bds 1302 3d se 
Clever Frank, elk war dept, bds 921 G nw 
Clever Wm E. vet sur, 811 19th nw, h 802 

19th nw 
Cleverdon J S, elk p m'g o, h Va 
Cliff Henry, mess H R 
Clifford Frank, elk a tr o, h 72S 11th nw 
CLIFFORD M'fflAPf, asso justice 

supreme court U S, bds National 

C'ifford Thomas A, watchman, 330 9th ne 
Clifford Washington I, elk, 700 L nw 
Clitin Thomas, barber. 1648 Vt av nw 
Clift George, bricklayer, bds 417 7th sw 
Clift Jatnes, painter, 228 3d sw 
Clift John T, carp, 1107 9th nw : 
Clift Walter L, elk treas, h 1117 Mass av 

Clifton Alphonsa Mrs, 1206 S nw 
CU'tou Alphonsa Miss, teacher, bds 1206 

S nw 
Clifton Charles R, elk s g o, h Hyattsville, 

Clifton Marcia Miss, teacher, bds 1206 S 

Clifton Thomas E, conductor, 1819 Vt av 

Cline Ann R, dressmkr, 634 Md ay sw 
Cline George xi, elk land o, h Baltimore 
Cline J imes, ^auger, bds 25th c G nw 
Cline Joseph, brickinkr, 634 Md av sw 
Clingan Amanda S A, elk treas, 917 G nw 
Clinkett Fanny, midwife, 108 C sw 
Clinkett Thomas, cook, 210 E sw 
Clinkett Wm, sawyer, 103 C sw 
Clinkius El*v, driver, 311 9th ne 
Clinkins Edw jr. lab, 309 9th nw 
Clinkscales Saml P, wood and coal, C c 

13X sw, h 231 13X sw 
Clinton David, lab, 3d nr High, Gtn 
Clinton Harriet, servt, 13th ur C ne 
CLINfOJV HOTEL, ((.ilieen & Co., 

Proprietors,) S28 7th nw 
Clinton J B. elk, b*s 1005 9th nw 

Clinton Jas, bkbinder, 911 9th ne 
Clinton Jus, sailor, 430 17th nw 
Clinton John, lab, Olive ur Monroe, Gtn 
Clinton Wm T, police, 14 13th ne 
Clokey John E, carp, 1241 11th uw. h 705 

13th uw 
Clomax Griffin lab, 1st nr M se 
Clone Marion E, elk treas, 50.) 12th nw 
Clore Eliza J, servt. wks 1423 6th nw 
Close Ann Eliza, 723 8th uw 
Close Geo, printer, 820 1st ue 
Close Jas H, printer, 820 1st ne 
Close Jerome B. printer, 820 1st ne 
Close Kate, wid L G, 1737 Pa av nw 
Close Lewis G, elk treas, 1205 4th nw 
Closs Chas T, lawyer, 222 4>^ nw, bds32i) 

C uw 
Closs Frank P, lawyer, 222 4X nw, h 329 

C nw 
Clotworthy Jas, grocer, 801 N uw 
Clou Fannie, servt, 505 12th uw 
Cloud Tnos, lab, 600 22d uw 
Clubb Miranda, wid Johu, 605 I nw 
Cluke Peter, hostler. G F I Co 
Clum Heury R, (White & Clum,) h 1429 

Corcoran nw 
Clune Michael, lab, Washington Asylum 
Cluskey Elizabeth, elk treas, 332 Ind av uw 
Cluss Adolf, (Cluss & Dauiel,) h 413 2d nw 
CLC5S <fc D A. VI EL, (Adolf Cluss 
asid Frederick: l>auiel,) archi- 
tects, 701 15th nw 

.A.X* OH1TH OT-a* 

Civil Eugiueers and Superintendents ■ 
OFFICE, N. E. cor. Fifteenth and G sts., 


Clute Theodore N, elk, 317 9th nw 
Clydes Packet Line, 13tb-st wharf 
Clymer Geo, surg U S N, h 1617 H nw. 
Clyne Peter, en^r, 460 L sw 
Coager Frauk, servt, Willard's 
Coakley Beuj, lab, 418 Washington nw 
Coakley Daul, boker, 241 3d sw 
Coakley Ella, servt, 39 Beall, Gtn 
Coakley F E, dressmkr, 29 Potomac, Gtn 
Coakley Gabriel, lab, 2019 1st H nw 
Coakley George F, mess, 39 Beall. Gtn 
Coakley John, stonecutter, 243 3d sw 
Coakley Mary A C, teacher, 2017 H uw 
Coakley Thomas, bricklayer. 243 3d sw 
Coakley Thomas jr, blacksmith, 243 3dsw 
Coakley William L, plasterer, 29 Potomac, 

Coal Patrick, lab, bds 25th c G nw 
Coates Anthony, carp, 520 3d sw 
Coates Anthony jr, waiter, 520 3d sw 
Coates Augustus, lab. 23 4th, Gtn 
Coates Charles, lab, 1605 Q uw 
Coates Columbus C, waiter, 520 3d sw 
Coates Edward, lab, 927 F sw 
Coates Edward, porter. Beall ur High, 

Coates Jesse, plasterer, Willowtree al sw 
Coates John, butler, 1826 L nw 
Coates John H, feed, 1326 Q nw 
Coates Josephine, servt, 520 3d sw 
Coate-^ Lewis, oysters, 525 4th se, h rear 
Coates Louisa, bds 426 N nw 

Special attention given to Interference 

CO A. 



Coates Matthew, barber. 205 Lnw 
Coates Mollie A, bds 30 Def rees nw 
- Coates Rachel, servt, 1912 N H av nw 
Coates Robert, provisions, 1015 15th nw, h 

110915th dw 
Coates singleton, lab, Fayette nr Madison, 

Cobaugh Harry A, capt watch trcas, h 

1416 8 th nw 
Cobauu-h Wm D, supt, 428 8th sw 
Cobb Clarence F, elk p m g, h Mt Pleas- 
Cobb Emma M Mrs, boarding, 912 M nw 
Cobb George, carp, 8 E nw 
Cobb J C. bookbinder, 46 G nw 
Cobb James, carp, 1007 2d ne 
Cobb ^ehemiah, real estate, 1414 6th nw 
Cobb Norvell II, elk, 912 M nw 
Cobbkr'Albert. lab, 700 9th sW 
Cobbler John, hostler, E c 15th nw 
Coberth David, supt, i54 Pa av nw 
Coberth George M, horseshoer, 722 24th 

nw ^- 

Cobin Cornelius, lab, 214 F ew 
Coblenzer Simon, clothing, 913 7th nw, h 

Coburn; Betty, servt, 626 ; ;2d sw 
Coburn Chas, plate printer, bds 523 7th sw 
Coburn Chas H, elk sig o, h 1113 K nw 
COBURNG£OU&£ B., real estate 
and insurance, St. Cloud build- 
ing: u 2311 M nw 


Real Estate & Insurance Broter, 



Assent for 


COBURN JOHN C, butter. 493, 
494 and 495 centre market, h 
624 22d nw 

Coburn John M, elk, 1117 Gnw 
Coburn John V, 1458 Q nw 
Coburn Mary E, wid Jos A, 1117 G nwj 
Coburn Wm A, butter, 317 and 318 centre 

mkt, h 1014 F nw 
Cochran Anna G, bds 1211 10th nw 
Cochran Chas jr, elk p o_d, h Baltimore, 

Cochran George, elk, 1405 K nw 
Cochran George W, (G W Cochran & Co,) 

1405 K nw 
COCHRAN G. AV. «fc CO., (George 

W. Cochran and John W. 

Witherall,) cigars, 1115 JPa av 


G. W. COCHMAN <$> CO., 


STo. 1115 Fauna. Avenue, 

(Adjoining Kirkwood House.) 

Cochran James, wagon mkr, bds 720 F sw 
Cochran John, elk, 1405 K nw 

The Cheapest House in the City to Buy 
Cigars and Tobacco is 

M. C^olclstein'^ 

California Cigar Store, 61i Pa. Av. See p 4. 

Cochran Joseph, elk p o d, h 612 6th nw 
Cochran Marinda V, wid Robert. 1211 10th 

Cochran Silas D, elk, 509 2d nw 
Cochran Wm, marble worker. C c 13^ sw 
Cock Alfred, elk ago, 1016 Conn av nw 
Cocker Jas H, stonecutter, 1248 23 nw 
Cocker Wm, cutler, 1815 T nw 
Cockerille Albeit, lime. 40 Bridge, Gtn 
Cockerille S J, dentist, 1406 G nw, h Milk 

house, Ford rd 
Cockrell A E C, (Flanagan <fc Cockrell,) 

bds Bridge nr Green, Gtn 
Cockrell Franklin, lab, 1210 I ne 
Cockrell John H. wood and coal. 1011 4>£ 

4X sw sw, h 1009 
Cocks Annie M, elk treas, h 945 K nw 
Coddingion Jacob, carp, govt corral 
Codrick J H, hostler, Draper's al sw 
Codrick W F, hacks, 221 13>£ sw 
Codrick Wm H, bds 2021 9th nw 
Codrick Wm J, driver, 2021 9th nw 
Coe Benj, carriage trimr, 5 Potomac, Gtn 
Coe Cornelius, machinist, 621 I ne 
Coethen Alfred, elk, 306 6th nw 
Coffee Michael, shoemkr, 1010 8th se, h 

802 L se 
Coffee Michael jr, bds 802 L se 
Coffee Patrick, lab, 306 C sw 
Coffee Thomas, lab. 306 C sw 
Coffey Alfred, lab, 44 4th, Gtn 
Coffey James, plumber, 413 12th nw 
Coffey Titian J, lawyer, 1403 H nw 
Coffin Geo Y, elk treas, 2508 K nw 
COFFIN JOHN RC, proS mat and 

supt of nant almanac, 807 22d 

nw, h 1901 I nw 
Coffin John R, painter, bds 800 A se 
Coffman D Jefferson, (Kendall & Coffman) 

bds 1901 8th nw 
Coffman Mary A, cook, 2d nr Mass av ne 
Collin D A, mail c. ntr, bds 515 F nw 
Cogan Annie, 456 H nw 
Cogan Catherine, nurse, 1731 1 nw 
Cogan Fdward. whlright, 456 H nw 
Cogan Katie, 456 H nw 
Cogan T F, (Cogan & Sons,) 800 20th nw 
Cogan Tbos, (Cogan & Sons,) 800 20th nw 
Cogan Thos E, machinist, 456 H nw 
Cogan & Sons, (Thomas and T F Cogan,) 

grocers, 800 20th nw 
Cogbill Hatiie, boarding, 1207 C nw 
Coger Francis, brickmkr, 15 West, Gtn 
Cogey Hannah E, wahsing, 101 E sw 
Cogey Lewis, coal, 101 E sw 
Coggins Celina, fancy goods, 344 C sw 
Coggius Henry, 344 C sw 
Coggin James, lab, 34 Bridge, Gtn 
Coggins Louisa, dressmkr, 239 4% sw 
Coggins R A, wid Thomas, news agt, 410 

E Cap ne 
Coggins Robert, news agt, 4 I ne 
COGGINS SAM-ID EI, S, toutclaer, 

143 and 144 Cen mitt, and 329 

N JL mkt, Ii Benning's rd 
Coghill Lucinda, sewing, Willowtreeal sw 
Coghili Kendall, lab, vTillowtree al sw 
Coggswell Albert G, shoemkr, 143 Bridge, 

h 109 Wa^hin^ton, Gtn 
Cogswell Anthony, lab, 14th nr E ne 



GILMOEE, SMITH & CO., 629 F Street N. W. 





143 AND 144 CENTRE AND 329 O ST. 

Coeswetl Sarah, wid Nelson, washing, 

1234 H nw 
Cogswell William W, bricklayer, 237 

13ih sw 
Cogy John, lab, 61 Jackson al bw 
Cohan Michael, lab, 1st cor Lin^an, Gtn 
Cohen Aaron, clothing, 2026 7th nw, 
Cohen Adeline, loan office, 1007 7th nw, 

h 446 K nw 
Cohen Crittenden, bksman, 141 Carroll 8e 
Cohen Edward, tailor, 154» I nw, h 1010 

16th nw 
Cohen Edward E, furrier, 715 7th nw, h 

Cohen EmmaD, elk pod, h 8 Grant 
Cohen Hart, elk, 446 K nw 
Cohen Henrietta, fancy goods, 1332 7th nw 
Cohen James H, elk, 630 Pa av nw 
Cohen John, elk, 446 K nw 
Cohen John C, lab. 211 15th nw 
Cohen John W, elk, 630 Pa av nw 
Cohen Lena, trimmings, 433 4% sw 
Cohen Levi', shoemkr!, 433 4% sw 
Cohen Levi, pedler, 815 E nw 
Cohen M, cigars, 1026| 7th nw, h same 
Cohen M L, wid F E, 8 Grant pi nw 
COMEN MAX, advertising- agent 

and printer, 930 F nw, la 608 F 

Cohen Morris, elk ago, h 343 D sw 
Cohen Moses, fancy goods, 6 ceu mkt, h 

1332 7th nw 
Cohen Philip, clothing, 1130 7th. nw, h 

Cohen Rol ert, shoes, 630 Pa av nw 
Cohen Robt jr, elk, 513 F uw 
Cohill Henry, coppersmith. 619 G se 
Cohill John P, watchman, 3d nr M se 
Cobler George, lab, 309 3d nw 
Cohen Lewis, gent's furnishings, 1324 7th 

nw, h fame 
Coke David, barber. 1131 17th nw 
Coke Win, janitor, 1131 17th nw 
Cokeley Ann M, hominy, 13 Gtn mkt, h 29 

Potomac, Gtn 
Colar Martin, 1205 F nw 
Colbach John F, huckster, K st mkt,h 1711 

20th nw 
Colbath Sam H, mess, 118 Mas3 av nw 
Colbert Antilia, pervt. wks 1232 9th nw 
Colbert Daniel, lab, 1329 A se 
Colbert Ellen, wid John, 421 2d sw 
Colbert John, lab, 617 3d sw 
Colbeit John, stonecutter, 419 2d sw 
Colbert John F, mess, 1158 15th nw 
Colbert Lloyd, waiter, 458 C sw 
Colbert Madison, lab, 342 L sw 
Colbert Maggie, elk treaa. 421, 2d sw 
Colbert Martha E, servt, 442 1st sw 
Colbert Mary, servt, 1312 N nw 
Colbert Mary, washing. 458 C sw 
Colbert Matthew, lab, 419 2d sw 
Colbert Richard, mess, 17-10 F nw 
Colbert Richard, butter, 1803 K nw 
Colbert Robert R. mess treas, h 1503 T nw 

Coljrert Samuel, mess treas, h Libby't) 

row, Gtn 
Colbert Sandy, mess treas, North nr 

West, Gtn- 
Col burn Benjamin, bricklayer, Valley nr 

Stoddard, Gtn 
Colbjrn Charges E, painter, Valley nr 

Stoddard, Gtn 
Col burn George F J, 1343 Corcoran nw 
Colburn Hervey, elk q m go, bds 1311 

Rftrgs nw 
COl^BKJKIV JHUS'ffllV F, correspon- 
dent New York Times, 13T30 F 

nw, b. 404 find av nw 
Colburn L Mrs, (Jressmkr, green nr Gay„ 

Colburn Randall, brickiayer, bds 63 

Bridge, Gtn 
Colburn Rollinson, elk 2d atid o, h 1311 

Ri^gs „ 

Colburn W B, carpt, Greene, nr Gay, Gtn 
Colburn Win W, lab, bds 113 2d ne 
Colby Frank, lab, 26 Dunbartou, Gtn 
Colby George G, elk 2d and o, h 11th c L> 

Colclaser Jane, wid John, 1634 4th nw 
Colclaser John T, elk, 612 S nw 
Colclaser Joseph I, foreman, 6313^ S nw 
Colelazier Daniel V, insp, 2S17 M. nw 
Colelazier Jacob, driver, Boundary nr 6th 

Colclesser Annie A, wid Wm H, 219 Mass 

Colclesser Richard, plumber, 219 Mass av 

Colclesser Wm, actor, 219 Mass av nw 
Colcord Deborah, wid EL, 316 2d se 
Colcord Eulalia L, elk int rev, h 316 2d se 
Coldenstroth Geo W, restaurant, Bladens- 

Colder Georgeanna V, 1620 Madison nw 
Colder John E, blksmith, 627 N Y av nw, 

h 1229 6th nw 
Cole Albert, waiter, bds 423 Washington 

Cole Alexander, boarding, 712 L se 
Cole Andrew, waiter, 1731 L nw 
Cole Ann, wid Wm, mess, 1157 17th nw 
Cole Augusta, wid James, G nr 10th ne 
Cole Barney, lab, 1418 8 Car av se 
Cole Benjamin F, elk ago, 813 18th nw 
Cole Benjamin F, agent shoes, 1626 14th 

h 1413 R I av uw 
Cole Caroline Mrs, 1414 Sampson 
Cole Catherine, wid, elk, 1711 G nw 
Cole Charles, lab, 6th nr Frederick, Gtn 
Cole Charles, driver, 310 E nw 
Cole Charles D, draughtsman, bds 908 5th 

Cole Charles F, musician, 86 Market, Gtn 
Cole Charles F, printer, 810 K se 
^OLE CSLAKA, actress, ods 1343 F 

Cole E H, carp, 635 Mass ave nw, h 2116 

14th nw 
Cole Elisha K. dairy, 1001 O nw, h same 
Cole Eliza, dressmkr, 1309 12th uw 
Cole Elizabeth, wid John, 908 5th nw 
Cole Emeline, wid Major, 18th c A se 
Cole Frauds, lab, 1414 Sampson nw 
Cole Frank, tinner, bds 1230 5th dw 
Cole Frederick, lab, 1303 3d se 
Cole George, bricklayer, 1218 21st nw 
Cole George, lab, 1416 Sampson nw 
Cole George, lab, 1 nr IS J av se 

Patents in Mineral Land Cases Procured. 




C 'Je George, waiter, Mt Pleasant 

Cole George W, lab, 1336 21st nw 

<Jole Georgianna, servt, 221 E nw 

Cole Harry, lab, Pleasant al sw 

Cole Henry, carp, 429 L uw 

Cole Henj-y D, plumber, 712 

Cole HHMrs, 1313 F e\v 

<Jole Howard M, bookbinder, 19 Myrtle ne 

Oole Ira E, printer, 114 ti ne 

<Jole J Wni. elk, bds 15 J2 L nw 

Cole Jacksou S, saloon, Md &v c 4th ne, li 

Cole James, lab, 834 24th nw 

Cole James, plasterer, bds 1423 11th nw 

Cole James, eating, #31 ±\£ sw 

Cole James, contractor, 717 22d nw 

Cole Jane, wid Jerry, washing. Columbia 

Cole Jesse, lab, al nr 2d and F sw 

Cole John, plasterer, 49 4th, Gtn 

Cole Jehu, lab, 911 1st sw 

Cole John, black&mith, bds 712 L ee 

Cole John, lab, 344 E sw 

Cole Johu, lab, Brighlwood 

Cole John, lab, 1725 8th nw 

Cole John, waiter, 703 6th nw 

Cole Jotiu E, butcher, Corcoran nikt, h 
Boundary nr 7tn 

Cole Johu T, bookbinder, bds 908 -5tk nw 

Cole John T, (John T Cole & Co,) bds 
.807 9th nw 

COLE JOHN T. A" CO., (John T. 
Cole and C. H. Nottrse,) drug- 
gists, 9th c F nw 


John T.Oole & Co., 



Cole -Joseph, painter, bds 1423 11th aw 
Cole Jos, waiter, bds 423 Washington nw 
Cole Jos I, shueker, 224 Jackson hall al 
Cole J W, elk pen o, bds 1512 L nw 
Cole-Lawreuce, elk, bds 1002 18th uw 
Cole Loyal, com mer, Hyattsville 
Cole Lucieu. elk, 712 L se 
COliE XABCELLVS, plumber, 702 

<© ww and 304 B se, h 910 Pa av 





No. 304 B street southeast, 

Branch House 702 O street northwest, 

Washington, D. C. 
All orders promptly executed. 

Cole Mary, Fayette nr 8th, Gtn 

Cole Mary, wid Michael, 1423 11th nw 

Cole Mary E, grocer. 712 L se, bds 703 

L se 
Cole Nettie, wid John, bds 1423 11th nw 
Cole Norman H, boiler mkr, 721 7th se 
Cole Peter K. lab, 419 1st se 
Cole Richard F, mach, 810 K se 
Cole Robert, eng, 433 Washington nw 



611 Pemia Ac, Under Met. HoteL 
\ See page 4. 

J Cole Robert, lab, 120 13th se 
Cole Rogers, lah. 1st c Q sw 
Cole Samuel, hostler, 168 Beall, Gtn 
Cole Samuel, lab, Mass av nr 14th se 
Cole Samuel J, grocer, 210 22d nw, h 

Cole Sabina, wid Thomas, washing, 1514 

10th nw 
Cole Washington, lab, High nr 7th, Gtn 
Cole Wellington W, elk, 717 22d nw 
Cole Wm, mess, 2029 H nw 
Cole Wm, watchman, 328 C ne 
Cole Wm. lab. 13 7th, Gtn 
Cole Wui, elk. 71722dnw 
Cole Wm. lab. 12 Brown's ct nw 
Cole Wm B, bootmkr, 610 5th uw 
Cole Win H, painter, 487 H sw 
Cole Wm H, blksmith, Kingman's ct nw 
Cole Wm H, lab, 4 Covington nw 
Coleay Albert, servt, 321 4)^ nw 
Coleback Philip, printer, 706 23d nw 
Coleman Addie. wid Lewis. 341 G sw 
Coleman Alexander B. barber. 324 8th nw, 

Coleman Alfred D, Pervt, 1727 Knw 
Coleman Amanda, wid Robert, 1st nr O sw 
Coleman Ann M, wid Elias, 39 L nw 
Colemau Annie, servt, wks 1329 8th nw 
Coleman A S, elk pen o, h Alexandria, Va 
Coleman Bartley, lab, 23d c N Y av 
Coleman Benj, servt, 1725 20th nw 
Coleman Bertie, wid Janies, 336 G sw 
Coleman Bouldin, lab. Burke's al sw 
Coleman Bridget A. 17 Lingau, Gtn 
Colemau Caroline, bds 37 G nw 
Coleman Cecelia, wid Henry, nurse, 2026 

7th nw 
Coleman Charles, lab, Peach al nw 
Coleman Charles, lab, 1907 12th nw 
Coleman Charles F, produce, 225 N L and 

290 cen mkt, h 8th and B ne 
Coleman Chas H, whitewasher, 1623 6th 

Coleman Daniel, elk treas, 915 N T av nw 
Celeman Edward, lab, 228 Jackson hall al 
Coleman Edward, lab. 19th nr A se 
Coleman Emily, wid Washington, 1219 N 

Coleman Fanny, wid Stafford, 1817 T nw 
Coleman Frances, washing, Burke's al sw 
Coleman Frank, lab, N nr 1st sw 
tOLEMAN, F W, (R B Coleman 

& Co) Metropolitan hotel. 
Coleman George, huckster, 812 H sw 
Coleman George! lab, Canterbury al 
Coleman Geoige, lab. 1st nr N sw 
Coleman George K, mess H K 
Coleman Henry sr, 308 L nw 
Coleman Henry, printer. 308 L nw 
I Coleman Henry, lab, 820 2d sw 

Coleman Henry, mess, 2121 9th nw 
I Colemau Henry, fireman. 219 K nw 
Coieman James, guard U S jail, h 323 Pa 

av se 
Coleman James, lab, 1247 3d sw 
Coleman James, lab, 64 P nw 
Coleman James, lab, J.9th nr A se 
Coleman James, wood and coal, 462 Ridge 

nw, h same 

629 F Street N. W. 




Coleman Margaret, mes6. 1111 16th nw 
Coleman Martha, tervt, 214 D nw 
Coleman Mary, servt, Garrett's al, Gtn 
Coleman Mary A, 17 Lingan, Gtn 
Coleman Mary E Mrs, bds 910 Fnw 
Coleman Mary M, servt, 1727 K nw 
Coleman Mary S, servt, 925 Temperance 

hall al 
Coleman Matthew, lab, 1407 C nw 
Coleman Nancy, servt, Willowtree al sw 
Coleman Nancy, servt, 1223 C nw 
Coleman Nelson, lab, 20 Covington nw 
Coleman Patrick, lab, 1000 K se 
Coleman Patrick, lab, 615 Va av se 
Coleman Paul, lab, M nr % sw 
Coleman Peter T, plumber, bds 1212 Paav 

Coleman P W. mess H E 
Qoleman Rachel A, teacber, 19th bet E 

Cap and A se 
Coleman Ralph, lab, 346 Fsw 
COLEMAN, R B,(RB ^Coleman 

«fc Co) li Baltimore Mel 
Coieman Robert, lab, M nr y 2 sw 
Coleman Robert, fireman 343 F sw 
Coleman Robert, lab, G c 3d sw 
Coleman Robert G, cap police, h 234 3d nw 
Coleman Rosa, servt. wks 1314 7th nw 
eOLEiriAIV, R SB & CO, (B B 
& F W Coleman,) prop's Metro- 
poiiitan hotel, Pa av bet 6tli and 
Coleman Samuel, lab, 1908 N H av bw 
Coleman Sarah, wid William, 5 Swing- 
hammer's al 
Coleman Spencer, lab, 405 Franklin nw 
Coleman Spencer, carp, 1330 21st nw 
Coleman Tennie, teacher, 19th nr A se 
Coleman Theodore, elk treas, 720 12th nw 
Coleman Tbomas, waiter, 468 Pa av nw 
Coleman Thomas, lab, bds 1212 Carlin's al 
Coleman Thomas, printer, 1735 K nw 
Coleman Thomas, driver, 132 G sw 
Coleman Thomas, lab, Norns al Gtn 
Coleman Thomas, lab, 1418 R I av nw 
Coleman Thomas W, plate printer, hi 747 

K nw 
Coleman Timothy, 17 Lingan, Gtn 
Coleman Tony, lab, Lackey's al nw 
Coleman Uriah, lab, 1721 8th nw 
Coleman Walker, lab, 1248 20th nw 
Coleman VVm, lab, Greene nr Canal 
Coleman Wm, cook, Howard University 
Coleman Wm, lab, Uuiontown 
Coleman Wm, florist, 335 Pa av nw, h 235 

R nw 
Coleman Wm, lab, 324 F sw 
Coleman Wm, lab, 124 Frederick, Gtn 
Coleman Wm, 1114 6th sw 
Coleman Wm, lab, Franklin nr 2d nw 
Coleman Wm, driver, 40 Gay. Gtn 
Coleman Wm, porter, 5 Swinghammer's al 
Coleman Wm C, waiter, 407 Washington 

Coleman Wm G, elk, 234 3d nw 
Coleman Wm H, elk, 411 11th nw 
Coleman Wm H, cook, 4X and Wilson nw 
Colemau Wm J, shoemkr, bd^ 1232 7th nw 
Coler Isaac, carp, 130 High, Gtn 
Coles John, waiter, bds 703 6th nw 
Coles Nathanl M, watchman, bds 1817 L 

ColesberryWm H, elk treas, h 1311 M nw 
Colgate Geo G, 610 E nw 
Colgate Jas, 618 E nw 

Colgate J Hall, elk dept state, 618 E nw 
Cohson Charles C, paperhanger, 825 6th 

Colison George, lum nieas, 821 6th sw 
Coliux Charles, lab, h 1239 20th nw 
Collamer A W, house raiser and mover, 

c S Cap and E sw 
Collamer E S, elk treas, 145 We6t, Gtn 
Collamer I Warren, asst exam pat o, 1635 

10 th nw 
Collantou Thos, lab, 1330 13th nw 
Colledge Chas B R, lab, 1417 11th nw 
Colledge F, waiter, 809 Q nw 
Collediie W H, elk, 302 8th nw 
Collette Eustice J, elk pato, h 707 9th ne 
Collette John R, elk, 1513 15th nw 
Colley Frank, bookkeeper, bds Hamilton 

Colley Harry, bds 940 E nw 
Colley Jas W, dry goods, 801 Market 

Space, bds Hamilton House 
Colley Mary J Mrs, Hamilton House 
Colley Wm H, 1407 L nw 
Collier Andrew J, painter. 625 L nw, h 1216 

8th nw 
Collier Arthur, waiter, 1030 17th nw 
Collier Elizabeth, bds 1245 9th nw 
Collier Emma, bds 1245 9th nw 
Collier Joseph, shoemkr, 625L nw, h same 
Collier M T Miss, dressmkr, 1117 7th nw 
Collier Tillie, dressmkr, bds 1245 9th nw 
Collier Wm J, coach. trimmer. 434 N nw 

professor French, 1234 I nw 
Colliliower Charles E, elk, 917 6th sw 
Colliflower James, carp, 917 6th sw 
Colliliower John C, carp, 619 C se 
Collingsworth Mary F, dressmkr, 318 E se 
Collingsworth Wm P, upholsterer, 318 E 

Collins Mrs, 315 E sw 
Collins Achille, modeler treas, h 1733 H nw 
Collins ^gnes. w id Frederick, laundress. 

1819 Cedar nw 
Collins Albert G, tailor, 430 I nw 
Collins Alfred, bricklayer, 2312 M nw 
Collins Alfred H, printer, bds 29 H nw 
Collins Amelia, 2312 M nw 
Collins Andrew, lab, 427 Washington nw 
Collins Ann, wid Cornelius, 1627 6th nw 
Collins Andrew J, elk, 67 Jefferson, Gtn 
Collins Anna, elk treas, 67 3d, Gtn 
Collins Belinda, wid Leonard, High ext, 

Collins Benjamin, elk, 55 1st, Gtn 
Collins Benjamiu H, cik. 428 10th nw 
Collins Cassie M, elk, 923 9th nw 
Collins Catharine, wid Michael, 714 2d nw 
Collins Charles H, lab. 26tb c F nw 
Collins Charles W, cIr, 37 C ne 
Collins Clara E. teacher, 1419 Pierce pi nw 
Collins Daniel, 311 C sw 
Collins David A, bricklaver. 2207 H nw 
Collius Delia. 2608 Pa av nw 
Collins Dennis J, grocer, 1935 L nw, h 

Collins Douglas, lab, 2222 II nw 
Collins Edith M, teacher, bds 1625 11th nw 
Collins Emiie, cook, Willards 
Collins Frances, servt, ?34 17th nw 
Collins Frank G, elk treas, 136 Pa av ne 
Collius Frank W, elk a g o, h 1233 Mass 

av nw 
Collins Frederick, lieut U S N, h 1314 R 

Specifications and Drawings of Patents 




Coleman James, mason. 1114 6th sw 
Coleman James J, 17 Lingan, Gtn 
Coleman J tine, servt, 126 Congress, Gtn 
Coleman Jennie, 234 3d nw 
Coleman John, lab, 1243 3d sw 
Coleman John, lab, Poland's al sw 
Coleman Julia, servt, 919 Temperance hall 

al nw 
Coleman Lawrence, waiter, 1219 N T av 
Coleman Louisa, servt, r 1149 17th nw 
Coleman Lucy, servt, r 1149 17th nw 
Coleman Major, driver, 916 G sw 
Collins Frederick C, lab. 1625 11th nw 
Collins George, driver, 24 Water, Gtn 
Collins Georgej lab. 2318 Imly ct nw 
Collins George, florist, Tennallytown 
Collins George, elk, 606 H nw 
Collins George W, cigars, 1254 9th nw, h 

1250 9th nw 
Collins George W, carp, 1238 12th nw 
Collins George W, galley mkr, bds 520 

11th se 
Collins George W, lab, 26th cor F nw 
Collins George W, 1735 G nw 
Collins Harriet, cook, 338 Me av sw 
Collins Harriet, washing, 314 Me av sw 
Collins Herschel. model mkr, 1733 H nw 
Collins Homer, elk. 623 G se 
Collins Homer K, machinist. 623 G se 
Collins Jacob H, junk, 619 B nw, h 448 K 

Collins James, lab, 1713 13th nw 
Collins James, conductor, bds 1901 8th nw 
Collius James, lab, 222 H nw 
Collins James, lab, 4>£ nr O sw 
Collins James, gardenei, Tenallytown 
Collins James, lab, 13th nr R nw 
Collins James, conductor, bds 1908 7th nw 
Collius Jamts, B, bricklayer, 2120 H nw 
C ollins James F, carp, 317 6th se 
Collins James H elk s g o, h 1735 G nw 
Collins James L, driver, 88 Washington, 

Gtn 5 ' 

Collius James V, bricklayer, 1519 L nw 
Collius Jeremiah, lab, 122 2d Gtn 
Collins Johanna, housekpr, 20131 nw 
Collins Johanna W, wid Timothy, 628 N 

Cap nw 
Collius John, butcher, H cor 1st nw, h 31 

Collins John, grocer, 523 10th nw, res- 
taurant, 525 10th nw 
Collius John, produce, 52310th nw, h same 
Collins Johu, "train disp, 105 D nw 
Collins John, bricklayer, bds 225 D se 
Collins Johu, lab, 15 F nw 
Collins John, lab, 2615 I nw 
Collins John, shoemkr. 28 Mass av nw 
Collins Jobn, driver, 106 Bridge, Gtn 
Collins John, gardener, T-.-naiiytown 
Collins Jobn, lab, 4>£ nrO sw 
Collins John F, painter. 818 25th nw 
Collius Johu W. (Collins & Ward,) 430 I 

Collins Johnathan E, painter, 477 I nw 
Collins Joseph, lab, 17th c E nw 
Collins Joseph F, contractor, 95 Beall, 

Collins Joseph H, plate printer, 719 R I 

Collius Josephine, folder, 65 2d, Gtn 
Collins Julia, wid James, 4^ nrO sw 
Collins Julia, wid James. h"517 7th nw 
Collins Julia Ann Mrs, 67 3d Gtn 
Coll ns Katie, 65 2d G;n 
Collins Levi, lab. 813 2d sw 

:B&. Q-olc3Lst©i:o., 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Collins Lewis, lab, C nr 16th se 

Collius I ot, lab, 35 Jackson al ne 

Collins Louisa, servt, 468 x\l sw 

Collius Maggie, cook, 2013 I nw 

Collius Maggie,$5 2d Gtn 

Collins Marcellus, blksmitb, bds 1835 8th 

Collius Martha, dresf mkr, bds 13th nr S 

Collins Mary, dressmkr, 67 Jefferson, Gtn 
Collius Mary, wid John, 62 H ue 
Collius Mary, wid Joseph, 1132 26th nw 
Collins Mary R, Tenallytown rd, ab Gtn 
Collins Maurice, paver, 39 Mass av nw 
Collins Maurice jr. lab, 39 Mass av nw 
Collins Michael, switch teuder, 62 H ue 
Collius Michael, lab, 44 Market sp. Gtn 
Collins Michael T, grocer, 17 F nw, h same 
Collins Norval, paiuter, 303 N nw 
Collins Patrick, lab, 628 N Cap nw 
Collins Patrick, lab^ 41 Mass av nw 
Collius Patrick, priuter, 2608 Pa av nw 
Collins Peter, lab, 4^4 ni " O sw 
Collins R Walter, elk treas, 95 Beal. Gtn 
Collins Rebecca, wid John, elk, 238 9th se 
Collius Rebecca, dresstnkr, 1625 11th uw 
Collius Reubeu, wood and coal, 5th c C ne, 

h 37 C ne 
Collins Richard, bricklaj'er, 1005 E Cap 

COEL1NS RICHAH0 J", wood and 

coal. 464 E sw, li 40S E siv 


Dealer in 

^V^OOD <fc COAL, 

464 and 466 E St. Southwest, 
igl° Customers will please report any 
inattention of Driver. 

Collins Richmond Rev. pastor Enon bap 

tist church, h 3 Mass av nw 
Collins itobert, bricklayer, 406 E Cap ne 
Collins Robert S, bricklayer, 67 3d, Gtn 
Collins Sallie, wid 923 9th nw 
Collins Samuel H, police, 2307 H nw 
Collins Samuel R, servt, 22 1st, Gtn 
Collins Sarah, servt, 22 1st, Gtn 
Collins Susan, folder, bds 1324 8th nw 
Collins Susan, wid Levi, 1625 11th nw 
Collins Susan C, teacher, 477 I uw 
Collins Thomas, tailor, 717 Va av se 
Collins Thomas, gardener, Tennallytown 
Collins Thomas, milk, 614 H sw 
Collins Thomas, engineer, 910 2d ne 
Collins Thomas, lab, 462 K sw 
Collius Thomas, engineer, 460 6K sw 
Collins Thomas H, drugs, 1255 9th nw, h 

1248 9th nw 
Collins Thomas J, architect, 811 N nw 
Collins Wallace, cooper, 2220 H uw 
Collins Wm, blksmitb. 218 F nw 
Collin* Wm, carp, 1835 8th nw 
Collius Wm, grocer, 610 H sw 

at Cost. GIL M0EE, SMITH & CO. 




Collins Wm H, elk, 71 3d, Gtn 
Collins Wm H, lab, 1327 10th nw 
Collins Wm P, carter, 630 H sw 
C<»H|ns Wm R. local ed Evening Star, h 

1? 3d, Gtn 
Collins Willis, lab, 1815 F nw 
Collins & Ward, (John W Collins and Al- 
bert W Ward.) tinsmiths, 713 D nw 
Collison H P Mrs, stoves, &c, 150 Bridge, 

Gtn, h same 
Collison Juo, grocer, 1007 23d nw, h same 
Collison John A, ang, 23d nr Pa av nw 
Colman David E. (Oolman & Son.) Pa av 

c 16th se 
Colman Edward, butcher, Benning's rd ne 
Colman Ellen A, produce, 65 eastern mkt, 

h Uniontown 
Colman George, lab, 1135 23d nw 
Colman Geo W,;(Colman & Son.) 812 Gse 
Colman H & Co, (Henry and Moses Col- 
man.) auctioneers, 936 Pa av nw 
Colman Henry, (H Colman & Co,) 936 

Pa av nw 
Colman Josiah L, fruit, 349 cen and 73 O 

st mkt, h 1502 Pa av se 
Colman Millie A T, dressmkr, 822 14th nw 
Colman Moses, lab. 8th ext nw 
Colman Moses, (H Colman <fc Co,) 936 Pa 

av nw 
Colman Patrick, lab, 58 Jackson al ne 
Colmau Perry, elk, 1503 13th nw 
Colman Samuel, hricklayer, 1230 16th nw 
Colman & Son, (Geo W and David E Col- 
man,) fruit, Pa av c 16ih se, aud 112 
and 113 cen and 404 N L uikts 
Colne Charles, elk treas, Stoddard nr Con- 
gress. Gtu 
Colony' Club House, 1216 N Y av 
Colstm Fannie, wid Triplett, washing, 17th 

nr B ne 
Colston George W, plasterer, 630 F nw 
Colston Maria, wid Richard, Lucas al nw 
C )lstou Mary, washer, 2213 E nw 
Colston Millie, servt, 1733 H nw 
Colson Richard, lab, 1455 N nw 
Colt C M, 1033 12th nw 
Colt Wm. 317 Dsw 

Colter Willis H, waiter, 1409 N Y av nw 
Colton Robert, pianos, 913 F nw, h same 
Colton F W, elk, 60 Greene, Gtn 
Colton Harvey V, upholsterer, 801 3d nw, 

h 59 H nw 
Colton Sarah C, copyist, 1126 13th nw 
Columbia Academy, (Marcelia Ball,) 1549 


21st bet A and B se, 

nieai arad lying-in-asylum, c 25th 

and Pa av 

proprietor, 325 Pa av nw 

Deaf and Dumb, Boundary head 

7tli ne 
PANY, 90S Pa av nw 
Columbus Albert G, oolice, 412 N Y av 
Columbus Chas,(Gibson & Columbus,) 633 

O nw 
Columbus Chas G, elk, 412 N Y av 
Columbus Chas J, plasterer, 805 R nw 
Columbus L'mis E, elk, bds 62? I nw 
Columbus Peter F, sailmkr, 907 N J av se 
Columbus Wm F, plasterer, 1219 4th nw 
Col vert James, lab, Ridge st al nw 
Colvin C C, fireman, 935 Md av sw 
Combs Eliza, wid George, 912 K nw 
Combs George, (Combs & Bro,) 1623 14th 

Combs Henrietta. 60 P nw 
Combs H, (Combs «& Bro,) 1628 14th nw 
Combs Henry M. grocer, 8th cor Va av se, 

h same 
Combs I George, (I G Combs & Bro,) 1121 

10th nw 
Combs I Geo & Bro, (I Geo and M S 

Combs,) grocers, 700 9th nw 
Combs Johu, servt, 1617 K nw 
Combs Joseph, 1427 Q ne 
Combs Kate, wid Wm, 100 C se 
Combs M R, 9181 nw 
Combs Michael S, (I Geo Combs & Bro,) 

918 I nw 
Combs Rosa, 1238 M nw 
Combs & Bro, (George Combs and Henry 

Combs,) dry goods, 1628 14th nw 
Comer Eliza, dressmkr, bds 453 Ridge nw 
Comer Geo t[, lab, 1st nr H se 
Comer James, lab, 458 Ridge nw 
Comer Mary, feeder, bds, 458 Ridge nw 
Comer Peter, bricklayer, bds 453 Ridge 

Comes Mary, housekeeper, 612 F nw 
Commagere Frank Y", editor of the Ga- 
zette, 931 D nw, bds 737 6th nw 
Commercial Uuiou Ins Co of London, 401 

9th nw 
Commissary of Subsistence, (depot) USA 

15th c B sw 



908 TP&XLX±&y"Lxr&,ia.l&, Ave. y 


W. H. PHILIP, President. 
JOHN W. WATERS, Secretary, 

GEO. T. JONES. Vice-President. 
J. M. VAN BUS KIRK, Treasurer. 

GILMOUE & CO., Practice before 




Commodore Holdsworth, lab, 315 3d sw 
Commodore Mary Ann, dreesmkr, 315 3d 

Commodore Thomas J, cik, 315 3d sw 
Commons John M, elk see sen, 219 4%nw 
Commons Mary C. 219 4% nw 
Commons Richard, driver, 926 Snow's al 

Compton B Frank, bookeeper, 14118th nw 
Coinpton Caroline, bds 67 O nw 
Compton Clarence, lab, 1145 19th nw 
Compton Eugene, lab, bds 1145 19th nw 
Compton Franklin, bookeeper, 141 L 8th 

Compton George, elk, 807 N nw 
Compton Henry, lab, 67 O nw 
Compton J W, 813 1 nw 
Compton John VV, elk, 202 4i nw 
Compton Joseph C, elk, 8131 nw 
Compton Lucinda, wid Emanuel, 1411 8th 

Compton R K, draughtman ; 214 Fayette, 

Compton R W, 811 R nw 
Compton William, cook, bds 1145 19th nw 
Comstock John M, elk 1466 R I av nw 
Con Mahomed Dean, physician, 304 6th 


Conalty , printer, bds 63 H nw 


treas, a 136 I*a av se 
Conant John Id, elk 6th aud, 710 H ne 
Conard Win, claim agt, 1425 F nw, h 1309 

Corcoran nw 
Conaty C A, printer, bds 511 4th nw 
Conaway John C, barber, 434 4^ sw, h 512 

Conaway Michael, lab, 14 Mass av ne 
Conaway Richard, porter, 3d nr N sw 
Conaway Robt, butcher, 28 Market, Gtn 
Concklin Edw F, elk en^ dept, 414 A te 
Condic-t Henry F Dr, 406 6th nw 
Condon Alice S, counter, 707 lOih nw 
Condon oohn R, 313 H nw 
Condon Laura V, elk, bds 1324 5th nw 
Condon Robt, grocer, 7th-st rd 
Condon Thos, shoemkr, 1509 15th nw 
Condron Abbic N, teacher, 506 5th nw 
Cone David D, private sec to pres US, h 

74 I nw 

Sanderson, Proprietor. 200 New 

Jersey avenue se 

Congressional Hotel, 

Cor. N. J. Av. and B street South, 


Washington, D. C. 
WM. 'SANDERSON, Proprietor. 

Conington Joe. cigars, 202 7th sw, h 211 

13% sw 
Conington Kat>e, ? bds 211 13% sw 
Conington Jennie, bds 211 13% sw 
Conington Wm. plumber, bds 211 13% sw 
Conkle W H, c'k treas, h 618 H nw 
Conkling Lydia, elk treas, h 411 2d ee 
Conley Jas, tinner, 33 Congress, Gtn 
Conley Jas, carp, 140814th nw 
Conlon John, painter, 1457 N,nw 


Wholesale and Retail Totaccoist. 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Conlon Thos, switch tendei, 9th c Bound- 
ary ne 

Conn Geo W, lawyer, 1219 N nw 

Conn Sarah, 1st nr K se 

Connecticut Mut Lite Ins Co, 1429 Pa av 

Connecticut Ins Co, of Hartford, 806 F nw 

Connell Annie, elk, 424 4% sw 

Connell Annie E, sewing, D nr S Cap sw 

Connell Chas M, elk, 1229 4th nw 

CONNELL DENNIS, grocer, 741 1st 
nw, n same 


A Fine Stock of PROVISIONS for gene- 
ral use. 

Corner First and H Streets NW, 

Connell Ellen Mrs, groceries, 13 Mass av 

av nw, h same 
Connell J T, barkeeper, 1st c K nw 
Connell Jas, lamplighter, 37 West, Gtn 
Connell Jeremiah, hacks, 37 F nw 
Connell Johanna, elk, 408 4% sw 
Connell Johanna, wid Philip, 424 4% sw 
Connell John, police. 424 4% sw 
Counel John, lab, 76 J u-ks^n al ne 
Connell John, lab, 127 Cabbage al ne 
Connell Lizzie, wid John, 127 Cabbage al 

Connell Matthew, lah. 70222d nw 
Conner George F, boilennkr, bds 403 L se 
Conner George VV, brass moulder, 810 G 

Conner George W, elk, 302 S Cap se 
Conner Heury, whitewasher, 1345 6th nw 
Conner Hester Mrs, washing, 911 Nailor'a 

al nw 
Conner James A, plumber, 937 7th nw, h 

1111 10th nw 
Conner James D, printer, bds ^441 Mass 
. av nw 

Conner Jeremiah, shoemkr, 437 1st sw 
Conner John, lab, 1244 Madison nw 
Conner John, stonecutter, 3d nr O nw 
Connell Michael, bricklayer, 28 G nw 
Connell Michael L, groceries, 408 4% sw 
Connell Patrick, hardware, 1220 4th"nw 
Council Richd, driver, 41 West, Gtn 
Connell Robert A, bookbinder, 1229 6th nw 
Connell Robert F, carp. Boundary nr 16th 

Connell Robert L, carp, 1229 4th nw 
Connell Timothy O, elk, 2029 K nw 
Connell Wm, dairy, 7th rd nw 
Connelly Barney, watchman, bds National 

Connelly Catherine, bds 227 14th sw 
Connelly Francis D, elk, 2d aud, 455 N I 

Connelly Hester, servt, wks 448 P nw 
Connelly James, grocer, 1525% sw, hsame 

Alabama Claims Commission. 




Connelly John, watchman. 1724% L nw 
Connelly Louisa, servt, 812 18th nw 
Connelly Margaret, servt, 1010 I uw 
Connelly Patrick, lab, 9 5th ne 
Connelly Rebecca, wid John, 541st, Gtn 
Connelly Samuel, upholster, bds 1203 H 

Connelly Sarah A, wid Thomas, 1219 8th 

Conner Chas R, elk pen o, 318 Ind ave nw 
Conner Emma, wid Michael, 922 I nw 
Conner Eugene, printer, 441 Mass av nw 
Cornier Francis B, 922 I nw 
Conner John E, bricklayer, bds 1728 7th 

Conner John L, carp, 403 M nw 
Conner Joseph, agt 1119 5th ne 
Conner Lendall A, elk int rev, h 1904 R 

Conner Lewis, lab, 110 Madison al nw 
Conner Luke, lab, 1904 L nw 
Conner Margaret T. 441 Mass av nw 
Conner Mary, wid Joseph, grocer, 1119 5th 

ne, h same 
Conner Michael, miller, 208 G nw 
Conner Robert, lab, O stal nw 
Conner Samuel W, carp, 302 S Cap se 
Conner Valentine, carp, 6th nr K se 
Conner Win, baker, 1147 8th nw 
Conner Wm J, bricklayer, 479 E sw 
Conners James W, coal and wood, 1st c 

P nw, h same 
Conners Jennie, sewing, bds 1345 6th nw 
Conners Julia, 25 O nw 
Conners Susan, bds 1345 6th nw 
Connet Catherine, wid Alexander, 1406 

D nw 
Conner ty John, watchman, 119 H ne 
Conney Mary L\ cook. 1916 G nw 
Connolly Anthony A, dry goods, 608 9th 

nw, bds same 
Connolly Bros, (T A and M D Connolly,) 

lawyers, 6089th nw 
Connolly Daniel A, contractor, 504 B ne 
Connolly Elizabeth, wid Owen, 504 B ne 
Connolly F, watchman, bds Lafayette 

Connolly Fanny, 46 Myrtle ne 
Connolly Geo, driver, G F I Co 
Connolly Hester, wid Dandridge, 918 Nay- 

lor's al nw 
Connolly Jas, carp, 1408 14th nw 
Connollv John, mess, 2424 G nw 
Connolly John, fireman R R, 473 D 6W 
Connolly John, plasterer, 1412 G se 
Connelly John, storekeeper com sub, 15th 

c B sw 
Connolly Margaret. 36 Jackson al ne 
Connolly Martin, justice peace, 606 9th 

nw, h 608 9th nw 
Connolly Mary Mrs, dry eroods, 608 9th 

nw, h same 
Connolly M Daniel, (Connolly Bros,) 

Connelly Micbolas, 2711 K nw 
Connolly Spencer, lab. 1250 Union sw 
Connolly Thomas A, (Connolly Bros,) 608 

9th nw 
Connolly Thomas C, ex pat o, h 457 Mnw 
Connor Alice B, bds 1415 10th nw 
Connor Ann, wid Christopher, 2405 I nw 
Connor Austin, lab, 115 H ne 
Connor Catharine, wid John, bdg, 706 

I se 
Connor Charles, lab, 149 Pierce nw 
Connor Chas, plasterer, 606 T nw . 

Connor Chas E, elk a g o, h 906 N H av 

Connor Charles R, elk pen o, bds 318 

Ind av 
Connor Deborah, wid Patrick, grocer, 

914 2d ne, h same 
Connor J F, tel op, 1439 P nw 
Connor James, lab, 51 G nw 
Connor James, blksmith, 430 1st se 
Connor James, elk. 304- 14th nw 
Connor James, carp, bds 1203 H nw 
Connor Jane, servt, 2001 I nw 
Connor Jeremiah, bds 814 Del av ne 
Connor Jeremiah, horseshoer, Grant av 
Connor Johu, lau, 216 O nw 
Connor John, grocer, 739 6ih nw, h same 
Connor John, carp, Baptist al, h 76 K nw 
Conuor Lawrence, mess, 1908 L nw 
Connor Lewis W, labd agt, bds 9774th nw 
Connor Maggie Miss, H nr 4th nw 
Connor Martin, lab, 1129 23d nw 
Col nor Mary, servt, 1414 S nw 
Connor Michael, lab, 2405 I nw 
Connor Michael, blksmith, 307 10th se 
Connor Mollie, servt, 68 1st, Gtn 
Connor Nelson, produce, 313 L nw 
Connor Norah, servt, 1611 H nw 
Connor Norah, wid Dennis, 29 P ne 
Connor Patrick, lab, 2220 L nw 
Connors Patrick, lab, 66 G ne 
Connor Patrick, lab, 430 1st se 
Connor Patrick, driver, 2311 N nw 
Connor Paul D, tel repr man, 1439 P nw 
Connor Susan F, wid Paul W, 1415 10th 

Connor Thomas, mess, 1262 23d nw 
Connor Valentine, machinist, bds 307 10th 

Connor Wm A, tel op, 706 I se 
Connors Ann, wid Daniel, servt, 642 H ne 
Connors James, grocer, 313 Willowtree al 

Connors John, lab, r 11 Congress, Gtn 
Connors John, soldier, Washington Arse- 
nal sw 
Connors Patrick, lab, 1st nr Lingan, Gtn 
Connovey W arren, lab, 345 L sw 
Con over Cornelius G, elk 2d aud o, h 909 

16th nw 
Conover H E, wid Mathias, bds 73 H nw 
Conoway Richard, teamster, 3d bet M and 

N sw 
Conrad Charles E, jeweller, 720 24th nw 
Conrad Charles T, carp, 1217 24th nw 
Conrad Frederick A, carp, r 1729 Pa av, 

h 1217 24th nw 
Conrad Frederick W, printer, 1217 ;24th 

Conrad H A Mrs, elk pat o, bds 1012 17th 

Conrad Joseph S, col USA, bds 912 15th 

CONRAD JULIUS, insurance &gt% 

609 7th, h 1219 7 tin nw 

German Fire Insurance Co. 


Capital and Surplus, $600,COO 

Chas. Weber. President; H. Straus, Vice 
President; Chas. Weber, jr., Secretary. 
Branch Office in Washington, No. 609 

Seventh St. NW, ojp. the Patent Office. 

GILMORE, SMITH & CO., Obtain Patents. 




Conrad Mary L, elk treas, h 17th c K uw 
Couradis Henry, bricklayer, 1117 5th nw 
Conroy Bernard, (Smith & Conroy,) 811 

4% sw 
Conroy Jane, wid Thotnae, 388 Mo av nw 
Conroy Mary E Mrs, elk treas, bds 13th 

or 8 nw 
Conroy Patrick, gardener, 1749 L nw 
Conroy Patrick, ship carp. 22 Prospect, 

Conroy Wm J, painter, 1702 H nw, h 1749 

Conry Thomas E, elk, 519 6th se 
Consodine James W, tinner, 217 Mass av 

Consodine John, plasterer, 217 Mass avnw 
Constable Kate, dreesmkr, 641 N uw 
Constantino Adolphus C, shoeinkr, 721 7th 

nw, h same 
Constantine Adolphus C jr, carp, bds 721 

7th nw 
Constantine Albert W, cap, 740 12th nw 
Constantine Benedetto, watchmkr, 915 5th 

Constantine George W, machinist, bds 740 

12th nw 
Constantine Henry, shoemkr, Bladens- 

Constantine John H, shoemkr, 8ladens- 


John Mitz, i* c 9th aw 
Coutee Allen, lab. 223 Express al nw 
Contee Amy, washing, Teperauce hall al 
Contee Charles R, lab, 16tn c E Cap se 
Coutee Eliza, servt, r 617 A ne 
Contee Grafton, lab, Tea al nr 2d sw 
Contee Grafton, lab, 1804 Wiltberger nw 
Contee Jane, servt, r 617 A ne 
Contee John, waiter, 117 L 6e 
Contee John F, waiter. Temperance hallai 
Contee Jonathan R. waiter, 1516 12th nw 
Contee Walter, lab, bds 132 B ne 
Contee Wm, lab, 25th nr F nw 
Contee Wm H, -driver, 523 25th nw 
Continental Fire Ius Co, of N Y, 505 7th 


bet, 3d. and 43^ nw 
Coutinental Life Insurance Co. of N T, 

708 D nw 
Contnor Isaac, upholsterer, 711 8th nw 
Convent of the Visitation, Fayette, bet 2d 

and 3d, Gtn 
Converse F A W, elk treas, ] 102 9th nw 
Converse Mary H, elk treas, h 1312 I nw 
Conway Albert V, police, 221 12th se 
Conway Bridget, wid Francis, 1826 L nw 
Conway Chas C, brickuakr, 11th nrHne 
Conway Elizabeth, wid Jas, 11th nr H ne 
Conway Emily F.wid M F, elk, 1811 K nw 
Conway George, hostler, 118 D sw 
Conway Henry, lab, 808 L sw 
Conway John A, prof, Gtn college 
Conway John C, barber, 4>£ nr E sw, h 

512 3d sw 
Conway John F, printer, 145 B se 
Conway John O, elk sig o, b 23U7 L uw 
Conway W C,.cook, 53 K st mkt, n 1034 

L nw 
Conway Louis, lab, 1 Goat al nw 
Conway Mary, servt, wks 821 M uw 
Conway Mary, servt, 1809 1 nw 
Conway Robert, butcher, 95 Market, Gtn 
Conway Sarah, servt, 916 N nw 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco 

611 Peuua Av, under Met- Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Conway Thocaas, brickmkr, 11th nr H ne 
Conway Thos, lab, Bouudary hd 4th uw 
Conway Wm. restaurant, 1034 20th nw, h 

Conway Wm O, lawyer, E c 2d ne 
Conyx Albert, driver, 442 Franklin nw 
Conyx Grace Mrs, 442 Franklin nw 
Cook Abraham G, printer, bds 800 H nw 
Cook Albert, baroer, 32613th nw 
Cook Albert P^ painter, 808 K se 
Cook Alexander J, elk, 624 Pa av nw 
Cook Alfred, porter, bds 416 Washington 

Cook Amaziah. lab, Brightwood 
Cook Adolph, dyer, 913 8th nw 
Cook Andrew J, musician, 723 6th sw 
Cook Auu E, 514 3d sw 
Cook Annie, 1104 E nw 
Cook Annie, cook, 1136 15th nw 
Cook Ausel B, studeut, bds 917 16th nw 
Cook Arabella, servt, 1421 K nw 
Cook Caroliue, wid Jos, 433 Franklin nw 
Cook Casper, police, 331 C ne 
Cook Catherine, wid Henry, 320 12th nw 
Cook Charles, brewer, 2610 I uw 
Cook Charles, brewer, bds 42 Greene, Gtn 
Cook Charles, lab, 2138 G nw 
Cook Charles sr, lab, 123 High, Gtn 
Cook Charles jr, mill hand, 123 High, Gtn 
Coook Charles L, blind, 9th c H sw 
Cook Chas W, carpt, I c 1st se 
Cook Edward B, carpt, 415 7th se 
Cook Edward O, 1926 Pa av nw 
Cook Eliza, wid Wm, 817 11th nw 
Cook Emanuel, lab, Greene nr Canal, 

Cook Fanny, milliner, bds 901 G se 
Cook Fenton, driver, Dunbarton nr Rock 

creek, Gtn 
Cook Francis, hostler, 1817 13th nw 
Cook Francis A, lab, 901 M se 
Cook Francis H, farmer, M ne 12th s© 
Cook Frederick, carpt, 1817 13th nw 
Cook Frederick, shoemkr, 19th nr 8 nw 
Cook Frederick H, letter carrier, 496 F sw 
Cook Frederick W, watchman, 496 F sw 
Cook George, elk, 417 6th nw 
Cook George, elk treas, 624 Pa av nw 
Cook George, mess, 1524 L nw 
Cook George O, builder, I619g6th nw 
Cook George F T, supt public schools, 

(col'd.) 1587 K uw 
Cook George P, carpt, 405 N Y av nw 
Cook George R, moulder, 405 G se 
Cook George W, contractor, 1332 8th nw 
Cook Grandson, lab, 514 3d sw 
Cook Henrietta, wid George, 305 13th nw 
Cook Henry, bellhanger, bds 926 C nw 
Cook Henry, driver. 11 Montgomery, Gtn 
Cook Henry, engineer, 2209 H nw 
Cook Henry, locksmith, 1104 E nw 
Cook Hopy Ann, wid Alfred, 1520 L nw 
Cook Jacob, lab, 1412 Pa av nw 
Cook Jacob, gardener, 1416 Paav nw 
Cook James, Chews al nw 
Cook James, pilot, 114 C sw 
Cook James, driver, Grant av nw 
Cook James R, lawyer, 61 K ue 
Cook Jesse, iiuner, 313 Pa av se, h 503 

7th se 

629 F Stieet IS. W. 





Cook John, blksmith, 905 10th se 

Cook John, elk, bds 505 E nw 

Cook John, elk. 4th and o, h 14th aby 

Boundary nw 
Cook John, lab, 2205 G nw 
Cook John, carpt, 43C b% sw 
Cook John, painter, 681 N nw 
Cook John, driver, O Pt al nw 
Cook .John C, livery stables, 1212 C nw, h 

927 M nw 
COOK JOHN F, Collector Taxes 

». C, h 1005 16tn nw 
Cook John F, brass finisher, 905 10th se 
Cook John F, coachman, 1131 16th nw 
Cook John G jr, elk intrev, h 1330 T nw 
COOK JOH1V H, lawyer, 520 Stfn 

nw, bds Howard University 



Jje I>Foit Building, 


COOK JOHN H., stoves, 1753 
Pennsylvania avenue nw, n 
1262 10th nw 

1753 John H. Cook, 1753 

Dealer in 


1753 Penna. Avenue, Washington, D. G. 

Cook John J, wheelwright, 106 2d, Gtn 

Cook John J, elk ord, 927 M nw 

Cook John J, (John J Cook & Co,) 203 2d, 

Cook John J, (John J Cook and Maggie 

A Reynolds,) millinery, 97 Bridge, Gtn 
Cook Jos, fruits, cen mkt, 613 3d sw 
Cook Jos H, elk pod, 1410 6th nw 
Cook Jos T, 929 18th nw 
Cook Lambert, 2209 H nw 
Cook Laura, servt, 1421 K nw 
Cook Leonard B, 477 Md av sw 
Cook Letitia Mrs, 51 Dunbarton, Gtn 
Cook Letitia, servt, 1700 I nw 
Cook Lewis, engr, Lucas al nw 
Cook Lewis, sawyer, 312 N C av se 
Cook Lewis, lab V nr 16th nw 
Cook Lewis, driver, E Cap nr 9th 
Cook Louisa, cook, 1030 N J av nw 
Cook Lucretia A, wid Thos M, grocer, 923 

G p e, h same 
Cook Mary A, cook, 530 3d nw 
Cook Matthew, carp, 304 H nw 
Cook Minta, washing, 114 C sw 
Cook Minnie S, stenographer ind o, h Uni- 
versity Hill 
Cook Oliver, porter, 123 High, Gtn 
Cook Patk, iab, 1222 24th nw 
Cook R H, watchman, 239 1334 sw 
Cook Rachel J, teacher, 1537 K uvr 

Cook Ralph, lab, Clark's al nw 

Cook Rebecca, wid John, servt. B nr 20th 

Cook Robt, stonecutter, 319 Mo av nw 
Cook Robt, carman, Montgomery nr 

Bridge, Gtn 
Cook Robt J 7 moulder, 711 E se 
Cook Roberto, wid Wm, nr M and 26th 

Cook Rodey, fruit, 41 and 42 een mkt f h 

613 3d sw 
Cook Samuel, wood and coal, 6th c Ma&s 

av ne, h 120 C ne 
Cook Samuel L r printer, bds 1537 K nw 
Cook Sophia, wid Chas, 415 I nw 
Cook Thomas F, marble cutter, 1222 24th 

COOIi TRUMAN A, (Professor 

Cook's Balm of Life,) 730 9tte 

nw, n 437 O nw 


Balm of" Life I 

Manufacturing Depot, Corner Ninth and 
H Streets, 

Stops bad feeling after eating. 

Cook Wm, driver, 55 Water, Gtn 
Cook Wm, music teach, 1008 6th sw 
Cook Wm, carp, bds 913 8th nw 
Cook Wm, mess, 1522 L nw 
Cook Wm, (Cook & Pillsburv,) 629 S nw 
COOK WILLIAM A, lawyer, 617 
Louisiana av, h 935 O nw 

w;ȣ r .A~ cook: 



Cook Wm F, lab, 716 1st sw 

Cook Wm H. elk, bds 1107 S nw 

Cook Wm H, lab, 503 7th se 

Cook & Pillsbury, (Wm Cook and J P and 

H P Pillsbury,) produce, 442 center and 

N L mkts 
Cooke Annie Roberta, copyist, Alexan- 

Cooke B C, phys, office and h 1305 Md av 
sw, office hours 7 to 9 a m, 6 to 9 p m 

Cooke Chas, printer, 307 A ee 

Cooke E C, tel op, 307 A se 

Cooke Edward A, barber, 1131 17th nw 

Cooke Emilia M, 54 Defrese nw 

Cooke Eugeuie E, 813 18tb nw 

Cooke Francis R, (Cooke Bros,) 613 3dsw 

Cooke Frederick J, painter, 630 L se 

Cooke Geo, brakeman, 1005 3d ne 

Cooke Geo, lab, 1434 N nw 

Cooke Henry, blksmith, Bladensburg 

COOItE HENRY », 3 Stoddart, 

Cooke Henry D jr, (H D Cooke jr & Co,) 
5 btoddart, Gtn 

Pamphlets Sent Free to any Address. 




COOKE H. D. Jr. & CO., bank- 
ers, 1429 F nw 

Cooke Jacob, shoemkr, 10th nr Pa av nw 

Cooke James R, blksrnith, 533 5th se 

Cooke John M, elk q mg o 

Cooke Kittie, elk, 211 D nw 

Cooke L M E, asst ex pat o, h 905 5th nw 

Cooke M H, operator, 307 A se 

Cooke Mamie C, music teach, 54 Defrees 

Cooke Margaret Ann, wid Philip J, dress- 

mkr, 56 Defrees nw 
Cooke Mary C, wid Lewis G, bds G c 7th se 
Cooke Richard, waiter, 1434 N nw 
Cooke Sallie J, feeder, 728 10th nw 
Cooke Sophia, elk pat o, 1107 S nw 
Cooke Walters J, elk, bds 1117 8th nw 
Cooke Wm, (Cooke Brothers,) 613 3d sw 
Cooke Wm E, (Cooke & Bro.) 613 3d sw 
Cooke Wm L. elk, bds 2618 K nw 
Cooke Brothers, (Francis R & Wm E 
Cooke,) produce, 116 N L and 40 cen 
Cooksey Charles, coach painter, S C av, 

cor E se 
Cooksey Charles E, painter, 5Esw 
Cooksey J J, paver, 347 N sw 
Cooksey J Walter, bookkpr. 347 N sw 
Cooksey John, plasterer, 1236 11th se 
Cooksey John A, plasterer, 214 4J sw 
Cooksey Joshua, N nr 8 Cap 
Cooksey Peter J, lab, N nr 4j^" sw 
Cooksey Wm. wheelwright, N nr \ se 
COOLEY BENJAMIi\, tivery Sta- 
ble, E nr Sili se, h 50S 8th se 


Livery, Hiring and Sale Stables p 

No. 714 E St. SE., Washington, D. C. 

Horses, Buggies and Carriages for Hire 
at all hours, day or night. Special atten- 
tion given to livery and transient horses. 

Cooley James N, printer, 711 7th nw 
Cooley Joseph W, dentist, 88 Myrtle ne 
Cooley Precila, servt, 1014 14th nw 
Cooley Roht, musician, 711 7th nw 
Coolidge H B, wid R H. 811 Vt av nw 
Coolidge J A C, elk, 2423 K nw 
Coombs Charles L, lawyer, 18 1st se 
Coombs Charles M, lawyer, 639 F nw, h 
1st nr A se 

Save money and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

M. Goldstein's 


Av., under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Coombs Charles W, elk. 220 C se 
Coombs Edwin, elk, 1731 11th nw 
Coombs Elizabeth, teacher, 221 D nw 
Coombs George, coachman, Willard's 
COOMBS JOSEPH J, lawyer, 639 

F nw, n 1216 O n w 
Coombs-Joseph L, elk, 1216 O nw 
Coombs K J, (J W Robertson & Co,) c 

1st and C se 
Coombs Madison W, stonecutter, Colfax 

nr M ne 
Coombs Mary, wid, Fowler's al se 
Coombs Mary J, wid Samuel, Colfax nr 

M ns 
Coombs Richard, lab, 17th nr A ne 
Coombs Samuel A, (Daniel S Harkness & 

Co,) 1720 F nw 
Coombs Thomas M. elk, 1216 O nw 
Coomes E P, (Crossfield & Coomes,) 419 

12th nw 
Coomes George H, bricklayer, 628 E se 
Coomes John W, detective. 512 7ih se 
Coomes Mary, sewing, 501 F nw 
Coomes Sarah Miss, 1314 D nw 
Coomes Washington, painter, 1133 8th nw 
Coon Byron C, elk pod, 338 Pa av nw 
Coon George, butcher, bd3 723 6th se 
Coon Henry, elk 2d aud o, h404 6th nw 
COON JOHN W, paper ha n per and 

upholsterer, 102 High, Gtn 

Jolin "W. Ooo» 

GOODS of all descriptions. Also, TABLE 

Cornices and Picture Frames 
ma<ie to order. 

Cooney Bridget, servt, 1739 I nw 
Cooney James, supt govt cor, h 14th cor 

C sw 
Cooney John, awningmkr, 1st nr K s e 
Cooney John H, 50 I nw 
Cooney Michael, gardener, 1003 N J av 

Cooney Patrick, lab, 26 G ne 

tt, t». cooke, m 

No. 1429 F Street, near the Treasury 


General Banking and Exchange business, TT. S. 
bonds, stocks, gold, &c; District of Columbia secu- 
rities dealt in. Collections on all points. 

GILMORE, SMITE $ CO., 629 F St. N. W. 




Cooney Patrick H, 50 1 nw 
Cooney Richard T, elk, 50 I nw 
Cooney Thos F, elk, 50 I nw 
Cooper Ashley, elk, M.A "V cor 7th sw 
Cooper Barbara, 1229 10th nw 
Cooper Basil, barber, 207 D sw 
Cooper Caroline, washing, 324 C sw 
Cooper Catherine, wid William, servt, 

1629 12th nw 
Cooper Charles E, oysters, 432 1st sw 
Cooper Charles H, blkemitu, 1826 Wilt- 

berger nw 
Cooper Cornelius, tailor, bds 935 C nw 
Cooper Courtney A, elk, bds 1925 9th nw 
Cooper D H, 93 West, Gtn 
Cooper Daniel, waiter, 1606 Corcoran nw 
Cooper Daniel, cook, 714 8ih uw 
Cooper David M, engraver, 90 Dumbar- 
ton, Gtn 
Cooper David T, carp, 1631 13th nw 
Cooper Fanny A, wid John, 814 3d nw 
Cooper George, lab, 826 2d sw 
Cooper George, lab, Wilson, Howard Uni- 
Cooper George, elk, 1210 10th se 
Cooper George T B, elk, 643 Md av sw 
Cooper Geo H, elk, 1633 10th nw 
Cooper Geo W, police, 1021 7lh nw 
Cooper Georgiaua J, elk treas, h 1217 M 

COOPER ©LEN W, lawyer, 330 

4% nw, la 58 Gay, Gtn 
Cooper Granville P, auctioneer, 610 L nw 
Cooper Harriet, wid William. 930 D sw 
Cooper Henry E. elk, bds 1925 9th nw 
Cooper I>aac, 1819 S nw 
Cooper James, carp, bds 1128 8th nw 
Cooper James, huckster, 450 9th sw 
Cooper James, lab, Wilson Howard Uni- 
Cooper James A, carp, 233 Pa av nw 
Cooper James W, vegetables, 196 and 197 

cen mkt 506 9th sw 
Cooper Jane M, bds 930 D sw 
Cooper John, shoemkr, H nr % se 
Cooper John, 340 Pa av nw 
Cooper John A, pressman, bds 814 3d nw 
Cooper John S, moulder, 714 3d sw 
Cooper Jonas, janitor, 2d c C se 
Cooper Jonas J, engineer, 315 E Cap 
Cooper Joseph, tinner, 930 D sw 
Cooper Lloyd M, carpt, 71012th nw 
Cooper Lysander, (Clark & Cooper,) 1819 

Cooper Martha Mrs, Aged Women's 

Home, Gtn 
Cooper Mary, washing, 432 1st sw 
Cooper Mary, wid James, servt, 815 2d se 
Cooper Milton, carp. 1156 16th nw 
Cooper Nelson, shueker, 616 Del avse 
Cooper Norman Lester, carp, bds 710 12th 

Cooper Raleigh L, elk, Md av c 7th sw 
Cooper Richard, lab, 1747 8th nw 
Cooper Richard, miller, 295 C nw 
Cooper Richard, miller, 324 C sw 
Cooper Rosa, elk, 1424 N uw 
Cooper Roshea, servt, 727 21*4 nw 
Cooper Sallle, servt, 67 Fayette, Gtn 
Cooper Samuel, lamplighter. 30811th se 
Cooper Samuel B, carp, 1925 9th nw 
Cooper Samuel T, lab, II R 
Cooper Simpson, printer, 821 M nw 
Cooper Susan, bd$, 930 D sw 
Cooper Thomas, caulker, 350 E sw 
Cooper Thomas, variety, 1224 M nw 

Cooper Thomas, lab, 614 Del av sw 

Cooper W H, bookeeper, 821 M nw 

Cooper Win, waiter, 219 B nw 

Cooper Wm, Ian, 237 Express al nw 

Cooper Wm, grocer, 819 M nw 

Cooper Wm,* engineer, 126 G sw 

Cooper Wm, "lab, 309 C sw 

Cooper Wm A, boatswain U S N, 303 L se 

Cooper Wm B, elk. 454 9th sw 

Cooper Wm W, asst supt U S c sur, 1311 

Copeland George, waiter, bds 1912 M nw 
Copeland HJlar>, lab, bds V nr 11th nw 
Copelaud Isaac, lab, Boundary nr 10th nw 
Copeland Martin G, awnings, 642 La ay, h 

221 2d se 
Copeland Wm N, sail mkr, 320 1st se 
Copeland W T m P, cor N Y Bulletin, 133$ 

G nw, h 1729 F nw 
Copenhaver M A, wid George, 506 E nw 
Copeu haver Wm A, engraver, bds 506 E 

Copp Amasa, elk, 404 K nw 
COPP HENRY K, ps-in Franklin 

School, 13tla aM M nw, h 1453 

14th nw 
Copp M A Mrs, 116 High, Gtn 
Copp Walter, bricklayer, 116 High,, Gtn 
Coppersmith Wm,. carp, 1336 6th uw 
Coppes A B, restaurant, 7th c Mass av nw, 

h same 
Coppes Frederick, elk Mass av c 7th nw 

gen Liberia and sec and treas 

American colonization soc, 450 

JPa av, la 111 I> nw 
Coquire Annette, servt, 53 Montgomery, 

Coquire Barney, lab, 53 Montgomery, Gtn 
Coquire John F, lab, 53 Montgomery, Gtn 
Coquire Mary, servt, 53 Montgomery, Gtn 
Corau John C. lab, 1643 11th nw 
Corberry Mary, servt, 1728 H nw 
Corbett Amanda, dressmkr, 239 4^ sw 
Corbett David, stonecutter, 18 C ne 
Corbett John, driver, 1013 17th nw 
Corbett John jr, eng, Market nr Bridge, 

Corbett John W, clocks, 454 Pa av nw 
Corbin Armetead, lab, 530 22d nw 
Corbin Augustine, servt, 1726 I nw 
Corbin E Lyon, physician, 60S La av nw 
Corbin Frederick, lab, 221 C sw 
Corbin Hempstead, lab, 607 22d nw 
Corbin Henry, brickmkr, 1829 T nw 
CorDin John, cook, r 418 7th nw 
Corbin Kate.S M, folder, bds 819 F sw 
Corbin Nancy, wid Deunis, 1829 T nw 
Corbin Nellie, servt, j221 C sw 
Corbin Robert, lab, 612 K sw 
Corbin Sarah, 21st bet P and Mass av nw 
Corbin Wm, lab, rear 418 7th sw 
Corbington Henry, driver, 721 Freeman's 

al nw 
Corbit John, lab, 8 Marker, Gtn 
Corbit Wm B, physician, '231 E nw 
Corbly Charles, lab, 1212 E nw 
Corcoran Alice. 20 Defrees nw 

Pennsylvania av cor 17th nw 
Corcoran Edward, grocer, 1763 L uw, h 

Corcoran Elizabeth A, teacher, 341 D sw 
Corcoran George W. lab. 807 24th nw 
Corcoran John, painter, 20 Defrees nw 
Corcoran Jos, elk p o d, bds 612 6th nw 

GILMOBE Sf CO., Practice before 




COMPANY, 1429 Pennsylvania 
av nw 

Corcoran Kate, elk, 409 19th nw 
Corcoran Lizzie, teacher, 341 D sw 
Corcoran Margaret, 20 Defrees nw 
Corcoran Margaret, servt, 1407 K nw 
Corcoran Margaret, wid Timothy, 40919th 

Corcoran Patrick, grocer, 341 D sw, h 

Corcoran Patrick, grocer, 1351 C sw, also 

wood and coal, 341 C sw, h 1351 C c 13} 

Corcoran Thomas, 425 20th nw 
Corcoran U,wid Jno M, elk, 2l37Paavnw 
Corcoran Wm H, marble cutter, 2137 Pa 

av nw 
Corcoran Wm L, stonecutter, 241 D sw 

11 nw 
Cord John W, dairy and supt St Mary's 

cemetery, h Liucolu av nw 
Cordero Fannie E Mrs, elk treas, 1429 R 

Corey C, wid Chas, dressmkr, 931 10th nw 
Cordon Michael, marble worker, 2200 M 

COREY J". WEED, LL. »., attor- 
ney and counsellor at law, 811 I 


J. Weed Corey, LL. D. 9 

Attorney & Counsellor-at-Law, 

811 I STREET, NW. 

Core John T, tobacconist, 172 Bridge, Gtn, 

h same 
Core W W, photographer, 920 7th nw, b 

Corey Waterman F, elk p o d, h 042 R I 

av nw 
Corbill Patrick, 511 2d nw 
Coridon Johnanna, 1316 N J av nw 
Coridon Philip, grocer, 1307 4th nw, h 1308 

N J av nw 
Corin Lorenzo, lab, Conner's al 
Cork Mary, servt, Willard's 
Corkery Catharine, 20 I nw 

Save money and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

B£. Goldstein's 

Av., under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

ing- editor Chronicle, Si. Ingle- 
hide, Mt .Pleasant 
Corkhill Wm H, Tenuallytown 
Corliss Hiram C, saddler. 479 M sw 
Cornel us James, maehiuist, 314 L se 
Cornell Benjaniau, engineer, 206 I se 
Cornell Jobu, teamster, 116 Congress, Gtn 
Cornell Jobn B, lab, 206 I se 
Cornell Patrick A, elk, 1220 4th nw 
Cornell Robert, dining room, 523 13th nw, 

h 1111 I nw 
Cornell Wm, blksmitb, 116 Congress, Gtn 
Corney Richard, 305 13th sw 
Corni Antonia, musician, bds 502 7th se % 
Coruiug Sarah F, wid Albert, 1235 M Y av 

Cornish George G, elk 2d aud o, 310 1st se 
(Jornish Louis A, mess, 3l2 B se 
Cornwall Clara, milliner, 915 Va av sw 
Cornwall George W, coach painter, C bet 

9th and 10th sw, h 10th nr Bsw 
Cornwall James G, blksmith, 920 D sw 
Cornwall Joseph W, coaehmkr, 915 Va av 

Cornwall L M, elk, bds 920 D sw 
Cornwell Catharine, bds 12 G nw 
COMWELL G G & SON, (George 
G and. Gilbert Cornwell, )grocer», 
1418 Pa av n w 





(Opposite Willard's Hotel), 


Cornwell George G, (G G Cornwell^ Son,) 

1418 Pa av nw 
Cornwell Gilbert, (G G Cornwell & Son,) 

1418 Pa av nw 
Cornwell John, wheelwright, Washington 

nr Fillmore, Uniontowu 
Cornwell Newton, baker, N nr % se 
Cornwell Theodore, printer, 905 9th ne 


mt immAMt co. 

CAPITAL - - - $100,000 

Otfice : 143© Pennsylvania Avenii©, 


John T. ILeniisao, President; A. BU Heer, Tiee-Presid't; 
«F. T. I>yer, Secretary. 





Tfie Southern Claims Commission. 




Cornwell Wallace, baker, N nr % 8e 
Correll John, lab, 48 4th. Gtn 
Corridon Bryan, maeon, 722 2d ne . 
Corridou Edward, grocer, E cor 2d sw, h 

Corridou James, prof penmanship St 

Cloud bldg 
Corridon John, grocer, 52 Hne, h same 
Corridon Patrick. M c 6th ne 
Corrigan Ann, wid James,al nr3dand Hne 
Corrigan Charles, carpt, bds 503 B se 
Corrigan Charles B, carpt. 308 Pa av se 
Corrigan John, liquors, 330 F sw, h. same 
Corrigan John S, carpt, 503 B se 
Corrigan Katie, 330 F sw 
Corrigan Mary Ann, 330 F sw 
Corry Levi, cabinet mkr, 410 M nw, h 630 

M nw 
Corry Lilly. 125 D nw 
Corry Wm, bds 1211 C sw 
Corse John D, boarding, 337 C nw 
Corshus Mary, dresstnkr, 1314 11th nw 
Corsbus Mary, wid James, 13i4 11th nw 
Corson Clarence, elk, 115 Washington, Gtn 
Corson George E, elk s g o, h 1217 T nw 
Corson John, attorney, 802 F nw, h 115 

Washington, Gtn 
Corson John W, banker, 160 West, Gtn 
Corts H A B, copyist q m g o 
Corum Alexander, eervt, wks 1224 9th nw 
Corwin E Olin, elk, 1314 12th nw 
Corwine Richard M Mrs, bds Hamilton 

CORWINE QUINTON,lawyer, 1429 

New York avenue, li 1121 I Oth 

Cosby Frank C, paymaster U S N, h 617 
19th nw 

Cosby Sarah, rags, 431 Del av sw 

Cosby Thomas, rags, 431 Del av sw 

Cosclow John, conductor, 141 H ne 

Cosey Turner, lab, 6 18th se 

Cosgrove John, porter, 1024 1st nw 

Cosgrove John, lab, 820 4th ne 

Cosgrove Patrick, watchman, Gay nr 
Greene, Gtn 

Cosgrove Patrick, lab, 436 Ridge nw 

Cossart Wm P, steward, bds Nat Hotel 

Cossley Olivia S, 1541 M nw 

Cost Frederick, fruit. 310. 311 and 312 
Centre mkt, h 119 High, Gtn 

Costa Don Juan B Dalla E E & M P Ven- 
ezuela, bds Wormley's 

Costello Daniel, lab, 727 3d nw 

Costello Jeremiah, grocer, 6th c G nw, h 

Costello Maggie, servt, 312 8th nw 
Costello Margaret, wid Thomas, restau- 
rant, 1508 10th nw, b same 
Costello Mary, servt, Willards 
Costello Mary, wid Timothy, 727 3d nw 
Costello Michael, engineer. 912 6th nw 
Costello Michael B, tailor, 32 Mass av nw, 

h same 
Costello Timothy, barkeeper, 27 G nw, h 

Costello Timothy, mess, 130 G sw 
Costello Wm, tinner. 71 Jackson al ne 
Coster Henry C. painter, 222 7th se 
Coster Stephen K, 222 7th se 
Costigau Susan R, wid Sylvester, 118 C se 
Costigen Dicandia D, 118 C se 
Costin Amelia, sewing, 204 C sw 
Costin Charlotte P, 404 B se 
Costin George, barber, 315 11th se 
Costin Harriet C S, sewing, 120 D sw 
Costin John. 120 D sw 
Costin John F, waiter, 120 D sw 
Co6tin Lucia G Moses, flowers, bds 712 K 

Costin Saml, driver, 126 L nw 
Costin Virginia C, sewing, 120 D sw 
Costin W Custis. barber. Continental Ho- 
tel, h 315 11th se 
Costin Wm C, mess, 204 C sw 
Costinett Paul, fruit, 913 Temperance 

Hall al 
Cotes r.lem, lab, 1st nr Pierce nw 
Cotes Robt, fireman, 1236 19th nw 

Cottell , printer govt prin office, bds 

63 H nw 
Cotter Armsted, lab, 131 G sw 
Cotter David J, lab, 21st nr Pnw 
Cotter Garret, produce, 243 cen mkt, h 

404 13K sw 
Cotter Jas, lab, 21st nr P nw 
Cotter Maggie J, dressmkr, 718 4>£ sw 
Cotter Maria, wid Geo, O c 21st nw 
Cotter Mary, wid John, 718 4| sw 
Cotter Michael, lab, O c 21st nw 
Cotter Thos, lab, 1 Goat al nw 
Cotter Wm, elk, O c 21st nw 
Cotterill Edmond.clk a g o.h 1809 13th nw 
Cotton Chas, painter, 59 Defrees nw 
Cotton Chas T, elk pen o, 461 Mo av nw 
Cotton John, 1322 10th nw 
Cotton L P, steward, St James Hotel 
Cotton Wm, bricklayer, bds 1202 D nw 
Cottington Jacob, carp, bds 922 C nw 
Cottrell Edw B, (Cottrell Bros,) 1416 Q nw 
Cottrell Henry L,(John B Diamond & Co,) 
bds Mass ay nw 



(Successor to R. M. CORWINE & SON,) 
Rooms 12 and 13 National Safe Deposit Building, 


Practices in all the United States Courts, including the Supreme Court and the 
Court of Claims, and before the various Departments, and the British. Mexi- 
can, Spanish and Southern Claims Commissions, and the Court of 
Commissioners of Alabama Claims. Special attention given 
to the preparation and argument of cases in United 
States Supreme Court. 

Pamphlet sent free to any address, 

Gilmore, Smith fy Co, 629 F nw 

Contested Land Cases Prosecuted, 




ottrell Win P, (Cottrell Bros,) 120 C nw 
JE. B. Cottrell, lumber, I, 

avenue c C nw 


Dealers iu all kinds of 

Lumber, Sash, Doors, &c, 

Cor. 2d Street and Indiana Avenue, 

Coues Elliot, capt and asst surg U S A, h 

509 7th nw 
Coughlan Bridget, wid Patk, grocer, 1529 

Vt av nw, h same 
Coughlan Danl, iab, 130 I ne 
Coughlan Denis, stonecutter, 616,N Y av 

Coughlan M A, elk, 616 N Y av nw 
Coughlin Deuis, mess. 2011 H nw 
Cougiiliu John, drugs, 600 9th nw, h 413 

G nw 
Coughlin Jos, elk state dept, h 2011 Hnw 
Cougniin T, elk war dept, 1001 K c 10th 

Coulter John J. shoerhkr. Inr 4th nw 
Coumbe Albert T, elk, 1304 9th nw 
Coumbe John T, phys, 1304 9th nw. h 

Coumbe Oscar H, elk, 1304 9th nw 
Counselinan Johu M. grocer, Fayette, c 
1 1st, Gtn 

tjountee Allen, lab. Express al 
Co unt ee Amy, servt, 723 Freeman's al nw 
Co UQ t«e Ann E, wid Barney, 110 D se 
^ouutee Chas, lab, Ridge-st al nw 
Countee Charleston, fisherman, 339 H sw 
^ountee Frances, servt, 339 H sw 
Countee Jane Mrs, servt, 611 E Cap 
Countee John, lab, 110 D se 
Countee John, lab, O-st al nw 
Countee Maria, servt, 723 Freeman's al nw 
Countee Mary, washing, 723 Freeman's 

al nw 
Countee Orpheus, stabler, 218 D sw 
Countee Samuel, lab, 1128 3d nw 
Countee Susan, washiug, 218 D sw 
Countee Theopolis, lab, 339 H sw 
Countee Win, servt, 321 C nw 
Countee VVm, lab, 503 25th nw 
Coursey Geo, driver, 477 L sw 
Coursey„Susan, wid VVm, 923 Stewart's al 
Court Emil E. civ eug. 513 7th 


Street. John .Davis, Clerlt. 

Jho. A.* J. Cresvrell. Counsel on 

Behalf off the United States. 
Court enay Edwd H, computer, 15 4th se 
Courteuay Frederick, engraver, 633 S nw 
Courtenay Henry H, elk, bds Morgan 

house, Gtn 
Courtney Bailer, sawyer, Del av nr I sw 
Courtney Frederick, engraver, 633 S nw 
Courtney George, piumoer, 213 E nw 
Courtney H H, elk, 129 Bridge, Gtn 
Courtuey Wm H, lab, Guild's al nw 
Cousins Fred, lab, Cedar nw 
Cousins Gustavius, lab, 1138 21st nw 
Cover Ann, wid Johu. 1215 25th nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to 

3M. GrOl'CLstein's 

California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p 

Cover Chas, lab, 2121 O nw 

Cover Charlotte, wid Wm, Mill nr West, 

Cover John W, barber, 1215 25th nw 
Covey D M, printer, 626 3d nw 
Covington Geo, flagman, 926 D sw 
Covington Richard, asst ex pat o, 123 

Greene, Gtn 
Covington Richard, driver, 602 F nw 
Covington Richard, cook, D cor 13>£ nw 
Covington Wm H, mkt master, 617 G se 
Cowan Edward, blksmith, 400 13>£ »w 
Cowan Henry, lab, bds 400 13>£ sw 
Cowan Michael, 1641 L nw 
Cowan William L, sailmkr, 1018 Pa av se 
Cowardin William R, prof Gtn College 
Cowell Albert M, bricklayer, 904 27th nw 
Cowell Rosa, washing, 180 School sw 
Cowell William W, dairy, 904 27th nw 

Cowen W S, elk, pen o, 
Cowie Albert D, gov print o, 600 7th sw 
Cowie George, chf diplomatic and consu- 
lar div treas, h 600 7tu sw 
Cowie Johu G, elk treas, 13L8 V nw 
Cowie T Jeff, tobacconist, 603 7th sw, h 

600 7th sw 
Cowing Harriet, servt, 1410 D nw 
Cowing Rudolph S, sec and treas, 1233 

13th nw 
Cowing William J, elk agr, 1232 13th nw 
Cowl D P, elk pat o, h 709 10th se 
Cowles Harry H, printer, 622 Pa av nw 
COWLING ATWELL, livery sta- 
ble, 1307 €J nw, a 1309 Gr nw 



(Bet. 13th and 14th sts.,) 


First-class Carriages furnished at all 
hours. Funerals supplied with Hearses 
and Carriages at short notice. 

Cowling Elizabeth, wid Thomas, 469 N Y 

av nw 
Cowling Roberta, wid Edward, dressmkr, 

1917 9th nw 
Cowling William W, elk land o, Bright- 
Cowne Eliza, wid Jefferson, 1371 D sw 
Cowperthwait, Elizabeth T, elk, 313 N J 

av se 
Cowperthwait Henrietta, elk, 318 N J av se 
Cowperthwaite Milton, asst steward, Wil- 

lard's Hotel 
Cox Achsah, wid J W, boarding, 803 9th 

Cox A J, copyist pen o, h 1102 9th nw 
Cox Albert W, painter, 78 Myrtle ne 
Cox Alvira, wid Josephus, 322 14th se 
Cox Amanda, wid Jos. 1627 Madison nw 
Cox Annie. 303 13th nw 
Cox Annie, elk pat o, bds 1102 9th nw 
Cox Annie M, tailoress, 511 E sw 

By GILMOBE Sf CO., 629 F JV. W. 




Ox Benj D, blksmith, 717 8th dw 
Cox Benj W, (Rornan & Cox.) 623 G sw 
Cox Cicero, lab, Potomac al sw 
Cox Charles A, bricklayer, 326 4th se 
cian, sec Board KLealth U C 9 
1110 F nw, !i 207 E Cap 

I 9 to 10 a m 
Office hours: < 2 to3p m 
( 7 to 8 p m 
Cox Clinton, lab, 1st nr P sw 
COX DC, US pen ag-t, G c 8th nw, 

li 1116 9th nw 
Cox Dandridge, lab, 1st nr sw 
Cox Dennis, shoeinakr, 1410 Samson nw 
Cox Edward D, barber, 1617 K nw 
Cox Emanuel, lab, 346 E sw 
Cox Emily S, wid William, 4 I ne 
Cox Eugene R, printer, 92112th nw 
Cox Frances J, wid J C, 91o 20th nw 
Cox George, carp, 23 D se 
Cox George F, carp, 341 1st ne 
Cox George G, 1416 11th nw 
Cox George W, confectioner, 927 Pa av 

nw, h 619 La av 
Cox George W, printer, 434 N J av nw 
Cox Harry, (Cox & Cox,) 823 Vt av nw 
Cox Isaac B, barber, 2317 H nw 
Cox James, engraver. 6th nr Fayette, Gtn 
Cox James L, carp, 625 D nw 
Cox James P jr. plate printer, 112 Wash- 
ington, Gtn 
Cov James W, fireman, bds 403 N J av se 
Cox Jane, servt, S Cap nr B sw 
Cox John, elk, bds 248 3d nw 
Cox John, lab, 704 % sw 
Cox John C, collector, 319 4^ nw, h same 
Cox John C, 1320 D nw 
Cox John E, tanuer, 106 Washington, Gtn 
Cox John L, grocer, 480 E sw, h 478 E sw 
Cox John F 5 (W W Cox & Son,) 63 1st, 

Cox John P Rev, 1634 11th nw 
Cox John W, tinner, 1323 7th nw, h same 
Cox Joseph, painter, 23 D se 
Cox Joseph B, elk ind o, h 1244 11th nw 
Cox Julia, wid Matthew, 1455 N nw 
Cox Julia A, wid William B, 717 8th nw 
Cox Keunard, slipper mkr, bds 2005 K nw 
Cox Lizzie, wid Daniel J, 603 I nw 
Cox Luther C, physician, 207 E Cap; 
office hours 7 to 9 a m and 5 to 10 p m 
Cox Mary A, wid William, 326 C nw * 
Cox Mason, lab, 1011 18th nw 
Cox Nancy F, wid Edw, dressmkr, 1647 

K nw 
Cox Newton J. printer, 1821 12th nw 
Cox Norval R, boiler mkr, 633 S C avse 
Cox Oliver, civ eng q m d, h 201 C se 
Cox Phyllis, servt, 215 L n w 
Cox Richard, boiler mkr. 633 S C av 
Cox Richard, grocer, 2001 14th n w 
Cox Robert, lab, % nr V sw 
Cox Robt, printer, 6th nr Fayette, Gtu 
Cox Robert L, clerk, 1116 9th nw 
Cox Robert N, 620 B sw 
Cox Rowland, (Cox & Cox,) New York 
Cox Samson, lab, 316 K sw 
Cox Samuel W. painter, 1312 11th nw 
Cox Sarah, wid Washington, 23 D se 
Cox Summit, waiter, S Cap nr B sw 
Cox Thos, messenger, 1222 19th nw 
Cox Thos C, sec cong com D C, h 92 Gay, 

Cox Walter H, metre insp, bds 803 9th nw 
Cox W M E, clerk, 1139 10th nw 

COX WALTER S.j lawyer, and 
president Arlington Fire Insur- 
ance Company, 505 JD nw, h 
1036 I nw 

Cox William, lab, 14th nr C se 

Cox Wm, grocer. N J av, cor Franklin nw 

Cox William B, 916 I nw 

Cox Wm E, elk, 1139 10th nw 

Cox Wm F, tailor, 30 Defrees nw, h fame 

Cox VV m W. (W W Cox & Son,) 916 Inw 

Cox W W & Son (Wm W and Jonn F Cox), 

real estate, 519 7th nw 
COX & COX (Iiarry*and Rowland 

Cox,) lawyers, 700 9th nw 



COX & cox, 



Office, corner Ninth and GN. W., 

Coxen Ann M, wid Wm H, 1644 4th nw 
Coxen Chas, plasterer, 1644 4tu nw 
Coxen Geo R, lab, 422 11th se 
Coxen Mason, jauitjr, 18th nr L nw 
Coxen;Thos?-gardener, v Brightwood 
Coxon Geo W, moulder, Potomac al sw 
Coyle Auastasia Mrs, 1461 T nw 
Coyle Andrew Mrs, 1103 13i.h nw 
€«VLE ANBKEW B.. attorney, 

h 1321 F nw 
Coyle Ann, wid Owen, 2 O nw 
Coyle Anuie, 318 Va a'v|sw 
Coyle Bernard J, elk, 2 Q nw 
Coyle Bettie, elk, bds 711 6th nw. 
Coyle Cnas, folder, B cor N J av se 
Coyle Cornelia, 608 E nw 
Coyle Daniel, tinner, 50 Jackson al ne 
Coyle Ellen, wid John, 1805 7th nw 
Coyle Emily, 608 E nw 

National SJanlc of the Republic, 

h 1331 K nw 
Coyle Francis, elk, 711 1st nw 
Coyle Frank D, elk, bds 708 13th nw 
Coyle Hattie, 608 E nw 
COYLE HUGH, editor and proprie- 
tor daily Telegram, 408 10th n w, 

h711 6th nw 
Coyle Jane M, wid Randolph, 19 Stod- 

dart, Gtn 
Coyle John, lab, 318 Va av sw 
Coyle John D, plumber, 324 Va av sw 
Coyle John M, civ eng, 19 Stoddart, Gtn 
Coyle Laura V, 218 E nw 
Coyle Leonidas Mrs, 608 E nw 
Coyle Patrick, lab. 2 Q nw 
COTLE RANDOLPH, lawyer, 412 

5th nw. h 19 Stoddard, 
Coyle Wm H, lawyer, 27 B se 
Coyman Henry, carp, bds 1807 14th nw 
Crabbs B J, flour insp, bds 1432 8th nw 
Crabtree Joseph, lab, 14th c S Car avse 
Craerin James, bookbinder, 1104 3d ne 
Cramer Sallie S, elk reg o, h 3t'0 9th se 
Craggs Adeline, wid. 927 Stewart's al 
Cragin A H, U S sen, 325 E Cap se 
Cragin Harry W, ex pat o, h 325 E Cap 
Cragin Charles A, physician, 124 Dunbar- 

ton, Gtn 

No Fees for Preliminary Examination. 



OR A. 

Cradn Chas H jr, lawyer, 4-92 La av aw, 

h 127 Dunbar ton, Gtn 
Cragiu Hugh, mess, 302 4th se 
Cragin Wm H, elk. 825 E Cap se 
Craig Alexander, lab, 1st nr river sw 
Craig; Alice E, teacher, Curtis' bldg, b 

152Beall, Gtn 
Craig; Amanda, Conner's al 
Craig; Amelia, 1812 I nw 
Craig Andrew, stonecutter. 309 C ne 
Craig Andrew C, elk. 309 C nw 

1812 I nw 
Craig Ca; oliue, washing;, 1806 Vt av nw 
Craig Charles B, elk, 109 Gay, Gtn 
Craitf Daniel. laD, 1140 19th nw 
Craig D P, elk pen o, 112 2d ne 
Craig David P, carp, 112 2d ne 
Craig Edward, bricklayer, 1202 D nw 
Craig Edward, paper box mkr, 128 L nw 
Craig 1 Ella, servt, wks 435 O nw 
Craig E H, elk pen o 
Craig F M, 38 Gay, Gtn 
Craig Harrison, contractor, 50 Congress. 

Craig Harry G, printer, bds Irving house 
Craig Henry C, (Craig & Jackson,) 152 

Beall, Gtn 
Craig J Monroe, printer, bds 14 I nw 
Craig John, lab, 1221 2d sw 
Craig John, mess, 2130 K nw 
Craig John, porter, Conner's al 
Craig John, lab. 817 14th nw 
Craig John S, elk, 1710 Vt av nw 
Craig John W, (McChesney, Craig & Co,) 

929 T nw 
Craijr Joseph, lab, 1401 11th se 
Craig Maria B, wid H K, 1812 I nw 
Craig Mary E Mrs, confectionary, 1401 

lLth se 
Craig Mary E, bur engr and print, 1 3d, 

Craig Mary M, wid Geo W. 38 Gay, Gtn 
Craig Moses, lab, 311 3d se 
Craig Philip S, elk navy dept. 423 7th se 
Craig Richard, driver, 311 3d se 
CRAIG ROBERT, 1st lieutenant 

4th artillery and. acting; signal 

officer, h 1008 I nw 
Craisr Robert, bricklayer, 1st c I se 
Craig Bosalba, 38 Gay, Gtn 
Craig Samuel, elk. 1212 6th nw 
Craig Sarab, wid Benjamin, 123 L nw 
Craig Thomas, lab, 12th nr C 9e 
Craig Wm, lab, 211 K nw 
Craig Wm, porter, bds 430 Washington nw 
Craig W T rm carp, 716 6th sw 
Craig Wm,' elk, 3 3d, Gtn 
Craig Wm A, elk a g o. 1430 S nw 
Craig Wm H, mess, Cedar nr 19th nw 
Craig Wm T, blksmitb. 1 3d, Gtn 
Craig & Jackson, (H C Craig and A B 

Jackson ) dry goods, 117 Bridge, Gtn 
Craigan Hugh, mess, 302 4th se 
Craige John, mess, 2130 K nw 
Craiuen Jacob J, 1534 Columbia 
Craigle Richard, lab. Trumbull al 
Cramer Absalom, bricklayer, 917 6th sw 
Cramer, Benjamin D, bk keeper, bds 622 

6th nw 
Cramer Franck, lab, 205 F nw 
Cramer Geo, printer, 205 F nw 
Cramer Joseph, barber, 1209 C sw 
Cramer Joseph V, contractor, 458 I sw 
Cramer Mary, elk, 2451 nw 
Cramp Annie, bds. 1372 D sw 



611 Penna Av., under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Cramp Laura V, bds 1372 D sw 
Cramp Michael, fisherman, 1372 D sw 
Crampsey John T, wheelwright, 10th c B 

se, h 1220 I se 
Crampsey W D, 1012 F nw 
Crampton Alexander, driver, 1713 D nw 
Crampton Annie, cook, 1206 Bladen's al 

Crampton Charles, boatman, Dunbarton 

nr Montgomery. Gtn 
Crampton Daniel, lab, 39 G nw 
Crampton Geo, driver, Gay nr High, Gtn 
Crampton Henry, lab, O st al nw 
Crampton Jas C, butcher, bds 905 11th se 
Crampton James W, elk, 722 7th sw 
Crampton Job E, machinist, 722 7th sw 
Crampton Mary L, seamstress, Gay bet 

Congress and Hitrh, Gtn 
Crampton Mary M, 1417 F nw 
Cramptcn Sandy, hackman, 1713 D nw 
Crampton Susan, cook, wks 1303 F nw 
Cramshier Mary, dressmkr, 1802 Inw 
Cranch John, elk p o d, h 13 4th se 
Cranden C P. elk a g o 
CRMDELL GERITI©1VI>, booksel- 
ler, 401 7th nw, h 610 H nw 
Crandell Hannah, servt Willards' 
Cnndell Henry, hackman, 342 M sw 
Crandell W^m H. driver, 340 M sw 
CRANE CHARLES H, bvt brig 

gen, asst surg gen U S A, h 1905 

JF nw 
Crane Ellen, servt, 18 I nw 
Crane Geo JE, com mer, 1237 Mass av nw 
Crane John, lab, 624 K sw 
Crane John H, produce, 460 Pa av nw, h 

114 C nw 
Crane Kate G, elk bur stat, h 1237 Mass 

av nw 
Crane Patrick H, blksmith. 202 H nw 
Crane Sophia, seamstress, 1150 15th nw 
Crane Wm jr, 1465 Pierce place nw 
Crauford Henry L, (Cranford & Hoff- 
man,) 717 14th nw 
Cranford & Hoffman, (H L Cranford and 

L M Hoffman,) contractors, 1420 F nw 
Craugle Nanie, wid Nicholas B, tailoress, 

Crankum W m H, lab, 23 Cottage row 
Cranmer David, mess, 1631 Conn av nw 
Cranston John, type founder, bds 619 

Mass av nw 
Cranston Robt, carver, 619 Mass av nw 
Cranston Salbe, 619 Mass avnw 
Cranston William H, tailor, 412 7th nw, h 

419 11th nw 
Crauy Gustavus, stone polisher, 118 2d se 
Crary John S, supt bur engraving, 515 

12th nw 
Crathey Michael, lab, 215 B ne 
Cratty Daniel, plasterer, 437 R I av nw 
Cratty James, carp, 408 R nw 
Cravens Daniel F, lab. 229 10th se 
Craven Ellen, servt. 1344 Cedar nw 
Craven Michael, lab, 216 7th ne 
Craven Wm, lab, 5 Rightstine al 
Crawford Alva, lab, Burke's al sw 
Crawford Charles, marine, 734 9th se 
Crawford Charles, shucker, 1100 6th sw 



629 F street nw 




Crawford Emily, servt, 628 Pa ay 
Crawford Flora, servt, bds 911 1st sw 
Crawford Franklin J, blksmitti, 14 Poto- 
mac. Gtn 
Crawford George, coal, 922 ST.Y av dw 
Crawford George, lab, 615 2d *w 
Crawford George, earn, 1230 11th se 
Crawford George D, (R 8 Crawford & Co,"; 

2-f 5th se 
Crawford Griffin, lab, Springman's al 
Crawford Harriet, washer, Ball's al my 
Crawford Harrison, bricklayer, l?09Riggs 

Crawford Henry, bds 209 E Cap 
Crawford Hugh, (Crawford Brothers,) 

bds 82723d nw 
Crawford J J, elk treas, h 1224 M nw 
Crawford James A, plaster, 202 I se 
Crawford James S, elk pod, b 1401 5th 

Gawford John, brick mkr, 914 3d se 
Crawford John, lab, 18th nr A se 
Crawford John, porter, Prospect Hill, Gtn 
Crawford Josephine E, elk treas, h 725 

11th nw 
Crawford Maggie, elk rego, h 726 llth nw 
Crawford Muhala, wid John, Union al nw 
Crawford Mary J, wid Adam, 7349th se 
Crawford Nero, fireman, 1512 l4th nw 

529 7tlt, h madensfrurg 


Solicitor of Patents, 

Counsellor and Expert in 

Office, Federal Building, Room 14, third 



Crawford R A, (Watterson & Crawford,) 
150 A ne 

Crawford Richard R, att'y, 2d c Warren, 

Crawford Robert A. lawyer, 1422 F nw. h 
100 4th be 

Crawford Robert S, (R S Crawford &Co,) 
922 N Y av nw 

Crawford Samuel, lab, 12th c B ne 

Crawford Bros, (Hugh and Wm Craw- 
ford,) tobacconist, 1204 Pa av nw 

CRAWF0EI) R. S. & CO., (Robert 
S. and George I>. Crawford,) 
coal, li. cor 6tSa nw, and. 1314 
IVew ILTorik avenue nw. 



COAX and WOO!>, 

Main Office and Yard, N. E. cor. 6th and 
K st. N. VV. Branch Office, 1312 N. Y. av. 

Crawford Sair.l, blksmith. 734 9th se 
Crawford Saml, driver, Willowtree al sw 
Crawford Saml T, bkbinder, 1418 8th nw 
Crawford T C, cor Chicago Times, 14U4 
Pa av nw, h 1305 F nw 

Crawford Thos, (Crawford & Archer,) 

131 Pa av nw 
Crawford Wm, carp, bds 1817 Vt av nw 
Crawford Wm, lab. 1119 9ih nw 
Crawford Wm, marine, 734 9th se 
Crawford Wm, lab, 2527 M nw 
Crawford Wm, machinist. 1233 G se 
Crawford Win, (Crawford Bros.) 827 

23d nw 
Crawford Wm B, sail mkr, 743 13th se 
Crawford Wm G, mess,- 1119 9th nw 
Crawford & Archer, (Thos Crawford and 

Andrew Archer,) dry goods, 131 Pa av 

Crawley Nettie, servt, wks 1222 4th nw 
Crawley Saml, lab, 1703 8th nw 
Craytor L D, tobacconist. 488 La av nw 
Creagh Peter, farmer, Brightwood 
Creaghan Thos, lab, 814 4th ne 
Crealand John, trainer, Nichols av nw 
Creamer Chas r lab, 214 nw 
Creamer Chas, driver, O nr 4th nw 
Creamer Charlotte Mrs, servt, 43 Monroe,, 

Creamer David, elk pod, h Balto 
Creamer Elizabeth, wid Geo, Van nr 4>£ 


Creamer Geo, lab. Van nr 4% sw 
Creamer John, lab, 43 Monroe, Gtn 
Creamer Thos E, grocer, 2200 llth nw, h 

Creary Wm E, postmaster U 8 Senate, b 

816 E Cap ne 
Crease Chas F, elk, 833 14th nw 
Creaser Elizabeth, wid Thos, 615 6th nw 
Creaser Laura C, copyist pen o, h 6th nr 

G nw 
Creaven John, lab, bds 2012 K nw 
Creaven Timothy, lab. 2015 X nw 
CKEEfl C. EATON, lawyer, feds 

427 4tm nw. 
Creed Ella, 603 La av nw 
Creemp Mary, wid John. H nr 21st nw 
Cregan John, paver, 632 2d sw 
Crego A C, elk, bds 1418 Pa av nw 
Crehan John, plumber, 2319 H nw 
Crehan Margaret, wid James, 2319 H nw 
Creighton Jane, elk, bds 1408 6lh nw 
Creighton John D, elk q m g o, h 810 19th 

Creighton Samuel, moulder, 410 G se 
Creighton Thos B, elk, 507 llth sw 
Crelly Chas, oysters, 248 3d sw 
Crelly Henrietta, servt, 248 3d sw 
Creinen John E, mfg jeweler, 615 7th nw, 

h 446 I nw 
Cremen John F, 446 I nw 
Crench John, elk, 13 4th se 
Crenmer David, mess 1631 Conn av nw 
Crestfield Reuben, lab, 142 Carroll se 
Creswell John A J, pres Citizens' Nat Bnk 

and com Freedmen's Sav Trust Co, h 

1829 I nw 
Creveling Geo, wood, 17th st wharf, h 2034 

17th nw 
Crew James, lab, 1228 Madison nw 
Crew Samuel B, ph\sician, 454 Md av sw; 

office hours, 8 to 9 a m, 5 to 6% p m 
Crews John F, 1509 8th nw 
Crews William P, printer, 1509 8th nw 
Crewsenberry Robinson, lab, 1823 X nw 
Grider Jennie, X nr 1st nw 
Crider Laura A, printer. Xnr 1st nw 
Crider William, 1516 6ib nw 
Cridler Augustus M, 1228 8th nw 
Cridler David M, elk, 1228 8th nw 

All of the Departments. 




Cridler Thomas W, elk, 1228 8th nw 
Crier Benjamin T, driver. 1725 K nw 
Crier Keziah, wid Geo, 6 tod dart nr Mill, 

Crier Win Henry, plasterer. 1725 K nw 
Crimmin Ellen Washington, bds 918 1st nw 
Criicmiu Patrick, grocer. 1843 6th nw, h 

Crimmin Win, grocer, 600 B se. li same 
Crinniau John, watchman, 2104 L nw 
Crippen Americus N. agt, bds 302 Pa av 
Crippen Chas H, auctioneer, 402 R nw 
Crippen Harriett D Mrs. 620 H nw 
Crippin Littleton, haekman, 710 3d nw 
Cripps Ellen, wid Win, 429 11th nw 
Crisemau Louis. (Edw Nelson & Co.) 38 

H nw 
Criser Jacob, watchman, 212 13th sw 
Crissey Sardis L, elk land o, h 1210 Mass 

av nw 
Crist Robert, engineer R R. 473 D sw 
Cristofani Dominico, (Cristofani Bros,) 

1001 C se 
Cristofani Felix, (Cristofani Bros,) 100£ 

C se 
Cristofani Bros, (Dominico and Felix 

Cristofani,) grocers, 1003^ C se 
Criswell Francis M, elk. 170*9 20th nw 
CriswelL Frank N, druggist. 1709 20th nw 
Criswell Maria, wid Thus, 1709 20th nw 
Criter Henry, huckster, 1510 8th nw 
Crittenden Elizabeth J, boarding, 1517 Pa 

av nw 
Crittenden Howard B, lawyer, 319 £% nw. 

h 1019 Conn av 
Crittenden J as W, elk pod, h 461 G nw 
Crittenden John, driver. 308 3d nw 
Crittenden Mary, wid Sandv, 212 L nw 
Crittenden Thos T, lawyer, 319 4X nw. h 

1019 Conn av 
Crocker Fred W, lawyer, bds 19 Grant pi, 

Crocker Irving M, (Crocker Bros,) 1419 R 

I av nw 
Crocker J D, milk, 458 and 459 cen mkt. 

h Va 
CROCKER JOHN S, warden 17. 

S. jail, la 1419 » I av nvsr 
Crocker John 8 jr. guard U S jail, h 

Crocker Margaret, wid Chas W, 524 11th 

Crocker Wm C, watchman jail, bds 602 A 

Crocker Willis F, (Crocker Bros,) 1419 R 

I av nw 
Crocker Bros, (Irving M and Willis F 

Crocker,) viueyardists, 1419 R I av nw 
Crocker Susan, wid John, 63i I nw 
Crockett W J, conductor, B & O R R, h 
• 31 E nw 

Crockson Thomas, lab, 224 F sw 
Crockwell Catharine A, servt, 61*1 nw 
Crockwell John R, (Crockwell & Co,) 1244 

9th nw 
Crockwell & Co, (John R Crockwell.) 

segars, 1119 7th nw 
Croy:an Jobn G, 422 N J av nw 
Croergins Thomas, blksmitb, 413 H nw 
Croggon Fraucts, wid John, 5'Jb 7ih sw 
Oroggon Henry, elk trea-, h 610 I nw 
Crogirou Henry B. mess, 1207 L nw 
Croggon Johu T S, (Jo tin T 8 Oroggon & 

Bru,) 500 7th sw 
Croggon Johu T S & Bro, (Johu T S and 

Win N Croggon j) grocers, 500 7th sw 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havan 
Kt>y West and Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penoa Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Croggon John R, elk treas, 931 O nw 
Croggon Thomas, foreman. 418 H nw 
Croggon Win J, hackdriver, 39 Myrtle ne 
Croggon Wm N, (John T 8 Croggon & 

Bro.) 508 7th sw 
Croghan Cornelia Mrs, 336 End av 
Croghan Lizzie, elk govt print o, bds 1240 

N J av nw 
Crombie Andrew, lab, 436 1st sw 
Craineiein Rowland, lab, 217 2d nw 
Cromelein Sarah, wid Rowland, 217 2d nw 
Crooielein Wm, wheelwright. 217 2d nw 
Crompton Jacob, shucker, 303 C se 
Cronipton Wm, elk s g o, h 1718 P nw 
Cromwell Chas, lab, 314 E sw 
Cromwell Eli, lab, D nr 19th nw 
Cromwell John W. elk 6t i aud o, h 1511 

P nw 
Cromwell Mary E, teacher, 427 4th nw 
Cromwell Nimrod B. 49 I nw 
Cromwell Sarah, wid John, 1515 6th nw 
Cromwell Thos, elk land o, h 1102 I nw 
Cromwell Zachariah W, (Stott & Crom- 
well.) 32 E nw 
Crouce Thos B, elk, 1337 Vt av nw 
Cronian Michael, stone cutter. 212 F nw 
Cronin Catharine, cook, 1023 Vt av nw 
Croniu Ellen, wid Michael, L nr 1st ne 
Cronin Hauorah. wid Philip, 435 Wash- 
ington nw 
Croniu Jas, restaurant, 111 4>£ sw 
Cronin John, huckster, 929 4ih nw 
Cronin John, carp, bds 1631 6th nw 
Crouin Joun E, produce, 193 Cen mkt, h 

933 4th nw 
Crouin Margaret A, bds 1019 C nw 
Crouin Martin, chf fire dept D C, h 435 

Cronin Patrick, driver, 315 Va av sw 
Croniu R A. printer, 922 H ne 
Cronin Thos, lab. Limerick al sw 
CronkArmstead M, wheel wriirbt. 620 Esw 
Crook Elizabeth, grocer 215 3d sw 
Crook Harry, elk treas. 421 7tk sw 
Crook John A. police, 317 D sw 
Crook Walter.' elk, 509 11th sw 
Crook Win, lab. 215 3d sw 
Crook Wm H. executive elk to President, 

h 421 NT av nw 
Crooker Wm, printer, 71 H nw 
Cross Arabella Mrs. copyist, 1213 F nw 
Crooks Carrie, folder, h.734 8th nw 
Crooks Jacob W, prime.-, bds, 617 4th nw 
Crooks Robert C, elk 6th' aud o, h 617 4th 

Cropley Arthur B, (Samuel Croplev's 

Sons & R B& A B Cropley.) 129,Bridge, 

Cropley E M, 84 Fayette, Gtn 
Croplev G W, druguiot, Congress c Beall. 

h 110 Bridge, G.u 
Cropley George W, sec Gtn Gaslight Co, 

b 110 Bridge. Gtn 
Cropley Maurice, elk, Seminary Hotel, 

Cropley Richard L, brickyard,28 Congress, 

h 55 1st, Gtn 
Cropley Robert B, (Samuel Cropley's 

Son,*, & R B & A B Cropley,) 74 lst.Gtn 

GILMOBE 8? CO., Attorneys 




CROPLEY THOMAS 1,, drng^ist, 
186 Bridge and 110 Higb, la 52 
Market, Gtn 



186 Bridge and 110 High street, 
Offers to Physicians and to the Public a 
fine assortment of Drugs, Medicines, Es- 
sential Oils and Pure Powders. All the 
new remedies procured as soon as noticed 
in the medical journals. Glass, Paints, 
Oils and Dyes. 

Cropley R B & A B (R B and A B Crop- 
ley.) grocers, 112 Bridge, Gtn 
Crople.v's Samuel Sons, (Robert B and Ar- 
thur B Cropley, )grocers, 165Bridge 7 Gtn 
Cropper Jeremiah, lab, 119 E nw 
Crosberry Spencer, servt, 734 17th nw 
Crosby Elijah, lab, 447 Istsw 
CROSBY HENRY T, cliff clfe: war 

dept, fa 2013 G raw 
Crosby Josiah Q. elk treas, h 512 6th se 
Crosby Matthew, brass finisher, 12th bet 

E and Pa av nw 
Crosby May Miss, elk treas, h 511 4th nw 
Crosby Robert E. picture frames, 20 2d ne 
Crosby William, lab, 2109 N Y av nw 
Crosby Wiliam H, (F Tenney & Co,) Na- 
tional Hotel 
Croson Ira, boiler mkr, 525 7th aw 
Cross Albert V, painter, 1304 Pa av se 
Cross Alice M, wid John, folder, 809 3d se 
Cross Andrew, lab, 900 4th se 
Cross Andrew, (W M Cioss & Son,) 608 

Cros-s Annie, 707 G nw 
Cross Annie,- wid Charles, 1315 12th nw 
Cross Arabella, wid, elk, bds 1213 F nw 
Cross Barbara, Md av ur 13J sw 
Cross Charlotte, elk treas, 1453 Corcoran 

Cross Douglass, huckster, 608 4^ sw 
Cross David, lab, Mt Pleasant 
Cross E P, farmer, 1606 Qnw 
Cross Edward F, let car, 733 11th se 
Cross Ella, dressmkr, 2 Bate's al nw 
Cross Fannie, servt, 300 Pa av 
Cross Frank P, elk 726 7th se 
Cross Frank W, machinist, 1012 Pa av se 
Cross Frederick, lab, Lackey's al nw 
Cross Gabriel, lab, 404 K se 
Cross George A, cigars 510 8th se, h 1316 

K se 
Cross George A, machinist, 1320 K se 
Cross George W, bds 1213 F nw 
Cross Harriett, cook, 2 Bate's al nw 
Cross Henry, lab, 917 Blagden's al nw 
Cross Ida F, elk, N cor X se 
Cross Isaac, lab, 1134 3d nw 
Cross Isaac Rev, 317 M se 
Cross J Will, elk, bds 101 9E se 
Crot s James, elk, p g o, 517 A se 
Cross James, (Cameron & Cross,) B nr 

7tn nw 
Cross Jas C Mrs. shoes, 506 8th se, h 418 

8th se 
Cross Jas T, ship-carp, 1304 Pa av av se 
Cross Jeremiah, pyrotechnist, 733 11th se 
Cross Joanna, wid Joseph, 205 Va av sw 
Cross Josephine, wid Joseph, 210 Jacksen 

hall al 
Cro>s Julia A, wid Henry, L, 306 L nw 

Cross Mary, wid Wm, 342 G sw 
Cross Nancy, wid Jas, 2019 \l nw 
Cross Richard, lab, bds 1233 S nw 
Cross Richard,, lab, 93 Washington, Gto 
Cross Richard J, bricklayer, 733 11th se 
Cross Robert R, plasterer, 18th nr E 

Cap se 
Cross Rose, wid, servt, Stanton's al nw 
Cross Saml, gunner, E nr Eastern branch 

Cross Samuel, porter, 1302 H nw 
CROSS SAMUEL,, agent American 

Ijiffe Insurance Company and 

secretary National Metropolitan 

Fire Insurance Company and 

real estate, 613 15tfa nw, fa 50© 

11 tfa se 
Cross Susan R, wid, 1726 17th nw 
Cross Thomas, lab,. 1412 1st nw 
Cross Thomas B jr. (T Edwd Clark & Co,) 

504 11th se 
Cross Thomas H, barber, 1643 6th nw, h 

Cross Virginia L, wid James, 416 8th se 
Cross Wm M, (Wm M Cross & Sons,) 60S 

Cross Wm M jr, (Wm M Cross & Sons,) 

608 43^sw 
Cross Wm M & Sons,, (Wm M Cross jr 

aud Andrew Cross,) fish, 42 eastern, 

336 centre and western mkts 
Crossfield Benjamin, printer, 1209 I nw 
Crossfield Catherine J, wid James T T 

1531 Columbia 
Crossfield Eliza, wid Wm, 1209 I nw 
Cro>s tield Geo R, (Crossfield & Coomes,) 

1225 G nw 
Crossfield Wm, elk p o, h 1308 L nw 
Crossfield Willoughby, elk, 1308 L nw 
Crossfield & Coomes, (George R Cross- 
field & C P Coomes.) painters, 419 12th 

Crossland Henry, blksmith, 1224 20th nw 

<>t*sley Arthur W, elk pat o, h 1114 Hnw 
c -man B G, grainer, 622 G nw, h 511 

Cross ■■■ Jacob H, coal, Deist nw, h 

4051si 'J 
Grossman lace F, elk, 4051st nw 
Grossman \V m D, elk o o dept, h 405 1st 

Crosson Henry I, phys, 68 Defrees nw, h 

Crotou Robert, carp, 809 Q nw 
Crouch Chas C, let car, 1107 9th nw 
Crouch David, moulder, 909 11th se 
Crouch Edwin D, mach, 932 3d se 
Crouch Geo G, 619 R I av nw 
Crouch Seymour, express, C cor 4% sw 
Crouch Thomas M, 619 R I av nw 
Crouch Thomas M jr, conductor, 619 R I 

av nw 
Crouch Walter F, butcher, Brightwood 
Crouuse Amos, mess, Herndon, Va 
Grouse George, lab, 134 Water, Gtn 
Crouse J L. physician, 228 E Cap ne; of- 
fice hours 6 to 9 a m 12 to 3 and 6pm 

( r w • , conductor, 2 3d se 

Ciow Frank, carp, 1416 D uw 

Crow James'A, printer, 1619 19th nw 

Crowe Peter, lab, 2 F nw 

Crowell A C Mrs, 308 6th nw 

Crowell Alfred H, painter, N C av nr 14th 

Crowell Joseph B, shoemkr, 219 4th ne, h 


Patent Pamphlets of 69 Pages Free. 




Crowell Robert F, elk 6th aud, 495V£ Pa av 

Crowingshield A S, lieut com USN, h 

navy yard 
Crowley Alice, wid Bernard, 1222 Union 

Crowley Benj L, elk, bds 465 I nw 
Crowley Bernard, paiuter. 1222 Uuion sw 
Crowley Bridget, folder, bds 2025 14th nw 
Crowley Cornelius, lab, 3d nr Fayette, Gtn 
Crowley David, lab, 429 Washington nw 
Crowley Ellen, 46 H ue 
(Jrowley Jeremiah, lata. 1827 L nw 
Crowley Jerry, sboemkr", 728 5th nw 
Crowley John, grocer, 197 Bridge, Gtn, h 

Crowley John, lab, 724 1st sw 
Crowley John P. contractor, bds 465 I nw 
Crowley John T, mess, 1827 L nw 
Crowley Kate, servt, 1611 H nw 
Crowley Michael, stonecutter, 3d nr .Fay- 
ette, Gtn 
Crowley Patrick, contractor, 465 I nw 
Crowley Wm F, (Crowley <& Wheatley.) 

492 F sw 
Crowley & Wheatley, (Wm F Crowley and 

Andrew J Wheatley,) com mer, 6 ceu 

Crown Allen, lab, Canal nr 2d se 
Crown Charles, huckster, 1800 20th nw 
Crown Chas A, plasterer, 1915 M nw 
Crown Chas R L, furniture, 313 4J sw, h 

931 Md av sw 
Crown David M, coachsmith, 180020th nw 
Cr r wu George, oysters, 715 4th se 
Crown Jane, wid George VV, 616 K nw 
Crown James F, grocer, 213d I uw, hsame 
Crown John, market master, High nr Stod- 

dart, Gtn 
Crown John A, shoemaker, 122 Frederick, 

Gtn / 

Crowu John F, blksmith, 212 12th nw, h 

1718 Vt av nw 
Crown John O, produce, 27 eastern and 

centre mkts, h 221 10th se 
Crown John T, (Babbitt & Crown,) 221 

10th te 
Crown Joseph, carp, 315 D sw 
Crowu Joseph H. butter, 141 N L mkt, h 

1308 Q nw 
Crown Mary, wid Samuel, bds 1103 7th se 
Crown Richard, driver, 11th nr H ne 
Crown Richard E, butter, 488 cen mkt, h 

726 10th nw 
Crown Robert, huckster, 492 L sw 
Crown Samuei, buieuer, Tennallytown 
Crown Sarah, sewing, 315 D sw 
Crown Sarah, al S nr 12ih nw 
Crown Thomas, huckster, 221 10th se 
Crown Thomas, hostler, W & G R R 
Crown Wm, elk, 931 Md av sw 
Crown Wm, butcher, Caual nr 2d se 
Crown Wm S, butcher, 234 N L mkt, h 

Rockville rd 
Crowner George, lab, 1329 Simms' al 
Crowner Wm, lab, 2003 N Y av uw 
Crowther Fannie C, elk treas, h 513 11th 

Crowther John, gardener, 201 D nw 
Crowther Richard, cik treas, h 319 C se 
Crowther Wm, commission, bds 906 8th se 
Croxton Thomas, driver, G F I (Jo 
Cruger Lewis, 307 E uw 
CRVIESHAXK JOHN, lawyer, 317 

£% nw, it 123 C ne 

The Cheapest House in the city to buy 
Cigars and Tobacco is 


California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. Seep 4 

Attorney and Connseller-at-Laf, 



317 Four-and-a-half street N, W., 

Cruikshank Misses. 40 Potomac, Gtn 
Cruit Annie, wid John, 727 7ih nw 
Cruit E A J, 1409 F nw 
CRUIT HEMi? ££, plumber, 737 
7 til n %v, ii saaue 


Plumber & tJas Eitter, 

And Dealer in 

Gas Fixtures & Plumbing Materials, 

737 7th Street, betweeu G and H. 

Cruit John M, plate printer, 737 7th uw 
Cruit Richard, livery, 719 11th nw, h 727 

11th nw 
CRCIT RICHARD Jr, livery sta- 
ble, 1724 «- ii w, li 1S0S €* nw 


Aldington Livery Stables, 

No. 1724 G. St., bet. 17th and 18th sts., 
Keeps for hire all the latest style of Car- 
riages, by the Hour or Month, 
with Drivers in Liver}'. 
N. B. — Particular attention is given to 
Boarding Horses. 

Cruit S T, 1409 F nw 
Crum Albert T, barber, bds 7th i r H nw 
Crumble Anna, wid Joseph, Pleasant alsw 
Crumble Charles, lab, Pleasant al sw 
Crumble Nancy, servt, 180 0th sw 
Crumble Rebecca, servt, Pleasant al sw 
Ciumlin Charles, lab, (J st al uw 
Crummell Alex Rev, pastor St Mary's 

Episcopal church, h 1522 O nw 
Crummels Nancy, servt, 508 Me av nw 
Crump Armstead, Swan's al nw 
Crump Carlisle F, carp, 759 6th se 
Crump Chas, bottler, 716 6th sw 
Crump Chas. lab, 716J 6th sw 
Crump Chas'F, blksmith. 708 23d nw 
Crump Danl F, police, 708 23d nw 
Crump Emery, carpenter, 712 23d nw 
Crump Geo D, carp, 708 23d nw 
Crump JasE, junk, 6th cD sw, h620Enw 
Crump Jas E, watchman. 511 E sw 
Crump Jane, wid Geo, 620 E aw 
Crump John, lab, 921 Hughes' al nw 
Crump Paul, lab. 2513 M nw 

GILMORE^SMITH # CO., 629 F street nw 




Crump Townsend, lab, 1914 N Hamp av 

Crumplin Alex, lab, 934 Birch's al sw 
Crumpton Robt, carpet cleaner. 927 N J 

av nw 
Crupper Fredk J, barber, 912 18th nw 
Crupper Florence C, 705 2d nw 
Crupper Robert D, elk, 108 D nw 
Crusenberry Catherine, servt, K nr 17th 

Crusenberry Wm, painter, 404 18th nw 
Cruso Frank (Cruso & Bros,) 34 Gay, Gtn 
Cruso Jas, (Cruso & Bros.) 22 Gay, Gtn 
Cruso Julius, (Cruso & Bros,) 34 Gay, Gtn 
Cruso & Bros, (James, Julius and Frank 

Cruso,) oysters, Montgomery nr Bridge, 

Cruso John W, 17 Congress, Gtn 
Crusor Anna, mess, 34 Gay, Gtn 
Crusor Collins, jail guard, 47 Beall, Gtn 
Crusor Edw, 1743 8 nw 
Crusor Edw M, mess, 47 Beall, Gtn 
Crusor Jas, carmau, 34 Gay, Gtn 
Crusor Jas H, servt, Gay nr Monroe, Gtn 
Crusor Julius, oysters, 34 Gay, Gtn 
Crusor M Louisa, mess, 1743 F nw 
Crusor Washington F, druggist, 1743 S nw 
Crusor Wm, lab, 216 Jackson's al nw 
Crusor Wm, lab, 17 Congress, Gtn 
Cruselle Martha, folder, 1023 9th, Gtn 
Crutcbet Antonette, 1804 H nw 
Crutchet Alex, druggist, Monroe nr Har- 
rison, Union town 
Crutchet Henry N, elk treas, 1731 8th nw 
Crutcbet John E, printer, 613 5th sw 
Crutchet John F, caterer, 1804 H nw 
Crutchet Leon, plumber, 1804 H nw 
Crutcbett James, civil eng, C c N Cap 
Crutcbfield Alfred, lab, Meridian Hill 
Crutchfield Calvin, waiter, 118 2d sw 
Crutcbfield Reuben, lab, Willowtree al sw 
Crutchfield Wm, lab, 1501 11th nw 
Cruttenden Robt 8, elk p o d, 47 1st 
Crux George, foreman, 1309 G nw 
Crux Wm, lab, Sherman av nw 
Cryer Sarah A, widJohn, 942 24th nw 
Cubit Susan, servt, 1218 N nw 
Cubit Susan, servt," 6 Covington nw 
Cudlipp Fred, boarding, 338 Pa av nw 
Cudlip John, lab, Magruder's al 
CCBHFP JOHN F, drugs, 1252 

7tfe nw, la 630 N nw 


Southwest corner 7th and N sts. N. W. 

Prescriptions prepared at all hours, day 
and night. 

Cudlipp Wm B, watchman, 633 F nw 
Cudmore Jobn, lab, 39 H ne 
Cudmore Michael, lab, 806 1st ne 
Cudmor Patrick, dairy, nr Lincoln av ne 
Cuff Michael, plate printer. 1316 16th nw 
Culhane Kate, servt, 807 1st nw 
Culhane Michael, lab. 135 H ne 
Culkiu Mary, servt, 1725 H nw 
Cull A H, physician, 221 3d nw 
Cull John, restaurant, 2106 L nw 
Cull Judson T, lawyer, 321 4% nw, h 114 
3d se 

Cul'en Braxton, 222 L sw 

Cullen John, elk pat o, 469 Md av sw 

Cnlley Samuel, waiter, Bladensburg 

Culligan John, stonecutter, 2327 G nw 

Culligan Mary, servt, 129 Ind av nw 

Culliuan Anuie, 50? 6th nw 

Cullinan Edward, 507 6th nw 

Cullinane Bridget, wid Michael, bds 1351 

C sw 
Cullinane Patrick, contractor, 802 6th sw 
Cully Burdy, lab, Bladensburg 
Culpepper Geo, lab, Spring nr 14th nw 
CULVEK C. P., lawyer, 412 5th 

nw, Si 301 IGtl* sw 
Culver Celia, bds 301 10th sw 
Culver Charles J, elk int dept. h 1218 O nw 
Culver Edward, elk, bds 71 Bridge, Gtn 
Culver Frederick B, physiciau, 809 E nw 
Culver John F, elk, bds 79 Bridge, Gtn 
Culver Mary, elk treas, bds 805 9th nw 
Culverwell John G, paper hanger, 939 L 

Culverwell Samuel E, printer, 939 L nw 
Culverwell Samuel E. elk ord bur, war 

dept, h 1106 9th nw 
Cumber James, barber, 216 Jackson's 

Hall al 
Cumberland Alfred, grocer, 313 Willow- 
. tree al sw 
Cumberland C T. boat builder, 11th st 

wharf sw. h 408 14th sw 
Cumberland Elizabeth, wid, 236 13K sw 
Cumberland Geo T, sLip carp, 306 13^ sw 
Cumberland Susan, wid John, Cnr 26th 

Cumberland Wm E. boatbuilder, 26th nr 

F nw 
Cuming Valentine H, elk a g o, h 1102 14th 

Cumlin Chas, boat builder, 408 14th sw 
Cumlin George W, bds Knight's al sw 
Cumlin Wm, ship carp, Knight's al sw 
Cumlin Wm jr, bds Knight's al sw 
Cummings Alex, 520 6th nw 
Cummings Alex B, elk 6th alid, h 1328 11th 

Cummings Horace S, (Cummings & 

Baker,) 905 13th nw 
Cummings Mary B, copyist, dept justice 
Cummings Mary R, O and 22d nw 
CUfflffllWGS & I2A1&EK, (H S Cnm- 

ining-s and Henry M «a»ter,) 

lawyers, 1411 F nw 
Cummintrsburke Michael, tailor, Fred- 
erick, Gtn 
Cummins Chas F, shoes, 932 7th nw, h 713 

K nw 
Cummins Edmund H, teacher, 87 Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Cummins John, driver, bds 1901 8th nw 
Cummiskey Andrew, elk, bds 441 7th sw 
Cumpston Edw H jr. com mer, 643 La av, 

h Alexandria, Va 
Cuney Henry E, elk, 226 D sw 
Cuningham Emanuel, tel op, bds 828 7th 

Cuningham Charles W, supt sts, bds 828 

7th nw 
Cuningham Ross, elk war dept, h 1030 12th 

Cunningham Annie A, housekpr, 1204 K 

Cunningham Chas. painter, 1017 26th nw 
Cunningham Daniel, lab. 18th n A se 
Cunniugham David J, lab, 116 Prospect, 


All the Courts— GILMORE $ CO., 




Cunningham Edw R, elk 2d aud o, h 1311 

10th n w 
Cunningham Geo F, machinist, 528 6th se 
Cunningham James, lab, 702 1st ne 
Cunningham James, plumber, 1508 5th nw 
Cunningham James, plumber, 403 9th nw 
Cunningham John, oil, 102919th nw 
ningham & Brashears,) printer, 

h 737 ?th nw 
Cunningham Lizzie P, elk pod, h 1706 L 

Cunningham Mark, elk, 640 O nw 
Cuuningham Mary E, elk pod, h 1731 Pa 

Cunningham Mary J, counter treas, h 116 

Prospect, Gtn 
Cunningham Matthew, bricklayer, 1017 

26th nw 
Cunningham Michael, hatter, 626 G nw 
Cunningham Peter, gardener, 1000 C ue 
Cunningham Hubert G, elk 2d aud, h Va 
Cunningham Rosannah, wid William, 116 

Prospect, Gtn 
Cunningham Simon, grocer, 652 H ne 
Cunningham Timothy, lab, al nr 1st and G 

Cunningham W A, boot fitter, 66 High, 

Cunning-ham William, police, 35 Prospect, 


(John H Cunningham and Thos 

J Brashears,) printers, 641 La av 

(Steam Power) 

Book and Job Printers, 

641 liOizisi&na Avenue, 

Washington, D. C. 
Newspapers, Pamphlets, Briefs, Circulars, 
Cards, Bill-Heads, &c, done 
at low rates. 

Cuppy F P, (Cuppy & Bur bridge,), 495 Pa 

av nw 
C uppy & Bnrbridge, (F P Cuppy and S G 

Burbridge,) lawyers, 495 Pa av nw 
Curgiss James, lab, 242 14th se 
Curley James Rev, Gtn College 
Cum Mary, wid Thomas, dressmkr, 505 

10th nw 
Curran B B, architect, 225 13th sw 
Curran Bartly, lab, 1131 23d nw 
Currau Helen, bds 22:) 13th sw 
Curran J F, elk sig, 2214 M nw 
Curran Joseph M, lab, Tennallyton 
Curran Rives, reporter, 225 13th sw 
Curran Stephen M, plasterer, 1621 New 

Jersey av nw 
Curran William C, bookkpr, bds 225 13th 

Curren Bridget, servt, Willarii's 
Curren John F, elk sig o, h 2214 M nw 
Curren Margaret, wid John. 909 26th nw 
Currie Frank, elk, 1334 11th nw 
Curry Alfred, lab, 1926 10th nw 
Curry Benjamin, painter, 2512 F nw 
Curry David T, barber, 1101 Qnw, hsame 
Curry Eugene A, produce, 403 cen mkt, h 

71 Bridge. Gtn 
Curry Hugh, lab, 402 L se 
Curry Isaac, painter, 80514th nw, hl417T 



California Cigar Store, 611 Penna Av, 
under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Curry Isaac jr, painter, 1417 T nw 
Curry J W, grocer, 1620 14th nw 
Curry Jacob, Jab, 1936 14th nw 
Curry John W, letter carrier, 1609 Cor- 
coran nw 
Curry Joseph W, porter, bds 4133^ 6th se 
Curry Leah, servt, 1936 14th nw 
Curry Levi, cabinetmkr, 410 M nw, h 630 

M nw 
Curry Margaret, wid Dennis, al nr G ne 
Curry Mary A, servt, 107 I uw 
Curry Michael J, bricklayer, 1367 D sw 
Curry Mildred, wid Henry, 131 G sw 
Curry Moleston, steam fitter, 139 D se 
Curry Samuel, iron wks, 13th nr B, h 621 

Md av sw 
Curry Samuel T, (E MKemble jr & Co,) 

1315 11th uw 
Curry Spencer, grocer, 812 C ne, h same 
Curry Win, lab, 10 Covington nw 
Curry Win, driver, 325 Va av se 
Curtain Elizabeth, wid James R, 806 7th 

Curtain Mary I, dressmkr, 806 7th sw 
Curtin Audrew G, plumber. 711 D ne 
Curtin Charles, collector, 1927 11th nw 
Curtin Cornelius, lab, 1024 3d ne 
Curtin Daniel, carter. 612 H sw 
Cuitin Daniel, lab, 37 Jackson al ne 
Curtin David, elk, 618 12th nw 
Curtin David, grocer, I c 10th ne, h same 
Curtin Ellen, 26u9 Penna av nw 
Curtin James M, paver, 1412 A se 
Curtin John, lab, 414-| 3d ?-w 
Curtin John, bricklayer, 1118 N J av se 
Curtin John, saloon. 159 bridge, Gtn, h 

Pa av nr 27th nw 
Curtin James A, merchant, 1109 13th nw 
Curtin Julia A, servt. 61 1 uw 
Curtin Mar}, s >,rvt, 1014 11th nw 
Curtin Mary, 017 6th nw 
Curtin Mary, dressmkr, 805 mkt space, h 

806 7th sw 
Curtin Patrick, tailor, 1414 Pa av nw, h 

322 7th ue 
Curtin Pairick, tailor, 1109 G nw 
Curtiu Richard, grocer, Mass av e 7th ne 
Curtain Richard, lab, h K cor 9th 
Curtiu Thomas, tailor, 20 5th ne 
Curtin Thomas E, 1109 13th nw 
Curtin William, lab, 12th c K se 
Curtis Albert, waiter, 1604 10th nw 
Curtis Amos, mess, 53 4th, Gtn 
Cunis Amos, mess, h 1620 2nd nw 
Curtis Catherine, wid John, High nr 7th, 

Curtis Charles, lab, 1129 25th n<v 
Curtis Clarence E, student, 117 B se 
Curtis Clark E, dyer, 223 3d ne 
Curtis Clifton, porter, K nr 4th nw 
Curtis Daniel W, watchman int dept, h 

14 Defrees 
Curtis Edmund B, elk treas, 117 B se 
Cart's Elzy, lab, North nr West, Gtn 
Curtis Frank, waiter, 1604 10th nw 
Curtis Frank, lab. O st al nw 
Curtis Frank B, elk, 117 B se 
Curtis Gaclsby, lab, Naiior's al 
Curtis George, lab, % nr H se 

629 Fnw. 




Curtis George W, lab, 1721 K nw 
Curtis Henry, lab, 1601 10ih nw 
Curtis Henry A, elk euu" dept, 200 D nw 
Curtis James H, white-washer, 227 G nw 
Curtis James H jr, lab, 227 G nw 
Curtis James M, elk. 515 F nw 
Curtis Jesse, lab, 32 Monroe, Gtn 
Curtis John, lab, 1604 lOtb nw 
Curtis John, grocer. 1122 21st nw, h same 
Curtis John H, waiter, 1032 18th nw 
Curtis Josiah, elk ind o, h 601 13th nw 
Curtis Marion, servt. 616 Del av sw 
Curtis Nicholas, lab, 1234 Madison nw 
Curtis Ottawa A, lab, 227 G nw 
Curtis Peter, lab, 1604 10th nw 
Curtis Richard, waiter, Willowtree al sw 
Curtis Richard, waiter, 5 Covington nw 
Curtis Rose, servt, 1639 12th nw 
Curtis ttoseitta Mrs, housekpr, Montgom- 
ery nr Bridge, Gtn 
Curtis Sophia, wid George, elk treas, 28 

Gay, Gtn 
Curtis W E, correspondent, 1314 F nw, h 

1110 N Y av nw 
CURTIS W W, lawyer, 700 9th 
nw, Ei 56 Market, «-tit 


700 9th STREET, N. W., 

Land Attorney and Claim Agent. 

House, 56 Market St., Georgetown. 

Curtis Wm, porter, 1454 E nw 

Curtis W H, cook, c Beall and North, Gtn 

Curtis Chas C, inspector, bds 337 N sw 

Curtis C L, elk treas, bds 1227 L nw 

Curtis H R, elk treas, h 916 14th nw 

Curtis John, lab, 703 6th nw 

Curtis Wright, elk pod, 1233 12th nw 

Curtley Conway, waiter, 8th c Boundary 

Curts Daniel, painter, 1525 4th nw 
Cusack Jenuie Mrs. 819 14th nw 
Cushiuberry Charles, butler, 201 E Cap. h 

a04 Rlw 
Cushing Henry, elk treas, h 1117 Mass av 

Cushing Henry D, 471 C nw 
Cushing J A Mrs, boarding, 471 C nw 
Cushing Milton B, paymaster USN, bds 

1309 Corcoran uw 
Cushing Sarah B Mrs, 134 E Cap 
Cu?bitjg Thos A, elk iut rev, h 803 G nw 
Cushley John A, printer, 68 I ne 
Cushmau Frederick, baker, 1338 6th nw 
Cushman M B Mrs, 1404 H nw 
Custmian W H. elk pen o, 218 B nw 
Cusick Alice, varieties, 525 8ih se 
Cusick Margaret, servt, 2129 F nw 
Cusick Patrick F. barkeeper, 17 F nw 
Cusick Wm, blksmith, 48*G ne 
Custad Eleanor, wid Geo W, 375 High, Gtn 
Custard Jacob F, butcher, 10 N L mkt, h 

80 High, Gtn 
Custeard Win A, (Ball & Custeard,) Scott 

ur Valley, Gtn 
Custer H C, 935 N Y av nw 
Custer Jemina, wid, 342 F sw 
Custer Wm, butcher, Brown's al nr Valley, 


Qustis G W N, R R supt, 118 3d se 
Cus'tis Gilbert, waiter, 331 Va av sw 
Custis Henry, lab. Mass av nr 17th se 
Cuthbert James H Rev, 918 N Y av nw 
Cuthbert, L M, student, 918 N Y av nw 
Cutler Clifford B, boarding, 222 3d nw 
Cutler Elizabeth,, 1235 10th nw 
Cutler L B, elk, Uniontown 
Cutshaw A N, stairbuilder. bds 624 G nw 
Cutter Benj F. elk treas. h 1011 8th nw 
Cutter Edwin C, (Fitch, Fox & Co,) 1342 

Mass av nw 
Cutter Mereine E Mrs, elk treas, h 818 9th 

Cuttica Carlos, 629 D nw 
Cuttica Martha. 201 D nw 
yer, 505 7th nw, bds 629 East 
Cutts Richard R, elk c sur, h 1605 I nw 
Cyphers Chas M, printer, bds 76 Defrees 


Daa Patrick, lab, 19 F ne 

Daber Elizabeth, 470 N sw 

Dabney Albert, waiter, 1153 17th nw 

Dabuey Benj, wheelwright, 1220 3d nw 

Dabney Benj F, wheelwright, 1234 N J av 

Dabney Charles, lab, Grant av nw 
Dabney Charles, porter, 712 H sw 
Dabney Charles, sawyer, Grant ai nw 
Dabney Charles H, shoemkr, 1205 H nw, 

h Grant av nr Boundary nw 
Dabney Elizabeth Mrs, 1022 8th nw 
Dabney James, lab, 1019 V nw 
Dabney Sarah A, wid Henry W, bds 1545 

Dacey Ellen, wid Cornelius, 123 1st, Gtn 
Dacey Kate, mess, 123 1st, Gtn 
Dacey Mary, 478 L sw 
Dacher Francis, waiter, 216 1st sw 
Dacus Charles, driver, 311 6th nw 
Dade Adam, lab, 19th and T nw 
Dade Alfred, lab, 923 Stewart's al 
Dade Charles T, waiter, Vinegar al nw 
Dade Clarissa, wid Washington, 1824 Gnw 
Dade Daniel, lab. 1210 U nw 
Dade Henry, elk, 39 Beall, Gtn 
Dade Henry, porter, Farragut nw 
Dade Henry H, provisions, 14 West, Gtn 
Dade Jane, servt, 1921 12th nw 
Dade John, mess, 126 D se 
Dade John H, elk, 415 Franklin nw 
Dade Julius, coachman, 905 E nw 
Dade Lewis, lab, 22d nr B nw 
Dade Lucv, servt. 1913 Pa av nw 
Dade Nannie, 1122 13th nw 
Dade Virginia, 1122 13th nw 
Dade Wm H, elk, 39 Beall, Gtn 
Dadman Hannah, wid Martin, 1302 9th nw 
Dadman Lizzie, teacher, 1302 9th nw 
Dafiin Cecelia Mrs, 1423 Pierce Place nw 
Daffin Sarah L, teacher, 1423 Pierce Place 

Da^gs James M. farmer, 3d nr Fayette, 

Dagg Nathaniel, porter, 122 2d sw 
Daggs Robert, 727 4>£ sw 
Daggs Wm, lab, 3d nr Fayette, Gtn 
Dahle Dora, wid John, 827 5th nw 

American and Foreign Patents, 629 F nw 




Dahle Ernest, grocer. 1429 N Cap, fa same 
Dahle Henry, bds 827 5tb uw 
Oauldr F, tobacco, 235 N J av nw, h same 
Dahl^reu M V. wid Admit al Dahlgren, 

1349 L nw 
Daiiey Annie M, treas, 103 Va av sw 
Dailey Elleu, wid Lawrence, 1022 3d ne 
Daiiey Henry C, elk, 410 6th nw 
Dailey John, policeman, 118 6th se 
Daiiey John, printer, 103 Va av sw 
Dailey Michael, paver, 103. Va av sw 
Dailey Oliver A. dentist, 627 Pa av nw, h 

903 M nw 
Dailey Thos, driver, 120 Purdy's court nw 
Dailey Uriah, lab trets, h 4th aud Bound- 
ary e 
DailyBenj, carp, 1141 20th nw 
Daily Cornelius, elk a g o, h 10 Bridge 

DAILY CRITIC,(£Kingrcralt, Hack 
& Miller, proprietors,) fi 511 

9tll El IV 

Daily Jane, wid John, washer, 901 E nw 

Daily John L, police, 732 4th nw 

Daily Mary, wid Timothy. Warren c 3d. 

DAIJL1T MTI©i\, TfffE (Nation 

Publishing 1 Coisipasiy,)64I Louis- 

iana aveiuie ? ami S^el>roit JSuild- 

ittg, 8th. street ffiw 
Daily Patk, grocer, 2106 H nw, h same 
Daily Telegram, (Hugh Coyle, prop,) 408 

10th uw 
Dailv Win, grocer, 1927 I nw, bds 25th 

and K uw 
Daingerfield F Miss, elk, 601 13th nw 
Dake Frank G, carp, bds 1518 9th nw 
Bake Fred E, pickles, 54 e mkt, h 1024 E 

Dakin R B, boilermkr. 493 14th sw 
Dalaney Fannie, elk, 1516 O nw 
Dale Chapman, elk, 37 1st, Gtn 
Dale John R, collector, TennalMown 
Dale Saml, eng, bds Howard house 
Daley Anu M, wid Patk, 1024 4th nw 
Da ey Aug, lab, 415 8th sw 
Daley Bridget, wid Michael. 323 D sw 
Daley Carroll, carter, 107 2d, Gtu 
Daley Danl. lab. 1024 4th nw 
Duley Edw,' lab, 2109 lOih nw 
Daley Hauora, wid., 122 1st uw 
Dulev Henry J, liquors, 202 B nw 
Daley Johu, plumber, 323 D sw 
Daley Jos, 427 2d sw 
Daley Jo=> jr, carp. 427 2d sw 
Daley Julia, print bu treas, 323 D sw 
Daley Mary, servt, 1731 1 nw 
Daley Mary A, seamstress, 1024 4th nw 
Daley Patk, stonecutter, 323 D sw 
Daley Rehard P, elk treas, 323 D sw 
Daley Robert, 818 Pa av uw 
Daley R S, printer, bds 608 La av 
Daley Samuel H, driver, 7th st rd nw 
Daley William F, lab, 410 19th nw 
Daley William R. grocer, 1610 Vt av nw 
Dall W H Prof, Smithonian Institute 
Dalla Costa Don Juan B, E E and M P 

Venezuela, bds Wormley's 
Dallas Andrew, cook, 476 Va av sw 
Dallas Eveett J, elk p o, 1105 5?h nw 
Dallas Oliver C, primer, 1134 12ih uw 
WALLAS STEPHJGN 3, prin elk 

surveys int. uejtt, Si 1134= WShnw 
Dalrymple Frederick B, elk 3d aud. h 315 

Del av ne 
Dalton Ellen, wid Martin. 1218 Pa av se 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods aud Smoker's 
Articles go to 

M. Goldstein's 

California Cigar Store, 61 1 Pa. Av. See p 4. 

Dalton Anuie E, print bur treas, h. 809 

Penn av 
Dalton Francis, elk a 2; o, h 927 E nw 
Dalton James, shoemkr, 425 8M1 nw 
Dalton James D, printer, bds 610 N nw 
Dalton James P, elk, 1740 N nw 
Dalton Johu. f*ar driver, 1710 19th nw 
Daiton Johu W, printer, bds 610 N nw 
Dalton Marion VV, wid Thomas F, 734 10th 

Dalton Mary E, servt, 1327 Corcoran nw 
Dalton Michael, plasterer, bds 427 M nw 
Dalton Micbaei, stonemason, 216 3d nw 
Dalton Robert, pla*e priuter, h 504 B se 
Dalton Sallie A, teacher, 622 Va avsw 
Dalton Theodore, priuter. bds 338 Pa av nw 
Dalton Thomas B, asst enrolling elk H R, 

h C bet 3d and 4th nw 
Dalton Thomas W, elk peno, h 733 6th nw 
Dalton William, printer, bds 338 Pa av nw 
Dalton William' H, tailor, 1231 7th nw, h 

610 Nnw 
DALTOMWILL1AM N, boots and 

shoes, 903 Pa av nw, h 622 Va 

av sw 

38". 8»AM»«I, 

(Successor to H. Burns & .Co..) 




Washington, D. C. 
j " 
I Dalton William W, painter, bds 610 N nw 

Daly Ann, wid Bryan, h 1724 6th uw 
! Daly Annie, elk treas,' 1724 6ih uw 
i Daly Bartholomew, watchman, 508 14th 
Daly Bridget, servt, Willard's 
Daly C M, elk war dept, 10 Bridge. Gtn 
Dalv David T, butter and egtjs, 172 and 
173 cen and Corcoran mkt*, h 15018th nw 
Daly Eugene, lab, 1316 N J av uw 
Daly Eugene D, grocer, 1st and L nw 
Daly Fanuie A, elk treas, bds 1116 G nw 
Dalv Francis, N nr | se 
Daly Frederick F. student, 1126 F ne 
Daly Harry J, liquors, 640 O nw, h 202 B 
j Daly Harry T, butcher, Bladensburg, d 
j Daly Jacob, coachman, 1303 K nw 
I Daly James A, elk 20ch and R nw 
; Daly James B, musician, 630 E se 
i Daly James D, butter, 30 Eastern and 3 

Gtn mkts. h 28 Bridge, Gen 
I Daly James Mrs, boarding, 723 14th nw 
j Daly Jeremiah, elk, bds 1363 C sw 
I Daly John, 138 Carroll se 
I Daly John, Gtu College, Gtu 
! Daly John, pmmber, 703 9th nw, h 408 P 

I Daly John A, p-'nter, 1126 F ne 
Daly John J. 1 ra - finisher, E c 10th se 
Daly .John J, tivieer, 1363 C =.w, h suae 
Daly John VI, butcher, 48 centre mkt 3 h 
Bladensburg rd 






Daly Kate, folder, 605 N J av iiw 

Daly Mary, wid Bernard, confectioner, 

E c 10th se, h same 
Daly Mary, wid, John E, 1126 F ne 
Daly Mary, laundress, 1721 I nw 
Daly Michael F, mess, 914 27th nw 
Daly Michael., milk. 1432 M nw 
Daly Peter, plumber, 1449 T nw 
Daly Samuel, driver,. 7th rd nw 
Daly Limothy D, butter, 172 and 173 
Cen and Corcoran mkts, h 1501 8th nw 
Daly Uriah, mess, 44 Howaid University 
Daly Wm B T mess, 4"| Howard University 
Daly Wm B, printer, 1136 F ne 
Dame Clara, elk 1st aud, h 601 I nw 
Dame John W, elk, 912 5th nw 
Dame Harriet P, elk treas, h 24 Gay, Gtn 
Darnel Harriet, washing, 318 K sw 
Darnel Wm, lab, 318 K sw 
Damp John, blksmith, B bet 7th and 8th 

Dana Oscar F, hd div law,, h 117 C s© 
Dana Wm D, elk 1st aud, h 1314 12th nw 
Danahar James, lab, 11 G nw 
Danahar Joauna, wid Michael, 11 G nw 
Danaliar Richard J, 11 G nw 
Danaher Daniel, elk, bds 125 F sw 
Danaher H M C f constable, 1331 7th nw, 

h same 
Danaher James, lab, al bet 6th and 7th, 

and K and Ine 
Danaher John, elk, 125 F sw 
Danaher Patrick, junk. 933 La av nw, h 

125 F sw , 

Danaher Thomas, lab, al bet 6th and 7th 

and H and I ne 
Danakas John, baker, 4th nr H ne 
Dance Wm, lab, 1st nr O sw 
Dandehne Louise, wid Thomas-, Cole's row, 

Howard University 
Dandridge Harriet, cook, 2213 L nw 
Dandridge John, lab, 1628 10th nw 
•Dandridge Peter, lab, 2213 L nw 
Dandridge Thomas, lab, bds 348 K sw 
Dandridge Wm E, lab, 1717 11th nw 
Dane Albert K, 1113 M nw 
Dane Emma, elk 6th aud, 1113 M nw 
Dane Harriet, elk treas, 21 Gay, Gtn 
Danenhower Charles, printer, Hyattsville 
Danenhower Joseph L, elk, Hyattsville 
Danenhower Wm W, grocer^ Hyattsville, 

h 1321 H nw 
Danenhower Wm Wjr, merchant, Hyatts" 

Danforth J Harry, elk treas, h 19289th nw 
Dangerlield Angelina, sewing, S Cap nr P 

Dangerlield Betty, servt, 715 N C ay se 
Dangerfield Beity, elk, 601 13th nw 
Dangerfield Hattie, elk, 601 13th nw 
Dan^erfielri Jamef , lab, bds 810 2d sw 
Dangerfield John, lab, 15th nr B ne 
Dangerfield Johu, poiter, 1518 12th nw 
Dangerfield Wm H, cook. S Cap nr B sw 
Dangerfield Willis, carp, 708 Graut av nw 
Dangler Curtis, police, Tennallytown 
Daniel Frederick, j(Cluss & Daniel,) 1232 

S nw 
Daniel Joseph H, teacher music, 7155th nw 
Daniel Wm H, elk, 413 6th sw 
Daniel Zadok T 7 physician, 911 L nw 
DANIELS AAK ML drug^ist^ 1820 

14tli iiw, li 1435 fierce place 
Daniels Benjamin, lab, 30 P nw 
DANIELS If CJORDON, lawyer, 9th 
c F mv, It 1505 10th nw 

.A.. M. Daniels, 
Druggist and Pharmacist , 

Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. 

Daniels Byron G, lawyer,, 1549 Columbia. 
Daniels Edward, geologist r 1436 6th nw 
Dauiels Fauquier, painter, 1353 1st se 
Daniels Harry, 335 Mass av nw 
Daniels Henry, elk, 335 Mass av nw 
Daniels He nry A,, lawyer, 539 7th nw,. h 

326 14th sw 
Dauieis James, painter, 116 M se 
Daniels Joseph^ fireman, K bet 3d and 4tb 

Daniels Jos r lawyer, 509 7th, h 400 M nw 
Daniels Jos H, mu&ic teacher, 715 5tu nw 
Daniels John, millwright, 1338 E se 
Daniels J B, druggist, 128 High, Gtn 
Daniel& Riualdo G, lawyer, 509 7th, h 400 

M nw 
Daniels Walter, painter,. 33 Indiana avnw, 

h 113 3d se 
Daniels Walter,, plumber, 133* E se 
Danison John F, eating saloon, 449 L nw 
Danisou Joseph E, elk, 449 L nw 
Dann Wiiliam, coachman, 3333 13th nw 
Dannenbyrg Isaac (Dannanberg & Co r ) 

New York City 
Dannenberg Leapman, elk, 914 7th nw 
Dannenberg Pnilip H ? elk, bds 710- 8th nw 
Dannenberg Un r (JDanueuberg& Co,) 914 

7th nw 
Dannenberg William, (Dannenberg & Co,) 

bds 633 Mass av nw 
Dannenberg & Co, (Isaac, Uri and William 

Omnenberg,) grocers, 7th cor Mass av 

Dan i Charles H, let car, 479 H sw 
Dant CUaries W, printer, 1106 5th ne 
Dant George W, bricklayer, 530 7th sw 
Dant Joseph. >rieklayer, 1123 5th ne 
Dant Mary, v»id John, al b<£t 6th and 7th 

aud H and I ne 
Dant Richard A, grocer, 330 L se, a same 
Dant Thos E, driver, 310 9th se 
Dante William E, contractor, 836 30th nw 
Danvers Susan, servt, Del av nr K nw 
Dapray J A, lawyer, 508 F nw, h 835 N J 

Daprav St Julien B, stenographer, bds 

825 N J av 
Darby Ann F, wid Ralph, Harrison nr 

Adams, Uniontown 
Darby Edward, 43 Market, Gtn 
Darby George W, carp, 117 Washington, 

Darby John J, mess, 403 I nw 
Darby Rezin W, carp, 43 Market, Gtn 
Durby Rufus H, (Darby & Duvall.) 43 

Market, Gtn 
DARBY & DU¥ALL, (Rufus 15 
Darby and George W Duvall,) 
printers, 43t£ 9th .nw See opp 
Dare John, physician, 321 A se 
Dare Joseph W, agt,1013 F nw, bds Milli- 

keu House 
Darley Frank, printer, 023 Pa av nw 

GILMORE $■ CO., 629 F nw, Prosecute 




Darling Effie, counter, Walker's Farm sar 

Barling 'Ehud N, civil eng, 209 A se 
Darling Hester, wid Samuel, bds 419 9th 

Darling John A, 131? R nw 
Darlington Joseph J, (Lambert & Darling- 
ton) 410 5th nw 
Darnall James E, elk 4th aud, h 810 E 83 
Darnall James M, pattern mkr. §19 K se 
Darnall Martin, armorer, 1311 9th nw 
Darnall Mary A, dressmkr, 319 K se 
Darnald Win C; lab, 321 D se 
Darne John A, elk, bds 809 K nw 
Darne John H, 116 Bridge, Gtn 
Darne Mary, v»id Robt B, 118 Bridge, Gtn 
Darneille Benj J, lawyer, 452 La av, h 

Congress nr Road, Gtn 
tate, corner 7tii and Louisiana 
avenue, h Congress nr Stoddard, 



Office, Corner Seventh St. and La. Ave., 

Darnes John, hostler, Monticello House, 

Darnes R H, livery, 57 High, Gtn 
Darney Daniel, lab, 1622 10th nw 
Darney Ellen, servt, 600 G nw 
Dan- Ferdinand, Dricklayer, 807 Md avne 
Darr John F, gardener, 15 7th ne 
Darr M E, wid Charles W, 15 7th ne 
Darrautih J T, elk, 27 5th, Gtn 
Darraugh Thomas L, elk. 27 5th, Gtn 
Darrall Alice M, counter, 932 E nw 
Darrall Francis C, copyist pen o, h 932 E 

Darrell A M, 1125 11th nw 
Darrell John H, dentist, 1237 Pa av nw, h 

1459 S nw 
©arrell Julia A, wid John. 1302 R nw 
Darrell Wm B. cik, bds St Marc Hotel 
Darrow George M. elk, bds 306 E nw 
Dart Anson, 338 E sw 
Dart J Frank, elk p o d 
Darwin Charles, asst librn Congress, Ana- 


1UE. G-olcistein, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Havana, 
Key West aud Domestic Cigars, 
611 Penna Avenue, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Dashiell Columbus W, cabinet mkr, 2012 

E nw 
Dashiell John H Rev, pastor McKendree 

church, Mass av nr 9th uw, h 921 Mass 

av uw 
Dashiel Samuel A, elk. bds St Marc Hotel 
Dashieis Ruf us, lab, 934 Stephenson's id sw 
Daskam E B, elk treas, h 1425 R nw 
Datcher Annie, elk treas, h 1305 12th nw 
Datcher Ellen, wid Francis, 1305 12th nw 
Datcher George^H. 130512th nw 
Datcher Mary V. wid S J, teacher, bdd 

1537 K nw 
Datcher Wm, gardener, 634 Mass av ne 
Dattler Jos, musician, 5th nr Va av 
Daughton Burley, lab 1009 Va av se 
Daugbtou Darius W, moulder, 241 10th se 
Daught< n John, moulder, 1242 20th nw 
Daulby James R, ga dener, 14th c G nw 
DaunerRynold, elk, 71710ih se 
Dausch John B, musician, 524 7th se 
Dausch Lamy, wid Nicholas, 1250 Pa av 

Dausch Michael, lab, 1304 D sw 
Davenport Benj, lawyer, 1306 F nw, h944 

E nw 
Davenport Chas E, elk a g o, h 18 Mont- 
gomery, Gtu 
Davenport Frank, lab, 145 Pierce nw 
Davenport Harriett, Gay c Monroe, Gtn 
DAVENPORT ISAAC, carpenter, 

22 Gay, tfcitn 


House Carpenter, 

Orders promptly attended to. 

Davenport Jesse, tobacconist, 511 7th sw 

h same 
Davenport Maggie, seamstress, 1219 C nw 
Davenport Woidson, lab, 1922 N nw 
Davey Henry, lab, 912 G se 
David Abraham, clothing, 1202 7th nw, h 




Steam Power Printers, 

So. 4SS Ninth St., bet. » and JE. 



Cases in Supreme Court United States* 




")avid Amos, (waters, 739 13f.h nw 
Javid Sarah. Avid John, 1006 I se 
Davidge Chas H. chf red div treas, h 917 

G nvv 
Davidge Mary F, servt, 507 4% sw 
Davidson M J Mrs, elk treas, 507 13th nw 
Davidge Richard W. watchman, 1026 19th 

DAVIDGE WALTER !>., lawyer, 

41.6 6th nw, h same 
Davidson Alexander, carriage bldr, 1819 

R nw 
Davidson Alexander B, 1412 11th nw 
Davidson Clementina E, 705 15th nw 
Davidson Daniel D, elk a g o, h 433 10th 


Davidson Delozier, (Dyer & Davidson,) 

lids 15th c N Y av nw 
Davidson Delozier, col Daily Natl Rep, h 

053 E hw 
Davidson Edwd C, elk. bds 25 Grant pi nw 
Davidson Frank G, miller, Bladensburg 
Davidson Irving, 507 13th nw 
Davidsou Jas G, butcher, Bridge nr War- 
ren, Gtn 
Davidson Jas M, cik snrg genlso, h 73 De- 
frees nw 
Davidson John, cik sol o, h 1202 E nw 
Davidsou Johu B, bdg, 1330 and 1332 I nw 
Davidson John B, teacher, 102 West, Gtn 
Davidsou John H, butcher, 118 Prospect, 

Davidson Joseph H, grocer, 301 14th nw 
Davidsou Julia Mrs, 124 Washington, Gtn 
Davidson J G, butcher, stand 11 K-strukt, 

h Canal rd, Gtn 
Davidson Laura L, teacher. 335 Mo av 
Davidson M J, elk treas, 507 13th nw 
National Kepiifolican, In 1313 '1' 
Davidson Samuel G, lawyer, 486 La av, h 

1304 Md av sw 
Davidson Sophia P, teacher, bds 433 10th 

Davidson Spencer, prof,*335 Mo av nw 
Davidson Virginia, elk int rev, h 1412 

11th nw 
Davidson Wm A, butter, 3 stall 183 centre 

mkt. h 510 8th sw 
Davidson Wm M, butcher, 250 N L mkt, h 

Ridge rd 
Davies Annie, 136 C ne 
Davies Cecelia Mrs, 1322 11th nw 
Davies Francis, printer, bds 309 1 se 
Davies Walter R, 820 17th nw 
Davies Wm. brass finisher, 309 I se 
Davis Abraham, hostler, Lueas|;al nw 
Davis A H 6, printer, 435 O nw 
Davis A L, produce, 816 9th nsv, h same 
Davis Aletha, cook. 1231 10th nw 
Davis Alexander, waiter, 1512 12th nw 
Davts Allied VV, (A W Davis & Co,) 42 N 

Y av 
Davis Allen, lab, 506 4th ne 
Davis Alvin, lab, (> st al nw 
Davis Amanda, 422 Ridge nvv 
Davir Amanda, v\id Win, 12 Bridge, Gtn 
Davis Amelia, wid Richard, 96 Washing- 
ton, Gtn 
©AVIS AMERICAS, druggist, 926. 

19th nw, h same 
Davis Anna, wid Joseph, 933 Va av sw 
Duvis Anna G, copyist q£m g o, h 145 

Beall, Gtn 
Davis Annie, servt. 2029 I nw 

Davis Annie, servt, 2215 D nw 

Davis Annie, servt, 525 21st nw 

Davis Annie A, servt, 926 17th nw 

Davis Annie E, servt, >817 18th nw 

Davis Augustus, (A Da\is & Son,) 439 M 

Davis Augustus, paver, Lucas al nw 
Davis Augustus jr, feed, 817 7th nw, h 707 

5th nw 
9AVIS A & SON, fAngustus and 

Cliarles T ©avis,) real estate., 

615 7th nw 

Builders and Eeal Estate Agents^ 

(Opposite Patent Office), 


Davis A W, (A W Davis & Co,) 402 N Y 

av nw 
©AVIS A W & CO, (A W ©avis,) 

grocers, 820 7th nw 

A. "VT. Da-vis & Co., 

(Successors to G. W. Cissell.) 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in FINE 



Davis Ben], janitor, 529 7th 
Davis Eeuj P, elk treas, h Mt Pleasant 
Davis Caleb F, elk a g o, h 811 21st nw 
Davis Caroline, wid Chas E, 1105 N nw 
Davis Caroline, wid John, boarding, 614 
12th nw 
j Davis Caroline A, elk treas 
Davis Carrie, servt, 119 Pa av nw 
Davis Catherine. 614 12th nw 
Davis Catherine, 1016 E nw 
Davis Catherine, wid Edward F, 446 P nw 
Davis Chas B, mess, 822 23d nw 
Davis C F, elk war dept, h 811 21st nw 
Davis Chtirity, cook, 1709 H nw 
Davis Charity, cook, 2015 H nw 
Davis Charles, bricklayer. 812 33d nw 
Davis Charles, carp, bds 922 C nw 
Davis Charles, lab treas, h 2147 Pa av nw 
Davis Charles, waiter, 111 5th se 
Davis Cbarles, watchman treas 
Davis Charles A, elk, 1035 17th nw 
Davis Charles E, elk, 1105 N nw 
Davis Charles G, painter, 479 Md av sw 
Davis Charles E, shoemkr, 1130 18tL nw, 

h same 
Davis Charles H, elk, 637 E se 
Davis Charles H. printer, 25 K ne 
Davis Charles H, R Admiral U S N Obser- 
vatory, 23d c E nw 
Davis Charles H jr, Lieut Comm U S N 

Observatory, 23d c E nw 
Davis Charles K, lab, 2147 Pa av nw 
Davis Charles L, shoemkr, 610 G nw, h 

Davis Charles M, printer, 1518 Ga av se 

Any Litigation Appertaining to Patents 




Davis Charles M, roofer, 332 G sw 

Davis Charles R. elk. 3d e E Cap 

Davis Charles T, (A Davis & Son,) 439 M 

Davis Charles W, porter, 235 N J av se 
Davis Charles W S, carp, 2034 I nw, h 

2504 I nw 
Davis C W, m^ss, Nichols av 
Davis Clara, 145 Beall, Gtn 
Davis Clarissa, wid Watkins, Union al nw 
Davis Cornelius W. mess, Hillsdale 
Davis Daniel, lab, 15 or C ue 
Davis Daniel W, Lieut Navy, 307 Mo av 

DAVIS DAVID, Asso Justice Su- 
preme Court U S, tods National 
Davis David, grocer, M c 6th sw 
Davis D C, engineer, 339 N sw 
Davis Denison, dentist, 1209 Pa av nw, h 

Davis D M, (Davis & Ashley,) 1013 19th 

Davis Edgar, painter, 2215 D nw 
Davis Edward, lab, 411 Nicholson al ne 
Davis Edward, waiter, 1130 18th nw 
Davis Edward F, carp, 446 P nw 
Davis Edward S, painter, 1455 P nw 
Davis Edward W, printer, 441 1 nw 
Davis E G & Co, (EG Davis and S C 

Dickinson,) fancy yoods. 924 7th nw 
Davis Eldred G, (E G Davis & Co,) fancy 

goods, 719 mkt space, h 1711- 15th nw 
Davis Eli, shoemkr, 806 11th nw 
Davis Elias, contractor, 420 M nw 
Davis Eliza, wid Arthur, 2031 L nw 
Davis Eliza, wid James, washing, Blag- 
den's alnw 
Davis Elizabeth, 145 Beall, Gtn 
Davis Elizabeth, wid Cornelius, Locust al 


Davis Elizabeth, wid Thomas, 521 20th nw 
Davis Elizabeth, milliner, bds 71 H nw 
Davis Elizabeth, servt, 1316 Vt av nw 
Davis Emily, elk govt ptg o, bds 1400 6th 

Davis Ephraim, carp, 3d c S C av se 
Davis Felix, servt, 228 1 nw 
Davis Ferdinand 8, wheelwright, 918 6th 

Davis Francis, plasterer, 911 26th nw 
Davis Francis, whitewashed Chew's al, 

bet 1st and 2d nw 
Davis Frank, elk, 745 10th se 
Davis Frank, janitor, 18th nr D ne 
Davis Frank, lab, 18th nr B se 
Davis Frank P, bookkpr, 745 10th &e 
Davis George, barber, Columbia nw 
Davis George, lab, 14 Bridge, Gtn 
Davis George, waiter, 1417 F nw 
Davis George A, helper, 1203 3d se 
Davis George E, coachsmith, M nr 2d se 
Davis George E, cooper, 733 6th se 
Davis George E, elk q m g o, h 1737 11th 

Davis George F, elk, 424 N nw 
Davis Geo J, (Davis & Gaut£,) 1417 10th 

Davis George M, physician, 906 D sw; of- 
fice hours 7 to 9am 12 to 2 and 4 to 6 

p m 
Davis George N Mrs, 1418 K nw 
Davis Geo W, eng, 108 2d ue 
Davis Glbc-ri R, sailrnkr, 516 5th se 
Davis George T, carp, 9^6 D sw 
Davis George W, porter, 26th nr G nw 


H. Goldstein's California Gpr Store 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 

Davis George W, waiter, bds 1126 8th nw 
Davis Hardin, carp, 1013 5th se 
Davis Hannah, Lucas al nw 
Davis Harriett, sert, 1457 14rh nw 
Davis Hattie L, teacher, bds 906 D sw 
Davis Henrietta, bds 1418 3d nw 
Davis Henry, driver, 1231 10th nw 
Davis Henry, farmer, Tennallytown 
Davis Henry A, elk, 458 N J av se 
Davis Henry F, broker, 613 15th nw, h 1113 

13th nw 
»AVIS MENEY S., 412 7tla nw, 

bds Efofoitt Mouse 
Davis Henry W, printer, 349 N sw 
| Davis Hillery, porter, 222 9th nw 
Davis Henson, roofer, 332 G sw 
Davis Herbert S, waiter, 909 Blagden's al 

Davis Herman W, letter carrier, 718 G se 
Davis Hester A, wid Chas M, 822 23d ,,w 
Davis Isabella, wid Thos I, 94 Beall. Gtn 
Davis 1 Thos, salt. 83 Water, h 131 West, 

Davis Jacob, gardener, 306 14th se 
Davis Jacob^ lab, 306 14th se 
Davis Jacob R, elk, 91 Myrtle ne 
Davis Jas, carp, 1411 E nw 
Davis Jas. cat p. 223 Express al nw 
Davis Jas, elk, 614 12th nw ' 
Davis Jas, elk, bds 925 T nw 
Davis Jas, elk, bds 1901 8th nw 
Davis Jas, collector, Tennallytown 
Davis Jas, eng R R, 473 D sw 
Davis Jas, express, 68 P nw 
Davis Jas, miller. 19th and Boundary nw 
Davis Jas, hostler, R nr 19th nw 
Davis Jas. porter, Bliigden's al nw 
Davis Jas, shoemkr, 1338% 5th nw, h 1611 

6th nw 
Davis Jas, wagoner, Chew's al bet 1st and 

2d nw 
Davis Jas, watchman, 2015 H nw 
Davis Jas A, eng, 499 L nw 
Davis James B, navy yard, 319 L ee 
Davis Jas H, painter, 609 11th nw, h 1339 

10th nw 
Davis Jas L, eng R R, 335 D sw 
Davis Jas L, lab, I nr N J av se 
Davis Jas L, real estate, 51 Congress, h» 

Washiusrton county 
Davis Jas N, elk p o d, h 803 I nw 
Davis Jas N jr, elk p o d, h 930 I nw 
Davis Jas N W. bricklaver, 3 2d, Gtn 
Davis Jas R, elk, bds 226 2d ne 
Davis Jas S, (Jas Y Davis' Sons,) h 1116 

10th nw 
Davis Jas W, plate printer, 2135 H nw 
» AVIS' JAMES Y. SONS, (James S. 

and Samuel T, Davis,) liats and. 

furs, 621 Pennsylvania avenue 




Hatters and Eurriers, 


GILMORE, SMITH Sr CO,, 629 F St. M W. 




Davis Jane, 907 G sw 

Davis Jaue, wid Jas, 113 Va av sw 

Davis Jaue, servant, Naiior's al 

Davis Jane, servt, 1610 11th. nw 

Davis Jiine, servt, 514 3d nw 

Davis Jefferson W, elk pen o, h 447 O nw 

Davis Jeremiah, tab, E Cap nr 17th ne 

Davis Jerome M, (« M Davis & Bro,) bds 

Thy son house 
Davis Jesse, bds 906 D sw 
Davis J M &, Bro, (Jerome M and Joseph 

G Davis.) earpts, 615 P nw 
Davis John, brass finisher, 1212 11th se 
Davis John, carpt. bds 1429 8th nw 
WAViS JOHN, (elk court comrs of 

Alia claims, 1514 M nw,) lawyer 

1420 F nw, la 1?31 I nw 
Davis John, lab, 4th c Va av se 
Davis Johu, lab, 18th nr B ne 
Davis John, lab. Grace nr High, Gtn 
Davis Johu, lab, 807 25th nw 
Davis John, lab, 9th ext nw 
Davis John, lab, 1133 21stnw 
Davis John, lawyer, 1420 F nw, h 1731 I 

Davis John, painter, 479 Md av sw 
Davis John, waiter, VViiliards 
Davis John A, carpt. 705 5th se 
Davjs John A. fish, 427 centre and west- 
ern mkts, h 2511 K nw 
Davis John B, plumber, bds 319 L se 
Davis John D, lab, 3d nrM se 
Davis John F, elk. bds 710 9th ne 
Davis John H, carpt, 19th and Boundary 

Davis John H, waiter, 1514 O nw 
DAVIS JOHN 1,, Capt U S N, bds 

Ebbitt Iioiase 
Davis John R, mess, 1825 G nw 
Davis John T, painter, 1233 6th sw 
Davis John W, huckster, 225 5th se 
Davis Johu W, po'ice, 513 8th se 
Davis Joseph, (J M Davis & Bro,) bds 

Tyson house 
Davis Joseph, elk, Tennallytown 
Davis Joseph, lab, 304 14th se 
Davis Joseph, lab, Trumbull nw 
Davis Joseph, print bur treas, h 2405 F 

Davis Joseph G, (J M Davis & Bro,) bds 

r l hyson House. 
Davis Josephine, wid Benjamin A, bds 

605 N nw 
Davis Josephine, eervt, 423 7th se 
'Davis Joshua, 100 High, Gtn 
Davis Julia, servt, 409 N Yav nw 
Davis Kate, elk treas, bds 806 13th nw 
Davis Keziah, wid Edward, G st al sw 
Davis Laura, servt, 2215 D nw 
Davis Lewis J, (Lewis Johnson & Co,) 

1418 K nw 
Davis Linnie, bds 1417 10th nw 
Davis Lizzie H, print bu treas, h 145 Beall, 

Davis L J Mrs, College Hill nr 14th and 

Boundary nw 
Davis L P H, waiter, Pomeroy nw 
Davis Lucy A, elk treas, 1305 F nw 
Davis Madison, elk pod, h 535 7th se 
Davis Maggie, bds 439 M nw 
Davis Maraaret, 308 G se 
Davis Margaret, wid Edward, nurse, 1732 

G nw 
Davis Margaret A, wid Francis, 644 N Cap 

Davis Marshall, barkeeper, 25 L nw 

Davis Martha, 145 Beall, Gtn 

Davis Martha B, wid Charles A, 1605 19th 

Davis Martha E, wid Moses, cook, 909 

Blagdeu's al nw 
Davis Martha J, c:k. 714 9th ne 
Davis Martin, provisions, 102 F sw 
Davis Mary, servt, 1814 Boundary nw 
Davis Mary, wid, 214 7th sw 
Davis Mary, wid Lewis, 1814 Boundary nw 
Davis Mary, wid Samuel, 636 8th ue 
Davis Mary A, wid Joseph W, 923 E nw 
Davis Mary A, wid Samuel, 819 4th nw 
Davis Mary A, dressmkr, 521 20th nw 
Davis Mary F, servt, 14 Bridge, Gtn 
Davis Mary J, wid Henry, 1418 3d nw 
Davis Mary L, bds 446 P nw 
Davis Mattie E, dry goods, 325 4% sw 
Davia Melinda, servt, 724 18th nw 
Davis Millie, wid Patrick, 2215 D nw 
Davis Milton, elk pod 
Davis Mollie, nurse, 510 20th nw 
Davis Moses, gardener, 402 N Y av 
Davis Moses, watchman treas 
Davis Nathaniel, waiter. 1414 K nw 
Davis OlandoF, elk, 714 22d nw 
Davis Olive M, servt, wks 937 M nw 
Davis Ollie, dressmkr, 529 7th nw 
Davis Philip, lab, 1814 Boundary nw 
Davis Rebecca, wid Win, 203 D nw 
Davis Richard, whitewasher, 1023 3d nw 
Davis Rhoda, wid Edward, 212 C se 
Davis Robert, servt, 1231 10th nw 
Davis Robert H, lab, 2325 H nw 
Davis Robert R, elk, bds 906 B sw 
Davis Robert S, lawyer, 313 4>£ nw, h 202 

D nw 
Davis Roger, tailor, 114 1st nw 
Davis Ruth, print bur treas 
Davis Ruth A. servt, 36 I nw 
Davis Sallie, bds439Mnw 
Davis Samuel, carp, 801 N nw 
Davis Samuel, coach painter, 513 8th se 
Davis Samuel, driver, 215 5th se 
Davis Samuel, grocer, 1701 Riggs nw 
Davis Samuel, lab, Brightwood 
Davis Saml, plasterer, 226 Jackson hall al 
Davis Samuel R, elk a g o, h 229 13th sw 
Davis Samuel T, (James Y Davis' Sons,) 

1116 10th nw 
Davis Sandy, 306 14th se 
Davis Sandy, lab, 1317 C se 
Davis Sarah, 422 Ridge nw 
Davis Sarah, 1114 C nw 
Davis Sarah, servt, 14 Bridge, Gtn 
Davis Sarah, washiug, 2015 H nw 
Davis Sarah J, wid Albert, 433 N Y av 
Davis Sidnev M, printer. 221 E ne 
Davis S J, elk ven o, h 602 H nw 
Davis Sophia Mrs. 1136 7th uw 
Davis S R, elk war ,!ept, h229 13th sw 
Davis Stephen A. printer, bds 706 5th nw 
Davis Susan, servi, 1417 F nw 
Davis Susan E, wid James, 706 5th nw 
Davis Susan E, wid John H, 349N sw 
DAVIS THEO^OKE E., lawyer, 

1427 F nw, Ix ,321 12tn nw 
Davis Thomas, flagman R R, 335 D sw 
Davis Thomas, lab, al nr 3d and F sw 
Davis Thomas, whicewasher. 211 Mass 

av nw 
Davis Thos G. blksmith, N nr 43^ sw 
Davis Thos H, carp. 1020 5th ne 
Davis Thos K. elk, 74 2d. Gtn 
Davis Thornton, carp, 1013 5th se 
Davis Thornton H, driver, 707 2d nw 

Established 1865, the Claim 




Davis VerroD, feed, 7th ab Boundary, h 

7th nr Pomeroy 
Davis Wellington A, barber, 1035 17th nw 
Davis Win. 729 4^ sw 
Davis Win, carp. 905 6 se 
Davis Win. elk, 614 12th nw 
Davis Win, contractor, 2015 14th nw 
Davis Win, dairy, 902 12th nw 
Davis Wm,' dairy, Tennallytown 
Davis Win, lab, rear 325 4th se 
Davis W'w, lab, 1317 C se 
Davis Wm. lab, 729 4^ sw 
Davis Win, lab, bds 1129 18th nw 
Davis Wm, lab, 313 3d se 
Davis Wm, lab treas, h 3d bet B and C nw 
Davis Wm, lab treas 
Davis Wm, waiter, 305 C se 
Davis Wm A, barber, 1035 17th nw 
Davis Wm B T, elk, 609 F nw 
Davis Wm H, 214 7th sw 
Davis Wm H, 305 C se 
Davis Wm H, elk, 122 4th ne 
Davis Wm H, eng, 452 Md av sw 
Davis W H, let car, 718 Gse 
Davis Wm J, carp,'2325 F nw 
Davis Wm M, com rner, 643 La av. h 56 

Gay, Gtn 
Davis Wm M, painter, 1233 6th sw 
Davis Wm, R, 91 Myrtle N E 
Davis Wm S, pod, 637 Md av sw 
Davis Wm W, elk a^o, h 813 G sw 
Davis & Ashley, (D M Davis and George 

K Ashley,) shoes, 1200 F nw 
Davis & Gantz, (George J Davis and Fred 

M Gantz,) geuts' furnishings, 509 Pa 

av nw 
Davison Oalvin H, (Henry K Wood & Co,) 

1319 Nnw 
Davison Edward W, printer, 417 Mass av 

Davison Henry L. printer, 1117 9th nw 
Davison John, 517 Mass avnw 
Davision Joseph, 1422 F nw, bds 710 23d 

Davison Mary A, wid Samuel, 417 Mass 

Davison M L, 1220 G nw 
Davridge Geo, lab, 18ih cor A se 
Davy Jos M, watchman, 1321 10th nw 
Daw Chas R, elk sigo. 51Dunbarton, Gtn 
Daw F, shoemkr, 97 High, Gtn 
Daw Joseph A, carp, 916 22d nw, h same 
Daw Reuben. locksmith, 102 Bridge, h 83 

Montgomery, Gtn 
Daw Robert A, shoemkr, 97 High, Gtn 
Daw Wm, elk, 20 Montgomery, Gtn 
Daw Wm, harnessmkr, 916 22d nw 
Daw Wm H, druggist, 1001 L nw, h same 
Dawes Chas W, carp, 319 N Y av 
Dawes Frederick, wood turner, 801 13th 

Dawes George, carp, 614 H nw 
Dawes Richard M, dentist, 1221 Pa av nw, 

h Greene nr Gay, Gtn 
Dawes Samuel, fireman, 1204 D nw 
Dawkius Henry, lab, 447 Franklin nw 
Dawies Lucy P, washing, 917 Blagden's 

al nw 
Dawson Aaron, hatter, 711 E Cap 
Dawson Chas E, painter, 438 I nw 
Dawson E M, elk pen o, 1335 F nw 
Dawson Geo F, lib U S Senate, 224 11th 

Dawson Jas, lawyer, 486 La av, h Rock- 

Dawson John, 715 9th ne 


Wholesale and Retail fobaccoaist 

611 Penna Av, ujsDHiK Met. Hotel,. 
See page 4. 

Dawson Nicholas, folder H R 
Dawson Owens, lab, 2004 Boundary nw 
Dawson Robert M, artist, 935 Pa av nw, 

h Alexandria, Va 
Dawson Susau, wid Wm, 426 7th sw 
Dawson Thomas H, painter, 716 Few 
Dawson Virginia A, wid Chas, 1310 1 nw 
Dawson Wm G, druggist, 426 7th sw 
Divvsou Wm P, carp, 82U 8th ne 
Day Aaron, lab. bds 210 5lU bu 
DAY ADDISON, undertaker, 237 

7lik stv 


No. 237 tieoentli St.. S W., mar Md. Ave., 

Washington, D. C. 

Orders promptly executed at reasonable 


Day Alfred Rev, 2443 M nw 

Day Alfred, lab. 305 4ta ne 

Day Andrew, butcuer, (Ju ioutown 

Day Andrew, cook, 1421 N Y av nvv 

Day Annie, uiiiliuer, bds 16 1 ne 

Day Benj F, commander navy, 30 I nw 

Day Cbas, (Day ito AudersouJ 18ch cE 

Dav Chas, waiter, Union hotel, Gtn 
Day Edward, driver, Loeusi alsw 
Day Elizabeth, cook, 621 19th nw 
Day Francis E, paper hauler, bds 739 

6th se 
Day F Harper, lawyer, 416 5th, h 432 H nw 
Day Geo, propLatay. tte house, B c2d nw 
Day Geo N, elk, bds 803 N J av nw 
Day Geo T, plasterer, Brightwood 
Day Henry, coachsmith, 319 14th nw, h 

Day Henry, lab, 717 2d sw 
Day Jacob, lab, 69 Jackson al nw 
Day James W, mess, 1123 15th nw 
Day Jane, wid Wm, washing, Ba»»ett'a al 

Day John, oysters, 1100 6th sw 
Day John H, paper in kr, K nr 27th nw 
Day John H, painter, Bladensburg 
Day Julia, serv., 504 19ih nw 
Day Julius, waiter, 436 11th sw 
Day Lewis, roofer, Vinegar al nw 
Day Marion, elk pat o, bds 1200 K nw 
Day Mary, servt, Norris 1 al, Gtn 
Day Mary Mrs, 5th bet I and K se 
D.ty Mary A, wid Wm, 1427 L nw 
Day Otto, painter, Bladensburg 
Day Robert, servt, 1804 I nw 
Day Rosetta, wid, C nr 1st sw 
Day Sallie, dresoinkr, bds 16 I ne 
Day Thomas, lab, Vinegar al nw 
Day Wm, lab, al nr 1st and G nw 
Day Wm, lab. Oak al, Gtn 
Day Wm, waiter. 1203 16ch nw 
Day Wm H, lab,'7u8 Gse 
Day Wm H, switcninan, 808 Del av ee 

Agency of GILMOEE $ CO., 629 F nw 




Day & Anderson, (Charles Day and John 

Anderson.) grocers; 18th c E aw 
Da> ber Elizabeth Mrs. bds 470 N nw 
Dayly Jaiues D, butter, 3 Gtn and 30 East 

nikts, h 28 Bridge, Gtn 
Dayton Douglas, butter, 225 E Cap 
Dayton Walter, lab, 308 N Y av nw 
Dayton Win, contractor, 234 1st se 
Deacon Mary E, seamstress, 1335 F nw 
Deacon Mary E, wid John, 16 Brown's 

court nw 
Deakers R L, tel op, 1429 T nw 
Deakiu Elizabeth, wid Win, 209 10th se 
Deakiues Jas W, carp, 2426 K nw 
Deakius Thomas, elk, 1227 E se 
Deaks Philip, lab, 222 G sw 
Deal Alfred, elk, Peirce qr Jackson, Utn 
Deal Charles B, carp, 325 B ne 
Deal John, painter, 325 B ue 
Deal Stephen, lab, 921 V nw 
Deale John IS Rev, pastor Waugh chapel. 

Ill 3d ue 
Dean Albert, brass finisher, 725 10th se 
Dean Amos, driver, 506 4J^ sw 
Dean Ann, wid George, 725 lOlh se 
Dean Annie, 1317 C nw 
Dean Carrie, servt, wks309 11th sw 
Dean Charlotte, servt, 1009 3d nw 
Dean Edward C. carbuiidr, Boundary hd 

20, h nw 
Dean George H, elk p o, h 1305 9th nw 
Dean George T, boilermkr, 725 10th se 
Deau Heuiy C, contractor, West nr Mon- 
roe, Gtn 
Dean Henry P, painter, 1130 Del av ne 
Dean Isaiah, boilermkr, 809 D ue 
Deau James A, shoemkr, 97 Washington, 

Dean Lucinda, servt, 1144 20th nw 
Dean Martha J. 114 Gay, Gtn 
DEAN ITIII.Iv.S, (Ross & Dean,) 

lawyer, 61ft Mass av 
Dean bainuel, blaekbinith, 725 10th se 
Dean Samuel, lab, Pomeroy nw 
Dean Sarah, nurse, 1009 3d nw 
Dean Seneca, (S Dean & Co,) 907 6th nw 
Dean S & Co, (Seneca Deau and Joseph 

Buruham,) claims, 1404 Pa av nw 
Dean Thos, lab, 1203 4th se 
Dean Wm, carp, bus 28 B ne 

off patents, 515 7&h, li. 7& J>nn- 

b ton, Citn 


Late Principal Examiner U. S. Pat. Office 




Deane Mary Jaue, wid James, 136 Va av 

Dealing George T. (Johnson & Dearing,) 

1008 Mass av nw 
Deal r Mary J, elk int rev, h 146 A ue 
Beary Johanna, wid William. 125 1st, Gtn 
Dease George W, elk p o d 
Deasy Jeremiah, lab, 204 Mass av nw 
Deasy John, plaster, 204 Mass av nw 
DeAtley Howaid, elk, 708 7th sw 

DeAtley James, elk, 708 7th sw 

DeAtley J C, grocer, 708 7th and 9th c G 
sw, h 708 7th sw 

DeAtley Jobn, riverman, 922 F sw 

De AXLES' BiATTMEW, restaur- 
ant, 1220 Enw and 17&5 ii nsv, 
h 1708 & nvtr 

Matthew De Alley's Restaurants, 

Nos. 1220 E Street and 1718 G Street JS/W. 

Constantly on hand, a choice supply of 

Wines, Brandies, Wniskies aud Cigars. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Oysters, 
Offiee at Eleventh Street Wharf. 
Orders left at either of the abo^e- named 
places promptly filled. 

Deaton Lilly, seamstress, 322 13>£ nvv 
Deauchamp Oscar R. artist, 711 4th nw 
DeBatz William, U S Gov Sur, h 110710th 

DeBeer J, tailor, 1116 26th nw 
deBernabe Don Louis Polo, 3d Sec Span- 
ish Legation, h 826 14th nw 
Deboy Nicholas, grocer, 238 H nw and 310 

C ne. h 310 C ue 
Decaindry Mary H, wid A, 924 19th nw 
Decaindry Wm A, elk. 921 19th nw 
DeCAMP ME^fitY, bookbinder, 
310 iOtn nw, h same 



No. 810 Tenth Street, 

Washington, D. C. 

Ruling and Binding of every description 
neatly executed on most reasonable terms. 

11th nw 

DeChauier Louis, elk, 1411 9th nw 
DeChanier Margaret, wid John, 1411 9th 

DechardE N, 617 Ksw 
Dechard Peter L, blaeksmith, 617 K>w 
Deeker Elizabeth, wid Jacob, fancy goods, 

1831 H nw, h same 
Deeker George E, blacksmith, 2502 I nw 
Decker George W, lime, 71 Washington, 

Deeker George, blacksmith, 2502 I nw 
Deeker Jacob J, elk, bds 1234 5th nw 
Deeker John, rigger, 1239 6tii sw 
Decker L W, muulder, 35 Frederick, Gtn 
Deeker Margaret, wid Wm, 38 2d, Gtn 
Decker Sam H, mess H R 
Decker Sam L, watchman, 300 Pa av 
Deeker W, elk W U tel eo 
Decker W W, elk trea^, W bet 14th aud 

15th nw 
Deckman Henry, cigar maker, 120 F sw 
DecKman Lizzie, 128 B sw 
Deckman Rosa, wid Henry, 128 B sw 
Deckman Wm H, mess, 403 13th sw 
Deckors Ernst, bds 1237 7th nw 
de Corcelle Fraucais, 3d secy French Le- 
gation. 1028 17th nw 
DeCralt George C, lab, 12 Mass av ne 

GILM0RE, SMITH Sf CO., 629 E nw 




DeCraft Priscilla, wid Frederick, 12 Mass 

av ne 
de Cueller, Don Jose T, sec Mexican Le- 
gation. 14<Sl Q nw 
Dee Ellen, wid David. 217 Q nw 
Dee Maurice F, barkeeper. 217 Q nw 
Deeble H M, cIk. 87 West,' Gtn 
Deeble Joseph A. elk 1 o, h 932 I nw 
Deeble J W, sec Potomac ins co, 87 West 

Deeble Wm, driver, Greene nr Water, 

Deeble Wm H, ice, High nr 7th, Gtn 
Deeds Eliza, washing, 331 B sw 
Deeds Wm, lab, 324 B sw 
Deegan Wm, mess H R 
Deely Mary, wid James, 113 F sw 
Deener Cissel & Welch. (Josiah WDeener, 

George W Cissel, and James H and Ro- 

sie W and Edward P Welch,) millers, 

Potomac nr Canal, Gtn 
Deener Jo4ah W, (Deener. Cissell & 

Welch,) 149 West, Gtn 
Deener Simon P, flour insp, 80 Congress, 

Deeuer Wm M, elk, bds 149 West, Gtn 
Deering John, lawyer, 1217 11th nw 
Deering Mrry S, teacher, 600 N C av se 
Deery Annie, bds 924 Birch's al sw 
Deery James, carp, 1113 19th nw, h 112 

F sw 
Deery Susan, wid James, 924 Birch's alsw 
Deery Thomas P, carp, 924 Birch's al sw 
Deeth Edward W, elk, 68 Dun barton, Gtn 
Deeth J C, flower embalmer, 68 Dumbar- 
ton, Gtn 
Deeton A. shoemkr, 704 F sw, h same 
Deeton John W, painter, 704 F sw 
Deffer Frederick, lab, 405 12th sw 
DeFord John F R, dentist, 8th c Pa av nw, 

h Hyattsville 
DeFord John T, elk 2d aud o, 415 G nw 
DeForest Charles, elk a go. hYtavc Lnw 
Defrees JohnDjr, pr, bds 902 French nw 
Defrees Thomas, bds 14 Grant PI nw 
DeFreyre Don Manuel, Peruvian Minister, 

1703 K nw 
Degant George L, elk, 607 N Y av nw 
DeGaw Jennie, varieties. 821 R nw 
Degen Christina, bds 1406 N Cap nw 
Degen Geo, wheelwright, 1406 N Cap nw 
Degges Annie E, millinery, 1246 7th nw, h 

Degges Charles A, stair builder, 1223 11th 

nw, h 1215 11th nw 
Degges E,.huckster, K st mkt. h 6 West, 

Degges James A, carp, 1307 15th nw 
Degges Jas A, grocer, 2500 I nw, h same 
Degges John F, carp. 1819 12th nw 
Degges Samuel, lab, 511 21st nw 
Degges Wm H, carp, 1246 7th nw 
Degges Wm H, (Walter & Degges,) 515 

13th nw 
Deggs Alice, servt, 339 H sw 
Deggs Caroline, laundress, 348 E sw 
Deggs Eliza, servt. 339 H sw 
DeGraffemeid M II Mrs, 90 West. Gtn 
DeGrain R F, elk sig o, 1235 Mass av nw 
De Graw A Paui, 717 2s C av se 
DeGn,w Peter V. tel opr, 717 N C av se 
DeGrummond A, pump mkr, 1121 4>£ sw 
DeHaven Davis W, elk, 815 9ih nw 
DeHart H M, elk land o, 911 O nw 
deHegeimaun Lindencrone J H, minister 

resident Denmark, 1527 I nw 



611 Penna Av.., Under Met. HoteL 
See page 4. 

Deihl John, eng R R ? 473 D sw 
Deihl John A, eng, bds Howard house 
Deitz Angelo E, music teacher, bds 1810 

7th nw 
Deitz Eliza, wid Wm A, seamstress, 1810 

7t.h nw 
Deitz Frederick, butcher, 1724 \ sw 
Deitz Louis, carpt, 1236 Union sw 
Deimar Ch^s E, mess, H R 
Dejardin Paul, consul chancelier French 

legation, h 826 14th nw 
DeJester James E, 730 21st nw 
De Knight Wm F, elk treas, h 329 11th sw 
De Kraff t John W, carpt, Bridge nr Fay- 
ette, Gtn 
Delafittld Harriet B, wid Richard, 1715 I 

De Lamater J J Dr, elk p o, h 1010 F nw 
Deland Francis S, elk treas, h 1421 Colum- 
bia nw 
Deland Theodore L, elk, 126 7th ne 
DeLane EvaM, counter. 506 B se 
DeLaue M R, grocer, 1813 14th nw, h same 
Delaney Alice, widRicnard, bds 416 Wash- 
ington nw 
Delauey Arther, lab, 616 3d sw 
Delaney Eleanor, servt. 1214 G nw 
Delaney Elizabeth, wid! 215 B nw 
Delaney Grace, servt, 2318 G nw 
Delaney Maria, wid David, 214 E se 
Delaney Mary, servt, 337 Esw 
Delaney P J, plumber, 168 Bridge, Gtn 
Delaney Rachael, wid Robert, 131 F sw 
Delaney Robert, driver, 15th c M nw 
Delaney Sarah J, sewing, 216 1st sw 
Delaney Wm, lab, 9th ex't nw 
Delano Annie, elk pat o. h 105 2d nw 
Delano Eva M, elk, bds 506 B se 
Delano James S, compt treas, h Mt Peas- 
Delano Phillip A, painter, 521 11th se 
Delanthy Patrick, q m g o, h 818 1st ne 
de la Roche Jane J Mrs, 143 Washington, 

Delarue M M Mrs, fancy goods, 1235 Pa 

av u w, h same 
Dela Seta Emma, bds 1424 Pa av nw 
Delavergne J A, 336 M sw 
Delavergne Nathan E, (NE Delavergne & 

Co.) 336 M sw 
Delavergne N E & Co (Nathan E Dela- 
vergne,) saddlers, 216 6ih nw 
Delaware Fire and Marine Ins Co, of 

Wilmiugton, Bates & Ryon, 708 D nw 
Delay James, entaueer, 630 F nw 
De Leon Agues Miss, 1321 N Y av nw 
DeLeon A. W D, 14th nr C ne 
DeLeon Maria L Miss, 1321 N Y av nw 
Del fosse Maurice, E E and M P Belgium, 

1714 Pa av nw 
Dell Margie E, wid John E, 424 N Y av nw 
Dellett Robert A, elk, bds 815 13th nw 
Deilinger Henry M. carpt, 904 G nw, 

231 G nw 
Dellwig Lewis A, (McCauley & Dellwig,) 

417 G se 
Dellzell Alexander W, millwright, 8 Poto- 
mac. Gtn 
Delzeli S VV, elk Gtn p o, h 88 High, Gtn 


Attorneys for Patents. 


[234] PES 

Deloe W W, printer, 447 O nw 
DeLong- Baltic, elk, 916 lath nw 
DeLorme John, carp, 1407 P nw 
Delphy Oilando R, agt, 2d c A ne 
Di nuaine Elizabeth, wid John, 327 Mo av 

DeMaine John, elk, 46S Mo av nw 
DeMaine W Vv, civil engineer, Mass av e 

10th ne 
Deinar C PI, dry good?, 98 High, Gtn 
Demarzo Pasquaie, I arber, 478 Pa a\ ? h 22 

E nw 
Demby Andrew, waiter, 1618 L nw 
Dement George W, shoeihkr, 425 N nw, h 

Dement James E, blksmith, 1009 4tb se 
Dement James E, blksmith, RR, 473 D sw 
Dement James P. painter, 825 2d ne 
Denient Mary E, wid George W, 425 N nw 
Dement Ralph M, lawyer, 2620 K nw 
Dement Rebecca, 26 Myrtle ne 
DeMeritt A P, wid Jobu J, 1535 P nw 
DeMeritt J Henry, elk 4ih aud, h 1535 P 

DeMeza M M, physician, 504 E nw, h same 
Deming Andrew J, eik, 420 N J av nw 
Demiug Israel, bookkpr, 1411 8th nw 
Demongeot Marie. (Mmdes Demongeot & 

Prandi,) 616 9th nw 
»EM©K«]EO r F NAMCISSE, wig- 
maker, ©I© 9th nw, h same 
Demongeot & Prandi Mmdes, (Marie De- 
mongeot and Victorine Prandi,) hair- 
dressers, 616 9th nw 
DeMoll Edward, barber, 521 8th se 
DeMoll Otto, elk pat o, 804 E se 
DeMoll T G, drugs, 8th e E se 
Demonet August C, elk, 1714 Pa av nw 
Demonet Charles J, confectionery, 1714 Pa 

av nw, h same 
Demonet Ida M, wid C W. confectioner, 

1714 Pa av nw, h same 
DeMott Wm, clothier, 921 Pa av nw, h 

1408 8 nw 
DeMowbray A, 927 K nw 
Deinp^ey Howland. wid Moses, 50318th nw 
Dempsey James, lab, 1010 1st nw 
er and engraver, 913 JPa av nw, 
tods 1124 11th nw 
Dempster Hiram V. (Dempster & Parsons,) 

4117th nw 
Dempster Sarah J, elk treas, 1625 10th nw 
Dempster &■ Parsons, (Hiram V Dempster 
and Randall Parsons,) dentists, 411 7th 

"Wm H. Dempsey, 


913 Pennsylvania. Avenue. 
Invitation and Vi&iting Cards. 

Demur Mary, 1361 C sw 

Deuby Wythe, eik, 213 A se 

De JNeal Jane, wid John, 1833 Lnw 

Deneale Frank T, driver, bds 39258th nw 

De Neale Geo S, elk, 902 1 se 

De Neale Jas, elk. 902 I se 

De Neale K D, blksmith, 902 I se 

Deneale Mary, servt, 1720 1 nw 

Deneale Sarah, servt, 17*20 I nw 

Deneale Wm N, elk, 1925 8ih nw 

Deneane Jos W, gov print o, h 75 H nw 

Denegre John B. plumber. 1385 5th nw 

Denekas Anthony C, agi Gaff, Meischman 

& Co, 1212 15ih nw, h same 
Dengel John D F, baker, bds 1221 9th nw 
Dengel Valentine, tailor, 805 Enw, hl221 

9th nw 
Deugler Christiana, teacher, 929 I nw 
Denham Alcaneh W, elk, 515 19th nw 
Denham Chas S, carp, 1905 H nw, h 515 

19th nw 
Denham Columbus, bk binder, 922 Mass 

Denham Columbus jr, compositor, 922 

Mas3 av nw 
Denham Elizabeth, elk pen o, h 813 13th 

Denham Elizabeth J, 1108 9th nw 
Denham John L, cigars, 810 7th nw, fa 

930 I nw 
Denham Lemvel J, dyer, 463 G nw, h 

Denham Lemuel J, paints and glass, 1215 

Pa av nw, h 515 19th nw 
Denham, Lewis, bk binder, 204 H nw 
Denham Lewis C. elk. 515 19th nw 

New York, Alexandria, Wash- 
ington and Georgetown Steam- 

ship Company, 63 Water, h 1*28 

«*reene, Gtn 
Denham Thomas S, painter, 901 G se 
Denham Wm R, pressman, 901 G se 
Denham Z W, elk, 1011 H nw 
Denham Z Warner, elk, 1011 II nw 
Denis Albert, braes finisher, 507 9th nw 


Practical Wis Maler, Perfuffler, Glieniist 


Omce, 616 ©tla. St. :KTX*7\ 
Mesdames MSMOKSOEOT <& FBllfDI, 

Ladies' Dressers, Curls, Braids, Front Pieces, Toiiet irticles, &c. 

Feathers, Human Hair and Kid Gloves Dyed and Dressed in the Best Color and Style 
616 NINTH STREET (Opposite U. S Patent Office.) 

GILMORE Sf- CO., 629 F nw, 




Denis Felix, upholsterer, 503 11th nw 
D unison Alfred M, farmer, Brigbtwood 
Denisou Dudley A, elk baruav uavy dept, 

h 423 M nw 
Deuisorf Edgar W, elk. 119 C ne 
Denison Janie*, teacher, Kendall Gieen 
Denison Urban A, elk pen o, h 711 6tb se 
Denison Win O. elk 6th aud o, 46? C nw 
Deuman Hampton B, 1004 N nw 
Denuiead Chas, K c 27th nw 
Denmead Harry, mach,*hds 712 L se 
Denmore Benjamin, hostler, 156N C av se 
Denmore Wm, waiter, 156 N C av se 
Denmore Wm jr, bostler, 156 N C av se 
Denney Auuie, upholster, 1232 20th nw 
Denney Win B, elk pat o, h 1353 H nw 
Dennis A B & Co. (Anatola B and Thomas 

Dennis,) livery stable, 317 3d se 
Dennis Anatola B, (A B Dennis & Co.) h 

610 G se 
Deuuis August V, elk. 234 7th se 
Dennis J jr, patents, 813 F nw, hl336 Inw 
Dennis John P, 609 6th- nw 
Dennis Katey Mrs, 1238 Pa av nw 
Dennis Thomas, (A B Dennis & Co.) 610 

G se 
Dennis Thomas, watchman, 6!0 G se 
Dennis Walter L, elk, bd* 609 6th uw 
Dennis Win, lab, 1239 Madison nw 
Dennis Wm A, porter, bds 1239 Pa av nw 
tennis Wm H, lawyer, office City Hall, n 

53 B se 
Dannison A, elk, 427 H nw 
Dennison Ezariah, elk, bds 427 H nw 
Dennison John, elk navy, 491 Mo av nw 
Dennison J E, elk, 461 4th nw 
Dennison John E, e mkt space, Gtn 
Dennison John E, 744 4th nw 
Dennison Samuel, driver, Wilson Howard 

Denton Wm E, elk, bds 927 M nw 
Dennison Wm H. printer,- 427 H nw 
sioner i>ist of Col, ti '2031 I nw 
Denny Ann, washing, 406 1st sw 
Denny Bros, (Phil and Hugh Denny,) bar- 
bers, 1410 Pa av nw 
Denny Caroline, bds 1410 Pa av nw 
Denny Delia, washing. 1227 Madison nw 
Denny Hugh, (Deuuy Bros,) 1410 Pa av 

Denny James, porter, Prathers al 
Denny Jane, wid James, 25 1st, Gtn 
Deunv Martha, servt, 1227 Madison nw 
Denny Philander, (Denny Bros,) 1410 Pa 
av uw 


Wholesale ant Retail Tobacconist 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See pasre 4. 

Denny Washiugtun, 408 1st sw 
Denny Washington, lab, 408 1st sw 
Deno Gerge C, measurer, 661 E sw 
Densey Mary Miss, 2108 I nw 
Densmore Edson S, *erist police, 721 4th 
Densmore R E, lab, 2124 Pa av nw 
DE!VSON JOMN F, cliief clerk bu- 
reau provisions and clotliimr 
Navy i>ej>arttraent, n 491 Mis- 
souri aveaue nw 
Dent Amelia, wid Eobt, 417 Franklin nw 
Dent Annie, servt, 2149 K nw 
Dent Annie E Mrs. 1336 Corcoran nw 
Dent A S. (Evans & D.ent,) 2111 13>£ sw 
Dent Clinton, lab, 1213 3d sw 
Dent Cornelius, waiter, O-st al nw 
Dent Edw J, elk, 1710 Mass av nw 
Dent Frauces, wid Abram, Union al nw 
Dent Geo, brklayer, Willowtree al sw 
Dent Geo, lab, bds 616 2d sw 
Dent Georgeauua, servt, 59 Fayette, GtE. 
Deut Henry, lab, 614 21st nw 
Dent Isaac, lab, 1645 11th nw 
Dent Isabella, servt. 442 1st sw 
Dent Isabella, 818 17th nw 
Dent Jas, lab, Lucas al nw 
Dent John, lab. Gay bet Congress and 

Hi^h, Gtn 
Dent John, servt, 1029 4th nw 
Dent Jos, lab, 171# Mass av nw 
Dent Josiah, lawyer, Road and Congress, 

Dent Julia Mrs, servt. 13 Montgomery. 

Deut Maria, cook, 516 9th nw 
Dent Mary, servt, 1435 R nw 
Dent Mattew. carp. 938 F sw 
Dent Ricud, brklaver, 1017 V nw 
Dent Robt, lab, 1821 T nw 
Dent Wra, driver, Hoj al nw 
Dent Wm, lab, 334 F sw 
Deuter Richd, shoemkr, 350 Va av sw, h 

Deutinger Chas J, painter, 932 F nw 
D^ntiuger Jos, cabicetmkr, 982 F sw 
Deutinger Louis C, painter, 932 F sw 
Denton Henrv. coachman, 1517 15th nw 
restaurant and brewery, 38 
and. 4© Greene, Gtn . h. same 


Lager Beer Brewery, 

JTos. 38 and 4:0 GMEEBOE &T., 
Greorgetown, X). O. 

Bottled Beer, for Trade and Family Use, con- 
stantly on hand. 

General Claim Agents. 




agent, 1115 Pennsylvania ave- 
nue nw, fh W corliitn nw 

1115 Pennsylvania avenaae nw 


Attorney anft CoweM-Law 

1115 Penna. Avenue, 

Washington, D. C, 

Denys Francis C E-, 3d sec British lega- 
tion, h 10L7 Coun av nw 
dePestal Mr, minister resident Nether- 
lands, h 611 13th nw 
Depew Jacob, elk pod, h 489 H sw 
Depter Sebastian, cabinettnkr, 833 1st ne 
Deplitch Win, elk p o d, 300 Fa av nw 
DepoiBy Adolph, steward, 736 13th nw 
Depoilly Louise J, modes de Paris, 736 

13th nw, h same 
Deponai M J, mess war dept, h 72420th nw 
Depue Abraham, (A N Hazen & Co,) 619 

G sw 
Depue James K, elk, 619 G sw 
Depugh Jacob, elk, 489 H sw 
DeQuiudre Julia, elk mt rev, h 1410 G nw 
Derby Wm C, elk, bds 910 4th se 
Derr ijeonnrd, brewer, bds4tn cor Ene 
Dermody James, plate priuter, 2208 13th 

Dermody John J, elk ago, 817 F sw 
DeRonceray Alfredo C.'clk, 68 Defrees nw 
DeRonceray Marie E, 68 Defrees nw 
DeRonceray Rosalie H, wid Chas, counter 

treas, 68 Denees nw 
Derrick Agues, elk treas, 2117 Pa av nw 
Deriick Edward, elk, 2117 Pa av nw 
Derrick Hannah, wid Alex Hamilton, 2117 

Pa av nw 
Deriick Mary, servt, 17th nrD nw 
Derrick Wm, elk, 2117 Pa av nw 
Dervan George, grocer, 225 C sw 
De St Lance Faith, wid Leo, 415 12th nw 
DeSaules Edward, mess, bds 610 6th nw 
DeSaules J E, elk treas, 610 6th nw 
Dcsfosse Felix, baker, 2012 H nw, h same 
BE8HIELDS «EOMCJE », liotel 
cashier, B&PHM depot, 5i 814 
K I av nw 


B. & P, P, P. Restaurant, 

Washington, D. C, 



Charles Street, 

Baltimobb, Md. 

Desio Girolamo, jeweler, 1223 Pa av nw, 

h 320 12 Lh nw 
Deskins Ida, servt, 608 13th nw 
Desmond Jeremiah, contractor, 214 G sw 
Desmond Jerry, eng R R. 473 D sw 
Desmond Marg Mrs, grocer, 504 L sw, h 

Desmond Michael P, watchman, 504 L sw 
Desmond M P, watchman, 504 L sw 

Desmond Timothy,, driver, 214 G sw 
deSoto Pon Jose, 2d seety Spanish lega- 
tion, 824 14th nw 
Desouter Joseph, shoemkr, 11168th nw 
Desper Dauiel, lab, 1712 10th nw 
Desper Jas, lab, 1712 10th nw 
Desper Sidney, lab, 171210th nw 
Dessau Frederick, elk, bds 412 10th nw 
Dessea Leon, engineer, 328 11th se 
Dessez Leon j>r, draughtsman, 328 11th se 
Desvigues Henry, 1218 H nw 
Deterer August, barkpr, 727 15th nw 
Detrich R B, elk 5th aud o. h 1313 9th sw 
De Trouville Frederick, bd* 451 P sw 
Detter Maria, wid Elias, Frederick nr5th, 

Detweiler Fred F, printer, 731 6th nw 
Detweiler Fred M, (Judd & Detweiler,) 

731 6th nw 
Detweiler Wm T, mach, 1212 C sw 
Deusch Michael, lab, 1357 K. se 
Devau Joshua B, lab, 1410 N J av nw 
Devan Oliver, cook, 1410 3d nw 
Devautier J Charles, elk coug nat cem,. h 

1617 N J av nw 
deVaugelas Francisque, 2d sec and charge 

d'affaires French Legation, 1028;17th nw 
DeVaughn Charles J, printer, 910 1st nw 
DeVaughn Charles T, moulder, 307 1st sw 
DeVaughn David D, blacksmith, 1103 N J 

av se 
DeVaughn Horace, wheelwright, 1224 3^ 

Devaughn John 1\ tinner, 1009 7th nw, h 

Pevau&hu Levin, plasterer. 1315 K se 
Devaughn Pay ton, driver, 1226 \ se 
Deveal Jackson, lab, W ur lltli nw 
Deveudorf Nellie, elk treas, 1316 12th nw 
Devenger Mahlon, servt Willards 
Devereux Catharine, wid John, 1711 20th 

Devereux Frank N, elk. bds 838 7th nw 
i t -vereux N B 7 bds 1203 H nw 
lJk-vers Albert, bds 1210 4th nw 
Do\ei-> George W H, produce, 547 N L 

ink i. h Beuning's rd 
Devei s J uii'e Rj bds 424 P nw 
Devers Lv.wi*, 1210 4th nw 
Devers Nath.; u H, bricklayer 7 bds 424 P nw 
Devers Wm H, bricklayer, 424 P nw 
Devine Andrew, stenographer H R 
Devine James, driver, bds Thyson House 
Devine Peter, elk, 309 3d ne 
Deviue Samuel, brickmkr, I nr 1st se 
Devine Stepney, porter, 1st c B sw 
Dt yine Thomas, 309 3d ne 
Deviny Edward, grocer, 329 Del av ne 
Devior James W, carp, 323 7th ne 
Devtt David M, elk. 1446 R I av nw 
Dev in Dauiel, shoemkr, 14 C nw 
Devlin Edward, shoes and clothing, 611 D 

nw, h i-ame 
Devlin Elien, wid Felix, I c 27th nw 
Devlin James, bricklayer, 59 H ne 
Devlin James, lab, Corcoran bet 13th and 

14th nw 
Duvlin Jas, steamfitter 7 N Y av nr 23d nw 
Devlin Kate Miss, dressmkr, 2115 I uw 
Devlin Luke, elk q m g o, h 1310 F nw 
Devlin Maggie, 14 C nw 
Devlin Mary A, wid Jobn S, 515 C se 
Dev© e Anthony, produce, 67 and 68 east 

and 80 cen nikts, h 420 L sw 
De Vries Frederick, shoemkr, 420 2d nw, 

h same 

Patents Procured in all Countries. 




DEVMN & CO, (E B Barnum 
agent,) cJotliiers, 1320 F nw 

De Vries Louisa, 222 4% sw 
Dewandelier Mr. inventor, 1102 Park n« 
Dewar Chas A, cIk, bdsl9 Grant pi nw 
Dewar Margaret F, elktreas, bdsl9 Grant 

pi nw 
Dewar Wm C, printer, bds 19 Grant pi nw 
De Ware Annie, elk, bds 415 G nw 
Dewart W L, lab, 119 Pa av nw 
DewartWm L jr, watebnuan, 119Paavnw 
Dewdney T, su> t state, war, and navy 

depts, b 919 22d nw 
Dewer Robert, (Havener & Dewer,) 56 

Bridge, Gtn 
Dewey Silas J, elk bur mil justice, h 449 

Mass av nw 
Deweye Lizzie Mrs, 717 1st nw 
de Wiilamov Gregoire, 1st sec Russia Le- 
gation. 1017 Conn av nw 
Devitt Cornelius, produce, 397 cen mkt, h 

131 Pierce 
dc Witte H H, physician, 1113 Pa av nw 
De Wolf Jobn B Rev, pastor Trinity 

church, Lingan bet 1st and 2d, Gtn 
De Wolf D Rev, 1415 H nw 
Dexter James E, physician, 453 C nw; 

office hours 8 to 10 a m, 1 to 2, and 6 to 

Dexter Kate P, wid Geo T, 809 N nw 
Deyber Elizabeth, elk treas, h Mass ay c 

21st nw 
Diam ind John, lab, 198 Bridge, Gtn 
Diamond Jobn B, (John B Diamond & 

Co,) Maryland 

13 Diamond and IE L Cotlrell,) 

feed and com 
ana av nw 

mers, 936 JLoui^- 

1WE- C3-olc3Lsnfc©±zi., 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco, 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel. 
See page 4. 



Eiour, Eeed and Grain, 


General Commission Merchants, 

No. 936 Louisiana Avenue, 


Dibble Antoinette, wid Sheldon, 114 C se 
Dibble Seymour H, machinist, 531 7th se 
Dice Christopher, carp, 1417 N J av nw 
Dice George, elk print o, h 1122 10th nw 
Dice John, pressman, 1502 14th nw 
Dice Wm H, carp, 2024 7th 
Dichman Ernest, lawyer, Meyer's hotel 
Dick A K, loreman, 1624 16th nw 
Dick Elizabeth, servt, 1246 10th nw 
DickEwell A, elk, 410 N Y av nw 
Dick Fanny, wid Muses, 929 11th nw 
Dick Hannah, washing. 1205 13th nw 
Dick Jas H, lab, 91711th nw 
Dick John A, carp, 1333 5th nw 
Dick John W, col, 410 N Y av 
Dick Julius, 712 3d sw 
Dick Laura V, laundress, 712 3dsw 
Dick Letha, w ashing, 1244 10th nw 
Dick Mary, servt, 1710 L nw 
Dick Mary E, laundress, 712 3d sw 
Dick Kobert, 1205 13th nw 
Dick Robert, lab, 712 3d sw 

iOET^JLJnX «& CO., 

Ifow Wmh Ctofbten 







1320 F Street N. W., WASHIKG10N,D. C. 
Call at 629 F nw 




Dickens Johanna, seivt, 2031 I nw 
Dickens M M Miss. 709 G nw 
Dickerson, Edwd, driver, 1112 K nw 
Dickeison Elizabeth, wid Jas, 418 6^ sw 
Dickerson Frank, lab, 431 Franklin nw 
Dickerson John, lab, % nr G sw 
Dickerson John H, elk pen o, 418 Q% sw 
Dickerson Nelson, lab, 1312 21st nw 
Dickerson Robt H. cook, 418 1st se 
Dickey Lorenzo E, elk pen o, h 912 P nw 
Dickins Randolph, 2d lieut, marine bar- 
Dickinson Chas, servt, Willards 
Dickinson Chas H, sewing niAch agt, Bla- 

Dickinson ITrank, lab, Union al nw 
Dickinson Geo T, elk 2d aud o, h 1013 

7th nw 
Dickinson Luther B, elk treas, h 26 De- 
frees nw 
Dickinson Robt H, porter, 418 1st se 
Dickinson Samuel C, (E G Davis & Co,) 

924 7th nw 
Dickinson Tyrus C, elk treas, 1211 O nw 
Dickiuson Wm, lab, 414 N nw 
Dicksou Alice, servt, 215 F sw 
Dickson Alfred, lab, A ur 18th ne 
Dickson Ann M E, washing, 137 D sw 
Dickson Annie, servt, 312 14th nw 
Dickson Belle R, 225 A se 
Dickson Chas, cook, 2<J6 Jacksen hall al 
brewer, 713 to 719 4>£ sw, h 719 
4^ sw 


ame bbewemt 

and Dealer in Malt and Hops, 

713 to 719 4>£ St., bet. G and H sts. S. W., 


Dickson David, elk sur genls o, bds 1013 

10th nw 
Dickson Edwd, boot mkr, 422 12th ne 
Dicksou Fannie, cigars, 127 Pa ar nw 
Dicksou Gates, teamster govt corral! 
Dickson George, brickmkr, 137 D .sw 
Dicksou Geo, huckster, 452 O nw 
Dickson Geo, shucker, 137 D sw 
Dickson Henry, (Dickson & King,) 1309 

F uw 
Dickson Henry D, elk, 9248th nw 
Dickson Jane, Knox's al, sw 
Dickson John, waiter, 45 L nw 
Dickson John J, «lk ago, 6th cor Pa av 

Dickson John N, elk treas, h 218 43^" nw 
Dickson John R, elk, a g o, h 101 High, 

Dickson Ma r y, r 490jMe av sw 
Dickson Mary, wid Wm, 106 Mass av nw 
Dickson Peter, lab, 469 L sw 
Dickson Philip, mess, 146 N C av se 
Dickson Randall, cooper, 1720 19th nw 
Dickson Randolph, shoemkr, 1st nr M se 
Dick-on Kosf, servt, 2435 Ray's al nw 
Dickson Parah, wid Robert, 146 N C av se 
Dickson Sarah A, folder, 106 Mass av nw 
Dickson Susan, servt, 425 5th nw, h 602 

2d nw 
Dicksou Thomas, shoemkr, 309 6th sw 
Dickson Victoria, servt, 105 D nw 

Dickson Wm, insurance, 603 15th nw, bds 

Rigg's House 
Dickson Wm, grocer, H nr % se 
Dicksou Wm E, saddler, 517 M sw 
Dicksou Wm E jr, bricklayer, 517 M sw 
Dicksou Wm H, fireman, 151212th nw 
©BCItSOM & ' IONG, (Henry Dick- 
son and Win King-,) coal, 4 
Water, Gtn, and. Kith cor K. nw 


Dealers in all kinds and sizes of 

Anthracite and Cumberland Coal. 

AIbo, Wood of all qualities, cord 

length, or sawed and split to 

any length or size. 

OFFICES: Cor. 16th and K streets, 

Washington, D. C; cor. Greene and 

Water streets, Georgetown, D. C. 

Didden Clements A, (Lauritzen & Didden,) 

1321 13th nw 
Diebitsch Herman, elk Smithsonian, h 

1429 9th nw 
Dieddi ich Bernard, florist, E c 13th nw 
Dierkopp Francis, musician, 916 S C av 

Dieste Frank, shoemkr, bds 647 N nw 
Dieste Peter A, shoemkr, 647 N nw, 
Dieterich Christian P, tailor 112 4^ nw, h 

18 D se 
Dietrick Frederick G, draughtsman, 802 

F nw, bds 357 Pa av nw 
Dieterich Kate, wid Henry, 322 Va av sw 
Dieterich Louis, tailor. 355 Pa av nw 
Dieterich Philip C, draughtsman, bds 733 

5th nw 
Dieterich Richard F, elk, 354 Pa av nw 
Dietz Charles, elk, bds 427 4% sw 
Dietz Charles barkeeper, 1118 F nw 
Dietz Chr, wheelwright, 335 Va av sw 
Dietz Conrad, paperhanger, 812 12th nw 
I>ietz Frank H, segar mkr, 427 4^ sw 
Dietz Fredk, butcher, 15 eastn and 650 

cen mkts, h 1718 X 8W 
Dietz Henry, baker, 1819 Wiltberger nw 
Dietz Jacob, cigars, 1333 7th nw, h 427 4^ 

Dietz Philip, bartender, bds 316 9th nw 
Dietz Wm, grocer, 1215 C uw 
Dietz Wm, restaurant, 1118 F nw 
Digge6 Aaron, shucker, 801 14th nw 
Diggcs Geo, sand, 18th ur C nw 
Digges Geo A, real estate, 1455 T nw 
Digtjes Herbert, waiter, 1918 N 1 av nw 
Digges Virginia, wid Richard, D nr l9lh 

Diggin Thos, lab, 10th nr F nw 
Diggins Bartholomew, watchman, 743 6th 

Diggins Patk, elk, 1508 L nw 
Diggins Thos, lab, 59 G sw 
Diggins Thos, mess, bds 527 10th nw 
Diggins Thos. lab. 429 M nw 
Dingle Wm, elk, 437 K sw 
Diggs Aaron, shucker, 14th c H nw 
Diggs Alex, lab, 817 2d se 
Diggs Alex, waiter, 1612 M nw 
Diggs Augustus, waiter, 912 20th nw 
Diggs Catherine, wid Johu, 15th nr C ne 
Diiigs Chas, fireman Willard's 
Diggs Chas, lab, Mass av nr 15th nw 
Diggs Chas, shoemkr, c Conn av and Q 

Diggs Chas H, fireman, c Conn av and Q 


GILMORE Sf CO., Successors to 




"Diggs Chas jr, barber, Massavnr 15th nw 
D ggs Chae J, contractor, 604 M uw 
-U-ggs Chlo A, wid Smith, 43© Washiug- 

tOD u w 
^iggs Dollie, servt, 310 14th nw 
D gys Elizabeth, wid Wm, .huckster, 6 

West, Gtn 
D'.ggs Ewell, lab. 1325 12th nw 
Diggs Frank M, lab, 936 M nw 
Dig^s Geo W, plasterer, Beall nr North, 

Diggs H, huckster, K-st mkt, h 339 D sw 
Digg Henry, lab, 1823 G nw 
Diggs Henry jr, lab, 1823 G uw 
Digus Hwnry, waiter, 1321 L nw 
Diggs Horace, porter, Goat al nw 
Diggs Horace, servt, 12 Guat al nw 
Diggs Ida, servt, wks 1224 6th uw 
Diggs Isaac, lab Smithsonian Instn, h 

Diggs Jacob, lab, Boundary nr 10th nw 
DigtiS Jerome, elk, 1129 11th se 
Digg^ Jerome F, elk, 1247 11th ae 
Diggs John, lab, 1823 G nw 
Diggs John R, hostler, T r 12th nw 
Dijigs Joseph, lab, 817 2d se 
Diggs Letitia, wid Isaac, 7th above Pome- 

Diggs Margaret, servt, 1612 M nw 
Digjis Maria, servt, G nr 22d nw 
Diggs Mary F, washing, 236 3d sw 
Diggs Mary J, wasbiug, 1823 G nw 
Diggs Matilda, 6 West, Gtn 
Diggs Nathauiel, porter, 120 2d sw 
Diggs Richard, lab. 1823 G nw 
Diggs Robert, waiter. Mass av nr 15th nw 
Diggs bandy, lab, 1234 M nw 
Diggs Sothoron, carter, 33 Monroe, Gtn 
Diggs Thomas, janitor, 7th abv Poweroy 
Diggs Thomas, waiter, Wi lards 
Diggs Victoria, cook, 120 2d sw 
Diggs Wesley, lab, West nr Rock Creek, 

Ditrgs Wm, waiter, 1239 Vt av nw 
Diggs Wm, waiter, 236 3d sw 
Diggs Wm F, porter, 914 R nw 
Diggs Wm T. furnishing, 1247 11th se 
Digney Hugh, 471 Md av sw 
Digney Hugh J, painter, 340 Me av sw 
Digney James, hackman, 471 Md av sw 
Digney Thomas, paiuter, 340 Me av sw 
Digney Wm F, moulder, 340 Me av sw 
Dikeman Cornelia, A, wid Wm R, 1739 I 

Dill Wm H, butcher, 340 High, Gtn 
Dill Wm H, provisions, F nr 2d sw 
Dillard James, eoachman, 215 Bridge, Gtn 
Dillard John, carter, 1502 10th nw 
Dillard Wm M, elk, 506 7th sw 
Dilla Sophronia, wid Irael, 1011 nw 
Diller Belinda, 1921 Pa av nw 
Dilley Monroe, butcher, 46 cen mkt, h 

Good Hope Hill 
Dilley Thos L, elk pen o, 1221 6th nw 
Dillon C J A. carp, bds 828 7th nw 
Dillon Edward, carp, 1241 4th nw 
Dillon James, carp, 1113 19th uw, h 7th c 
Dillon James, paver, 38 Mass av nw 

I nw 
Dillon James R k, carp, bds 828 7th nw 
BILLON JOSEPH, frame maker, 

714 » nw, h 232 East Capitol 
DILLOIV LUKE C, photographer, 

1227 Pa av, h same 
Dillon Maurice, stone mason, Prospect nr 
Lincoln av ne 

The Cheapest House in the City to Bnj 
Cigars and Tobacco is 

1*1. Grolclstein's 

California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p 4. 


Manufacturer of Gilt and Walnut 

Picture, Portrait and Mirror Frames. 

714 D et. N. W.. bet. 7th and 8th sts., 


Window Cornice, Brackets, Book and 

Clock Shelves made to order. 

Dillon Michael, lab, 1308 D nw 

Dillon Michael A, elk 2d aud o, h 209 E 

Dillon Ratrick, huckster, H c 1st nw, h 38 

Mass av nw 
Dillon Richard, elk g 1 o, bds 828 7th nw 
Dillon Teresa, boarding, 209 E Cap 
Dillon Thomas H, elk treas 
Dillon W M, elk. 506 7th sw 
Dillow F T, butter stand 268 K-st mkt, h 

I bet 22d and 23d nw 
Diraar Chas E, doorkpr H R, h 225 A se 
Dimes Priscilla, cook, 1014 14ih nw 
DUtOIlCIi R A & CO, (Robert A 

Dimmick, Georg-e Bancroft and 

Seth Johnson,) claim agents, 529 

7th nw 



General Glatm Agency. 

All claims of every character against 
the United States promptly and 
energetically prosecuted. 
Boom 27 Federal Buildings, 
Washington, D. C. 

Dimmick Roberr A, (R A Dimmick & Co,) 

bds Waverly House 
Dimock Victoria E, elk int rev, h 910 20th 
Dinahan Peter A Rev, 609 F sw 
Dines Charles, lab, Cissel's al, Gtn 
Dines Julia, 31 4th, Gtn 
Dines Mary, 314th, Gtn 
Dines Mary, washing. 1303 12th nw 
Dines Philip lab, 931 F sw 
Dines Philip jr, lab, bds 931 F sw 
Dines Wm H, butcher, 2lst nr L nw 
Dingel Charles, lab, 76 G ne 
Dingman Harrison, (White & Gum,) 1615 

10th nw 
Dinkins Louisa, laundress,High nr 7th, Gtn 
Dinniver Lavinia, wid Davy, L nr 4J^ sw 
Dinniver Tbomas, lab, L nr 4>£ sw 
Dinsmore A F, draughtsman. 412 B se 
Dinsmore E S, sergt police, 721 4th nw 
Dious Mary, wid Hanson, 816 3d se 
Dipple Ernest, baker, nr 7th and Boundary 
Dishman James V, huckster, 1214 Car 

lin's al sw 
Disbman John T. elk, 506 7th sw 
Dishman Mary L, bds 1214 Carlin'a al ew 
Dismer Charles, restaurant, 708 K nw 
Disney George W, copper-roller, 532 9th se 
Db-ney John T, tinner, 532 9th se 
Dison Andrew, lab, Fowler's al se 
Ditt Dumpsay, 1455 S nw 
Ditterline Tbeodore, elk eng dept, h 938 E 

Chipman, Hosmer Sf Co, 629 F nw 


Photographic Artist, 

1227 Peiina. Avenue, 



Lift-size Portraits in Oil, Pastol, Crayon, Water Color 
and India Ink. 


A specialty made of the beautiful Porcelain Pho- 
tographs in Water Colors, framed in Gold and Silver, 
with Velvet Mattings and Velvet and Bussia Leather- 

Views of Private Residences taken. 



I Especially Solicit the Patronage of those who hare failed in obtaining 
Satisfactory Pictures elsewhere. 

None hut strictly First- Class Pictures will he permitted 
to leave the Gallery. 

DIT [241] 

DITfRICH AUGUST, hatter, 724 
7th nw, h same 



Manufacturer and Importer of 


721 7th street northwest, centre of square. 

Diven G L, op West Union tel co 
Diver Jerome B, elk p m g o, h222 C se 
Divine Addie Mrs, elk treas. 604 3d nw 
Divine C N, shoemakr, High c Beall, h 

Stoddard bet High and Valley, Gtn 
Divine George M, elk, 1228 20th nw 
Divine Hugh G, elk, 32 2d, Gtn 
Divine John, carpenter, 178 Bridge, Gtn 
Diviue John M, lab, 32 2d, Gtn 
Divine Robert M C, gardener, Tennally- 

Divine Robert R, painter, 32 2d, Gtn 
Divine Thomas D, elk treas, h Stoddard nr 

High, Gin 
Dix Wm, butter, 316 cen and 185 O et mkts, 

h 620 H nw 
Dix Wm A, harnessmkr, 190 High, Gtn 
Dixon Carier, carp, r 1004 D se 
Dixon Carter, plasterer, Prather's al 
Dixon David G. elk s g o, 103 10th nw 
Dixon David W, whitewasher, 1032 N J 

av nw 
Dixon Elijah, driver, 905 1st sw 
Dixon Elzabetb, wid Lewis, servt, 1912 

12th nw 
Dixon Eustis, lab, 837 F sw 
Dixon Frank M, 302 Ind av 
Dixon Hannah, servt, 19 1st, Gtn 
Dixon John, painter, 903 E sw 
Dixon John A, carp, 216 A se 
Dixon John A, carp. 476 Pa av nw 
Dixon John H, elk 6th aud, h 302 Indiana 

Dixon Marion G. butcher, 523 11th se 
Dixon Marshall, waiter, Baptist al 
Dixou Mary, wid Charles, 1912 12th nw 
Dixon Mary I, servt, 1720 H nw 
Dixon Millard T, c,k, bds 302 lnd av nw 
Dixon ^arab, servt, 1339 K nw 
Dixon Robert, fireman, bds 430 Washing- 
ton nw 
Dixon Wm. assesor, 302 Ind av 
Dixon Wm'S, surgeon U S N, h302 Ind av 
Dixon Wm T, grocer, 180 High, h 63 

Greene, Gtn 
Djiro Yoshida, sec Japanese legation, h 

1214 K nw 
Doak S S, Cashier Willard's Hotel 
Doalman Austin, waterman, 1326 Union 

Doaue M L Miss, elk, 209 E Cap 
Dobbyns Ella, shoes, 335 Pa av se, h 500 B 

Dobbin Helen, dressmkr, 122 1st nw 
Dobbins Sallie, print bur treas, h 621 Md 

av sw 
Dobbins Wm B, shoemkr 621 Md av sw 
Dobbs Henry C, bookbdr, 611 N J av nw 
Dobbyu James, bds 11 6th ne 
Dobbyn James R, carp. 500 B se 
Dobbyn John F, elk d q in, h 11 6th ne 
Do born Geo, lab, 1023 V nw 
Doborn Hannah, washwoman, 1023 V nw 

Save money and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

M. Goldstein's 

Av., uuder Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Dobson H A physician, 420 3d se, h same^ 

office hours, 7 to 9 a m, 4 to 6 p m 
Dobson James lab, 719 E Cap 
Dobson Walter, bricklayer, 1011 C sw 
Docaiudry Chas. messenger. 924 19th nw 
Dockery John, supt arch o, 1510 Sampson 

Dockett John, lab, 1011 1 ne 
Dockett John C, barber, 347 F sw 
Dockett John H, barber, 347 F sw 
Dockett Louisa, washing, 721 Freeman's 

ai nw 
Dockett Maria, washing, 1011 1 ne 
Dockett Thos, lab. 1813 K nw 
Dockstader Wm J, elk, 148 A ne 
Dodd Jas A. lab, 23d cor N Y av nw 
Dodd J H, miller, Bladensburg 
Dodd Joel F, miller, 48 Prospect, Gtn 
Dodd Richard, steward, H c Vt av 
Doddrell James, marine, 732 9th se 
Dodge A Hamilton, pres and treas Gtn 

Gaslight Co. h 66 West, Gtn 
Dodge Amasa T C, claim agt. 213 E Cap 
Dodge Alex, 'collector, 317 D se 
Dodge Allen, 156 Congress, Gtn 
Dodge Chas jr. elk ago, h 156 Columbia, 

DODGE CHARLES K, assistant 

entomologist. Department of 

Agriculture, li 915 E nw 
Dodge Clarence, photographer, 317 D se 
Dodge Emily, 156 Congress, Gtn 
Dodge Francis, elk treas, h 156 Congress, 

Dodge Fred M, elk, 709 9th ne 
Dodge Harrison H, 66 West, Gtn 
Dodge James, elk a g o, h Laurel, Md 
Doege Jas H. elk, a g o, h 89 Montgomery, 

Dod^e Jas H, elk a g o, h Betbesda, Md 
DODGE J K, statistician dept of 

agr 9 h 915 JL. n w 
Dodge John S. elk, 429 G nw 
Dodge Jonas 8, elk. 234 9th se 
Dodge Joseph L, elk, 313 N C av se 
Dodge Miutie, servt, 1816 I nw 
Dodge Oscar F, elk sig o, h 190816th nw 
Dodge Philip T, (Dodge & Son,) 413 4th 

DODGE ROBERT P 9 treas Dist 

Col, 89 JTIontgfonierj r, Gtn 
Dodge Wm A, priuter, 317 D se 
Dcd«e Wm A, printer, 313 N C av se 
Dodge Wm C, (Dodge & Son,) 116 B ne 
Donge Will W. elk, bds 116 B ne 
DODGE & SON, (Wm C & Philip T 

Dodge,) pat attys, 700 9th nw 



dodge <& son, 
Solicitors of Patents, 

700 Ninth Street, corner of G, 

GILMORE, SMITE Sf CO., 629 F nw 





Dodson Ada, wid John, washer, r 1124 7th 

Dodson Adelaide, dressrnkr, 229 3d sw 
Dodson. Albert, fireman, 4th lit Market, 

Dodf on Alfred, driver, Clark's al bet L 

and M nw 
Dodson Chas H, musician, Fayette nr 8th. 

Gtn * 
Dodson Christopher, waiter, 1330 9th nw 
Dodson Eliza, wid David, bds 1137 19th 

Dodron Ellen, servt, 622 B se 
Dodson Ellen, washer, 1321 A se 
Dodeon Ellen, washing, Peartree al sw 
Dodson George W, elk 2d Nat Bank, 139 

Congress, Gtn 
Dodson Isabella Mrs, 1918 NHavnw > 
Dodson Isabella, wid. Jacob, washing, 

17th nr C ne 
Dodson J as, lab, 719 E Cap 
Dodson Jas, Jab, 16th bet E Cap and A se 
Dodson Jas, watchman, E Cap nr ]6th se 
DODSON JAMES K, carpets, 819 

Market sp, li 139 Co ogress, Gtn 

jas. b. iton&ojsr, 

dealer in 

Carpetik»s, Mattings, Oil Cloths, 

Druggets, Rugs, Mats, Curtains, 

and Upholsterer's Goods, 

819 Market Space, 


Dodson Jas F, lab, E Cap bet 18th and 

17th se 
Dodson Jane, wid Joseph, 47 4th, Gtn 
Dodson John, waiter, 6^9 Bates al nw 
Dodson John MeL. elk, bda 139 Congress, 

Dodson, Joseph L, elk, bds 139 Congress, 

Dodson Julia, wid John, 128 Carroll se 
Dodson Lewis, barber, Clark's al bet L 

and M nw 
Dodson Mildred, servt, 1118 15th nw 
Dodson Nancy, servt, 182C K nw 
Dodson Nathan, lab, Sherman av nw 
Dodson Richard, lab, 229 D sw 
Dodson, Sarah, wid Allen, 40 4th, Gtn 
Dodson Sarah, wid George, 54 4th, Gtn 
Dodson Sarah J, washing, 629 Bate's 

Dodson Thos W, scourer, 1016 15th nw, h 

422 Franklin nw 
Dodson Walter, lab, Peartree al 
Dodson Waverly, waiter, 1330 9th nw 
Dodson Willis, huckster, Clark's al nw 
Doe Win H, elk navy dept, h 1411 10th nw 
Doehrer August, resiaurant. 18th c L nw 
Doeppleb John S, carp, 1000 Pa av nw 
Doerin^ J, shotinkr, 119 Gaj, Gin 
Doerr Louis, baker, bds 6th bet M aDd N 

Dovans Governeur, grocer. 9th ext nw 
Doggett Fanny A, bds 12th c Water sw 
Doggett Laura E, bds 12tb c Water sw 
Dogins Julia, seamstress, 1414 I nw 
Doheity Anna, elk treas, 1115 N J av nw 
Doherty Chas, agt sewing maebs, 2000 

14th nw 
Doherty Ellen, wid John, 113 N Jav nw 
Doherty Hugh H. 479 C nw 

Doherty John, bk binder, 1113 N J av nw 
Doherty John F, grocer, 217 4% sw 
Doherty Joseph, hlkemi'tb, 6C8 Del av sw 
1601 ltif&i. c C| nw, h same 


(Formerly with R Thyson,) 



Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, &c., 
1601 12th cor. QN.W.,; 


Doherty Michl. coppersmith, 311 Va ays® 
Doherty Wm H, elk pat o, h 618 B se 
Dohlman Oscar, pilot, 1326 Union sw 
Dohnea Samuel, 2017 G nw 
Dolan Isaac, porter, 305 9th|ne 
Dolan John, mess, 641 B se 
Dolan John J, elk a g o, h 328 6th se 
Dolan John M, coach painter, 328 6th se 
Dolan Josephine Sister, principal Immac- 
ulate Conception school. 1554 8th nw 
Dolan Margaret, grocer, 641 B se 
Dolan Thomas, mess, 705 I nw 
Dolan Thomas F, elk pen o, h 1424 3d nvr 
Dolbear C A Mrs. elk pat o, 642 10th ne 
Dolbear Stillman F, 642 10th ne 
Dole Wm P, lawyer, 1014 14th nw 
Doll Frank, butcher, Benning's rd 
Dolley Edwd, plasterer, 1454 Sampson nw 
Dolly Catharine, cook, 1339 K nw 
Dolly Geo, waiter, 1339 K nw 
Dolmeada Emanuel, painter, bds 102 F sw 
Dolmen Victoria, servt, 2207 H nw 
Domer Geo W, civil eng, 738 11th nw 
Domer S Rev, pastor St Paul's English 

Lutheran church, 73811th nw 
Domestic Sewing Machine Company, 905 

F nw 
Domingo Antonio, waiter, Bates' al 
Domiuick John, cooper, 18 Congress, Gtn 
Domlass Charlotte, washing, 1119 Goat al 

Donahoe Thomas, bricklayer, 7th st rdnw 
Donahue Hugh, pressman, 331 C sw 
Donahue John, varieties, Pomeroy 
Donahue Norah, servt, 49 I nw 
DONAHUE I» J, lawyer, 452 Lon- 

ihiasaa av nw, ht 1707 19lli nw 
DoLahue Wm H, supt. 1209 C sw 
Donaldson Albert A, plasterer, bds 2116 

9th nw 
Donaldson And J, pressman, 1126 6th ne 
Donaldson Benj C, fish, 524 N L and 234 

cen mkts, h 614 »th sw 
Donaldson Benj S, fish, 382 cen and 614 N 

L mkts, h 614 8th sw 
Donaldson Chas, driver, 2"? Water, Gtn 
Donaldson Charles, stonemason, Broad 

Branch rd, Washington county 
Donaldson Daniel, carp, 431 R nw 
Donaldson Francis M, carp, E c 10th sw 
Donaldson Franklin A, dairy, 7th above 

Donaldson Geo W, butcher, 10 and 11 cen 

and 26 Corcoran mkts, and 1830 7th, h 

1830 7th nw 
Donaldson Geo W, janitor, 803 9th ne 
Donaldson Henry, painter, 918 26th nw 
Donaldson Jam s, justice peace, 1420 N Y 

av, h 1429 av nw 

Established 1865, the Claim 




Donaldsou James E, driver, 1317 C sw 
Donaldson J Elwood. elk, bds 421 lith sw 
Donaldson John, pedler, Sumner nw 
Donaldson John T, butcher, 821 22d nw 
Donaldson John T, carp, 130 Bridge, Gtn 
Donaldson Jonah, driver. E c 10th sw 
Donaldsoa Mary, 'wid Jas W, E c 12th sw 
Donaldson Mary A, 506 12th nw 
Donaldson Murray, mess, 723 23d nw 
ist. 1113 Pennsylvania av nw, 

h 'i08 Stn sw 
Donaldsou Samuel A, driver, 8 Jefferson, 

Donaldson Saml H, carp. 12th c Ya av sw 
Donaldson T G, fruit, 232 ceu mkt, 4211 

11th sw 
Donaldson Thomas, butcher, 43 K st mkt, 

h &21 22d nw 
Donaldson Thomas, lab, 21 Grace. Gtn 
Donaldson Thos J, huckster, 421 11th sw 
Donaldson T S. plumber, 620 D sw 
Doualdson W B, printer, 1403 31 nw 
Donaldson Win, butcUer, 82123d nw 
Donaldson Win, driver, G F I Co 
Donaldson WinA, contractor. 6 5th, Gtn 
Donaldsou Win H, lab, 1521 9th nw 
Donath August, printer, 231 Mass av nw 
Donavan John, lab, 42 G ne 
Donch Chas, pianist, 537 8th se 
BOXCH MERUIT Prof, mnsic, 537 

8th se 
Dondaro Bartholomew, fruits, 643 and 661 

cen mkt, h 814 9th nw 
Dondaro Mary, wid Anton, 1215 E nw 
Donegan John, blksmith, 337 H bw 
Donegan John, lab, 347 H sw 
Donegan Miehael, dairy, 337 H sw 
Donegan Mary MrS; laundress, 108 High, 

Donegan Mary, wid John, 317 H sw 
Donehoe John, lab, 70 Jackson al ne 
Donehue Daniel, agt. K c 27th nw 
DONEHUE T HARM, costume r, 

428 lltfe nw 
Donelan Patrick H, elk, 9 F nw 
Doniphan Edward D, shoemkr, ft of 11th 

sw, h 944 B sw 
Donelon Mary, wid James, servt, 806 17th 

Doniphan Wm T. 818 F bw 
Donlin Mary, cook, 73 Jackson al ne 
Donlin Patrick, lab, 73 Jackson al ne 
Donn Albert L, furniture, H nr 4th nw, h 

Donn Alphonso T, doorkpr, 640 Lnw 
Donn Edward W. solicitor, 802 F aw, h 

1404 6th nw 
Donn Frauklin C, cabtmkr, 424 H nw 
Doun Geo S, paperhanger, 417 L nw 
Donn Geo W, furniture, 424 H nw, h 22 I 

Donn Geo W jr, upholsterer, 22 I nw 
Donn Harry T, coach painter, 6u2 Laav 
Donn John M, 1343 U nw 
Donn John T, tobacconist. 4th cor G nn 
Donn John Y, elk treaa, 602 La av 
Donn M, agr dept, 1831 U nw 
Donn Marcelius 1\ lab. 2060 8th nw 
Donn Oliver A, 1910 7th nw 
Donn Thos M F, primer, 22 I nw 
Donn Wei ton C, (Johusou & Donn,} bds 

Seminary Hotel, Gtn 
Donnell Benj, 463 E sw 
Dounell John, elk pen o, h 507 6th nw 
Donnelly Jams W, elk land o, h 933 G nw 

Save money and buy Cigars and Tobacco at 

Ef. Goldstein's 

Av., under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Donnelly Chas A. elk. bds 1237 9th nw 
Donnelly Chas A, elk, Md av c 4>£ sw 
Donnelly Edw, supt Trinity pariah school, 

Ling m iiet 1st and 2d, Gt,n 
Donnelly Emma L, wid John, seamstress, 

1704 H nw 
Donnelly Frank, fireman. bds 1237 9th nw 
Donnelly Frank, lab, 19 4th ne 
Donnedy Geo M. plumber, 903 1st nw 
Donnelly Jas, restaurant, 828 14th nw 
Donnell}' Jas jr, bartender. 828 14th nw ■ 
Donnelly Jas P. watchman. 737 2d nw 
Donnelly Jas W. carp, 1237 9th nw 
Donnelly John, wateumau, 1321 C sw 
Donnelly Joha J. plumber, 603 C sw 
Donne'ly Ma y, 19 4th no 
Donuelly Michael A. elktreas, 1932 I nw 
Donnelly Owen, carp, 24 D se 
Donuelly Peter, grocer, 9S5 C nw 
Donnelly Robe, carbuiider, 1704 H nw 
Donnelly Thos, gardener, 44 Jackson's al 

Donnelly Thos, huckster. 608 cen mkt, h 

33 G nw 
Donnelly Wm T, gardener. 44 Jackson's 

al nw 
Donuoghue Dennis, elk, 445 G nw 
Donno^hue John, bds 451 G nw 
Donuoghue Patk O, 451 G nw 
Donoghue Mary, servt, 1410 9th nw 
Donoghue Tnos, plumber, 37 O nw 
Donoho G R, draughtsman treas, 1323 H 

Donoho Halleck, elk, 1115 K nw 
Donoho J R. elk treas. h 1323 H nw 
Donoho Wm H, 1115 K nw 
Donohoe Daniel C, elk, 606 A se 
Donohue Edw. lab. bds c 23d and L nw 
Donohoe Ellen, 1525 17th nw 
Dononoe Jas W, elk, 606 A se 
Donohoe John F, provisions, 1015 N J av 

Douohoe Margaret, grocer. 23d cL nw 
Donohoe Martin, lab, 1137 23d nw 
Donohoe Matthew, lab, 1138 23d nw 
Donohoe Rebecca J, wid John, 414 lbfc nw 
Dohohoe Timothy, lab, 1142 23d nw 
Douohoe Timothy, private, Washington 

arsenal sw 
Doi o'.ioe Wm H, collector, 414 Istnw 
Donohoe John C. bricklayer, 2438 K nw 
Douohoo Job F, elk. 934 22d nw 
Donohoo Patrick H, paperhanger, 1102 F 

nw , h 905 8th nw 
Donohoo Wm J, 920 8ih nw 
Donohue Daniel, driver. 411 11th nw 
Dononue Daniel Mrs, 606 A se 
Donohue Donald, lab. 910 3d nw 
Donohue Edwd. shoemkr, 506 G se 
Donohue Ellen M, wid Timothy, 1525 17th 

Donohue Florence, elk a g o, h 1427 8th 

Donohue Florence O, 1639 R I av nw 
Donohue James S, plumber, 2316 H uw 
Don jhue John, porter, 403 9ih nw 
Douohue John, shoemkr, 34 H ne 
Donohue Marcus L, carp, 1113 S C av se 
Donohue Marcus L, (M L Donohue & Cj,) 

9^2 Mass av ne 

Agency of GILMOBE Sr CO., 629 F nw 




Donohue Mary, bds 37 O nw 

Donohue ML& Co, (Marcus L Donohue,) 

produce, 60 eastern rnkt, h 902 Mass ay 

Dononue Patrick, dairy, 7t st rd nw 
Donohue Thomas, carp, 2316 H nw 
Donobue Thomas, grocer, 483 L sw 
Donohue Tbomas, plainber, bds 37 O nw 
Donohue Thos H, shoemkr, 506 G se 
Donovan Cornelius R, mess, 1014 16th nw 
Donevan D, lab, 6th c E nw 
Donovan Daniel, elk, 123 F nw 
Donovan Dennis, lab, 118 2d, Gtn 
Donovan James, Bridge nr Frederick, Gtn 
Donovan John, lab, 3d nr Lingan, Gtn 
Donovan John, stonecutter, 1102 16th nw 
Donovan Levi, elk, 414 1st nw 
Donovan Margaret, 1501 8th nw 
Donovan Thos, dairy, 7th st rd nw 
Donovan Wm. lab, 1012 6th sw 
Donovan Wm J, elk bd police, 1917 9th nw 
Donovan Dennis, plasterer, 710 1st ue 
Dooley Anuie E, wid Michael, 303 4th se 
DOOJL.EV FRANCIS X., druggist, 

223 Pesansylvaiala, av »e, Ii 1312 

E nw 



223 East Pa. Av., 



Sole proprietors of F. X. Dooley's Fever 
and Ague Powders, F. X. Dooley's Tonic 
Elixir of Calisaya. 

Dooley Jas F, elk q m g o, bds 434 8th nw 

Dooley Mamie, milliner, 308 D se 

Dooley Nora, 303 4th se 

Dooley Thos, marble worker, 308 D se 

Doolittle Geo, elk Ueas, 506 E Cap 

Doolittle Myrick H, elk coast sur, 1925 
I nw 

Doolittle Wm H, asst comr patents, 1508 
9th nw 

Doodney Wm T, asst supt state dept. h 
919 23d nw 

Doody John, >ah, Limerick al sw 

Doody Michael, lab, Limerick al sw 

Doores Wm C, elk a g o, h 20 Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 

Dooris Kate, 1409 20th nw 

Doran James, stonecutter, 608 5th nw 

Doran John, carp, *,12 K ne 

Doran John F, horse sboer, 928 K nw, h 
1205 N nw 

Doran Patrick, doorkpr, bds 922 E nw 

Dora Mary, wid John, bds N c 18th nw 

Dore J Maury, elk, 2025 H nw 

Dore Mary, 724 1st ne 

Dore Michael, elk, bds 1742 10th nw 

Doremus Willard D, jeweier treas dep, h 
F nr 18th nw 

Dorian Annie, wid Thomas H, 1715 5th nw 

Dorian Marion, elk, 1715 5th nw 
Dorian Thomas H, elk, 1715 5th nw 
Doriss Lucy Mrs, nurse, 2 Monroe, Gtn 
Doriss Sarah, dressmkr, 2 Monroe, Gtn 
Dorriss Wm, lab, 2 Monroe, Gtn 
Dorithy Margaret, wid Michael, 310 1st se 
Dorkius Mary, servt, 217 I aw 
Dorman Carrie V,clk, bds 58 Montgomery, 

Dorman James, driver, 1261st nw 
Dorman Jerome B, carp, 902 S C av se 
Dorman Jerry, machinist, 58 Montgomery, 

Dorman Lottie N, print bur treas, 5$ Mont- 
gomery, Gtn 
Dorn John, produce,. 241 cen mkt and 88 

Corcoran mkt, h 1812 6th nw 
Dorn I ouis F, elk p o, h 2031 9th n w 
Dorr Andrew, butcher, 72 Eastern and 134 

cen mkt, h Pfenning's road 
Dorr August, cooper, 12 Potomac, Gtn 
Dorr George, driver, bds 4th c E ue 
Dorr Jaue A, elk treas, 29 D se 
Dorris John N, elk pod 
Dorritee Wm T, lithographer, 625 D nw 
Dorwart J D, elk, 916 8th nw 
Dorseh Michael, dried fruit, Gtn and O st 

mkts, h610Onw 
Dorsen Bridget, wid James, washer, r 127 

6th se 
Dorset Charles W, waiter, 9th nr Boun- 
dary nw 
Dorset Henry, carp, 1328 16th nw 
Dorset Joseph, carp, 1328 16th nw 
Dorsett Catherine A, 502 Md av sw 
Dorsett Henry KJ, plasterer, al bet N and 

O and 16th and 17th nw 
Dorsett John R, 502 Md av sw 
Dorsett Laura L, 502 Md av sw 
Dorsett Susan A, 502 Md av sw 
Dorsey Abraham, lab, 905 E sw 
Dorsey Albert, servt, 28 West, Gtn 
Dorsey Allen S, livery stable, Johnson aJ 

nr E nw, h 1429 8th nw 
Dorsey Andrew, bricklayer, 1256 23d nw 
Dois< \ Anna H, authoress, 819 17th nw 
Dorsey Arthur, lab, West nr Rock Creek, 

Dorsey Augwsfna, carp, 1239 6th nw 
Dorsey Bai &>ura A, laundress, Wormley al 

Dorsey C A, wid, 219 3d nw 
Dorsey Carrie., servt, Marshall nw 
Dorsey Charles, engineer. 1236 12th nw 
Dorsey Charles, grocer, 1917 M nw 
Dorsey Charles H, eating house, M bet 19th 

and 20th nw 
Dorsey Connor, lab, 3d bet L and M sw 
Dorsey Dinah, wid Benjamin, 1722 21st nw 
Doi>ey Dolly, Conner's al 
Dorsey Edward, lab, 221 F sw 
Dorsey Edward J, contractor, 491 Md a¥ 


Dorsey Ella L, elk pat o, h 819 17th nw 
Dorsey Ellen, wid Gustavus, 213 O nw 
Dorsey Ellen, wid James, B nr 17th nw 
Dor&ey Eliza, servt, 1420 Samp-on nw 
Dorsey Eliza, wid. Edward, 1906 18th nw 
Dort-ey Elizabeth, wid Henry, I nr 26tb nw 
Corsey Frnnces, washing, 1929 L nw 
Dorsey Frank, feed, 601 N Y av nw, h 1243 

6th uw 
Dorsey George W, waiter, Hamilton House 
Dors-ey Geoige, servt, Olive nr Montgom- 
ery, Gtn 
Dorsey Helen, seat, 414 3d sw 

References Furnished Anywhere in U. S. 




Dorsey Henrietta, servt, 209 L nw 
Dorsey Henry, carp, Nichols av 
Horsey Heury, lab, al ur 3d and F sw 
Dorsey Henry, servt. Willard's 
Dorsay Hugh J, miller, Potomac nr Bridge, 

Dorsey Ignatius, grocer, Nichols av 
Dorsey James, hostler. 91 Washington, Gtn 
Dorsey James, lab, 928 Birch's al sw 
Dorsey James, waiter, 455 N nw 
Dorsey James H, porter, 414 3d sw 
Dorsey John, lab, 821 23d nw 
Dors-ey John, paperhanger, 451 H nw 
Dorsey John, upholsterer, Sheriff's al bet 

2d and 3d nw 
Dorsey John, waiter, 1117 16th nw 
Dorsey John E, lab, 1758 K nw 
Dorsey John H, driver, bds 506 4% sw 
Dorsey Joseph, coachman, 1614 O nw 
Dorsey Joseph, lab, West nr Rock Creek. 

Dorsey Josiah, servt, Willard's 
Dorsey Lavinia, servt, 1637 11th nw 
Dorsey Levi, lab, 1420 Sampson nw 
Dorsey Levi, lab, 4th ur Market, Gtn 
Dorsey Lloyd, physician, 1007 9th nw 
Dorsey Lottie, 1319 C nw 
Dorsey Louisa, cook, 1326 Mass aynw 
Dorsey Mary, 1236 12th nw 
Dorsey Mary, 64 L D nw 
Dorsey Mary, wid Frank, dressmkr, 215 

Dorsey Mary, wid George, servt, 1639 

13th nw 
Dorsey Mary, wid Sanny, 3d bet L and M 

Dorsey Mary H, 1122 9th nw 
Dorsey Mary Jane, washing, 310 3d sw 
Dorsey Maria, dressmakr, 1512 M nw 
Dorsey Maria, servt. 1639 13th nw 
Dorsey Martha, 416 10th sw 
Dorsey Mattie, servt, wk* 1400 6th nw 
Dorsey Michael, lab. 1256 23d nw 
Dorse.y Millie, servt, 1911 lldi nw 
Dor ey Morgan, bricklayer, 1256 23d nw 
Dorsey Moses, lab, 1325 12th nw 
Doi>ey Moses, servt, 1921 Pa av nw 
Dorsey Nathaniel, waiter, Prather's al 
Dorsey Richard, driver, nr M and 25th nw 
Dorsey Robert, painter. 337 Md av sw 
Dorsey Robert C, elk, 491 Md av sw 
Dorsey Samuel, lab, 2414 Pa av nw 
Dorsey Samuel, lab, 121 Law 
Dorsey Sarah, washing, 417 D se 
Dorsey Sophia, servt, wks 1408 6th nw 
Dorsey Susan C, servt, 216 10th nw 
Dorsey Stephen, lab, 1440 23d nw 
Dorsey Taylor, lab. 616 2d sw 
Dorsey Thomas, lab, 927 15th nw 
Dor&ey Thomas, servt, 1307 L nw 
Dorsey Thomas G, physician, 124 4th se; 

office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 3 to 4 p m 
Dorsey Tilman, cook, 310 3d sw 
Dorsey Tiny, servt, 67 H nw 
Dorsey Walter, lab, 1st nr K se 
Dorsey Wm, lab, 304 G se 
Dorsey Wm, lab, 37 Jackson alley nw 
Dorsey Wm, sawyer, Harrison nr Jeffer- 
son, Uni mtown 
Dorsey Wm, waiter, Nichols av 
Dorsey Wm H, porter. 414 3d sw 
Dorsey Wm H, lab, 4 Nailor's alley 
Dorsey Wm J, waiter, Riggs House 
Dorsey Worthington S, elk. 1517 10;h nw 
Dorster John N, lab. 2113 12th nw 
Dorster Julia, wid Edwin W, 2113 12th nw 

For Fine Meerschaum Goods and Smoker's 
Articles go to 

JME. G-olds t eixx'js 

California Cigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. Sei p 

Dorster Maria A, teacher, bd* 2113 12th nw 
Dorwert Jacob L, collector, 916 8th nw 
Dosher Albert, Jab, O ur N J av se 
Dosier Joseph, messenger, 1426 N nw 
Dotson Albert, 641 I sw 
Dotson Catheriue, wid Johu, 641 G sw 
Dotson Vernon, driver, 347 G &w 
Dotson Willis, lab, Clark's al bet L and M 

Doty John H H, elk pod, bds 512 9th nw 
Doty John L. elk treas. h 125 F nw 
Doub D W, elk, 1918 Pa av nw 
Doubleday Annie, bds 411 4th nw 
Doubleday Henry, sol pat, 705 H nw 
Dougal Wm H, engraver, Road nr High, 

Dougherty Chas, servt, 453 C nw 
Dougherty Cornelius A, 1340 I nw 
Dougherty Edw, lab, 2309 H nw 
Dougherty Edw H, carp. 1509 16th nw 
Dougherty Edw S, bell boy, Rhfgs House 
Dougherty Geo, bricklayer, 117 G nw 
Dougherty Hugh, lab, 1214 I se 
Dougherty James, printer, 715 N Cap ne 
Dougherty Mary E~ 345 N sw 
Dougherty Rich, butcher, 618 cen mkt, h 

345 N sw 
Dougherty Richard, jr., brickmkr, N nr S 

Cap se 
Dougherty Salvadore A, postal elk, 1340 I 

Dougherty Thos, Gtn College, Gtn 
Dougherty Thos, lab, 14 5th ne 
Dougherty Wm W, plumber. 1340 I nw 
Doughty Albert, elk, 15th, c Pa av se 
Doughty Susan, servt, 1229 Madison nw 
Doughty Thos J, carp, 15m c Pa av se 

Douglas , teamster, 815 B ne 

Douglas Alexander, machinist, 351 C sw 
Douglas August, liquors, 1702 Pa av nw 
Douglas Chas S, asst bookkpr Nat Rep 
Douglas Chas W, 125 1st sw" 
Douglas Edward, lab, 6o5 I sw 
Douglas Frank, huckster, 313 E Cap 
Douglis George B, associate ed Capital, 

1315 13th nw 
DOUGLAS ffiESRY, florist, 1819 

E *iw, In 615 !9Ui nw 

IF* JLa O IO. I S3 T , 


615 19th Sireet N. W, 

Green-houses, E St., bet. 18th and 18th nw. 

^aTBouquets, Wreaths and Cut Flowers 

furnished to order. A general collection 

of Plants, &c. 

Douglas Henry, lab H R, h 125 1st sw 
Douglas Henry, washer, 437 N J av nw 
Douglas Henry C, usher, bds 430 H nw 
Douglas Henry J, elk a g o, h 1315 13th 

Douglas Harry J jr, elk sol o, h 1315 13th 

Douglas James E, 1027 12th nw 

By GILMOBE $ Co., 029 F street nw 




Douglas Jas S, carp. 121 F nw 
Douglas Jane, wid John, 351 C sw 
Douglas Johu, florist, 719 14th nw, h nr 

Benniug's bridge 
Douglas John, lab, 437 2d sw 
Douglas John, pressman. 351 C sw 
Douglas John F, elk, 430 11 nw 
Douglas Johu V, bookkpr, 2023 G nw 
Douglas John W, carp, 117 F nw 
Douglas John W, 125 1st sw 
Douglas Laura, bds al r 227 14th sw 
Douglas Malcolm, carp, al r 227 14th sw 
Douglas Maria, servt, 610 12th nw 
Douglas Marion L. washing, 137 D sw 
Douglas Mary, bds al r 227 14ih sw 
Doualas Mary, servt, 33b Ind av 
Douglas Mathias, lab, c nr 1st sw 
Douglas Matthew, waiter, 415 L se 
Douglas M C, principal Washington fe- 
male seminary, 1023 12th nw, h 1027 
12th nw 
Douglas Noah, lab, 137 D sw 
Douglas Peter, overseer, Brightwood. Em- 
ery's place 
Dougias Richard, driver, bds 1810 M nw 
Douglas Robert J, tailor, 1113 Vermont 

av nw 
Douglas Sarah, 808 G sw 
Douglas Scotia, 351 U sw 
Douglas Susan, 10 Union al nw 
Douglas Win 125 1st sw 
Douglas Wm, fruit trees, 313 E Cap 
Douglass Abraham, lab, 1021 6th sw 
Douglas Andrew V, bds 1413 1st nw 
Douglas Anna, bds 1413 1st nw 
Douglas David, lab, 2028 10th nw 
Douglas Eliza, servt, 225 E Cap 
Douglass Ella, cigars, 217 10th nw 
Douglass Ellen, bds 1413 1st nw 
Douglass Embrose, bricklayer, 225 Mass 

Douglass Frank, cook, 1222 Madison nw 
Douglass Frederick, lecturer, 316 A ue 
Douglass Frederick jr, printer, Nichols 

Douglass Geo, lab, 3l2 4th se 
Douglass Geo, lab, 213 L nw 
Doul'Ihps G'-o A, caterer, 1123 12th nw 
DOUGLASS GEO Li. (JW Douglass 

<& Son) 1S.16 F nw 
Douglass Harry, servt, 1016 16th nw 
Douglass Henrietta, 1413 l^t nw 
Douglass Jane, washer, 412 20 th. nw 
Douglass J L, bds 1310 G aw 
Douglas John, lab, 2039 K nw 
Douglass John, lab, 1630 11th nw 
Douglass John B, 2020 G nw 
Douglass John G, painter. 1210 Pa av nw 
Douglass John W, (J W Douglas <& Sod.) 

1816 Fnw 
Douglass Joseph, rags, rear 1136 15th nw 
Douglass Joseph L, waiter, Sumner av 
W and Georg-e L Douglass) law- 
yers, 1418 F nw 


Attorneys and Counsellers-at-Law, 



Douglass Lloyd, elk, bds 932 22d nw 
Douglas-s Macduuald, elk citizens' nat 

bank, h 1816 F nw 
Douglass Margaret, servt, 30 Beall, Gtn 
Douglass Mildreth, wid Geo, washing, 1318 

10th nw 
Douglass Robert, clothing, 1503 M nw 
DOHJ^IjASS ROBERT C, dyer and 

scourer, 1317 E nw, h 1503 M u *v 


Sole Proprietor of the 

New Chemical Process. 

A Suit of Clothes Handsomely 

Cleaned for $2. 


Under National Theatre. 

Douglass Samuel E, elk, 932 22d nw 
Douglass Susan, servt, 1213 O nw 
Douglass Susannah, washing, 1218 10th nw 
Douglass Wm, carp, 425 H nw 
Douglass Wm. cook, 1030 17th nw 
Douglass Wm, lab, 1617 () nw 
Douglass Wm, shoemkr, 1117 21st nw 
Douglass Wm B, elk ago, 609 nw 
Douglass Win H, brass founder, 1020 G 

nw, h 233 13K sw 
Douglass Wm O, (Douglass & Bro.) 719 

8th nw 
DOUGJLASS &. BRO.,( Wm.O.Dougr- 

lass,) fancy g-oods, 524 and 526 

9 tli n w 



ladies' and gentlemen's 

Pine Furnishing Goods, 

634 AND 526 NINTH ST., 
St. Cloud Building. 

Douse Maria, servt, 1913 Pa av 
Dove Alice Miss, bds 7th ab Boundary nw 
Dove Caroline, bervt, 90 Beall, Gtn 
Dove Charles B, watchman, 408 N Y av 
Dove George W, carp. 9th bet R and S nw, 

h 1006 6th 
Dove Harriet, wid James, 1020 1st nw 
Dove Henry, lab, 102 Greene, Gtn 
Dove John, carp, 927 5th nw 
Dove Louisa, servt, 1921 Pa av nw 
Dove Mary, 114 G nw 
Dove Mary F, wid Milton C, 114 G nw 
Dove Richard G, elk treas, 1317 L nw 
Dove Robert, carp, 1702 5th nw 
Dove Robert, plasterer, 910 4th nw 
Dove Sarah A, wid Dr Geo M, 231 E nw 
Dove Thomas C. plasterer, 408 N Y av 
Dove Wm A, lab, 42 Bridge, Gtn 
Dove Wm F, mahc, 723 4th se 
Dove Wm M, bookkpr, 713 21st nw 
DoveWm T, carp H R, 1709 II nw 
Dover Elizabeth, dressrakr, 2123 V nw 
Dover George, lab, 2123 V nw 
Dover James, lab, North nr West. Gtn 
Dover Sarah, wid Alexander, 453 L nw 
Dovilliers Leopold V, physician, 221 13th 

nw; office hours 8 to 10 a m 2 to 4 p in 

Call at 629 F nw, if you 




Dow Charles H, elk treas. 713 11th nw 
Dow Fred W, pat sol, 940 F nw, h 1431 

Chapin nw 
DOW JESSE E, clerk Navy depart- 
ment, 111 1> nw 
Dow Lorenzo, billiards nat hotel 
Dowd Crank, lab, bds 7th-st rd nw 
Dowd Timothy, dairy, 1940 14th nw 
Dowden Barney, porter, 408 C ne 
Dowden Benj D, elk. 239 8th se 
Dowden Chas B, elk, 1010 11th nw 
Dowden Chas L, bookbinder, 1420 3d nw 
Dowden Harry, lab, 2d e M sw 
Dowden Wm, painter, 729 1st nw 
Dowe Geo M, elk sgo, b 1535 Columbia 
Dowell Annie S, bds 1133 9th nw 
Dowell Henrietta, washing, 1009 I ne 
Dowel! John H, watchman, 713 H sw 
Dowell Julian, elk pat o, h 637 6th nw 
Dowell Peter, lab, 1009 I ne 
Dowell Philip B, supt, 13 H ne 
Dowell Wm, moulder, 809 G sw 
Dower John, lab, 724 1st ne 
Dowbiggin Thos, wheelwright, 1st bet M 

and N se 
Dowling Albert, elk, 30 Congress, Gtn 
Dewling Cornelius, B c 13th ne 
Dowling Edw J, elk treas, h45 Defrees nw 
Dowling Ellen W, millineiy, 612 9th nw 
DOWLING FENELON I>. druggist, 
301 4>£ sw, la 491 Maryland av 



Drugs and Medicines, 

4 J Street, corner C Street Southwest. 

Dowling Frank, bookbinder, 1419 5ih nw 
Dowling Griffin, lab, Blagden's ttl nw 
Dowling Harry W, tel elk, 1419 5th nw 
Dowling Isaac C, elk ago, 612 9th nw 
Dowling J A, lab, 1915 latb nw 
Dowling Jas, plasterer, bds 14th nr B ne 
Dowling John, printer, 200 F nw 
Dowling Juo, teas, 833 7ih nw, h 921 I nw 
Dowlmg Mead, waiter, 710 3d sw 
Dowling Michael, plasterer, bds 2023 Lnw 
DOWLING 'J MOM AS, Auctioneer, 
1100 Pa av nw, and Furniture 
174 Bridge, (Utn, h 114 tireene, 



ommission Merchant, 

Pennsylvania A>enue, 8. W. cor. 11th st., 

Dowling Thos, wheelwright, nr Soldiers' 

Home nw 
Dowling Wm, waiter, 1709 M nw 
Down Ellen, servt, 1015 V nw 

Importer and jobber in Cigars & Tobacco 

611 Penna Av, under Met. Hotel, 
See patre 4. 

Downer Annie, wid Gile, 1429 D nw 
Downes John, computer on coast survey, 

h 103 C se 
Downey Alice, servt, 1407 K nw 
Downey Ann, wid Tbos, 721 3d nw 
Downey Daniel, lab, 515 H ne 
Downey Edward, painter, 1426 10th nw 
Downey Geo W, painter, bds 401 H nw 
Downey H F, grocer, 17th c (J se 
Downey Horace, huckster, 1239 LTnion sw 
Downey Jas, lab, 1st nr Lingan, Gtn 
Downey James, lab, 13 F nw 
Downey Jeremiah, milk, 621 1 sw 
Downey John, lab, Limerick al sw 
Downey M A Miss, elk pat o, h 1000 Mnw 
Downey Mary, fancy goods, 1426 10th n w 
Downey, Mary, wid John, dressmkr, 721 

Downey Mary Agnes, 486 Md av sw 
Downey Patrick, lab, 13 F nw 
Downey Patrick, provisions, 412 3d sw 
Downtw Peter, gardener, 1245 Union sw 
Downey Richard, grocer. 722 4th nw 
Downey Roxa, wid Joseph, 2173^ F sw 
Downey Silas, lab, 214 L sw 
Downey Thos, conductor, 1235 Union sw 
Downey Thos, shoemkr, 610 9th nw 

stable. 1013 17th uav 
Downey Winifred, 621 L st nw 
Downing A J Mrs, 913 I nw 
Downing Chas R, blksmith, 1228 I se 
Downing Frauces T, elk int, 902 G nw 
Downing H A, elk treas, h 913 I nw 
Downing Hannah N, wid Geo W, bds 

1221 G se 
Downing Horace; waiter, 124 Pierce nw 
Downing Joseph G, upholsterer, bds 1007 

L nw 
Downiug Lucy, eervt, 1416 Columbia nw 
Downing Mack, waiter, 488 Franklin nw 
Downing M E, 1007 L nw 
Downiug Patrick J, elk 6ih aud, h 507 

M ne 
Downing Robert, (W B Downing & Bro,) 

1322 9th nw 
Downing Robert L, actor, 1322 9th nw 
Downing Samuel R, painter, 1110 26th nw 
Downing Sophia, wid Geo, 124 Pierce nw 
Downing Thos M, lab, 1221 G se 
Downing Thomas R. elk, bds 713 L nw 
Downing W B, (W B Downing & Bro,) 8th 

c L nw 
Downing W B & Brother. (W B and Robt 

Downiuy,) builders, 1218 C nw 
Downing Wm F. blksmith, 1221 G se 
Downintr Zachariab, carp. 1328 Down- 

ing'sal, h 1318 9 ; h nw 
Downman Joseph B, 82 Beall, Gtn 
Downman Rawleigh W, (Downman & 

Green,) 82 Beall. Gtn 
leig-h YV. Downman and O. C* 
Green,) real estate and insur- 
ance, 412 7th nw 
Downs Alice Mrs, 925 Snow's al nw 
Doavus Elmira M, 943 lnw 
Downs George C, watcbmkr, bds 481 1 sw 
Downs James, elk int rev, h 1st e G sw 
Downs Jas H, lab, Del av e G sw 

Have Land Warrents to Sell. 





Real Estate& Insurgnce Brokers, 

No. 2 Intelligencer Building, 


Downs John, watchman, 914 I se 
Downs John, elk c sur, h 103 C se 
HOWIVS JOMN A, mm mer, 713 
Market space, h 615 6th i»w 


Merchandise Broker 




Bet. Seventh and Eighth Streets. 

(Over Wm. R. Riley's,) 


Downs John T, Big o, h 943 I nw 
Downs Joseph, coachman, 1428 N nw 
Downs Lucinda A, 943 1 nw 
Downs Margaret, wid David, Boundary 

bet 18th and 19th nw 
Downs Mary, grocer, 824 6th nw 
Downs Patrick, carp, 824 6th nw 
Downs Robert F, foreman, 481 I sw 
Downs Samuel I, elk, 481 1 sw 
Dowus Sarah L, wid John T, 921 12th nw 
Doyle Ann, wid Patrick, 431 6th sw 
Doyle Annie, feeder, 85 Myrtle ne 
Doyle Catherine, wid Peter. 499 M sw 
Doyle Dennis, printer, bds 139 C ne 
Doyle Eletiora, wid Francis M, 340 K sw 
Doyle Frank, elk, 421 Mass av nw 
Doyle Hiram H. 523 11th nw 
Doyle J A, elk treas, bds 906 F nw 
Doyle James, elk navy dept, Beall bet 

Congress and High, G n 
D03 le James, grocer, 433 1st sw 
Doyle James, shoemkr, 703 1st nw 
Doyle James T, (Doyle & Ball,) 3d, Gtn 
Doyle John, baker, 1620 4th nw 
Doyle John, caip, 487 E sw 
Doyle John, carp, Graut av 
Doyle John, dairy, 711 Grant av nw 
Doyle John A, elk treas, 906 F nw 
Doyle John D, printer. 1214 E nw 
Doyle John H, elk, 523 11th nw 
Doyle Margaret, wid Richard, 139 C ne 
Doyle Mary, wid Michael, grocer, 2439 M 

Doyle Mary E, dressmkr, 127 Vaav sw 
Doyle Mary J, elk treas, 523 11th nw 
Doyle Michael, rectifier, 48 Defrees nw 
Doyle Patrick, baker, 1620 4th nw 
Doyle Patrick, bricklayer, 907 9th nw 
Doyle Patrick, shoemkr, 703 1st nw 
Doyle Peter G, baggagem aster, 499 M sw 
Doyle Robert E. elk, 502 11th sw 
Doyle Robert E, stonecutter, 523 11th nw 
Doyle Thomas F, bricklayer, 703 1st nw 
Doyle Wm E, elk, 20 D se 
Dovle & Ball, (James T Doyle and John 

R Ball.) produce. 137 Bridge, Gtn 
Dozier Alfred, lab, Pleasaut al sw 
Dozier Allen, lnb, N J av nr N se 

Dozier James, servt, 515 12th nw 
Draefus August, cattle, 800 D nw 
Draeger Charles, elk a if o, h 718 2d ne 
Draily John, driver, 1412 21st nw 
Draily Joseph, lab, 1412 21st nw 
Draily Wm, plumber, 1412 21st nw 
Draine Mary, wid Charles, 927 10th nw 
DKARE CHARLES », chief justice 

XJ S court of claims, h 2117 G nw 
Drake P Mrs, 1117 G nw 
Drane Baldwin D, carp, 427 N nw 
DRANE JAMES W.. carpenter, 

609 G nw, h 1415 Columbia nw 


Carpenter and Builder, 

Residence, 1415 Columbia Street N.W. 


Drane Robert H, elk, 713 Market Space 
Drane Thomas W, carp, bds 1415 Colum- 
bia nw 
Drane Walter P, elk, 54 Fayette, Gtn 
Drane Wm, police, 419 Mass av nw 
Draney F M, contractor, 913 N J ave nw 
Draney J B, lab, 913 N J av nw 
Draper Amos G, teacher, Kendall Green 
Draper Charles S, mess U 8 S, h 37 B se 
Draper Lemuel J, physician, 1224 N Y av 

nw, h 1909 Pa av nw 
Draper Nanette R, elk int rev, bds 401 4th 

Draper Nathan C, (N C Draper & Co,) 234 

13th sw 
DRAPER N C & CO., (Nathan C 
Draper and Johnson P Thomas,) 
planing mill, 1224 € nw 


1224 C. ST., CORNER 13th. 

Draper Samuel, 1909 Pa av nw 
Draper Wm L, carp. 238 13th sw 
Drayton Gabriel, lab, 20th c I nw 
Dreher Fr< derick, upholsterer, 210 1st sw 
Drenuan Daniel O. elk, 1423 13th nw 
Dresther George F, baker. 401 13>£ sw 
Dreswell Lemuel, driver, 1247 7th nw 
Drexel Charles F, elk, bds 20 3d ne 
Drexler Teresa, wid Constantine, 212 13>£ 

Drew Bernard, f eed, 525 2d nw, h 316 2d ne 
Drew Edward, waiter, 118 L nw 
Drew Edward M, tailor, 603 La av, h 716 

10th nw 
Drew Edward M jr. elk, 716 10th nw 
Drew Edwin, elk, 716 10th nw 
Drew Frank, lab, 925 Hughes' al nw 
Drew George, plasterer, 1239 5th nw 
Drew John R, barber, 1720 L nw 

Patents Obtained in all Foreign Countries. 




BREW JOHN W, druggist, 901 Pa 
av 11 w, Si 1445 S nw 


(Successor to Jos. W. Nairn,) 

Druggist & Pharmacist, 

N.W. cor. Ninth st. and Pa.Av., 


Fine Fancy Goods, Toilet Articles, Mineral 
Waters, &c. 

Drew Joseph W, elk atty gen o, h 1422 N 

Drew Julia A, laundress, 1720 L nw 
Drew Mary, wid Geo, boarding, 8Q6 E nw 
Drew Nannie, servt, 728 20th nw 
Drew Richard, porter, 1219 17th nw 
Drew Wm E, waiter, 118 L nw 
Drew Win O. asst eug flre dept, 109 Gay, 

Drexler T Mrs, agr dept, 212 13>£ sw 
Dreyfuss David, clothing, 175 Bridge, h 

177 Bridge, Gtn 
Dries Johu, gardener, Boundary nr 1st ne 
Dries Mary E, wid John, produce, 319 ceu 

233 and 235 N L mkt, h Boundary nr 1st 

Drill John, police, 78 Hisrh, Gtn 
Drill Thomas O, tel op, 78 High, Gtn 
Drin Anna, bdg, 592 7th se 
Drinkard Charles L, elk, 1311 1 nw 
Drinkard Robert M,' elk, 1314 I nw 
Drinkard Waverley D, lawyer, 629 E nw, 

h 1314 I nw 
»RIIVf£AR» W.B 5 physician, 1403 

IV Y av nw, !i 1314 I \\xc 
f 9 to 10 a m 

Office Hours H ?£* p:|m 

[Sundays 1 to 2 p m 
Dripps James, (Pettit & Dripps,) 1315 C sw 
Dripps John H, grocer, 1307 C sw 
Driscoll Catherine, wid Dauiel, 822 6th nw 
Driscoll Catherine^ wid Timothy, 337 E sw 
Driscoll Cornelius, grocer, 3d c K sw 
Driscoll Daniel, carp, Grant av nw 
Driscoll Dennis, lab, 109 2d, Gtn 
Driscoll Haunah, wid Timothy. 317 H sw 

9riscoll Johanna, wid James, dairy, 21 F 
riscoll John, huckster, al bet 6th and 7th 

and H and I ne 
Driscoll John, lab, 2531 I nw 
Driscoll John, shoemkr, 728 5th nw 
Driscoll John H, dairy, Grant av nw 
Driscoli Kate, wid Michael, 38 Mass rv nw 
Driseoll Martin A, elk. Lafayette House 
Driscoll Mary, F c 2d sw 
Driscoll Mary, 940 Birch's al sw 
Driscoll Mary,' servt, 809 H nw 
Driscoll Mary, servt, Willard's 
Driscoll Michael, butcher. 337 E sw 
Driscoll Patrick, dairy, Grant av nw 
Driscoll Thomas, masm, F c 2d sw 
Driscond Ellen, servt. 1916 G nw 
Driver A Miss, elk p o d. h 1526 I nw 
Driver George, lab. 316 3d se 
DRIVER GEORGE W, restaurant, 

451 Pennsylvania av nw, li 831 

14tli n w 
Driver Godtrey, lab, 506 4>£ sw 
Driver Henrietta D, wid Wui, 1239 Union 




611 Penna Av., under Met. Hatel. 
See page 4. 


Wine and Lunch Rooms 


! 451 Pennsylvania Avenue, corner 4| St., 
near the Building of the Commission- 
ers for the District of Columbia. 

Driver Jenny, laundress. 207 F sw 
Driver Johu P, elk, 613 E se 
Driver Julia Mrs, 207 F sw 
Driver Samuel, lab. 10i4 6th nw 
Driver Taylor, lab, 1024 6th nw 
Droge Diedrich, gardener, Lincoln av nw 
Drouey Michael, lab, 22 Jackson al ne 
Droney Michael, lab. 1026 5th ne 
Droney Thos. lab, 1026 5th ne ; 
Drouey Thos jr. plasterer, 1026 5th ne 
Droop Edw, (W G Metzerott & Co,) h726 

12th nw 
J Drown Orville, let car, 1507 5th nw 
j Druce Susan, elk pen o, h 412 11th nw 
j Drum Harriet, wid Wm, washing, 1708 H 

nw « 

j Drumheller S P, carp, 1310 H nw 
j Drummer Martha, wid Benj, servt, 1610 

11th nw 
Drummond Franklin, 220 H nw 
Drummond Michael, driver, Cole's row, 

Howard University 
Drummond Nicholas, carp, 221 Mass ay 

Drummond Bichd L, plasterer, 2522 F nw 
Drummond Walter, printer, 416 Spruce, 

LeDroit Park nw 
j Drummond Wm N, lab, High c Grace, Gtn 
I Drummond Wm 0, elk pod, bds 425 10th 


&Q-Z F ii iv, 8i 4 LS Sjpruce 
| Drummond Willis jr, elk, 416 Spruce 
Drummond Willis J, elk land o, bds Mil- 
liken' s hotel 
Drury Ohas, bds 702 7th nw 
Drury Cbas Walter, painter, Pa av nw, h 

923 N H av nw 
Drury Jas, bds 1209 F nw 
Drury Johu H, dentist, 520 9th nw 
Drury Jos N, shoemkr. 27 Frederick, Gtn 
Drury O M, phys, 1106 13th nw; office 

hours, 8 to 10 a m. 2 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m 
Drury Kobt A, shoemkr, bds 457 K sw 
Drury Saml T, lawyer, 702 7th nw 
Drury Sarah J Mrs. 114 High, Gtn 
Drury Terence, jus of peace, 708 E nw. h 

2303 M nw 
Drury Wtn, shoemkr, 27 Frederick, Gtn 
Drury Wm C, (Drury & Co,) h 918 F sw 
Drury Win L. grocer. 500 9th nw, h 610 

Uth nw 
Drurv Win S, bootfltter, 2032 17th nw 
Drury & Co, (Wm C Drury and Wm W 

Leisheur,) produce, 2 and 3 cen mkt 
Drusheim Eberhard, cigaimkr, 12 P .te- 
niae Gtu 
Drysdale Annie F, elk int rev, h 1016 

Mass av nw 

Call at 629 F nw. 





Dubant Alexander, elk 2d aud o, 1536 8th 

Dubant Lucretia, elk, 1224 N nw 
Dubant Mark, 1229 8 th nw 
Dubant Mollie, 427 N Y av nw 
Dubant Peter M, 512 I nw 
DUBANT WILLIAM E, restaurant, 

7th cor N nw, h same 



Ladies* Dining Saloon , 

8. E. corner 7th and N sts N.W., 


WM. E. BUB ANT, Proprietor. 

DuBarry Edwin L, 2424 Pa av nw 
DuBarry James J, supt sts, h 816 C se 
Dubois Beverly, lab, Draper's al sw 
Dubois James, elk treas, bds 17 Grant pi 

DUBOIS JAMES, coal and wood, 

12th cor Virginia avenue sw, h 

239 13th sw 



WO©J> and COAX. 

of all kinds and the best, qualities, 

202, cor. 12th st. and Va. av. 8. W. 

All orders will receive prompt attention. 

DuBois James T, asst ed Nat Rep, Pa av c 
13th nw 

man hair work, 1211 JPennsylva~ 
nia avenue nw, h same 

Dubois Morris, binder, 21 H ne 

DuBois Nicholas, surveyor. 8 StCloud bldg, 
h Chapin nw 

DuBois Richard C, lawyer, Meridian Hill 

Dubois Wm, police, 407 C se 

DuBose Wm R, asst surgeon U S N, Naval 

Duchman Hat tie, elk treas, bds 608 13th 

Duchman H R, elk reg o, h 439 1 nw 

Duchring Edward, elk, 3i4 Pa av nw 

Ducket Vincent, lab, Powell's al 

Duckett Columbus, lab. High c Grace. Gtrj 

Duckett Daniel, huckster, Boundary nr R 

Duckett Elizabeth, wid Thomas, Gay nr 

Monroe, Gtn 
Duckett Henrietta, servt, Blagden's al nw 
Duckett Hezekiah, lab,. Willowtree al sw 
Duckett Jacobj lab, Willowtree al sw 
Duckett James, lab, 68 P nw 
Duckett James, lab, 1230 Blagden's al nw 
Duckett Johu^ cooper, 107 D sw 
Duckett Lucy, 1517 M nw 
Duckett Nathaniel, lab, 208 D sw 
Duckett Rebecca, servt, Willowtree al sw 
Duckett Robert, 421 5th se 
Duckett Sophia, seamstress, 1816 5th nw 
Duckett Thomas, lab, 620 Freeman's al nw 
SVCKETX W G, druggist, Penn- 
sylvania avenue cor 22d- nw, h 



PENNA. AVE., COR. 22d ST., 

Agent for Stovell's Infallible Ague Cure, 

and Tuft's. Groevernor & Co.'s Lung 

Protectors, Plasters, <foc. 

Duddenhausen August, elk treas, h 1445 

Dudley C E, plasterer, 97 Market, Gtn 
Dudley Chas T, plasterer, 97 Market, Gtn 
Dudley Edward D, lamplighter, 1345 S nw 
Dudley Henry, lab, 409 Franklin nw 
Dudley Henry H, broker, 624 La av, bds 

Dudley James, mess, bds 912 6th sw 
Dudley John, lab, Bladensburg rd ne 
Dudley Joseph, mach, 1213 G nw 
Dudley IVi'ary A, wid Wm, 217 Massavnw 
Dudley Robt T, horse shoer, 217 Mass av 

Dudley Sh lie, servt. Willowtree al sw 
Dudley Thus, lab, 146 Pierce nw 
Dudley Tho.% lab, Willowtree al sw 
Dudy Julia, bcrvt,-2u07 H nw 
Duehay Alexander, carp, 1215 Vt av 
Duehring August, tailor. 609 4% sw 
Duehring Edwd, tailor, 609 1% sw 
Duehring John, tailor. 609 4>£ sw 
Duell R H Hon, cornr pats, 810 12th nw 



Ladies' Hair Dresser 


Keeps on hand the First Quality of 

Human Hair, and a large assortment of Braids, Curls, 

Wigs, &c, and jirst-elass Human Hair. 
IS o. 1^11 Pa. Ave, W^ashingrton ? I>. O. 


United States Patent Laws Free. 




Ouering John S, cigars, 1229 7th nw 

Duff Edwd, printer. lOrh nr H ne 

Duff Geo, lab, 2445 F nw 

Duff Geo, servt, 317 C ow 

JBUFF KEMEDY, ticket agent 

and telegraph operator. 6th c 

Pennsylvania av, h. 1439 T nw 
Duff Ml Vernon, lab. 1 R ghsiine al 
Duffee Jos, lab, M nr 24th nw 
Duflie Lizzie, 1030 12th c L nw 
Duffield Eliza A, wid Milton B. Pomeroy 

Duffield Winfield S, draughtsman, Pome- 
roy. Howard University 
Duffin Enoch L, mess, 821 15th nw 
Duffius Win, lab, Beall bet Montgomery 

and Greene, Gtn 
Duffy Andrew, tinner. 613 6th nw 
Duffy Dominic, elk, 941 26th nw 
Duffy Edwd J, carp, 36 G nw 
Duffy Edwd J,' marble cutter, 128 3d se 
Duffy Elizabeth, 214 Fayette, Gtn 
Duffy Ellen, wid Peter, 128 3d se 
Duffy Jas F, (Duffy & Sou,) 3d c C ne 
Duffy John, butcher, 18 Gin mkt, h Ten- 

Duffy John, elk, bds 5th c O nw 
Duffy Mary, wid Matthew, 76 Market, Gtn 
Duffy Mary A. print bur treas, 104 Q nw 
Duffy Michael, (Duffy & Son,) 3d c C ne 
Duffy Michael, grocer, 1333 I ne 
Duffy Michael, lab s g o, h 1325 I ne 
Duffy Owen E, asst ex pat o, Bunker hill 

Duffy Patrick, supt Mt Olivet cemetery, 

Bladensburg rd ne 
Duffy Peter J, (Schofield & Duffy,) 506 

4th se 
Duffy Rose, servt, Ebbitt house 
Duffy Sarah C, dressmkr, 911 N nw 
Duffy Terence A, grocer, 5th c O and 401 

K nw 
Duffy Thomas, billiards, 9th c D nw. h 

1111 11th nw 
Duffy "Win, carp, 800 2d nw 
Duffy Wm, barber, 2008 I nw, h 1002 N C 

Duffy Wm H, plumber, 909 N nw 
Duffy & Son, (Michael and James F 

Duffy,) grocers, 3d c C ne 
Dufour C R, (C R Dufour & Co,) 1800 14th 

DUFOUR C R & CO, (C R Dufour,) 

druggists, 1S14 14tlin%v 

CM. nUJbOUM & CO., 


1814 14th st,, bet. S and T. 



Dufour John F R, dentist, 302 8th nw, h 

M aryland 
Dufour M, elkp o, h 1203 T nw 
Dugau Caroline, 1005 7th nw 
Dugan Edward,' plasterer, 720 2d ne 
Dugan George V\ , patternmkr. 2610 L nw 
Dutjan George W jr, engineer, 2610 L nw 
Dugan John A, laborer, 2 F nw 
Dugan Richard, Gtn College, Gtn 
Dugan Stephen, brick layer, 1313 C se 

The Cheapest House in the city to buy 
Cigars and Tobacco is 

If. O^LMTEO'i 

CaliforniaCigar Store, 611 Pa. Av. See p 4 

Dugan W'illiam, Gtn College, Gtn 
Dugger Susan, elk treas, 914 K nw 
Duguid Robert, stone cutler. 1333 7th nw 
Duhamel James F, elk, 338 Ind av 
Duhamel W J C, physician, 338 Ind av 
321 4:% nw, li 338 lnd av 


Attorney- at-Law 

Patent Law a specialty. 

Duhey Timothy, grocer, 6th c B se 

Duke Bernard M, dentist, 414 7th sw 

Duke Emily F Mrs, 215 13th sw 

Duke Isaac P, carp, 1933 9th nw 

Duke James, lab, Cedar nw 

Duke Lucian, elk, Ebbitt House 

Duke Mary Mrs. 912 H ne 

Duke Sadie Mrs, 13U3 F nw 

LUKE THOiUAS, chf elk bar mil 

justice, h *2304 I nw 
Duke Walter R, elk, 1532 I nw 
Dukeheart Lizzie, 2130 H nw 
Dulaney Ann, hacks, 906 F sw 
Dulauey Henry, lab, 635 B ne 
Dulaney Jennie, elk treas, 945 K nw 
Dulaney John, lab, 1st bet M anc. N sw 
Dulaney John F, driver, bds 906 F sw 
Dulaney Maria, servt, 324 Ind av 
Dulauey Peter, plumber, 168 Bridge, Gtn 
Duley David C, blksmitb, 7th st rd nw 
Duley H B, Bridge c Frederick, Gtn 
Duley H B & Co, (H B Duley and B K 

Gladmon,) livery, BridyecMkt, Gtn 
Dulin Alice M, teacher, 616 B se. 
Duliu Catherine A, teacher, bds 1216 4th se 
Duliu Chas G. druggist, E Cap c 3d, bds 

415 C se 
Dulin Chas W, blksmith, 415 C se 
Dulin Jas C, recorder Naval Board, h 600 

6th se 
Dulid Joshua B, brass finisher, 1121 N J 

av se 
Dulin Joshua V, fireman, 1121 N J av se 
Duiiu Sarah, wid Arm. stead, 1116 4th se 
Dulin Sarah C, teacher, 1121 N J av se 
Dulin Thaddeus C, cik, 61b 6th nw 
Dulin Wm E, c:k pen o, h 231 13tn sw 
Duliu Wm F, pharmaceutist. 616 B se 

Dumaugoe , barber, 22 E nw 

Dumberth Lucinda, wid Wm A, Factory - 

hill, Gtn 
Dumble Wm P, printer, 54 H nw 
Dummer Geo E, printer, 1116 8th nw 
Dumneys Charlotte, wid Henry, 156 N C 

av se 
Duuan Louis A, butcher, Uniontown 
Duuavant Mary A, wid Win W, 1141 24th 
Duuavant Virginia L, 1141 24th nw 
Duuavant Wm C, dentist, 1141 24th nw 
Duuawin Wm H, broommkr, Mass av c 

15iii nw 

GILMORE, SMITH $ CO., 629 F 'street nw 




Dunbiir Augustus, fireman, 2112 N nw 
Dunbar John R, janitor, II R 
Dunbar John T\ prints, 1239 8th nw 
Dunbar John W, elk, bds 1239 Stb nw 
Dunbar Mary B, bus 1239 8th nw 
Dunbar Man L. wid James. 32 E nw 
Dunbar Thomas, waiter, 145 Bridge, Gtn 
Dunean Aaron, lab, 2169 9m nw 
Duncan Unas, lab. 69 Jackson al nw 
Duncan E A, elk land o. n 2l>2 4% nw 
Dunean Edward A, c-k land o, h Kuw 
Duncan Harriet, servt, B nr 1st sw 
Duncan Johu, )ab, B nr 1st sw 
Duncan Millv, servt, 805 N Jav nw 
Duncan Wm, bds 17th c O nw 
Duncan Wm, fireman, 6. J Va av sw 
Duncan Wm, gardener, 300 Pa av 
Duncan Wm A, gardener, Md nr 3d sw 
DCNCANSOJf I5R©S, (Charles C 

JDsiBM'itasMni,) auctioneers, 9th 

cor I> nw 
Duucau&on Cuas C, (Duncanson Bros,) 909 

H nw 
Duncanson II A, physician, 909 H nw; 

office hours, 8 to 10 a m, 12 m r 5 to 7 p m 
Duncanson Sarah, wid John, 9^3 G nw 
Duncklee Jno B, civil engr, 20 Grant pi nw 
Dundee Wm F, elk, 9 High, Gtn 
Duugan E S, elk, bds 814 7th nw 
IWNGAN JAMES, furniture, 825 

and 814 7th nw, h814 7th nw 


Wholesale and retail dealer in 

814 and 825 7th street, 


Dungan Joshua T, tailor, 504 8th ne 
Dungan Wm W, 1108 13th nw 
Dunham Alva, coaehmkr. 1223 Nnw 
Dunigau David, police, 1832 6th nw 
Dunitran John, lab, 226 O nw 
Dunkhorst William H. cigars, 1005 7th nw 
Duukins Alfred, butcher, bds 1124 8th nw 
Dunkins Lizzie, servt, 2029 I nw 
Dunlap A P, elk p m g o, h 46 2d, Gtn 
Dunlap Chas, elk treas, h 318 lud av nw 
Dunlap Fannie, milk, O nr 16th nw 
Dunlap Henry, elk treas, h 612 18th nw 
Dunlap James E, sailor, 806 23d nw 

Dunlap John H, cook, 1320 L* nw 
Dunlap Lee, lab, 316 E sw 
Dunlap Mary, cook, 1905 F nw 
Dunlap Simou, waiter, O nr 16th nw 
Duulop Ann, wid Wm, 1629 N J av nw 
Dunlop Charlotte, seam*tress,612 Md av ne 
Dunlop George T, (G T Dunlop & Co,> 

12ft Beall, Gtn 
Duniop G T & Co, (George T Dunlop and 
Alexander S Murbury,) agricultural 
warehouse, 140- Bridge, Gtn 
Dunlop Harriet, wid George, 312 B se 
Dnnlop Oscar, elk, 51 L Fnw 
Duulop R £, barkeeper, C c N J av nw 
Dunlop Wm L. lawyer. Gay c Washington,, 

Duumore Annie, servt, wks 1840 8th nw 
Dunmore, Henry, waiter, 1134 23d nw 
Dunmore Mai?y, wid Hamilton, washer,. 

616 25th nw 
Duumore Marv, servt, 2117 Pa av nw 
Duumore Philip, lab, 3059th ne 
Duumore Solomon, driver, 1249 1st se 
Dunmore Wm H, lab,. 412 3d ne 
Dunn Andrew &, elk treas, h Alexandria 
Dunn Ann Mrs, 454 Ridge nw 
Dunn Annie, actress, 354 Pa av nw 
Dunn Bridget, wid Patrick, 208 L nw 
Dunn Daniel, lab, bds 224 Mass av ne 
Dunn Dennis, grocer, 1145 16th nw 
Dunn Edward, mess sec war, b 485 I sw 
Dunn Edward, serg ma) m c, h 808 G se 
Dunn Ellen, wid Thomas, 467 Ridge nw 
Dunn Ellie, teacher, 815 4^ sw 
Dunn Geo/ gunner U S N. 522 11th se 
Dunn Geo jr. elk, 522 11th se 
Dunn Geo W, litnographer, 815 4>£ sw 
Dunn James, brickmkr, 815 4}^ sw 
Dunn James jr, bricklayer, 815 4% sw 
Dunn James M, carp, 13425th nw 
Dunn John, butcher, 220 N L, 119 and 120 

cen mkis, h N Cap and Boundary 
Dunn John, elk 1 o, h 233 Prince, Alex- 
andria, Va 
Dunn John, lab, Grant av nw 
Dunn John, lab, 823 23d nw 
Dunn Lydia A, wid Francis, 1329 G nw 
Dunn Martin, lab. Grant av nw 
Dunn Patrick B. (Dunn & Fagan,) gro- 
cer, 801 \)4 sw 
Dunn Peter, lab, 1448 Sampson nw 
Dunn Robert W, moulder, 407 G se 
Dunn Thomas, lab, 1218 4>£ sw 
Dunn Thomas, lab, Grant av nw 
Dunn Wm, watchman, 1229 C sw 
Dunn Wm D, printer, 10th nr H ne 



Southeast Corner Ninth and D Streets J¥W., 

Auctioneers & Commission irch'ts 

Advances made upon every description of Merchan- 
dise. Prompt attention given to sales of every descrip- 
tion. Trustee, assignee and court sales made a specialty 

GILMORE^TCO., Buy and Sell 




Dunn Wm F, printer, 815 4i sw 

Dunn Wm H, furniture, 315 7th nw, h 727 

6th nw 
DUNN W M, judg-e advocate g"en, 

25 1st ne 
DUNN «fc FAGAN, (Patrick B Dunn 

and William Faff an,) liquors, 

935 Louisiana avenue nw 


Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Do- 

Liquors, Wines, Whiskies, 

Gins, Brandies, Havana Cigars, 

Tobacco, &c, 


Between Ninth and Tenth Streets. 

Dunne John, shoemtr. 915 V nw, h 445 

Dunne Kate, counter, 10th nr H ne 
Dunne Peter, huckster, 203 12th nw 
Dunne Wm G, pressman, 10th bet G and 

Dunuigan David T, police. 1832 6th nw 
Duunigan Thomas, dairy, 7th st rd nw 
Dunning George E, tel op, 11th c N nw 
Dunning John, asst steward, St James 

Dunning John B, elk 6th aud, h 515 !2tL 

Dunning Ralph, elk. bds Union Hotel, 

Duunington Charles A, bds 510 B se 
Dunnin^ton, C W C, folder, 510 B se 
Duunington Enoch, lab, al nr 1st and F sw 
Duunington James A, police. 914 4lL se 
Dunniugton John F, huckster, Harrison 

nr Taylor, Uuiontown 
Dunnmgton Wm A, bds 510 B se 
Dunnivan David, lab, L nr 7th ne 
DunwicK Wm H, photographer, bds 809 

Market Space 
DUNWOODY H. H. C, 1st Lieut. 

4th Artillery, acting: sig- officer, 

n 30 Grant pi 
yer, 30 Grant pi nw, h same 





Office and Residence, 30 GRANT PLACE. 

Special attention given to Land, Mining 
nnd Pension Cases. 

Dupee Wm S, barber, 847 Pa av nw 
Dupee Wm S, mess, 640 Mass av ne 
Dupont Eliza L, wid John, 1628 Madison 

Durant James M, lawyer, 315 C nw 
Durant Thos J, (Durant & Hornor) 315 C 

Durant & Hornor, (Thos J Durant and 

Chas W Hornor.) lawyers, 223 iJ4 nw 
Durfee Benj, elk sen com on finance, 446 

N J av se 
Durfee George H, artist. 723 8th ne 
Durfee Geo W, 1301 E nw 
Durfee Jos M, printer, 1028 20th nw 


3&£. G-old-Stein's 

California Cigar Store, 611 Peuna Av, 
under Met. Hotel. See page 4. 

Durham Jas R, elk p o, h 707 R I av nw 
Durham Catherine, 117 3d ne 
Durham Laura, wid Clayton, 317 Pa av se 
Durham Martin, mess treas, 1208 15th nw 
Durham Tyler V, printer, 658 B se 
Durham Catherine, wid Geo, 117 3d ne 
Durity Geo W, op w u tel co 
Durkin Michael, florist, 609 4th nw 
Durkin Rebecca, sewing, C nr 1st sw 
Durkin Wm, shucker, 215 C sw 
Durling John, coachman, 1023 Conn av nw 
Durnall Horace W, elk, 1761 S nw 
Duruall Joel B, ex pat o, h 1321 G nw 
Durnall Mil ion, elk, 1761 S nw 
Durnen Eugene, mess, H R 
Durnin John, elk, 1845 L nw 
D URN IN MARIA, wid Peter, gro- 
cer, 1S45 U nw, h same 




Also, a Fine Sample Room attached. 
1845 L, corner Nineteenth, 

Durnin Patrick, lab, 801 24th nw 
Duryee Redfield, elk sec war, 2313 L nw 
Duryee Schuyler, elk eng depi, Falls 

Church. Va 
Duseuberry Sarah, servt. Stanton's al nw 
Dushane Geo H, carp, 633 E te 
Dutch Anthony, lab, 1426 Sampson nw 
Dutch Edward, mes:-, 2206 II nw 
Dutch John, waiter, bds 1813 K nw 
Dutch Malina, wid John, 2206 H nw 
Dutcuer Maria, wid James, servt, Colum- 
bia road 
Dutcher Theodore W, bookbinder, 2037 

9th nw 
Dutrow Curtis F, commission, 9th nr Pa 

av nw, h 1254 10th nw 
Dutrow David E. prod com, 2089th nw, b, 

211 3d se 
Dutton Aaron R, elk dept justice, bds 1412 

G nw 
Dutton Benj, lab, Vinegar al nw 
Dutton Ella, 180714th nw 
Dutton Geo W, guard u s jail, 1231 11th 

Dutton Robt, lab, Market nr Water, Gtn 
Dutton Robt W, printer, 1231 11th nw 
Dutton Thos, 1533 P nw 
Dutton Thos H, grocer, 1805 14th nw. h 

1 807 14th nw 
Dutton Wm A, elk sol o, 1533 P nw 
Duvall Alfred, moulder, 33 Gay, Gtn 
Duvall Amanda, wid Richd I, bds 13217th 

Duvall Amon. 618 M nw 
Duvall Andrew B, (Bradley & Duvall,) h 

111 E nw 
Duvall Andrew J, (Hill & Duvall,) h 928 

La av nw 
Duvall Annie O, wid Zachariah, 610 14th 


Bounty Land Warrants and Scrip 





459 Pennsylvania avenue ra*v, 

li Indiana av raw 




Gentlemen's Fur'iishing: Goods, 

459 Pennsylvania av., bet. 4^ and 6th sts., 

Duvall C, elk treas, B bet 13th and 14th ne 
Duvall Cbas, lab, 1338 B ne 
Duvall Cbas H, agt, Tennallytown 
Duvall Edmund J, police, 618 M nw 
Duvall E La Sere, (Brooks & Duvall,) h 

124 D nw 
Duvall Eliza B, 308 F nw 
Duvall Geo, lab, Harrison nr Monroe, Utn 
Duvall Geo, lab, 3 Nailor's al nw 
Duvall Geo C, porter, 15th bet L and M nw 
Duvall Geo W, (Darby & Duvall,) h 1613 

Madison nw 
Duvall Geo W, huckster, 530 9th se 
Duvall Geo W, lab, Harrison, Utn 
Duvall Geo W, printer, 1613 Madison nw 
Duvall Geo W, porter, 1136 15th nw 
Duvall Henry, waiter, 1924 I nw 
Duvall Ina N, elk ireas, bds 610 14th nw 
Duvall J Albert, elk. 308 F nw 
Duvall Jas, shoemkr, 530 9th se 
Duvall Jas E, bkbinder, 709 G se 
Duvall Jas E, grocer. 719 G sw 
Duvall John, blksmith. Tennallytown 
Duvall John H, carp, 2011 9th nw 
Duvall Jos, (Homiller & Duvall,) h Balti- 
I>*JVAI,L J. WALTER, teas, 409 
9t« nw, li 308 F nw 


409 9th Street, Y. M. C. A. Building. 


Coffee roasted freshly every day. 
J. WALTER DUVALL, Proprietor, 





L, elk, 1302 9th nw 

Louis, hacks. 493 I sw 

M A Mrs, elk, 1321 7th~nw 

Maggie, copyist pen o, bds 610 14th 

Ma\nadier M, machinist, 33 Gay, 

Maria, dressmkr, 1346 4th nw 
Martha, servt, 812 17th nw 
Mary A, 131 Jnd av nw 
M II, elk, 829 20th nw 
Leray, lab, 7tb-st rd nr Brightwd 
Berry, lab, "Wormley al nw 
Kacbel, servt, 1120 3d nw 
Rose, washing, Kimball's al 
Samuel, blacksmith, Tennallytown 
Samuel, carp, Westnr Bock Creek, 

Samuel, lab, Olive nr Monroe, Gtn 
Samuel, lab. 1119 5th nw 
Samuel', receiver, 829 20th nw 
Sarah, wid Win, h 1*14 Union sw 

Duvall Thos J, boiler mkr, Harrison, Utn 
Duvall Vintou W, postal elk 
Duvall Wm, driver, Canal nr N J av se 
BUVALL WIS, Ij HAM A., carriage 

and wagon maker, 480 and 482 

I sw, li 514 Cr se 
Duvall W Claren e, elk, 308 F nw 
Duvall Wm F, lab, 7th-st rd nr Bright- 
Duvall Wm T, tailor, 124 D nw 
Duvall Wm T, founder, 33 Gay, Gtn 
Duvall Wm T jr, pattern